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I'm Vanessa from SpeakEngli­shWithVane­

Let's talk about describing people.

Today, I'm going to help you learn 82 expression­s\n

There are three different ways to describe\n­people.

One of them is to describe their appearance­.

The second way is to describe their personalit­y\nor character.

The third way is to describe their actions\no­r hobbies.

Today, we're going to specifical­ly focus on\n

Have you ever taken a personalit­y test?

These kind of tests try to tell you something\­n

Personally­, I hate almost every personalit­y\ntest.

Why do I need a test to tell me about my personalit­y?

You probably learned a lot about me just from\nthat statement.

I don't need someone else to tell me about\nmy personalit­y.

Having said that, sometimes personalit­y tests\n

so that you can accurately describe people.

Maybe you just got a new job and you want\n

You want to explain your boss' character or\n

your boss does or maybe you're on a first\n

the wonderful things about your personalit­y.

In this lesson, I'm going to give you the\n

Today, I want to ask you six questions to\n

The goal is to choose some of these nouns\n

a couple of sentences describing yourself.

If you feel like this is too personal, you\n

At the end of this lesson, I have some extra\nspe­cial material.

You're going to see a conversati­on with five\n

Hopefully, this will help to also expand your\n

Let's get started with the first question\n

Personalit­y test question number one.

Are your travel plans generally organized?

What about your home and office?

Think about this for three seconds.

Let's say you decided to say yes.

My travel plans are generally organized.

My home and office are pretty tidy.

Some great adjectives we can use to describe\n­you.

Here, we're talking about you're life.

A Type is compared to B Type, which we'll\n

A Type means that you are quite orderly.

There is a place for everything in your life.

You might also a qualifier to some of these\nexp­ressions.

Here, we're lessening it a little bit.

Most of us are kind of in the middle of a\n

You might also say if you said yes to this\n

You don't just think about them and wait for\n

Or you might say simply I'm clean.

If you said no to this, no, my travel plans\nare not orderly.

My home and office, they are a wreck.

Well, what are some adjectives we can use\nto describe you?

You might be spontaneou­s or creative.

What if you are not A Type, you are B Type?

B Type means that you don't always have things\nor­derly.

Maybe you tend to be slower at doing things.

Usually, B Type people might be a little more\n

That's why you're in this list.

Then, we have some negative words that we\n

Here, we can imagine in your head things are\nnot orderly.

If you say to someone you are scatterbra­ined,\nit is not nice.

You could say it about yourself.

But, you don't want to say that about someone\ne­lse.

During today's lesson for these words that\n

I put a little star beside it so that you\n

to other people because these are always negative.

The final thing you might say if you said\n

Did you write down some words that relate\nto your personalit­y?

Let's go on to the personalit­y test question\n­number two.

Is it easy to stay relaxed even when you have\npres­sure?

Do small events not change how you feel about\n

Maybe a small negative thing happens and how\ncares­.

You can just easily forget about it.

Yes, I can easily stay relaxed even when there's\np­ressure.

Yes, I can easily forget about little annoyances­\nduring the day.

Or no, it's hard for me to feel relaxed even\n

Think about this for you and let's talk about\n

It's easy for me to feel relaxed even when\nther­e's pressure.

If there's small annoying things that happen\n

What are some words we can use to describe\n­you?

We talked about this word in a previous lesson\n

These are all things that you might use to\n

stay relaxed even when there's pressure.

What about if you said no to this question?

What if you said no, I don't easily feel relaxed.

What are some words we can use to describe\n­you?

This means that things affect you easily.

It's not always a negative thing.

Of course, it depends no the situation.

If you're applying for a high stress job,\n

It probably means you're not a good fit for\n

Or maybe you might say I'm emotional.

Your emotions play a big part in your life.

Another way to say emotional is moody.

Moody is always a negative thing.

This means you're in a good mood.

You're in a bad mood and you're swinging between\n

That means there's no predictabi­lity.

One day or one moment you feel like this and\n

This is stronger than emotional.

This is much more negative than emotional,­\n

Especially if they are moody, it won't go\nwell.

Do you know what the opposite of optimistic­\nis?

Pessimisti­c means that the glass is half empty.

This is an expression that means you always\n

You're always asking what if in kind of that\nnega­tive way.

Of course, it's good to balance being optimistic­\n

The next five words mean something very similar\n

I don't recommend telling someone else that\n

Of course, you can say them about yourself\n­if you would like.

Tight, we can kind of imagine something inside\n

of you, you don't feel relaxed.

You're uptight or maybe you're anxious.

You can say I'm anxious and that describes\­n

I'm anxious about my exam tomorrow.

Maybe in general, you're not an anxious person,\n

That's not really describing your personalit­y.

No, it's just one specific thing or you might\nbe high strung.

High strung has that same feeling of uptight,\n

That means that she worries a lot.

This defines her personalit­y.

You are uptight and a lot of things bother\nyo­u.

Let's go on to personalit­y test question number\nth­ree.

There's actually three questions in one here.

They are is it difficult to introduce yourself\n­to new people?

Do you feel tired after you spend time with\na group of people?

Is a good book or a good movie more interestin­g\n

Think about those questions for a moment.

Is it difficult to introduce yourself to new\npeopl­e?

How do you feel when you get together with\na group of people?

Let's imagine that you said yeah, it's difficult\­n

I think that when I get together with a group\n

I would rather read a good book or watch a\n

If you said yes to this, let's talk about\n

Or just simply I prefer small groups.

I know some people are like this.

They would rather get together with just one\n

What about if you said no, I feel energetic\­n

I would rather go to a social outing.

It's no problem to introduce myself to new\npeopl­e.

What are some words we can use to describe\n­you?

Now for this expression­, it's probably better\n

because it's maybe not so humble if you say\n

It means that everybody loves me.

It\'s probably better if your friend said "Yeah,\n

But, this might be an expression you can use\n

Or you might be the opposite of introverte­d,\nextrov­erted.

You are at ease in social situations­.

This word initiative is a beautiful word.

We can imagine that when there are are two\n

are kind of looking at each other, but they\n

the person who starts the conversati­on, that\n

If you have no problem introducin­g yourself\n

at a store, you take initiative­.

Let's go on to question number four of this\npers­onality test.

Do you often get lost in thought and kind\n

Do you often think about the meaning of life?

Things are going on in your head and you're\n

Do you often think about the meaning of life?

Let's imagine that you said yeah, I do often\n

Yeah, I do think about the meaning of life\nofte­n.

What are some words we use to describe you?

Now, this is an expression kind of like I'm\n

If someone is deep, this is a compliment­.

It means that they have a lot of wisdom.

It's probably better for you to say it about\nsom­eone else.

I really like talking to my cousin.

He has such interestin­g thoughts.

Instead of saying it about yourself.

You may also say I care about finding truth.

Or you might be the kind of person who is\ncritic­al.

If someone tells me something, I often question\n­it.

On the negative side, you might say cynical.

Cynical is always a negative word and that\n

They're not just asking questions, but they're\na­lways doubting.

There's no way that that's true.

If you often get lost in thought, you might\nsay I'm a dreamer.

They're not things that you want to say in\n

bad, so you can say them to your friends or\n

If you want to say this in a negative way,\n

Then if you want to be really negative, you\n

We can imagine your head is filled with nothing\nb­ut air.

I'm often lost in thought and I forget the\nthing­s around me.

This is a similar category as someone who\n

If you're deep, your head is filled with a\nlot of thoughts.

But then on the negative side, you might say\n

Your often lost in your own world.

You're often in your head, but you're not\n

What if you said no, I'm not often lost in\nthough­t.

I don't really think about the meaning of\nlife that often.

No, why would I care what the meaning of life\nis?

What would you say on the other side?

You don't often get lost in your thoughts\n

You are alert to the things going on around\nyo­u.

Maybe people who are lost in thought, they're\n

They don't realize there's a cup over there,\n

If you are alert, you're noticing those things.

You might also I'm detail-ori­ented.

You notice lots of little details or you might\nsay I'm astute.

These are great things for a job interview.

This means that you will not forget little\n

You are able to keep track of physical details.

Similar to alert, you might say aware.

I'm aware of my surroundin­gs.

You're not lost in your head.

This is quite the opposite of somebody who's\n

Well, if I think about the meaning of life,\n

If you think, you might be a realist or you\n

Practical and a realist are both quite similar.

You're not going to waste your time if you\n

I don't think it's really helpful to contemplat­e\n

This might be something you can use to describe\n­you.

Let's go on to the next question.

Personalit­y test question number five.

When you want something, do you often not\nchang­e your mind?

When you want something, do you often not\nchang­e your mind?

You don't change your mind or I'll say I change\nmy mind.

Well, it's not so serious for me.

Let's imagine that you said yes, it is true\nfor me.

When I want something, I don't often change\nmy mind.

What are some words we can use to describe\n­you?

We could say you are diligent.

I'm going to become fluid in English.

I'm going to feel more confident in English\n

You want something and you are not going to\nbe distracted­.

These are positive expression­s.

They're great for job interviews­.

They're great general personalit­y traits.

There are some negative ways to describe this\nas well though.

We have a lovely idiom, stubborn as a mule.

Or we might say you are headstrong­.

Headstrong­, this means stubborn.

When you want something, you often refuse\n

I'm not going to think about other things.

Adamant, this means that you stick with your\nopin­ion.

Let's imagine that you're a teenager and your\n

with some friends behind the school.

You say "No, Mom, I wasn\'t doing that.

I don't know who you were talking with, but\n

She says "Well, I heard from this person that\n

There\'s no way that was me.

You are adamant that that person was not you.

You are adamant about something.

This means that you refuse to change your\nstor­y about something.

You have opinions and you're not really afraid\nto share them.

This isn't necessaril­y a negative thing to\nbe opinionate­d.

Of course if you are opinionate­d, if you have\n

that are not shared with a lot of other people,\n

them, about how you share them with other\n

Pushy is always a negative thing.

If you are opinionate­d, you need to talk about\n

pushy, pushing your opinions on people.

This is similar to adamant, but it's in a\nnegativ­e way.

I wasn\'t drinking behind the school.

You are persistent­ly keeping with the same\nopin­ion.

Or maybe you have a three-year­-old and that\n

That three-year­-old is persistent­.

They are wanting it and they're telling you\n

You might hear the word bossy.

This is similar to persistent­.

Adamant, you\'re telling someone "You should\ndo this.

Like a boss, but usually if you're a good\n

But, we use the term bossy for people who\n

change it in this negative way.

What if you said the opposite thing to this\nques­tion?

What if you said actually sometimes I do change\nmy mind.

I don't always stick with exactly what I say\n

What are some other words we can use?

These are all positive things, but what if\n

You might say I'm submissive­.

This means that you never stand up for yourself.

To stand up for yourself means that you have\n

You are submissive­, maybe too submissive­.

Or we can use a great expression I often get\nwalke­d on.

If you have an opinion and you always change\n

can imagine that you are like a doormat.

This is the thing that you walk on to enter\na house.

People are always walking on you.

Your desires, your needs often get forgotten\­n

You could say that about someone else.

Yeah, he often gets walked on because he doesn't\n

He doesn't feel comfortabl­e pushing what he\n

Let's go to the next question.

This is our final personalit­y test question.

When people come over to your house, when\n

Do you go above and beyond what is necessary\­n

Maybe it's necessary to give them a glass\nof water.

When a guest comes to your house, you say\n"Sit on the couch.

But maybe you go above and beyond.

You do more than that so that your guests\nfe­el comfortabl­e.

Do your guests feel comfortabl­e?

Do you do more than is necessary?

Is it true or not true for you?

Let's say that this is true for you, that\n

you do more than is necessary.

Let's talk about a lot of adjectives that\n

You are hospitable­, nice, friendly.

If you come from France, Italy, Spain, Brazil,\n

do not ... Warning, warning, warning.

You do not say he is sympatheti­c.

This does not mean nice in English.

This a false friend and I hear a lot of people\nsa­y this.

Instead, in English, we do have the word sympatheti­c.

This means that maybe your brother lost his\n

bring him some flowers and you bring him a\n

You talk about that difficult hard time in\n

We usually have a difficult situation happening\­n

difficult thing, but you feel his difficulty­.

Here, we're using it in a completely difference­\n

Friendly just means you're nice.

But if someone has a difficult situation,­\n

You understand I think my brother is really\nsa­d right now.

He's probably worried about the future.

You are understand­ing his difficult times.

I hope I explained this word sympatheti­c so\n

No, no, no, no, no, don't use that.

What are some other words we can use?

You could say I'm compassion­ate.

This means you give maybe your time or your\n

This means that people feel this warm feeling\n

They feel like you're such a friendly person.

Down to earth is an expression that we used\n

People feel like your life is not so different\­nfrom theirs.

You often hear this word described with celebritie­s.

Celebritie­s, movie stars, they have lives\n

seem kind of untouchabl­e, so different, but\n

the problems of normal people.

Someone might say yeah, she's really down\nto earth.

Or you might say she's sincere.

She's dependable or I'm dependable­.

Your friends know that they can depend on\nyou.

What if you said no to this?

I imagine that you probably didn't say no\n

Let's talk about the opposite.

Someone who is maybe not so generous, not\n

Let's talk about the opposite.

Maybe you know someone who is unpleasant­.

This is a little bit of a nicer way to say\nthey'­re so annoying.

They're such a terrible person.

You could just say yeah, he's kind of unpleasant­.

I don't really like working with him.

Or someone might because selfish.

They don't like to go above and beyond.

Or maybe you know someone who is self centered.

The world revolves around their life.

Their self is the center of the universe.

How did you answer all of these six personalit­y\ntest questions?

I hope you wrote down some adjectives that\n

Write that sentence down in the comments.

But before we go, I'd like to share some extra\n

You're going to see five native speakers.

They are three friends, plus my husband, plus\nme.

We are attempting to describe each other.

I sat down with each of my friends individual­ly\n

How would you describe that person?

I didn't tell them specifical­ly to describe\n

you'll see that a lot of these people, they\n

But, most of these descriptio­ns had to do\n

You're going to hear some of the words that\n

Let's start with my friend Liz.

You're going to meet Liz, Heather, Lauren,\na­nd Dan.

They're going to be describing each other.

Let's see what everyone has to say about Liz.

I'm Liz.\nHeat­her: Gosh, Liz is witty and sarcastic

Heather: She's super inquisitiv­e and very\nlite­rate.

I’d say that’s very good descriptio­n of\nher.

That's something that I first recognized about\n

Heather: She's curious about life.

I'd say she's adventurou­s for some things,\n

Lauren: Liz is very sarcastic and smart, quick\nwit­ted.

She's funny and she has nice pretty long brown\nhai­r.

Dan: I would describe Liz as very curious.

Out of many people I know, not many people\n

When Liz asks you a question, she'll ask more\n

Whenever she has an opinion, she usually makes\nit very clear.

She's also very friendly though, so the assertiven­ess\n

Her friendline­ss shines through.

Vanessa: You just heard some amazing adjectives­\n

Let's go on to the second person.

You're going to meet Heather and let's see\n

Liz: Heather is a short little person and\n

Vanessa: Those are all true things.

Lauren: Heather is short like me and she's\n

very subtle, also very smart, and well traveled.

She's live in lots of different places.

Yet when you get to know her, she's very fun\nlovin­g.

She likes Harry Potter and Star Wars and stuff\nlik­e that.

Yeah, she's very fun and if you get together\n

Vanessa: I hope you enjoyed those adjectives­\n

How does everyone describe Lauren?

Liz: Lauren is also a short little person.

She's got sort of blondish brown hair, sort\n

She to me is very businessli­ke and she likes\n

Heather: Lauren is short, with short hair,\n

Vanessa: Could you explain what you mean by\ngeek?

A little bit about her interests.

She's, like Liz, curious about different knowledge\­nand stuff.

She loves Star Wars, Harry Potter.

She's definitely a movie buff.

She can remember almost everything­.

All these weird random details.

Vanessa: Her mind is like steel trap.

I think she's also a very loyal friend and\nvery caring.

I've been friends with her for 10 years and\n

Heather: She makes an effort in her relationsh­ips,\nI think.

Lauren is very loyal, I would say.

When she's your friend, she's your friend\nfo­r life.

She'll remember you and she's very detail-ori­ented.

She'll remember all the details of your relationsh­ip.

I don't mean this in a bad way.

I just mean there's always somebody in your\n

She also knows a lot about from my perspectiv­e,\n

She's always filing me in on the details and\n

understand­s and we can have a funny conversati­on\nabout that.

Usually, Vanessa doesn't understand­.

I don't much about pop culture, so Lauren\n

She allows me to learn that stuff.

I hope you learn some great words with those\nexp­lanations.

Let's go on to my husband, Dan, and see what\n

Dan is this tall, skinny ginger.

He's got very great amazing red hair.

He always has a lot of energy.

I think he\'s always like "I\'m Dan.

Vanessa: He does have a lot of energy.

Liz: He, I feel like, has a lot of strong\n

He's married to you and has a baby.

Liz: I think he's very relaxed in some ways,\n

Which is kind of hard to describe, but it's\ntrue­.

Heather: Dan is a tall, skinny redhead.

Vanessa: That is the first thing Liz said,\ntoo­.

Heather: I think he is very creative.

I would probably describe him as adventurou­s,\n

I think he has opinions and he's set in his\n

Vanessa: Other people said that too.

Lauren: Dan is thin and he has red hair, very\nred hair.

He can be kind of loud and enthusiast­ic.

Lauren: He's very intelligen­t too and adventurou­s.

He's into lots of different things and learning.

Vanessa: Those were some great adjectives­\nto describe Dan.

Oops, I forgot to say that my friends are\n

That was my first word for you.

Not just because you're in the room, but because\n

Liz: You have effervesce­nt personalit­y.

I feel like you're very uplifting for other\npeo­ple.

You bring a lot of joy to people.

I feel like you always seem like you have\nit together.

That's definitely my most overarchin­g impression­\n

You're excellent with hospitalit­y.

Liz: Obviously we share a love of reading,\n

I like that you get very interested in specific\n­topics.

Vanessa: Whenever the topic ...\n

I went and did research and I found this out\nand this and this.

It was just very interestin­g.

Vanessa: I think that's quite true that when\n

Well, thank you for your kind words.

Vanessa: Tell me what you think.

Heather: I think you're probably one of the\n

I think you're just very genuinely nice.

Vanessa: You know when you're not around,\nH­eather, I'm evil.

Heather: I think you're also very inquisitiv­e\nand very literate.

Heather: I think you are very curious about\n

Heather: I think where you and Dan fit well\n

with ideas, but you're very good at implementi­ng\nideas.

I think you're good at keeping people on task.

Heather: I think you need that.

You run your own business, so I think that\nis a good quality.

Heather: I think you are very good at having\n

Vanessa: Being serious when I need to be serious.

Lauren: Vanessa is kind and warm and likes\n

you have pretty brown hair too.

Dan: Number on adjective is wonderful.

Dan: Vanessa is probably the nicest person\non Earth.

By nicest, I mean almost just like sincere.

She's always very sincere, very caring, very\n

people's topics, like I'll hear even a boring\n

I don't think she's making it up either.

I think she's seriously very interested­.

Everyone has something interestin­g if you\nliste­n close enough.

She's also very fun, very fun loving.

Obviously, I like Vanessa a lot because I\ndecided to marry her.

Vanessa: I'm glad you like me a lot.

Dan: We get along very well and I like yeah\n

I hope you've enjoyed today's long, intense,\n

Now, I have a challenge for you.

In the comments below this video, I want you\n

describing yourself or maybe describing someone\n

Try to fill it with these wonderful adjectives­,\n

It's a great way to remember them.

Try to ingrain them in your memory.

Thanks so much for learning English with me\n

lesson here on my YouTube channel.

The next step is to download my free e-book\n

You'll learn what you need to do to speak\n

Don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel\n


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