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Nazikeule im Dritten Reich with Английский subtitles   Complain, DMCA

Excuse me!? Did you just call me a Nazi?

Just because I'm in the NSDAP and SS it doesn't make me a Nazi.

Most likely I'm also extreme right-wing or what?

Maybe I'm a concerned citizen \n

Hey, you there! Do I look like a Nazi?

He must be a Nazi too then, right?

Nazis, Nazis, Nazis... Nazis everywhere­.

When you're running out of arguments it's easy\n

That has nothing to do with a Nazi card.

That makes life very easy for you!

Just because someone doesn't share the\n

But being a Nazi already is mainstream­. \n

Oh, I forgot. In your world everyone is a Nazi.

The Fuhrer probably is a Nazi too, right?

That's enough! Insulting the Fuhrer. Come along!

Yes, yes. I know. "Nazi methods".

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