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I think Ireland has to get something straight with the rest of the

You see we don't all sound like leprechaun­s on acid.

Thank you Tom Cruise, Gerry Butler, and Jesus have mercy on our

There's actually a big difference if you're either from the North,

Let's break it down and set this record straight.

Dublin is the capital and the accent here was heavily influenced

What's odd is that for such a relatively small city, we have two

Generally assigned to North and South side.

[Northern Dublin accent] On the North side you'll hear people

Here the "d" replaces "th", so you get a lot of dis, dat, dese,

And if there\'s a "t" at the end of a word bleedin\' forgeh ih!

[Southern Dublin accent] Venture south and they'll speak

The South Dublin resident is all about the o's and the oo's.

Elongate those vowels like yah yuh, like totally the opposite of

[Normal accent] Moving into the South we come to [jumps to Cork

For some weird reason everyone here speaks a few octaves higher

It's a little bit forlorn and a little bit melodic.

And every now and again "boy" is thrown in for the craic.

[West Cork accent] Now move down a bit and your into West Cork

[Normal accent] Then there's Kerry and that is probably the jewel

Not sure if even Irish people understand this, unless they're from

[Kerry accent] Drops fast and furious. "Sh" features in even when

[Limerick accent] Limerick is more nasal and south from here, so

You might get called a gowl, if your acting the maggot with your

[Northern Ireland accent] Now we're going way up North.

I tell you it's very different especially in Belfast

Sure the Scottish plantation of Ulster that was so successful that

No is pronounce "nyh", \'I" means yes, and a wee cracker is a

[Northern Dublin accent] So this is how we sound. Chou know what I

[Southern Dublin accent] And it's totes generaliza­tion like

[Cork accent] But sure it is what it is, boy

[Limerick accent] And it's only a broad guide from an Irish gowl


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