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Hey, guys. And welcome to email and see It says from scratch video

. Well, video will mostly focus on a balance. We're also gonna

and clever keyboard shortcuts to speed up our developing flow.

the whole content of the video in this interest section. So

L tutorial model H T M L Project modules and C. S s territoria­l

. And as a side note, video will be hands on and flights we're

browser on our local machine. And most importantl­y, we'll start

visual studio code features to improve overall work for and by the

actually know project modules where we use our knowledge to build

first covering what in the world is the assessed multiple ways,

as many properties and their values as we can, including selectors

images, positionin­g transition­s, animations and many, many more. I

as part of my you Demi course, where we'll also learn what is

by the way course projects are available for free period, so

by searching for my courses on your demo. Now one of the world is

means is that email is not a programmin­g language. It is, in fact,

? You see, a email is responsibl­e for the structure of the Web

between the tax more precisely opening tag, which consists of the

Web page and then the closing tax for the element For the closing

or what project we would create a head intact and right are

for the link, and you get an idea. Some elements will not have

with a forward slash before closing angle bracket while aged

, which is probably most popular jobs framework around today, has

amount. Let me open up a browser window and let's say that we're

the inspect, uh, look at developer tools, and obviously we're

this out. You have all over the place, the open attack and the

in order to do any kind of one of the open we for sure, we'll need

course will use Do Chrome as a Web browser and visual studio code

sentence. Answer. Both of them are industry leaders and first one

are for free and require simple download. Well, this is not a

the course is me. How is it just downloadin­g these 22 First start

and I'm just gonna say Google home and we can maybe add, I don't

on the web and just look it over here and we have an option for

completed. We can head over to downloads and notice your here we

drag and drop it to our applicatio­ns just that we can have it

the installati­on has been completed, you can just close it over

I have to go. First of all, let me open this. And once I open it

well as I would right away going to set it up in the dock. So I'm

do this, but I would suggest that you do that with me. Just

, right corner. I'm just gonna click on. So as you can see over

make it as a different. I'm just gonna click it over here, and I'm

a different browser. Okay, Awesome. We have our browser now. What?

now already, since it is on our machine, uh, to use and we can

logo. We're gonna be looking for visual studio code. Uh, notice

right away what operating system are month, and it's as well. Here

available to us in a second. And again, obviously, if you're using

you can see that this would be my download so I can just open it

this. I'm just drag and drop it in my applicatio­ns. So I'm done.

, and I'm just going to open up over here. Now, let me first of

with this. Um, before we do anything again, I'm gonna keep this in

, so it's a little bit easier to see. We'll get to be met by

it Now, this is gonna be the first time when you're actually

reinstall divisional studio code just so we can go through all the

and running and actually create our first weapon. I do want to

top this is we're gonna be working with our files. So as you

of our work and this would be our file structure. So whether

. No. Next we have a few other things. You have the right contact

as the bug again. We're not gonna cover them right now because

of adding more features to a tech center. And we're gonna do that

, so, as you can see here, recommende­d. But for now, you shouldn't

whatever extension we're looking for. And obviously, this is not

regarding visuals to the code, something that we're gonna be in

if you click on this car all the way in the bottom, noticed it's

so I could change this from 12 to, let's say, 22 if I would want a

with your actual text. There's gonna be times when you are

fact, in adjacent, and this would be basically graphical

I make the change, the changes that are going to be automatica­lly

would be my settings. As you noticed, I changed it from whatever

like 30. Now, in this case, I would need to save it. So I have a

to use the shortcut, and that would be commanded again. If you're

, in my case again, I'm gonna delete this because I would like to

where the settings would be located for visual studio code. Okay,

a project, we just need to create a new folder. And this is

, but we would need to create a new folder. Now I'm gonna be

it much more straightfo­rward If I'm gonna be working with all my

let's say that I'm just gonna call the station now. You can call

get the folder. So there are working projects to individual studio

. And you know what this settings is for now? A little bit

open up the folder in the actual visuals vehicle. Now, we also

noticed again, we have either open, recent or in general would

I obviously was just here a second go last. But not least, there's

or directory called This whatever you would like and just drag and

creating files and folders, maybe within this project folder, and

? Well, first of all, let me just make this bigger again so we can

later. But just to give you an a tip whenever you're working again

, I'm assuming in more I'm zooming out. I'm going to do them in so

, we're gonna have to create a file. Now again, we have a few

where we just right click it on the side and again, we have

. Now I want to call my file my first file in the email, and both

of h T M L. Now the reason for the email extension, because

and all kinds of fun. So this tells the browser what type of file

your project on the server, this is gonna be your home page. So if

like, but your home page, we're gonna have to be in the h t e mail

workspace. Now, since we know that at Gmail is made up off

up and running with our first whipping. So, first of all, I would

gonna create the closing back for so we don't need to worry about.

paragraph tax or paragraph element, and I'm gonna say this is my

mean in the later videos. But just for now. Let's get up and

says that you haven't saved the file. And again, if you would like

be commanded. So either you just press on the file more command

folder project or again. Call this however you like, I notice.

be different. But the general idea is that we can open up this

, Well, open with. Well, since we already set up the Google crime,

this, this is going to open up in the our default browser. So

a little world, and this is my first flip it. Now, again, this is

. Now, making our first Web page was a lot of fun. However, there

on the settings and now I'm gonna open up this settings window now

the search bar. And again if I'm gonna type something, this is

gonna be automatica­lly safe. No, not again. Just to show you that

Jason object. Now on the right hand side, these are gonna be my

is right away or here and again. We didn't do this in a previous

I'm gonna press it one more time is gonna zoom in. And now my zoom

. And what I'm looking for is the tab size. I can just say tab

it's gonna complain that this is going to be read only. So if I'm

, it says right away copies of the same at the moment I'm going to

on how you're like to work, your zoom level is obviously can

is just close both settings and we are ready to go. No. Another

say that in my first webpage, I would like to change from hello

content that's going to be displayed on the page. So within the

file system. And here, I'm gonna say this now, once I save it, I

this does not seem like a lot of work right now, trust me, the

install our first extension for the visual studio code. So I'm

would do this in a 34. So here, I'm just going to type alive. Uh,

a little bit bigger, we can just see more clear what this

you install this extension, so that is a good option. You can just

, the installing of the extension. And now we would need to reload

that? Because these are the extensions that we have on our

the extensions­, obviously, based on what we're typing here in the

and also gonna close. Whatever the Web browser we have before, I'm

the actual file system. Well, I'm sorry, not file system basically

once we are in our workspace again, we have a few options. So

, we're gonna have the option of open with a life service as well

and this is going to open up a local developmen­t service. And

is I'm gonna set up them side by side. So I'm gonna open up this

right hand side, all the changes that we're gonna be doing, we're

which we will gonna do in the next video, so don't worry about it.

. No. For now, nothing is gonna change because we still don't have

where every time we're gonna be making some kind of change, the

run that makes our lives much more easier. While we are very happy

of the screen. So there has to be something missing in our page.

to discuss that you see all H T M L elements follow the same basic

. The tells the browser what usually male version the pages

, we have a email root element that will wrap all our code in the

nested inside a moment. By the way, that is really important. And

Head element that will contain informatio­n about the page like,

and jobs. Five content within the head element will not be visible

in any more detail because at this point in time, we have more

that is being rented. Nobody element is whole another ball game

are fantastic webpage. Now that we know the basics page structure,

structure that's implemente­d in our page. First of all, let me

of Asian email we're gonna use. And in our case, that's gonna be

. Again. This is not a cheating. There's nothing wrong with that

each demo now with the National Mail. Remember, we have the moment

is going to be displayed. So here we're gonna say first not at

is gonna be Hello. My name is John, or whatever name you,

this is my first webpage. This is my first web. Thanks. Now, once

we do have the proper actual page structure or document structure.

say that server is gonna be online. Okay, fair enough. And then

this tab. And now let's test it out. Whether life servers working

, uh, life server more into service. Sorry. So let's say and this

and let's say this and sure enough, the moment we save it, notice

go and refresh because life server is doing for us. So developmen­t

you that we have a death server with the lives we have an option

let's do this. This guy and then every time we're gonna be typing

, notice what happens in the last server. So in this case, we

. However, I do find it a little bit annoying, especially when you

for this editorial, I always we're going to have my one off. So

. Also, I would like to talk about how the tags are messed up. So

this age element. Now. The two Children are ahead element as well

a child within the head element. And then let's say the closing

you have the element and if you mess something within this element

element. Now. The same would work here in the body. If, let's say

gonna make sense. So this is something. Also, you should remember

can also can have multiple or one other child. So even though the

would be the child of the head. No, I know it might sound foreign

something within the element, make sure that that elements closing

heading one with paragraph. Don't place the closing tax for having

know how to implement basic Asian email document structure. Our

learning more at a moment. Or before we do that, let me quickly

M L moments. My first of all, I would like to talk about the world

going to save it, everything is going to be displayed nicely in

do amount right, so I can keep zooming out. How are what if we're

is gonna be very hard for you to see as well as in General,

on a card and then we'll look for the setting of the word. Okay,

so instead of off, then was there before we were just going to go

wrap the line and again this will you make your life easier

is just gonna wrap into new one? No. Next I would like to talk

, if you're using different, you can still access them. Now we're

over again in the Google and just my payment and you'll see that

, I wouldn't want to spend a lot of time on that. Our in our most

by the angle bracket. I can just say whatever element I would like

. We're gonna have a suggestion­. And as you can see, it says

H and then we can choose whatever heading we would like. The same

letter of the own and is gonna do arrest. Now, if I would like to

my own No. Again, this is just the most basic thing that we can do

. This is going to save us from again typing and typing and typing

. So let's say here, I'm gonna say, this is, um it's paragraph

save it first, so no one would notice. I have. This is so this is

, you should be able to install it as an extension. And we're

with a name. So let me the latest and once you're gonna have an

what happens. So now we're getting the proper at Gmail, structured

focus on these meta tags. We were going to talk about them once.

language again. What we need to focus right now is the fact of the

. Maybe the Senate for now. As you can see right now, this is

this one? Sure. Sure. You can see my typing is just awesome. And

. Well, finally gonna take a deep dive into H T M L components­.

. Pretty much I couldn't have them. MP, So you already a little

. And for that we have headings. Now, for the headings we have six

the smallest. So let's start with having one again. We can use

and we're going to type hitting one now. What I'm gonna do right

manually, like we would do normally on a computer, meaning we're

let me, first of all, copy this. Um, let's say the second line and

now I have a heading to. Maybe in this case, I can just copy and

, 24 5 on heading six. Um, the same old steel over here. A lot of

thing. Like with the rest of the elements that we're gonna have.

exact is going to be my heading. So obviously, if you want to

, that title. So depending on how long the titles, you're right.

paragraph tax. Now I have just a little bit. But let's say first

, we have six headings. So depending on the situation, obviously

from this video, if we will write any code during the video, if

. So let's take it out for a spin. Let's say that we're gonna be

you're watching the video, let's say, within damages, we can start

for the images. So this is how we can access the images. In both

to go to the download. No, see, I have two zip folders and we can

not gonna show you for both of them. But we can just drag and drop

and then maybe put it in your documents or something like that.

resources. So far, so good. We have heading covered and now we can

in the last video. I said components and components­. We haven't

and second, I would like to show you that starting from the last

start to understand something you can always go underneath­. The

we're doing in the video. So it's not like I'm gonna send you some

up the zip file and I'm gonna have my index file. No, I don't

a little bit different because already Previously for the previous

project. Now, as I'm re recording the course, I might add again

because I wouldn't want to do it, but unfortunat­ely, I have a

. But in general for sure, I'm gonna try to do that with

about everything else but the actualizat­ion email. And now we're

, This is gonna be very straightfo­rward. We have p So that would

write whatever a novel if you would like to do it now again, Like

say I don't know some kind of content that I can just keep on

. And this is gonna be my perfect. However, if we're gonna get

server or live developmen­t server is going to set up my

200 again just so we can see better everything­. But in the

is going to be sitting within these tax is going to be displayed

. What? And what does that mean? Well, what's based collapsing

of all, let's say that there's going to be heading three that will

. I'm gonna add, like I don't know whatever amount of spaces in

spaces were ignored by email. Now the same would work. If I try to

is gonna change on the right side and not because there's some

that in the email, if we would like to create spaces in between

again, if you have been testing it out and if you're confused,

still on the subject of the program, I also would like to cover,

you can see in this case, it would also serve me really well. Is

Florham, you will notice that I'm getting some kind of command. So

can control how big it is because for now, as you can see as I

I'm getting from the Semitic. I can say Laura them and then I will

tab or return. And sure enough, we're gonna be getting this done.

, dammit ! So I can just say Laura, It's, um and you're gonna be

hipster. And this is just gonna give you a dummy text that has

here instead of this, Lauren, have some typical dummy text we're

tax as a hipster if some these days it would be really hard to

, the issue is the first we we need to get an image to our system.

now we're gonna go online and search for image. Now, I can

to maximize it again. It's easier for you to follow on and let's

. Um, let's see something. What's going to come up instead of some

it or machine, we would need to use the save him a jazz, and this

, we would like to save it in the fall that are working on now.

a folder or folder, whatever you have or examples and then save

now I'm gonna save damage. I'm sure enough we have the image now

can get it in documents, because on left inside we can see that we

more render images in a document is you guessed it the human

in G and then it gives us plenty of options. Now we can just go

a closing tax. This is a self closing element. Horror. We're

actually. So whenever we're thinking about 18 moment, whatever is

be actually that are specific to a specific element. And then

tell us, where are we going to be looking for damage? Because our

damage for some reason. So let's say the path is wrong or

. So if we know that we have this you Demi, that p n now in the

. We just need to have forward slash and check this out. What

email. German. You would like to render this? Which one do you

getting my image. However, let's say the first time I'm going to

. Now. Let me just not display because our past is wrong. Not

enough, now we're gonna have the majority. So this is gonna be

in the at Gmail. First, let me fix this. Let's say that this will

and foremost, if we would be damage. We would need to get the

sources how we can get images. Then once we have the image in our

. Now, one of the attributes is gonna be the source on the second

slash and then whatever name of damage, However, we also gonna

to mess it up. And then alternativ­e is going to be displayed if

, So first of all, let me open up the browser window. And of

going to see the image. So we're getting this altar tax now. The

in a email, and we're gonna do that in a few videos. But let me

. My first and foremost as you can see, I actually made a mess a

we save it notice in the life server, everything is going to be

option. So let me copy and paste this line and let's comment the

it. Everything is going to be displayed correctly on the life

now your question probably would be Well, if we can use this, why

, Eventually the more Web developmen­t you do. And as you're gonna

relative path where you have dot and then you have forward slash.

folder, maybe outside the director, and the point of this is for

would be the same directory, and then to that, I mean that if it's

folder as indexation email. So I'm not gonna cover that right now.

correctly. However, throughout my project, uh, we're gonna use

to that stage. Okay, We have an image that is in our local

say image you did me something like this again, we can write

access from the web. Okay, let's think about it. So we have the

directory where we're working. Can we maybe use this source and

image of, uh, you too. Well, go. Okay. Okay. Name this, however we

, let's just it out. So, first of all again, I'm gonna open up the

say that we're looking for damage, and in this case, would you

image address, so let's click on this. Now, the address is gonna

and in this case, within the source, what's copy and paste?

is so long. So again, I'll tell you right away it's gonna be very

may be for alternativ­e. You too. Uh, logo. Something like this

would be the fact that source would be displayed like this. So, as

is starting here at the very top. Awesome. We know how we can add

, copyright free images. Let's get rid of the 16. 01 because it's

sure enough right now I'm just gonna have to use any local. And

. Whenever you're going to be doing something commercial­, you're

purposes. So what we need to do is get them and just that have no

using three of them. So one of them would be picked the bay. Then

well as you have Greatest Agra fee. And with the greatest Grafite,

you're gonna go to the site and if you're going to find whatever

high quality. Uh, copy, right? Free images. So in this case, let's

up, that's gonna be the name. And we're just gonna get whatever,

to say? That this is not gonna be able to me? Alright, image. Oh,

we know that we have sort of tribute and within source again.

of laptop. So those laptop would be my alternativ­e text. I'm gonna

big. And this is something we're gonna cover next video. But first

to me by the actual text. Better do the same thing. We're going to

talk about it, how we can adjust the size of the images. Okay.

render them exactly the same size or at least the second one

the fastest way. However, you need to understand the later on

the image before we even rendered. But I'm gonna get into this in

do that. So, first of all, let's test it out. How big his damage.

the fastest one probably here, you know, what is this is going to

1000 by 616. Okay, so we already know that we would be looking for

with an image, not also we are getting the source attribute and

typing notice again, we're getting a suggestion that we're gonna

even gonna be the past. So if I'm gonna say, let's say 260 because

did me longer because this is already around it correctly. My

. Let's add here that we would want with of 260. So let's notice

to hide specifical­ly so let's say the high my guess would be

we're always going to have to do with and the height is going to

in the email. I couldn't be more proud of ourselves. Well, you

within high or even if we do it in the C s s, which I got a little

of massive images like this, then your user whoever is gonna be

? The user is gonna wait for three seconds, and then it's just

still this guy with 1000 and 660 Um, there's multiple things that

shop or something like that. Or there is maybe a quick way

want to quickly crop damage, we can use the actual Mac. Now, if

kind of simple. What is it going to look for? What image we would

off now, within the options, I'm going to be looking for tools and

the actual dimensions of the image now, here and write that you

means that if I'm going to change the with the height is going to

I can say that the height is still gonna be 1000. But the way it's

with again 259 but I believe right, uh, let me log this notice set

can just click on. Okay, Now, this is going to quickly cropped my

we're gonna be doing this is gonna be good enough where you don't

73 instead of 1000. And I can also get it. Maybe these guys again.

, a trip to a kitchen would say to make a coffee while our page

performs much nicer. While we're still on the topic of him, I just

portant for images. Please. Remember, later on, we're gonna be

as well as contact. So the same we're gonna work with whenever

. We are good to go. I would imagine the sites where you have 50

have to start having some kind of structure. Having all the files

with the same and just to decide. So there's gonna be special

and then involved images and you get the point. No, no. Okay, so

would like to do right now is move these images because obviously

to select them both, you would need to hold the command now, once

, are you sure this is what you would like to do? I'm I'm just

the other having three. And I don't have my images. Now again, The

? Well, no. Right now, the images are, in fact, in the images

. And then we do the same thing. Now we did the forward slash Now,

again, this is very important because you will going to use this

need to look in that folder and then you're gonna get an image.

we do that again, this is going to override it. Okay, let's look

, always, please remember to make sure that your past is correct

overkill. How are you? How's your project? Are gonna grow bigger

an email for the comment would be very simple. We have the angle

Now, whatever we're gonna write, it is not going to be showing on

. Now again, we can right here now, if you would like to. But in

working on this by yourself, because trust me, if you'll work on

to get up and running of what's happening in your project. Because

comments with a short and that's what good would be. Very simple.

. So let's say here I could say, um, you Damien image. Then we're

image again. And just as this would be clearly an overkill, But in

or you know what? No, I forgot to tell you something. We also have

how this image on the laptop was gonna look like, However, I

my comment. And if I'm gonna place whatever regime elements I

of all, the green. So we can see already that they're not gonna be

, if you would like to render it again, delete the comments and

you don't want to delete that other part. Then you would just

email. How is that Nothing is happening in my webpage because

the line break would be very simple. We just need to write b R.

breaks. Now, that obviously is only one break. So let me just

I'm getting line breaks now that would work, whether in between

. I don't know. We can do the same thing over here. And obviously,

. However, what's also important for every Web page is to have

the actual single page more. It can be also the externally­. So

away. I did some spring cleaning here because I usually like my

, it's a different kind of scenario. Whenever we're going to be

? How we can create links in the email? Well, we already know the

? Well, for the link we're gonna use a, uh, sure, enough right

more informatio­n now, as you can see, this one came out really

I'm going to go. So I click on it and nothing happened. Okay? The

force. So if would manually be creating this out, we would have to

is going to be navigating too. So here we would need to write the

the full you our own. Maybe it's really long. You can just sit

issue. Um, based it within the quotation marks. And now, once I

on its notice now? We're never getting to the Demi page. No,

the side that we were currently on. So maybe it's better if you

black. So this would be the value now, in this case, what's going

on a link instead of navigating­. And it didn't happen because I

, now, once I click on the link instead of navigating away from

should be a better option, especially with an external ones where

external right. What about internally­? Well, you see, at the

up some kind of navigation­. But in order to set up the navigation­,

is gonna be about h t m l. Now we're you know how to create a

. Let's say about then we're gonna know that we're navigating to

. We just have the link and then here, we're going to be pointing

like to go back to the home page. So, as you can see, we just need

, like to remind you or to show you that we can write anything

to whatever we're pointing to nature. So just because we're

our about email set up, we'll head over back to the email and

about at Gmail. So within the 100 people gonna be pointing to

now I have my link. Now let's see if I'm gonna click on the about

. And if I'm gonna click on the other page, then I'm gonna

up external links as well as internal links that will allow us to

actual page that we're working now for this example, you have two

like this. So that is going to create a very, very long pick or we

that, we need to set up some kind of program. Where in the park,

a simple link tax For now, This is not going to point anywhere.

have some kind of like, no. Okay. Like I said, I'm going to use

. However, I'm gonna copy and paste it and make like, I don't

would be some kind of long content again. It can be anything. The

and scrolling down and all the way in the bottom. We have some

really long schooling, and I just what we're doing right now or

, In this case, the link is going to be pointing back to I d. Now,

like to cover together with classes. But for now, only thing we

. And then we would have the ID name. So here, I'm gonna write

kind of element that has this idea of top. So I'm gonna head over

heading one, I'm gonna say top of the page. Now, what I would need

once we start learning with he says, because I think it's just

ID. Obviously, this would also have to have the same name if you

you believe me, then this is actually happening. So let's have

the top of the page. So this is how we would have set up the

gonna have the ID. And once we have the link, if we're pointing

know John Doe. This is not gonna make sense. Then if the main

examples with links were with. So we had some kind of link and

also have option for placing different things within the link.

. Let's place a link. And for now, let's say the link is gonna be,

can obviously right it if you want. But I'm saying copying basis.

have damage. You know that we need to have the image element

. So I'm just gonna grab this image. And you know what? Just so it

. Uh, let's see what's going to happen. So as you can see right

like on That tells me that pretty much and this is a link. Now, as

if I click on it Sure enough, um, navigating to them, no. Last but

say if you don't know right now, at this point where your link

we can always do, we can just place the half track on. That way we

anywhere. So that's also an option. I mean, again, you can call

we're just placing the hashtag jobs. We covered links in the

because, like I said, I would like to keep this clean. Everything

talk about sub and sub elements, and they were going to be a

hello. Hello? I am. And here I would like to say, first John in

or I can use and some elements, and again, this is gonna be as

. Now, what I would like to do right now is grab this first and

let's just create these elements first and then obviously going to

in this case, I'm going to use sub element. Where are the first

is going to be here on the top. Uh, the rest of them thanks. And

is gonna be eventually showed in the bottom of the rest of the

. We know how to use, uh, sub elements. Next. Let's look at how we

some kind of program. And let's say within the program, I'm gonna

have to create them somewhere within this program. Yeah, and they

baseball and this is going to create a space and now I can write

I was like over here, the three words or the whole Sometimes it

. Now I can cover emphasis, and then we're gonna go a little bit

amount awards we would like. So it's a M. So that would send for

you can see right now, the text that is within the emphasis, uh,

I said, there's more than meets the eye because we could have

place and services Asian email just for the structure. You don't

elements also help us with accessibil­ity. So let's say you have a

. Let's say whatever is within the strong as well as whatever we

be some cases where we would like to use special characters­, the

going to need it right now as well as let's create a heading one,

one, and within heading, one would like to use the copy right?

in it? Well, first of all, I would have to access the end percent

seven on August. Now I'm getting my and percent the next I would

to write whatever the character I'm looking for. And then I would

character. No, you can look for special characters­. Obviously

a lot of wasted time. Just remember that whenever you would be

as you can place it within your agent amount element. But again,

would finish off with a semi colon and then we're gonna have the

or now how do we create on our list and order list in the at

and sure enough, right now, I have my own list. However, if I was

. We would have the honour list element and then each and every

kind of name, and I have right now the list item with this

is gonna be theater. Um, 31 is gonna be Sarah. I'm gonna have

the list. Well, the biggest one where we always use the analyst

just place our links here. So either we can create a new one more.

list. Instead of placing some kind of tax, we can place the link.

and paste it within the next two list items. Uh, let's just right

the about, but I'm not going to navigate their again. We already

of C s s yet. This is where the magic happens when we go to the

as well as I have the other links this play that list items within

. And again, syntax would be exactly the same difference would be

, and here again, we're gonna do the LA and again maybe let's

, we're gonna have Sarah and let's see what we're going to have

the same idea as with an order. Or we would need to use the

the next list. So let me again delete the first and let's create a

the list, we have the list item. And again, let's start first with

and sir, but let's say that we would like to add some more

item where we would like to have our next list, we were gonna

item. I don't know. Okay, let's say the first one is gonna be

. We were gonna have John. Then the Peter's gonna have already

within this this time. And this is how this is going to be this

have to use some kind of table, we also have an option of working

, and then let's start working with our table. Now, if you would

where you said Well, first of all, gonna have to create the table

create a row, we would need to create a role element. And then

10,000 columns more, if you'd have four comes, the same thing

again. Let's just have some kind of dummy text. We have the John.

. Then again, Sarah and again, four days territoria­l. I don't see

. So the moment table data, I'm gonna be adding meaning the more

the table headings. So in our case, we're gonna have let's say TR.

head and within the table head we can write again. Whatever it was

as three regular columns in the second row. And if I would like to

for every page. There most cases is always a form that allows us

informatio­n, his or her, you would need to set up the form. Now,

have the action. Now I need to tell you right away that whenever

. Now, in order to collect the data, you would need to work with

, which would be the message, is not going to mean anything,

on, as you working with PHP or jobs to this, we're gonna make

gonna use the service called forestry, which is for free, by the

our form but the data is going to be submitted to our email. So,

with me where this informatio­n would be sent and the method would

again. I digress a little bit, but just to give you a general idea

our most basic type of form. Input that we're gonna have is just a

the most basic one is gonna be text. So in this case, we can just

basic one, and we have a few more, actually. Now again, Name

would like over here, and nothing is gonna change. Now, the idea

now, we're having our first thing. But so I can always think of

the retirement­, we also would like to have the submission­. And

you have the form that you cannot submit Now again, I'm gonna be

anyway. Now we have two options we can use just a simple button.

the button, then obviously we're gonna write our values in between

, which is right, The name of the elements, which in our case,

, if you would like to have some kind of space in between them for

using the disk. So at the moment I'm going to save it. I'm gonna

form is being submitted back to the same page again. This is what

, but again, we're not going to work with this right now, But in

of input of submit. So not only the button, but also input. So let

options. So maybe we can just type the input first and notice. If

, and I'm gonna say this is not going to be equal to, uh, Texas.

and fine. and we're I also would like to see what's happening with

home and and within the label element, we have the attribute of

going to be the name, which is gonna be the value than the moment

gonna write first name. So this would be in my label now what's

. And if I'm going to change this, let's say I'm gonna make a

well as we have other options. Let's say we can have the perfect

input. So now let's look at other options that we have for the

old deal. We can write input first of all, and then for input. We

and then change it. So okay, so it's right that we would be

, anyway, we're not going to be collecting the data. Maybe let's

can just use the simple paragraph and we're still gonna have the

have within the password. Now, we have two options. We can either

give you a general idea what the user should be typing. However,

have a type of password in for our imports are going to be here,

attribute for input and to show you how the value works again,

input with an email and maybe, in this case, let's use this. Am I

us. I d as well if we're not using the label. And also, I need to

also another option. But I again I digress a little bit. And

going to try to submit something that doesn't make sense. So let's

just gonna be a little bit of, uh, email validation what it's

type of email, so we are going to write something like some

correct email, but we will gonna be able to submit right now

value. So the value attribute is going to allow us to hard code

you're editing something, so there has to be some kind of data

, hear whatever would like to right here within this value. And

you start working with a placeholde­r, the place all that is going

now where we could use value. Well, as you can see here we have

I can just say value. And let's say, uh, submit, please again,

having the submitted. So these would be the basics of how we can

text. Then we're gonna have usually name it should be, which we

. Attribute the idea. Actually, we can use the label, or if we're

match with the four, actually, then the form is going to be

is gonna be before use attacks anything but the moment you start

whenever the form is shown regularly. So I can obviously submit

of options of how we can submit the data, whether that would be

not the only thing that we can just play within the form. So let's

the resources of the previous video, you can just download

, No, the first one is gonna be text area where we can have some

one would be columns and the second one is gonna be the roles. So

we have everything all over the place. But let's say that if you

. And maybe we can just have the paragraph of the descriptio­n. And

gonna say 40 I'm gonna have 40 columns. If I'm going to say 20

. What's unique is that you can have only one value, meaning you

would make sense, since they're obviously were designed for that.

, we select select our your Hayward coding language. Hopefully,

your most favorite quoting language? It's also maybe add a

just create a basic one and change it. I'm going to use the right

to use it. Um, let's just write that this is gonna be jobs. So

should match because the whole idea behind radio button is the

if you would like to use radio button, the name of the input

one is gonna be our language. And the third one, uh, we're gonna

, the idea was would be that if I'm selecting something now, you

, you would like to collect the value. Okay, so we're going to

, you need to write it in the value John Doe. So, in our case for

write paper. I hope you understand the whole purpose of this since

radio button is going to allow you to choose which one you're

just showing what the user is picking so again, in our case, we're

here with his name, remember the name it should be. All of them

save it now, the trick here is that I can pick just it and I can

Okay, So your next question, probably as well. What is check

breaks in between, so we can see a little bit better. And let's

, in this case, this is gonna be check box. So and we're not

we had before. So, uh, with your permission­, I'm just gonna copy

where we have the name as well as the valid. So what do you think

the first thing that's going to be passed on as well as we would

. His that we can pick multiple. So let's say we're gonna change

it's copied basis. Let's say 123 And you know what? I did one too

three jobs in our case. Who would want only two? Sorry, we would

son. And again I know I'm repeating this, but the values were

, what we have here is the check boxes. Oh, with check boxes, we

boxes and the radio buttons. The simple fact that with check boxes

one. Okay, so we also have an option of select. So select would be

create maybe in this case again, paragraph and the paragraph is

right now, because the most important thing is to understand the

here we need to write. Let's say what kind of name it would be.

last thing that I wanted to show you with, uh, check boxes. We

for this, I'm gonna head over back to it. Say my first one and we

. So notice now, once I have to check for the job is going to be

and sometimes you're gonna see the long way written not to the

was just having a check like this. So let's get rid of it. And now

with order nor list. Remember, you have the list items. So the

with the values. So we're saying Okay, what is the value here

I just think that it's important to kind of get this point across

. Now again, we have a few other options. So with me, you know

multiple times and again, we're going to do the same deal where we

job on the last one, but not please. We have the python. So this

enough. Now, this is there's gonna be a little more space. So if

to the email. This is gonna work descriptio­n and something. Let's

value pairs if we're gonna paste it or whatever. If we're gonna

don't care about them. We only will gonna care about them. Has we

. Awesome. We're done covering the most important parts of issue

opinion, this would be more enough to get up and running with it,

regarding whether we're working with jobs, triple working with

our code. So we already know that email is white space collapsing­.

text. I'm gonna say with the whole text is gonna be displayed only

, uh, Texter. Notice how this gets really annoying really fast

have another one like that, I'm gonna say again, other programs

really hard to work now, granted, Right now, I'm obviously doing

make your life really hard. You are gonna get annoyed really,

and make sure that everything is displayed correctly and that's

I'm doing, meaning whether I'm actually typing everything

extension. So already we know that I feel we are gonna have to

else. And here on top search bar, we're gonna write free. And then

it. Our as we before we installing or right after we install it

should also change in our settings. This is kind of important for

. Hopefully not. It takes for some reason, quite a long time, so

of all, this is gonna be my first point, then I would like to

. And again, we're gonna have to look for two things. So first one

better here in the Jason object. I just right on save. So this

like to click both of them. Um, again, Since this is gonna auto

formatted. But let's say again, I'm going to have one more

where we're just typing some something that doesn't really make

? Four months, everything nicely. Now, I understand that from now

lines of code. How are you as we're going to start working with

in 11. And by the way, uh, you did need to restart a server

you're gonna have only two paragraphs shown. So again, you would

for your code, because this is going to be really painful if

, the main ideas to save you time of not using them out. Because

the mouse each and every time, you need to do something. If you're

they might seem like a hustle. So you might be like, Well, this

of them, and then every time you needed to start using it and then

we can get all of them. So if you'd like to know all your keyboard

screen. I notice. Here we have principle Keyboard teacher. This is

, nobody is expecting you to remember all of them. Obviously, it's

said, I would suggest incorporat­ing the most interestin­g ones and

, Uh, maybe the ones that I kind of feel most important ones. I

to you. Now, whenever I'm gonna be talking about the option key, I

, it says option. But I'm quite certain that it would also mean

is going to be in control again. I cannot guarantee that. But in

has nothing to do with visuals through your cold. But you can

say there's going to be heading one on the head and one is going

line, So I'm gonna delete this now. What would happen if I would

commands. Um, it's pretty much undo is everything that I did last.

. So Also, those would be the basic ones. And if you want to check

. That would be shift command Plus and then I have copy, cut, copy

a lot of times whenever you make some kind of message. Now they're

and paste more lines. Um, if I would decide that you know what?

do is we can hold the option, keep more help, and then, as we're

, place the cursor here as well as I would like to place the

in the world and then just type whatever I would like because you

would be holding the option, plus keep clicking whenever you would

. But in general again, you can place them anywhere you would

the second line. Now, of course, I can use the mouse and I can do

I have my line selected. So if I would like to delete it, I can

well as just the leading going, Uh, now, okay, we're not touching

where the words start around. So let's say that we are in the

clicking it with the most. However, we have also an option of

happens now? I'm moving with the work, not just one. Move the

. But you would like to move with the words not with actual

command and again left and right now, moving from the one side of

up, as you can see right now, we're on the document. And if I'm

and D. Where'd you get the same selection? So let's say not only

, world. And then again, it's copy and paste the line. That's

to anyone. I'm sorry. Heading two back to heading one Now. What

the whole world, but only the heading ones. Well, I have an option

what I would like to start selecting. And if I'm gonna keep on

this case. If I would like to change this to, let's say, heading

now? Also, we have an option of copying facing the same line. Now

shift options and then he bore down, check this out. So I have a

the actual line important. So let me just navigate to the bottom

six or something like this. Let's say that I would like to move

select the line. We can cut it out. We can go over here and copy

keyboard up or down. Now, I'm just moving this heading six up or

. And you will gonna use this a lot once you're going to start

use the command and forward slash, and this is going to create us

the line without touch of the month. Also, if you would like to

, I would like to start a new one. Now. One of the options would

me I can navigate somewhere in the middle. And if we're gonna

the end. No, There's also an option of changing the short. So if

s This is going to open us the shortcuts, and we can obviously

see, this would basically tell you what the shortcut is doing. And

one using them because they will gonna save you a lot of time. In

and and the meta tags that I promised you in the beginning. Now,

going to Google and you can just type in the end now with Missouri

are already somewhat comfortabl­e with H e mail or any kind of

First of all, if you would like to go back there. We can always

our case, we would like to select the email. Then within the

, or you can have the Asian email documentat­ion or Missouri

on the left hand side, there, right away. Give you the C. S s. But

India and embedding with the images and email. Or, let's say the

be WW three schools where again, you just search it in Google for

in. Okay, we will gonna select email. This is what we're covering

is about it. So, like I said, this would be a container for meta

, and the meta data is not gonna be displayed Now. There's gonna

are going to be working with style sheets, we're also gonna work

always gonna be meta tags and for the Met attacks. And again, this

said, um, we're gonna cover Link is gonna be linking to the

options. Let's say we have characters­. Now, if we're going back

What is meditating is doing, then also, we have an option. Let's

then here would place the content. Now the same appeal would be

matter Attack is gonna work. So New York apartment attack allows

we already have, you protect that sets up the with properly, and

that we talked about it, this is a very good resource, as well as

we start creating the project. So this is gonna be out for this

use only at Gmail and decide Well, when I say only email, there's

page there's gonna be a big banner image. Then we're looking for

, not the details, is going to be a link that's just gonna go to

and Colombian roast as well as all the way in the bottom. We're

again. The navigation and the image is going to be exactly the

top and we're gonna be brought back to the top. Then in the

to the top, but I believe there's going to be contact where we

we're gonna invented this is going to be displayed in Europe, but

is gonna be a project. I hope you guys enjoy it. And let's start

project. And within the project, there's gonna be multiple files.

going over the steps again to kind of solidify in our mind. Now,

this, and I'm gonna say that the older name is gonna be coughing.

to get this folder to our tech center. I'm just gonna drag and

gonna be in that email And since I know that we can use them and

and let's say coffee and let's call this junkie and maybe within

up the live server first and all kinds of things after that. So

in multiple ways. So let's say we know that we can right click it

. Well, this is all good, but what's happening is I would like to

to look at my current project in the bigger browser one. However,

right now, I'm going to open up the new window and which is then

indexation­. Now, in this case, what I'm gonna do is I'm just going

a little bit smaller. And then this is where we're gonna be doing

president. Well, that would be initial set. Now, also, the right

. So this would be our basic structure for the project. And now we

next? Now, as we're checking the project, we can see that there's

be able to find the whole project with all the images that we're

, logo to star in the background­. And then I would say there's

, but now, Okay, so this is just a simple project. We can just do

I'm going to be looking for desktops. And this is where the

, or we can just go with whatever extension that they give us. So

. So these would be, I don't know again. For the house plans or

I got again in the pixels, the ones that I was telling you before,

off the one here and coffee and as we start scrolling down, you

let's say here again, saving jazz, and I'm just gonna call this

I believe for the house. Bland, uh, scroll down. See where I have

name? This house? London. Then what else we have? We have French

Rose rose, and the last one is going to be, I think Colombian I'm

the Rose. Now, I have these four images, one for the background

let's say that I was gonna select first of all, three of them. But

all of them. So again, the short cut with the command day. So as

on this little padlock, So now they're going to be adjusted

. Um, yeah. Once we do that, these are gonna be our images and

the project and actually start doing some kind of h t M l. Now, as

number. Now, this is the first thing that I would like to do, and

that we would need to use the industry. So here within the body

and within the source. Now, we would need to navigate to the

done. So again, this that would mean the same thing where we are

. However, the image that we're looking for is in the images

, what's gonna be next? Well, then we're gonna be looking for the

So this is all good. Next, what we have after damage, we have some

gonna be the name of the company or website or whatever you would

said that we would be using an order list the first we need to

creating our like, no, forever your link. We're gonna have to have

home page is going to be going through an email now, obviously we

pay this three times. And instead of having this as a home, um,

now that we would need to use out for that. So in this case, if

one of them is gonna be different as well. Let me get rid of all

in our, uh, number is going to be about. Now, let me say this.

in the number we're gonna have numbers. But at least we're looking

else. Good. We added local we added heading three as well as our

it looks good enough and we already move on. Are working the next

well as we have feature product where there's gonna be three

go to the commedia. And as you can see, it's gonna open up in the

character and then back to the topic. So first of all, let's start

image. So how do we do that? Well, first of all, we would need to

big background­. Now, what else can we adhere? Well, let's say

obviously big. We didn't adjust anything. And also, let's check it

, the damage is way too big. How we're on a bigger screen. It's

we haven't looked at the C s s, we can do a tiny, tiny little

were actually adding, let's say, 100 pixels here or something like

the image is actually responsibl­e. So now it is on the small

for the big screen notice. No, it's actually standing all across.

, but again, just because it's a little bit annoying I just added,

created next a line break, just so there's some space in between.

. Um, let's say product. So this is gonna be my head in now, after

gonna be three features project and all of them are going to be

. And for the husband, we'll start by heading too. So we're gonna

, this is what I have here on the right hand side. Okay, moving

Now. What else? Well, we can always have the house blend like this

be alternativ­e. No, this is gonna be my image. Know what else?

really matter. You can just have some kind of at the moment. I'm

if I see these lines like again, this is something we were going

we haven't covered that yet. And that is the style, actually.

in line and again, you don't need to remember this property.

. I'm gonna say he close to 50% again. Please don't worry about

, because now I have my paragraph expanding 50% and it's gonna

and just having a normal program. But I'm just gonna choose choose

like to have the link now for the link again. We're gonna have to

and paste it from the U. R L after research for computer More.

, and we're looking for a week. Pedia org dot org. And then let's

user to navigate away from our page. Can I have a target that

we save it, what do we have? So we have our house blend, and then

away from our page. And the reason for that is, as you can see, I

can see how easy it is to make, actually, mistake. Let me get

. Now, if you want to go any, maybe further, you can write coffee.

and paste this u R l where you're gonna be for the coffee now. I'm

, So, So far, so good. So we have our first, uh, product, the

of rewriting everything from the scratch if we can just copy and

. And the last one is gonna be, uh, Colombian. No, once we are

. Gonna be French roast, then also the images. We're gonna have to

. Okay, let me look forward images and when images, we have the

one, the third, but not the least one is going to be a Colombian.

you know what? I would like to have the maybe two more line breaks

a little bit. So let me grab these two hours here as well. Uh,

gonna have the line. You know, like I said, we still need to

be a little bit faster. Let me delete title. Then we're also going

thing just would be changing this alternativ­e. Now, what is that?

we already forgot what you had. And by the way, we can see right

link back to the top. Okay, Now for the link back to the top,

have the paragraph within the paragraph. There's gonna be copy,

notice. Or remember, it was the n percent, then the name of it.

this in the future, let's say 2000. Whatever, obviously, right?

we are going to include the link back to the top. Now for the link

, we're gonna have to create an ID or element with some kind of

right now is we don't have anything here that has the logo. I'm

just gonna have the ID, and we're gonna send the sequel to Logo.

scroll all the way to the top. So we're going to navigate to the

is fine. And now I can start working on our page. Awesome. We have

the next one would be developing­. Now, before we start doing

as well as the above it? So if I'm going to open up the about page

and then the big background image. Now I keep calling this the

a background image. So my apologies. For now, it's just one big

text for the page. But then the footer, as well as link back to

from the scratch or we can just copy and paste everything that we

let's call this about email again. This would be in the HMO page.

I'm gonna select everything with command A Then we're gonna copy

my index page in my about it. However, this is where we're gonna

well as Florida heading. I would like to change it from coffee

, so the text year is gonna be about instead of feature. Now here,

and ending with Colombian roast. I'm just going to delete this. So

and what we have is the local, the navigation­, like we wanted to

very bottom, we have the paragraph we have copy, right, and link

would, let's say 500 words. So we're gonna create April tags and

we're looking for 500 words. Now, the moment we're gonna save

would be the logo. I mean, sorry, Index page, This is an email.

are big and successful­ly. We also have created our about page.

top. Instead of having this heading three years in about, I would

I just keep this country junkie as well as let's write the title

the numbers. No, this is my final project. And get an advocate,

are stories where we're going to use our table Now. In our case, I

tax. Okay? And let's create a new file. Let's call this numbers

email. No. Like I said, I would like to delete all this long

, or you know what? Let's call this our stores. I think that's

. I thought I was going to be right now. Numbers, Let's say this

now within the title what we were gonna have. Well, we said we're

start working with Rose. No, Maybe let's had a little bit off

gonna be our table role for the city now for the table role we

columns. Or since we would like to have some kind of headings, I'm

that are gonna be like as well as you know, what this is gonna be.

the stores would be located in Chicago as well as New York on. We

my cities. Okay, so far, so good. Now we also can right away,

where we're gonna have some kind of numbers. So it's a maybe

. Maybe let's and also end off waters. And now let's start

is gonna be the name of a row which will be numbers or orders. My

one is gonna be 250 and last but not least, we're gonna be looking

. No last. But at least we're gonna be looking for basically

profit. Let's make sure. Does we write this correctly as it was

. This would be profit. Now, on here, we're gonna be looking for a

Hamlets just copy and paste this. So it's a first one second, one

now, Last but not least again. I'm going to implement a little bit

. It's very, very easy assistant tax that we're gonna cover later

border on board. Needs to be two pixels solid. Let's say black, as

on that's gonna be equal to, let's say, 25 pixels. So spacing the

you can see right now, the table looks a little bit more

on. Yeah, we have our stores. So our number of pages finished, and

things that we have from the indexation amount page, meaning our

editor. Now let's head over back to our project. First of all,

copy and paste from the about or numbers because they're just

gonna use it, or we're not gonna need it in our case. So ones that

within the little browser window and just navigate to the contact

now here on the top of the tab, I have my title of the page. No,

. We're, um, element on. We can use the amateurish­ly forties on.

comment just to separate later on. What we're gonna be creating

on. This is gonna point to the idea that we're gonna be creating

type of text. Also, I would like to add name attribute on We're

four attributes in the label. So in this case will get also a name

. So this is gonna be mining. And again, the reason for the

through email on now. We're gonna change name in a few places

was the name of the label the I D on. Last but not least, the name

, we could have written same way how we did it delish in. But

. Name I d email. Once we're gonna save it, we're gonna have our

well as Yeah, maybe another one that might look a little bit more

let me copy this on now. I have to land Rexes. We'll hear on here.

let's write personal paragraph, the descriptio­n. So this would be

, right? We had a text Terry Element now within text area. That's

I. D. You can stay there blank. It doesn't really matter. Columns

you're descriptio­n. This is something we should right on. Now we

contact page. Let me just double check whether everything is

form on. I think that everything is working fine and we have

, if you got stuck on something, please remember that for every

well as in. The resource is of this video that you're watching

, before we deep time into CSS, I would like to show you my

code in order to follow this course. Or even if you are using

up. Let me spend a few minutes on that now. First and foremost, I

CSS. But what I'm about to show you is just a little visual thing.

now. And if you're just joining us, then please head over to

. Now, the first extension that I would like to show you is the

this extension? I'm saying brackets, they're so here. We're

on. The extension is available to us now. What bracket pair colors

sets of brackets and maybe in the project or whatever sections

are this is very neat whenever you start working again with large

let's look at the in dense rainbow can Let me just delete this in

. Three. Now how we can see that in real life. So first of all,

pretty much shows us off. What code Block their work. So

. So I have been to lead this. Let's say hi, light a matching and

neat about this extension years again, this is gonna highlight the

me first say, would make sure that it's here on what's gonna

settings. Well, let me scroll down. And as you noticed here,

copy, So gonna copy everything that's right here and we're gonna

, let's say falls. Let's just copy and face. So in our case now,

border style is instead of daughter is gonna be So lead the red

. You can pick Blue whatever you would like and then bored raises

style as well as last but not least, the color should be Hill.

and now check it out. So now I like how these tags are styled.

are very, very basic project. But as we're working with more

in my texted Her first. I have the window zoom level, but I think

would be one again. Tap sizes right here. This will be the top

would be over here. Remember, As we were working with Life server,

rap on. So that way my lines are not going to be extending. So I

we were gonna be saving than the R code is gonna be formatted now.

really up to you. You want to keep the mini map, keep it. You want

where you concert for them on Once you find them, you can

work right away here and Jason Settings. But this ours that gives

to the course. If you just finished HTML, welcome back. As always,

style sheets. And in one short sentence answer. CSS is used to

. And while html was responsibl­e for what elements will be

come back to this in tax like a gazillion times in the course just

style. A set of curly braces that start a declaratio­n luck. And

size of the element the color or do with just the name of you and

come back to it during the course, but always, always make sure

, let's start using it. Why don't we start very simply by singing

, say, CSS. But as always, you can name your folders however you'd

we can get our files here. But for now, let's just grab the

like to create a new indexation in mount file. I'm gonna say new

new window or the browser window, because again, we would like to

gonna be a browser window on. Let's set them side by side. Now you

HTML structure. Now again, we're gonna be doing this using dammit

tutorial on may be Let's write it like this. Yes, it's the story L

world. So I'm gonna say this this is gonna be my starting point.

life server more. We can use the actual shortcut, which would be

been started at the port 5503. But sure enough, it right away

in case we would want to see some things shown in the bigger

on again port would be 5503 on then It gives me a suggestion right

just maybe make this a little bit smaller. The side window as well

this is where we're gonna write our CSS. What's really cool about

using CSS right away. In general, there are three ways. Help Start

a lot of color property because it gives us the best

you a general idea. So first, let's look at in line CSS. So let's

that color red Now, in the HTML, we have a attributes­. Now they

you how we can add CSS to our page. And later on, we're gonna

then within the quotation marks, This is where I write my styles.

studio code. So let's go with I don't know. Congar. Oh, with

is right away in my text is Olive. So I changed my color. No, all

, even though we have the color and everything is looking really

size on Let's go with again three Ari ums. And again. I know I

to do anything, Just watch what's happening. So let's say here

, also another issue would be the fact that what if I have another

I'm gonna have to create a style attribute on at all these

gonna dio for each and every element you're gonna be adding these

and let's say red now. For every element that has the olive,

to our webpage. Since it has multiple downsides, This is probably

write any cold during the video, if you would like, you can access

said that we're gonna be looking for heading elements and we would

the images we can start watching the video on. Then we composite

we can access the images that in both cases Jurgen and download

see. I have to Z folders. Now we can just open up the zip holders

we can just drag and drop it, or how you would like to open up in

like that. But the general sense would be that if we'd like to

thinking. No. Okay, smart guy. You just show us how to use in line

first of all, let me get rid of these style attributes­. I'm not

one. And then I was just gonna have one lonely one be heading to

else, and then expect them to work and then within the head tags,

one and the closing one. And then we write our CSS within these

and literally and a few videos. Well, let's say I would want to

that is just gonna be these everyone on. Let's just go with blue.

something else now, I don't have to jump back and forth with my

like what? 123 and four lines of code and I can add whatever

on. Then let's say again, we're gonna use color color's gonna be

volumes. Something like this. So now my heading to is gonna be

how much more powerful this is already because we don't have to

well as the only changes were making are gonna be instantly added

instantly. All my heading ones are going to get this stop. So

, not components the elements that we have any female on, adding

. However, there is also a tiny issue with internal CSS. Now, what

for me to show you then again to talk about it for, let's say,

and again, we're gonna have to get some kind of structure. So I'm

reading ones. Well, say heading one on, we can do the same thing.

gonna say how little people just like we did before. Analysts

. Just so we know that this is gonna be about page on which right?

. So I'm gonna say somewhere within my hand, expression­s to

page. And let's just say about Paige now, I can do the same link

the male rows, they're gonna write indexation email on Let's just

here. So let's say here, we're gonna get rid of this. We're going

one's on, then heading to. But obviously all of them are not

and paste them here on. We're gonna say that somewhere again,

say I don't know next day or next hour, whatever. Sometime after

really good. Look good. So it's safe. We're gonna head over to my

. No. What happens though? I would like to change these heading

? No. What happens though? I go to about HTML. What do I see? Do

within this page were obviously styling and has a chocolate. So

, you're gonna have I don't know, 1030 lines of code 503 the lines

you're gonna be jumping all through your pages and changing it?

them or do something like this. Now, again, that doesn't sound

for now is gonna get rid of the internal CSS now within the about

html that we already worked before. Now that better way would be a

CSS fire. Now we can name our since this fall. How are we would

works we would see assess. So here, if I'm going to say let's say,

CIA service or style. CIA says something that would actually

it if you want to use it. The CSS Now here again, we can write the

look for some kind of color so I could go with I don't know

for having three. And when I say cover this, I mean we don't need

to move and add another color. It's a color, and I'm gonna look

what he's talking about. We just had a perfectly working CSS. And

, please, just wait. If we're gonna head over to indexation email

link now with them. It if I just type a link. Noticed. I'm getting

might be funky sometimes if you have multiple actual files. So big

I'm do what we just did on instead of maybe CSS. We can just look

gonna have a closing tax. How are we were getting this

we would need to go with the path. And again, we have covered this

the dot and work slash And again, this is where we're looking

will gonna matter. So you might as well get used to it right away.

So I'm looking right now and I don't see anything. The reason why

I'm gonna click on the index page, so I'm currently at the index

was probably a bad choice. What's pick another color? Let's say

, so this is already a good start. Now, what about the about page?

the actual element. We have a relationsh­ip attribute that gonna

we were working with links were also using this pastry factory.

but style CSS. So once we save it, notice what happens. So if I'm

at this correctly, we noticed that both of them are exactly the

gonna change this and let's say if I'm gonna go back toe, I don't

so you can see already how much port more productive­. This is

say this is gonna be 4 g and right away on both pages and again

general, this is gonna make your life much more easier if you're

, your styles are going to be in fact in a separate folder because

have all these files over here. So what you would do in most cases

folder. And again, it just makes sense. Leaving the folder is

path or path in general matters. It doesn't matter where you're

first, So I'm going to say we're looking for two CSS and then

folder and then order style CSS. Now everything is working for him

, we just need to point to CSS folder and then within the CSS

. Awesome. We have covered in line internal and external CSS.

? I would like to show you which one is more powerful. So if

. Now, let me show you what I mean by this. No. First of all, I

. First of all of the tabs for now, I would just like to have my

. So I'm not going to use it right now on. I'm going to get rid of

the style CSS. And now this is gonna be my set up. So as I'm

you one example and then if I have my styles would, let's say

using style sheets. And let's say here, I'm going to write that

, which we will cover learn in the next video on, Let's say color

I am writing This has color it. No, I haven't saved it yet, so

say this on Interestin­g. What's happening is my headings not blue.

external one. Because we are overriding­. Now let me tell you right

would have different styling here for having to. You can do that.

heading one, you will get override this. So if you're selecting

in value in your external CSS in the internal one Jurgen override.

one. It's obviously not gonna matter. So let's say found size is

some difference down here, it will going to get over it. That's

work the same on all of them, but I'm not gonna go show you the

. Let's use the green one. No, What do you think is gonna happen

on. We basically said you know what? No, it's going to be read.

to remember is that the in line one is going to be the most

external the same way with internal. You're gonna override the

line one would be the most powerful one. Then we have the internal

. So let's right now. Look at the syntax on the way. The general

think we can get all these headings. We can just leave maybe two

, this one deleted. So there's gonna be knowing line style on just

one. So let's say all the examples that I'm gonna be doing are

internal. So let's say it's a little bit more powerful to you to

, I wouldn't suggest doing that when we were going to be working

well can do that? No, I'm going to write everything an external

to you. So if this is something you enjoy more working with

. Now, if we're gonna head over to external one, we're not going

rel. So this whole thing together is a CSS rel. Also, if you are

command and a forward slash or again, If you don't like the actual

common, so that's gonna do the same thing that's gonna be useful,

of the page. Then there's gonna be other ones. So you will gonna

, Mary, that's gonna be a little bit more useful. And if you click

not gonna be infected in our stash it so we can even comment out

also something that you might do later on when you would like to

. This common here was Get rid of this by the second one on here,

again. Let me create another common and I'm Let's right that we're

to really know all of them. Because you can do a lot of powerful

things just by using the class electors that we haven't covered on

you're selecting. So let's say in our case, we're selecting the

be something that we're selecting with this elected after the

proper spelling on this whole thing is gonna be declaratio­n. We're

for now, this is gonna work. But it gives you an error. So

write color Red. Let's check it out. We're gonna have And we

proper syntax. So the moment I'm going to open up or I'm sorry,

before. And no, this is not what I would like to do. The whole

. Now, you don't need to remember these names, but the reason why

, let's work on the most basic selector. You know what I'm talking

is the property, plus the value. So in our case, this would be

going to be the property. So what kind of property would we want?

in general, what you need to remember this is gonna be the

value. So let's say four colors again. You name it. You want blue,

is important. Because if I'm gonna admit to semicolon on again if

kind of hard to miss. And this is one of the neat things off using

or whatever on looking forties there syntax errors that you

to hundreds and thousands than the smaller might take you a long

kind of mistake. So semi colons important in short. So with me,

me. Save it. Now we have a lot of comments. So now we know the

. You're gonna have different properties­, and you're gonna have

say color Valley of Blue. So all things can change all the time.

. Excellent. Now that we know this Intacs, why don't we start with

everything that I have been to see assess. Now you don't have to

to create a new element, so there's gonna be one heading one with

would like, but in my case, I'm just gonna got three of them

if I'm gonna head over to Styles, insists on make my first

selector reflects off the type off the male element you would like

heading to now. What do you think you're gonna have to type if you

know. We We need to create a selector. In my case, let's say

again. And we're gonna use color quite excessivel­y in the

by heading one is gonna be read. So sure enough, all the heading

if I'm gonna have the heading to and again, I'm just selecting

green again. Nothing really earth shattering­. But we know that

you have now, in my case, I have a paragraph on Let's a Color is

on the most basic selector with the type selector where we just

these selectors as element selectors. So if you're a stickler for

every naming convention out there. That being said, once we have

multiple selectors while we will use element selectors as our

. So how selector grouping work. So let's say right now we have

to be blue. Well, you could say the simplest way would be very

. Let's say that instead of selecting heading one or paragraph,

. What about if I would just want the heading one? And hadn't you

then these do. I would want to people. Well, I can either select

just say heading one comma so that would be this in tax on heading

the moon. We say with notice what happened? So both of the

grouping selectors in CSS. So far, so good. We know how we can

gonna write, heading one is gonna be title heading Idol ending and

And then after the paragraph, let's imagine there's gonna be

. So I would like to work with heading one, and I had some kind of

. Well, first of all, let me get rid of everything that I have for

have totally different styles. How we would do that well, in the

90. In my case. I know that I would need to work with a attribute

. So let's call this. I don't know, a heading adul. And then also

so far, so good. So we have the idea with a value of heading now,

hey hashtag and then we would need to come up with a name. Now

. Madea, the CSS is not gonna be able to select it. So in our

also look at the other property, but we can use for colors that

with a color, what you're doing is you're selecting the color off

know black. Now the moment we say would know what is what happens.

as the color green. Now I can go back and I can change. It could

in the A, the attributes Obviously the CSS is not anymore

ideas, what we should remember he is the simple fact that they

that I d shouldn't match. The idea is that we already have

and for the subheading again, we're using the Addy selector and

CSS offers also something really cool called class electors. So

video I'm Let's say in indexation email, we're gonna change this

again. It doesn't really matter what kind of elements were

would be a green head now, within the second heading the other

can just select them both and copy and paste a few times. So let's

at it, I already concede that Yeah, everything is fine. So I have

, because we cannot select them all. I cannot do like this because

to be green. And if I'm gonna write, call, read, all of them are

, maybe one. Right. So this would be number one that number 234

way that would be using the class. No class is gonna be again

other ways how we can work with CSS in order to work with multiple

would be using the class attributes and again for the class

make sure that their unique for that specific element meaning

lot in the project. But for now, alleges go with class of green,

actual meaning off. What is the reasoning for using dead Now? If

, we're gonna create a class on for every heading. Like I said

now is correct. Maybe let's select these 1000. Let's just change

gonna say Green. We're gonna use the red. They're gonna let me

us as though? So we'll head over back on. We're gonna get rid of

we can select classes. And again, we need to write the name of the

don't have in mind. So in my case, we're gonna write Green. And

headings that have a class agree there in green simple enough now

what happens? Well, we're gonna live, Let's say color red and also

classes that were added to the heading threes with the value of

just to hit home about the I. D and class electors, we can also

, this is gonna be my main title. I can just add the I d and I can

class. So let's say here not only we're gonna have the out of

you that we can work not only with multiple classes for the same

on. We're going to say the i d for the title. We'll just going to

let's say for the idea of title, we're gonna have the font size

on for this one. We have text transform again and probably we're

lower case now again, the main difference between the i d

was the same. But in the HTML, you should use Onley ideas as

? Weaken? Reuse how we would like so for everything that I wanted

can do the same thing. So no, this guy has the Larkin and

. They should be unique, so you shouldn't reuse them with same

. Now the reason why I didn't cover them because I didn't find it

powerful on very, very useful. So again as always, let's look at

to show you how basically things were. Now I'm gonna get her of

a heading. Let's say three with a title. Um, heading number one

, I would have to first have a paragraph. Well, I don't know text

here. And let's write heading not number one, but this is gonna be

where I'm going to say, Hey, I am I am uppercase and I'm gonna

the first one is gonna be here on the second one is gonna be

one on the paragraph to be read as well as the heading three. The

because I would want them different as well as I cannot select all

add the ideas. However, there's a better way so we can use def on

just write a diff, that's all, since that is the name of the

, the first burger. So I'm gonna add over here and the moment we

, in this case, we're gonna work with this. Hey, I'm uppercase. So

this whatever text, and I'm gonna copy and paste it here. Now, I

didn't want to cut it out. That's a copy on. We're going to

be tempted thinking Well, listen, there's something wrong with

, For all my dibs, I would want to first have some kind of color

, What's happening is the Div. Helmand that had heading in a

man. Let's say for the span, we're gonna use text transform again

, we were able to group whatever we placed within the span on at

way on this planet is going to be in the in line because we're

we're basically starting a new line on the span were using foreign

the course. What? I would like to understand that whenever we're

would like to style just asked a block element, then there's are

line, and then we're gonna you spent. But again, we're gonna cover

wanted the second one to also have different styling. And for now,

this out on. Let's say that I'm gonna obviously end where I would

, this is not what we want, right? So we wanted the second one to

these classes and say, You know what? There's gonna be class and

gonna get rid of this dip. So I'm gonna select anything anymore

for this guy, let's have the grass is green. So the power of Div

want, whatever classes we would want. And that way we can start

I have this. I am uppercase. Well, I can head over to the first

to reuse my class of red Mocha. How we have to do is just have the

. Please don't focus of the fact that Dave's are block level

something, we can either use Dave war. We can use the span and

authority so we wouldn't want to start a new line. Our Dev, we

the span to the div So let's say there's gonna be Div instead of

to start a new line. So instead of just styling everything in line

Div. Now let's talk about the inheritanc­e in CSS. Now, please

styles were gonna be adding for the better entitlemen­t in the

I think it's going to be much more easier to go over were the

lesson. So we're gonna start very simply by working with

to say, you know what? The first and the second one is just gonna

on let's add the color Red What's gonna happen? Both paragraphs

at the moment has two Children, and both of them are paragraph

Children are gonna inherit them. So as we're styling, the body

now these two paragraphs are gonna be sitting within and if on

is gonna have a color of red, check this out. So I'm sorry, not

is still the child on the body now, we specifical­ly say okay for

say OK, so for day we're gonna have color blue. So now both

head over. And if I'm going to say that I also would like to place

style here for heading to and again, this could be I d. This could

simple element like they're on if we're gonna again have color of

to explain to you that inheritanc­e is gonna work unless you're

child element? It will gonna be inherited from the parent element

, let's look at some caveats to the inherited. No. Nor to do that

some kind of fun family. Now, I know I keep repeating this, but

major topics first, and then we're gonna look at the specific

line height. Let's say line height is gonna be 1.5 e ems. There's

the body. Now, the reason for that is not only were just using

again, we're gonna have the color of red within the body then

working with this element whole. If there's gonna be property that

this will be inherited unless you specifical­ly overwrite that

you're gonna also overwrite the fund family in line break. It

heading to where you have the same property, but different value.

every property is there gonna be inherited. So let's say we're

out on Lee Dev right now has this property. So not all the

, you're going to meet the last ruble principle as well. A

lump them together because I think all of them pretty much work on

live we have heading to, and then here I have two per gram. No,

, As always, we're gonna use the color example, and I'm gonna say

different color, what do you think is gonna happen? So let's say

now. Gonna be with a color of red. Now, what is that happening?

is that you're gonna be card card working with your CSS, and

and 49 then you organizing this, that So what happens is that

had your first rule or whatever second rule or whatever. But later

only the restaurant­. So please remember whenever you're working

because there's gonna be cases where you're gonna find yourself

that pretty much overrides your initial one. No, Also have ah,

on the second one, so let's add maybe some kind of class to them.

I'm gonna head over again? Back to CSS. First of all, let's style

somewhere in a document, moving right, that for all my paragraphs

be right? Well, I must just get out as you notice they are staying

. So what's happening would see assess. CSS has a specific

and Google specificit­y measuremen­t in CS says No, I'm not going to

, if you would like to go and explore it on your own, you're more

is going to be the most straightfo­rward, especially as you're just

all the elements. So if I'm just gonna get rid of this on, if I'm

add some kind of value. So let's say color is gonna be blue. All

off the actual specificit­y. So even though we can have this at the

the actual universal selector here is going to be the least

the default processed us, which we will going to cover a little

gonna do. It's going to select all the elements, however, with

more specific parts of CSS. And since we have used colors for most

properties values how visual studio code can help us out with

is for colors in CSS. So what do you say? It sounds like a plan.

color properties pretty much for all our examples. Why don't we

time with colors, color, property responsibl­e for the color of the

to my indexation Mel on. You know what? Maybe before we do that,

, I'm just gonna create basically two headings with each of them

within the heading three Wogan, right? I don't know I d on. Let's

. I'm misspellin­g this, so if you're annoyed by this, my

is gonna be number on. One would say on the other one is gonna be

. Like I said, we're gonna start working with the color properties

by looking at the properties that you will use all the time with

my ideas the dibs on my first I d is gonna have color, not the

. And then we're looking for the background color mom of the

first he is gonna look like this. So it's gonna have this

, where images totally separate. HTM moment. But let's say it

you would want the color of the text to be some kind of color, you

i d. Because I would like to show you where the background

that's how I named it on here. Let's again use some kind of color.

look at the background images and what happens is that what images

end of the day, we can combine both of these properties here on

thing we have. Let's say padding or margin, and you get that idea.

the color or later on. We're obviously going to start working with

. So just please be aware that you can use background color just

read background on. Then whatever value were tapping here for the

on this is as straightfo­rward as it gets. Every time we're gonna

color name. Now, what's neat about visual studio code that it

I'm gonna start with A, it's gonna give me color names with a and

on. Just start scrolling down and you'll see all the color names

pick a value from the color names. Using color names for your

, the more project we're gonna build the bigger project you would

RGB Most? The RGB stands for red, green and blue. And then we can

onto 55 would be largest. So how we would use this. Well, first of

here. What values? Who was like, Well, since I would like my color

already concede that visual Studio Gold is giving this suggestion­.

sure enough, I have my red color. Now, as we working with RGB

That would be our syntax. And then we're looking for 000 So all

will be 2 55 to 55 on 2 55 So it's just, you know, personal change

is gonna be green. So how do we do this again? zero, 2 55 and 2 55

I'm gonna do that, you'll see that it's gonna be hard to notice

say, 2 55 Like I said and start to notice because our whole

a minute. He's just using the red and green color known. Let's mix

whatever your heart desires. So I'm gonna write 100. I would say

see that I have my background­, the white. So all this is Warton.

, if you would like let's say your color to be reddish, you always

. Here. Let's basically say heading with a idea of three. Um,

here in the styles can weaken. Just create a neural. I'm going to

look for RGB and then we're saying 00 on The last one is going to

test it out a little bit different values. So let's say rgb and

gray color. Hopefully you understand that this is how we work with

a value. It's easy to see that RGB values give you much more power

that allows you to use RGB A, which would stand for a pass it Ian

would work. First of all, let's head over to indexation email, and

also gonna be here once we have added our heading. We have an

. We're gonna say for the first one I would like to select it.

. Let's write some color values. I'm gonna start first. By color

, let's say 100 and 23. Um I don't know, 56 whatever value you

I would like to use the opacity and transparen­cy values you hear?

now. How we would write this again, we would look for the black

here if I'm gonna write 0.5, this is not gonna be totally black

all Onley with RGB A for the background of black, but obviously

if we're gonna look at multiple values. So it's competent paste

this to a second. So for the second, maybe I would like to maybe

say the third one is gonna be animal 34 and again just to show you

are all of them are going to be green. So this is gonna be totally

round values, but understand that you have an option off 0 to 1.

0.5 would have a less transparen­cy. That 0.25. So if I'm gonna go

. Now, let's this thing out. Then we're gonna copy and paste that

color. So here we have 2 55 00 That's gonna be my option on Let's

. What's gonna happen? Well, the background is there, but we

here 40 capacity value zero. However, if would like to check

again. Rgb then we're looking for 00 on. Then the Third Valley is

on that will be 00 on one. Now, obviously, in this case, you might

this would work because I'm not gonna cover every number from 0 to

is having a totally black color with a color obviously of blue

for some kind of background color and in our case again with use

. I don't know, 200 I would like to have some kind of capacity.

and if I'm going to say rgb a noticed, I'm gonna be having totally

a is gonna be I don't know, 0.1 something like this mor 0.2. It

transparen­cy level, Okay, so if we're gonna go up, obviously we're

more towards the blue one again, this would work with any color

green with some kind of Transparen­cy Valley, not just regular

So let's say there's gonna be some kind of picture and we would

or opacity. One would think that having color names as well as RGB

ways to work with colors in CSS on those would be H s l as well a

it a massive overkill. If you would like to research on your own,

, cover accidents Immel color values or just hex values for sure.

on you guessed it blue colors. The difference­, though, would be

A to F, where a would represent a number of 10 and F would

color of red on it could be any number from 1 to 10 on the letter

looking for tax value, and then we have to efs. Since we know that

waas obviously read anarchic since with hex value, it's exactly

0 to 55 here you're looking at two values that each of them can be

just going to give you way more color options. That's all the

helping us right now as well as I don't think I need to create

an idea first and let's decide what we would like to see. So I

. So let's say that we were going to get rid off the RGB. We don't

be looking for the hex color. And that way we know that this is

for it. I'm sorry. The 00 for green and 00 for blue. Unless you

color. So I wasn't the pulling a fast one on you. Okay, What about

would you think? How we would get the black well with RGB, we got

an options for you in hacks colors where you don't have to type

. Surprise. I'm having a black color as my background on my hex

guy's gonna be green, and we know that this would be hex value on

. And instead of the color being green, we're gonna have the

then. We're looking for F f now. Why again? We're using F f f.

on that zero was the black well, it works the same way with hex

. The color The background color is green on the actual color.

case, let's try it out. Maybe the blue one. It's a hashtag on.

. You I'm sorry, the blue out And as you can see right now, I'm

one of zeros and we have ourselves a blue color. Now maybe let's

and blue. Why, we can try some other colors on. Sure enough, we

save it, this is gonna be our orange color on then. Obviously, my

some random colors for Hex? So it's a hex value, and then we're

what's happening here is gonna be another value of hex on. Let's

be a crime from my part, not to mention the awesome tools that

the car, which you noticed as I'm hovering over the color? I have

my mind? That's a You know what I would like to have The h s l

. If you have here this board, these cardboard has that left click

I'm looking for this color than I with one. That one. Let's say

if we're trying out Green? What about red? And again? I can go on

. So even though this is gonna be the color, then here we're

a value of zero. Now, remember, what was the zero? What? It was

is all the way down to zero. If you want capacity 0.5 well, let's

it to let's ahead color right away, I can just change it to hex

there if you're anything like me. It is a great struggle for you

thing that is, offer you a color palette. I'll show you coolers,

it works is we're gonna have to visit coolers dot com on. If

R s and they were looking for dot to you. Now, the moment we visit

. So working, just click on it. Have no fear. They're not gonna

see this greenish yellowish or whatever. Now we can pick all these

colors, and I can go endlessly here with the space bar. And you

color, I can just click on it and notice that says, here, lock on

more colors again. With the space bar on, I can go on and on and

to our text Better on, Let's say for the color I'm gonna pick this

once we're gonna save it right now, my color is gonna be this

text editor on Let's say here for the background again with a

CSS. And then we're gonna later on learn how to use this thesis

. But the main idea is, if you would like to pick some kind of

seal beautiful. We know know how to implement colors and CSS

what our units more is the difference between absolute and

off with hand height in the process. We're also gonna learn New

have added colors to our series is still built. What's next? Our

in CSS and we'll start with something called pixels. Here's the

for the next three hours. So let's quickly learn three properties

to go out on a limb, I would say found size is responsibl­e for the

. So far, so good. What about pixels? Well, again, we can spend

of measuremen­t. On speaking very broadly, one pixel represents one

again. This is speaking very broadly because I don't want to spend

, I cleaned everything out in CSS and HTML because for this new

in the CSS in the CSS. So that's gonna be my text on the moment I

test our first property, which would be phone size, so we know

to say. Font size. This is gonna be my property. And now I'm using

So here we're gonna say that. Let's say this is going to be 30

is gonna get way bigger because I added this absolute value. Now,

, he is gonna be 60 pixels here as well as it wouldn't be 60

else. Yours is gonna come up with your absolute size, whatever

we will gonna be, depending on other things. But with pixels. This

one thing. No. What about the with? Let's say what if we're gonna

. Now, let me save it on. Check this out. First of all, we can

how we can use the color when we already covered this. Right, So

gonna be 200 pixels on the bigger screen. So again, it's not gonna

no here ago I have 404 100 pixels. This is not what I wanted.

say 1000 now, obviously this is gonna be wrapping out, so now

, if we moved to the bigger screen size, everything is working.

that is going to stay in the same. So let's save it or, you know,

for the height property again on In this case, we're gonna go with

pixels. We will going to cover all the relative values. How are

, the bigger is gonna be the text. Smaller value. You get that

here. In our case, we're using the absolute values. So everything

very easy. We're gonna say 50%. So far, so good After that, we

, maybe at some background color. So let's say there's gonna be a

probably double check. Maybe your classes were not matching.

towards the screen or we can figure out what is happening with the

. And then we have the outer. So I would assume that the outer is

width and height. So here, I'm going to say 40 hour. Dave, I'm

on. Also, the height is as well going to be 500 pixel. So far, so

? So we have the outer def. That should have the 505 100. And then

for the height. So now you can see that this is a relative. This

U nerd if should be 100 by 100 now, it is still gonna be displayed

with Go ahead at different with on this, just as a straightfo­rward

inner one is also gonna change. Now, we can also change it by just

value you chose, what about relative values on the first that we

off this 200 pixels. You want more? Here you go. we can do 400.

of the heading one as well as we're gonna head over back to HTML

will get a depend on a parent element. All right, up next, we have

at another day with a glass of inner. So again, the naming Israel

. So basically devils in the details where it depends on the

, and we're gonna create something else I want to say There's

Paragraph is gonna be heading three with a text off first, maybe

the second heading one since I'm going to copy and paste it, he

and the other one with Absolute. So far, so good. Then we're

working right now with the relative and absolute, I would like to

value, I'm gonna have something that's not gonna make sense right

the text. I mean, doesn't really matter what I have there because

. And I was like, this would be a second heading three on. We're

, you can go back and just write in different text the one that

a parent element for my relative class here? Well, if I'm looking

will, by the way, cover the default brother styles right after

. I'm sorry. In the browsers default font size is 16 pixels. No 1

gonna change this value, then also the e m is going to change. So

pixels because my default browser style is 16 pixel. But what

on this icon over here, I have an option for the setting. Now I'm

. But if you are using Google Chrome, you should be able to find

very large, not can close the settings, notice something

style font size. Now, this is not anymore 16. This is in fact,

once I change it back, let's create another example. Just so you

parent containers forties, heading three. So for the first one,

. So almost everything the same. However now, both of are heading

now? Well, I'm gonna go back to a sickness. I'm going to say for

that property on, I'm gonna say 20 pixels. No. What do you think

now the e. M. Is following the fact that the parent as the base

pixels. So now this font sizes in fact 20 pixels because all we're

pixels right here, then the absolute one doesn't care about that.

on the parents container. And if you're changing something in

on even though they look exactly the same. They, in fact,

which would be in him, which would depend on apparent whore. Let's

now both of them are again exactly the same. So the first key

40 and nothing is gonna change. What does matter is as I'm working

this is gonna be there in your mouth. So instead, if I'm gonna go

the same way how we looked at the M values we can say, let's say

fun size 32 pixels on. Let's see what we're gonna have. And now,

from 30 to 64. We'll see that now. They're exactly the same. So

for the actual route off the document. This is gonna be either

is 1.5 from the 32. And I believe this is gonna be, like, 48

r E M values again, we're not depending on a parent. We are

gonna get rid of this html on. I'm gonna keep this first of all

pixels, so I would like to set them side by side on. Both of them

large check this out. Now, obviously, this is much more bigger

it's nothing more 16 pixels. But in fact, we change it to the

have to be you height and be with. And the reason for that is

. How are they are gonna be relative to a screen. So whatever

, they were also gonna change their dimensions depending on that.

gonna go first with the diff. The class is gonna be in a long

classes. It's for testing anyway. Okay, so far, so good. So we

. First thing it was the banner. Okay, so we're selecting the

with is gonna be in my case, I don't know you with now. The reason

the with What about the height? Let's also say you heights And

that we're getting from default browser styles. But what's

again. Depending on the screen size, this is still going to be 50%

the header is gonna be I don't know again, with and weaken, you

want the with. I want the height, and in my case, the height is

be making some kind of banners like this. We will gonna use these

, this is gonna be harder to see right away, because noticed, we

. Okay, I guess you don't believe me. Well, let's test it out. No,

this with properties we haven't covered yet. So again, please

is really happening. Then the pattern is gonna be zero on. We're

right. now 100% horizontal­ly has well, is 100% vertically­. And you

the batter. So as your stuff scrolling, this is gonna be 100%. So

next day on this right now is gonna be 50%. Now if I'm gonna make

values or units that we're gonna use them quite a lot every time

anything like that dealing with percentage­s instead, again, you're

matter. You're working with screen. So every time you're gonna be

far too many times without going into too much detail. So why

tools, which is an awesome tool to test examine onto the bug. Our

delete these suckers here we can say it. You can also head over to

, browse their styles. Oh, something like this. And once we have

browser starts. We can do this on the side browser window here on

1000 action, we would need to head over to our death tolls to the

more weaken, go the long route where we're right clicking where

give you the shortcut for that. So again, it doesn't really matter

and I really feel you're paying our Please don't be scared of

. We're not gonna be working with Redox. We don't care about the

. Okay. So far, so good. So we have our elements now. What do you

correctly, we see the doctor, so that already should bring us the

. But I think it is, Yes. So we have the heading one and that

. So everything that we have in a document, we also see here on

. So, so far, so good as well as we have the actual body now

? On the right hand side? Well, we see that there's gonna be

about the styles display block that doesn't ring a bell? We didn't

. Sees this. Make sure that I did have my coffee and we didn't

and maybe didn't save them or something like that. So what's

browsers that otherwise think about it. So we're gonna write

what? I was just gonna magically appear. So this is where the

you were gonna be heading through, let's say you're deaf tools. If

, just like we did in a previous video where I used some presets.

one. So it's gonna have by default font size to e EMS. Now, unless

gonna have this kind of font size. So that's all there is to it.

, let's say found weight ball. Unless you override this for your

only there's gonna be heading one with default browser stuff.

chrome, chrome, deaf tools. Something like this are awesome. Let's

styles. Now what we're gonna add again, it's gonna be very simply,

. Something like this again doesn't really matter what you write,

would like to check any element as I'm hovering over the element,

height. So there's gonna be some within heightenin­g pixels as well

, it shows over here. If I click on heading one as well, this is

having this option of just clicking on it on this little arrow,

gonna happen later on as we were working with projects. Please

has to do with HTML CSS. So again, this is gonna be very nifty

heading to, and I can just click on it. And again, this is gonna

, but in this case, not only I have the default styles that I'm

style sees this. Well, the last time I checked, it was actually

that we contested in the browser. Now be a weirdo. Whatever we're

. But what we can do in the deft ALS is we contest something up.

over here. I can click on it. And you know what? Not read.

from the style street. But we can change this in the browser. And

anything here. You're gonna write everything in the CSS as your

maybe you're gonna be debugging something. You're gonna be

a pain where you're gonna be looking for something you're gonna be

is happening. Why, this is not working. And this is where it's

to at least try to start using it. In a sense, just don't dismiss

really handy on as faras. The default browser styles come and go.

with That's the basic scenario. All right, we will still on a

in a lot of cases? No. What's happening in the indexation email?

of not barn legis. Right? This is number. Well, this obviously is

there's gonna be another live with a class of banner on then. You

? No verse along going head over back, and I'm gonna reset the

say margin is gonna be zero, So now we're resetting the default

add some, I don't know, background first. Maybe background is

to have a little bit of color color could be white on Maybe, I

, let's say that for non bar I would like to Ah, I'm sorry for

is gonna be right, and then we would need to have some kind of

the minimal height is gonna be whatever we're typing here. So the

it's obviously gonna be bigger. Meaning if we're gonna be placing

doesn't provide that much height. Which is this case, of course,

? Well, I can see that there's gonna be in Anbar, but then I need

was my banner shared 100% here of the screen because right now I'm

what's really neat about call function? We can perform math

is gonna look like so instead of using the mean height for 100

, well, first of all, I misspelled it. But we can write whatever

, I would like to subtract the 100 pixels. So what I'm saying here

it now we have exactly 100%. This is where most cases we're gonna

100 percent more under view heights on four death. We're gonna use

something. If you're going to say something like this, then the

doing the actual calculatio­n, that there's space in between. So

function. Hey, guys, congrats on making this far. We already know

page everything­, starting from properties that are used for

do you say? Let's get after it. We will start very basic by

on a side note. We did already cover font size property, which

module because I wanted to start fresh in the indexation email as

start simply in the indexation by creating the heading one and in

as was We can also create paragraph on for the paragraph. What's I

good. We have the heading and we have the partner. If I'm gonna

not gonna change anything with any of the elements they organ

. Very car. Something like this. Let's save it and forced we right

find family. So what happens is that we can change the family off

off funds for probably most of your project, and then there's

you're going to change the font family for specific type of

family on, Let's right. I don't know verdana something like this

head of one is gonna be more specifical­ly with the evil down off

property to that specific element, all is well and dandy by what

so fast. You see, for phone, family property, we can have several

so on and so forth. We call that a font stack on what's also

from generic family. So let's see that in action. As you can see,

individual­s to your code gave us multiple options. Now, again,

. Don't let me just delete this whole American the moment I type

gonna be with intimate. Now, what do you see or hear? Well,

, then you're gonna have another one, and then you'll have the

have it. Okay, pick this guy, then. If this one is not available,

some kind of default ones. And that's the whole idea. Or here. Now

in this fund family as well as you know what, Let's do the same

. What we're getting is Vidana Geneva home and then we're looking

that would match this guy that we picked already in the beginning

, funds were not limited. Just picking our funds over here. In

now, Before I actually covered, I'd let me just quickly show you

on family on notice. Here in the bottom, all the single ones are

again all the fires that I just mentioned, which would be the

to show you how we can use the awesome Google forms. So so far, we

a new tab. Then we're gonna write Google once. That's all we have

have our funds and again, there's many, many funds we can pick

try to get a really slanted and think one. So I'm going to click

thicker on what happens is now it tells me. Listen, buddy, you

can just click over here on this public plus sign on, then in the

gonna look at both of them. Just so we have covered that. But just

them. There's just one regular 400. So why don't we pick a popular

fast. So far, so good again. We're going back to embed We could

for, let's say trending. No, I'm gonna get her of this sickness in

, but let's say you can see check here for trending popular date

sense. Then this guy also again, there's quite a few that are very

we have to fund families selected on Let's Head Over Again. To the

700 italic medical right away tells you that now the load time is

with CSS basically learning CSS. But I also understand that this

and go too crazy. Now, in my case, I don't really care. Of course

on, like already previously­. No mentioned. We have two options.

or we can do the actual embedding. I'm sorry importing. Okay, we

email on let's say, right before our style sickness. We're gonna

. Please don't delete something here. Just copy and paste the way

gonna be thickness and slant, then you will need to write this

over to style CSS. Maybe before we do that, let's save the station

for my hang one and then for main one for the body. I'm just going

one family and then rest of my body, which, obviously, in my case,

we can importance now for importing. We just need to click it over

that our import is actually gonna work somewhere and do it like

this, And you know, is that Bonds are gonna look like this. But

. We would need to copy and paste this line of cold. That's copy

let me just put it all the way at the top. And now again, my funds

your project. Next movie. Let's cover properties that were going

or maybe three. Let's see. And we're gonna start with funds weight

we're gonna head over to our import on the phone is gonna comment

we have cursive this is the reason why this is gonna look like

commented this out. So obviously the browser cannot find this room

. So, in a nutshell, that is how the generic on family would work.

, I have both of the found families and I'm gonna head over back

some more things here on maybe change around the paragraph. So

to have another handing one. So this is gonna be able It's a

so we contest different things and we're gonna do another one

on both of them have this cara fund. Now, if we're gonna go over

with obviously list from families applied for the first one

fonts boulder out of how would that work? Let's say for the body

for fun. Wait, and then we have a bunch of numbers here. Also.

was gonna make it bold. Boulder's gonna make it. Boulder on

to 900 is gonna default back to that 700 anyway, so be careful

we go over to the paragraphs on those system classes? Is that way?

number two. We're not very general names. Meaning not very

, we would want I don't know, fund found weight. And I was gonna

try with number two to go for 900 just to kind of prove my point.

I cannot get it out. So once we have found a way to 900 what do

that is the max We have a surround. So far so good again. We could

both look the same. Okay, we have the font weight covered now also

want to look at font style now for the fun style. Let's go with

normal on a bleak no, we have the italic one. So this is gonna

. So make up in based on, let's change it around to say oblique

it out. What what else we have here? So for this, I'm going to do

the phone style. What do we have? Well, I believe we have the

. I have the normal one. Now your question probably will where

want the default setting. So in general, you're not going to use

you have set some kind of style Now, what is gonna happen? Well,

. I'm gonna do like this. Me save it. So that's gonna work. And

want here, Bond on. We're gonna write style. So for home, my body,

because obviously this is the inheritanc­e in the works. We have

. And that is something that you're going to see a lot where

, left so text would be left. This is gonna be applied on Lee. If

default one on some of the elements that you don't want to follow

as well as text and then a war. With your permission­, I would like

and curly braces, but I'm just going to give her the properties as

be able to control the alignment of the text. Now, we're gonna

left. Or so let's do the center on first, which is always gonna

bean placed in the center now. Similarly, if I'm gonna go text

, which would be the left one. Meaning the default one. Because

a browser. No gun, weaken. Just delete this. Maybe this guy here,

headings. So it's a my main one, or you know what? Not all of that

be the center. And let's say for both of the paragraphs more You

this is gonna be on the right hand side. Well, you know what? Not

you're applying some kind of property either right more center in

for using the text line left because this is already preset for

multiple values. Wheel's gonna use pixels, but we can also look at

you would like. Ah, we're gonna go first by let's say, 50 pixels.

anyway, so let me comment this out. I'm going to save it now. This

is inventing again on first line? No, Like I said, we can years

can work with text the line properties on text indent. You know

in this video on, then weaken, move onto the next module. However,

rest of the styles, we're gonna delete them on within the

. So first, I would like to create a link, and then we can create

, that's gonna be our link, which is not gonna go anywhere. Then

like this main heading. Let's say this and see what he will have.

. This paragraph is gonna be lure. Um, on the whole 25 actually

is gonna be number one, and I would like to copy and paste this

, lead it here, then head over back to my class Number two, have

off number three again. Not very original, but this is going to do

. He's gonna control how the winds have space in between them. So

that is obviously the name that we're looking for on for the line

to something. So at the moment, this is gonna be relative of the

see that now I have way bigger Leinart. But again, if we're gonna

for the parents at the moment. This is working with the browser.

. So let's write for the paragraph. Number two, we're gonna be

And again. Let's go with pixels in this case. But you can use

explanator­y. The one we're going to save it. I'm going to be

the word spacing. So let's say for the guy number three, we're

should be more than enough now, in between each and every word,

well as line height is also very self explanator­y. Then we have

transform on in the text for in form. We're gonna have

let's say start with an upper case, the whole text is gonna be

word is the first letter is gonna be capitalize­d just like this.

elements I have text in Swarm is gonna be the upper case. And here

anything to the parent element, which in our case would be the

. Now, the easiest way to show you the text decoration especially

order to select the link, I can use the easiest selector that is

the link. Um, let's have the property. We already know the farm

. He is the fact that it has this underlying by default. So what

case, we're not gonna be looking for colors going to say that we

that we have for down the line on Let's say not for the whole

have line heading through are heading one Also, we have the on

sorry. Nothing. Line, text, text, decoration would be, in our

on. Sure enough. What happens is you see that we have overlying

. Underline. Because if you're looking from this perspectiv­e on

height. And now for sure, you must agree with me that this is

it on the line. So let's write text. Ah, Decoration­. Yeah, not

. So this is how we can use all these five properties line I

an extremely important subject called CSS box Model First will

margin properties­. Awesome. Let's get to know CSS box model. All

be CSS box model. And since it is so important, we will get some

says box model? No. Like I said, we'll gonna be getting some

model. And then, instead of looking for the text, we're gonna be

the same things that I'm gonna be talking about. Now I'm gonna

as a box. Now, within that box, you're gonna be dealing with three

that we're gonna have the border that's gonna go around the

some other elements. Now is always the best way is to practice

maybe we were gonna need some help here again with an image on

believe this. I'm gonna say blah, blah, blah I would like to

bit of spring cleaning since it takes, like, 30 seconds. I don't

this a little bit smaller because I think it's gonna be easier for

. Um, let's have maybe some exclamatio­n marks. No, that is gonna

be paragraph with some text off 20 words. So far, so good. We're

model first. Let's start with heading one, and we're gonna have

which is gonna be ready. Okay. So far, so good. Then we also have

gonna have to start working. We is our box model within the box

head over back and if I'm gonna say Florida heading one, I'm gonna

that we can use? Any kind of values we already covered sees this

at my text on the edge of my element right now, I'm getting this

within the element and this guy's we just add it to the top. Okay,

on. We have right now, the padding in between where the text ends

getting my patting with 60 I also can do patting left. So it's

doesn't really matter now. My text is being pushed here from the

, we can also do right now within the right. I don't know what can

, in the CSS, we're gonna have bunch of shortcuts. And now we can

top, I think about it. I'm betting left, but right, we can write

we're gonna look in the next video on. There's also gonna be

the same work? Well, because if I'm gonna write 50 picks, those

, just bounced the number, and then you're gonna be getting the

, comment this out just so you can see that this is still

. So how is that gonna work? I'm gonna say batting. Then the first

added any value, but the padding basically goes back to zero.

. We're gonna have 60 pixels. No, what happens right now. So I

. Okay, So far, so good again. Let's do the same thing. Let's

gonna want? We're gonna write padding, And now I could start

would be the left hand side right over here. Let's test it out.

the bottom. And then let's do I don't know, 80 picks those or you

here, then 60 or here on the time is gonna be all the way and left

for the property. Whether you're going to write that, there's

and every dimension top, right? Left on the bottom on again just

contents. You have an element on the edge of element and we can

on again. We were just going to check it out first in the image

between. Let's say the screen or other elements on weaken. Just

on, Let's say, 20 pixels. There's gonna be 20 pixels all around on

I'm gonna uncommon right now. First patting on, let's do exactly

the same options. Weaken right margin, and then we're again. We're

margin, right? What do you think is gonna happen right now? So I

these margins. This is the reason why you see these distances in

. I'm doing all this with the layout and why this is not working.

where's margin, right? What I would like to write. Let's try 50

around like we did with the padding. But I think it would be a

we can get rid of this default one. And I already said the

because eventually we're gonna come back to it anyway. But I do

bottom is because I would want to show you how we can stack one on

in our services. So how do we do that? Well, the same margin

? Well, I'm getting my margin smaller. I do still have the margin,

we're looking for a margin and margin Top. Surprised? Surprised?

again the short way you would do it. Something like this, you

do something like this where you would just say whatever I'm

will in fact, do that all the project with me again. You know

as well. Is this guy now? You know what? We can also maybe get rid

and all those properties are going to be available to us. How

the top bottom and left and right. So why don't we practice on

like this. So that would be the margin. And I'm also gonna be

pixels left and right, that would look something like this. And

on four days. We're gonna say margin again. Let's look for some

, sorry. Right? Not left and right. Ah, the bottom. Obviously,

at the right one where we can get against have been, like, 50

margin would work in the CSS box model. Last but not least, we

the ridge. So we're gonna be able to control how the bore off our

the border, and then we're gonna have multiple options to choose

all these options. It doesn't make sense. In most cases, you were

border. So first, we're gonna go with style and what kind of style

. Everything is working fine. And then we're gonna be looking for

the pixels on. I'm just gonna go with pixels and let's say I don't

heading one and probably last one. But I would like to show you Is

what we're looking for again we can use RGB can use RGB A could

heart desires. In my case, I'm going to go with I don't know,

yellow one, which obviously also doesn't really work. I mean

, we would like to cover what happens if I don't want to type this

, we have the shortcuts. What do you think that I'm trying to show

, we're gonna say border, and then the actual syntax here matters

go with I don't know, 10 pixels. But you know what? Let's change

in our case, this is gonna be solid on now. We're looking for the

on. We didn't have to use all the property. Now there's also the

want the border all around. How it could do this, why he's just

you can have for the reference or three of them. In the moment I

. But we can maybe tested out with, you know, let's say bottom.

bottom style like I promised before we will gonna look at

So it's red border and you probably get the gist authority bottom.

with or bottom color. Let's dry. Hashtag, let's say hashtag um, I

. Now that is the CSS box model. Again, this is going to be very

maybe not comfortabl­e with some of these properties here, maybe

on the subject on CSS box model. I would like to cover one more

. Margin. So how this is gonna work? Well, first and foremost, let

all these values and properties­, meaning at least the basics of

get source code. No, What? I have here. I have the border, but I

work with border. Let's say five pixels. So then I'm gonna go with

margin. So is gonna leave the default margin for whatever heading

her of order margins as well as we're gonna change the color. So

do? Well, with border radius property, we can work on the edges

insert whatever values you would like I know in my case, let's

of this border radius. Now, if you want to be really creative, we

. So it's a In my case, we can use border radius on Let's set this

is actually around like this. If I'm going with 50% now, you can

it 50%. Now, we also have an option for negative margin. So how

from the default browser starts. So there's some margin here in

on border on for the margin. Top for the paragraph. We're gonna

here now, the moment we save it noticed that when our paragraph is

with some kind of layout, this might be one of the options. Now,

off border radius on border margin padding and everything that has

nifty property called outline on? You know what? 42nd. We're going

this. And then we're gonna be looking for the images now, with in

where we have the padding. Then we have the border and then pass

checking in for the images on Let me scroll. Here's the border

. Just understand that there's still gonna be margin right here,

the outline on. Eventually we have obviously our margin. Your

so much about the outline. Well, we don't care it like

it. In order to show you that we're gonna head over back to

, Let's say And you know what? Let me spell it correctly, as was

the first one is gonna have the class off. Let's say one or, you

. And I don't know why I'm using the hashtag because this is

. Now the first one idea is gonna be one, and I'm gonna say is no

two on here. This guy, he's gonna have the outline. Awesome. We

all, I would want some margin and margins gonna be three r e m

for both of dealings. And then we specifical­ly work with one of

is gonna be some X value. Ah, 689 Let's say again, hashtag 689 on

gonna be a green card as well as we're gonna be looking for some

on 1.5 r e m says Well, so this is gonna be my paddock. Awesome.

color on. You know what? We can also do text transform on per case

covered yet display properties­, So let me make the smaller later

, now we would want I don't know, a cursor pointer. Now, this is

over the links that I'm gonna having this cursor point, Ma? Ok,

Border one more time. We're gonna right the shortcut on you're

for solid on, then to To To Okay, finally, we can start working on

the borders. Meaning if I'm gonna go to the second one I can write

Mari ems. Then we're gonna have the outline, and we're gonna be

a lot of similariti­es on the last. But at least we're gonna have

. Now, your question probably would be Well, what is the

some margin. So margin is gonna be for both links. Zero top bottom

. And again, I'm struggling because we haven't covered display

over this while you're covering the outline? My first of all, I

can ride the same thing I could say outline than whatever styles I

, really nifty? No, around this property is the fact that we can

. I'm gonna be able to move this outline, whether more out from

is gonna be 10 pixels, notice what's gonna happen. So now we have

cool. We can move in the opposite direction if I'm gonna company

is gonna be within the element. So those are the cool things that

. We know. Know what is CSX box model Next? How about we take a

why we care about it so much? Since I don't hear any other

CSS because now we know what is the SS box mile? Well, next

the property of display. I was always Let's start with this

in the indexation email, we're gonna clean it up a little bit on a

a live now here in the David. I'm gonna write that I am block

, it's on a class. Let's say class is gonna be a block again. It

the CSS. So let's say there's gonna be another heading on. The

block element. And sure enough, now I have two of them now, last.

. We're gonna do the same thing and block element something like

, and I have three elements. So far, so good. Then I would like to

HTML partner that within the pixels website weaken get nice

really matter as long as you get the image. I'm gonna go with this

matter. I just needed for example. Now I have my photo. So far, so

say class in line on. The only thing I would suggest is if you're

orange than this one apple, and then it's gonna be hard for you to

and paste this on. Change this around a little bit. You know what

folder on in this folder. I have photo and we're looking for J

to expounds on that. I'm also looking here for the last nine,

on Let's do a Trip attributes­. Let's just say that Link is not

in line element. I know this was kind of a little bit annoying and

and see why we're doing all this. Now. Let's head over to CSS and

is gonna be, Let's say, blue very, very original. And then color,

going to say in line element and here I'm gonna have the

, What are you noticing? So have three elements here in the top,

than the ones in the bottom, because what's happening is the four

from one side of the screen all the way to another side of the

, so they are not starting in your line as well as the only take

, what's happening is that there's elements that by default we're

, but the value might be different. Where, for some elements, the

level elements or block elements, they will always gonna start in

as much space as content is necessary. Now, that is important,

with, I don't know how it looks. It will gonna play a big role

this property. So we're not just looking at it and saying, OK,

the name of the property. And let's change it. Let's say that this

have this set on display in line. But we can do this. Play block

from one side to another one. Now we can do the same thing. You're

because again, by default there, block level elements or block

elements. So now they're again taking on Lee as much space as

and I said, I'm gonna talk about this later, but this is when

this will gonna matter as we're actually start working with them

, where we can use that knowledge that we know that some elements

center now. I can tell you right away at the moment you're gonna

horizontal­ly or vertically­. However, we can look at some basic

line. So let's keep them the way they are, the way they have been

center, whatever we're dealing with her, it's blocked element more

, CSS. And I'm going to select the whole body. No, the moment I'm

elements on Lee, the text is gonna be centered, but they're still

in line elements weaken horizontal­ly center by just using this

probably will be well. But how can we center the block level

, not too small. And then let's look in them. So I have block

, 150 pixels. Let's see what's gonna happen. So I have my block

the margin property that we already covered in the CSX model on

margin on left and right margin now for the top bottom. We can

doesn't really matter in this situation. What's more interestin­g

center. So right now, if I have margin zero, this is the reason

, and I added the margins. Now, if you don't believe me, let me at

, we could have reroll this a little bit differentl­y. We could

auto so in this case, this is gonna push it all the way to the

is gonna be auto now, this is gonna be in center, so it does

believe me, I can just come in this out and now this is gonna be

gonna look exactly the same way. But if you would want a place in

again with me, right? This same margin on again this case maybe 20

it. Ah, but again, let me repeat that the moment you're gonna

them, they offer you more options on there a little bit more

block elements, but does not respected foreign line elements. And

on descendant selectors in CSS. Let's start with an easy one, the

. We're gonna head over to indexation email later on. We're gonna

here and CSS we already covered this, that if I'm gonna have the

around is gonna be 20 pixels on margin. All Rome is also gonna be

, it's gonna make a little bit more sense once we're gonna work

gonna save the sea Assess. We were gonna delete it in html on

a list element and within the list element. Let's place a link now

, with me. Maybe make three more animals going to change the

us, Page, and we're also gonna have the link to I don't know,

. Once the HTML has been set up, we're gonna head over back to

coming by default from the browser. So I would like to get rid of

properties where I'm just gonna add the margin so margin right

that we're gonna cover in a few videos, which is gonna be box

a separate video because it's gonna make a little bit more sense.

different view right now. So we got from the got away from all the

to phone. Family is gonna be Let's go with Madonna on. We already

right away that the funds have bean successful­ly changed. Now,

. I'm just going to do it over here just so you can see what this

, we can select the Children. Now, in our case, what's happening?

and every list item has the child off the link. So how we can

that our Children off owner list. We would like to select them.

type. Now we have many options here again. We have Romanian

square. Maybe square is gonna be different Now you can see that

. We have Alfa. Let's try this guy. Maybe awful, Roman. So now I

dots. I just want them clear because you'll use these lists for

property of list style type with the value none. Now we can head

it again without any default margins patterns as well. A set the

, Then within the honor list, we have what we have these links.

. We can say here that even there's gonna be, Let's say, for

this ally. In our case, this is not gonna make any difference­. It

, you would like to use this ally. But in our case, either of them

looking for the link. Please understand that what we're gonna do

then Also, we know the property of text transform on for the text

, Let's say for the spacing, we're gonna have to pixels. So far,

. So the bathroom is gonna be black on the color is gonna be,

? What if I would let me make sure f 1508 I was there to five.

, top and bottom for my elements, as well as maybe a little bit

. I would want some padding time, bottom as well as I would want

gonna be five pixels. No que already. Something interestin­g is

, we're gonna keep on moving, and I'm going to say margin is also

. Let me write different way. Let's say top bottom is going to 10

the left side because there's nothing here in right hand side, but

gonna respect that as your start. Having these patterns here as

level elements. So how do we do that? Well, first of all. Let me

was the original one? The default one. I'm going to say display

padding on, let's say for us the padding is gonna be Ah, top

left inside because there's plenty of space right here, so we're

because their block elements now the same thing if we would want

. So let's say I couldn't do just the marginal around in this

. But again, in this case, probably this is not something that we

are for the inland elements? They'll not going to respect the top

that there is going to be displayed block as well as display in

default, obviously in line. But just please understand­. You can do

by simple hello world and again. Like I said, we were gonna be

the actual link, and that's copy and paste that I don't know. Four

if I'm gonna be styling the links and let's say phone size is

have an option of adding the margin. Now, the moment we're gonna

, because for now, the browser is ignoring because it's looking at

all around. I'm just adding this left and right because you are

let's say, do I have to do like this this play on block? Well, the

and just want them all in one line. But then I would like to add

. So what's happening with in line block and let me come into

just to show you that I was said, this is going to be 30 pixels

. Um, if you would want your margin top marked a bottom margin to

of using the in line block. And again, you can use this on a daily

gonna make it, actually, with an example, because, like always,

would like to do here, I guess, again, for the whole psychosis. I

instead we're gonna create a dips. In fact, there's gonna be

text. I am with ah I am with Border box Mortar box than the next

Invested two times. So the second Davis House they're gonna be

. I am the warm Oh, Andi, for the third one, what's right? I am

ones again, The most work is gonna be in style. CSS. And let's

styles for each and every box, let me repeat. Maybe when we could

comma on box number three. I'm just keep forgetting the dots, but

pixels was gonna be my with then we're also gonna deal, I don't

add some colors, but for the colors, they're gonna be separate on

red, then we're also going a little bit of coloring with white. So

that I would like to select whatever these lines on we're gonna

actually changed my mind? Why don't we do this 106 pixels? Because

whatever I just did on back to the colors. Now, for the second

green. Now, as we're looking at it, first of all, you can see that

. So again, we're going to select them with multiple selectors on.

starting to work with the border books. So why we're using that

value of the border bucks. Now, in order to demonstrat­e this, why

on the box number two just the way it is so here. I'm going to say

really noticing that my box is getting bigger. OK, let's do the

as well as we can see that it's happening on top of bottom. Now,

browser window, really up to you. And then we can again refresh

on that was a little bit drastic. I didn't need to go that for but

. I don't know why Opened had actually needed body. Ah, me. Open

240 by 240. How are on my right hand side? It says 206 by 206.

added some with and some height because we just had a departing

fact, this is 240 by 240 because we added the padding. Okay, Don't

, this 206 by 206 what's happening is on the page right now as I'm

. But then my pad ings are being added on weapon Inside on right

this matters? Well, has your gonna be working with CSS as you're

you just add a padding. And this is totally gonna mess up your

me head over to the box number one over here and let's have the

is Bordered Box? And you? Well, what happens with border box,

it here, at least I can see it on my window. I can see that this

the content is actually 1 60 which again might mess you up your

still without a border box value. So what's happening is this is

that we would want to select everything on that was the Asterix.

we could always add their own patterns. And that's why we added

. The only difference right now with a one and three is the fact

your whole layout if you're adding padding to a element because

off display property. Eventually­, inevitably­, as you working with

value for display property set to none. So why don't we cover all

new there's I'm going to say there's gonna be Dev on The first one

and paste it Now, once we cap invested, I would like to select

you'll see why we're doing that. Just in a second on. Let's right

one is gonna be a pass ity. We had zero. So with me, some like

this up with a hidden. So you know what? No. Let's give this a

hopefully, um, tapping this correctly. No, let me say that this is

is gonna be below. There's gonna be a little of a margin around,

as well on Let's rate the color is gonna be one. So what's

. Now, this is not gonna be display blogged the in Leinbach or

go over to the actual developer tools and then we'll see kind of

true. Now what other options we're gonna have? Well, we had

where this is going to control the visibility­. Now, the max value

class is not displayed, meaning the element or whatever. But we're

the proper one. So if my class was zero notice, I'm having right

Now, if you remember, it was something very similar. As we're

the transparen­cy or opacity. So the same thing is working here,

this hour. If we change it to zero, which would be the minimum

cover each. In fact, every value between zero and one. Just

the opacity, the transparen­cy off this live, it was gonna be like

have the transparen­cy of far. If I'm gonna change this 0.74 then

I'm gonna go with 0.25 than the element is gonna be way more

value you're picking in her case 0.5, then the transparen­cy is

ability on. We're gonna go with visibility property. I noticed

or visible. Now the visible again is gonna be by default because

. Like I said, it's gonna be better if we're gonna go to developer

make this a little bit bigger than within the body. Noticed what's

a capacity of 0.5 and then I have the opacity of zero as well as I

is taken out out of the flow so we cannot even see it here. How

now in the browser. How old were display of none was taking

, I cannot select it. I cannot see it more in more detail. Hold

of the normal flow off the doctor, so those would be the key

totally take it out off the floor with document, if you would want

. And if you just want to hide it, you'd say visibility of hidden.

in CSS. Well, what about images as background­s. I think it would

at short hands Index, which, in essence, we're going to save us

how we can add background in RC Asus as an image. Now, in order to

have to follow along. You could just go three sources and get

and how we can crop them now before I do anything right now with

rid of all these dibs that we did use in the previous video. Okay,

, then. Yeah. What's going? Look for images on You know what? I

. What kind of image we could be looking for. Let's say we're

this case, I'm gonna call this big image. Now, you don't have to

another image that I'm gonna be looking for is gonna be Let's say

this way. And then what else we have? I guess we can maybe work

I would like to create a folder and then I'm going to save this

show you something How we would get the path here. Let's say I am

gonna head over to my folder, and I would like to crop the small

like to actually crop it and not in the photo shop, I'm just gonna

. Just get something small. Ah, you know what actually wanted

now we have all are set up so we can go ahead and start learning

as me. Whether you downloaded with her, you fall along last video

. We're gonna create a diff Now this def is gonna have a class Now

Ah, I am. I am gonna make this proper one. I am big image and with

the second one is gonna be the small. So it's a small image. The

be doing anyway. So it's a small image on then the last one is

head over to style CSS. First, let's select all the deaths on

say height is not gonna be two pixels had actually would be. I

pixels. Maybe that's gonna be bigger. Well, at the moment, it's

there. I'm gonna zoom in there, but zoom out over here because I

, it looks better with 1 25 So now I Maybe I can not really get

, I think this is going to do the job. Excellent. Also, I would

, we have done already too many times the background property, so

, what I would like. First of all, it's a collective background­.

writing the girl now within the URL, we need to show the path. So

our style CSS. So it's very simply we can just look for the big

of all, just so you can see that there's gonna be an image. But

you are opening up with the browser. So if we're gonna go over

directly in the browser. So just keep in that mind. So this is

on. Now let's say this again on what else we have. Well, maybe

the same thing. You know what? Let me open up the new browser

do this guy where we have the quotation marks on I'm sorry if you

not gonna be working here, as I will open up this directly with

this is something that we're gonna work with the browsers as both

something like this again. I digress, but it can sometimes really

you pick, it's really up to you. Okay? We have the background Now,

we have the background right now on the background is in fact,

would see assess where some of the things you already have noticed

repeating of the background image. It fits one. If the diff is

look in general. Then let's do small image. Remember, that was the

not copy and pasted because I think it's going to say it was a

in the same folder, so I don't care. I can just use small J peg.

I direction again. That is something that's happening by default.

is that even though we were gonna cover later on the properties

gonna be distorted and it's not gonna be very pretty. So it

does it doing this repetition­? Because that is something that's

is by default, but there's nothing I can do. Just this is how it

. That was the big one. Let's say small and I don't know why I

again wants to show you that we need to use the path. So we have

now. We were successful­, and now I'm getting the folder image. So

the URL and then within the u R. L need you need to get an image.

, since it is hard to dismiss the background image repeated, we

gonna touch on something in CSS that is very similar to the last

height, I'm gonna set it to the 206 on. Let's say color is gonna

last rule. Well, the same works with in order, and you'll see what

well show you right now. So the order is gonna work like this,

206. What do you think is gonna be displayed? I think at this

, this is gonna be displayed. But the moment you organized the

I'm gonna be using This is an example. So you might as well get

obvious. It will gonna be background­. Repeat. That's gonna be the

default. So if we're gonna right here, repeat. And then I'm

of checking, actually, all of them. But we're gonna start with a

keep on eye on, then the next value. And this is where the order

. Now, in my case, I'm gonna write, not repeat. I'm gonna use Nora

this is as much as is gonna cover now. We can also maybe add some

one just to show you that this is all the space that they would

is just gonna be repeating the image, this direction, and again, I

, if the Dave is gonna get bigger right now in the X direction,

there was 10,060 of them. But it also is happening with the big

on set with the value of repeat what else we have. I digressed

Gonna repeat X again. $10,060 to whoever guesses this on. Yes,

say why direction again? Kind of obvious what's gonna be

write space on for the space. What's gonna happen is that there is

are being repeated on the last one is gonna be the round now

that if you have the repetition­, if it's not gonna be able to fit

, but then notice how this is basically like half, because notice

. Now what do we do here? Well, we're going to say that we would

why? I'm toppings background not repeat. We're looking at we are

, I apologised­. Ah, this is gonna fit only one. Because what

it's gonna get smaller noticed now, it's gonna fit only one. So if

, but in the bottom Here, check this out. So we have the second

is gonna be again background repeat round. Now, I'm kind of

what you're doing, of course again and everything­. But I think

opinion. Interestin­g. But what if I don't want this repetition­?

that repetition is happening now again, in order to make this are

properties anyway. But what's happening is we can use the

one. The most important one is gonna be background size, and then

the diff. The background image is always gonna fill up to the now

it like this. Let's say background­. And just to prove my point,

of the image is going to suffer dramatical­ly. See this we have the

might as well go to the bigger browser window and you'll see the

the small image. Now the property did his job. It did cover

. So here, let's write background background again. We had size

with contain. There's gonna be an image our if there's not enough

me. What's right? Background Back on ground, my grown repeat and

while we're still keeping or hear this ratio. So that's gonna be

in order to nice make nice headers or banners or some kind of

gonna cover on. Then you're gonna be good to go. Brilliant. We

the misspellin­g. So let me make this correct. And now what we're

to actually test it out. Instead of spending three hours talking

the second one. I also would like to set up background­. No,

everything on a small one. But once in a while, we're gonna check

, the pixel values. But we also have straight up text now for the

in the center and again, the difference between the small one and

. Our the positionin­g of demons is gonna change now, in order to

. The moment I'm going to save it, the background image is going

. So I'm just gonna be testing out with a small one because this

would be that the big image is still going to be covering the

what? Maybe let's leave the center and we're just gonna add

going to say left. So now the image is gonna be left. Then we have

so background position on. Then we're looking at the top one. I'm

. And you know what? Maybe let me just make this one smaller,

, in your text. Better if you're looking for suggestion­s. So let

value on the X value. Now that is going to be obviously the axis

originally­, if I'm gonna comment this out, this is gonna be a

toe place it 20% on the X axis and then 20% on the Y axis. So how

20% on the X axis. We also have an option. Like I said, 40 y axis.

the image however we would like, so if I'm gonna go all the way

tell you which exactly properties you're gonna be using throughout

in the centre, ours, they just understand that you would need to

the background touch mint, we're gonna do a little bit more

will probably make sure that even though the content off our Dave

fewer. You can say here, view height on as well as always. You

then we're gonna get rid of. Let's say color red and we're gonna

. And now I would like to place this text in the center. No, we

these properties later on with the values. So for now, just type

content in horizontal­ly. So going to right center on a line. Items

would probably still want to add the text in the centre as well,

we do a quick reset or preset where we had just margin, it is

box sizing is going to be set to border box amok sizing border

off the u it since we already have covered the view height items.

around because there's gonna be much more easier to see once we

image on for the small when I'm going to change this one toe the

I'm now I'm gonna have my second one, and then for the third one,

what else we're gonna do? Well, we're gonna have the I'm

guys are not gonna matter. I'm gonna say background on. We're

copy infested. Let's add right here. No repeat. And here, this is

. We could maybe add center. Let's say Bagram position position is

company pays them No. For all my whatever the banners that I have

three massive images and we can see it actually better on a bigger

that we were gonna later on use. Usually for our websites. The

attachment­. How is background Tuchman gonna do? Well, let's figure

here we have the scroll on the fixed. So that's what we're looking

to see that? Here. This would be one that doesn't have the fixed.

this parallax effect where the text is moving, but image stays

them. Now that we know how this is gonna work, so again, let me

have it. And now again, we can check it out. Now, this is gonna be

. Whenever we're going to load the page, there's gonna be big

where the text is gonna be moving. However, the background image

ingredient­s are very, very cool feature of CSS, but I can tell you

reason to add overlay for our background images. And if you feel

said, what in the world are ingredient­s We always we're gonna

create six dips we're gonna say they've the glass is gonna be,

class values on was going to change Here. Just delete this on

, Surprise. This would be five. And then this is gonna be box

by adding some with and high toward all our names. So, Dave,

the let's say, height, 106 pics, 50 pixels, let's say height off

cover a little bit later, which will gonna be display flex. And

radiant Americans that working with Grady int Well, there's many

linear ingredient known for the linear Grady int. We have values

. So if I'm gonna write for number one red and green, what do you

and it gradually changes color from the red all the way to the

the box number two. But for the box number two, I'm going to

it. Noticed this box right now. He is, in fact, working like the

. So that's gonna be my five pixels. And then you know what I

head over here on. We're gonna say that for the body. We're gonna

bit easier if they're gonna be side by side, so the moon will save

just leave it without a flex. So I'm going to save it and then was

coming all the way to the green, which would be the ingredient­.

, we can say Red green again. Color is gonna start then to the

colors. We can add whatever color values you would like. So here I

. The idea of what's happening is that we are pretty much setting

you know what? It's probably gonna be easier me to grab this

we also have an option off working with the degrees. We're not

want to change the second one with me. Undo it on. Let's say

let's see how this is gonna look like I'm gonna save it. And now

having it from the 150 degrees. So it's starting from, let's say

changing where there colors is starting again. Nothing really

. So in this case, if we're gonna copy and paste it and you know,

. At the moment. We're gonna copy and paste it. Let's say we're

to top on left again. This would start with red, then green on.

. Right. So now it starts here and we end up here. We a green one

the linear great and it is going to start and where this is ending

, very clear example. But I would just want to show you two more

that we're gonna be looking for number five. Then again, we're

use the hex values. But what we were going to do a lot is going to

background image. But for now, logistics down now Remember for

for the opacity more to transparen­cy. So let's say if I'm going to

go total Zieler, this is gonna be in white. And here the opposite

with me on the comma and then we're gonna have 0.9 now. What's

Okay, so so far, so good. And then I also have one extra zero

the default one where it starts basically from the top to the

gonna change because that would be the default one. So once we're

on here. I would like to work with the RGB A So that's the reason

almost black Now for the six we can do the same thing moves gonna

say let's say here we're looking for six, so 60.6 and then I Let's

. And now we have the initial color starts here with 0.3 and then

combine ingredient­s. We have background images, and as a side

every time. Because while it might seem like a waste of time, I

be wrong, but that is my reasoning behind it. So what we're gonna

as well as we can get rid of these guys. There's gonna be new

World on for this one. Let's call this one. I don't know Class on

header as well as this is gonna say hello people again. Not too

style? CSS. We can first start by selecting the both of theirs and

view heights that should be looking really good. Then we're

haven't covered this technicall­y, but we're gonna say on this play

vertical in center and let me get her. This guy on just for

is gonna beat Senator Center on. You know what? Let's add font

we're gonna get out on orange. Something like this should work.

, we already know that we have an option of background now for the

the quotation marks on proper path here. Let's say I'm gonna be

out really well. So we're gonna say like this we're gonna say,

say size is going to be first. We're gonna be covering so the size

. We also had background­. Repeat, let's say no. Repeat, on DA

. And what else we're having? Well, I think the last one was What?

banner. Now, what's next? Well, now I would like to show you how

me. These margins here, So let's do that little thing. What we did

sizing is gonna be equal to it's a border box. So now I'm gonna

, if you're saying if you have an image, you wouldn't be in some

be any brighter, it's gonna be much more hard to see the text. So

, I'm going to show you this on the second one on the header just

. Were technicall­y really typing for properties here with the

gonna say had her. So I'm gonna say we're going to start looking

. But instead of right away going with an image, we have an option

. Well, what kind of colors we can have? I guess we can start with

the comma. So that would be the proper syntax. And again another

I would want let's say everything to be in the same color. I can

I could do the same thing here. I can say zero again, Comma zero

adding my 4th 10.5, not me. Check. Yeah, I have five. No, again

I have my great color because obviously this is exactly the same

this is not starting from somewhere and ending somewhere. Well,

. But since this is the same color, everything­'s looks the same.

gonna be bright, and then we're heading over here where this would

image. We're gonna be looking for the image. However, this is

error on here. We're gonna say you are l since this is where we're

that would be actually better, because that way we can see one

would look before the big Jake bag, and now we're gonna have

is much more clear because we have added the overly. Now, this

I said before. But in my case, I'm just showing you with this kind

card. Sometimes we're gonna do something like this where we have

the reason why you have these rgb a value now. Lastly I would want

, meaning the image. But I still need to add the cover No repeat

. But we have a shorter way. So here we can write that the image

here. So we have the center. Then we're gonna have forward slash

be fixed here like this. And what happens? Well, we have added all

change this order. So let's say I could save no fixed, and then

on, then center Because notice what's gonna happen? Little damage

the color on that way. You know for sure that your image is always

. And now I can see the text much more clear. All right, we know

as we're working with linear ingredient­s. So we're gonna head over

. So that's gonna be met. Text. Now, the moment we take that

cool about this is that we can come up with whatever colors would

. Meaning I'm sorry into our text. Better now, you'll see a lot of

. Don't worry about them. Right now. Again. Only thing you'll need

tutorial. Before we start working on the project, we're just gonna

I know there's a lot of code in here, but just keep in mind that

, vertical diagonal radio doesn't really matter. Let's go with a

, even though you're gonna choose the hex color. However, if

let's I change the opacity or transparen­cy, then the four month is

we just click here. Let's say we wouldn't want to go with the red

here so that would do the same thing where I'm changing the

what I want. I would want to click old here on. Then I'm going to

also, if you want to change something here, let's say color. You

this color weaken, delete this color. So now we're getting this

. Let's say that this is gonna be my color. No, I'm not gonna show

grab this cold and we have again we can. There's many ways company

call this day of, I don't know, color zilla just so we can see

then we'll save the style CSS as well as well, just gonna have the

, so if I'm gonna save it. Sure enough, this is gonna be my death.

, you can always changing direction on so on and so forth. So if

color Scylla and pick whatever Grady and you would like.

. Property media queries for responsibl­e design Z knicks to

any or all the properties slash topics we cover, don't panic or

might be unclear, they will crystalliz­e in the project setting. I

property we're gonna start very simply by creating some kind of

we're gonna go with a small one. So it's a source we're looking

. And by the way, I know that I have been avoiding alternativ­e

this is gonna be nice view. It's gonna be a text. So nice of you.

. And for the paragraph, I don't know, 50 words that should dio

your line here is because paragraph here's block level. But let me

I would like to have just some kind of order on the border is

batting is gonna be 10 pixels all around on what happens if we use

then. We're looking for a few options Here. Let me get my

that this is already floated to the role left, because what's

? So I'm gonna save it. Floated to the left. Now check this out.

out in our case image out of the normal flow. So now the paragraph

. Clear. So for the paragraph, I would say that I would want to

to the left and one to the right or I'm gonna be looking forward

I'm having back again the look that I had before where the

write that I would want to clear it from the right notice again.

is that even though I use the clear property, my value was

the next element to clear it and start normal flow of a document

we have the paragraph that is actually respecting that. It needs

and again. Same thing happens is because we're using pretty clear

again. We're gonna be starring in your life. What else will have

know. We can head over to index html on. We're gonna copy and

you kind of how everything would work, We're gonna have a class.

side by side. Well, I'm sorry to the light because we added float,

this guy's going to stay so everything is working Fine. However,

everything­. Because if we have clear both But if I would write

though it is avoiding the actual one that we have on the right

. Okay, what if I go here on a number two and let's say that the

because there is the one on the right. The left one is still not

where we have has a normal next element. Now it's really up to you

go bigger with this image right now, if let's say I'm going to go

leave, actually, also my debt. So what would be the suggestion­?

too big for the parent, if we can use this overflow with the value

. Let's say 306 you know what I can just get rid of the second one

where we want them side by side. So we like to look how everything

anymore on. We also don't need to clear property. Let's say that

, I could say margin on, let's say margin left is gonna be I don't

we're gonna work with a floats just to give you a taste of what

HTML, we're gonna create. First of all, we're gonna get her of

div. Now the Dave is gonna have some kind of class, so I'm gonna

and I'm gonna change these class names. I'm going to say this is

three again. Very, very original. I'm gonna head over back to my

how the three column layout is gonna come. I'm gonna do a reset

border box is gonna be equal to aim box sizing border. But I'm

again. It might be an overkill in general for the small examples

. Okay, so let's start with the class number one, Let's say the

it's gonna be easier to show you background­, No background

off. I don't know, 206 pixels, so that's gonna be my first thing.

sit with percentage­. Now you don't have to do this. Asked 33 if

no rule that you have to use this kind of percentage is the only

the closest one that I want. Okay, What else? I have one. I

, all of them are gonna be floated to the left. I am comping

here again, we're gonna say the same thing. So this is gonna meet

on let's do this. One asked a green one. I mean, delayed this.

gonna be doing a little bit more sophistica­ted, Not with red, blue

one. And just to tell you that why this was technicall­y incorrect

here with 206 pixels, I could have just didn't something like

all of them. So all the Dave's now, obviously, if you're gonna be

we can do? Well, we can get rid of all of them. So I can just say

saving nothing changes everything­. Nothing breaks. I still have my

and then some type of height. Now you're not limited. I could just

, my columns are gonna be bigger on the regardless of the screen

, what if I'm going to say heading one with a simple hello world?

and we do have over here right now are headed one. But we know

here, and now we're heading. One is gonna be sitting actually side

have to clear on the option would be I guess the best case

one was still fine order. And then there's gonna be cases if

cover floats, though, and we were gonna do in the project with the

that whenever is gonna be coming after something that you're

is the easiest way Where you right away used the clear property on

case, at least you're making sure that whatever direction you're

. Later on, moving on, we're gonna talk about positions, whether

to tell you honestly, most of the this video we're going to do

. Now, what I would want to do is I'm gonna get a riff. There's

here. Or maybe you know what? That was an overkill. I think 20 is

the same with the next one where the class is gonna be number two

again the span is not special. The positionin­g we're going to use

I'm going to say I am more. He I am. So Hey, buddy, I am absolute.

on, we're gonna make it absolute on. Let's say class is gonna be

with the deaf. The Dave is gonna be border on. I have a warning

quite hideous. But hopefully we're gonna be able to get through

idea. But we'll see. Maybe it's gonna be the opposite. Maybe

little bit more sense later on. So I have the David has some

gonna do a not padding. Background is gonna be blue. So that's my

, or you know what that deleted. I'm going to say that I'm

I don't know what what we could do. Green. What do you think?

, I don't know, background­. And I choose something like this life

, something like this. So this is gonna be my spot. Like I said,

. What position? Static means in general that if I added this

is how it's going to be displayed. So that's gonna be exactly are

the position of static. Most similarly, remember how we had the

of them just to be normal one. I used to use a text, and then we

of them were text a line to the left. But if you set the parent

different positionin­g for the parent, Then if you would want some

. I can say position, and I'm not going to use a relative. I'm

stays the same. Thankfully­, position relative is much more

we have a dead with a class one man, we can, I think, work on this

. You know, there's nothing changes we might be tempted to say.

said it relative to its normal position. So whenever it was

. So let's say relative to a top word mishearing­. So in our case,

from where it was sitting relatively with its normal position. So

maybe Rpm's. So for the left one, I'm going to use, like, 20

dio 20 rpm's left from where it was sitting relatively­. Now, since

. And I was like, This is gonna be more to now We're also using

we come in this out? And now we're gonna move it to the right now

so we could push it from the vitamin again within doing the same

do with the pixels. It doesn't really matter. So I can just say to

. And now we just moved 20 pixels relative off where it was

A. Okay, if you thought that position relative waas somewhat fun.

the CSS. What do I mean by that? Well, let's take a closer look.

this video and added back. But for now, just to show you how

this was the reason why we added it and then let's a position

No, once we save it. Noticed what happens already. We're having

this position relative. How are on this position relative to the

exist, then it places itself relative to the body number four

with the class of number two. There it has the Dave, which is the

we go in the right top. Since again, these are properties for the

So let's say top zero on right is also gonna be zero. And let's

absolute moved all the way to the top right corner off the body.

than we're not gonna be able to capture that you want me to show

and if we're going right position and in this case, this is gonna

position Absolute on top, Right Corner 06 However, this is gonna

where I'm sorry we added the position of relative. Now what's

gonna be standard instead of a little gonna change it. I'm always

if we're gonna place here the position relative and one because

afford his classes special. So that's the reason where we never

have some kind of parent element Orhan sister Element that's gonna

again, whatever we would like. First of all, let me change it that

it somewhere here on you can see that there's one thing missing on

technicall­y not sitting in the center. That is correct, because we

we can use any kind of values. No, they're just be percentage­s

gonna be sitting pretty much all the way in the center here off

to those ancestors Now, one thing, though, in the next video are

disappear as we're scrolling. So if we're gonna be adding more

it's gonna be scalable. How are we have positioned fixed? What's

as we're scrolling down. Last but not least, we have position

, but that's probably we're going to see the most on four days.

to scroll. So it's a paragraph on, I don't know. 506 words is

the button is gonna be very simple again. Whatever button type is

just going to do the job. I'm going to save it. There's gonna be

another paragraph in this case? What's try? Maybe 4 5060 words.

. We're going to save it. No. What happens? Well, nothing happens.

, right? And all the way in the bottom. I have this for now.

over again and I don't really need this text, Meaning I could head

fixed. And now let's work with our button. So here, let's say all

, it's gonna be read. The Foncier is gonna be bigger just so we

. I don't want that color white people. This is what we want. So

script. But for this we just need position fix, and what I would

, we have position fixed now the way the position fixed is gonna

the total disappeare­d. So we have position fix, but we cannot find

see if we would need to set it relative. Now, in this case, we're

position fixed. So I would say here 06 1st, let's say right, it's

sitting and again we can see the nap. Now, I'm not gonna show you

in general terms, this is how they position fixed with work. Where

on but as you're scrolling, is going to stay in that position.

in the CSS is because they allow us to work with responsive

on different screen sizes. On with the project, there's obviously

where there's gonna be a div and we're just gonna work with some

be starting from. So just remember this on the max would be up to,

the media queries as our screen size gets bigger because that

throughout this example On in the indexation email again, we're

on then within the heading one we're gonna say hello, world. Uh,

this is gonna be saved I mean, obviously my writing at the moment

that we already have learned on once we had over back to the CSS

gonna be, let's say, background yellow again just so you can be

I would like to add a I don't know, background of blue. No, this

color white on text. Like I said, let's do not text the line where

on that. Maybe an underlying as well as we have an option off text

. In fact, I would want to work with text, text, text, text, text,

this screen size? No, The thing is, we haven't added immediate

let's say we decide that. Okay, This is perfect for mobile view.

change some things around. I don't think that my users would like

the ad and then we're looking for media now. Need to write media

, even syntactica­l letter your media queries not gonna work on,

trust me because I'm getting questions already on the course, so

here we're looking for men with on That would be the syntax on.

. Like like you would like on Let's say here, 5 76 So what I'm

can be the same properties with different values. This is really

that the body shouldn't be background­. Right. Okay, that's a good

. I'm let's say yellow, So I'm gonna kind of not flip it

is gonna be black on that. I'm gonna be looking for the font size

. Yeah, but the thing is, we are not passed the 5 76 because

want to mess up this view, we're gonna head over again to the

the moment we're gonna get past 5 76 then we're gonna be getting

on the right hand corner. You are probably seeing here the actual

obviously I have zoomed in here because I already have set up my

it's easier if we're gonna go actually again, back to develop

dio, Um, my apologies. We would need to go to 1 27 Then I'm going

changes are gonna happen. Well, there's actually a little bit

1 May be smaller on. Do you know what? What I would want? Well,

what we're gonna have. So we're gonna have the little thing where

I'm gonna be expanding this, check it out. So starting from 5 76

the developer tools, if you want to check it out on different

to see just gonna be hard to see, because is gonna be probably

this one now on. Like I said within the media query, if I'm not

that the underlying still state. So even though I said that

have this text decoration other line here, This is the reason why

from that 5 76 the moment we're gonna be again back to the small

? Well, you just copy and paste int. And you know what? Before we

, media screen on, then in between the end on the actual

the smallest mistake is gonna make that big difference­. Now check

change on The reason for that is because the smallest syntax error

can tell you right away my biggest issue is always writing

anything like that, because obviously, my spelling is not the

. Now let's go back and let's say add another one. And now this is

bigger screen size. So let's say this is not gonna be seven. I'm

we can do green again. for the body. The background for the banner

Another property here. But I'm just thinking what kind of property

you know it even more fun one with at a phone family off Perdana.

that I did it on purpose. Otherwise, this is obviously I'm gonna

again, in my case, 85 zoomed in. This is obviously going to be on

kinds of things happening here. I have done. I have text right on.

again. Very, very basic example. Throughout the projects, we're

an option of Max with no for the max with Let me just flip this

Max with now how the max with is gonna work. Well, the Max with is

rules, whatever the CSS properties and values we are saying here,

we're gonna get past 5 76 notice what happened. So these are

we wrote over here. Now, one thing that we need to be careful with

and again, let me select this here. Let's say Max on this is not

writing here up to 5 76 then I have another Max with 7 68 So if

the screen or render in the browser? Well, we can already see him

76 but 7 68 includes this. So we're overriding in any way what

the 7 68 But again, the interestin­g thing over here is, even if

I'm writing here 7 68 I'm overriding this. I don't know the font

. Now, we already know the border radius, border, radius, hand

up to 5 76 we're still getting this right now, the border radius

case where you need to be really careful. So if you're gonna have

that you need to pay attention to. Another interestin­g doozy is a

so we can see a little bit better on four days. You know what I

. We were going to create maybe the same thing. We can leave the

changing the sizes on. Let's say here, I'm gonna be looking for

changes individual­ly by each of the images. So let's copy and

we can have. Okay, so we have small. We obviously also want the

then, you know, this was obviously enough in a folder between

say for all the images I would like to have, I don't know with off

, and we'll see what happens. So 208 106 on this is Obviously I

, so good. Um, you know what? Maybe it's not so far so good,

, this is gonna look good. Um, what else I would like? Well, for

. Now, the margins are gonna be, like 20 pixels around, so there's

as well as some height with some I don't know, 70 viewers. So 70

, I would like to add, I don't know, five pixels, so

solid on. Let's go with the red. So something like this just so we

off little bit whiter. So this is going to look a little bit

look like. So what I'm saying for old images, no gonna have the

we should do because we know that we have ancestor on 40 answers

there is gonna be the image with a class of one on, then image

be zero on left is gonna be zero. Then what else we're gonna have?

. Then here, organ right number three and then here are gonna have

Or here can do 10% from the left on. You know what for this guy?

what happens? Well, we're noticing that we're having the images.

is closer to us now. The reason for that is very simple, because

would seen on the reason why the third one is gonna be the closer

away because it was first one in the line. So how we could change

. Why don't we test it up? Why don't we have a look of how this is

with the index automatica­lly, you're gonna be getting zero, so all

of them also right away of the Z next of zero. So instead of what

, my first one is actually closer to us because we increase this

are by default, zero. In a way, it doesn't really matter. I can

this guy on, then, For the third one, this is gonna be seen. Next

, normally he is displayed closer to us. Then the second one is

further and further away. And like I said, even if I'm gonna come

kinds of values here. It doesn't really matter. You can write

number two is more negative than this guy. So instead, if I'm

gonna happen. So now the third image is gonna be displayed closer

dizzy next, and that is the simple fact that it will only gonna

have a look at how this is gonna work on in our case, what we

. You can save it. And you know what? Maybe let's flip it around

static. Right? Because we added the port. All the images. We added

. Okay, so far, so good. So this image is still gonna be in front.

instead we're gonna go with a positive on. We're also gonna go

say? I don't like this. Even though I still have the static one. I

two. And nothing changes the moment we save it because it's not

this is gonna be again in front because we can use it with

. So I think this would be a great time to look into pseudo

, in the case of before and after you guessed it before and after

extra market. Don't believe me. Why don't we take a look? And by

important. Ah, first and foremost, I would like to get her of the

do a little bit of spring cleaning, too. We're going to say that

on the way. I hear. Let's write that on him before and after their

. We have the program. Now, if I'm gonna head over back to the

in older syntax is something like this where people just wrote,

stick with a CSS three syntax. Were you adding to Collins again?

first one. The pseudo element beef war on what's happening next

there, and I'm gonna show you example what happens if we don't add

? And I'm gonna add the space on. Check this out. Now, The moment

content in our HTML. So we didn't need to have this conference­.

on, I don't I mean, just can say for now I think it's gonna be

are we are able to do that from our CSS, which is really, really

we can do? Well, we can add whatever CSS we would like order. So I

Ah, to Ari EMS or something like this. So very, very massive text

were going to do that because we're gonna be looking at a little

content of the programme. Now, that is important, because if we're

images. So just please remember that now. Okay, what we have next

at the content property? So I'm going to say content on in this

some kind of box here? Well, at the moment everything is happening

would copy and paste them on? Let's add it over here to on notice.

is all in line happening. But what we can do is we can do this is

play block text is going to be read. But we can add Let's a

the paragraph. But we can add it as a block so I can do the same

the content of the paragraph, I'm gonna have my suit elements on

try it out So we can say we're here like this. So I'm gonna delete

just want simple box on what we will cannot over here. Well, we

know Green. So something like this know what happens? Well, the

want is here the book So technicall­y I wanted content on Lee with

you to take away that content property, even with an empty values

with this kind of value. Simple enough. And typically, I could

. But I would like to make a little bit more interestin­g example

use this. Because at the moment you're probably looking at and

a lot of interestin­g cases. Now, enough of me yapping on let's

this. You couldn't delete the HTML unsee. It says I'm gonna leave

. Now, This is important. So make sure that you're adding the

after for the image. And again, we're gonna cover this in few

is going to be interactin­g with this data and how we're going to

do the big one because I do want to show you the actual responsive

, gonna rush back to the CSS on. We're gonna right away Try to add

the with off. I don't know. Ah, 309 and then hope for the best.

throughout­. Probably the project will not every single case. But

on in most cases that with is going to be responsive­, and then the

, I'm instead going to say with off, what's a 50 view with again?

, 109 pixels, top bottom and auto left and right, so I know that

to pick so solid just so you can see a few other things later on

now the with oven image with something 309 on Dave is actually

fit here. So what we can do is with an image. So since this is

on a div. Meaning as I'm gonna increase the size off the Dev.

be creating some kind of column layouts or anything like that,

top, there's this space in the bottom and you might be tempted to

the moment we say with nothing changes on the North to get rid of

display property. And we're gonna straight display, not in line,

we're gonna be later on working with a div. An image again, Syntax

if I don't think we're gonna be adding born each and every time.

as well as we're gonna set it as display block. Now, we definitely

as you're going to be working with CSS eventually organized some

input? Not obviously. I'm going in my paragraph right now because

on the basic selection instead of what would happen if you're

sometimes really annoyed were like, Listen, I'm styling this left

again, we would just need to use display on this play block. Got

gonna be interactin­g with images within the there's no. Okay, so

start working with before and after. Now, the temptation would be

and let's go for the content. And let's start very simply by

image element and I'm really shortened this. There's obviously big

, at me, repeat. And this was the wrong screen. If we're heading

is the content, so we're not gonna be able to do that. Long story

with these two developmen­ts now in the process. I also showed you

I mean, I can repeat this 10 more times, but this is not gonna

after as we having the Devon image now for the divers is actually

know, I know I need to have the content. I'm gonna say content.

solid on. Let's go with great one. Okay, so for now, I'm having

some kind of height, and I know that I have the deal. So why don't

1%. So you just say here height 1%. Now, the moment we save it got

is gonna be absolutely­. And then let's see what happens. Not a

else we can do? Well, we remember that whenever we were working

, this is looking for the body. That's the reason why this is so

, and we're looking for relatives. Now what happens is that this

these spaces here, and the reason for that again is going to be

. So that's gonna be covered. But if I'm gonna go with box sizing,

I would have him when I did. So you noticed the idea. So we added

things. Now, what would be the more interestin­g things? Well, we

this is gonna work so I could say top is gonna be negative. 40

? Well, now, this is gonna be sitting right here. One annoying

occurring image. What do we have? What property we had and I

, that's actually automatica­lly zero. But if I'm gonna make for

a look at the after one on here? I'm going to do something like

, someone's going to say something like this. And now let's change

gonna be actual background­, so not a border gray bod. We're gonna

the within high, this 109% on. What we're doing is we're having

as well as let's create a see you next. Little bit smaller. So

gray on. Then we having our image. Okay, so this probably would be

. Probably again. Not the biggest example that you could see in

you, like a little taste where it would be much more interestin­g

opinion, more interestin­g that when we didn't before and you don't

, I'm gonna add some things we haven't covered yet. Again. You

it again. We haven't covered them. But what I would like to do

cover. We're going to write something we haven't done yet, so I'm

. One thing we have covered. Oh, even though we don't know

. So both of them are gonna be selected and what I would want.

, So what happens? So as I'm hovering, this is actually getting

also, don't worry about this selector. This is gonna be covered in

. We're gonna write linear on along with me. Copy and paste this

seconds. Much more cooler example than what we looked at a simple

and after elements. Just remember again you need to use the

off the element, not before and after the element. Hey, guys,

pit stop and revisit selectors in CSS Some of you might be

, there are many more selectors in CSS. I am fully aware of that.

and so forth on to tell me honestly, weaken easily do all those

creating awesome stuff and then if we need to get something very

we were fresh on selector basics as well. Let's cover some other

the scores? But it's kind of important starting point. So let's

of see the difference­. So I'm going to say there's going to be

this line on. We're gonna write that not there's gonna be heading

gonna be different with selections­. And you know what? Last but

. We already know what basic selectors we can use. So let's say

a color it We can also select the I d on dykan say 40 I d. I would

answers. 40 pixels is gonna be good enough. Then we have text

. You know what? Let's change the color. So here we would like to

red, since this is more specific, we are overriding the property

that if, with an I D we have a hashtag with class. We always need

styles here. So let's say phone size is gonna be instead 20

as let's have the color green and again more specific. So we will

selector wherever congested, right, a letter spacing is gonna be,

in case we wouldn't forget them Next one up, we have descendant

a descendant name and everything else is going to be very

little bit right now, but I think with an example this is all

a first of all these suckers are going to go because that was the

would like to have some class, So I'm gonna say that there's gonna

descendent on. Like I said, watching me struggle with the name as

looking for another Dave on. Then we didn't this day again, we're

, just not what I wanted on. Let's add on another on order list

hopefully I'm spelling correctly. And now this is gonna be my list

this. Let's say Dev, I'm not there, Dev. So finally, def on. If I

looking for my descendant­. So everything that's gonna be as an

of them are descendant­s. From the dip on, simple enough. We can

, because this is sitting within list item, so don't get confused.

the direct Children off the death. Well, the syntax would be like

, we're gonna write color on in our case, it's gonna be below. So

the deal. But then I have the honor list and then list item. So

them have been selected with red. But then, if you're adding the

. That was the reason why we had at the class when I said header

on the color is going to be green now. It's also happening is that

, let's just get out. Let's put it on top on Once we say what

of header and we can use the I. D. Here we can use anything we

, and then we added two more rules directly looking for the

. I also condole. Let's say her on, then I can look forward elect

to be purple now, what do you think is gonna happen? Well, I'm

in CSS next one up, we have to suit elements which would be first

than the before and after. So the first one is gonna style. The

one. Save it in the next. This is gonna be very simple. Was gonna

like this when this is gonna be my paragraph, and then if we head

, we can just say font Wait is gonna be Let's say, bold So now the

on, Let's say fun side is gonna be I don't know three r e m so as

on the first one is gonna be the hover now with pseudo classes in

simple. So as we were going to be hovering over the actual

this to all the elements. Now, later on, we're gonna be looking at

don't want Why don't we make an example? So first let's get out of

right. Maybe a div. Then with Dave at the class, just to show that

, maybe 10 letters, something like this. And then let's add a

. I don't know. This is a link, something like this. And now let's

. But then here, we need to use the hover. So now we're hovering

the classes This is just gonna be one set of Golan metal on here.

ordering the mouse then, honestly, this is gonna be very big. Now

it. I don't know, farmed. Okay, let's do the color is always a

is obviously going to be ready. I also have the class so we can do

Blue as I'm hovering over notice. What happens also were not

to worry on, let's say as I'm hovering enough, I have the

gonna be again. Hover says I'm hovering over Dooling. What should

as I'm hovering over dealing, I have no underlying­. So that's how

. So on Lee, the changes were happening as were hovering over

. We can also hover over Dooling on the actively. So why don't we

of links? So with me first, delete all of them. Then let's say

it here. We're gonna right? I don't know a visited link. We can go

cover one. So for the hover one again, this is gonna be very

side note and let's write with active one. So active link

be with that lower case Lor. Now, this is again somewhat

, we can just say that all the links that have bean on a page So

be awkward. No, all my links are gonna have this color again. Very

gonna say visit dead. So if we have clicked on a link. Let's say

what's gonna happen the moment we're gonna click on it, all of

we would want we wouldn't want this And wearing thing was gonna

going to save it. Noticed this is not visited like so just please

, the same think is gonna happen. Now again, we here we have

we're going to click on one of the Googles, they're also gonna be

, since we're gonna be able to hover Ah, in this case, I don't

visited Because again, this just shows that we have clicked on a

second as we're clicking on the links, the link is active before,

this is where we're gonna be really have to pay attention, because

I'm holding the left key, then obviously we're gonna be able to

we would use this pseudo class. A lecture on the moment I'm gonna

and now all of them are red. Now, the reason why this is red

general how we can use pseudo class electors with links more than

where we're styling the root element of the document, which in our

styles as well as we were going to use it with CSS variables that

garbage, but I just needed to use some kind of word. So let's get

. So elected to lead them here on Let's start by heading one. So

now for the paragraphs that I would want to have two classes. So

. Doesn't really matter how you call the class as long as you has

say responsive­. Then we're gonna have a look at what would be the

on the most basic way would be doing well. It's a background­. He

were saying that the background should be read. What happens is

far, so good. Very simple. Now, if this is annoying or can just

be? The case is apart from CSS variables that we haven't covered.

we can use the route? No, we can use it for general styles. So

. So I'm just gonna say found size is going to be three are

were responsive as the route was changing. Okay, what about the

on size off 20 pixels. Now, what also would write to do is for the

Juan R E m was actually 16 pixels. Correct? That was the default

. If I'm gonna add, let's say 1.5. What is that gonna be? Well, if

we had one full 16 and then we would add eight. So in that case,

we'll see that both of them are exactly the same. So where does

like to change the font size, so if you use, it would be like, You

their settings on the way we go to the settings again, we click on

large the text that was used with Ari EMS is gonna become very

, that this was bigger than it used to be. How old we concede here

on a user because this is depending on the settings on the years

again. Most of them are gonna be exactly the same. And now let's

change these settings. So let's say in this case, I was styling

are gonna be smaller. However, they were smaller relative to the

, if I'm going to say 109% nothing is gonna change because this is

increasing the value here by these 50% but this was a relative to

is the response of values. But again, the hap salud one didn't

say. Okay, this is gonna be three Ari ems so relative to the root.

. And at the end of the day, you can be like, Yeah, well, three

gonna be affected all throughout the document where you use the

and animation properties along with their supplement­ary properties

it is more important to spend time working with these particular

transforme­d property applies some type of transforma­tion to the

, on the other hand, is in charge of making state changes

transition property we can control how long that stage change will

to just two points. Beginning on the end of the chain. Animation

are transforme­d journey by looking at the translate. But before we

create some Dave's, but we're not gonna place any content, which

the third one with glass of number three. That's going to do with

gonna be 150 pixels. Hopefully, this is gonna look good. Not I'm

. So this is gonna be the correct one. On what else? Well, we can

would be by default for the defense. But this is gonna be in

one, and that's gonna be my live on. You know what? Look makeup in

? I don't know. Again, whatever colors you would like, I think I'm

sale here, I'm gonna be working with the bull. So nice. Three

would translate. Well, first of all, let's get the property, which

, the scaling as well as as we start scrolling down, we have the

that if we can get translate X, which is gonna work with the eggs

start with X now. Like I said, the X is gonna work with the X

just to show you how this is gonna work. I can just say I don't

change it. And if I'm gonna say negative 20 pixels, obviously this

the left direction, however positive is going to move the right

, how is that gonna look like one? Let's say we're gonna move it

off this. 150 pixels. Don't believe me. Well, let's look at the

, then I could just come in this out and you can see that their

only with the pixels. So what happens is I can just say not 50%

150. So that tells me that this 50% is going to reflect on the

pixels then are so this is gonna move way more. Well, maybe this

they're not gonna be in one line. But I hope you understood the

check that by moving the third guy. Exactly 75 pixels. And they

we can figure it out. So we have transform than four

pixels, man right away, let's do the negative. Now My box moved up

because we're moving the positive direction again. Very

option off, actually combining them both. So let me come in this

value is gonna be X X is and the second one is gonna be y axis

let's say I would like to move this 20 pixels on the X direction

and then 30 pixels now, because we moved it obviously in the Y

is gonna move 209 pixels, the right and then 309 pixels down

to. But generally this is how we could work. We transform and

that we already have a translate here is gonna be very relatable

, but we're gonna use the scale. No scale again is gonna have few

values for the X one on the white one. Now with the X was gonna

. So let's say if I'm going to say to, then the element is going

than one, so let's say 0.1 now the element is going to be half the

is gonna happen on the left hand side on the right hand side. So,

copy this on. Let's say for the number two number green one

the Y direction. You want it twice as big. And again, I'm just

to just so he conceded for sure on the element is growing. Okay,

the transforma­tion, I would say we're gonna have new one. Then

direction This is the only thing we need to do. So now what

as well is here and now. Obviously, the element is gonna be bigger

or Y direction, you can just use scale. After that, we have the

to be hard to see, especially as I'm showing this in the example.

right away with our rotations, E because I think you're gonna be

on. We're working here with the second one, I believe right, that

once a 45 degrees, this is gonna be the easiest one to see because

now, this is obviously gonna move under Navy on this. I was gonna

. Then again, this is gonna look exactly like the 45. You get an

with ex acts as an y axis, so here will have a transform our you

if we're going, let's say copy and paste it the red one on change

. So we don't have to times e We can just say, OK, rotate on both

least, we're gonna be looking at both of them the x and Y on here.

the X value on this case. You from going a little, let's say 20

if I'm telling you that this is gonna be 90 degrees, we're not

and this is gonna be hard to see now. We can also do the same

rotate. Why direction again? This is gonna work exactly the same

because previously­, remember, it got smaller in the X axis because

here. Not from gonna go 40 degrees. This is gonna get even

do 90 degrees. And then my actually element is going totally

recon. Guess off what the skew is going to do. Um, the fact that

I guess we're gonna do with simple one with number one on here. I

here again. We're gonna have to write degrees. So if we're gonna

, with me, copy and paste this. And let's say that I would like to

but not least, you already guessed that that we can do the both of

. We can see everything here in a smaller one on. Let's say if I'm

lead it If I'm not gonna add any kind of value in the Y direction,

you can see, both of them are exactly the same. How are if we're

on here? If they could have a look, then we see that this is gonna

about the transforme­d property, we're gonna shift our attention to

over some period of time and again, the example is gonna explain

that transition property is gonna be a lot similar, like we had

is gonna be exactly the same. We're gonna have three dibs on.

As I'm hovering over those, there's I would like to change the

to change the background color on. Let's say background color is

changing. How are you probably noticing that the colors changing

some period of time because I think it's gonna look smoother now.

say for number three first we will need to start working with

gonna be with or whatever. Well, in my case, I'm gonna say that

happens. We're still having this change instantly, because the

is going to take place? We can use the seconds we can use

with quite big number, and this is gonna be four seconds. So as

four seconds, not instantly liked with the rest of them. And this

only one property. So what if let's say for number three, the one

. I can either add this property here for all of them. Since here,

radius on. In this case, I would need to have my suit of selector.

, I would just like to pay attention to the fact that I could have

this is the only one we're using the transition property. That's

border, it is changes instantly, and the color is taking four

we're gonna have a comma that will be this in text. And then we

is gonna be for the second property. If we don't want it to be

the same way where the color is gonna take four seconds as well as

two seconds and you can see still, that color is changing. So that

and general idea behind transition­. Why don't we take a look at

properties­, if you're gonna have to have to specifical­ly name all

gets. So again, we're gonna write transition­. So saying

to talk for nothing for 10 seconds or let's say three seconds.

now only then the changes are going to take place. Now, as I'm

straightfo­rward as it gets. This is just going to delay your

here, do you think this is gonna be the best syntax where we just

image? Eventually we came up with really neat and nifty syntax

gonna get rid of this. Then I also would like to probably get rid

more on. We're gonna copy and paste it, and we're going to say

following the proper Syntex Now, the properties intact would be

I'm sorry, the name of the property, we're gonna write background

duration? In our case, we're going to say, Well, this is gonna be

now the moment we're gonna save it. First of all, please

. I'm gonna right away at it. And then what happens is that the

. So the background is gonna take change in three seconds again.

on that is going to be how the transition is gonna take place. But

this case I'm riding the delay and that I'm saying that DeLay is

period of three seconds. So far, so good. What else? Well, if I

, you can write the same ones war, weaken. Say, I don't know, the

. As long as you make sure that these properties are correct. None

, which is gonna take five seconds again, something we already

that we can write even bigger. Shorter where we just write like

. Then we're saying how the transition duration is gonna look like

. This is gonna be optional, So you might not at it, You might

. This transition right now is taking place. Now, the moment this

. And the moment off. Five seconds are up. Then both things are

how we can work with delays as well as this is how we can work

, I mentioned the optional transition timing property. So why

we were going to cover a bare minimum is the simple fact that at

is specifical­ly decide how the transition is gonna take place. Um,

is optional. Now what other values we're gonna have? Well, first

have the property that's gonna be affected. That ain't gonna look

the example, gonna look in both ways, but the right away just let

as we're looking at these values, these one would be slow start.

at easing and he's out so slow. Start and slew in and then last

with an example. And you know what? I will gonna de redo the

to restructur­e it a little bit on Let's say within the indexation

gonna be the first one I'm going to say Default and let's right,

, but since I would like to show you how they would work, was

have easy in and out. He's in and out. Or you know what? Let's

would be the last. No. All this is nice and fine and dandy, but as

on. Let me get out of this guy as well as you know, at least is

ancient email set up, why don't we start? We had CSS, and like I

dips? So I'm gonna say, for all the deaths, it's gonna be exactly

. Height is gonna be 109 pixels. Then we also have an option off

the text a little bit better. So the text right now is white. Ah,

as well as let's set up some default transition­. I'm going to say

don't know. Let's do Dave hover. So as we're having to give, let's

the way we're gonna transform it. We're going to translate it. My

, that would be the default value anyway. So, technicall­y, you

gonna have the same speed all throughout this transition­. So it's

an option of testing them out like this or weaken go individual­ly

so we're gonna be targeting the actual Dave that had a class of

, timing. And I was like, This is gonna be impossible to find on.

like this so I could have wrote it transition then all than

already set up to Div here with transition of all on one second,

with each and every transition­. Now, I don't want to do each and

the properties­, all of them, the timing is gonna be one second.

all we're doing. Um, as you notice, this shouldn't be no

is gonna look exactly the same. Now with our valley's we're gonna

. That's a Lini here on the moment was gonna happen. Notice that

the whole transition­. What else we have? We have easier and out on

copy and pasted three times on. This is not what I wanted to dio

line and let's copy and paste it. Um, you know what? Let's let's

name it. He's and And I know this might be a little bit annoying,

a reason. Then also we have easing out. He's out, as was, the

he's in a note on their will. Gonna be more options for you again.

way more options. But again, in this case, I don't feel like this

linear he's in announced on ease out. Let's say so in the moment

he's in is gonna have this slow start slow and is gonna be 40.

we're hovering again, the default one is gonna be exactly the same

is going to perform normally. He's out, is gonna have this low end

behind the transition timing function in the ceases. Next one up,

gonna have is gonna be like, Okay, I know the transition­, but why

0 to 109 and that's gonna be obviously the natural. We're gonna

to 109. Always. We went from some kind of state that was here,

, we have way more options so we can have the point. So the

on that, that that whatever percentage­s would want, I I know or

more sense. And again, yes, we will gonna be deleting CSS. We will

used to working with HTML and CSS, we could always lets a expand

memory again. It is my personal opinion. You might disagree with

class on the class. Let's say is gonna be transition just so we

now I would like to actually delete these values. I'm going to say

one with transition on the second one with animation now within

pixels, then we can do the height. That's gonna be 109 pixels.

And you know what I said? This is not gonna be class. This is

on Dwight here on four. Transition What I would want for this day.

is going to be some kind of change, So I'm gonna do this. We

we know that ease is gonna be the default one anyway. No. Great.

I'm hovering. So I'm going to say as we transition as we're

know, well done out of work with a transforme­d property. So I'm

like this. No, what happens as I'm hovering, then this is gonna

when this is so special? Well, let's start working on this dip. So

this is gonna have the background on what else would like to add

would be something like this. We would need to, Right? First of

, we're gonna have to ride the key frames. No, the naming matters

write something here different than within the animation, because

going from the state of 0 to 109. We have multiple states Now, how

. And first of all, I'm just going to say, transform on. Let's

also I can have an option here off saying at 50% this should be

limited to only having the one property here because, as you can

like. No, let me understand my colon. Otherwise, this is gonna

on as always. The reason why I'm using these around values is just

I'm not obviously going to cover all of them because it doesn't

values already. So going to say translate on in this case, I would

the background­. And last but not least, let's go 409. Where on you

to 20 pixels. I guess as well as I'm gonna set this up with Green.

to set up the animation now for the animation again. Similarly,

the long one, and then we're gonna bounce back to a shorthand

important again. If you name this something else Don't, Right,

obviously the name of my animation know, once we say that nothing

we had with transforma­tion or transition­. I'm sorry. Then we also

on. Then we have the count properly. Animation it oration, count,

, whatever. 12. And we're also gonna have infinite value. Now,

animation is right now bouncing to 50% and then 75 was negative

two times because we have the count here of to you now, you can

devalues their changing from 0% 209% with the animation. This

. So if I'm gonna right here, let's say 20 seconds than my 50% is

50% is gonna mean 0.5 seconds on so on and so forth. Okay, so far,

, this is gonna be very, very similar to what we had with

. Then again, we were looking for how long this is gonna take

let's use the infinite value, because that way you'll see that the

just gonna keep on repeating because we set up this value we the

don't we take a look at the animation film on property on what it

the animation. Now, in practical, how this is gonna look like,

a little bit more slim. We're not gonna have these styles for

get out of the animation. For now, at least on delete all the

And you know what? The moment I say with obviously this is gonna

mean that we wouldn't be able to see it is live on. We're going to

gonna come into play. First things first, let's set up our

also, there's gonna be 50% animation so at or you know what,

X negative 209 or not. 209 Not to do 209. This is going to shift

don't know, zero point. Ah, 25. Since this is 25% then let's copy.

. So with 50% we're gonna have the capacity of 0.5, then at 109%

you know what? No, let's change around. Let's say 50% is gonna be

know how we can use the animation. Someone right. Animation on the

the duration would be. So let's say five seconds and let's run

get to the 15%. So this is where we're gonna stop then on here.

with 209. So let me fix this. I would want to have not 209. So my

zero. So this is gonna bounce to the right, then left back and

time, and then the end of the second time, it stays back to a

not something we would want. Maybe I would want to end up with

animation, film mode and we have few options We have backwards

the forwards is gonna look like the moment I'm going to save it.

animation runs the first time. Okay, so far, so good. Then again,

be original value, we are going forwards on staying with whatever

Dave is gonna be by default right now. Also translated not only a

say Teoh, get the values that you end up with with 109% than yours

on a project, we will cover CSS variables. I want to use them. Why

Porter Fund custom icons, text shadow and box rental properties as

are browser prefixes and semantic html tex on We'll take a look at

. We have CSS vary bills, a k a. Custom properties and I can tell

us a lot of flexibilit­y. Now, the main point behind the variable

dash dash than the name of the variable. And then what kind of

is this, in fact. So please don't give it and then he will need to

we can use it all throughout the document. And now we're going to

the HTML element. So that way we're setting up our variables as

the actual colors or I think, maybe exclusivel­y colors because

things first, we're gonna head over back to HTML. As always, we

the same heading class. Not technicall­y. We maybe don't need to

gonna be hitting one. Then we're gonna create another paragraph. I

. Okay. So far, so good. So we have paragraph on one heading. So

, The reason for that is because I would like to show you how we

on within this live. There's gonna be another paragraph on again

. Please. Thank you. Emit now moving on after the Dave there's

really matter what kind of class names you have or you can select

And I can just do it over here like this. I can say that first.

see actually, how this is gonna be happening. We're gonna have

, if we're heading back to HTML where I'm sorry, CSS then you know

selecting the colors, because news that's usually is gonna be

hashtag f on fire 0 to 5, so that's gonna be my orange coat. So if

color hashtag 32 If if on zero e and that was the green color on,

here, I'm gonna say Main text on then I don't know what can use

? Let's a color for his second heading. Well, you can say you have

, I'll listen to your advice on I'm gonna stay second heading. And

could have copied, pasted. There's no big deal. But since I really

color. I said, You know what? I really don't like this orange one.

, say 39 hopefully this is gonna be better. So now we're having a

. We have the heading in the second heading. What is gonna happen

? Because it might be a little bit annoying or okay, you don't

then it doesn't even match your original color, Another mistake or

these values. And then I can just reuse them all throughout my

it in my main setting. Whatever. I'm storing these values. They

off actually commenting out because again, I don't want it just to

these colors. We have color. The hex values magician in case,

for us to work. Like I said, there's gonna be two places where we

gonna make sure that we can access it everywhere and again. We

with HTML. And in this case, I would like to start. We're

, the Chicago's, the again doesn't really matter. Are you gonna

rebel or something, you're going to use something that relates to

too far. Now, the key here is I can reuse where I would like so I

instead of using this value can save our gun. That was this index

in general, we're gonna have 567 10. Doesn't really matter, not

this company based it. I believe that class name was second

this. Let's say this is gonna be hash tag. 1313 f A. So all my

pasting each and every line that you're working. It might seem

kind of relevant work you Hogan appreciate­s Yes, as variables a

Let's say I don't know. Oh, you know what? Let me show you another

, we can store anything we would like here. We already have

or four seconds, and then the transition is gonna have the

. So that's gonna be my ailment. As I'm hovering, I would like to

another variable secondary color on this is gonna be orange. So

apologies. But I just wanted to show you the blue one and then got

this is globally, I can access this anywhere and could ask this

, This is gonna be the color and I also at the moment there's

? Well, bar again. This syntax and main transition­. What's really

everywhere­. I would like you 10.5 later on. You can have 0.5 later

just just thinking with one transition­. Unless there's a really,

, the transition is happening. So everything is working. So we

working with the main scope on again. I'm not going to show you

the route right now has these variables. How if you understand­?

is gonna work exactly the same. But I'm gonna say it for two days,

primary. Read more. You know what legis ride like this primary

this simple red car. Okay, What is within the diff? If I remember

is gonna be one. Well, I can using in the variable name, right? So

could have used you see, the primary or secondary. And I also

paragraph read. Okay, What about? Can we access these values

, we can always this that up, you can say, third adding it's gonna

for primary Red. Let's see what it isn't gonna work out. And I'm

and say, Inspector, I dont be able to see what's happening with

color and all that. But notice what's telling you. Inherited from

with this guy with the one that's sitting within the main. Do we

we can do you reuse it everywhere within his death. And obviously,

this is just the way normalcy insisted war. But it also has access

teller. But I would assume that you're gonna be probably setting

and more what projects? In most cases, you will gonna need some

, many icons. You can get out there with the reason why I like

always, we're gonna get her of everything that we had within the

. This is all gone. You know what? Also, I'm gonna clean up a

were going to say Icahn's Morgan say phantasm doesn't really

. We're gonna be looking for fund awesome dot com on weaken type

your startup screen now within the Starscream­. If you never have

similar to what we have done already before. Meaning there's gonna

what you were gonna do in a second. But the moment we have

, Element, we're gonna have the classes, depending on the name of

type of icons that would need f a B. Now there might be, and also

to pay. And this was the f a r. Um, what else? What else has been

we're gonna cover in a second the moment we're gonna have actually

you want to search for icons, you just click on air Cons on. Go

. No, Like I said, Ford Android, let's say this is gonna be a

so I didn't think that I'm pulling the wool over your ears. Uh,

would be another type of syntax. How can you start working with

away. Cdn The moment of we're gonna understand the general syntax,

give you my reasons for it. Let's copy this right away. So tells

maybe, let's add the some kind off. Ah, comment here, let's say

we're gonna do. Well, let's create these two white guns. Let's say

. And we can still use the Mm. So this hasn't changed. On day,

in the icon that I'm looking for among but I'm gonna save it.

, you can use their own classes. I always prefer to do it in my

I understand you're changing this in the HTML. So if you're gonna

again, this is your option. So you can say something like five x,

one on so on and so forth again. If that's really was something

, but you could do really whatever you would like. Awesome. We

like five X. So now we're gonna have the being icon. If we want to

home we can actually style. This wouldn't say f a. Now the name is

I'm going to say that the color of my homework on is gonna be

, say span here. And then let's maybe have the Facebook icon just

. I'm going to show you that actually UNAMET video where Weaken

the same. We're gonna be getting our element with our classes. And

of the parent element. Why don't we have the class on? Let's say

social icon and within the styles, we could do the same thing we

. So in our case, since this is gonna be font awesome icons, we

four rum's. So now this is gonna be much more bigger on We could

can access it with a CSS. Now, I would like to head over back to

for the project the fantastic Michael. Well, here's the thing. I

Some type of syntax used to give you an example when they switched

were actually able to access the class like this when I was

the parent home. Now they're back again where you can style the

good. So that would be good enough for your project. But in my

what happens is that they're using their own Syrian, and then the

my home on for that particular reason they cannot do it for that

access your funds Awesome icons directly with this class here on

download defund us Americans, include them in a set of files, and

whether defined awesome version has changed, but you can always

new versions on Phantasm. After all this talking and yammering

it over here and first all day. We're gonna tell you right away

thing that is very important is to have the whole folder there. So

. Now, in order to do that, let's just actually click it. Now

found Awesome. Um, I'm gonna open up the zip file. I'm just going

be my phone 1090. Good. I have my phantasm. Now, what's next?

. But then remember, we haven't option off looking for this file

? Well, I'm looking for fun 1090. That's my folder. And I already

named your folder differentl­y here than understand that you need

we can include Fontas, my ConStor project, and start using them

icons on our agenda is gonna be text shadow property as well as

it's a main hitting on. Then we're also gonna have some div now

for our html on within the CSS. Let's start styling the first the

of self explanator­y, But what values are we looking for? Well, the

for Also the blur as well as last one is gonna be color was gonna

one picks on one pixel and we can also do with the color of red.

gonna say five pixels noticed right now, the direction is gonna be

direction you don't want actually the X direction You can ride

and one on the blur is gonna be the blur off the shadow so I can

idea has been At least we have the color again. Any option under

it. That would be the tech shadow. And we also have box, you know,

. Then we can also have some height under pick cells. Background

work with our buck shadow on here with the box shadow, we have one

shadow property again. The first one is gonna be for X value than

gonna be the color on what happens is you know it is that I'm

we have also nice external resource is so first start. Let's text

can pick any one you want. I have no real preference­. Usually the

. So this would be example. Text one. The distance not is This is

doing at the end, I was gonna spend throughout the coat, so this

like. No. In this case, if we're gonna be choosing, let's say for

to my text. I will gonna comment this out The easy one that we had

box shadow, believe it or not Generator. And that meaning

them, are gonna have some kind of external resource is And not

and that is actually a topic our next video. So I purposely picked

we met them in the color zilla when we were generating the linear

, we were doing the same thing. We see that there's gonna be some

that spread where you can kind of spread over here. That would be

than shadow color, the background color. I mean, you name it,

. Now, what I would like to do is first of all, a little fresher

. So let's say here we're gonna miss first, starting with

gonna show you with the actual how this is gonna work with five.

anything, we're gonna head over to the box and we're gonna say for

this one and let's add maybe transition­, because this is gonna be

here. Now what's gonna happen is as I'm hovering notice now we're

the browser prefixes. All right, what are these weird browser

for the latest CSS features, browser prefixes are needed as the

external resource that we're gonna use is going to be. Can I use

Let's say, Mozilla on at the very end will just gonna write a

. Can I use dot com And then here I can write whatever property I

. Now, as you're looking at it, you see that? Let's say that in 89

where you would need to use the prefix off m s. Then let's say in

on That way you can decide what is happening with the property and

you're looking for the property on, my answer would be No. Let me

this, as well as the actual reasoning behind it? You see, as

and then set up some kind of art imitation where it scans through

times on, this really gets annoying. As far as I'm concerned very

used. I don't know another NPM module or anything like that. And

meaning like, let's say, for what versions of the browsers and all

happen because, in my opinion, clogs up rails in CSS on it loses

. I mean, I'm gonna think there's nothing wrong with that. You can

prefixes that we need. Also, I would like to show you maybe one

it. We're here like this. So auto prefix, sir, look me right over

there's gonna be an issue with linear grading. Let's imagine that

file mint. In our case, we're gonna say, I don't know, background

? And as you can see, my spelling was always awesome. Ah, and then

prefix code. You can copy and paste your code here and get

it scans through your file. It just basically adds them on. I

the clean CSS and at the end of the day, you can get all your

. Our next topic is semantic html. Okay, what does that mean?

this the that spawned this span that HTML semantic tags are no

, still add ideas to them on weaken style them from the CSS using

and off what to do and how to do it. Using semantic tags also

would suggest, though not to get too worked up about it because

how do we can start working realizatio­n email semantic tags. First

you an idea how Before html semantic tax came along, we were

kind of class of nuff. So within now have replaced everything that

div and class on. Then here were writing the banner on so on so

idea while this is technicall­y okay. First of all, this is

the browsers, anything, what is happening within your contact on.

solution with me saving styles here on. We were gonna be booking

. It's not like just because we're at the element our site is

more projects we're gonna build more semantic tags you can use,

, not semantics. Semantic. A shitty amount. We can maybe try this

on the general idea would be like this. Where for the header.

, a side in the footer on what's happening again. We can have the

HTML or CIA says he's not gonna break. It's just going to give you

way the browser is gonna work on the screen, readers will

way health actually cover. This is just to use those elements.

use them. I was going to do my explanatio­ns as we were working

gonna be Footer and then everything else I'm gonna be structurin­g

. We can place the knave within header. We can use the cutter

right now. Just because you learned about them doesn't mean that

again, if I would be you, I really wouldn't lose too much sleep

that Emmett provides to speed up our work for? Because at the

of you have missed that, we have been using hematoma long. Or

have the Emmett meaning, if you're not using the visual studio

can go always here to their documentat­ion on download on added to

be another out that you would want to use on, if you would want

I said, in general, we have been using only one Emmett suggestion

giving suggestion­s. And as a side note, if you would ever want to

would still want to get the m. A suggestion in the CSS is gonna

we're gonna be have been covering so far has been creating the

than that now, what would be the first one? Well, let's say that

now I can start adding the classes. So let's say here, I'm gonna

. So let's say secondary, then Whatever big and then something

an option of working with nineties the same way so I can stay here

we're gonna be getting the heading One with idea of Maine has you

. So there's gonna be heading three that's gonna have the I D or

you're gonna see me a lot doing throughout the project where I'm

let's say we're gonna be typing Header now. The header would have

. Then we're just getting in the header on this is tremendous­ly

classes already. So far, so good. So what else we're having? Well,

know that we can just have the element and then whatever. However,

this case, let's say that there's gonna be div with an idea of box

diff on. I have right away the eighties as well as the classes.

we're gonna have the list item within the A nordle ist. So I'm

to an order list or lists, but I'm just using this as an example.

lists, we create multiple elements. Don't worry, I'm I've got you

list items even one 15 weaken. Just adhere this multiplica­tion and

whatever list items you wanted or you Well, we can also place the

text now, this in tax would be these curly braces on the moment

some text as well as we can combine whatever we have in here.

gonna be lift list items and we're gonna multiply, Let's say by

have to use the dollar send like this. Now, the moment we were

where you can expand it and you can see what is going to be a

Barak and get the Mac and then either typing return or the tab.

with an image that will tremendous­ly is gonna speed up our work


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