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there are times when religious beliefs

are under attack that's when the Lord

descends on the earth in human form to

destroy the elements of evil and salvage

all-pervad­ing he has many names call him

parmeshwar issuer or wrong but there is

only one power which can bring an end to

tyranny and cruelty and that is Krishna

Lord Krishna is the epitome of divine

looks Lord Krishna is the epitome of

powers who walked this earth 5000 years

ago when dois were young was in its last

lab and the stage was being set for the

remarkable feats and setting an example

of unparallel­ed character put an end to

the statue of the prince has to be

not ir not I not I are not I accept my

greetings booed Amy Parham Bremer she

you seem to be a little worried Oh nada

my innocent children are forever being

subjected to gruesome acts of cruelty

how do you expect a mother to remain

calm in such times why do I see a smile

on your face maneuver are you laughing

at my helplessne­ss nor I are not iron

why do you say this how can I ever be so

disrespect­ful but you could not be

laughing without any reason maneuver

true absolutely true Abu Devi human

beings themselves are responsibl­e for

all the evil and sins which have

escalated to a new high in this world

the strong level pressing the weak the

greed and hunger for power will remain

insatiable and humans will go to any

lengths to acquire more the consequenc­es

which nature and the whole world have to

suffer so tell me moon is reached can

this reign of terror not be stopped is

there no way out of this not iron our

iron there is a way they V certainly

the creator of this very universe Lord

Vishnu can himself put an end to all

this devi you will have to pray to him

else there is no end to the ambitions of

humans who are nature's ultimate

creation there is no end to their wishes

maha-mantr­a gee yes Maharaj is the

message which had to be sent to King

Horace and ready yes Maharaj heard my

message sent out immediatel­y to the king

cobra Senji of Mathura as you order

I am the messenger of the king jarasandh

off-market I have come with a message of

peace for the King Hussein of Mathura

by the messenger of king jarasandh of

Bhagat humbly bow before meritocrac­y and

resent him with the message of man

maharaja jerison in his victory march

the King of Kings Maharaja Rossen has

defeated numerous Kings emperors and

landlords and had subjugated them to his

rule in his quest to conquer the world

the next top of maharaja rasaan is your

kingdom but before waging war we are

placing before you a proposal for peace

if you wish without any war you can

accept our supremacy and make an

announceme­nt of your subjugatio­n to us

by doing this you will save the lives of

the innocent people and soldiers and

avoid loss of immense wealth but if you

do not subjugate yourself to us then

only you will be responsibl­e for

throwing your kingdom into the spoils of

and under the situation consider this

message to be a declaratio­n of war and

how dare you come in this Court

and doctors like this father for his

audacity I will take his life this very

pardon me Raj case it does not befit us

to behave in this manner with a

messenger a Croce why do you always talk

like a coward a cruel geez right you

dodge then until this messenger to

inform king jarasandh who has embarked

on his victory march that as long as

Cannes is alive this dream of his will

never be fulfilled because he can never

hmm so Prince Kahn's has accepted my

hmm that child will fight a war against

me it is possible that he is not

familiar with the strength of the future

Samrat jerison hmm I will go kangaroos

in one more opportunit­y before declaring

war I will send my raving elephant who

Ali appeared to raise Mathura to the

drop when he sees his kingdom being

destroyed right in front of his eyes

he will surely regret his decision and

if better senses still don't prevail

ha ha ha ha ha unleash the raving koala

this is qualia beat yo Raj concert

single-han­dedly picked up this elephant

what strange so much power so much

strength such atrocity this is fairly

amazing it looks as if we will have to

wage war Maharaja ah yes but it would be

foolishnes­s to wage war on such a strong

intelligen­ce is in making someone so

brave a friend or a relative what do you

say Mohammed 3 you are right in what you

become the son-in-law of our kingdom a

god it would not put an end to your

victory March instead it will become

even more successful yeah yes Maharaj

father-in-­law to gain eternal victory

certainly certainly maha-mantr­a ji I

will personally go to Kingo gricean and

ask for the hand of prince guns for my

a clergy this marriage of you Raj guns

has given me great pleasure yes Maharaj

it is a matter of great pleasure the

fact that we are now related to a king

as billion as king jarasandh means that

the army of Mathura will now become much

more stronger and a clergy usually are a

very competent administra­tor you always

think in the interest of the kingdom of

Mathura but there is another reason for

really yes I think that marriage will

certainly have a calming effect on you

Raj cancer's wise nature am i right I

can see no such science Maharaj what yes

Maharaj had there been any such

possibilit­y they just after three days

of his marriage you rush guns would not

have started his mace practice water

with all your friends me it because all

your friend Raj is ready for the mill

really wonderful your Rodgers video

you're not raised you love not iron our

iron so many where did you see my

expertise in war and our iron our iron

what is the use of fighting against

these insects and birds fight against

someone who is of your own caliber

defeating them is just nara alan RI dot

na Ryan whose name you keep chanting all

the time I can defeat that Nara and also

you and will defeat Lord Vishnu not iron

our first show me if you can defeat the

and then think about defeating the

trollope potty Lord Vishnu I can surely

defeat Indra the bat of an eyelid say

nobody prepare to attack swore go at

first we will attack swore glow and hold

in the captive then attack Vishnu and

Nara Nara it appears that you have not

learned anything from your previous

birth even in that birth it was Vishnu

who had killed you my previous birth in

your previous birth you were a demon

called Karli me during that period - on

account of your foolishnes­s and

tyrannical nature Vishnu had destroyed

you why are you repeating the same

mistake in this life not irn RI and

learn something from your mistakes

Yuvraj you are all alone tell me which

other brave warrior is with you is there

any warrior you can depend upon look at

Lord Vishnu there are so many great

people so many gods who are with him

Shiv in firown' Agni kuru all of them

consider it their duty to serve Him what

do you mean to say monies raised haven't

listen even on this earth there are many

strong and competent demons who are

staunch enemies of the gods at the onset

defeat all of them and make them either

your slaves or friends and then together

with these demons attack envelope after

that Lord Vishnu himself will come

it is only then that you can hope for

some success else disappoint­ment and

please tell me who are those strong and

competent demons and monsters on this

earth who can really help me to defeat

Indra please tell me tell me all about

certainly mishima tipper has five

brothers who are wrestlers channel

rustic could shalt and thou shall Casey

the great demon of reishi amok forest a

castle from the banks of the river

picasa and pearl embosser from Prague

Jota sport and Thomas hood and Dane

castle all of them thank you one is

now I will defeat all of them and make

them my slaves and only after my victory

over Indra log Villa enter Mathura nine

I'm euros guns from Mathura I have heard

that all you five brothers are good

wrestlers and I have come here to

challenge you to a wrestling contest not

just good me five brothers are the best

wrestlers of the world you all consider

yourself multi wrestlers huh channel

must've good Schull and torsion now

fight with me I challenge you all to

fight me if you defeat me then I will

but if I win then you will all have to

become my slaves your Raj comes prepare

yourself to become our slave and enter

the arena for a warrior like you my

younger brother cooked only is enough

mighty warriors of the world

hahahahaha­haha jaanu mustika good shalt

and thou shalt in accordance with our

bed all five of you will have to become

my slave for the rest of your life do

you agree if you don't then in a flash I

will send you to young Lok we agree huge

guns you are really the best wrestler in

the whole world from this very instant

we accept your supremacy it will be our

whatever the orders may be right or

amongst all these who could be Kish

attacking from behind you must be Kish

Oh Raven who are you and what do you

I'm your Raj guns of Mathura I want your

help in my mission to defeat the king of

Indra that Devendra he is my enemy also

to defeat him I can even lay down my

no Raj I am more certainly with you

Agatha Agatha Agatha where are you come

out and face me come come and fight with

you ROG guns if you win I will become

your slave else you will become my slave

where are you hiding guns after

your neck is so tender isn't it

shall I slit it no no no it grant me the

alright but for that you'll have to be

my slave all your life if you can defeat

my elder brother baka soon and my sister

Patna then I will certainly become your

slave for life you dodge guns all right

that will be child's play for me Balmain

where are they come I will show you look

they're in the South they live on Mount

good Paschal you will find them there

so take it from me that they also have

what brother baka so I can send three

I am glad you have come here it has been

many days since a distant human flesh ha

I'll just watch what argued look days

Oh woman wants to challenge guns listen

to me from today both of you are my

slaves you will have to obey all my

Mirage can't be praised come come John

Maharaj cons has fun hahahaha

but what but but Mirage in the set on a

robot and escaped let them go let him go

John or I know where that cower Indra

will go and hide his blackened face

understand he will go to Vishnu Oh

he will go to Vishnu haha Raja then what

there is absolutely no need to fear this

that Vishnu should here Indra stay

Laveau and come out and face me

hahahahaha­hahahahaha­ha hum Vishnu come

Gunz has captured my kingdom and you're

hey Devraj I am not smiling because your

kingdom has been captured then what is

the reason behind your smile a primitive

Dave Rajan has not asked me for any kind

of help against you Hodgkin it is

possible that they raj had full faith in

himself so enough enough they were sure

enough do not embarrass me anymore

Narayan are I'll you love your devotees

Lord now only you can help us overcome

this crisis concern his demons have

terrorized not only Indra log but the

entire earth has well Oh Joker not

welded whopper yoke end with the

atrocities of these cruel powers or is

approachin­g gala yo if this situation

continues then no one will be left on

earth to pray to God hey boo DV it is a

fact that evil is increasing on the

earth it is also a fact that dwop our

York is nearing its end and that Kali

Yuga is approachin­g but one should not

forget that whenever there is a decline

in religious practices whenever the Holy

Scriptures and Brahmins are insulted

whenever animals are killed and cows are

slaughtere­d then to protect the living

I take birth on this earth I have to

protect religion and destroy it

religious practices I will soon be born

as a male child Krishna who was with a

his wife Devaki may Lord betrays

look how happy I'll send a kiss today

she has a smile on her face and her eyes

are smiling to me off I have nothing to

hide from anyone I'm only waiting for my

oh-ho-ho-h­o-ho the brothers most beloved

sister maharaja cuisine is also waiting

for your brother please translate

what do I hear you say ik Raji my son

has terrorized the life of the residents

Yuvraj guns has descended like a crisis

on our culture and traditions I had

thought that after his marriage to

Maharaj garrisons daughters his nature

would change all together that he would

start thinking about the welfare of the

residents of Mathura and also extend his

boundaries that he would use his

knowledge to increase his military

powers with the help of his physical

strength Yuvraj has created an army of

demons and attention attention

Yauch guns is entering the court

Renault Mirage what am i hearing you

dodge you and your army together I'm

posing atrocities on the residents of

Mathura not on the residents of Mathura

but cheats who call themselves devotees

of God it is a sin to call a devotee or

cheat you Raj I hope this mistake of

yours does not make use of all the fury

this means that you have not yet got the

news of sword being defeated by your son

and his army of demons this is not the

news of victory but your death knell son

and those death-knel­l will awaken vishnu

who's sleeping in the dark waters of the

senior the Lord my son fear the Lord

I hope Vishnu Zanger does not turn you

into ashes do not break the rules which

he has created the great warrior comes

Indra does not fear anyone I do not

guides all rules and decisions religion

and rules are not the creation of one

man and don't you forget only the future

will tell lo King my father but my son

comes I have not gone here to listen to

your useless discourses Mirage I have

come to take part and the varying

celebratio­ns of my beloved sister Devaki

with my friend was today I'm going to

don't you tell us what is going on in

your mind when there is nothing which I

can hide from anyone you must be

secretly thinking that very soon you'll

become vasudev's but right now Vasudev

is only thinking of truly me and he does

forget everything then he hears my

doctor just look how wrong she is of her

I'm only proud of my love Vasu Pedro

enable not let him come near you she's

the first wife he'll do whatever she

wants once he sees my face he'll be so

charmed with my beauty that he'll be

mine forever oh so you have already

started making arrangemen­t of God

I think we should Oakley brother sister

Devaki I thought my brother has

how silly of you to talk like that see I

have left all the comforts of envelope

to be here with you what yes I have

captured in the Lok and brought so many

ornaments clothes and expensive gifts I

have brought all this for you from

interloop I do not desire any of these

things brother all I want right now are

your blessings from the bottom of my

I want my sister to be happy may you

live like a queen in your in-laws house

and be the favorite of my friend

worsening rather may you live long

may you remain happily bed may your home

always resound with the laughter of

children my dear friend varsity for me

today is a very auspicious day my sister

has become the life partner of my

childhood friend Jessie frosh guns from

friends we have now become latest

hahahahaha first you were only my friend

and brother from today you are my

brother-in­-law Jesse brush guns sue

remember from today you will have to

take extra care of me certainly

hahahaha you will also have to take good

care of my sister she must never be put

to any trouble yes yes certainly today

you will not drive the chariot I will be

my sister Devaki is chariot er for today

Oh religious guns the end of your

atrocities is at hand the aid son of

devaki and vasudev will be your end he

will put an end to you and your trustees

on earth and establish religious

practices the eighth son of the UK and

varsity will kill you he will kill you

what Oh foolish one the sister whom you

are taking to her husband's house a8 son

we'll be killed the eighth son of devaki

and vasudev will kill me hahahahaha­haha

she will give birth to a son only if

she's allowed to live isn't it please

my friend what are you doing I

will not let you live today what

insolence is this comes I think you have

lost your senses one destined to slay

Yuvraj guns just think you're the future

king of Mathura with such an evil and

despicable deed not be a plot on your

stage or a helpless antique lady who is

also your beloved sister will you really

kill her after that do you really think

your subjects will ever look up to you

don't do this don't become a sinner by

killing your own sister give Raj spare

dookey let her go consider this my come

on come on soldiers make him a prisoner

hahahahaha­haha it is possible that my

father may not be able to bear the sight

of his daughter's death so take him away

and AJ please what has happened to you

please Maris for god sake according to

the prediction it is their kiss it's

unreal can you come what they pee

herself so why do you why do you want to

kill Dave key listen to me I I promise

you as soon as they flee gives birth to

a son I will bring him to you but please

if you don't fulfill your promise then

every corner of the earth knows that I

Vasudev can even give up his life to

however if you do not have faith in me

they take both of us as prisoners when

you're no longer scared of us you can

free us brother oh brother tell me will

you kill your most beloved sister and

dad - just because a son will kill you

what's wrong have I done brother

tell me what's wrong have I done to you

I will not become a sinner by killing my

own sister but as long as I don't kill

you eight son both you and vaso they

will remain my business soldiers take

bastard eh don't forget your promise

Devaki will give birth to eight sons I

must immediatel­y be given informatio­n

about all her new bones as you order you

whatever name kids ate son will be the

that tradition has struck I have been

contended by me like lightning sustained

yonder cry don't cry sister ome by the

grace of God at least Vasudev and Dave

ki are still alive they are alive but

with this newly married wife I husband

Maseo date is living like a explain

digit do you know sister yeshoda

I was also very happy when my husband

gave me the news that he is marrying

Dave key I was more than happy to note

that I would have to share it I felt

that engaged with her offsprings my

cornea you would come to life with a lot

of children but that cancer is going to

kill all day - honey please don't lose

going to give the keys eight son the

first seven will play in your house

isn't it very soon that day is going to

dawn I have received informatio­n that

within a few days they've gave a give

birth to her first child yes

but sister Yashoda I shudder to think

important difficult conditions if he

must have passed these nine months in

mid jail strange other ways of the

almighty against my wishes even

breathing is a crime a Croce just stop

this lecture on principles and religion

Maharaj guns be praised Maharaj going

against orders this Brahmin was

performing a yoga in the forest and was

chanting the name of Vishnu oh so you

yes are you not scared of death don't

you know that in Kansas Kingdom chanting

which news name is a major crime crime

it is a crime to stop your subjects from

chanting the name of God this is wrong

go game in my kingdom I decide what is

but you rush foolish Robin don't you

ever know that I am NOT a you Raj

but the whole powerful barrage guns who

has conquered Indra no Anna you've odd

to say that I'm a criminal soldiers take

this Brahmin away and Rhea the hundred

whip flashes on him and if he still does

not give up chanting the name of his

do whatever you like gods but Lord

Vishnu will forever remain in my heart

oh you're a religious guns not iron iron

welcome manoeuvre tell me what has

brought you here I heard you talking to

this Brahmin and came here Oh King

slowly one by one I will eliminate all

the devotees of Vishnu from this earth

iron in our iron those who are living

can be eliminated but have you ever

thought about those who are still to be

born are you talking about devaki's

first son na na right but what harm

could her first son do to me according

to the prediction the eighth son of

Narayana L who knows if the first is the

eights and the eights the first it is

also possible that this first son could

come in the way of killing the eighth

one what who knows what form the end can

take meaning meaning not iron our iron

I mean O king it is not easy to

understand the ways of the creator huh I

will leave now nod iron our iron who

knows what form the end can take who

knows what form the end can't a mirage

hmm pinky has given birth to her first

oh how beautiful this child is too

smooth see his eyes are just like yours

hmm and the forehead is just like his

father's isn't it yeah yeah but he is

not destined to have a long life like

his father and mother what guns you and

you hit this time yes come on girl give

the child to me he used to be my end

isn't it you know what are you saying

brother what are you saying this is my

first son the first or the aide I will

not let any one of them live what are

you saying my friend I'm saying the

right thing I will not spare any child

born to you and David gate give him to

why are you doing this I wouldn't be

able to live without my son don't do

I am also party to the crime which

cancer has committed he's a part of me

and I will have to suffer the

consequenc­es of his evil deeds I am a

sinner because I have fathered an evil

man like him I am a sinner who lahood

his atrocities are increasing every day

and even even as the king of Mathura I

am weak I am weak and helpless oh my

lord how many more on Vickie's children

will guns kill in this manner the hands

of this heartless and evil man

don't even tremble the nickel there

Kasich sons Lolong God when will this

not iron our iron Oh Lord what is

happening how many more sons of Davey

will be killed for how long will a

mother have to bear this agony they were

she this is just the beginning

when the earth reacts to these

atrocities then will I be born and what

I was happening is a prelude to my

descent on earth gnar iron our iron tell

me Lord will cancer also sacrifice de

vikke seventh son at the altar of his

evil thoughts no diversion that will not

hey yo Maya the time has come for evil

to be destroyed and for religious

practices to win hey Davy in this

virtuous work I would need some help

from you order me your protector if he

is expecting her seventh child this time

in a womb is a child who is a part of my

original form through your powers you

will have to transfer this child into

the womb of a so Dave's first wife

Rohini so that before I descend on earth

this form is born in Gokul as my elder

brother to help you out in this mission

not I am NOT I am only the Lord knows

hey Brahma babes you will also have to

help me out in this mission I am honored

Tenley Lord with the blessings of your

Maya wave kiss seventh son will be born

to RO hynny in Gokul the child will only

be intelligen­t strong bright and

fortunate if all the planets are in the

right position when he's born on earth

according to your wishes I will arrange

the planets of the Milky Way in the most

here you are Laxmi buddy any child born

under the planets as they are situated

now will be extremely fortunate and

courageous because at the time of his

birth all the planets are placed in the

formation of a plough and so his main

weapon will be a plough so now we can

also find a name for him Rama death as

part of the Adi Shh a child born with

your spiritual powers will be called

Balram because there can be no physical

strength without spiritual powers

my son he's the one he's the same evil

it really just murder this is the

merciless murderer who has slain your

younger brothers you have been born from

it was just green till I'm able to kill

Dave with eight son I will not get any

rest o we stone with his strength and

powers had been successful in killing me

in my previous life but in this birth I

will not get trapped his bed and see to

it that he cannot descend on the earth

to kill me then only I will be able to

sleep peacefully Devaki is about to

deliver her seventh son I will I will

mirage be brave but what news do you

bring Maharaj they've kissed seventh son

died in a room even before he was born

what an unfortunat­e mother I have been

my lord how fortunate I am my first six

sons have been killed no even before the

seventh one was born I was not even

testing to see what it looked like

Brandon Devki be patient probably this

what sort of wish is this man what sort

what sort of wish why is he making me go

Neurath greets you my lord tell me they

worship you seem to be grieved o

all-pervad­ing my mind has been stirred

heartbroke­n thinking what destiny has in

store for us we have to go through they

worship this is something you're well

aware of Narayana Nara but Lord now Dave

his mental torture seems to have crossed

all limits of Tolerance how long will it

be before you descend on the earth my

lord do not worry many were the time has

the time for my descent on the earth is

because evil has crossed all limits and

now the destructio­n of it religious

practices is certain we are all with you

in your pious work Lord Vishnu

hey Davey your Maya at the time when I

descend on the earth you will be born as

a daughter to none and Yashoda in Gokul

since on the earth you will be born as

my sister you will be worshiped in

various forms like durga ahdre Kali

Vidya wash Nabeel Sharda and Ambika all

the gods present here are proof of the

fact that to establish religious

practices age after age I have been

reincarnat­ed once again such a situation

in the present planetary conditions your

reincarnat­ion will be most beneficial

and because the rowena nakshatra is

controlled by me Lord commonly through

your birds under this nakshatra twill be

why are you looking at me like this my

lord I can see a wonderful blue crystal

ha stop it you are looking at me as if

you have never set eyes on my face

before this is something has never seen

before the key overnight a very good

skills to have a good this is the eighth

time my lord do I need to give you the

this means the one who will end the

what what did you say Devaki is carrying

her eighth child yes Maharaj and today

she is looking very beautiful and

so my end has already entered devki's

home and what is this that suddenly Dave

his face has started growing I am sure

the child in her womb has the blessings

of a tional and will emerge from a room

so will the medicine be proved correct

is my India the glow on his face proves

Vishnu resides nervo Vishnu will once

again be born to complete the mission of

the cars the mission which will be

complete or living my death but but if I

killed if ki right now I finish her then

then then what will wish the road what

by doing this will not stop Vishnu from

completing his mission he will find some

another way to kill me and I will become

a sinner for having killed my sister and

successive­ly stained my glory will be

tarnished my name will be insulted all

devki gives birth to the one who is

destined to kill me I am descending on

the earth to kill the creators of evil

because I want to establish an ideal for

all mankind's that no matter how strong

the sinner is someday he will meet his

end and if I do not prove this then all

the devotees on earth will lose all

their faith in the gods and the power of

those creating evil and injustice will

increase their path will be free from

obstacles and their sins will rise you

are the protector of creation you are

present in every corner of the universe

whatever you do you will be right

at the closing phase of guapa yoke my

incarnatio­n on earth will be known as

we'll be called the krishna villa

the unhappy life which devki has been

leading in a jail for years will end

when she becomes the proud mother of a

child like you all the men and gods who

participat­e in this ritual to establish

religious practices will be etched in

history as those who are highly

increase the security around the cell

where devki is imprisoned as per your

orders this has already been done Mirage

and don't forget as soon as they've

kissed son is born I must be immediatel­y

informed as you oughta manage be alert

that you are aware of even the breeze

which enters them keys cell every

soldier should be alert all the time

inform all the soldiers of the palace to

I am greatly honored to have you as my

son it is it is indeed a very good

fortune that you have chosen me and this

key you complete this great vision after

looking at your wonderful form I'm fully

confident that the time has come when

each and every word of the prediction

now most certainly the earth will be

freed from the atrocities of guns and

dirt as always will be victorious I

cannot put into words how greatly

honored I am to have given births to you

but but when your brother comes knows

that you has sown enemy Vishnu has been

born to me then he he he might do not

worry mother your days of trouble and

agony are now over it is to root out all

that Frosty's and irreligiou­s practices

of this universe that I have been born

to you as your son in many of my

previous births you are my father and

mother and it is the love and affection

that I got in those births for which I'm

totally in debt with you I promise you

that in this birth you will surely

we are blessed it is in a mortal form

that I have to achieve the mission for

which I have come to the earth then what

had I not shown you my true form

possibly both of you would not have

believed in the eternal power of God and

the happenings of the future would

appear very strange to you but then why

don't you destroy all the evil powers in

this form of yours to achieve this

I want to present some examples to the

people residing on this earth and it is

possible only in the human and not in

this divine form so as soon as it is

possible please send me to the house of


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