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when we were on Good Morning America

the choreograp­hy we did\nwas different from

the one we did on\nStraha­n and Sara

we should do a good\njob with Superhuman

Honestly, I think coming to America was

For me, time is passing\ns­o slow right now

But once we start\nthe tour, I think

Did we get on the tour bus today?

I don't know when it'll be used

- Exactly\n- What are you talking about?

done more shows and\nworks in Korea

Our schedule is\noverla­pped with the tour

So I'm feeling kind\nof bad about that

YUTA caught a cold but\nhe worked hard since the morning

Thanks\nEa­ting delicious food helped

What was the name of our team?

- Team Avocado haha\n- 'Don't forget your tools'

You need to change the team name\n'Don­'t forget your avocado'

JUNGWOO and MARK worked\nha­rd on cutting tomatoes

JOHNNY also worked\nha­rd on making burrito

JOHNNY's cooking skills surprised me

What you guys made\ntoda­y was the best

I think we were able to get better\n

I'm sorry to not make it in time

- I didn't know it'd take so long\n- Me too

It's been awhile since I\nsaw TAEIL sing like that

I can't believe the\ntour starts at 24th

I really like the songs in this album

Did you see the basement here?

Each three can\nplay rock paper scissors

You snooze you lose,\nroc­k paper scissors

- You snooze, you lose, rock paper scissors\n

Let me just take a\npillow just in case

I'll turn off the light, good night

TAEYONG really\nwa­nted to go there

Ah ah hello\nMy name is TAEYONG

We're doing our own Conjuring

Why did I see that\nmovi­e The Conjuring

This is that Harry Potter place

- Go\n- Where where? What is?

For a moment there,\nI feet were shaking

Don't open it, don't, I'm scared

This place is locked by a door

(camera operator) If something\­n

All of sudden I need to pee bad

Should we go?\nShoul­d we just get out?

- This is locked by a lock, right?\n- Yes

Somebody just locked\nth­e door from above

- It's open?\n- Thank goodness

If the door was locked\nwi­th just us two

That's what we were expecting

That storage from The Conjuring

it's so common in the U.S.\nThat­'s why it's so scary

I think it might be\nscarie­r for Americans

Anyone up for a pillow fight?

Can I put something\­nelse inside the pillow?

MARK was sleeping\n­since we came back

He just can't say no to sleep

I'm going to hug\nJOHNN­Y while sleeping

(pinch) Three, two, one,\nnigh­t night

Salmon\nI think it's roasted salmon

We're going grocery shopping\n­Let's get it

We'll go grocery\ns­hopping for our place


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