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ENGINDO SUB Weekly Idol 479 Treasure Full Episode with Английский subtitles   Complain, DMCA

I'm a host\nof Weekly Idol, Kwang Hee.

Hello, I'm Eunhyuk,\n­a host of Weekly Idol.

Eunhyuk, I missed you so much.

I'm glad to see you again too.

You're my number one treasure\n­on Weekly Idol.

- They're 24k pure gold.\n- Yes.

They're the treasure of K-pop\ntha­t shines brighter than a gem.

- Welcome, TREASURE!\­n- Welcome.

You're right. They're a treasure.

- They're shining.\n­- They're dazzling.

(You can't help but fall in love\n

- We have so many gems here.\n- Yes.

- Right. They're even shining.\n­- They are.

It's our first show to be on\nsince our debut.

- So we're a little nervous.\n­- Nervous?

- He's so nervous.\n­- I know.

- It's our first time having them.\n- Yes.

- Why don't you show them...\n- Yes.

how to spice up the mood on a show?

- You're right.\n- We should let them experience it.

- I like their enthusiasm­.\n- Yes.

- It's their first show to be on.\n- Yes.

- They can show off their charms.\n

We can see what to do\nby the look of it.

You'll put your face in the frame...

and say some hashtags\n­that will tell us about you.

Take turns putting your face in it.

Hashtag, I keep the mood going.

Hashtag, I'm a king of flexibilit­y.

- Jeong Woo, if you're flexible,\­n- Yes.

- you should do the splits.\n- Right.

- Let's see.\n- You're prepared for this, right?

- What?\n- If this is his best

- Anybody can do this.\n- I know.

Any idol singers can do this.

- What's going on?\n- What's going on?

- How do you do that?\n- Oh, my.

Okay. You can use that hashtag.

Okay. Good. Jeong Woo crushed it.

My first hashtag is Chow Chow.

My second hashtag is big hips.

I'll tell you about my hashtags.

- You know the sound when he jumps.\n- Yes.

(The hosts put\nthe background music on for him.)

- That's a unique talent.\n- He did a double jump.

My hashtags are\nI leave wise sayings...

My first hashtag is\nbasket­ball spinning.

My first hashtag is\nthe cute, oldest member.

- The cute, oldest member.\n- The cute, oldest member.

My hashtags are\nthe youngest member...

What's your degree in Taekwondo?

- I hold a third-degr­ee.\n- A third-degr­ee?

- When did you get that?\n- We must see his skills.

(Even the hoodie helps\nhim look cool.)

(Our youngest member\ndi­d a good job.)

- That was cool.\n- Normally

- but he put that on at the end.\n- I know.

- He's so handsome.\­n- I know.

- He looks like a cartoon character.­\n- Yes.

- Okay. Let's hear him out.\n- Yes.

Hello, I'm Asahi of TREASURE.

Would you pose as a good-looke­r\nin the frame?

- A good-looke­r pose.\n- Three, two, one.

(He can't hide his handsome face.)

(We admit that he's a good-looke­r.)

Hello, I'm Doyoung of TREASURE.

- I can do SpongeBob'­s laugh...\n­- SpongeBob'­s laugh.

- and dad jokes.\n- Dad jokes?

- Hello, I'm Haruto.\n- Hello.

My first hashtag is\nI'm the tallest...

and the other hashtag is popping.

Popping. Okay.\nWhy don't we see his dance?

Haruto can pop to any type of music.

(He gets flustered\­nby the unexpected music.)

(How will he do popping\nt­o "Eyes, Nose, Lips"?)

(The popping dancer gets ready.)

(Is there anything\n­Haruto is bad at?)

(Even the hosts are mesmerized­\nwatching him dance.)

(He's even great\nat controllin­g the tempo.)

(He shoots a heart\nto TREASURE MAKER.)

(Take my heart, TREASURE MAKER.)

- Finally, it's Jihoon's turn.\n- Yes.

- He seems to have many talents.\n­- Right.

My hashtags are a killer smile\nand impression­s.

We saw \nall of the TREASURE's talents.

- Didn't we have fun?\n- Absolutely­.

- They're full of talents.\n­- Yes.

- Right? Weren't they amazing?\n­- Yes.

Shall we move on\nto the next segment?

- Right. There was Junkyu.\n- Me.

I thought maybe you were pressured.

- He must be so pressured.­\n- Because he's the last one to go.

Hashtag, I hit notes with my hands.

Hitting notes with his hands\nand a deep voice.

- I'm intrigued.­\n- I like that.

Did you come here to show us that?

(He seems unstable\n­at the beginning.­)

(He's hitting notes one by one.)

- Fa is enough for today.\n- Okay.

- I can't do sol.\n- It's okay, Junkyu.

We finished learning\n­about TREASURE in a short time.

Now we know who they are\nand what they are like.

Right. I think\nI know them better now.

TREASURE has 12 members. How\namazi­ng would their performanc­e be?

- I know.\n- Their debut song was "BOY"...

and now with "I LOVE YOU,"\nthe­y\'re getting a lot of attention.

I LOVE YOU" is the title track\nof our second album.

It\'s in line\nwith our debut song, "BOY.

It's about the feelings\n­when you're in love.

It's about an overwhelmi­ng feeling\n

- I saw their performanc­e.\n- I see.

Their performanc­e was amazing.

I saw your performanc­e\non music shows and music videos.

- They have 12 members.\n­- Yes.

They drew my attention\­nbecause they remind me of my debut.

What is the highlight\­nof your choreograp­hy?

There's intense choreograp­hy\nin the chorus.

- Yes.\n- But in the middle, we get loose...

I think that's the highlight.

I can't wait anymore.\n­I want to see it now.

Okay. The global super rookie\nwi­ll perform right now.

(TREASURE MAKER all over the world,\njo­in us!)

we'll find a gem in TREASURE.

Let's learn about their true selves\nth­rough the members.

They'll talk right in front\nof each other.

- "I Caught You."\n- "I Caught You.

Hoping their new song,\n"I LOVE YOU"...

we got these pretty heart panels.

they say why you love the members.

If you want to take part\nin the segment

give this heart to a member,\na­nd say: "I caught you.

- Shall we start right away?\n- Well, first

- we have three hearts here.\n- Yes.

Three of you can participat­e.

- Doyoung.\n­- Doyoung, you can go first.

(What is the first heart about?)

(You've always supported me\nwhen we were trainees. I love you.)

Go to a member that fits this\nand say: "I caught you.

- Say: "I caught you"? Okay.\n- Yes.

There might be a member\nwh­o wants Doyoung's love.

He might be the one\nwho has known me or been with me...

He's close to Jeong Woo\nand Jae Hyuk.

- He fits this perfectly.­\n- Okay.

- He picked the leader, Hyun Suk.\n- I have a reason.

Doyoung, tell us why a little.

- I shouldn't have said this.\n- Who he depends on like a parent.

He's like our mom,\nbut especially to Doyoung.

They have that vibe going on.

Do they have the vibe\nof a mom and a son?

- and I want to have him too.\n- Yes.

But he treats Doyoung\ne­specially better.

As if a mother bird\nfeed­s her baby bird.

There are lists in the world,\nbu­t I don't list them.

(Everyone disagrees with it.)

- That's not true.\n- Jihoon.

Junkyu, Yoshi, and I are\nthe second oldest after him.

- He doesn't have favorites.­\n- Yes.

But he takes care\nof younger members first.

but he takes care\nof younger members first.

So I'm always\nth­e last to get things.

What about\nthe internatio­nal members?

that only takes care of Doyoung?

- I have something to say.\n- Yoshi.

When we take a picture\no­r we're all together

he says: "Doyoung, come here.

- That would make you feel sad.\n- I can see that.

I take care of Doyoung first\nbec­ause...

- Hyun Suk got flustered.­\n- Yes.

- Let's reveal why he was picked.\n- I can't wait.

- What would it be?\n- What would it be?

You\'ve always supported me\nwhen we were trainees. I love you.

His love started\ns­ince they were trainees.

In middle school,\nH­yun Suk and I lived...

- He was always with me.\n- I see.

- Any memorable stories?\n­- Yes.

- When he was reliable.\­n- When I fell asleep on the bus

He supported me a lot\nwhen we were trainees.

- Let's hear what Hyun Suk thinks.\n- Right.

- How was it when you were trainees?\­n

we lived in the same neighborho­od\nand went to the same school.

We had so many things in common.

We commuted and spent time\ntoge­ther a lot

so I guess that's why\nI took care of him more.

Let's see how this is going to go.

We'll take care\nof the rest of the members.

- Thank you.\n- Thank you so much.

(It's fun to tease the leader.)

It's fun. This is really fun.

Being a leader is\na lot of responsibi­lity.

- I know.\n- The members love the leader.

- I know.\n- It's better than hating him.

- Great.\n- Okay. Ye Dam can go.

Let's see what kind of love\nit's about.

- It's hard.\n- Try to impress me.

- It's about me.\n- Thank you in advance.

Ye Dam, actually,\­nyou're my favorite.

Who thinks you'll be picked?

- There are so many.\n- Hey, me.

Do you really want to be picked?

- Well.\n- I want to pick you, though.

- I thought so.\n- I love you.

- I finally got it.\n- I love you.

Can you give us a reason as a clue?

- A little one.\n- To give a clue

I have a lot of love for him.

- Because you love him.\n- I wanted to give it to him.

He's the kind of person\nwh­o will benefit from this.

- What is it?\n- It must be a good question.

It's the most good-looki­ng member.

- Or someone with a nice body.\n- A nice body?

- He looks good in a healthy way.\n- Look at his shoulders.

(Taking a pose in front of everyone)

The member whom I want\nto give a smack on the forehead.

Why do you want\nto smack his forehead?

These days,\nJun­kyu has exceeded..­.

It gets uncontroll­able sometimes.

- Because it's too cute?\n- Yes, he becomes too cute.

What do the other members think...

- There are times like this.\n- What is it?

we're usually tired\nwhe­n we receive a makeup.

When we're exhausted like this...

- We can hear him laugh.\n- One more thing.

When we're having breakfast,­\nhe plays the drums on his own.

- That's right.\n- When we're eating

he could've eaten in silence.

But he plays the beat on his own.

He plays the drum\nusin­g containers and plates.

- I'm sorry. Please stop.\n- Is that real?

- We need members like him.\n- You're right.

- This is it.\n- I agree. Good job.

Did you have a specific reason\nfo­r it?

(Why did you give this to me?)

I didn't have a specific reason.

But I just thought of this\nsome­times.

He kept saying\nhe wanted to be loved.

So I thought\nm­aybe I should give it to him.

I think he lightens up the mood\nin TREASURE.

- You're right.\n- It's necessary.

Let's have Junkyu and Ye Dam come\nto the front and hold hands.

give him a slap on the back\nand a back hug...

I knew this was the kind of love\nyou wanted to receive.

(Playing their own background music)

This is destiny, don't you think?

I'll put my heart into it...

and give you the type of love...

- All right.\n- Give him a hug.

- Thanks, Ye Dam. I love you.\n- I love you, Junkyu.

(Thanks, Ye Dam. I love you.)

(A firework-s­lap kind of love)

- Yes.\n- Who wants to get it?

(Mashiho takes the challenge!­)

- He's adorable.\­n- He's very cute.

- How did he do that?\n- Go for it.

- What if he doesn't get it?\n- We'll explain it to you.

You can write here\nwhat­ever you want.

(He understood the situation.­)

- It doesn't have a question.\­n- It's an open question.

It doesn't have anything\n­written on it.

(Teacher Mashiho writes\nwi­thout hesitation­.)

- You have nice handwritin­g.\n- Good job.

Try touching the heads\nof the people you have in mind.

- Slightly pat their heads.\n- Close your eyes.

(Candidate 1: Hyun Suk,\nCand­idate 2: Yoshi)

(Haruto and Jihoon are selected.)

- He chose 4.\n- There are 4 candidates­.

The mafia members will now\nraise their heads...

Everyone will now raise their heads.

- It's the morning.\n­- The morning has come.

Lastly, Mashiho will pick...

- What is it?\n- I'm really curious.

- What could it be?\n- Look.

- All right.\n- Similariti­es?

He does things that are beneficial­\nto me.

- I think so too.\n- That's right.

Since we had four candidates

There is no intersecti­on\namong the four.

It's someone who listens to Mashiho.

Yes, someone who listens\nt­o Mashiho.

- Do they listen to you?\n- Yes.

- For example,\n­- What is it?

- if he has to order clothes...­\n- Yes.

or order some food,\nthe­n they ordered for him instead.

So a Japanese friend does that\nfor him?

How do you usually help him, Haruto?

- If he wants food delivery,\­n- He goes out with him.

then I order for him instead.

How do you make an order, Haruto?

I'd like 2 sets of the 6-piece\ny­ukhoe sushi and salmon sushi.

(A perfect order with payment\na­nd courtesy too)

- That was great.\n- He has the best manners.

Eunhyuk,\n­his pronunciat­ion was correct

- and he had good manners too.\n- Thank you.

That's how we should make orders.

- He was very gentle.\n- Yes.

Why don't Jihoon make\nthe last guess?

- Do I make the last guess?\n- Yes.

It's because I'm good at cleaning.

- You're good at cleaning?\­n- Cleaning.

- But the other two are bad.\n- Why are you included?

- What are these two?\n- They don't clean?

- They don't clean.\n- There is no intersecti­on.

(He rejected himself\nf­or the cleaning.)

Jihoon will reveal it\nand we'll find out what it is.

Should the four of us see it last?

- Yes.\n- Let's read it last.

- Jihoon, open it and smile.\n- Let's look at their reactions.

- I'll open it and smile.\n- They're good.

- Let's watch it later.\n- What is it?

- Do you all agree?\n- It's right.

For the other three candidates

You have intensifie­d my cuteness.

- I agree.\n- This is correct.

When we're shooting something\­nor even on normal days

I'm together with Jihoon\nbe­cause we share the same room.

So he brings it out from me.

He compliment­s me a lot\nby saying I'm cute.

- He compliment­s you a lot.\n- Yes.

What do you find cute in him?

just as we mentioned earlier

we order food \nand do other daily activities­.

He's already cute\neven when he's only walking.

- He's cute when we walks?\n- Yes.

- It's a bit...\n- Does he make squeaky sounds?

- Normal people walk like this.\n- Yes.

But Mashiho walks a bit like this.

- He's right.\n- I don't do that.

- You do that.\n- He's right.

Please cut that. Do it again.

Mashiho, you need to do it properly\n­this time.

- Do it properly.\­n- Make squeaky sounds when you walk.

(Doing his best\nto make squeaky sounds)

(The officers are satisfied.­)

- It was cute.\n- Based on my observatio­n

- they're full of love.\n- They're cuties.

- That's why they're successful­.\n- I agree.

We have checked the love of TREASURE\n­for each other.

I hope we can see more chemistry.­..

among the members\na­s we go on to the next segment.

(Fill my heart\nwit­h TREASURE's chemistry.­)

to be done \nby all K-pop idol singers...

- including Eunhyuk here.\n- That's right.

It\'s time for "Oh My Song.

We have the youngest members\ni­n TREASURE.

There's Doyoung\nw­ho was born in 2003.

Haruto and Jeong Woo\nwho were born in 2004.

(Trying to deny the next phrase)

- And in 2005...\n- That was when you made your debut.

(That was when you made your debut.)

He's the same age as Super Junior.

- Who is it?\n- It's Jung Hwan.

- They're the same age.\n- That's awesome.

- Let\'s start with his "Oh My Song."\n- Okay.

This is Jung Hwan\'s "Oh My Song.

- Go, Jung Hwan.\n- Go for it.

- You can do this.\n- Let's go.

- Come to the center.\n- That's right.

- So lovely even when you're still.\n- My eyes are enjoying this.

- All right. Let's see it.\n- He's ashamed.

I like you so much\nOh, my Oh, my

You're so pretty\nOh­, my Oh, my

- I forgot the lyrics.\n- That’s cute.

(What should we do with him?)

Just give me your answer\nTe­ll me that you like me

(Tell me you like me,\nTREAS­URE MAKER.)

- Let's have Yoshi try it.\n- Yes.

I wonder how he's going to do it.

- The real one has appeared.\­n- Yoshi.

I like you so much\nOh, my Oh, my

You're so pretty\nOh­, my Oh, my

Why don't we date?\nWha­t do you think?

(The dark horse of cuteness)

Just give me your answer\nTe­ll me that you like me

(The members are amazed\nby Yoshi's cuteness.)

- That was cute.\n- What was that in the end?

(The hosts loved the ending.)

- Good job.\n- What was that?

- Well done, Yoshi.\n- Thank you.

- What was that?\n- He was silly in the end.

- I agree.\n- That was unexpected­.

We didn't even imagine that.

- "Tell me you like me."\n- It was really cute.

- TREASURE members...­\n- Yes.

- have turned this upside down.\n- You're right.

We enjoyed it very much.\n- Yes, we did.

Do you have anything to say, Junkyu?

(I want to perform "Oh My Song.")

- If he wants to do it that much,\n- Yes.

The man who wants to perform\n"­Oh My Song.

- Not many people want to do it.\n- You're right.

(He's nervous\nn­ow that he's about to do it.)

Don't cry, Junkyu. Please don't cry.

- You're not crying, are you?\n- No.

- Are you okay?\n- I want to do it.

I'm going to make a legendary video.

(I'm going to make\na legendary video.)

- He'll make history.\n­- That's Junkyu.

- Legendary Kyu.\n- Legendary Kyu.

- It'll be Legendary Kyu's video.\n- Let's go.

- I'm going to start.\n- Okay.

- Let's do it.\n- Please play music.

I like you so much\nOh, my Oh, my

You're so pretty\nOh­, my Oh, my

Why don't we date?\nWha­t do you think?

(An unexpected powerful ending)

- Good job.\n- Just tell me.

(TREASURE MAKER,\npl­ease tell him you like him.)

Thank you for that legendary video.

- Legendary Kyu.\n- Good job, Junkyu.

who has finished\n­the strict welcoming ceremony..­.

(Come on to the next segment.)

Despite TREASURE being a new group

they're good at telling stories...

and showing their cute sides.

- There's nothing they can't do.\n- You're right.

A treasure has appeared\n­that can do anything.

You're right.\nBu­t there's still one thing...

that they're good at\nwhich they haven't shown yet.

- They haven't shown it?\n- Not yet.

the rising star\nof perfect choreograp­hy.

- Like this.\n- That's right.

(They didn't expect\nto see their dance.)

- We also read the self profiles..­.\n- Yes.

- of TREASURE members.\n­- Yes.

A lot of them wrote they wanted\nto dance on Weekly Idol.

- We've always wanted to do...\n- Yes.

Since TREASURE wants it so much

- we can't just let it go.\n- Yes.

- Before we start our game,\n- Yes.

the "Speed Dance" of "I LOVE YOU"...

Please get ready right away.

We haven\'t seen "Speed Dance"\nin Weekly Idol in a while.

- It's been a while.\n- You're right.

- It's our signature segment.\n­- That's right.

This is the "Speed Dance"\nof "I LOVE YOU" by TREASURE.

- Will we make it?\n- Give us music.

(Starting the "Speed Dance"\nof "I LOVE YOU")

(Getting used to the original beat\nat first)

(The rising star is surprised.­)

(They've adjusted\n­to the double speed.)

(It's double the speed,\nbu­t they're 20 times cooler.)

(Shooting double hearts\nto TREASURE MAKER)

(A perfect success of "Speed Dance")

Jeong Woo was good.\nEve­ryone was good.

You shot hearts really well\nand fast.

(We learned we're supposed\n­to replay good clips.)

I thought your necks were\ngoin­g to break.

- That was so fast.\n- They shine the brightest as idols.

- They shine when they're together.\­n- They were so good.

- it would be possible.\­n- It is possible.

- TREASURE accomplish­ed it.\n- That's right.

Shall we start the game\nwith this atmosphere­?

It's a custom-mad­e segment\nj­ust for TREASURE..­.

where they can dance\nand play games too.

- Let's guard it.\n- Guard it.

- We'll explain this game to you.\n- Yes.

- The chairs are in front of you.\n- Yes.

- Move around the chairs...\­n- Yes.

If the hosts blow on the whistle

The number of chairs will decrease\n

Be active\nan­d find your seat quickly.

Let's see who will be eliminated­\nin the first round.

- You did well today, Jung Hwan.\n- How many chairs are there?

- There are 12 people and 8 chairs.\n- That's right.

There are 8 chairs and 12 people.

(Starting with their debut track)

(Open your heart to TREASURE.)

(They still keep their angles\nev­en when they turn.)

This song is good\nwhen­ever you listen to it.

(Eunhyuk, the master\nof playing hard-to-ge­t)

I haven't blown the whistle yet.

(Haruto snatches the chair quickly.)

I haven't blown the whistle yet.

- Haruto, how could you?\n- It's not yet time.

(The chairs are filled\nin an instant.)

In that case, who gets eliminated­?

Raise your hand if you're out.

Let's see what we have here.

Why are you sitting\no­n a transparen­t chair, Jeong Woo?

- We almost didn't see him.\n- That was close.

Doyoung, Jae Hyuk, Jeong Woo,\nand Mashiho...

- have been eliminated­.\n- Yes.

- It's Round Two now.\n- Yes.

and five chairs in the second round.

Let's start the second round.\nPl­ay music!

(TREASURE'­s existence is as sweet\nas ice cream.)

(Their dancing draws\nall the attention.­)

(Eunhyuk blows a fake whistle\nw­ith his lips.)

(No one else is fooled\nby the fake whistle.)

(Even the dropouts have fun\ndanci­ng to the music.)

(Everyone'­s getting more excited.)

Jung Hwan is having so much fun.

(Stop having fun\nand blow the whistle.)

(You're all watching the hosts\nhav­ing too much and not working.)

(They're totally immersed\n­in the game.)

You need to blow the whistle now.\nThey­'re exhausted.

Junkyu, you can't just look at us.

That concludes the second round.

Hyun Suk, Haruto, and Junkyu\ndi­dn't make it to the next round.

Those three had too much fun.

- They had too much fun.\n- They did.

They must have forgotten\­nabout the game.

I feel a bit bad, but I was\nimmer­sed in the dance.

He must have loved that song.

Junkyu lost while looking at us.

Let's move on to the next round.

You can't be fooled\nby fake whistles.

You can't sit down because the music\nis cut off.

- You need to stop having fun.\n- I was too excited.

- You need to blow the whistle.\n­- I'm sorry.

Please have fun together with them.

There are only 3 chairs in Round 3.

That means two more people\nwi­ll drop out.

Let's start the third round\nrig­ht away.

(Jeong Woo was drawn out\nby the music.)

(Even Jeong Woo is having fun.)

(It's dance time\nfor the survivors.­)

(The two hosts know all the songs.)

(He blows the fake whistle again.)

(I'm the best rapper out there.)

(Everyone is having so much fun.)

(Eunhyuk goes to the center\nof the stage.)

(Jihoon sits on an invisible stool.)

How did four people sit down?

Is Yoshi the only one\nwho didn't make it?

- What is happening?­\n- Who didn't make it?

- Who didn't make it?\n- Let's take turns crossing legs.

First will be Jung Hwan.\nWow­, Jihoon.

(They've caught the dropout.)

- That was surprising­.\n- Were you shocked?

- Were you surprised?­\n- Yes.

the final round to pick the winner.

There's only one chair left.

Let's find out who the final winner\nwi­ll be. Are you ready?

- Yes.\n- The members at the back...

- should have fun too.\n- I can do this!

This is the final round. Play music.


(The three of them start\nwar­ming up.)

(Everyone is getting ready\nto do the dance.)

(They've got swagger in their arms.)

(You're showing him reactions\­nwhile dancing, that's great.)

(The youngest shows a moonwalk.)

Jung Hwan, show us your moves.

(He does a robot breakdance­.)

(Ye Dam dances with his whole body.)

The song is being played slowly now.

(They still dance correctly.­)

(Asahi dances\nwi­thout any expression­.)

(They get used to the slow\nvers­ion too.)

(Eunhyuk stats toying them\nwith the whistle.)

(He's a genius at timing\nhi­s whistle.)

(It must be their first time\nto get dizzy by the whistle.)

(I'm not blowing it\nthis time either.)

(Ye Dam and Asahi go\nfor the chair at the same time.)

(The two of them fell over.)

(He sits down on the chair\ngra­cefully.)

- Eunhyuk.\n­- One, two, three.

- the youngest member of TREASURE.\­n- So Jung Hwan.

- So Jung Hwan!\n- So Jung Hwan!

- You should open it.\n- I'm so jealous.

We prepared this for Jung Hwan.

- What is it?\n- He's touched.

- Let's open it.\n- What is it?

- He's on the floor.\n- I'm so jealous.

- That's right.\n- That's the prize.

TREASURE is treasure themselves

so we prepared that prize so that\nhe can become...

the biggest treasure of them all.

Do you think that's really it?

We would be scumbags if that was.

a meat gift set you can enjoy\nove­r the holidays.

- Congratula­tions.\n- Congratula­tions.

- This is great.\n- We live together.

(Eat up and good luck\nwith your new song.)

TREASURE has prepared a treasure\n

A treasure of all treasures?

- Could it be a cover stage?\n- That's right.

Please tell us which song\nyou prepared.

How You Like That" by BLACKPINK.

(He starts dancing just by hearing\nt­he song title.)

I miss you so much, BLACKPINK.

Jennie, Rose, Lisa, Jisoo,\nI miss all of you.

We're always waiting for you.

(Weekly Idol will always wait\nfor you, BLACKPINK.­)

When we heard the song title

the hearts of TREASURE MAKER\nsta­rted beating

- and so did ours.\n- That's right.

This is a Weekly Idol exclusive.

Let\'s start TREASURE\'­s cover stage\nof "How You Like That.

("How You Like That" \noriginal­ly by BLACKPINK)

hidden talents, and wits\nof the TREASURE members.

You made today's show very fun.

Jihoon told us \nthis was his first time...

- It didn't look like that at all.\n- I know.

- You seemed to have fun.\n- It was like their comeback stage.

- Can you do well in other shows?\n- Of course.

How did you feel today, Jae Hyuk?

First of all, thank you for taking\nsu­ch good care of us today.

I wish we could come back \non the show with our next song too.

so I had a lot of fun today.

- I love hearing that.\n- Me too.

I think I learned a lot today.

Hyun Suk, please say a few words...

We're always thankful for TREASURE\n

and please show us lots of love...

for our new song, "I LOVE YOU.

the producers of Weekly Idol...

I need to be extra polite \nabout this.

We'll try to return your love\nwith our music.

We hope that you will become kings\nof K-pop, loved by everyone.

It is time for us\nto say goodbye to them.

Weekly Idol also loves TREASURE.

- Thank you!\n- We love you!

(Everyone has become a fan\nof TREASURE today.)

It's a time made to look back\nat those who came to Weekly Idol.

We'll look at some of our famous\ncl­ips from before...

to scenes that were never aired.

It\'s Weekly Idol\'s\n"­2020 Segment King.

(It\'s Weekly Idol\'s signature song,\n"Oh My Song.")

(Who is the cutest idol singer\nou­t there?)

(Another signature segment is\n"2020 Random Play Dance.")

(Who was the best \nat "Random Play Dance"?)

(Should we tell you or not?)

(Are you curious who will become\nth­e Segment King?)

(Don't miss the show next week.)


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