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GOT7의 하드캐리2.5 Ep.3 (Full ver.) (ENG SUB) with Английский subtitles   Complain, DMCA

(GOT7 are gathered together\n­in the last place)

(HARD CARRY can't finish like this)

We can't finish the game like this

(While they are\nbusy following the cars)

Are we going to disappear\­ninto another world?

(Their fates went 2 different ways)

(Enjoy your time! feat.The rat YOUNGJAE)

(The team who failed to save AHGASE)

It's so funny that a man from LA\nis working here like this

'They will get lunch only when\nyou complete the mission'

We can't even get lunch\nwit­hout their help?

(Will they be able to get lunch?)

Are they doing their mission?

(YUGYEOM is wearing a new hat\nthey haven't seen)

(Who made him wear that hat?)

(We should introduce our boss first)

Nice to meet you, I'm your fan

- Who is he?\n- He's so famous

'Endure the waves on the surfboard'

('Endure the waves on\nthe surfboard' for lunch)

(Move to the center holding the rope)

(The timer starts as soon as\nthey let go the rope)

(All the players' times are added up\nto decide lunch)

(20 sec- Makguksu 1/40 sec-\nMakg­uksu 2/70 sec- Makguksu 4)

if the times are over 77 seconds

they can get Makguksu and dumplings

We don't have to complete\n­a mission to get lunch

but we don't think\nit'­ll be over 10 seconds

(We won't give you a vain hope)

(We should chant before we do)

Guys, put your hands together

(They're in two different places)

(but they are all of one mind)

(This is their true friendship­)

('Endure the waves' the final)

No, he has to let the rope go

Come on, 70 seconds is too long

(He's been lasting over 20 seconds)

(Nope, a cool man don't fall)

(It's shame that they can't\nbe together)

(They're doing well unexpected­ly)

I think it was about 20 seconds

(Looks like JINYOUNG is going to fall)

(How long will he be able to last?)

(He's doing his best to last)

(JINYOUNG is acting-\nI­'m still surfing!)

(The young farmers are\nhavin­g fun watching)

Yes, his feet are still on the board

(JINYOUNG, you're doing great)

Come on, give them the cell phone

(With cheers from\nJACK­SON and JINYOUNG,)

(he succeeded to\nstand without the rope)

(Will he be able to keep\nhis reputation­?)

(YUGYEOM already forgot that\nhe's filming a show)

(Will the times be over 77 seconds?)

He has the lowest possibilit­y

(Is this for real? 80 seconds?)

Can you tell us each player's record?

Is this enough for their lunch?

All right, thank you for the food

(We did a good job, didn't we?)

(They finally got lunch-\n4 Makguksu+1 side dish)

would we have been able to\nbecome surfers?

Dancers have better athletic ability

- He loves the ranking\n- Does he?

In my opinion, the best player\nwa­s JINYOUNG

(The young farmers are happy\nto get lunch)

Please give us steamed pork slices

- Can I swap Bibim with Mul?\n- Yes

I'm interested in the combine

A machine that harvest grain crops

instead of taking over\nthis restaurant from your parents?

I just help them on the weekends

How did you get interested in farming?

I was raised by my grandparen­ts,\nwho were farmers

I got interested in farming naturally

Didn't you want to quit farming?

It's difficult from time to time

For example, there were many\ntyph­oons this year

And the rice plants flattened down

But except that, I like farming

(Big dumplings+ big size pork slices\nar­e on the house)

(MARK takes care of the boss first)

(MARK takes care of the youngest, too)

It's tastier because we worked hard

Were we a great help to you today?

Of course you were a great help

Thanks to JACKSON and JINYOUNG,\­nwe're enjoying lunch

He didn't do anything yesterday

(Makguksu and a slice of pork)

(YUGYEOM is enjoying Mul Makguksu)

(The boss is having Makguksu, too)

(A nice way of eating noodles)

(A nice way of eating noodles 2)

(A nice way of eating noodles 3)

(A nice way of eating noodles 4)

It's really tasty when you\neat with the pork

I think our food is better than theirs

I had no appetite because I was full

But now I got my appetite back

how you got your way of speaking

Probably it was influenced­\nby my neighbors

or my mom's side, because\ns­he's from Chungcheon­g

Do your friends speak like you?

Many of your friends probably\n­don't even know what they want

(Right, that's why I'm happy)

When I was working in the farm

I thought, 'Farming is\nnot really my thing'

you set a clear goal in farming

I always dreamt of becoming a singer\nwh­en I was young

(GOT7 always dreamt of\nbecomi­ng a singer)

(They put a lot of effort to\nbecome singers)

(Tae-woong­'s goal is to become\na great farmer)

(but they both go forward\nt­oward their dreams)

(Tae-woong got to know\ngood friends today)

(They're going back to the farm\n

(Meanwhile­, the surfing team is...)

My legs are shaking because of surfing

(It's a special activity to fly\nwitho­ut a parachute)

(Are you surprised, JACKSON?)

(You can experience a free fall)

- Wow, great\n- Shall we ask?

- Let's go to the counter\n- Hello

(You can fly at the maximum speed of\n360km/­hour, 10m high)

This is like the set of a MARVEL movie

(They're ready to strike a pose)

(The coach doesn't wait for them)

It looks like a mini size theater

The tunnel is very loud\nbeca­use of engine

Then we won't be able to\ntalk with each other

(It's safe and not difficult)

(They're falling for the charm\nof skydiving)

Do the same on the opposite side

(The first player, JINYOUNG)

(The two will be watching him)

(JINYOUNG gets into the tunnel)

(Under the coach's instructio­n)

(Lying with his face down,\nhis first skydiving, go)

(But they realize the reality)

(He's getting out of the tunnel)

Wow, it must have been shocking

(His body and soul are separated)

Don't open your mouth,\nth­e saliva will come out

My saliva came out when I\nopened my mouth

Was it? Were you not scared?

You should strain your buttocks

Please take me to the highest point

(He learns proper pose first)

(They flew up to the highest point\nand came down)

(JINYOUNG finds him so cute)

(He's getting out of the tunnel)

(Nervous and anxious/cl­apping)

- Did your saliva come out?\n- Yes

(The last player,\nf­aint-heart­ed YOUNGJAE)

(I'm ready to make them laugh)

(He's struggling for a while)

(but he can even fly without\nt­he teacher's help)

(He looks like a new born baby)

(Even faint-hear­ted YOUNGJAE did it)

It was a totally new experience

I haven't experience­d\nsomethi­ng like that

(His first skydiving, successful­)

Can we fly together holding\ne­ach other's hands?

(They saw two people\nfl­ying together)

(We've been waiting for this moment)

(Looks like they're going to\nthe Olympic games)

(They learn how to fly alone)

(Instructo­rs' demonstrat­ion)

(He showed what they should do)

(But they still hold each other's hands)

(They failed to fly together)

360 degrees turning and\ngoing up and down

(A group skydiving failed, though)

(Let's fly to the real sky next time)

Stack them in the cultivator

(Attention­, BAM is going to\nsay something)

let's pluck a blade of grass

and the member who has\nthe shortest one

(The boss prepares the grass for them)

The person who picks\nthe shortest will go

(MARK and BAMBAM were chosen)

(The second game- who\nwill be the winner?)

(Who's going to be the victim?)

(They pick a blade of grass\none by one)

I think staying here is better

Or going to get snacks is better?

All right, we'll see you later

(JB and YUGYEOM are going\nto get some snacks)

(MARK and BAMBAM are\ncarry­ing rice straw)

(But the man from LA\nlooks already tired)

Yes, life is with joy and sorrow

- On the other way round?\n- Yes

(BAM organizes the rice bales)

(BAM had a vain hope for a while)

(they're beginning to see daylight)

(They thought\ni­t wouldn't be difficult)

(The rice bales are piled high)

3 or 4 times more will be enough?

Okay, then 3 times per person

(Go back and forth 3 times\nand finish)

(They are going to a supermarke­t)

(Why are they looking for\nmelon ice cream? You'll see)

I think it's here...her­e it is

Let's decide by rock, scissors and paper

We need one more melon ice cream

(They choose cool fizzy drinks)

(They bought mysterious snacks)

(Meanwhile­, the two foreigners­\nare still in rice straw hell)

Going to the supermarke­t is\nso much better

(BAM, did you just realize that?)

Going back and forth is hard

(Thank you for smiling, though)

(Tae-woong works hard as always)

(Are you going to lie down there?)

(MARK, you're doing a great job)

(the car is filled with rice straw)

Did you go to a supermarke­t?

Look at how much this bulges out

(They kept shaking the can\non the way to the farm)

- so we need to entertain them\n- Right

(A surprise event for the members)

I'll drink it later because\nm­y hand is too dirty now

(While they're taking a rest)

(Pretends that he doesn't\nd­o anything)

(Poor BAM couldn't see anything)

(Finally, he gives the coke to BAM)

(Will his surprised event\nbe successful­?)

(YUGYEOM is trying to\nkeep a straight face)

(He looks handsome\n­even in this situation)

(Telling with his eyes)\nWha­t happened?

(This is the coke they shook)

(What happened to the coke?)

(He said he's hungry not\nknowi­ng anything)

(BAM...are you watching this?\nNow you know)

If you're AHGASE, you'll know\nwhat this is

(BAM bought the melon ice cream\nfor others but not for him)

We play rock, scissors, paper and

the loser eats ice cream with wasabi

(He read other members' faces)

neutralize­s the spicy flavor

You know, we bought\not­her snacks, too

(What do they do now?\nTo feed the cows)

(Welcome to Tae-woong'­s cowshed)

- They'll eat themselves­\n- Oh

(They put the rice straw evenly)

- Oh\n- Because they were surprised

This is the most interestin­g\nthing I've done today

This is like computer graphic

(It's tastier when it's from you)

(They're having fun feeding the cows)

Probably she finds\nthe camera interestin­g

(MARK can't take his eyes off them)

(But they have to leave otherwise\­nthe cows will be stressed out)

(They finally finished today's work)

Thank you for your help today

I'm sorry that I made\nyou work so hard

Because we didn't do that much

I think we made troubles instead

we were helpful to you a little

I think I'll sleep well tonight

I heard you're going to a talent show

(He even prepared a Bluetooth mike)

(The song starts with an\nunfami­liar upbeat melody)

(Bindaette­ok Gentleman-­\nsung by Han Tae-woong)

is beaten in front of a restaurant

The reason is clear,\nbe­cause he doesn't have any money

He went to the restaurant proudly

He was caught while he was running away

- Wow, I like that song\n- It's funny

You looked different\­nwhen you were singing

(Meanwhile­, day-off team members\na­re exhausted)

(It's vacation, but why does it feel\nlike a penalty...­?)

(I don't want to do anything)

(I'm so tired even though\nit­'s my day off)

I think I can sleep very well tonight

I think I'll faint right away

- We're tired because we were\nbusy playing - Yes

because outdoor activities­\ncan be done indoor

(What are they giving us...)

'was earned by other members'

(They were high-quali­ty\nhuman resources)

It means we can spend\nthe money they earned hard

It feels like I've become YOUNGJAE

It feels like I've become YOUNGJAE

Why don't we buy some presents for them?

We can't buy glasses with this money

You know, the street vendors

Even the glasses from them\nare expensive, aren't they?

What about the thing\nJB bought yesterday?

'Chief', 'private 1', 'private 2',\n'priv­ate 3', 'private 4'

What should we get for BAMBAM?

Will BAMBAM wear what we buy for him?

something unique will be great

The same items for 7 members

What if BAMBAM doesn't like it?

What if he says,\n'I can't wear this'

Let's go to Garosu-Gil and\nhave a look

Because we easily lose our belongings

What if he runs away with the money?

(YOUNGJAE- good at running away-\nPDs­, contact me)

The restaurant he hid the bird

He might use 'resurrect­ion' or\n'summo­n' skills

Fortunatel­y, it's not that crowded today

- Because it's a weekday\n- Right

something like this without a problem

Yes, because they love accessorie­s

Let's skip shops with lighting

- Don't look at the shops with lighting\n­- All right

Skip the shops with music, too

We should buy the same design

- Don't forget\n- It'll be a candidate

(A restaurant near the Han River)

(where you can enjoy\nspe­ctacular views of Seoul)

We, 7 members are gathered together

with the money that you earned

What's the purpose of this show?

That's why this show was made

- So, what is it?\n- What is it?

(They bought hats, which are\nYUGYE­OM's favourite)

(An anti-theft tag is still attached)

- But the alarm didn't go off\n- I didn't hear anything

You didn't pay for it, did you?

- We had to pay with the credit card\n- We even added money

- We used the company card\n- I like it very much

I know what JB is going to choose

Does every hat have\nan anti-theft tag?

(The team that earned money\ncho­ose first)

It was pressed for a long time

Look, this should be detached

In a bakery in front of my house

- Did you remove the tag?\n- How?

I'd like to see you with that hat

- It'll look good on BAMBAM\n- No

- It looks good on you\n- Oh, it does

Why is it so flat on the top?

Looks like someone is pressing the hat

- Cute\n- You look good with it

(BAMBAM can pull off all styles)

(They take a bite because\nt­hey're all hungry)

Try a piece of bread with the soup

- No\n- We were busy having fun

- Like 'Country Diaries'\n­- Right

(They had a peaceful time\nin the country side)

(It was tough, but they worked hard)

(They enjoyed a day in the country side)

(Finally, the main dish has arrived)

(Luxurious steak that will\nrepl­enish their energy)

Or the loser of rock, scissors\n­and paper will pay?

That damn rock, scissors, paper

We shouldn't let down our guard

(Whatever, let me enjoy the food)

(Something is suspicious­,\nbut it's tasty)

This is the last episode of 2.5

A good thing about this show is that

Something that we\nhaven'­t done before

- It came to an end so quickly\n- Right

it just finished after I woke up

What are we going to do\nfor the next season?

I'd like to have more time\nfor the next season

For example, JINYOUNG\n­uses my characters

And I use YOUNGJAE's characters

- That doesn't sound bad\n- A 30 minute movie

We haven't tried scuba diving

How about trying scuba diving

Imagine that a shark will pass you by

(YUGYEOM never says 'no'\nto the ideas)

HARD CARRY has a meaning that

But what we've done so far is

just having fun with each other

for other people, which we can\nreall­y 'HARD CARRY'

that was the best words\nyou­'ve ever spoken so far

(I'm JB, the leader of GOT7)

If it's making a movie, I won't do it

YOUNGJAE, you'd\nent­er a pro gamer contest

- Wow, I'd love to\n- As a solo gamer

- I'd really like to!\n- JB, you enter a B-boy contest

So, every member would\ngo in for contests?

And I'd enter a pro-fencin­g contest

I'd go in for 'Spacing Out' contest\ni­n the Han River

Let me get a driver's license

Do you want to try the worst?

We'd hold a\n'The heaviest drinker contest'

and drink alcohol till the end

(Let's try if JINYOUNG allows it)

Time passed in the blink of an eye

The blink of an eye like this

The blink of an eye like this

I meant, 4 years passed\nin the blink of an eye

(HARD CARRY season 1 started\nw­ith excitement­)

(And HARD CARRY 2 was back\nenth­usiastical­ly)

(They have been working hard\nsinc­e their debut)

(HARD CARRY has been with GOT7\nfor the last 4 years)

(Every moment was enjoyable)

(and it shone because\nt­hey were together)

(that are still heart warming)

(We, all together, GOT7, zai!)

(GOT7's HARD CARRY will be back-\nTha­nk you for watching)

- Don't do that\n- Don't jinx us

(But the bottle is already thrown)

(At least \nreached the top)

(Why the camera was there of all places)

Why did you break the camera?

(If it wasn't for the camera)

(Grand prix lies in his hands)

Let's do our best for season 3



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