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I tried to wake you so many times.

I told you many times that I couldn’t be late today.

It’s okay. You can go straight to the uni.

I think I take a motorcycle taxi.

Your class will start soon, right?

You should hurry and go to the uni now

I’ll order you to do a push-up.

If it’s you who gives me the order

I will do everything you want me to

I just want to take a photo of you going to work on your first

I know that I was with you on your important day.

Sawasdee, all first-year students.

I’m your third-year senior in this Faculty of Engineerin­g.

I’m also the head of the hazing team

I have a duty to look after you

throughout your first year here

to strictly comply with our rules.

if you disagree with any of our rules

you can come to discuss with me anytime.

I welcome all feedback and opinions.

The symbol of us, engineerin­g people

Gears are cogwheels that work together systematic­ally for a

It’s the honor and dignity of us all

not just one particular person.

for you all to prove the meaning of it.

as a tool to know all of the seniors

by asking them to sign on your notebook

Get their signatures as many as you can

I’m not gonna demand you to get all 1,000 signatures

is to make all of us know each other as many as possible

put your effort into getting to know your seniors

First day: The seniors want to know freshmen

but ask the freshmen to come to them by means of paper.

you used to work in the Production Department­.

Well, is there still no unfilled position in the Production

How is the Procuremen­t Department here?

You’ll find out when you start working tomorrow.

Arthit Rojanapat\­nProcureme­nt Engineer

For the initiation ritual this year

I think I make it different than the previous years

I think what they did the in past

So many first years did not want to participat­e the gathering

Many students didn’t want to join

We cut down some physical challenge activities

and add more the activities that make them see the benefits of the

I want this year’s initiation ritual

has the most benefit to the first years

Thank you so much for coming today

I and my friends are going to P’Bright’s bar.

When you want to help her with something

why don’t you just tell her directly?

If I do anything too much, it’s not good

It’s not easy to change from friend to boyfriend.

You asked P’Arthit out when you were just a first year

How has it been, these 3 years?

You are still sweet toward each other, right?

Too sweet that I can even see ants

I have the gathering activities to take care of.

And now he’s got a position in his company.

I’m still doing my master degree.

I have to find a topic for my research

It’s even more tiring than when I was in undergrad school

Well, I just got put in a position. And today is my first day.

But I didn’t get to be in the Production Department­.

I’m in the Procuremen­t Department now.

There’s no position available there yet.

I have to wait for a position to be opened

and I transfer to work in the Production Department later

Why are you being dramatic all of sudden?

Because owning a bar is so damn tiring. It’s so chaotic

that you father force you to marry someone.

I have to leave you for military, honey.

You all are third years now, right?

After the gathering activity is over

where will you apply for an internship­?

The first semester has just started.

Trust me, it will come really quick

look at Bright’s face, for example

It doesn’t take long at all to become like this.

Excuse me, I think I should go home now.

Tomorrow, I have to buy stuff for the gathering in the morning.

Do you want Bright to give you a ride?

All right. Let me give you a ride. Come on.

It’s okay. I can take her home.

And it’s not any anniversar­y date.

It’s the gift for your first day at work

you have me right beside you all the time.

I have work to do early in the morning tomorrow.

Let me take you to your apartment.

But you have the gathering activity in the morning tomorrow


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