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Martin Mystery Season 1 Episode 1 : It came from the bog Full with Английский subtitles   Complain, DMCA

don't stray out of my sight Nelly I

don't want you getting lost in here

keep it coming job desserts are the key

what do they say a piece of advice

Martin if you want to pick up girls you

should probably step up the personal

grooming what are you talking about

Diana what you've done what are you

gonna grow up and stop making messes I

don't make messes oh yeah okay well I

bet you can't stay completely clean for

one whole day I so can but whoever loses

and I'm sure will be you has to give job

he'll massage the center pulley up and

over the door over there Java lunch

all-you-ca­n-eat buffet right here

mr. dog can I interest you with a frozen

ice cream treat I've got chocolate

take a napkin the fuzzy exterior can get

don't be alarmed Java it's just the

Centers virtual combat simulator no

strange disappeara­nce of a child from a

library in northern friends northern

France it could have something to do

disappeare­d there in the 70s you know

Thank You Martin you've just set my

cloning research back about six months

and you almost lost our bet now if

you'll excuse me I have to save agent

anaconda from the reptile dispatchin­g

I just love the French countrysid­e

secret agent extraordin­aire and now

allow us to introduce ourselves properly

this is Java and that's Martin we're

from the center why don't you tell us

what happened it was closing time and I

told why not the stray out of sight she

didn't listen and then I heard a scream

and she vanished without a trace

that would certainly explain a lack of

evidence why do I seriously doubt that

because you doubt everything Diana

movemove mr. secret agent extraordin­aire

Diana it was all part of my plan

otherwise I never would have been

covered all this cool goop wouldn't want

to get my hands dirty and loser Hodel

example identify compositio­n acidic

substrate comprised chiefly astragalus

and Pete aha ba goo bog do that salt

forget the Invisible Man my guess is a

reanimated bog body left this excuse me

oh yeah according to European folklore

those who met their end in the bogs

often came back as mummies seeking

revenge didn't the question is why is it

taking children where do you come up

with this stuff paranormal monkey every

issue comes with a wealth of informatio­n

Rosberg knew it don't worry we'll get

the most unbelievab­le thing I've ever

seen the abductor just turned into a

pile of work so the fact that the ground

is glowing both I mean sure I've heard

of shape-shif­ting space-time wormholes

what do we do now open up the wormhole

thingy and morph ourselves after the

monster to wait for that the portal is

besides diving in that hole would pretty

much ensure that I'm Jabba's official

toe touch not cold it's a book covered

in bog knew he must have found it in the

hmm tale of the boogeyman sounds like

some kind of freaky fairy tale like

nonfiction check out what the main

characters up to no way he's feeling

kids and dragging them off to his evil

bog world oh this is too freaky guess

your bog body theory wasn't so kooky

after all thanks thing okay so now we

know who our bad guy is how do we stop

all we have to do is read ahead and see

how this boogeyman story ends good

thinking Martin oh except that the last

page is missing so much for outsmartin­g

maybe not there's still one thing we

according to the legend ox he's a

mythologic­al Nursery monster from 13th

century France he comes out at night and

steals naughty children sealing him in

his boogie world for all eternity wait a

Nelly and Ian were both mati that's why

the boogeyman took them hey you're right

only that still doesn't tell us how to

come on I've got a plan okay so we've

gathered up the naughties kids left in

the town now Tim what's your plan we get

them to behave badly and draw a monster

right - the worst idea you've ever had

oh I have to admit son it doesn't sound

like a very bright idea to me either

aren't you a little young to be running

this investigat­ion trust me you've got

nothing to fear Java and I will be here

to protect your children right now if

okay time to get this Prime stuff who's

up for jumping on their beds well then

get through it appreciate­s my genius

it's been ten whole seconds and laughing

I don't think the build you guys for

Hey look I managed to stay completely

clean am I good or what if you're so

good why don't you find a stolen hands

and get out of this creepy place looks

like the portal magically transporte­d us

to some sort of alternate world this

check it out this is the boogeyman'­s

that just leaves one question what's the

we're here to help you we wanted to go

don't worry here what's the master now

I'll get us out of here in no time

whatever you are brings innocent people

to a place like this you're here because

our naughty children as you're never

going to excuse me I'm not a child I am

so what are we gonna do now mister I'll

no sweat I will get us out of here in no

okay this is small bump in the road

doesn't change a thing I guess still get

us out you better come up with something

gotta be some sort of portal up here

well if only I had something to help me

we have to stop him before he takes the

children back into his world mom

chew on it do the trick yes let's see

how you deal with this swamp freak

come on we need to get to the library

and find the last page of this book

I'll check out the spot where Nellie

went missing job and I will cover the

there's an escape for naughty boys

okay the turbo bungee almost never fails

I figured it out look in the end the

children said the bogeyman back into his

man this guy doesn't give up and they

no even after being so careful I still

got a stain on my shirt oh I guess we

you know who's gonna be javis personal

massage I was in the area and thought

I'd drop by and congratula­te you on a

job well done troops thanks though truth

be told I did everything myself

hey did everything yourself that's

allowed on behalf of the entire town

we'd like to thank you for saving our

it was my pleasure hey Martin can't you

stay you know like of the grown ups

maybe that's because he hasn't actually

grown up what Hey look it wasn't a stain

after all it's a piece of paper from the

library looks like I'm really cleaning

you're really massaging javis feet a

deal's a deal guy get massage hmm


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