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The game we're going\nto play is Beer pong

Elbow can't go pass here, everyone

The point is, you throw this, it goes in

then the opponent has to drink it

Also, according to my knowledge

- Okay\n- Okay, I can do it alone

Here we go, rock paper scissors

- We'll start the game with JOHNNY's team\n- Fighting

JOHNNY, a few words in English

Oh, he put one hand in his pocket

- Here we go\n- Player JOHNNY

It's getting harder for JOHNNY

Let's make it look good, guys

- Got it\n- He finally did it

JOHNNY is losing with score of 3

Okay, here's another chance for JOHNNY

Your hand?\nSti­ll in the pocket?

Just one more and it's a tie score

Are we going full drama here?

The victory goes to YUTA and JAEHYUN

JOHNNY who played a close game

JUNGWOO and TAEIL to the right, scream

TAEYONG and DOYOUNG\nt­o the left, scream

You have to be delicate like making sushi

Watch out for the\nelbow­, sunglasses man

You see? Chicken leg technique

- There's two\n- Pick another one

That's the first time two went in

This is how you\nwalk it like I talk it

Wow, JUNGWOO is joining the ride

Let's hear a few words\nfro­m the winner

All I did enjoy the game and this happened

having fun just among ourselves

- Time for the final\n- The final

This right is JUNGWOO and TAEIL and\nthe left is JAEHYUN and YUTA

Let's see if TAEIL can repeat the history

It did went in (doesn't count)

JAEHYUN and YUTA couldn't\n­get a single point

Wow, wait, wait\nThis makes it a tie

Nobody knows how this game will end

The game is getting fierce, it's hot

There was no game like this until now

There was so much drama in this game

Let's hear a few words from the victors

Now, let's reveal today's prize

This was Beer pong from New York

It's more like playing together

Okay, let me lift up the moods

This song was requested by JOHNNY

Do it like you're driving a car

How much do I have to sacrifice?

Please turn on 'Boat' by George

♬ Everywhere I see is the ocean

♬ I just caught a fish, eat it raw

♬ Getting far away from the city

♬ Everywhere I see is the ocean

♬ I just caught a fish, eat it raw

♬ Getting far away from the city

- For the last song\n- NCT 127's Superhuman

♬Run away from this boring routine day♬

♬the answer to the raging emotions♬

♬You see my hope was all but gone♬

♬Just like the way I always wanted to be♬

Boom boom boom boom\n(cou­gh cough)

♬Some way some how, dream that slides by♬

♬I’m the only one who can achieve my dream♬

♬If you wanna feel it\nsay yeah♬


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