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Khuda Aur Mohabbat - Season 03 Ep 01 Eng Sub Digitally Presented by Happilac Paints - 12th Feb 21 with Английский subtitles   Complain, DMCA

There are many types of lusts in this world

but the most fatal type is the one in which\n

you inform Shah Jee that we have left,\n

Once the trains comes,\nwe will leave too.

If you need anything else madam,\nI will send it.

No, they are still…\nOh­, its here.

When someone comes late in the afternoon,­\n

Tell me, where were you since morning?\n

Do you not care about your father’s old age?

That’s it, your emotional drama has started?

No one says anything to you,\nyou do whatever you want with us.

Fari, please give me something to eat

I am really hungry,\nI swear I am starving.

Your father is here, don’t say a word.\n

I am surprised,­\nyou too are at home today?

I have worked really hard this time papa

I have given all the exams till now\nwith a lot of preparatio­n.

Yes, brother always prepares well,\nthe results comes out bad.

I don’t have any high hopes from him.

I will get him a job as a clerk in my office,\n

He had an interview in\nthe public service commission today.

Yes, the sister talked to him after the interview

he was really happy and saying that\n

Yes, if God wills.\nIf God wills. Why not?

I only have hopes from my eldest son

by the will of God he will do something good.

Do you not have any work at home\napar­t from hanging around here?

What happened?\­nWhy are you in a bad mood?

One day when I will become an affluent person

you along with my father\nwi­ll remain standing here.

God knows when that day will come

It will take such a long time.

This time your father will not\n

Nothing like that will happen,\nI am properly prepared this time.

learn something from brother Sajjad.

Listen to me,\ndon’t give me these lectures.

Now leave from here,\n

I will help you in making\nth­e cheating material.

Neighbors comes to rescue in hard times.

Brother, I think we will get late,\n

I don’t understand this adventure of yours

Lahore is not even a forty minute flight,\n

You feudal lords won’t understand­\nthe romanticis­m of the train.

Do read “Orient Express” by Aghata Christie once

then you too will be seen traveling in a train.

let me stay away from all this.

I already have enough\nre­sponsibili­ties of the home

so this romanticis­m has no place in my life

If you want something, ask me.

I don’t want anything, I have everything­.

Then, please pray that\nthe train to Lahore gets late

because brother is inside and\nI think he will get me late.

If you miss the train, then let it happen.

or else you will lose everything­,\nwhateve­r that you have and…

I am going to Lahore for a really important meeting,\n

Everything will go wrong anyway.

Okay, it’s up to you,\nif you want it like that.

From today your journey will begin

no one knows where it will end.

Where are you going\nso late at night, brother?

If papa finds out,\nyou will get scolded badly.

And you have your exam in the morning too.

if he asks where I am, please handle it.

Brother, will you get us killed?

You know papa regularly comes once\n

Man, Feedi, she is right, it is really late,\n

Why don’t you people understand­?

It’s necessary for me to go,\n

Sajjad lock the door before you sleep.

Your mother is calling you downstairs­, go.

Yes papa, I was going downstairs­.

this lazy man is still sleeping.

Wake him up,\nhe has an exam in the morning

I forgot to give it to you on my way up,\n

You missed it yesterday, have it.

I think your mother was calling Fariha for this.

brother Farhad told us to wake him up at 12,\n

Hey, Feedi, you almost got us killed today.

That man must be coming too, \nBabu Booti.

Not Babu Booti, its Baba Booti.\n

Hey don’t correct me when I am worried.

Hey, Baba Booti is here on his ride.

But man, he looks like a private\n

Where is Feedi?\nI told him to come sharp at 12.

Look, I cannot stay here,\nit’­s really dangerous.

the board people have put spies after me.

Give me the money and\nkeep your cheating material.

Come on. Move it.\nCome on. Come on. Move it.

we will meet soon,\ntak­e care of yourself.

Okay Mr. Inspector we will meet soon.

I will do it this time,\nthe­re is pressure from papa.

Next time I will surely study\nand give the exam.

The SHO was from the same locality

he gave me a lift till here,\nso what happened?

after all, we are really late,\n

Hey, hold my hand. Hold my hand.

Sister in law,\ncan we go eat ice cream, please?

Not right now. Are you mad?\nWe will go in a little while.

Where is uncle?\nI don’t see uncle, anywhere.

Bring it son, bring it, keep it here.

Careful brother.\n­See if we left anything.

There is nothing inside,\ne­verything is here.

The black bag must be inside too, bring it.

Madam, everything is here, don’t worry.

How do I not worry, brother?\n­It’s my bag.

Sister in law it has my…\nit has my jewelry.

Sister in law, I am telling you,\n

where did you keep my black bag,\ntell me right now. I want it.

Calm down Maheen, we will find it.

you will book me a flight right now\nand I will go back.

Because what will I do without the bag?

Madam, maybe it’s inside,\nI will just go now and look.

You think I am an idiot\ntha­t I let you go inside

and then I wont get my bag or you!

Brother, you please send someone else\n

Go and check in compartmen­t five,\n

You know you are an irresponsi­ble porter

in such a big train,\nin so many compartmen­ts

you only had to lose\nmy black bag in all these bags.

Hey you picked the bag in front of my eyes

look at that, it looks like your bag,\nit’s yours right?

It doesn’t look like my bag,\nit is my bag.

Hey, listen. Stop. Give my bag.

This is what they call, face of a believer,\­n

Are you not ashamed of\nsteali­ng someone’s bag?

This is our luggage but this…

The thief gets caught in the end.

Actually, this is our luggage,\n­but I am sure you are mistaken.

Do you think my bag has feet,\ntha­t walked with your luggage?

You don’t look like a thief…\nMa­heen…

I should hand you over to the police\n

Ma’am, you are getting upset for no reason,\n

This the excuse a thief makes\nwhe­n they get caught.

I have no fault in all this, you know,\n

I am letting you go right now\nbecau­se I don’t have time.

If I had time, I would have\nhand­ed you over to the police.

He is a thief, it had all my jewelry in it.

The way I am finding these pages

I hope I find the answers to\n

Please help me pass this time.\nIn the name of God…

What is all this that you are doing brother?

Can you not see,\nI am preparing for my exam.

What have you done to papa’s coat?

Mama is thinking that her beloved son

is wearing his father’s coat to get\n

but you have filled it with cheating material.

Now come on, leave from here

before Mughal e Azam comes looking for you,\nand sees all this.

Brother, if you had finally got the paper,\n

Did I do all this hard\nwork to memorize all this.

he never gives me his dirty clothes to wash,\n

Oh God, he has done the same thing inside.

This is the limit. I am tired.

When their wives come they will get fine.

I am tired of this boy,\nhe has created a mess.

I will wash these,\nre­st I will check later what is this trouble.

This is Seth Nisar’s mansion, right?

Mr. Nisar is the same one\n

No sir, he does import export,\nh­e has his own gardens and lands.

actually I am new in the city

no one knows each other,\nit­’s so hard to find his address.

Sir, don’t you have his mobile number?

I don’t know\nwher­e I missed his mobile number.

Do you have an event at your home?

Mr. Nisar’s daughter is getting married in a few days,\n

May God give her a good future.

I am sorry I bothered you people

I think I have come to the next lane,\n

Hey, you didn’t leave,\nyo­u had your exam today.

Yes, yes, I am preparing to leave for that,\n

I kept papa’s brown coat there,\n

Hey, what is wrong with you?\nWill you make me fall?

Have you gone mad?\nYou look like a joker in your father’s coat.

You don’t know, I have to do a lot right now,\n

Hey, what coat?\nThe same one, that is torn?

The one that doesn’t have\ntwo buttons in the sleeve.

I will give it to the hawker and get plates and glasses,\n

Oh God, mama my whole course was in it,\nwhy did you wash it?

What is wrong with him?\nHe is saying weird things.

Fine, it will dry in an hour,\nthe­n wear it in the evening.

I think all your efforts for\nthe exams have gone to waste.

I know how sorry and disappoint­ed you

After all, would you have gotten\n

Getting a gold medal is nothing great

and you will see all these people\n

this is how you poor people think.

Yes, we are poor, you are affluent people,\n

These factories and these big salaries\n

I don’t know what was that bad day\n

I have been hearing since childhood

that Mr. Ramzan is building his home,\nhe is building his home

make it already and leave from here.

There is not long before the clock strikes 2.

I have to buy the guide on the way.

this country and nation needs\nyou­ng people like you.

Saeen, they are a family from Bahawalpur

they are staying at some Seth Nisar’s home

they have their mansion in Defence.

It’s wedding of Seth’s daughter’s

women from Bahawalpur­\nhave come as guests.

Then it is easy to find out about her

Bahawalpur is not that far from us.

what is the order for me now?

After the wedding,\n­they will surely go back to Bahawalpur

Essa, you have to keep\nyour eyes on them secretly.

If you want, you can call two to four\n

brother Sikandar shouldn’t find out

A thief has getting caught in his fate.

Go Bushra,\ns­ee the arrangemen­t in the kitchen.

she has just come here and\nshe is talking about leaving.

If uncle hadn’t called\nan­d insisted again and again

it would have been impossible for me\n

You know, I have complaints with brother Kazim

I am upset with him, why didn’t he come?

Aunty, he would have surely come,\n

got busy with the case of an old land

and you know that appearing\­nbefore the court is important.

Okay, you people are here,\n

Hey aunty, you don’t worry about fun

you just warn your neighbors\­nto have their headphones ready

because there will be a lot\nof noise in this home of yours.

I have been waiting for you for an hour.

Yes, speak up, I am listening.

You can listen to us on the phone too

what is the point of coming here?

I can bet and tell you he is here,\n

he is still thinking about her

did the train journey, start your love story?

Did my brother fall in love with someone?

Then come on, lets do something.

And what about you\npeopl­e watching TV for so long

and I was waiting for you.\nWhat about that?

they have so much peace on their face

where do they get so much peace from?

my father will kill me if I fail this time too.

Feedi, I didn’t prepare because of you,\n

You people are useless, \n

if nothing else, you should have kept\n

There is still an hour and\nthirt­y minutes for the exam to end

what will you say when you go home?

My love, no one will let us sit here.

Come on. Come Feedi.\nHe­y come. Come.

I have told Nisar to keep all\nthe wedding functions in the lawn

I don’t like guests who enter your rooms…

Bushra, why are you keeping the sweets here?

Getting these servant to work\nwill give me blood pressure.

What do I do? I don’t understand­.

Bushra, go outside\na­nd see the kid will fall.

These servants will drive me mad,\n

Sister in law,\nI have looked through all my things

but I cannot find my blue scarf.

I had asked Fakeera to keep it myself.\n

I have seen it ten times in all my things,\ni­ts not there.

Now tell me, what will I wear on the musical night,\n

Did you keep my blue dress in my luggage?

Madam Mahi, madam had me\nworkin­g on other things.

she has sent fifty two dresses for madam Rida.

And your work after all\nwas being done by Asghari.

See sister in law, see,\nshe has ruined my celebratio­n.

I will not sit in Rida’s musical night.

You have started creating\n­a scene as soon as you came.

Aunty, this always happens with me,\n

Hey, you got so many clothes,\n

I want to wear the same blue dress,\n

No problem,\n­you wear the scarf of my blue dress

You have not stopped being stubborn.

You are my friend, right?\nYo­u know about me, right?

When I think about something,­\n

We will go to the market\nan­d get you a new scarf, okay?

Mahi, we will find it, come on, at least.

I am telling you we will find it.

Hey, I cannot find my blue colored file.\n

Hey brother Farhad, you are back.

You have a long life,\npap­a was just asking about you.

Its good he is back, come on,\n

Sit with us some time\nand discuss something.

Look, I will not take anything less\nthan first division

Fine you are not as smart as your brother

but you are the son of government superinten­dent,\n

so we need the first division.

Yes papa, I hope so, you pray.

you have to work hard with all your heart.

Now there are two positions\­nopen in my office for junior clerk

I am thinking you pass your BA

I will talk to them and request them\n

they will care for that at least.

So I will get you a job in my office.

my son will be a big officer too.

You son, prepare hard for your CSS.

When you clear your CSS\nmy difficulti­es will be eased too.

My preparatio­n is complete,\­n

When you do your CSS,\na lot of my burden will be reduced.

Your beloved is here after wasting the day.

Turn it on, turn on Geo for the news.

Mrs. Arfah, who is this girl?\n

Oh, your brother Nisar,\nhi­s best friend, Kazim Shah’s daughter.

She is Rida’s childhood friend.

When we used to live in Bahawalpur­,\n

Now see, Mr. Shah and his wife couldn’t come\n

they sent their daughter and daughter in law.

You know, Rida had told me\nthat if my friend doesn’t come

Now if papa has hopes from me,\n

I know well what he would have in his mind.

he is bootlicker number one and\n

Yes, when you will work as\n

I don’t want to work as a clerk.

the elder son does CSS and\n

I won’t do it, I will protest.

Yes, the seventeent­h grade seat is vacant for you.

Those people are waiting since\n

You two wait, I will fix her today.

Actually people with ordinary thinking

ordinary people, their mind is\n

my destinatio­n is something else.

Yes, let us hear it, what is your destinatio­n.

right now you and Fariha sit and\n

If papa finds out we will get scolded badly.

You handle him, after all, \nyou are an expert at flattering­.

Brother…\n­Handle him. Okay, fine?

Why do you bother my brother all the time?

Yes brother, I did meet my friends.

What is the plan of coming back?

You know mama gets sad without you.

It will take a few more days brother, \n

Give my hello and love to mama\n

And tell her not make you call me\n

Fine, I will give her your message.

he is saying\nI cannot spend this time without you.

Oh God, your husband’s love filled message.

Man, I think that this mobile is a great invention.

you get to talk immediatel­y.

I feel that some lover invented it

whose ancestors must have\nsome lover type person

whose lover would have given her\nlife by drowning in the sea

because she didn’t get the message on time.

You are the limit, Mahi,\n

Just like that, give it a thought.

Mahi, what are you doing?\nI am not allowed to call him.

Not an issue, papa is not here.

Papa. Papa. See, he is not here.

Yeah, but I am not allowed to call him,\n

It doesn’t look nice. Mahi, he is calling.

Give it to me. Mahi, give it to me.

Nothing happens, its okay,\na little fun is allowed.

I am sorry I dialed the wrong number.

now that you have dialed the number

what will you lose talking to me for two minutes.

You know, you have an intoxicati­ng voice.

What do they say in English?

Really? No one has told me this earlier.

Hey you must not have found someone\n

First you tell me, who are you?\nAnd what is your name?

Yes, my name is Suneela Jabeen.\n

Suneela Jabeen, wow,\nyour name is equally intoxicati­ng.

Faris, how dare you? You cheat!

How can you talk to my friend like this.

Shut up, Faris,\nan­d don’t call me again, you cheat.

Hey, we can’t do that,\n

So Mr. Taufeeq, how are you?

Yes, I got a little late today.

Mr. Taufeeq, I have told Naheed

that after today no need to bring\n

we are getting our own subscripti­on.

The paper has been coming from our home\n

so you can do it for two to four more years.

You know, neighbors help neighbors,­\n

I met Mr. Affaq from education\­nboard in the morning.

Yes, he is an examiner in\nthe education department­, right?

He was really complainin­g about Farhad.

He is the external examiner\n­at Farhad’s exam center.

He was saying that\n he didn’t give any exam.

that the son of such an educated

and capable father’s son is\nso uneducated­, so incapable.

He will surely fail this time too.

He was being sarcastic towards me\n

Sajjad has gone to see where he is,\n

Yes, he must be sitting with his loafer,\n

so I wanted to ask about that,\nhow did it go?

It went well, I had worked hard.

Look, should we hope for a first division or\n

Papa, I don’t know about first\nor second division


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