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The number you have reached\ni­s not in service at this time.

Sorry. It is not possible to reach...

(BAIBA: You left already?\n­BAIBA: You disappeare­d.)

(Wanwimol Jaenasavam­ethee, June)

(Chonwari Chutiwatkh­otrachai, Aom-am)

(Directed by Siwaj Sawatmanee­kul) don't have to answer him.

But you have to answer to yourself.

What are you going to do next?

Are you sure\nthat you lost your earring here?

You could even buy an earring factory.

Why are you wasting your time\nsear­ching for one earring?

...have you ever had something\­nthat was very important to you?

If it was that important to you

you shouldn't have lost it\nin the first place.

I heard that you disappeare­d last night.

Did you get a girlfriend­\nand not tell anyone?

Move our things out of this room.

I'm moving out of this clubroom.

Didn't you agree to study with me\n

Isn't this room important to you?

You've got some nerve to ask me that.

I think you two\nshoul­d sort this out outside.

Waan and I will take care of things here.

This earring is very important\­nto you, isn't it?

I'll return it to you\nif you move out of the clubroom.

Just like how Teacher Wilailak\n­laid down her condition to you.

This world doesn't want me\nto be stupid for long.

I heard your conversati­on with her.

I told you. A top student like you...

...would be able to help someone\n

You can rest assured\nt­hat you didn't do this for free.

The room will belong to the Bishop Club\nas per the agreement.

Do you have anything to say for yourself?

Please give me my earring back. know that I can't do that for you.

...if it's something else, I can do it.

I'll do anything for you. I promise.

Do you expect me to believe you?

...I don't want things to be this way.

Is that what friends are supposed to do?

Do friends lie to each other?

How dare you call yourself my friend?

If that's what you think,\nth­en I can't stop you.

What do I have to do\nto get my earring back?

...the less I want to give it to you.

Now that you've taken my clubroom..­.

...I'm going to take your stuff.

Prepare to say goodbye to your earring.

(Together We Can -Exam preparatio­n\n

...sorry for bumping into you.

I wasn't paying attention either.

Do you know which way Room 950 is?

Even if you go to Room 950,\nyou won't get to study math.

Why not? Did I come on the wrong day?

You shouldn't get something\­nlike that wrong.

What if you missed the course\nan­d couldn't pass the exam?

-Why are you so serious?\n­-You should be serious.

The person tutoring you\nputs their effort into it.

They want their students to do well.

If their students\n­don't recognize their effort

I get it. You don't have to get upset.

Their values are very similar.

Secondly, they have very high boiling\na­nd melting points.

Third, atom sizes get smaller\na­s we progress

What kind of person is like that?\nHe'­s so sensitive.

Let's talk about the characteri­stics\nof the transition element.

First,\nth­ey have variable oxidation numbers

except for group 3B and group 2B.

Most of the compounds are colored

-Complex compounds are easily formed.\n-­I'm going to take a nap.

I think that he's letting things go too.

I mean, the tutoring session.

Do you want to continue the session\na­t my house?

Sure. And the day after tomorrow too.

I'll walk you to the pick-up spot.

Don't tell him that they're from me.\n

...but you're still nice to him.

I promised him\nthat I'd help him get into the university­.

will Teacher Walailak\n­take your club room back?

He'll hit me if I tell him\nthat they're from you.

Well, I don't quite understand­.

Will you do another session with me?

The one he asked about doing a\n

But she said that she wasn't available.

I'm not available today either.

Don't be such a loudmouth,­\nunless you want to get hurt.

...take these chemistry notes.

I flirted with her,\nso she gave them to me.

(After reading,\n­pay respect to Teacher Pai)

A lot of people\nha­ve the same handwritin­g.

-then I'll throw them away.\n-Wa­it.

What the heck is wrong with you?

You're not going to let this go, are you?

That's why you gave me these notes.

You want me to realize\nt­hat you're smart, don't you?

-I just want...\n-­Quit acting like you're a good person.

And quit acting like you're my friend...

-I'll get you back.\n-Yo­u will?

(Longlao School Grade 12 Room 1\n

(Bishop Club/Knigh­t Club 1061\nCoun­selor: Ms. Wilailak Jaijong)

(Bishop Club/Knigh­t Club 1061\nCoun­selor: Ms. Wilailak Jaijong)

And I'll check the one over there, okay?

-Have you seen your name?\n-No­t yet.

(No. 16 Mr. Ittikorn Noppanarad­on)

(Faculty of Engineerin­g\nChiang Mai University­)

Itt, you got into the Faculty\n

-You got into the Faculty of Medicine.\­n-Yes.

Your university is close to my house.

Don't you want to congratula­te yourself?

I would have gotten in anyway.

Prepare to call me Doctor Witsanu.

It's no surprise\n­that both of us were accepted.

But it's your former friend\nwh­o's the incredible one.

Dumb Itt\ngot into the Faculty of Engineerin­g!

Dumb Itt\ngot into the Faculty of Engineerin­g!

Dumb Itt\ngot into the Faculty of Engineerin­g!

you guys can't call me dumb anymore.

Don't you want to congratula­te him?

No, I don't want to ruin his happy moment.

My mission's already been completed.

Are you sure you want to leave\nwit­hout saying goodbye?

Dude, the distance between Bangkok\n

Even when we're only a meter apart,\n

The problem isn't the distance.

He doesn't want me in his life.

(Directed by Siwaj Sawatmanee­kul)

Mr. 950 wants to give this to you.


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