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Find the solution of the equation.

- How?\n- How do you solve this?

This is the formula we used before.

This is the formula we used before.

Now it's your turn to solve it.

- Okay.\n- I'll find some math problems for you.

Why is there so much to study?

- Well. Who told you to be stupid.\n- Oh.

I've got to get you good at this.

Is it so wrong to be born stupid?

- You want to study engineerin­g, right?\n- What?

Come here, Mom. I'll give you a massage.

- How does that feel?\n- Good.

(Patient Room 1206,\nUtu­mpon Noppanarad­on)

The patient's condition is stable.

Her blood pressure is normal.

We haven't found any complicati­ons.

you will be informed by a nurse.

- All right. Thank you.\n- Thank you.

- I'm getting better.\n- You'll get better in no time.

All right. I'll repeat it to you.

The rules for solving\no­ne-variabl­e linear inequaliti­es.

move the variable to one side.

Second, get rid of the brackets, if any.

Third, get rid of the fractions, if any

by multiplyin­g by the\nleast common multiple.

when multiplyin­g or dividing\n­with negative numbers

you must reverse the direction\­nof the inequality symbol.

For example, switch greater than sign\nto less than sign.

Good job. You did a good job.

I'm telling you. My brain is good.

I know that tutoring your friend\n

But you have to prepare for\nmedic­al entrance exam too.

I will manage my time accordingl­y.

- my friend's mother has...\n- I know.

Don't worry about your friend's mother.

Our hospital takes good care\nof all its patients.

(Wanwimol Jaenasavam­ethee, June)

(Chonwari Chutiwatkh­otrachai, Aom-am)

(Directed by\nSiwaj Sawatmanee­kul)

My mom wanted me to give this to you.

Itt has a tutoring session with Pai.

Then we're short of a player\nan­d can't play the game.

Hey. Why don't we ask Waan to join us?

Besides, he's in Bishop Club.\nI don't like him.

Come play with us.\nWe're one player short.

Go for it. I'm giving it to you.

Why did you suddenly ask me\nto join a game?

You unexpected­ly took\nthe blame for me.

So why can't I\nsuddenl­y ask you to join me?

being territoria­l about the club room.

So I had to switch to this room.

You have a lot of patients to see, right?

Yes, it's fine. I can have dinner alone.

Is the hospital where my mother is staying

That's definitely a family business.

Does this mean you will be a doctor?

Otherwise, who will\ntake over the hospital?

You say that like you don't want to it.

I still have no idea what I want to be.

But if I don't become a doctor

who will look after the family business?

You didn't expect that, did you?

I can't even pass a math exam.

How could I build a house for anyone?

If you set your mind to it,\nyou can be an engineer.

You're not stupid\nli­ke you think you are.

I'm Itt, a freshman\n­from the faculty of engineerin­g.

It's much clearer than mine.

Have you seen this guy?\nHe's so handsome.

His facial features are perfect.\n­Eyebrows, eyes, nose.

Is there someone more handsome than me?

Where did you get such confidence­?

you should go and see him for yourself.

If you don't believe us,\ngo check him out.

Do you think he has a girlfriend­?

Is this what you call handsome?

He's more handsome than you.

You were going to have dinner alone.

Otherwise, I wouldn't have taken you out.

Don't tell anyone that I brought you here.

Any stall that receives\n­a lot of good reviews

is always full of customers.

You'll have more that one bowl for sure.

I need to stop here for a second.

The color for that pair is off.

Only one of the earrings is off too.

Would you prefer the white gown ones?

Then why are you being indecisive­?

You don't seem to want to let it go.

He said that the color was off.

What matters is if you like it or not.

- my parents don't...\n­- It's just piercing your ear.

Otherwise, this place will be packed.

It must be seven or something.

You finished tutoring very late today.

Yes. I'm going to take a shower now.

Did you get your ear pierced?

If you don't like it,\nI'll take it off.

It's not that we don't like it.

We just want to know why\nyou decided to do it all of a sudden?

Okay. It's already done anyway.

If there's something on your mind

you can talk to us about it.\nYou know that, right?

Then why are you being indecisive­?

You don't seem to want to let it go.

He said that the color was off.

What matters is if you like it or not.

It's just piercing your ear.\nThis is your life.

I'm sorry. I want my mom to rest today.

That's why I asked you\nto come here instead.

It's good actually because\nI have something to tell you.

Don't tell me that you're going to\nstop tutoring me.

My mom is already dreaming of\nme being an engineer.

By the way, the earing\nlo­oks good on you.

Thank you for making me\nmore courageous­.

Itt, have you been waiting long?

Not long. We've just arrived.

Can you tutor me next time too?

I forgot to tell you that I asked her\nto come here too.

We're watching a movie after this.

I already booked the tickets. Here.

Why did you book them already?

Well, I wanted honeymoon seats.

So that I can snuggle up to you\nwhile I'm watching.

- It's a good idea, right?\n- Yes.

This movie is great.\nIt­'s very interestin­g.

Are you sure about that?\nWe haven't watched it yet.

- I'll send the trailer to you.\n- Itt.

No, it's not. We'll go there\naft­er you finished here.

Let's hurry up. You're going to\nthe movies with her, aren't you?

You already had me do this one.

You haven't taught me this one yet.

I'm sorry. I got the wrong book.

You can ask me if there are parts\nyou don't know.

A11 and B11. Can you see it?

Pure's been dating me first.

What matters is whom he will choose.

- Choose me.\n- Choose me, Pure. Please.

That's what you get for being a player.

- Choose me.\n- Please choose me.

I never said I would choose anyone of you.

I see that height doesn't matter\nwh­en you're lying down.

Being too handsome is problemati­c.

(Directed by\nSiwaj Sawatmanee­kul)

- Have you been waiting long?\n- Just a bit.

- What would you like to eat then?\n- And you?


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