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EP. 10 나를 마주하는 시간 SEVENTEEN : HIT THE ROAD with Английский subtitles   Complain, DMCA

That's leftover food from yesterday

Oh, is it? It’s fine. You opened the box anyway

- Isn't it fine to use Korean?\n

Jun and I don’t match personalit­y-wise.

I'm a sensitive type, but Jun has a carefree personalit­y.

Despite that, I feel comfortabl­e when we're together.

Jun was the only one by my side when I didn’t speak a word of

You really came to eat? Then take a seat.

- There's no chair.\n- It's there.

- Your eyes are so big, but you can't spot that chair?\n

Well, sometimes look behind you.

I've come all the way here because I've only\n

Sometimes, look behind you, look back at the memories.

When I was young, I wanted to become someone who shines the most.

Despite my parents being against the idea, I just flew to Korea

If my body is tired, I can just bear through it alone.

But I was alone in a foreign country, with no one to really take

'I just have to deal with it. It was my decision.'

And looking back on it now, I believe it was destiny.

Although it sounds cheesy, SEVENTEEN is my ‘youth’

Literally my everything is in here.

I feel strong and deep emotions

If you feel that way, any moment you feel that way is your

And I feel those emotions the strongest when I'm with SEVENTEEN.

What I feel the most is gratitude.

Our fans memorize entire songs from us,\n

They dance along, give out their energy, and make us feel it too.

I love how we send each other the energy we have.

I'm going to draw a person's face.

I started this one on October 29, 2019.

I think I was struggling quite a lot back then.

There were so many people who celebrated my birthday.

Who am I to receive so much congratula­tions, from this many

I am feeling quite exhausted recently.

I think I'm more mentally exhausted than physically­.

I experience­d for the first time in my life, being unable to

I didn't know how to express what I felt then.

And I didn't really feel like confiding in someone either

So I relieved such stress through drawing.

When I draw, I can empty my mind.

But I don't think I can show this to the fans.

But I can't show it to them, because I feel they might get

I try to read books, but I can't.

Because I feel like my head is going to explode.

I can't really read books right now because I’m losing focus.

You seemed to read a lot back when you were having that

I don't really choose a certain time, I read whenever I feel like

I used to not really like reading, because it tires you out.

But turns out reading helps you a lot.

Living a busy life, people never really\n

So I wanted to get more in touch with my\n

I used to have thoughts like ‘I’m this type of person\n

I had that. But now, I can't say with certainty

What kind of person I am anymore.

THE 8, your outfit seems a bit different from the other members'.

We can dress more freely during the last encore

So I coordinate­d my outfit in my own style.

Suspenders like these, Converse shoes

And glasses that match the color of my shirt.

I thought a lot about what sides of me\n

And how to make myself more visible within SEVENTEEN.

I pondered about it a lot, and one moment,\n

I've been increasing­ly more interested in clothes

And my self-estee­m is higher when I look in the mirror...\­n

I've been into these kinds of coats lately.

So I wore a black coat earlier, and a red coat now.

And over-sized clothes give the shoulders a boost, like this.

I wore this at an event, at a photo-op

So this, it's an '8' because I'm THE 8.

And this, I just saw the clock, and it's THE 8 on the clock.

And this, I added because I watched ‘Joker’.

And I've had bad things happen,\n

I have a lot of paintings like this, from when I paint at home.

It's nice. I'm lucky I can do the things I want, when I want.

When you're going through a lot, I've found you can become really

Being a bad influence on other people because of my own behavior

I didn't know back then, but now I think to myself\n

And it made me more grateful overall.

Someone being by my side when I'm going through something,­\n

And so when I'm better, I need to return that to them.

I thought a lot about that too.

Just walking through the streets was so relaxing

And the children walking past were adorable

When I saw happy families passing by, it gave me happiness too.

Those little moments of happiness, you don't notice them when

And those little things have such a big impact on me.

The train... It runs on the streets with people walking next to

That day was really relaxing, I took a lot of photos

It was a really ordinary day, but it was really special to me.

But I don't want to forget that year.

Because those emotions are so precious to me.

Making a contempora­ry dance choreograp­hy

And when I look back at the work I did at this time of my life

'Oh, I had this emotion in that moment'.

I'm still searching to find what kind of person I am.

But from now on, I'll be expressing my emotions more openly to our

Whether it be dance, painting, or songs

These things through which I can express myself

Whatever fans feel from these things, it's all who I am.

[Like how the sky is darkest before the sunrise]

[We're only going through our last growing pains]

- In Jeonghan's own words, who is Jeonghan of SEVENTEEN?­\n


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