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In the Wake of the Bounty (1933) ERROL FLYNN with Английский subtitles   Complain, DMCA

that did he takes me back to the days of

the bounty tazing hell nights in

paradise then days in hell again

Michael tell us the story of the bounty

I've never heard the truth of it yes

Michael you all son of a gun I'd sell me

preaches to hear the truth of that

mutiny you remember you said the tune

you played just now brought back

spawns from hell's trained the bounty

and The Temper of lie and soon we became

only a cargo of gloom the each of the

Equator burnt through our very hides and

I know the coop will be a damned

I'll take these always mr. Christian see

that they are carried out and we've only

just begun well your ship for adventure

young choco adventure Lord what blind

there's big black come bloody doing

but if fly don't find these cheese

well things you'll get no better and on

the next opinion date butter only will

be served your low dicks wobbles

there'll be no more cheese until my

knees return to me your choice of semen

you picked a bunch of thieving jellyfish

there is a ceiling on this craft like

don't you feel it yourself something in

the wing something in the creek on my

our bread rations were then cut down and

we were flogged for the slightest of

things I remember quite early in the

voyage the lashing of for Clinton

if I can only live to see him like the

grabber loudest was so meager through

lots to see who should take it all

many times we fought like wild beasts

but they can found in knives out there

if I may beg to say sir and the amount

of food is so small whether that's at

the Manor drawing love and fighting for

Jamie infernal scandals and make them

eat grass or anything you can catch all

I have done with him send mr. Christian

to me for weeks we battled against the

series of paintball before Maya decided

we're leaving the Cape Oh bed cooks

turning the ship round we'll be out of

this hellhole anyhow we are filling them

hmm I can feel the cold wind at the horn

blowing horn and on to the warm

oh the memory of those nights as we skim

to see all silver with moonlight and

then at last saw named birds coming to

carry great canoes to the waterfront

princess teacher dent with Garland's of

Han Japan II passes on her way to greet

the man of the bounty there are muscles

that are shaped by the rippling pools a

very little pay to heat is people were

to those goals what days a new world

spread because a soft land between

of gentle beaches and waving pounds as

he making our eyes that were tired of

the eternal sea the clothes of Wallace &

Cooke were right when they told strange

tales of this paradise beneath the Sun

rich slumbering valleys cut their way

through the jagged raft of this notice

land in the heart of Tahiti we heard the

song us Brown who's been sold their

voices sang to us a song of freedom and

like misers we could select for

ourselves this most placement of all

name it took us six months improving

my god I know I don't think Christian

will hire them you know he's mad about a

girl he's not the only man mad about a

here's to further months in the hell

think of it mr. Christian sit down

or the desertion of Churchill must bet

may all the mates of the what's

responsibl­e you will him he would turn

before the master putting irons for this

sir as an officer I caution as a man I

ask you to bear more with the men six

months was too long time et your sailors

have left their huts there at the cost

of their reason you are willing phone

mr. Christian are you stating the case

of young men all dead of yourself your

honor Marian situation with a half-caste

feasible it's a talk of the ship down

yes sir I dare that night while we slept

better Christian aided by only a handful

of Maine I at least ease the bounty

filed are you with me in this adventure

Edward young yes sir then break out the

arms immediatel­y it's a desperate act

mr. Christian are you sure of what

you're doing yes all the starboard watts

are asleep and my men are already in

then you'll rouse yourself fighting jack

to help him turn out rouse up no listen

mr. Christian has taken will of

Tannenberg prison Anna hi prisoner and

he's now in command of the mountain

ahead I'll get on deck oh yeah get on

you Christian an Englishman in an

officer to have sunk so low the

Admiralty will see all hanging for this

reason like madmen bewitched by Tahiti

we sent Bly and 18 of his loyal men

adrift to suffer thirst and hunger on

that endless sea Dane as the darkness

engulfed them we turned to our young

commander calling Tahiti ducky I will

carry you and land you wherever you

please I desire none to stay with me

I have only one favor to beg the to

grant me the bounty make faster force

all and leave me to run before the wind

I have done such an act that I cannot

stay at ahi T and I'll never live to be

carried home a disgrace to my family

go away you will mr. Christian we shall

never leave you tried to make a colony

on an island called chubais aye

and what happened there we drank heavily

and fought over the women until

Christian decided at the risk of his

life to drive us from those accursed

we formed two parties one to remain on

Tahiti and was captured and the others

to trying Christian who planned to take

the bounty to Uncharted Seas Christian

left ITT with eight of his mates nine

naked men and ten Native women

we are become soft made villains so long

as we live we are hunted men huge

surgery sir they be lovely islands of

Plenty where we can never be powered Hey

but unfortunat­ely we cannot escape from

nor from our own contempt the die has

been cast Edward young and there is no

turning back the future holds the most

and so Christian and his hearties

disappeare­d 20 years have passed and

never a sound has been heard of them

perhaps someday a Lonely Island will be

found with a strange people living there

then the rest of my story can be told

Tahiti today is a beautiful dream of the

past along its golden strands moving

across its limpid pools crooning down

through its damp sitted forest come the

songs of yesterday when this strange

land below the Sun was a world of wonder

and dreams when its forests echoed to

the maddening dance of primitives water

the laughter and less famiy of the

ruthless pirate and carefree time these

are still the scenes which of the

roaring days made many an old show beg

gospel the great molten mountains the

glamorous lagoons the bellies of shadow

and travel this great lagoon is Nova

Harbor of 30 T Paris of the Pacific

we're passionate pleasure and scheming

Connor's mix in a melting pot of color

and Creed the divine creator as mass

great clouds upon the island for here

through the rigging of our ship we can

see Kapiti sleeping under the noonday

upon calm harbors of reflection live a

luxurious a millionair­e and wealthy

like mounds of snow the Tropic hidden

great cloud banks mess behind school

spars we move along the fringe of Tahiti

is great Lagoon a haven without wave or

tide only warm winds make a music ripple

and impress one's mind with memories

that never fade along and lays a coral

key the schooners large and small which

flower their tracks to every corner of

the vast Pacific bringing home priceless

pearls from the dangerous atolls

tortoisesh­ell copra and vanilla taking

clothes and through two lonely outposts

many leaving their skeletons to bleach

this schooler the white feather is being

provisione­d to take you down through the

dangerous archipelag­o upon the same

trailer taken by fetcher Christian when

he left aji T with his mutineers never

to be seen again the following wind

filled the sails of the white feather at

the show veils left IET to follow the

bounties trail we have now entered the

doldrums now running by motor power she

was silver sea of sleep first of the

color metal shows up a little fantasy of

grievance and the fate of the bounty

remained a mystery until a whaler blown

from its core stumbled across a grim

little island two miles south of tahiti

the discoverer of this island called it

Pitcairn's Island and found it to be

inhabited by a strange race of

half-caste­s the descendant­s of the

Bounty mutineers these atolls which are

generally termed the dangers Isles are

80 in number with waving farms and beds

of brilliant coral they extend for a

distance of nearly a thousand miles

south from by eating as dense shadows of

calm they passed by a Polynesian sky

others have only sand and strutting

bosun Birds solitude succeeds solitude

and loneliness like eating under

devouring Sun grim reminders that we are

traversing the most dangerous sea track

on the globe the miracle is that

Fletcher Christian was able to keep

clear of these stretchers aisles

the shipping line to England by Panama

our ones within 200 miles of lonely

Pitkin island by arrangemen­t the

chauvel's transferre­d to an ocean liner

which was deflected from its course to

call if it came after ten lonely days it

can appear on the horizon for the first

time a motion picture camera was to his

record its shape and rugged outline soon

we'll be with the descendant­s of the

mutineers living their life and sharing

young pitchers have cited the steamer

the arrival of a ship marks a red-letter

day for these isolated people who

hurried to the waterfront to man their

boats they will take out fruit and

souvenirs with which to barter for flour

and any small company the steamer can

spare from the timbre of wrecked ships

and the small trees of Pitkin they are

fashionabl­e wonderful voters throughout

four generation the art of boat building

has been handed down from the sailors of

this tiny Inlet is the only safe landing

place on the rugged little island first

boat found to see manned by a crew of

the best Osman in the Pacific for a

brief hour the steamer will link with

Lonely Island to our civilizati­on

having shipped all the first island boat

like a piece of cargo with his shovel

was one to the pit can poke he will be

the first Australian woman ever to land

as we move in closer to the island with

its booming steve shaw and precipitou­s

walls and here the crash of the surf we

realize how well Fletcher Christian had

chosen his hiding place a narrow

passageway between rocks has to be

negotiated before a landing can be made

at bounty base even during the calmest

weather a heavy surf rolls in and boats

have to await their turn to ride from

after their battle with old man see the

island boats have drawn into shed but

the landing craft to be safe from

further onslaught a community spirit not

to be excelled elsewhere in the world

makes light work of every task on Pitkin

in their exile these people cling very

closely to each other sharing their joys

and sorrows and making light of their

difficulti­es from the outskirts of their

village we look down upon bounty pay

ships tonnage traded to the Islanders

for fruit is being carried to their

village 500 feet above the crashing

service this timber will be used to

build their homes and boats and will be

equally divided among those who need it

Adam stump it turns only village sprawls

upon a Ledge 500 feet above the sea it

is significan­t that this little village

should look towards the sea as

everything has come to it from the sea

its homes have been built mostly from

ships tonnage and the timber bricks

every pit can be born with hang of salt

water in its nostrils and the boom of

a little village where life moves lazily

by without rates or taxes for the need

of money simple home within whose walls

our hearts that know apiece and shaken

by the distant rumblings of the world

this is Andy Warren the grandson of a

fella who joined the pit Canas sixteen

years ago mrs. Chevelle quickly entered

into the life of the village helping the

women with their children regardless of

Pitcairn is a little utopia with its

luscious fruits and tropic flowers the

bounty brought the breadfruit to Pitkin

instead of to the West Indies and sea

captain's have added their share to the

this Pitkin girl is weaving a straw hat

from the dried leaves of the pandanus

in this village of primitive ways girls

with long hair still carry pitchers to

fill it the wells this girl a descendant

of Midshipmen young is carrying a jar

which claimed to Pitcairn on the bounty

under the community system all rations

from passing steamers are divided

equally among the 52 families of the

island at the courthouse flour received

from our steamer is being rationed here

you get a good feat as the descendant­s

of the Ponte mutineer in the majority of

cases the Tahiti and type prevail they

are spinnin strong and speak a language

of their own a mixture of Tahiti in

broken English the piece of Pitkin today

makes it hard to realize how terribly it

was stained with crime and bloodshed by

the early struggled supremacy between

the mutineers and the men of Tahiti when

all excepting two mutineers succumb to

the clash of color this is William

Christian the great-gran­dson of Fletcher

Christian such a Christians son

afterwards married a pure native girl

who as a baby was brought ashore from

the bounty in a barrel and so the dark

Bloods of the Christians predominat­e

William Christian is pulling the same

plot where Fletcher Christian was killed

by the Tahiti and men these are the

family plots of Pitkin in little fertile

valleys 1000 feet above the sea

here the mutineers and their pagan

companions forced and killed each other

until only one John Adam remained he by

the aid of the bounties Bible preached

the gospel to the remaining women and

children upon this site stood Fletcher

Christians first cabin we now turn back

I wonder how much longer it'll be before

those black dogs put a knife in our

backs I cannot of @p tonight death would

be a release from the remorse which dogs

my footsteps day and night night and day

who do you taught yourself about Bly -

he deserved his fate no my friend

whatare Bly is faults he was a brave

British officer and in my presence I

would still have you speak of him as

john adams has made a strange request he

has asked for the bible believing he can

cleanse this spawning hell by preaching

o blessed Lord look with mercy on

Pitcairn Island and upon the fathers of

these little children who died in

shameful strife by the shedding of their

blood down Lord strengthen us for the

trials for the future in this isolation

people of feet can remember the Lord

said come unto me all ye that suffer and

the Lord said suffer little children to

from the humble services held by John

Adams in a hut and from the present-da­y

Church a large building of two stories

the most pretentiou­s in the village

there is no labor on the Sabbath and

church is held three times during the

every man who possesses the naval

uniform wears it to church when clothes

most of the timber for this church was

cut from the trees of an island 200

these are three prominent church people

Roy Clark ant and McCoy and Dawn of

Warren it when Christian the Beau

Brummel of Pitkin talks with his wife

after the morning service in Pitkin

great-gran­dson of midshipman young is

turning the Bounty's vice which is still

doing service on the island today

Benjamin young is 84 years of age and is

one of the keenest men on Pitcairn aunt

and McCoy a descendant of mutineer McCoy

is busy making a basket from the leaves

of vandana's farm her old fingers are

almost as depth as those of the young

a woman of the large Christian family

spends her spare time and painting

souvenirs made from coconut big win

Christian is the spiritual leader of

Pitkin his sterling qualities being an

inspiratio­n to war when death comes to

the pit canna a tombstone is cut from

the rocks washed smooth by the seat

Edwyn Christian is kerosene shooing the

tombstone from a rock below the landing

place the stone heavens of the island

are also made from these rocks

as long as the sea shall break from

Pitkin there is a name whose glory will

never die and whose works will always

remain John Adams necessity has taught

it can to be entirely self-suppo­rting as

the possibilit­y of Rima calling becomes

more remote as modern Commerce is

speeded up here we see Pitt Connors

making their salt each family owns its

saltwater pools on the seafront

we're in ruff shelters the water is

boiled off leaving a coarse grained salt

this is the crude sugar mill of the

island which is used by each family to

manufactur­e the juice which takes the

every member of each family takes a turn

of the wheel and the only horse on the

island is available to all under the

two families are busy at the batter roof

villa the roots of the plants are being

traded for territory to being ground

punk metal roof is one of free camp

state and the young children effectivel­y

reared upon it and coconut milk mission

is a wealthy example it can generate the

roots of grounds and the pulp is

squeezed of it precious juices which

when set become error bright punk goes

back under the land as fertilizer each

family has its sorted this is the only

method of sowing simple on the island

the community work suggests both

buildings and case making each family

does its share and more than 30 softens

will be an excellent one make Road

making light work there are no slackers

upon this little island every man does

his bit one of the large canoes from the

fishing fleet is being carried to the

the Pitcairn's take great pride in their

boats which are kept in excellent Order

a young book builder they go to the sea

in ships at a very early age on began

the large canoe is being cooked ready

for its battle against the tyrant sea

and the uncertain current marv the

Pitkin fishing bank the pit Kanner's

make their own violins and the girls

give their hair as strings for the bows

there are no music Masters on Pitkin

making his own cricket bat an attempt is

made to educate the young pit gunner who

only goes to school for two hours before

breakfast and then spends the remainder

of the day at play the young men of

Pitkin are of excellent physique and

they are great believers in physical

culture these young men are the product

inbreeding for a period of 116 years

realizing this the physique and mental

capabiliti­es of these people surprised

we now leave the village to visit the

a fine salt mist drives in from the surf

weeping past mountain and path for

a lonely sea develops huge land as well

which break upon little Pipkin with

giant force shaking the island from end

to end the roar pick cancer can be heard

for many mild disease it will give it a

sheltered from the wind but turf roles

in more likely on monte bay in all kinds

of weather wrathful calm Pipkins fishing

faith goes out all together there are

thirty large fishing canoes all built on

Pitcairn a pit canner is returning home

with his fish he will have to shoot the

a great wave rushes to enveloping need

another man camping he had his battle -

bounty Bay where the bounty after being

fired by mutineer quintal sank in flames

burying her shame from the eyes of man

for evermore hearing from the pit carers

that a portion of the bounty skeleton

could still be seen at the caro bed of

this bay for sure they all searched with

cameras set in glass bottom the boxes

seaweed shall grow the coral shall

spread and man his work shall cease so

spoke the old priest of Polynesia the

bounty from its rotting Timbers we seem

he we'd covered memories of the day when

man went straight to pleasure glory of

fortune without magic meditation

now we will land and this time climb the

steep cliffs above the sea to visit the

great swimming pool on Pitcairn through

a giant gateway the blue Pacific surges

to refresh the waters of the most

beautiful and fantastic swimming pool in

all the world a mirror of cool water

depth behind great fairy casements of

battle the sublime fantasy of rough and

see a gift of the gods to picture

aspects in a phoning see the news of the

fishing fleet lies by the devil's

gateway as they returned to punky Bay we

climbed to a great wall of rock above

the pool a thousand years of pagan

history is buried in a bed of coral

rubble and shattered idol the base of

this clip there were men here in a Stone

Age making hammerhead­s chiseled stone

and etching their histories and beliefs

upon the mountain sides on this wall

Charles chauvel discovered what is

perhaps a heathen story of creation as

the sacred birds of old Polynesia are

plainly outlined with the fruitful tree

the stars of the sky and the fishes of

we climb on to the higher peaks of the

island and look down to the rugged

coastline we have left behind

each family owns its flock of goats and

they are year mapped just as we here

this is boathouse mountain on which can

be filled Fletcher Christians cave

by the aid of groups the camera party is

now nearing the cave in this cave are

above the sea Fletcher Christian of the

hunt cage and distracted man spent long

periods away from the village longing

for the site of a sail back in the

village we come to Pitt cams public

notice board where all announceme­nts are

posted if any person can give a reason

why Alan Christian should not marry Eva

Christian let him now speak or forever

hold his peace a Christian man desires

to keep another Christians daughter in

the shower of rose petals and the

passing of Pitkin Admiral chief engineer

steward in the uniform of numerous

the second notice is a very different

David Young's firstborn is failing

hourly the ship matter topper is now due

in these waters and it's doctor can save

David's child volunteers are needed to

keep the beacon of light and to take

turn at the wireless sometimes an

expected steamer will pass by not

bothering to call at the little island

and of catan light in need of medical

we'll wait this night on the clip a

little band will watch and his name

and he third David and David do you

think the ship will call we can only

hope and pray Martha as the good Lord

will so shall it be this poor man cried

and the Lord heard him and any fireworks

on thick tonight no it is dead as a

doornail down there tonight a blonde

off-color and it's had to see all done

oh thanks I always do prefer medicine to

wireless you know I should have been a

doctor Jim you don't do some Battle of

can you call the ship Edgar I don't

think so mala and even if I didn't reach

them I don't think they'd come the angel

of the lord encamps around and anything

the report or nothing important someone

was trying to get us I think it was

Pitcairn Island but they fade it right

out I haven't heard them since hope it

can was always bothering is about

something or other well it's no use than

bothering this anyway the old man

wouldn't venture near that lonely rock

it seems we're getting further away

every minute I mean even if I got them

no they wouldn't come they lose too much

your father now has seen fit to pluck

let us bear our burden as atonement for

the past and help us to lift up our eyes

to be with true Pitkin courage and to

echo daily and I only will be done


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