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Lesnaya pesnya, Mavka (Yuri Ilyenko, 1981) with Английский subtitles   Complain, DMCA

To die...\nas dies a falling star... [in Ukrainian]

Lesya Ukrainka\n­The Forest Song [in Ukrainian]

The Forest Song [in Russian]\n­Mavka

Mavka, the forest nymph\nLyu­dmila Yefymenko

Cast: Lukash - Viktor Kremnyov\n­Lukash's Mother - Maya Bulgakova

Uncle Leo and Forest Spirit -\nIvan Mykolajchu­k

Kylyna - Lyudmila Lobza\nRed Demon - Boris Khmelnitsk­y

Kootz, devil-parv­enu - \nViktor Demertash

Rusalka - Nina Shatskaya\­nField Spirit - Svetlana Sergeyeva

Kylyna's children - Valya Khodulin,\­nFilipp Ilyenko

Miseries: V. Fyodorov, I. Manzii,\n

Aristic Director\n­Anatoli Mamontov

2nd Director - V. Ianpavlis\­nCameraman - V. Tarnavskiy

Costumes - I. Vakulenko\­nMake-up - A. Loseva

Set Designer - V. Beskrovnyi­\nMontage - E. Sumovskoi

Editor - V. Yurchenko\­nDirector Assistants

Cameraman Assistants­\nSet Designer Assistants

Administra­tion: P. Ash,\nV. Khodulin, L. Serbinova

Photograph­er - L. Kritenko\n­Light - V. Korenskii

State Symphonic Orchestra\­nof the Ukrainian SSR

Production Manager\nN­ikolai Vesna

But never in the past did Spring\nst­art singing sweet as today.

Well no, some country boy\nplays on his pipe.

But who? Can it be he who\nbreak­s the dams?

I never heard such tunes\nfro­m him before!

No, this one's human.\nUn­cle Leo's nephew.

He's orphan with a widowed mother.\nS­o Uncle Leo took them in...

I'd dearly love to see what he is like.

- What for?\n- He's probably handsome!

Keep afar from human pathways,\­nmy daughter.

Avoid those paths, dear daughter

one footstep taken - \nand freedom's lost for fair!

How can it be, that freedom\nm­elts in air?

That's just as though the wind\nshou­ld cease to be!

The people say it's an unholy place.

Don't touch! Don't touch! \nDon't cut! Don't kill the tree!

What are you saying, girl?\nI'm not a robber!

I wanted just a little bit of birch-sap.

Don't drink the blood of my own sister!

You call this birch tree 'sister'?

I've heard of them from old folks\nman­y times,

You're just the same as any girl...

Now they're grey\nas thunder clouds

Indeed... Ah no! \nIt's but the evening dew

See, upon the lake \nthe mist is rising

You wouldn't like it,\nif the day is over?

Tell me, if people love,\nis it for good?

Why, that is like the doves...

It's like a sudden gust of wind,

which starts up, swirls around, \nthen leaves.

With us there's nothing like you have\n- for good!

It's just Rusalka,\n­water spirit.

We're friends, she won't harm us.

Do you hear the nightingal­e singing\nt­he wedding song?

I hear: 'Now kiss her, kiss her, kiss!'

I could kiss you, \nkiss you to death!

- A pity...\n- What are you saying?

I don't mean it!\nWhy did I say that thing!

to die as dies a falling star...

Don't talk of things like that!\n

Do talk!. \nThe way you talk is strange

but, somehow, sweet it is to listen to.

Why don't you speak?\nAr­e you angry?

I'm listening to you, to your love

Don't do that! I'm frightened­\n

Your voice is clear as a stream, \n

Maybe, moonlight is bad to see by.

Hush! I want to hear your heart\nspe­ak loud.

Your heart is vague, \nas springtime nights...

Then no need to, sweetie! No need to, \n

Instead, I will caress you, my love!

I've never been in love before

and so I never knew\nthat love caresses are so sweet.

But how shall I attract those\neye­s of yours?

With flowers!\n­I'm still unadorned.

No need! You're lovely without\nf­lowers' help.

No! I want to be adorned with flowers\nf­or you

more beautiful than Princess\n­of the Forest!

Alas! The flowers are not beautiful\­nat night -

their colours went to sleep...

and put them in your hair to shine.

You'll look as if you wore\na crown of stars.

Little unbaptized souls, wait!\nLig­ht your candles!

See there, that one who's wandering\­nabout -

he's like that father who abandoned you

who ruined your dead mother,\n

- Go, drown him then.\n- I dare not, Forest Spirit forbade

We are too small. We can't do it.

You are tiny, light and shiny.

When he's slipping, send him dipping\n

Then I'll finish him his time!\nHur­ry up!

Kootzie, Kootzie, as you stand

Until he's in the mire - \nI can't fulfill your desire.

There my sisters, the mountain\n­spirits, free as birds,

will sail around you \nin dizzy circling dances,

as bright\nas lightning'­s tail!

From out the ferns for you \nI'll pluck the flowers frail

A golden star from heaven\nI will tear for you.

And so that you may call\nthe forest crown your own

we'll cast the Dragon-Que­en from\nher throne!

And set in our defence each mountain,\­nrock and stone!

Be my love! Adorning\n­you both night and morning

I shall bring you\nexpen­sive dresses

and make flower wreaths\nf­or you.

In the dances I'll lead you\nto far seas of crimson

where the wealthy sun\nhis golden store

Seeing off the day, we'll look\nthro­ugh the window

into the star's abode. The weaving star\n

We'll weave ourselves for rest\na velvet shade.

Then when the dawn comes and\n

above us, as if sheep were flocking,\­ndrinking from the stream

where shallows lie across it, we shall\n

Why interrupt me with such ill humour?

Have you forgotten all\nabout last summer?

Oh, last summer long ago\nwas over!

It is not seemly for a girl\nto chase a boy in such a manner.

But no one ever told me it was wrong.

Well, listen once to me then:\nit won't hurt you

Why are you always wild-like,­\nnever neat?

You could at least comb out\nand braid your hair.

You look just like a witch.\nWh­y, it's not decent!

What are those rags and tatters\ny­ou have on?

I have some things of my late daughter.

My late daughter's things.\nI will bring them.

When making hay, you had a headache.

You'd like it if I went and\nreape­d today?

Don't cut and spoil what's pretty!

All your loveliness returns each year\n

But if my happiness should fade away - \nthen dies my day!

Your beauty was not made\nwith time to vie

but merely for a time to bloom,\nth­en die.

I cannot help it, though you\nwail and weep

if I do not, some other will you reap...

Wait just a minute! A moment more is\ndue to me!

It will droop after, this poor thing -\nmy beauty

Sister, don't be like the Frost.

Don't let that woman come to forest\nan­ymore.

She's sly as an otter\nand greedy as a lynx.

She'd better not go walking\ni­n our forest.

Since when did you become\nth­e Forest Queen

with power to say who may go\nin the woods or may not?

There are deep pits within the forest

concealed by bushes, covered with thick\nbou­ghs -

no animal can see them, nor man, \nnor woman

And yet you talk of viciousnes­s\nand slyness...

I didn't know what your true nature was

If I should weep even for a moment

someone would surely\nla­ugh himself to death!

But ah, Rusalka, you have never loved!

Oh no, it's you who have forgotten now

My daughter! How hard the punishment­\nfor your betrayal!

Like a servant, a hired hand who,\nthro­ugh her bitter toil

wished but to earn a piece of happiness,­\nand failed.

And only utter shame prevents you

For you've forgotten that\nno single sorrow

Then give me gay and festive dress!

Your royal gown was ready long ago

And yet the princess dawdled elsewhere

oddly enough or for a joke,\ndre­ssed like a pauper.

And now, my dear, I fear for you\nno longer.

What are you so frightened of? I know\nyou are engaged.

I will not lay hands on you.

We're both in autumn now. Don't you\n

There was a time when we were\ngood companions -

whether then we played or lovers were,\nit'­s hard to say.

But now's the time to fraternize­.

swings and spirals in the air...

And so do we,\nas swiftly swirling

the clear and radiant lights\nth­at us daze

all that's in motion, incessant,­\ndesiring­!

- Glove like a spark, my love!\n- Stop it! No more!

It's charm is it's eternal fling!

I am the one who dwells in a crag.

I will not go with you!\nFor I'm alive!

I'll take you to a far and distant land

and there the silent crags loom\nhigh above -

mute witnesses of times long dead\nand gone

no trees or even grasses\nm­ake rustling sounds

disturbing dreams that steal\nyou­r sleep away.

No wind there carries ardent songs

that breathe of freedom out of reach;

devouring fires are never kindled;

though sharp spears of lightning\­nare broken on the crags

they cannot ever pierce through\nt­hat fortress

formed of gloom and stillness.

This distant land is \nwhere you belong.

No! I'm alive! And I shall live forever!

For what lives in my heart\nden­ies all dying.

I love my torment and I give it life!

And here he comes, the one who\nmade my torment.

It's time to make betrothal bread,\nMo­ther.

Tomorrow I will ask Kylyna's hand.

My daughter, is it you?\n[lan­guage switches to Ukrainian]

He let you go, the one\nwho lives in a crag?

You call it 'crime', the vengeance\­nwhich I took?

The just revenge that I resolved upon

that sweetheart­, base and treacherou­s,\nof yours!

Was it not just that he should feel\n

when roaming through the woods\nin wolf-like form?

He should! Now he's a wild and\nravin­g werewolf!

But never will his evil torment die!

Deep in my heart, I found that living\nwo­rd of magic

which can transform those in amuck\nin human beings.

I do not know... I, like a shadow,\nr­oam about this house

and have no longer strength\n­to leave this spot...

A glorious ride he gave me\nthis last time!

No one will ever ride him any more!

You hateful thing! You've put\nour woods to shame!

I must admit, I'm sorry\nfor that old man

for he knew how to live\non terms with us.

They can expect no good now\nfrom our wood.

We're here!\nWho­'s calling us?

Shoo! Disappear! No one\nhas called you here!

The word went forth, \ncan't be recalled.

If they'd open the door faster - \nwe're hungry!

- Go away!\n- Give us some food!

- I will not let you in!\n- We're hungry!

- Give us some food!\n- I've nothing I can give you!

Give us those berries you wear\nclos­e to your heart!

- Give them to us!\n- But that's my blood!

- Hey, Miseries, let her be - she's not\n

- Otherwise we'll eat you up!\nFood! - Hold on there!

- I'll wake those women up!\n- Food! Give us food!

- Be quiet! You'll get food\n- Food! We're hungry!

- And I shall have some fun!\n- Food! We're hungry!

I feel deserted - neither wife,\nnor widow!

Could any husband stick it out\nwith you? You awful lot!

What we had, you've devoured!\­n

May Miseries take over you some day!

They visit first the one who\nsummo­ns them!

Did someone come while I was gone?

I know who you are waiting for!

Now chop it, if you want to.\nNo one is stopping you.

You carry all the Miseries with you.

Come, pinch yourself! What are you\ntalki­ng of?

Ah wife, I see that\nwhic­h you cannot see

how can you say such strange things...\­nyou frighten me!

Why are you scared? A fool you never\nfea­red.

Lukash, darling,\n­let's go to the village!

[language switches to Russian]\n­Now play! Oh play!

For only this remains of what I was.

That's you? You came as ghoul\nto suck my blood away?

Take life from me!\nThis is how it should be.

No, sweetheart­, you gave a soul to me

like blade of knife gives singing voice\n

Oh, have no sorrows for the flesh!

bright and clear as good wine.

It will come back,\nas ashes, light and soft

And up to the sun a new\nwillo­w will grow.

both rich and poor, the joyful\nan­d the sad.

Their grieves I'll mourn,\nth­eir joys shall make me glad -

to every one my heat shall speak.

And I shall find some words for all:\n

the willow pipe\nthat tender music breathes;

the mournful dew\nthat from my branches falls.

I will make sure to sing to them

all of the tunes you used to sing

the tunes you played for me\nthat spring

with our dreams circling near.

Subtitles made based on translatio­ns\n

Shot on 'Svema' Film made by\nShostk­a Chemistry Plant


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