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(ENG SUB) - Xiang Long Zhi Bai Lu Wei Shuang (Chinese Drama 2018) EPISODE 9 with Английский subtitles   Complain, DMCA

Commander, this is that boy Bai Lusheng

I had an old friend who looked the same

Young master, master Liu is willing to marry his goddaughte­r

If I become the lady here, would you call me that?

Those who marry are called lady

those who don't... I don't know what to call

- The room is dirty, clean it\n- It was cleaned before!

- What did I say wrong?\n- Don't do that

If you keep this up, I won't be nice!

What are you doing? Let go of me!

Why don’t you stay with your miss?

If you get used to it, it’s not so bad

The Liu and Dragon families joining forces

Big fool Liu sent Liu Sixi to insult me

and you just sit there and watch... you!

Bai Lusheng, you disloyal bastard!

Stop it, Long Xiang! Give me back my shoe!

Why is it so hot? Get me a cold one!

I knew you would be beaten too, I came to see

Young master, why are you here?

to go around the Dragon mansion

Don't let him know you were here

what will the Dragon family say to Liu?

Let's go! Let's go! Let's go!

In the evening, a glass of wine

I´m not going back to the Dragon mansion

You can keep me as your concubine

I bought you from that brothel

and annoy that loser of the Dragon family

You promised to keep me alive

But if I go to the Dragon’s house

Then stay at the Dragon family

if you can give me the Dragon family

I’ll tear up your contract and give you freedom

Sixi crawled back to Liu in fear

Kid... what a brain you have!

Young master, brother Lusheng

The haunted house is all cleaned up

I guarantee no traces will be found

Liu Xuewen must be scarier than you

we were a family, younger brother Lusheng

You are now Liu Xuewen's goddaughte­r

What kind of goddaughte­r am I?

My position in the Liu family

is even lower than that of a maid

a stable life, is it so wrong?

We’ve been together in Longyuan

I’m not the only one from Longyuan

How do they say?\nGo for wool, come home shorn

Sixi didn’t fall in love with me...

And I'm not an unreasonab­le person

Idiot Liu wants to marry into the Dragon family

You're are a member of the family, right?

If he asks me to marry again...

I’ll take Yaya... and you Liu Sixi

Bitch! What are you two doing?

Young Master, it’s not like that

If you do something like this

No matter if commander or Liu Xuewen

You and Guan leave the Dragon family together

Didn’t you want a stable life?

You plotted together to frame me!

Nonsense!\­nIf you keep yelling, I'll kill you!

I will be responsibl­e for you

This goddaughte­r you brought here

We haven't said anything but...

you coming here...\ni­sn't it embarassin­g?

This goddaughte­r you brought

You really think we don't know what you planned?

what do you plan to do next?

The most difficult territory under his control is Yang

After Mr. Wang left home that day

Don't read this kind of love stuff again

It's either two people going to the park\nor to the theatre

writing each other although in the same city

and sometimes cry for each other

Liu Xuewen is looking for Sixi, where is she?

I’ll have a word with him and come back

You remember the three rules?

is strict about reward and punishment

If you break the rules, you must be punished

A country has rules... a family as well

The punishment­... I'll take it

Did they take your money again?

are even more ruthless than young master

Come, let me tell you a story

In the past there was a fool

When people asked him something\­nhe would always say "no

By the way, have you heard this story?

I'm glad to meet Master Chen

How come you can't catch a ball?

That's twenty-six thousand two hundred and seventy-fo­ur

Just like you can lead soldiers

I have to be good at something

You touch your nose as a habit

I did it so often my father scolded me

Chen Youqing, come out right now

But... you have to do one thing

The new kid in the accounting room

I have to teach him the rules

He doesn’t know what to say!

Let’s go! Come on, let's go!

- Are you okay?\n- It's killing me!

- Don't let me catch him!\n- I'll help you

wouldn't even send us a letter

Young master, group dinner tonight

I don't want to see that bastard Xu Ziyun

Brother Lusheng, are you there?

Let me help you with your hair

About what happened today...

Wasn’t there something for me?

- These are the best women we ever had\n- Yeah!

- Come on, you’re single!\n- Come on!

You know, in the past with a woman

- Come, come\n- Let's drink! Drink!

- Girls, come!\n- Come, come

Young master, you're kidding

You treat your hair like a jewel

Long Xiang! What are you doing?

Young master, what do you want to eat?

Can you hit her as you please?

As long as I’m here even one day

you can’t lay a finger on Yaya!

I heard people in the courtyard say

What do you mean? Don't listen to them

Please don’t let my mum hear it

I’ll put in a good word for you

This is new military material

Officer Xu said you have until 2 pm

It’s almost noon! Why not bring it earlier?

Young master, master Chen asks\n

and about the location of the granary...

I’ll burn it all! I'll burn it!

- Bear cub, bear cub, pleae stop!\n- Get off me!

If you don’t let Bai Lusheng be my secretary\­n

- Bear cub!\n- With these cigarettes­!

Quick! Find Ziyun! Get Ziyun!

- Bear cub!\n- I'll burn it! Burn it all!

Young master\nwa­nts to burn Commander’­s cigarettes

What if he burns down the house?

in his heart he knows better

burning the house won't bring anything

It's getting worse by the day!

How long since the Liu affair?

You plan to take Yuan together!\­nWhy keep punishing Lusheng?!

Alright!\n­Bai Lusheng may stop going there

- What position?\­n- I want Bai Lusheng as my secretary!

- Just give it to him!\n- Let go!

Commander, how can you be so careless?

worked in the accounting room\nand did a really good job!

Who can make Long Xiang\ntre­at him with such devotion?

Look at this document for me

You dare defy military authority?

Someone! Drag him out and punish him!

Officer Xu has given you a lot to do

If you can't talk at the meeting... embarrassi­ng

At the military base I’ll have Lusheng

Your mother is looking for you

Later... I’ll have to call you that

Young master sent someone to ask you

to be the first lady of the Dragon family

Your mother passed out from happiness

Since we have grown up together

when you become the first lady

We don’t know what commander will say

even if Yaya can only be his second lady

it would still be a blessing for us

Yaya is a young lady with a lot on her mind

Quick, come with me to Old immortal

I asked your mother and she agreed


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