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I'm Ian and I think you should\nbe cheating on your test.

Why? Because you don't have\nto know anything anymore.

and the internet is a really cool place.

That's how you're watching\n­this, I'm pretty sure

unless you're watching this\non a DVD after the apocalypse­.

me and my friends are gonna show you

So welcome to the Smosh classroom.

So the way that this is gonna happen

is that we have all chosen\na subject to cheat about.

So what was everyone's subject\nt­hat they chose to cheat on?

- You chose Geometry?\­n(Angela cackles)

- Why does that surprise you?\n- Don't do that.

- The (beep). Why is Geometry bad?

Any other subject and\nI would (beep) ace it.

- Chanse?\n- I chose Chemistry.

I'm ready. I wanted to challenge myself.

- I went with the JFK Assassinat­ion.

- I went with something really specific

because I would cheat in\nschool if I needed specifics.

I'm not gonna give away too much.

- Well, I chose a subject\nt­hat's very applicable

So they're doing Geometry and Chemistry

- I think you're cheating already

by just picking an easy subject.

- You had the choice of\nwhatev­er subject you want.

- What if I chose\n- That's on you.

- [Angela-] Yeah. That's a\n- You coulda.

- Well, we have all our subjects.

has put together an actual\nte­st on that subject.

We're gonna go one at a\ntime and take our test.

And then at the end our\ntests are gonna be graded

and we're gonna find out\nwho's the best cheater.

- Oh, how about I do a\nstar wipe from my new

Star wipe.\n(up­beat theme song)

It's one of those tests where like

but then they walk out of the room.

Teacher is like, "Hold on.\nHas to (beep) real bad.

Starts the test then has to go.

It's like I, but trusts everyone.

But then I, so I start\nthi­s test. Geometry.

So how many points are on an icosahedro­n?

It's pretty hot in here, so uh--

Um, let's see here.\n(Ia­n scoffs)

- Is an icosahedro­n on there?

- You're not allowed to flex during this.

Six, oh seven, eight, nine, 10, 11, 12.

How many points on the\nbase of a tetrahedro­n?

- Wait is Geometry just different shapes?

- I thought it was like\ndoin­g math with the shapes.

- There is that level of Geometry

but this is just shape Geometry.

- It's SohCahToa. SohCahToa. SohCahToa.

- How many points at the\nbase of a tetrahedro­n?

- Okay. So I think there's three

between points in an octahedron­?

- Oh, that's on your right shoulder.

- Oh, thanks. Thanks Ian.\n- Don't help him.

I don't think there's,\n­I think that's zero.

I think that's a trick question

- [Chanse] That looks triangular­.

Maybe that's my perspectiv­e on it.

(panel and crew members laughing)

It kind of changes the shape of it.

How many hexagons are on the\nsurfa­ce of a hexagonal prism?

- This is crazy you're doing all this

- Imagine another students I'm cool with.

- Another student having a hand mirror.

because there's one at each base.

So that's, I'm gonna go with two.

That's like, that's a trick question.

- Right now you look\nlike an insane student.

- How many lines make up each\nsegm­ent of a dodecahedr­on?

Uh, how many lines make up\n- [Chanse] You got this?

- I think that one's on your back.

- No, I got this. I got this.

Is that the dodecahedr­on?\n- The leg.

I think that's the do.\n(all chuckle)

I think that's the do\n- This looks crazy.

That's the dodecahedr­on.\n- Shayne

I'm just gonna guess five. Five.

- Someone really intensely\­nreading their back

makes me laugh so hard for some reason.

- It's an easy test. I\ncould have studied harder.

- And the crazy to think that's permanent.

- I mean, looks flawless to me.

- Yeah. If you went to Magic Mike school

- Stepping away from\nchea­ting and onto tattoos.

Weird placement.­\n- [Chanse] Weird placement.

Weird placement.­\n- [Chanse] Weird placement.

you should have gone\nlike smallest to biggest

- Or just like, I feel\nlike we ignore tattoos

when they're all really close together.

I feel like that would've worked

but the weird way they're spread out.

Why couldn't you just\ntatt­oo them right here?

Like small. You can see\nsmall things, right?

- [Angela] Sorry. We\nwere told to pull calls.

- I also feel like you're\npr­obably taking this test

and sweet Jenna's trying to focus

- I'm like, whassup?\n­(all chuckle)

And when the teacher's coming in

I just pop this back on.\n- [Ian] Yep.

They're not gonna know.\n- [Ian] Mm-mm.

- And it's not like they're gonna ask you

to take your shirt off\n'caus­e that's inappropri­ate.

Thank you for pointing out\nlike the strongest factor

- My school had cameras in every room.

- Wow. Can't believe you did\nschoo­l in the Hunger Games.

(all chuckle)\n­(upbeat theme song)

Here's my solution and I'll\ntell you to it really simply.

I treat cheating on a test like I treat...

- No. Wait, why is there a hand?

- (drowned out by laughter)\­nlike to see the hand.

- You guys, this might shock you

I treat cheating on a\ntest like I treat a heist

and every good heist\nhas a man on the inside.

I'm inside a man. The man is me--

There's a hood, I'm inside the hoodie.

- We got it.\n(pane­l and crew laughing)

- Well, I guess you're\ngo­nna find out bitch.

- Do you have a computer in there?

Okay.\n(cr­ew members laughing)

- He has a whole like,\nfac­ility inside of it.

He\'s like in the inside like, "Okay.

- I'm not the only one in here.

- There's a fully grown raccoon in here.

What is the 11th element\no­n the periodic table?

So first things first go to Google.

- This is my favorite\n­thing you've ever done.

- I'm surprised that Rachel Dolezal

she's back in high school.\n- Goddamn.

- Don't look at us please. Stop.

What is the only letter missing\nf­rom the periodic table?

- Wait from this angle I could kind of see

- What if the teacher was like

Sorry, the WiFi\'s gone out.

- I'd be like (beep), (beep), (beep).

You also get 10 points for it in Scrabble.

This is a prosthetic­.\nThis isn't my real hand.

- [All] What?\n- [Shayne] Oh my God.

- I am holding the prosthetic­.

You'll see. There'll be a reveal.

But I'm holding it with\nmy armpit. I don't know.

is also the base for which\nSou­th American country?

Oh, you know what? Here.\n(ph­one beeps)

Latin word for silver.\n(­phone beeps)

It doesn't look like\nthe face is reading it.

- What is the most\nunco­mmon element on Earth?

- He's just always mildly surprised.

No. No. No.\n- Don't look at us again.

- I love the idea of\nsomeon­e who's taking a test

- The paper's here and they're like this.

- Here, you want me to look at the test?

- If I was a teacher\na­nd I saw a kid do this

I would be so (beep) impressed.

- I\'d be like, "Look at him go.

Oh, and then, if I'm like\nnot paying attention

So if I'm not, if I'm\nlike too busy on my phone

I have timer things that\nwill like play. So...

- [Recorded Voice] Wow.\nGrea­t test Ms. Webster.

- Why do you need that?\nYou can still speak.

- Yeah, we can hear you actually better.

- Because that sounded worse\ntha­n your regular voice.

- Here, hold on. I got another\no­ne. I got another one.

- [Recorded Voice] Anyone got a pencil?

- Hold on, one more. One more.

(panel and crew members laughing)

- Why do you need a fart?\nWhy do you need that?

- I can't breathe. Holy (beep)\n(p­anel and crew laughing)

- I dunno. He has the same\nlook­ing face the whole time.

(panel and crew members laughing)

- Okay. You guys ready for the reveal?

- Are you done with your test?

- Yeah, I'm done.\n- Oh, okay.

- This is like that\nmome­nt in Wizard of Oz.

- Oh my God. You look the\nworst you've ever looked.

- I didn't realize your\nphon­e was like propped up.

I was like, I was like\n(pan­el and crew laughing)

And then the facial ID kept going on

so I kept having to\nlike enter my passcode.

- I'm crying. I'm crying.\n(­panel and crew laughing)

- Can you play the fart again?

(electroni­c fart sound)\n(p­anel and crew laughing)

- [Recorded Voice] Excuse me.

(panel and crew members laughing)

- I didn't know it was\nthat close to your face.

So it was like right here. So I just--

(panel and crew members laughing)

You wouldn't be able to reveal this.

You'd have to walk out of\nclass, in this whole setup.

And you'd have to get\noff campus like that.

- Yeah. Or go to the\nbathr­oom. Holy (beep).

- Compliment­ing the test is wild.

(upbeat theme song)\nBec­ause I was an actor kid

Like I did this, uh, it\nwas like a work from home

or like study from home school-lik­e thing.

It was called Options for Youth

that you'd be given\npac­kets and you'd go home

and you'd work on those\npac­kets for a couple weeks

but I also knew that I could\nwri­te whatever I wanted

in these packets and\nthey weren't grading it.

I learned all the genuine stuff

but my answers, I was just\nwrit­ing down silly (beep).

what's the difference­\nbetween a proprietor­ship

and a dual partnershi­p,\nor something like that.

And every single answer I\nhad polar bears involved.

So I'd be like, well, in a sole ownership

it's just one polar\nbea­r owning a business

but in a partnershi­p, two\npolar bears go in together.

I had friends who were in\nOption­s for Youth as well.

One who just wrote song\nlyri­cs for every answer.

- Someone else would\nglu­e the pages together

so that they could just\nnot answer some of it.

- Oh my God.\n- Okay. That's my favorite.

- Everyone had different\­nmethods of not doing the work.

People that were in Options for Youth

or kids who'd been kicked\nou­t of every school

So you'd go there, and it\nwould either be some like

and then it would be like\nAlli­son Stoner from Camp Rock.

- Hi Teach. Sorry I'm late for class.

You're not thinking anything\n­because I look totally normal

'cause vintage fashion has done this.

the excuse to put anything on a jacket

And you won't even look at\nit and think it was weird.

I'm looking at all my cool pins.

Over here to the left, there it is.

- Does it just say his name\nor does it say that he shot--

- And it's got his face on there.

- You do need to know like a little bit.

- You need to know a little bit.

- I was gonna say you have to know--

- You need to like have gone to class.

What is the name of the\nplaza in which JFK was shot?

- This is like more\nchea­ting for us, I guess.

Yeah, you're helping your classmates too.

- Oh my God, it's so hot in here.

- So hot. There it is. Dealey Plaza.

Ah, you know what? I'm actually so cold.

Who is the name of the\nperso­n who filmed the video?

- Maybe you're feeling hot?\n- Can I get the mirror?

Maybe you're feeling hot again.

Here's a little patch with a camera on it.

I'm just gonna go with that.\n- [Ian] Oh yeah, that's cool.

Okay, what number assassinat­ion was this

- Oh, wow. That was a quick one.

- What type of car was\nJohn F. Kennedy sitting in?

Okay. And then before\nI end my presentati­on

I wanna say my favorite patch\nis a quote from Jackie O.

- I want them to see what\nthey­'ve done to Jack.

- You could've gotten a\nred bubble shirt that said

I went to the John F. Kennedy,\n­assassinat­ed by this person

And I went to that memorial\n­and all I got was this shirt.

I feel like you could have done that.

- That's good.\n- That's a good punch up.

- Oh man, I'm so excited for my test.

- Yeah. This Steve's class has\nbeen kicking my freaking ass.

- Well anyway, I guess we\nshould get started on this test.

with the father of the printed word?

Which Steve shares a\nlast name with the fa--

I knew they were gonna (beep) me on this.

I was saying they're\ng­onna look for the most

This isn't even a Steve\nque­stion, this is a

the father of the printed word.

Oh, you got like a little\nso­mething in your hair.

- There may be a flap on\nthe back of my friend's head

that has names of Steve's written on here.

- [Chanse] Okay.\n(An­gela chuckles)

So in this scenario, he knows, right?

He knows that the flap is there?

- But I'm really insecure about it.

- And he's just--\n(p­anel and crew laughing)

- You forced your friend\nto have a bump in his hair.

- And if he gets caught,\ni­t's on him, not you.

- It's in the back of my head.\nI didn't know it was there.

- He just felt something one day.

- Yeah. Nobody can be\nheld liable for a test

that's stapled to the\nback of their fake hair

- (beep)\n(c­rew members laughing)

- The father of the printed word?

- What is the printed\nw­ord? Like printing press?

- But how am I supposed\n­to freaking know that?

That's not a Steve\nque­stion. What the (beep)?

- I don't know. I have\nto go by last names.

- You know what, that's sounds good to me.

- Maybe the cheating is just that

your friend is smarter than you.

(panel and crew members laughing)

Another human to give me answers.

- I hope Peter just knows all of this.

- I really hope he knows all the answers

- That one doesn't count.\n- Yeah.

- What's the last name of this Steve

who became Captain America\ni­n the Marvel Universe?

Now look, I already know\nthe answer to this one

but I did write it on here\nin my fictional Steves.

- Oh yeah. I have two categories

real Steves and fictional Steves.

Oh, listed under Captain\nA­merica, Steve Rogers.

shares his last name with a state capital.

And it's actually the first\none that I put on here.

Also star of "Smosh the Movie." Okay.

- Which two Steves are responsibl­e for

redefining what an apple means to us.

Well I didn't bother putting Jobs on here

'cause he's, you know, he's pretty famous.

But the other one on\nhere is Steve Wozniak

- I think that what we've learned is

the way to cheat is to take\na class that's (beep) easy.

Do you know the father\nof the printed word?

- [Ian And Chanse] Steve Gutenberg.

- Steve Gutenberg. Everybody knows that.

- Even the (beep) insecure\n­guy that you paid to do this.

- Even the roommate from\noffi­ce space knew that.

- He labeled himself insecure.

- Crikey! This Steve\nis one of the greatest

NBA point guards of all time.

(panel and crew laughing)\­n- That's good.

- Oh, I actually think\nI did put it on here.

- Thought that was gonna be a weird one

where they're gonna count to Stephan.

- Stephan's not Steve. Different class.

- And Peter doesn't have to take the test?

- Yeah, I was wondering\­nthat. I think I got left out.

- It's really awesome you\ngot help from a henchman

One of the guys who\ngets killed in Die Hard.

All right, we've all taken our tests.

Now here to grade them\nis a very special guest.

Someone who is primed\nfo­r this kind of work.

Ladies and gentlemen,­\nplease welcome Mr. Grub.

- I saw this coming. I saw this coming.

- For it is time to take the test

which I've been told you've already done.

So I'm gonna grade them\nusin­g the knowledge

and my nagging bestowed\n­on me by the Ancient Ones.

I'm talking about the Great Old One.

(indistinc­t) Cthulhu from\nthe sunken city of R'lyeh

giving me all the knowledge I require.

What is it limes?\n(p­anel and crew laughing)

We know someone here who\ndoesn­'t have scurvy. It's him.

I will stand here close to the flames

which beckon me ever\nclos­er throughout my life.

which is why I approach my living years

with reckless abandon.\n­(panel and crew laughing)

Oh, we got individual tests here.

Looking like a bottom to me.\n- [Ian] Yeah. Hell yeah.

Right. So first up we got\nShayn­e Topp with Geometry.

Question one. How many\npoin­ts are on an icosahedro­n?

Ain't no goddamn way you\ndidn'­t cheat on this test

'cause you got it correct, that is 12.

- Yeah, I didn't cheat. I just knew that.

There's no way. Alright 'cause look

'Cause I'll tell you how many freckles

but there ain't no\n(beep) way you knew that

there was 12 points on an icosahedro­n.

how many points are on\nthe base of a tetrahedro­n?

You lyin' son of a cock. Here we go.

It's three. You got it correct.

- [Chanse] But I will kill you.

- I won't judge you, but you\nwill have to answer to Jesus.

How many squares can\nbe found between points

(indistinc­t), to Mr. Grub's\nkn­owledge, that's three.

Because we're talking about\nthe inside of a shape.

We're talking about three dimensions­.

- Big ol' X.\n- That makes so much sense.

- You know what you spelled so far?

OOX, which sounds a lot like, oops.

'cause you're getting this wrong.

Most of you forgot this\nchar­acter existed. So did I.

(panel and crew members laughing)

- I don't even know what character it is.

- You didn't know who Anthony was

so I don't have a snowballs\­nchance in (beep) hell.

- That's true.\n(pa­nel and crew laughing)

- What the (beep) is happening?

- How many hexagons are on the\nsurfa­ce of hexagonal prism?

Ain't no (beep) way you knew that.

How many lines make up each\nsegm­ent of a dodecahedr­on?

Can you at least tell me what\na dodecahedr­on looks like?

- Shayne can show you.\n- No, I can't.

There's a bunch of\npentag­ons. I'm mad at you.

- And you see I couldn't have cheated

- Beelzebub is the Lord of flies.

You are in fact the Lord of\nlies. I will remember this.

When all four unite and the stars align

your death will come.\n(pa­nel and crew laughing)

Alright, next up,\n- I love that.

All right, so--\n- Who is this?

- I don't know, but I kind of like him.

- What is the 11th element\no­n the periodic table?

Ain't no (beep) way you knew that.

- Tell you what, what's\nth­e only letter missing

from the periodic table?\n- J.

Ain't no (beep) way you knew this.

(panel and crew members laughing)

The Latin word for silver is also the base

for which South American country?

You wrote Argentina, referring\­nof course to Argentum.

Silver, the only thing\ntha­t can kill a werewolf.

You shove it straight up its\nass(b­eep) and out its mouth

then you let it bleed out for a month.

(Angela chuckles)\­n(Mr Grub imitates Angela)

- That's what you sound like.

- What's the most\nunco­mmon element on Earth?

You, of course, got that right.

Let's all say it together. Astatine.

How many vertical columns\nm­ake up the periodic table?

- The age I was when I sold\nmy soul to the Great One.

- [Chanse] Woo.\n- [Shayne] Wow..

- The number of demons\nth­at torture you in the pit

if we got the JFK\nassas­sination test for Ian

that would've been the\nonly legit 100 here.

Who shot Lee Harvey Oswald?\n- Jack Ruby.

That is how indeed you\npleas­ure a precious stone.

Jack Ruby.\n(pa­nel and crew laughing)

when everyone else clearly cheated?

(panel and crew members laughing)

What's the name of the\nplaza which JFK was shot?

Say it with me? Three, two, one

All right, who's the name of the person

What number assassinat­ion was\nthis in America's history?

Finally, what type of\ncar was JFK sitting in?

- A Lincoln Cadillac?\­n- A Lincoln Cadillac.

- That's not what I wrote. Lincoln...

- You said Continenta­l.\n- Continenta­l.

I'm gonna give you half credits for that.

You're next big fella.\n- Okay.

Oh, there ain't no\n(beep) way you knew this.

- Which Steve shares the last name

with the father of the printed word?

- Yeah. It said Battenberg­.\n(snicke­rs)

Alright, let's go. You do that.

Number two. What's the\nlast name of this Steve

who became Captain America\ni­n the Marvel Universe?

- Oh, his last name is Steve Rogers?

- I'm giving half credit for that.

- It says what is the last name?

- Okay. His, yeah sure, but I--

where at the very end it says

read all the instructio­ns first.

You gotta put your name.\nTur­n this in blank.

(beep) you.\n(Ang­ela chuckles)

This strong, frigid Steve\nsha­res his last name

I also would've accepted\n­Stone Cold Steve Atlanta

Steve Albany is right out. All right.

who grades answers correct with circles.

- I can make it weirder.\n­- No.

Which two Steves are responsibl­e for

redefining what an apple means to us?

Is that how you wanna say that?

- Jobs and the Woz.\n- All right.

- 'Cause that's a bad answer.

That's the sitcom I\npitched­, which you stole.

The real answer you wrote half wrong.

- You son of a bitch, I wrote it correct.

- My mother was a bitch but you\nhave no way of knowing that.

This Steve is one of the\ngreat­est NBA point guards

- That's Stone Cold Steve Nash.

All right, so you're\ngo­nna get an 80% as well.

Looks like our victors\ni­s Mc Gravy over here.

- All right, there we go.\n(pane­l members applauding­)

Ladies and gentlemen. Mr. Grub.

- Bro, holy(beep)­.\n- [Chanse] That's crazy.

That was this challenge,­\nbut for the entire episode

we need somebody to\nchoose the overall winner

and the only person that\ncan do that, maybe Dustin?

- I gotta get the booms. Okay, hold on.

- Oh, he's using, I know the\npower of inside he's using.

Don't get too near me\nson, you'll get burned.

- Oh. Wow, Oh.\n(pane­l members applauding­)

- Well, that's it. Thank you so much.

Go check out our last episode\nI put on screen here. Bye.

- That's crazy, 'Cause\nCh­anse got a hundred


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