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I'm trying to get some sleep here!

How's that. Is that much better?

Turn down your damn music, or I'll come over there and turn it

All right, sucker. You come down here, we can dance.

When I don't get enough sleep, I get\n

Just a bean trying to\nget some sleep.

You came here just to make us turn off\nthe music?

If you were listening on the phone

I said I would come here to turn\nit off myself.

Are you insane?! Do you know what you\njust got yourself into?

Detective Cromwell. Good morning.

Something tells me there's nothing good about this morning.

Multiple gunshots were reported coming from this warehouse.

I was the first one to answer the call.

You do know whose warehouse this is.

No, sir. I wanted to wait for backup.

There's got to be a\ndozen, at least a dozen dead beans here.

I guess I don't need this anymore.

These were all Cappuccino­'s beans.

It must have been some kind of gang war.

Cappuccino­'s beans might be dumb, but they know how to use a gun.

There would have been other dead beans\nher­e, not just them.

We won't need that search warrant we were trying to get, huh.

Detective Cromwell. I found something here.

'This bullet casing is the property of Killer Bean'

'The bullet is meant for someone else'

This guy's got balls. That's for sure.

This is the police! Hold it right there!

Get out of the car! Get your hands where I\ncan see them!

Oh please, officer. Don't hurt me.

I should have known I'd find you\nhere, Detective Cromwell.

Well, obviously something happened in my warehouse.

I mean, can't a bean protect his own property anymore?

Don't you mean, Cappuccino­'s property?

You know, your obsession with Cappuccino has become quite

Always trying to link everything back to Cappuccino­.

Why don't you tell it to the court. You're\nun­der arrest.

What about this?\nLoo­king for some action here?

If I were looking for some action

you wouldn't be standing before me as you do right now.

That's cause I'd be shooting you with this!

I say we take him in and book him right now.

You know my lawyers will have me out even before you get me to the

The time is not worth your effort, now is it Cromwell.

However, investigat­ing the multiple\n

And whatever else we find in your warehouse,­\n

And by the way, your car's parked illegally.

You better get it out of here before we tow it.

It looks like I'm not the only one after your boss.

...possibl­e suspects. Rumors have surfaced saying that there is a

What the hell is going on out there?!

Ah. Looks like I got someone's attention.

Killer Bean. What the hell are you doing? You think this is a

What were you thinking last night?

We know what kind of night you had. Might I remind you what your

You were given specific orders to hunt down and eliminate the

Drawing this kind of attention to yourself is dangerous for us,

What's the big deal? I killed a bunch of\ngangst­ers.

I'm sure the Beantown police are a lot\nhappi­er without them.

You didn't do anyone a favor with that mess you created last

And you are not working for the Beantown police.

We're running out of time. He has to know you're coming by now.

Yeah. I know what the mission is.

Then stick to it! Don't be so reckless, Killer Bean.

Jet Bean, you have been activated for an urgent mission in

Beantown? I'm a long way from Beantown.

It would be best to assign someone else.

This mission is highly sensitive.

You are the most capable for the job.

Good. We'll contact you with the details\n

They better have some good food in Beantown.

I have something I want to give to you.

You haven't paid in three months!

Hey! You get back here pay now!

He say your food tastes like ass crack.

I said I'll pay when I get back!

It's on the house. You don't have to come\nback­! Please!

Looking at the figures from our previous fiscal year.

Narcotic sales have dropped 57 percent.

Now, compare this to the 300 percent growth

You guys are not from my weapons department­, are you.

You guys are from my narcotics department­, okay?!

How can I get through to you guys?!

Dude. I have such a hangover.

Yeah bean, that was a kick-ass party last night, right?

Yeah. Too bad we didn't stay\nfor the whole thing.

You see, it's easy when you think about it.

Crime is on the rise, okay. So more guns sell

So more drugs should sell, right?

Someone give me a reasonable explanatio­n, okay?

Why are narcotic sales performing so poorly?

It's all those anti-drug commercial­s on TV.

You never see any anti-gun commercial­s.

It has become quite apparent to me

that some of you do not value your job.

That is quite odd, if you ask me.

Especially in today's economy.

Will I be eligible for unemployme­nt?

Let me check with the finance department on that, okay?

My social security number is...

Is my batting average going to go up after this.

Hang on, let me just finish this level.

Maybe you can teach these beans something about business

since you've handled my weapons department so well.

That bean is nothing but a kiss-ass\n­brown-nose­r.

What does he know that we don't know?

But he's making millions of dollars selling weapons.

Oh, it's great to see you, Vagan.

I'm in an important meeting right now.

This is more important. It's about the warehouse on Baker

Yeah. My nephew was having a\nparty of there last night, okay?

There was a hit on the warehouse.

I have reason to believe that it was done by a bean named, Killer

I've heard of him before. I know what he can do.

Is it the French trying to roast me?

It has to be one of your competitor­s.

I want you to find him, and destroy him!

But first, we have Killer Bean to deal with.

He's somewhere out there, and he's coming\naf­ter you.

We need to consolidat­e all of our warehouses­.

There's too many targets for him to attack.

Move all our inventory to the central\nw­arehouse on Main Street.

I want you to protect that place.

What about Killer Bean? What do you want me to do?

Just send him a box of chocolates­, and tell him thanks for the

What do you think you should do?

Any way you can, by any means.

I'll need more beans. Profession­al beans.

Put it on my credit card, okay.

Make sure you find out who sent him.

Hey, Harry. It's Detective Cromwell.

Hey did you get the package I sent you?

Our crime lab is getting nowhere with this.

Well, the easy ones the tire tread sample.

I tested the residue you sent, and the tires are made from silicon

It's only used on high-perfo­rmance cars. It's\n

Hmm... What about the gold bullets?

In my 15 years with Special Forces, I've never seen gold used in

But for practical purposes gold is a very soft metal.

So the bullets expand and deform on high impact.

They make little holes on the way in and big holes on the way

And they are much harder to match the ballistic signatures­.

That makes them relatively untraceabl­e.

Yeah, that doesn't make sense if the bullet casings have his name

Yeah. Killer Bean. Yeah, I\ndon't get that.

He must be one sick bean, like he wanted\nto be found out.

Yeah, or he's bragging. Or just plain careless.

This Killer Bean has to be working for someone to get that kind of

Or he could be a vigilante. That's the word on the street.

Either way, one thing's for sure. He has his eyes set on

Heh, well then you both have something in common.

I have a hunch where this Killer Bean will show up next.

Hey, I gotta go. See you, Harry.

'Suspected Cappuccino­'s Warehouses­'

Dramatic entrance..­. Dramatic entrance..­.

Well, that pretty much frees up my day.

'Shadow Bean, you are too late.'

Detective Cromwell, concerning possible suspects

rumors have surfaced that there is a vigilante bean in town, who

There is no evidence for your vigilante theory. As far as I'm

the suspect or suspects involved in these\n

We will do what is necessary to bring them to justice. Thank

I'll have another. And you can turn that crap off now.

This is a rough part of town. Do you always sit with your back to

Isn't it against police regulation to be drinking during the day?

I'm a detective. Our regulation­s are a little different.

How'd you know I was with the police?

You know, you're much uglier in person.

My name is Detective Cromwell. And you are?

I guess you heard what happened this morning over at the warehouse

Really. Tell me what you know.

Why don't you tell me what you know.

I know the Baker Street warehouse is owned by Cappuccino­.

I know someone killed 12 beans in that warehouse last night.

I know the killer drove a fancy car, and has fancy guns.

I know that the warehouse across the street with the big hole in

I see this fancy car parked in front, and well, you don't look

Well it looks like you figured it all out.

It was easy. You were just reckless.

The way I see it, you're the one who's being reckless.

You come out here looking for me by yourself. You didn't bring

How can I see it, if you have it against the side of my head?

That's for me to know, and you not to know.

Well, I know I can't have a crazy vigilante running around

But you're no vigilante, are you.

Seems like there are beans who've invested in you

And I'm sure they're not happy with the press you're getting.

Well, you see. I'm bound by the law.

I've been working this Cappuccino case for over three years.

Every time we think we have something on him, his lawyers get in

I wish I could just walk up to him and shoot him.

Because I know where is central warehouse is.

Not these abandoned warehouses­, like that\none out there.

Why don't you pay him a visit?

You got the wrong bean. I'm not just some hired gun.

You already have a boss, don't you?

I bet he doesn't really like all that attention that you're

and the evidence says it could've been some rival gang that killed

And I have a lot of evidence that says that.

Get out of my bar you punks! I know how to use this!

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Hold on! I'm a cop!

You drop your guns, both of you!

Sorry, grandpa. It doesn't work like that.

I'm going to slowly lower my gun

and I'm gonna go, alright? Alright?

Just help yourself out the door.

This is for the drinks. Mine and his.

Now, you mind if I go to the bathroom before I go?

Be quick. Your life depends on it.

Sorry. It was a double flusher.

Hey... Don't I know you from somewhere?

You don't have to yell. I'm right next to you.

Answer me! Are there two of you?!

You're not going to shoot me if you need the answers.

Besides, I can't answer you anyway. So...

It's a good idea for you to stay down.

You're not as dumb as you look.

Killer Bean hit Cappuccino­'s warehouse on\nthe east side.

In fact, he was still here when I got here.

Not as well as I would have liked.

Hey listen. I got some new info. I found a note in front of

It said, Shadow Bean, you are too late.

Does that mean anything to you?

I didn't know they were still in operation.

They're highly trained operatives of an\n

Shadow Agency? What are they, a government agency? Why haven't I

I think they were a private organizati­on.

There are some things the government does that are not meant to be

Their collaborat­ion with the Shadow Agency was one of them.

When diplomatic and military tactics failed

our government hired the Shadow Agency to eliminate national

It was more cost effective than training and maintainin­g our own

And the Shadow Beans were better than anything we had.

What are the Shadow Beans doing in Beantown?

And what could they possibly want with Cappuccino­?

I don't know. I thought the Shadow Agency was disbanded.

I know our government stopped using them nearly a decade ago.

I haven't heard of them since.

So do you think this Killer Bean is a Shadow Bean operative?

It sounds like he's certainly good enough to be.

What do you think I should do is stop him?

I don't even know if you can't stop him.

But you can start by putting all your cops on double duty.

All we do we sit around and drink beer.

Are you kidding? This is my dream job!

Hey! We're not supposed to be just\n

Remember what Vagan said? He said we got to move all those crates

If the cops find this stuff, we are screwed.

Where are we supposed to move them?

I don't know. I didn't really listen to\nthat part.

Oh here, have mine. I shouldn't drink anymore.

Wait... is this a low carb beer?

Did you beans hear what happened at the party last night?

Some dude went in there, and killed everyone.

He even killed Cappuccino­'s nephew.

Who was this bean that killed everyone?

Is he someone I should be worried about?

Nah. He's probably just some crazed lunatic, running around with

You know, that's the problem with this country.

Too many crazed lunatics with guns.

The lunatics aren't the problem.

What this country needs is some serious gun control.

I mean, we need to take away all\n

Bean, you dropped into the wrong place.

Looks like what we got here is a standoff.

Call the boss! Get some help!

Vagan! We're being attacked. I think it's Killer Bean!

We're sending the mercenarie­s. Just hold tight.

I can see we came to the right place.

You made short work of these beans.

Don't expect the same fight from us.

My squad has been with me through hell.

I hand selected them myself from the Academy ten years ago.

All of them graduated with top honors.

I led these beans through three tours of duty

accumulati­ng a total of 15 Medals of Honor, 11 Purple Hearts.

Sure, we lost a few good beans...

But you should see what we did to the other bloke.

Well, then we went into business for ourselves.

Escort detail for high-level dignitarie­s

Hostage extraction­, corporate assassinat­ions, preemptive surgical

Or just plain search and destroy.

Heck, we even robbed a few federal banks with business with slow.

So this little shindig we got here...

Are you going to say something or what?

Oh, I'm sorry. I must have totally zoned out on you.

Whoa, my eyes are starting to water. Whoo!

Let's make one thing clear. Last night\nwas a party.

This is not a good idea. We should kill him now.

This is the great Killer Bean.

Better enjoy a while it lasts, tough guy.

Tough words from a bean who is helpless.

What do you want, Killer Bean? Who are you working for?

What. You expect me to just blurt it all out?

My nephew was at the Baker Street warehouse when you attacked it,

I think you owe me an explanatio­n.

He wanted to be a DJ as some big nightclub.

I told him, someday I'll buy you your own my club.

As long as you sell my drugs there.

Eh, the profit sharing we never agreed on.

But you know, he was such a sweet kid.

He was the one playing the music.

Kill this bean. He's wasting my time.

I was about to ask you the same thing.

Are we done playing games for today?

I need backup. I'm at 43rd and Main Street.

How dare you come onto my property, looking to kill me!

Hate to burst your bubble, Cappuccino­...

No. I'm quite interested to knowing why.

Believe me, it's no trouble at all.

I think that my estimated taxes are due soon.

I like to stay on top of that stuff.

It's about time they sent someone with\nsome talent after me.

Nothing but the best for you, Dark Bean.

Yeah. I guess they finally learned it's gonna take the best.

You were one of the Shadow Agency's top beans.

Why did you betray us, Dark Bean?

The Shadow Agency betrayed me.

You're the one who destroyed our database, and stole years of

And how could you go from policing the world to running guns for

Why did you join the Shadow Agency, Killer Bean?

To get rid of the trash in this world, one bullet at a time.

Yeah, we all joined for the same reason.

But when I joined the Shadow Agency 12 years ago

Our job was to neutralize threats, while the politician­s were

That's just the way I like it.

The agency was always privately controlled

But originally we always worked with the government to protect our

I'm not sure what caused the shift but now

we're just guns for hire, providing services to the highest

Anyone with the right amount of money can buy the talents of the

On one mission, I was asked to protect some rich dictator.

On another, I assassinat­ed an opposing leader.

The Shadow Agency always convinced us that what we did was for the

But before I left, they had me deliver weapons to the very group

Do you expect me to believe any of this?

All I know is that you breached the agency's security, and stole

All the informatio­n I took was mine.

I wasn't about to give up 12 years of sweat and blood. I needed

And exactly how does serving Cappuccino continue your work?

Cappuccino is a major player in the weapons market.

Posing as his lackey puts me on the inside.

I can find out who wants what, who sells\n

But unlike at the Shadow Agency, I can finally kill the beans who

You got yourself a few more minutes of\n

But you can't out talk my trigger finger.

It doesn't matter if you believe me or not.

This is probably your last mission.

If I don't kill you, the Shadow Agency will.

What the hell are you talking about? I'm\n

The Shadow Agency knows I could expose them.

Any agent that comes in contact with me is compromise­d.

And from what I've been hearing

You've been a liability to the agency since the day you started.

Seeing the mess you made last night confirms that the Shadow

They must know you joined for the same\nreas­ons I did.

They know it's only a matter of time\n

And if they can't control you now, how\n

It's smarter for them to diffuse you\n

If they wanted me dead, then why even\nsend me on this mission?

You said it yourself. You're one of their best.

They tried to kill me before. They sent Shadow Beans after me

They want us both dead, and we're hard to kill.

Regardless of the outcome of this mission, the agency gets what

Because one of us will be eliminated­.

I'm not gonna believe you. I won't believe a word you say.

I would have done more with my life than you ever will.

This is Cromwell. Where's my backup?

6 squad cars eta 3 minutes, 2 special assault units in 5.

I've always wanted to meet him.

I'll call you when the job is done.

Whoa, whoa ,whoa! Easy, hold your fire!

Finally brought some backup, huh.

Yeah. Does this satisfy your ego?

What do you want, Cromwell? Coming to see if I did your dirty

You got the results you wanted. Now just step aside and let me

You're the key to this whole mess.

If I let you go, I'll never find out about the Shadow Agency, or

You are Shadow Bean, aren't you?

They're coming after you, aren't they.

If you tell me what I need to know, I can protect you.

I can at least give you a place to stay tonight.

There is nothing you can do that will help me.

But I do need a quiet place to think.

Not exactly what I had in mind, but this will do.

Make yourself at home. This will keep you safe for the night.

Hell, it'll probably keep us safe too.

I'll be back in the morning. We have a\nlot to talk about.

Who were these guys? I'd like to know where they get guns like

Hey, don't touch that stuff. You know better than that. You're

I don't think we're going to have a shortage of evidence here.

Whoa, hold it! This is a crime scene. No\n

Yeah. Nobody ordered no egg foo yung here.

Killer Bean? We put his ass in the slammer.

Let me put it in a language you can understand­.

So sorry. No chow mein here. You deliver wrong place.

Get your hands in the air! Put them up, now!

Now put your hands on your head, drop to\nyour knees.

Commander. Thanks for your help.

I'm turning in for the night. I'll be back in the morning.

Right, sir. We'll be here when you get back.

Just some punk bean\nwe caught assaulting an officer.

Well he sure picked the wrong night to do that.

Hold it! Another move, and we drop you!

Are you sure you want to do that?

So you're the bean they sent to kill me.

I am Jet Bean.\nAss­assin from the East.

I completed my mission. Why do they want me dead?

They decided to kill me the moment they sent\n

The agency knew that once I found out the truth about them, they

Save your breath, Killer Bean.

Don't you know what the Shadow Agency is? Don't you realize how

I can see you've been brainwashe­d by Dark Bean.

No one Shadow Bean can threaten the agency.

I certainly hope you trained harder than that.

At least you're in the fighting mood now.

You have been a formidable opponent.

I am sorry I have to end this game.

Jet Bean, is your mission complete?

I learned a lot about the Shadow Agency today.

Don't be rash. Think about what\nyou are doing.

Why don't you come in? We can talk\nthin­gs over.

Oh, I'm coming in. But it won't be for talking.


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