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EPISODE 2020 FESTA Family Portrait Shooting with Английский subtitles   Complain, DMCA

[Here for the FESTA Family Fotos!]

-We're here for the FESTA shoot, everyone\n­-FESTA!

-We choose a door? This one's yours, for sure\n

Why does your door open that way?

[Jin on his way to inspect the photos]

-If you see it, it's a delay\n-No­, no

-We gotta go\n[They try to keep him away]

[Laughs all around as the shoot ends!]

[Next is Jimin & V's unit shoot]

For this part, each members\nc­omes out from a door

That's the motif for this shoot

We're actually here from our rooms

These colors seem to\nindica­te that I'm a turtle

Purple you from this window ♪

[Unit shoot followed by the group shoot]

A test shot, please\n[B­TS back after an outfit change!]

-I think it was just me\n-No, I made one too

[RM's photo cracks up all the members]

Don't you know how to\nmake a real face?

-That's a little extreme\n-­That's how it's done!

[Starts on a good note thanks to RM]

-Scoot up, there's no room\n

[Unexpecte­dly short bench means Jin gets to sit on air]

It's like he's sitting for real\n

Good thing you worked on those squats

Can't you give us a more natural pose?

[Wrapping up the group shoot with a smile]

[BTS turned out in suits this time!]

[All the members need to tilt towards Jung Kook]

Haven't started yet, not yet\n[V can really hold his pose]

[Checking to see what can be done better]

Right, stand with our feet together

This is it right here!\n

[j-hope cracks up seeing Namjoon's pose]

[Picking out sunglasses for the next shoot]

-You got your bangs rolled out perfectly\­n-I've been betrayed

I think there's a Korean traditiona­l\n

They said, "We\'re going retro

I said, "Yes" and then I saw Mushroom Boy

This isn\'t retro, it\'s fungus

Are these sideburns for real?

I think there's an American movie\n

These are the softest\ns­ideburns I've ever touched

Like jumping out of the frame

-We'll take one and see\n-Okay

We just finished the FESTA shoot

I think 2020's FESTA is going\nto be especially special

We really zipped through and there's\n

Still, I think we had fun and did a good job

We had a good laugh doing the shoot

This is content that's going\nto go to all our ARMY

We're going to prepare a song for FESTA

I've never unveiled my own song like this

We get to leave these images\nof us each year, thanks to FESTA

The fans appreciate it and \nthey're great memories for us, too

These FESTA shoots are so enjoyable

Can't believe it's been seven years

but we have many more years\n

Not just seven, but we'll be together\n

(V from the heart) ARMY knows how we feel, right?

My mouth might not be moving but\n


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