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You are now my junior officially­.

You just need to adopt this formula in order to solve.

Look around and see the smiles on their face

It’s not as bad as you think, is it?

Don’t get used to being taken advantage at work.

Why hadn’t you told me that you would be here?

Or you don’t want me to be here?

In the future, when you want to come to my room

There could be a chance that I’m caught up in a meeting

I don’t want you to waste time on waiting for me

Do you still have work to do today?

I want to talk about the initiation

I don’t have time to clean up yet.

There are many drinks in the fridge.

But there’s only one left of that favor

Why is the steamed egg in this color this time?

Didn’t you said it was not good?

about the off-campus initiation at the beach

We are only waiting for the authorized letter.

The new dean is yet to sign it off.

the dean didn’t sign off easily

so I had to add other activities to the plan

you could add an activity like a reforestat­ion.

You want me to go with you, right?

But if you are busy with your work

I want you to have a deserved rest.

I consider that a kind of rest too

and do activities together with them

I take that as you have agreed to go

Don’t tell me that you have planned this from the beginning?

And you didn’t bother to wake me up again

That’s your favorite line when you wake up late.

What shirt do you want to wear today?

Any white shirt is fine. Just pick it.

I don’t think I have enough time.

I have an important matter that needs your favor

I have placed an order from a supplier.

I want you to call and chase them for me

Tell them to deliver the order by the end of this month.

Okay. Here are their telephone number and contact person.

Don’t forget to remind them that they must deliver by the end of

Got it. By the end of this month

But it states here that the delivery date is the first Monday of

But it’s too late to get it then

I’m calling from the Procuremen­t Department of Ocean Electric

the purchase order number 0023247

Is it possible to have the order by the last Friday of this month

Well, Khun Arthit. You can’t rush us.

Actually, when I spoke to Khun John last week

I thought I could get the purchase order right after we talked

And I already speed up the production process

to have it ready by Monday next month.

If that the case, please accept my apologies.

But we really need it by the end of this month.

Since Khun John and I have been working together

I try to finish it on Saturday of the end of this month

Sorry again that we can’t rush it and deliver it on Friday.

Khun Supot said the best he could do is Saturday at the end of

Bummer. I’m not available on that day

A friend from Beijing will come to see me

You have to be here to get it for me then

In this upcoming initiation activity

I want everyone to go there and enjoy

On the last Saturday of this month, we have the initiation

I’m sorry but I have to go to the office that day.


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