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NCT 127 x Just Dance 2021 : Drop the beat! 최고의 댄서를 찾아라 STEP. 1 with Английский subtitles   Complain, DMCA

(The dance crew NCT 127\ngathe­red together)

(This is what you call dance)\nWa­it, that's...

What are you doing? That's not it

Let's just practice separately

We can't work together\n­(The three want different things)

I think our dance preference­s are different

Let's just make different teams

We want to make it hip top style

(Moon TAEIL)\n(N­ickname: Seo TAEIL)

I'm sure those in my team knows

Right, right, popping is for JOHNNY

Show it to us, JOHNNY, it's been a while

JOH-pping? I think I heard it a lot before..?

For the name of our team, as I said before

since the weapon of our team\nis looking innocent and nice

bring your innocent and nice looks as your weapon

JUNGWOO, are you nice and innocent?

It's obvious I look so nice and innocent

My eyes say I'm nice and innocent

Wait, so what's the team name?

The team name.. team name is?

Nice and innocent, the Best, the Best

(Kim JUNGWOO)\n­(The best of the nice and innocent)

Okay then, if you think about it

Let's use them (team members)..­.

We will let each of you \nto show what you got

You can show us your dance style

You just said is what you got, right?

That's my way of showing myself

Show me what you got \n(Arms crossed)

(Crack) \nYou butt needed to go up

but it went down\n(Hea­rd a faint crack..)

I heard a crack from there just now

Okay, MARK, we'll have high hopes

(Smiling due to feeling high pressure)

MARK, we will have high hopes

(Applaudin­g to his cuteness)\­nI love it

for Innocent and Nice, the Best, the Best

YUTA and HAECHAN are the ones..

They are the most wanted candidates

I think that's the right answer

I'm in HAECHAN's team, HAECHAN's team

I think everyone wants to choose HAECHAN

I know you want to be in HAECHAN's team,\n

- Yes\n- Because I think we have similar vibes

not in Nice and Innocent, the Best, the Best

(Team members will choose the team leader)\n

Wait, why did we have to show\nyou what we got then?

(We are the ones choosing)\­nWhy did we?

I do want to pick people myself,\nb­ut okay, I got it

HAECHAN, it's yukhoe, salmon, and lobster

You know you have to practice popping \n

(Trying to show what he's got)

I'm going to be in this team (with HAECHAN)

It'll be fine with just the two of us

There is only one way to decide

HAECHAN can choose 2 people\nwh­o he likes

What? All of a sudden, HAECHAN...

It's fine, then, I get to choose, right?

I will choose who gets to be in TAEIL's team

(TAEIL applying to be in TAEIL's team?)

You saw these two people dance before

(Foot skills)\n(­Dance divinity, dance king)

to be in my team since before

let's make it more fun and you go there

(DOYOUNG turned away from hip hop\n

(Team Nice and Innocent, the Best, the Best)\n(Te­am JOH-pping)

we 'JOH'ping\­n(Perfectl­y together)

Team leader, what should we do?

Umm.. let me show you my power..

(The other two teams rehearse quickly)\n

Okay then, who should go first?

You on the right can go first

Cuz when we\npoppin­g and JOHNNY

What? What's this grapefruit honey black tea?

(The best of nice and innocent is here)

It's important for us \n(to look nice and innocent)

(Perfect dance for traffic control)

Where did the Best, the Best go?

DOYOUNG made it good\n(Pur­e and elegant..)

We may be the strongest contenders

I think you were too laid back

You have to make a circle like this

Seo TAEIL and Boys\n(Seo TAEIL, Boy1, Boy2)

- That was good, that was good\n- TAEIL went like

(Copying TAEIL)\n(S­erious...)

(Friends joined in)\nThat was good, good, okay

(Now that the team is decided)

Should we decide our moves (now)?

Is there a penalty or prize for this?

'A person who dances' needs good fashion

Let's wear something funny (and dance)

(By playing the game 'JUST DANCE 2021'

conquer the dance moves in 'Kick It')

(The team that gets the highest \ntotal score will get 1 point)

( Wear a funny outfit\nan­d dance 'Kick It' once again)

Cuz when we\npoppin­g and JOHNNY

(While that team does it)\nwe should memorize the dance

It's even cooler than our dance

(Let me introduce\­nyou to some)

(This studious kid practices in the corner)

(JOH-pping team leader is getting tired)

Wow this is too hard, what's going on?

You need to get all perfect, I see

Where am I? Where am I? Where am I?

(Perfect, perfect, creative moves)

(Cheering for another team)\nHey

(He's been watching someone else's avatar)\n

Wow that looks very tiring though

- High hopes, high hopes\n- Don't press anything

JOHNNY worked the hardest but he got

the lowest score, it doesn't make sense

You can press the up arrow to change it

(JUNGWOO doesn't know how to change it)

How do you... change the name...

It's fine, you can do it now\n(Shak­y hand...)

(You pressed it)\nwhy did you say you didn't?

- I really didn't press it\n- You have to press it, look

(Before you start)\nyo­u need to do the chant

Why is the second one Full of Vibes?

(Full of Vibes, Mr. Full of Vibes)

Kim JUNGWOO is the best indeed

Full of Vibes\n(Fu­ll of vibes, bumping into each other)

I just realized they are wearing

I just realized they are wearing matching pants

Why is he Full of Vibes though?

Full of Vibes is worst right now

JUNGWOO is looking at something else I think?

JUNGWOO, you are the second one

The third one is DOYOUNG,\n­the second one is JUNGWOO

(Mr. Full of Vibes keeps doing\nano­ther person's dance)

There's no one for the fourth person

JUNGWOO, you have to do the opposite,\­nyou are the second one

Yes, yes\n(Mr. Full of Vibes finally got it)

Just look cool, it's fine,\njus­t get the correct vibes

- Just have fun, don't care about the score\n

(Fancy foot moves made the team\n

Nice and Innocent, the Best, the Best

- Nice and Innocent, the Best, the Best\n- What?

(The roof is at the universe)

Why was his name Full of Vibes though?

I think this is great for losing weight

It would be great to do it for fun

For some reason, I want to cheer for them

(Feeling tired after working too hard)\nWow nice start

TAEYONG isn't too good at this

Oh I did it the opposite\n­(Detail)

(These three at the same time got PERFECT)

- Oh right, at the chorus\n- What is TAEIL doing?

TAEIL, don't be too laid back right now

The three of them are so serious

HAECHAN is trying so hard to get 1st place

(He's so funny)\n(H­ahahahaha)

TAEYONG alone is a bit slower

You know it's embarrassi­ng\nif you lose to MARK, right?

but TAEIL has only 2 stars,\nwh­at's going on?

Superstar\­n(Supersta­r HAECHAN)

HAECHAN must've got a perfect score

I think on average we did better though

(Seo TAEIL feels disappoint­ed about his score)

But the important thing is 1st place

If you had done better, we would've won

Nice and Innocent, the Best, the Best

One person from each team will come up

and compete in a total of three battles

HAECHAN, you were the fastest


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