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futurist taking off bring that ring back

single file don't forget to smile who's

the gum kate you look like the may

sorry now prepare to serenade you

there ever guys a perfect couple days

your life begins today make him a happy

guys she's not here that makes me crazy

where is elle she doesn't have an

oh my god she is totally freaking out

she's trapped in the old valley mill

whoops sorry the old valley mom

almost there but this dress needs to

make a grown man kneel but it can't come

out and say bride can't look like i'm

or like i'm waiting for it i gotta leave

horner his pride so pride is more

oh my god oh my god you guys oh

this week i've had butterflie­s every

time he looks at me it's totally purpose

blondes make commission­s so easy

excuse me have you seen this it just

oh it's perfect for a blonde right

with a half loop stitch on china silk

but the thing is you can't use a half

loop stitch on china silk it'll pucker

and you didn't just get this in because

i am not about to buy last year's dress

all right it may be perfect for a blonde

but i'm not that blonde i may be in love

but i'm not stupid lady i've got eyes

courtney take your break just ignore her

oh warner tonight's just perfect no

you're perfect no you are no you are no

no you you you okay i'm even irritating

now i want you to know how happy you've

i mean every guy dreams of finding a

who looks like you we both know why

i see it in your eyes i guess it calms

to know it's not a surprise i thought

looking like a dream come true would

leave me speechless like you always do

and we've got some plans to make

let's take some action baby so baby give

i've got some dreams to make true

it's time to get serious time to get

i'll break it down now baby give

you're breaking up with me but i

i did talk to my parents about that pooh

but they expect a lot from me uh i'm

going off to harvard law school and my

so is his new wife and she's a

so i'm not good enough for you warner

i'm from malibu i'm not exactly trailer

trashy or richard simmons is our

el if i'm going to be a senator when i'm

i'm gonna need somebody serious

less of a maryland more of a jackie

somebody classy and not too tacky okay

what does that mean i'm not a jackie

i'm not serious but i am seriously in

i've got some dreams to make true

i thought that you'd understand

it's time to get serious time to get

daughter of delta new sweetheart it's

i think he should be shot and let me

i don't think he's that hot i do well

must we all descend into madness yes

snap it out so good to see you look

we brought you new magazines we got town

and your favorite the one they named

but i think it's gonna take more than

ellen town and country to bring me back

from my shame spiral well then sweetie

you are just going to have to hold

on because the new vogue is not out till

okay what do not tell me ponchos are

no worse it's warner's brother peyton

huntington the fourth and his bride

pictures from their wedding look muffy

wait a sec this is the kind of girl

someone serious someone lawyerly

someone who wears black when nobody's

girls i have a completely brilliant plan

all of this off the brain i'll meet you

there at harvard with the book in my

big sturdy book big birdie book full of

step one he's off to harvard law so i

make warner reassess impress him with my

that's great nice plan now can we think

i have a 4.0 average and fashion

merchandis­ing what makes you think you

even if they do what you want sweetheart

if you're going to swing it it will

wreck your senior spring yeah it's true

first you'll need an lsat score of more

so no more parties for you you'll need a

killer essay or do not even hope

good god why law school is for boring

and you button are none of those things

what you want button hey you just say

the word but what you want's absurd and

and hell why button when you can stay

yes the east coast is foreign there's no

it's cold and dark no valet parking all

the girls have different noses bright

spot and it's like the damn frontier

show me what's out there get right here

i'm going there for love i have to win

hi everybody it's the spring fling

not for you you can either party or get

here oh my god you're making me crazy

what's your what you want to be out

because it's on she won what you want

you wanna be sturdy stuck inside your

door what you want you wanna be party

what you want you wanna be strong

harvard law grants admission to adam

and son deep pedometer outstandin­g

who was kind enough to send in a

she's applying apparently well she has a

4.0 average yes in fashion merchandis­ing

she did get a 175 on her lsats yes and

there's also a letter of recommenda­tion

gentlemen i'm not arguing miss woods is

unqualifie­d but look at her is that

the face of harvard law multicultu­ralism

excuse me we should admit her for

multicultu­ral culturalis­m gentlemen

please get a hold of yourselves this is

harvard law school not

oh look at that oh what a shame she

didn't bother sending in a personal

now see here ms woods you can't just

barge in here with singing and dancing

movement it's a very flashy presentati­on

you ever been in love cause if you have

that love never accepts a defeat

no challenge it can't meet no place it

hello i'm uh emmett forrest class of

represent uh welcome to the hallowed

halls of harvard law i know firsthand

how hard you've all worked to be here

share a bit about yourselves aaron

i want a full bright and a rhodes i

write financial software codes

but that's a challenge i've outgrown how

one man own some say that i'm a pompous

somehow i don't lose that much sleep why

harvard's the perfect place for me

good to know welcome to harvard what's

yo sandeep agrawal but you may call me

then i flee because of stupid couture

new friends and soon returning

inoculatin­g refugees and family clinics

that i built myself for modern trees

i fought to clean up their lagoons and

save their rare endangered loons and let

a protest march against insensitiv­e

pretty impressive but now i'm on the

legal track because this country's out

of whack and only women have the guts to

we'll make the government complete and

get more people voting greed and really

law machine i love your top it is so

so outside you guys snaps first day of

i know woods and this is bruiser woods

eat it oh my god we both have names that

start with an e oh my god we're like

uh we were just going around the circle

tell us something about yourself

me okay well i'm a gemini with a double

and i have a bachelor's degree from ucla

where i was sick up sweetheart president

of delta new sorority and founded the

oh and just last week at fred siegel i

talked beyonce out of buying a truly

whoever said tangerine is the new pink

does anyone know where i can find

criminal law 101 with professor callahan

warner huntington the third actually

we're all headed there so i'm sure

it's in hauser over there second

i don't think dogs are exactly allowed

i'll just drop him off at my room he'd

bruiser loves days of our lives

oh my god warner that is so weird i

what are you doing here i go here you

what like it's hard uh this must be

comma-l is this my social agenda

let's totally catch up after class

um all that pink you're wearing

is that even legal pink is my signature

so i gather everyone take your seats

professor callahan should be here any

you know three years ago i was sitting

right where you're sitting and i'd heard

rumors i'm sure you've heard too

he bathes in the blood of sheep blah

only partly true what you really need to

know is you have the right to remain

now when you choose a law career the

moment you embark there is that joke

you're bound to hear a lawyer

is a shark ignore that it's simplistic

only some of you will turn out sharks

our topic is blood in the water

unless you acquire a taste for

until the thrill of the kill becomes

mr schultz hypothetic­al question

would you be willing to defend the

following banker accused of fraud

a kinder grandma took her savings and

off to your client all she saved since

she was born well he promised to invest

but he spent it on prostitute­s and

and poor no i would not want to take

wrong this one is a win unless you're

grandma's broke she'll have some hack

put her on the stand and call her old

your guy goes free and he can even get

look for the blood in the water read

your thomas hobbes only spineless snobs

will quarrel with the morally dubious

are your scruples miss hoops

hypothetic­al question would you be the

right lawyer for the following clients

say they offer you a bundle for

hitman for the mafia elite for seems he

missed his chosen prey killed a nun and

running over three cute puppies in the

street what do you think i wouldn't

defend him just because he's a typical

oh you lesbians think you're so tough

oh dear i fear my comment has offended

hard to argue though when you're too mad

your employment will be very quickly

when they see how your emotions make you

so what's my point i run a billion

and i hire four new interns every year

from this class i will select four young

and those four will have a guaranteed

exactly lest the games begin

four of you will win but just those four

oh well someone's had their morning

coffee could you summarize the case of

state of indiana be hearn from your

oh i wanted to answer the puppy question

but i'm asking you about the assigned

okay who assigns reading for the first

let us say you teach a class at harvard

a position that you're justly proud

but a girl on whom you call hasn't read

the case at all should you let it go

she cuts your throat so grab your coat

yes you've got guts but now there's

i got kicked out of class one's first

year too it's awful but trust me your

is not over law career so not the

listen i just need to get back into

can you help me yeah come back tomorrow

make sure you've done your reading right

why would you do that to another girl do

we girls have to stick together we can't

try to look good by making each other

i didn't make you look bad you just

try opening a law book sometime but i

they don't come with pictures so i'll

aren't there girls going wild somewhere

uh hey warner thank god you're here yeah

sorry for what warner is there something

do you know her yeah ella vivian

and i went to boarding school together

now she's my girlfriend i'm sorry i just

what are you doing here l this is a

and every tragedy needs a greek chorus

we are here to help yeah but we're not

actually here here no we're just

in your head honey what you crying at

you're not losing him to that both her

and why is she so rude wipe your tears

you were meant to wear his rings

violence is never wise not the way to

anyway she's twice my size who's got a

me look at her she's like a nun show him

bust out the lap dance and you've won

you know we're right we're positive

oh my god you're making me sick really

are we warner let's take this back to my

how is this helping he's not even here

he laughed while we were shaking junk

girls i'm positive i'll be taking this

no one positive this is harvard

not a stripper bar all this trash

hey there hey there welcome to the hair

oh you're with paulette so you're in

good hands here i'm like allstate

make me a brunette a what a brunette

oh honey you can't change this you're a

okay something else is going on here now

back up paulette is listening spill

okay i know woods and i came all the way

that's a good school i know right anyway

i did it all to follow my one true love

so what's she have that you don't got

she's serious seriously does she have

no she's a constipate­d polo shirt with a

apparently that's what warner wants so

you have to make me a brunette

the number one reason behind all

love you lost without your love

your heart is on the floor well i can

help you i've been there before

when i need to relax i just put on some

from this cd i bought for the storm

when i'm lonely i'm feeling dejected i

i pretend like i'm in ireland

when my telephone gets disconnect­ed

i pretend like i'm in ireland

smell the grass as a rainstorm

is ending people smile while i show past

with a red-headed sailor named brendan

and we dance without moving our arms

in a bar once i met this guy do

and he bought me like 14 beers

and he told me that he was from ireland

if i squinted he looked like my sailor

through my boozy delusional fog

but he dumped me by some [\xa0__\xa­0] named

took my trailer and took my dog

and if your irish boy is of you

you're allowed to shoot him in the knees

say you look like that poster for

long blonde hair and that sweet sunny

you have hope as each new day dawns

girls like you always get to see

oh you know it's it's just times like

this where i miss my dog rufus the most

look it's our annual glamour shot with

beyond adorable no woman should be

tell me something i don't know so i'll

bring the lobster pot stickers oh

and i have a case of chardonnay yum now

just a few of us are getting together

hey l maybe that guy you like will be

go definitely come it's a costume party

i love costume parties of course you do

you are so gonna borrow my secret weapon

costume i got in storage listen

all we need to do is dust off the

mothballs oh but wait till you see it

now you go you go and you do this honey

because if a girl like you can't win

back her guy then there is no hope for

thank you for talking me off the ledge

you have no idea how much i needed this

well then go l you go and you fight for

i'm not sure where this metaphor's going

i just felt like it had to be said

there's a guy at that party who loves

something most of us only dream of

so how does elle handle her first big

find out when legally blonde the musical

hi we're back with more than mtv's

premiere of legally blonde the musical

yes you have the best seat to the

hottest show on broadway right here on

well it's time to get back to the show

our girl is going to her first costume

and paulette hooked her up with a killer

costume so will she be the head of the

would help her win warner back see for

whitney darling thank you for hosting

oh my pleasure oh thank you we all

needed a break from law school anxiety

and worrying about callahan's internship

you can say that again will you two

you do know whitney's father is next in

line to be speaker of the house so you

oh just think future presidents

could be in this very room okay i'm

gonna go track down robert coleman and

join our study group apparently his

is three houses down from just a suitor

okay i'm gonna grab a beer right

hey stranger oh man what's with the

can a girl shake things up yeah but how

come you couldn't wear this when we were

because i guess you never asked which

now ranks as the greatest regret of my

no i uh i still can't get over the fact

i i mean back at ucla never would have

sometimes i miss the old days

this party senior year i thought we

you funneled all that beer i held your

we were like gods back then walking

tell me why can't it be that way again

disappear we could keep on dreaming them

what i like senior year but funner

all right you look real serious

warner don't forget i got into this

and now we'll both be studying law

together maybe we'll both get callahan's

internship and work together

wait a second you get kicked out of

you don't actually believe you have a

chance at getting that internship do you

of course well everybody in the class

wants it nobody more than me it's a

you're practicall­y made partner before

you're looking fluffy as usual oh

hello vivian thanks for the great tip of

i see you came as last year's sample

look pooh bear l you have to ace his

course to get that internship and

he's not called c minus callahan for

nothing warner i am completely cognizant

of both of those facts you're not gonna

make it through the semester

let alone get callahan's internship even

face it bunny one of these things is not

someday we'll nominate supreme court

justices and you'll tan run home

and change out of your skank costume

oh yes that's what you see vivian how

unfortunat­e because i'm gloria stein in

researchin­g for her feminist manifesto i

are you actually calling glory steinem a

who's calling gloria steinem a skank

hello excuse me i put my faith in love

i followed where it led love led you

circle of hell it has not worked out

well i wish that i were dead

because instead of a wedding and love

i don't know laughing stop someone he

you came out here to follow a man

harvard law was just part of that plan

man what rich romantic planet are you

malibu instead of lying outside by the

pool you stalk some guy to an ivy league

that's the weirdest reason i have why'd

i grew up in the roxbury slums with my

guys who showed me all the ways a man

i got through law school by busting my

ass worked two jobs in addition to class

so forgive me for not weeping at your

well excuse me but just because you've

got a chip on your shoulder you know

there's a chip on my shoulder and it's

with a chance i've been given i'm gonna

i'm so close i can taste it so i'm not

gonna waste it yeah there's a chip on my

you might want to get one as well well

that sounds highly negative hey

i'm just being honest when you weren't

born into privilege you got to work

plus law school i haven't slept since

seriously how do you do it well

i don't go to parties a lot not good use

can't spend hours doing my hair and

i don't spend hours but i know it'll all

be worthwhile when i win my first

lucrative trial and buy my mom that

great big house out on the cape that's

no that's the chip on my shoulder i

with a chance i've been given i'm gonna

though i can't take the day off i just

you need a chip on your shoulder

little miss woods comma l no i don't

i just need to prove to everyone that

is to get to work make yourself at home

oh you drink a lot of red bull don't you

for when you're up late studying what

study don't you where are those law

they're here somewhere you know this

vanity's real picturesqu­e but it

started its life as a desk clear it off

books instead what are you doing can you

live without this can you live without

i don't know what this is it's for hair

wear a hat spend some time improving

inside your head out put it in

it sell it on ebay leave it behind out

what are you angry good so get angry you

on your shoulder the room just got

but with the chance you've been given

why are you not driven as hell

there's just no way around it you gotta

i've been reading it hard i can tell

happy thanksgivi­ng say hi to your mom

what is this my second my third and i

define malam prohibitum malam prohibit

an act prohibited by law like jaywalking

or chewing gum in singapore therefore

say is an action that's evil in itself

assault murder white shoes after labor

home of course thanksgivi­ng break

well i predict you will probably pass in

the bottom percent of your class

what if you're going for mediocre you've

look they laughed at me like they're

laughing at you we can't win if we don't

might i venture your vacation plans can

the case of russell versus sullivan

determined that russell was legally the

even though he was just a sperm donor oh

this is my friend paulette hi hey there

not as good as going home for christmas

you are too sweet it's a real time saver

oh well i'll just leave you two alone

you are so adorable to think of me hey

oh hey have you seen vivian i've been

i mean no great we're going to miss our

i don't know if you've noticed before

warner walks through the door your iq

though it's hardly my business to say

could it be the real thing in your

way is the very guy you're trying to

yes i've been smiling and sweet and

thoroughly beaten blowing my chance

but mr latimer wasn't stalking he was

clearly within his rights to ask for

visitation russell versus somebody but

russell was known to the mother latimer

well yeah but without mr latimer sperm

the child in question would not exist

now you're thinking like a lawyer ah

mr huntington makes an excellent point

did the defendant keep a log of every

sperm emission made throughout his life

interestin­g why do you ask well unless

the defendant attempted to contact every

sexual encounter to find if a child

he has no parental claim over this child

why now why this sperm i see your point

and by mr huntington­'s standard all

masturbato­ry emissions where the sperm

was clearly not seeking an egg could be

miss woods you just won your case

excellent work today i assume you're

do you have a resume i'm one step ahead

here you go and thanks in advance for

you know three months ago i would have

recycled this make sure to put it on

guess she got a chip on her shoulder

with a chance we've been given we gotta

she was something to see there i'm just

first big test and she aced it she's so

close she can taste it she got a chip on

paulette are you ready oh i don't know l

dewey scares the crap out of me

and that's okay channel that fear

remember you are a strong independen­t

woman and you must be reunited with your

dog anyone who bakes their dog a

birthday cake deserves nothing less

oh and it's shaped like a bone

and that kind of devotion cannot be

it's not easy to find dog friendly

not you again paulette get your fat ass

dewey i want to see my dog i got it

and i'll bet you didn't even know it's

oh oh it's your birthday it's your

but you can't see him jelly gut best

decision i ever made was throwing you

i've lived with that for 10 years

and that sheepskati­ng never even got me

mr dewey we are miss bonifante'­s legal

lawyers i don't think you realize that

the great commonweal­th of massachuse­tts

recognizes your 10-year relationsh­ip

as a common-law marriage and entitles

to equitable division of property

translatio­n we're taking the dog

boy oh boy if i miss this space

oh hey l al this is the nicest thing

that anyone has ever done for me

i'm feeling kind of high this is why we

all study and slog to help the underdog

callahan got a big murder trial

defending exercise queen brook windham

he needs extra help so he's posting his

internship today ladies and gentlemen i

need the best and the brightest

congrats to the choice few as for the

rest of you welcome to the middle

emmett i'm making you my co-counsel on

the windham trial prove yourself here in

the title associate isn't far off yes

and uh make sure everyone dresses

oh i mean that is so great i'm so proud

oh yes score warner we got callahan's

what it's just like we planned this is

warner it's absolutely stunning

i'd be patient and you would love me

and at last you'd find you could love me

and i have turned my whole world

upside down trying not to let you

does someone know that i exist is this a

am i even awake pinch me now to make

well i feel so much better than before

warner sorry i've been a past but i

guess my best was not working

maybe she's what you prefer but hey last

maybe you will change your mind but you

might [\xa0__\xa­0] up to find i thought i'd do

no no i can't wait i will be there

do you want an easy miracle do you want

then you can turn this off right now my

i'm talking to the woman who wants it

all gotta pay for what you get

cause size two clothes don't come to

i want you with into shape when i say

hey why'd you pause we have a lot to

meet our brand new client brooke you can

laugh but she's made tons off her dvds

whip your way to tighter buns happily

married so she swears to her 60 year old

till stepdaught­er came downstairs and

found brook all covered in his blood

if brook took a plea i'd have her out in

but she claimed she did not kill her did

well it's more than just a workout it's

you can also use the patty to handle

grip to shatter your attacker's spine

for three small payments 1999

the hands who thinks she's guilty

okay now here is where you kids come in

trusting me i'm her only chance to win

but i don't speak mtv though brook won't

defense she may listen to her peers go

in the space between her ears

if there's a brain in that hair tell her

it's a plea or the chair see when i talk

get neither plea nor plan nor alibi to

quote from our defendant'­s tape

i want her ripped into shape to the jail

just because my boston women's

does not mean we can't become the best

all right ladies we can't break out of

you got some visitors ms windham i'm

emmett forrest your co-counsel from

stidwell zaskowski fox and callahan

these four interns are the cream of the

crop at harvard law we're here to

whip up your legal defense incidental­ly

my mom is a big fan of your dvds credits

her words anywho we'd love to discuss

and go over a few choices we want to

free you as soon as possible so that you

bring your message back to your fans

this ought to be easy great callaghan

briefed me on your meeting and there

is a significan­t amount of evidence

to free you the jury is going to need to

not going to happen even though it could

yep if you put me on that stand i'm

okay miss windham if we can't hear an

then you should accept a plea bargain

and admit to something that i didn't do

with a plea bargain you'd get out in a

couple of years that sounds reasonable

right reasonable to do time for my

you know what i need a legal team that

get out of here all of you guard

who is the girl with loyal friends and

who has a bond as strong as crazy glue

who who can sound the calling sisters

tell the news former ucla president l

woods i knew i recognized your mug shot

shut up oh yeah your dvds got me in

shape to be june and the girls of ucla

that is so great thank god somebody on

i believe you brooke and i will fight

with everything i have to clear your

but that involves an alibi i can't tell

everyone has their secrets for years i

it's beyond highlights l it's a disgrace

my secret is nuclear and if it gets out

i could lose my fitness empire which

everything to me if i tell you

will you delta new sister swear not to

tell anybody i will double delta news

you're hardcore okay here it is

on the day that my husband was killed i

liposuctio­n minimally invasive

your time's up i had to do it serious

cottage cheese were showing up on my ass

your secret's safe with me my followers

are depending on me i cannot let them

down you have to take care of me

you swore l there you are where is

the guard just took her back great but i

you're kidding me well so what is it

i'm afraid i can't tell you why not

because i double delta news sister swore

l this is not some little sorority thing

oh i know it's a big sorority thing

but don't worry brooke really had

think about it brooks a fitness queen

exercise gives you endorphins and

l are you serious if you don't give up

the alibi we will all lose this case

well then i guess we're not very good

lawyers oh did you stop being a maryland

callahan wants that alibi give it to him

and you can sail through law school

fat job offer waiting for you when you

get out but i gave brooke my word

so what who cares who cares damn it let

this is your chance i gave you simple

instructio­ns lead this legal team

and get me an alibi you're zero

everyone field trips over let's go back

except you two i'd rather not see ratty

corduroy or legally blonde again today

emmett i'm sorry i don't need you to be

sorry i need you to tell me the alibi

well i can't because i gave brooke my

having an alibi is not the only way to

win this case no but it sure would help

work with me we can free brook the right

the noble way this is not a lifetime

i'm not interested in nobility right now

i'm more interested in saving books like

no you're not you're more interested in

well he is my boss if i impress him he's

jeopardizi­ng her clients trust and our

well when you put it that way exactly

butt head my word means something and i

no one's called me butthead since the

oh come on let's get out of here

why do you always have to be right i

don't have to be when i'm with you i

am you want to impress callahan i can

i love your scruffy vibe but casual

friday is so not in callahan's

you gotta look the part if you want to

get ahead elle didn't your mother ever

teach you about not judging a book by

she did but i also know the books with

tattered covers stay on the shelf

oh thanks a lot this isn't a perfect

you think i haven't been judged my whole

life you think it wasn't a good idea to

no that was a good idea i know where are

you trust me don't you of course

smell how they pump in pure oxygen

no thank you i know you're scared

neverthele­ss think of the people you

impress so follow your pride for me just

and prepare cause something'­s in the air

i think it's love exactly here you'll

become what you're supposed to be

you think you can't but you can

think of the guy you want most to be

what does she want not really sure

why can't we leave things the way that

why can i never say no to her what's

that i don't like that's kind of neat

guys who wear that get beat up on my

still i've come this far i can't retreat

that's the best part the outside is new

but now it reflects what's already

in you couldn't change that if i

thank you no thank you this is no gift

it's payment and kind cause you saw

beyond all the blondes in my mind

oh you've got to buy this what are you

but when she's standing so close to me

living for god's sakes can't beat that

now you're ready for your big trial are

you sure you don't want me to paint

that's okay paulette that may be a bit

classy lawyer pink it is oh when those

jury people see your nails they'll know

which is more than what my team is doing

they are all over me to give up brooks

well he's on the team too in more ways

oh oh i've seen the way he looks at you

he's just my friend oh right

well i could use a friend like that

the name's kyle this is my new route

and the first stop of the day kind of

do me a favor have yourself a super day

the new ups guy is like walking porn

don't talk to him already oh yeah you're

honey i can't talk to guys like that i'm

oh my god did you say that she's got the

most perfect vending step i've ever

oh no this is just my green chorus

i am so psyched you can see them too now

when your abundant snap has nap it's

been known to alter all laws of physics

and logic what are they talking to bend

it's a move invented by ucla

cheerleade­rs to break the will of the

but it also has real world applicatio­ns

the bandit snap is 99.99 effective on

oh great because i have such a good

okay i see the problem here and it's not

no it's spiritual paula just needs a

and serena knows about spirits

she is a ucla chair team leader

do you know why cheerleade­rs always get

the guy because you jump around and show

and and because we command and demand

for real you must become the cheerleade­r

watch me while i walk away before you

and curls but here's how we did it in

hey wait a second when i beckoned

look how the guys came running like a

like a freaking wicked son will you pay

day three of the brook wyndham murder

trial d.a joyce riley has been grilling

argitacos mrs windham's pool boy all

the waters could get dicey let's hope

pack their floaties katie which is why

you should clarify for the court

exactly what your duties were as

wow total hottie alerts god emmett is

l took me shopping emmett you look sharp

could you explain to the court what

exhibit a is that was my uniform

and was it brook's idea to have you wear

yes and could you tell the court exactly

no for the question he was your lover oh

a delta new would never sleep with a man

i'd just like to watch him clean the

filters unbelievab­le you're all making

an ass up there your honor i request a

oh oh i'm so sorry i'll take this

why didn't i know about this disaster

it's motive emmitt what's up oh hey l

i just had to call him thank you the

may have broken kyle's nose but i got to

four and a half hours with him in the

and it was the most romantic time i've

oh that is so great i told you the venom

snap is infallible unless the guy is gay

see what um no maybe you should do it

nikos couldn't have had the affair with

brooke i just did the bennett snap in

clearly he must be gay nikos did leave a

share cd in the pool house once

you want to out this guy on the stand oh

you can't build a legal strategy on the

bend and snap we need a defense

not a dance move so you think he

perjured himself but you can't prove it

we look desperate and homophobic but if

and i know i am there right there look

look at the killer shape he's in look at

that slightly stubbly chin oh please

i'm not about to celebrate every trait

a totally straight expatriate this guy's

there's the eternal paradox look what

we're seeing what are we seeing is he

okay don't look at me you see they bring

their boys up different in those

charming foreign ports they play

in shiny shirts and tiny shorts

the answer could take weeks they both

say things like trouble while they kiss

depending on the time of day the french

look at that condescend­ing smirk seen it

on every guy at work so that is

wait a minute give me a chance to crack

this guy i have an idea i'd like to try

rg tacos this alleged affair with ms

two years and your first name again is

nikos and your boyfriend'­s name is

is my best friend you bastard

you lying bastard that is it i not

for decisively turning the case around

well i i have to share this victory with

to emmett and i can't believe i'm saying

to l to l okay but uh since when did a

gaydar qualify as a legal victory ah but

without that gaydar we wouldn't be

we'd be dead in the water elle woods

trusts her gut and is shown more legal

she won this round making her a good

uh well we'd still love to hear that

she's never compromise­d the client's

which is more than i can say for you

be useful go get me a coffee

but we're drinking champagne splenda and

as for the rest of you go home get a

good night's sleep i need you all

ms woods could i have a word of course

i'll catch up with you in a second

thank you professor callahan for for

what you said before it meant a lot to

don't tell the other law students i said

so i have a scary reputation to uphold

don't worry your secret is safe with me

appreciate this opportunit­y to work with

you i have learned so much now what

you've learned isn't the point

you have instincts and instincts legal

i thought you were smarter than that

is this the only reason you gave me the

it's been nice working with you ms woods

well hello maryland looks like you'll

you really earned it warner shut up

take back the books and pack up the

clear out the room and drop off the key

leave with what's left of my dignity

chalk it all up to experience

they said i'd fail but i disagreed

who could save and where my path would

back where i'm known back in my own

laugh with my friends when i

just let me be legally blunt

there she is intern of the year

thanks for your help and for all you've

thank you for treating me decently

maybe someday you can visit me

give me a call say hello wait where are

everyone what brought on this you did

with a hopeless case that's ludicrous

he kissed me then he fired me and he

made it very clear i don't belong here

there's no reason for me to stay

what about love i never mentioned love

but perhaps if i made it more clear

that you belong right here you wouldn't

cause you know that i'm so much in love

if you can hear can i just say

how much i want you to stand

it's not up to me just let me be

legally blind i need you to stand

good boy good boy good boy rufus sit

good dog wow he really likes you

hey thanks for walking rufus for me

what's the least i could do consider

this training a thank you for

staying by me at the hospital oh believe

well i should get back to my route now

duty calls he's all that and he has a

job oh come on rufus it's time for your

paulette i just came to say goodbye what

i'm going back home to california what

why back to where i make sense honey

you're not making any now what happened

all of this time i thought it was

proving myself and making a difference

one big blonde joke and that's all

we girls have to stick together and

maybe warner saw a blonde who is

but all i see is a woman who doesn't

i used to pray for the day you leave

swore up and down you did not belong

but when i'm wrong then i say i'm wrong

so listen up i see no end to what you'll

that's only if you don't turn and run

now show everyone what you can do

and you look great get back in the game

sorry vivian you keep it but i'm never

honey you're in the supply closet

i know i said i'm never wearing that

paulette what's going on oh well we're

all just cheering on our friend now

yeah i've got another package for you

hey what does the b stand for

oh my god it's still a princess

that's absurd elves just a law student

actually she can represent brooke your

3.03 of the supreme judicial court

miss l woods may represent a defendant

in criminal proceeding­s only if she has

a licensed attorney to supervise and

she does not yes she does i'm licensed

gladly supervised well like hell you

you work for me remember no i work for

and i don't have to hit on interns

enjoy prison ms windham okay bye

thank you emmett did you actually think

uh ms woods any day now you may proceed

we call miss chutney windham to the

oh my god ttp total tragic perm

miss windham what was your relationsh­ip

did you actually see the murder take

i was in the shower but when i got out

i saw a brook standing over my father's

body drenched in his blood oh boy we're

don't listen to him elle you're fine

miss windham on the day of the murder

anyone suspicious hanging around

suspicious­ly hanging around my

but then you came home and took a shower

your honor i would like to go to the

bathroom shouldn't you have gone before

i know i mean i would like us to all go

to the bathroom together why do girls

i mean i would like everyone to return

where this alleged shower took place

can you do this for me yeah sure

now miss windham you claim on the day of

the murder you were out getting a perm

was this your first perm no i've permed

interestin­g my associate has just gotten

now would exhibit b's perm be similar to

and one more time you didn't see the

murder or hear the gunshot because you

thank you miss hoops would you step into

idiot you please get a perm wet for 48

water deactivate­s the perms ammonium

thylakolat­e and completely ruins it

per-mainte­nance your perm is still

intact so you couldn't have showered

why would you lie about being in the

shower why would you lie about not

why would you ask i liked being older

than my dad's new arm candy wife

i didn't mean to hurt my father i didn't

i thought it was brook coming through

i'm in a her into custody you're free

and we apologize oh my god if a dream

i just knew i could count on you and no

one had to know that i had liposuctio­n

i think someone needs to talk to you

el to think i didn't take you seriously

we do belong together you showed me who

oh warner vivian dumped you didn't she

now my answer is thank you but no

look i've barely begun i'm hardly

i was living in ignorant bliss

till i learned i could be more than this

and you know in a way i owe it all to

i thought losing your love was a blow i

but look how far i have come without

the chance to make a brand new start you

there's still so much to learn

ten times a day i think i'm here to stay

william shakespear­e wrote to thine own

and it must follow as the night the day

thou canst not then be false to any man

i believe this wise statement best

a blonde woman over the past three years

she taught me and showed us all that

never goes out of style ladies and

so she said we could play where are they

here we go in it practices family law

vivian's training for the peace corps

warner quits said he makes more modeling

ran for the governor but was defeated of

and his wife hired emmett to handle

and me i think i'll find my way

and hey i married kyle and now we have

i thank you one and all the ones who

who taught me how to fail who

oh and if you could give me one second

ahmed forest please make me the happiest

we hope all you guys at home enjoyed

mtv's premiere of legally blonde the

we're going to head downstairs and get

the full backstage tour with laura bell

for all this plus a special ticket offer


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