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Every Time Sofia Meets a Disney Princess Sofia the First Disney Junior with Английский subtitles   Complain, DMCA

cinderella what are you doing here your

amulet brought me here it links all the

princesses that ever were and when one

of us is in trouble another will come to

i tried to use a magic spell to make

myself a good dancer but it put everyone

i should have just let them laugh at me

but i think i can help you find your way

everyone's heard about the day the true

he carried me off and far away from my

but ever since i wet the prince and left

my heart behind there's one regret i

won't forget that weighs upon my mind

my stepsister­s let their jealousy

but when they ruined my ball gown that's

if only we had tried to see a way to

we may have found that this time around

sisters if we only made a man's

you suddenly feel that all is lost

but maybe yours isn't the only heart

that's sinking like a stone though many

of the ones you love are frozen in a

someone who's a lot like you never made

but amber's been so mean to me perhaps

all she needs is a second chance

true sisters if you only make a man's

we are stuck completely totally

princess jasmine what are you doing here

your amulet summoned me sofia when a

princess is in trouble it caused another

princess to help sophia did you say

where did you come from where did she

and we really need your help okay tell

me everything we're trapped and we have

no idea how to get out of here well

we could never fly all the way up there

we can't even control our carpet it

doesn't listen to a thing i say there's

girls what you've got is a wild carpet

flying carpets are a lot like horses

sometimes they're wild and when they're

wild you need to tame them you have to

teach them how to listen to you and

follow your orders how do we do that the

most important thing is not to be afraid

if the carpet knows you're afraid it

won't trust you to tell it where to go

it's easy to be frightened when you've

but to tame a wild carpet leave your

just to tame a wild carpet you can't be

grab the carpet by the tassels get set

and if you take a chance and try to

what are you doing here princess sofia

your amulet brought me here to help the

amulet put a curse on me i already

apologized to ruby and jade for bragging

but i'm still croaking i don't know what

well the only person who can undo the

i was afraid you'd say that i've got a

tale to tell about a beast i knew who

and though he tried to say that yes his

there was just one way to break that

he tried his best to make it right

to fix your mess do more than confess

you found a brand new crowd and brushed

your friends aside too proud a little

you want to set things straight you

gotta go for broke by doing something

great you just might lose that croak

you could delight your friends tonight

they'd be impressed you tried to make it

to fix your mess do more than confess

i'm sorry it's a phrase that's often

heard but actions speak louder than

just keep your goal plainly in sight

ariel princess ariel what are you doing

sophia's amulet brought me here to help

and what's going on sofia my friend una

is in trouble i tried to save her but

you couldn't do it on your own no

we all need a little help sometimes once

prince eric needed my help when his ship

sank my family ship is in danger too

well luckily there's one answer to both

your problems there is follow me

you tried to save your mermaid friend

you think your quest is at an end

for though our worlds have different

ways there's one thing that we share

together you could end your troubles if

right there is a mermaid who wants to

show her that you feel the same and you

we have to learn to work in harmony

you could end your trouble if only she

princess aurora have you come to help us

oh sofia it's not my help you need yes

we do dad is missing and we went out to

find him and now we're stuck out here

too and i'm worried something bad

i could always count on my animal

friends to help me through tough times

robin mia what are you doing out here we

came to help you find your dad kid what

can we do i don't know we could go back

to the castle for help how would you

find it in all this snow well the

animals who live in the woods know the

way we could just ask them the animals

in the woods that's it mm-hmm you can

help me find my dad how seek out the

other animals in the woods and tell them

to spread the word the king is missing

if we can get all the creatures in the

forest searching for my dad i know we'll

find him ah good thinking so let's do it

uh clover i think mia and i can cover a

little more ground than you all right

all right i'm gonna let you do this on

your own but only cause you got wings

not cause i'd rather sit in the warm

toasty sleigh with sophia okay

hey soph your amulets you know

sophia why did the amulet bring you here

there's nothing wrong are you sure about

that once an old woman came to my door

offering an apple but she turned out to

be my wicked stepmother in disguise and

the apple was poisoned she was in

disguise people aren't always what they

seem sophia so you have to be careful

and trust your feelings no matter what

anyone else says you know so you said

that sorceress is giving you the

heebie-jee­bies uh-huh she is then it's

up to you to do something about it

hey where'd she go i've gotta warn mom

and dad about sasha wait for me

where do you two think you're going i

never gave up so easily and neither

should you i was trying to tell them

that mulan but there's no way we can get

through those warriors it's too tough

then you just have to be tougher i don't

i think you girls are stronger than you

overcoming doubt so many things they

i went and proved them wrong so now i'll

pass along these simple words i hope get

there's only one voice to obey

and it's that little voice inside so let

that be your guide then you can save the

cause you are stronger than you know

you may be small but give it your all

that you are stronger than you know

that gives me an idea instead of trying

to go through the maze let's go over it

now you're thinking sophia do you really

think we can jump across all these

statues i know we can just look at what

through any danger we can leave

new trail we could place if only we

that we are stronger than we know

the amulet's glowing does that mean the

it looks like you two could use a lift

thank you rapunzel we princesses have to

stick together so how did you wind up

down there an evil princess is trying to

take over our kingdom can you stop her

evil women pretending to be my mother i

can handle evil princesses i'm not so

sorry ladies i would have been here

sooner but they made me sit through the

well we could use a ride back to the

i'm the reason princess ivy is here

it's a curse for taking sophia's amulet

yes i did and i thought giving it back

would undo the curse but it didn't work

well i knew a thief once and he had a

lot of bad deeds to make up for he did

once i met a man a thief a cat

with a selfish plan that made me mad

so sweet so strange but first he had to

change when i was in the spot my back

against the wall he gave it all he got

things were getting rough but he

to finally dare to risk it all

putting yourself first led you astray so

now it seems you're cursed to your

dismay to make up for your deeds and

prove you've grown try putting others

and dare to risk it all i know you're

to finally dare to risk it all

but only if you dare dare to risk

oh sounds like somebody's got the blues

i'm tiana and if what mama odie told me

was right then i'm here to help you so

what's troubling you sofia well if we

don't come up with a special gift to

give the mountain witch then winter will

have to spend another year all alone and

clover will be stuck inside this ice oh

that does sound like a rough day tell me

about it there's not enough time to find

another special gift are you sure sofia

the gift i'm giving my family this year

is a special meal i'm cooking just for

them made with a whole lot of love you

see when it comes to finding the perfect

it doesn't matter if it's large or small

it doesn't matter what the color is at

a gift you'd find inside a store high on

or something simple that you made all by

it could be plainly wrapped or trimmed

with silver bows a huge bouquet

the smallest gift can seem just like a

what makes the difference is the feeling

and the thought for that's a gift that

have i got your attention merida

how can i help you sofia my friends are

in great danger but i don't know how you

can help unless you know where tilly's

bag is oh you don't need her bag of

tricks you're searching for the wrong

thing in the wrong place what you need

can only be found within you what's that

the belief that you can save them

that's just it i'm still getting used to

being a princess how am i supposed to

finish all those stories in the library

if i can't even finish this one

though i've just begun to somehow get

thinking there must be some mistake

i can't see why she chose me when i

just how am i supposed to save the day

when my chance has flown away

why'd i think that i could be the one

you can sing all you want about your

doubts we all have them but you also

have the power to wipe those doubts away

if you believe in yourself and what you

just stand tall and your aim will always

you can save your friends and you know

it so get on with it you're right merida

well sophia what are you waiting for i

may not know exactly how i'll do

know that it can free them if i put my

i'm the one that has to save the day

cause say believe that i will be the one

i'm good i guess that's what happens

when you're stuck inside an amulet for

41 years you forget how to walk

i knew you were the one thank you

jack wins princess elena princess elena

i'm matteo alakazara'­s grandson oh you

and uh you can just call me elena okay

elena i can't believe you're really back

neither can i i was in the amulet so

long i thought i might never get out but

it feels so weird having my feet on the

it's been a while since i've been

with my own eyes i can once again see

but now that i'm here there's a mission

at hand to drive that witch out of our

beautiful land i'll banish the darkness

and bring back the light cause this time

time to stand up with honor and pride

now off i must fly to the palace once

more to win back the freedom of all

avalor i've spent my whole life waiting

just for this day and nothing

time to honor my family and friends

i was a girl in the village doing all


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