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John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum - Movie Review with English subtitles   Complain


John wick chapter three Parabellum so

John Luke chapter three is you guessed

at the third film in the John wick

series feel like John wick started out

as this pure thing this guy's wife died

and then the dog she left him was killed

they just went apeshit on these people

killed his dog but where the possibility

and opportunity of franchise can be seen

by a studio well a franchise there will

be so now is the John wick trilogy at

the end of John wick chapter two

spoilers for John wick Chapter two it

leaves off John wick is on the run and

in this movie yes he's still on the run

and now assassins are coming after him

what I like about this movie other than

the badass rate and the action sequences

or I guess I'll start out with that the

action scenes in this smooth movie holy

shit I mean I shouldn't be surprised at

this point it's pretty much what you've

come to expect from a John wick movie it

just never ceases to amaze and at a

point where it's just like all right

they're just on God mode at this point

John wick is just untouchable and he's

just perfect they throw in something

worse like god John wick has to use more

tactics now think about his fighting

technique also that I just noticed and I

appreciate there's a scene in particular

where a couple guys have knives and

they're coming after John wick and

they're kicking at John wick and you can

just tell he takes the kicks so he can

block the knives it's just like there's

not enough time to block the kick and

the knives so he's just like alright I

guess I'm gonna take the kicks to the

chest to try it off being I'll be able

to block the knives I just I like shit

like that it also keeps John wick from

being untouchable because he is in fact

taking damage that said it's chip damage

who are we kidding

the dude is God but even the first fight

that happens with John Blake it just it

sets the stage just like everyone around

me Luke Oh same kind of style flash and

fulfillment you get from a mortal combat

fatality even the dogs are fucking

badass in this movie there's someone in

here it has a couple of dogs the dogs

take part in the action sequences it's

like the dogs are out for revenge for

the original dog not all dogs go to

heaven that's a fucking lie they do and

the thing I appreciated that kind of I

found jarring in John wick chapter two

that I've now fallen into and appreciate

and accept in John wick chapter 3 is the

world-building this is a very eccentric

world that they keep building on it's

very comic-book ass I'm in let's face it

John wick is on the run and fighting

essentially super assassin Illuminati

come on did the logic

but it's cool it's not real or is it I

will say the main lady who's essentially

the spokesman for this super assassin

Illuminati this lady was kind of wooden

I get why she was cast because it's like

she could be a voice actor she has

something about her voice where she

enunciates every word like this came

across is kind of wooden but I love the

fact that I would say John wick has

fallen into what it is but it never

didn't fall into what it is it's always

falling into what it is it's always

lived up what it is it just doubles down

or triples down now there's even a

matrix reference or two in this movie

beyond the fact that Laurence Fishburne

and Keanu Reeves are in the same movie

together but really it's in here so you

need good because in the end John wick

chapter 3 delivers what you want in a

John wick movie and the John wick

trilogy now delivers what we wanted from

the taken trilogy to is my least

favorite but still cool three is better

than two but not as good as one but if

you're a fan of the John wick movies

you're gonna love this that'll say John

wick chapter three is worth watching and

worth buying on blu-ray

all right so John wick Chapter three

have you seen it what did you think of

it and alright the hand-to-hand combat

was who could beat John wick in a fight

don't give me the shit like shanks soon

could just steal a soul mid-fight or

Vader could choke him out from like 30

feet away kind of stuff I'm talking like

real hand hand fighter who could beat

John wick in a fight whoever it is

whatever you think comment below let me

know and as always if you like what

you've seen here and you want to see

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