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ENG SUB陈情令 The UntamedEP10主演肖战王一博孟子义 with Английский subtitles   Complain, DMCA

There are red cracks on their necks.

all of them were made into puppets.

I won't let you escape this time.

Xiao Xingchen, you are so persistent­.

after such a long time tracking me.

Who are you? Why do you kill innocent people?

I almost lost my interest in the past a few days

it's finally getting exciting now.

many cultivator­s have been murdered.

I've been tracking you for about half a month

Now you killed tens of lives of Chang clan.

I will make you pay for crime today!

it depends on whether you can catch me.

This cultivator­'s spiritual power is condensed

and times better than this lad.

I have to find another name for it.

=Song Lan, literary name is Zichen.

Xingchen.\­n=Song Lan, literary name is Zichen.

=Song Lan, literary name is Zichen.

So you three are all disciples of main clans.

Xiao Xingchen the Moon in Breeze.

Song Zichen the Gentry despite Frost.

You flattered me, Second Childe Lan.

I'm not worthy of such compliment­s.

I happened to hunt nearby today

and rushed here when noticed Xingchen's message.

Your kindness of saving the world

He made the recent continuous massacres

We shouldn't be disarrayed by him.

I'm curious about how he would escape.

I have no idea about what you are saying.

I'll do it on my own, on my own.

about your fame if words spread out?

how about taking out your Yin Iron

to see if it can sense something?

It's abnormal that mine has no reaction

He must hide it somewhere he think safe

the most dangerous place is the safest.

I'm just a hooligan in Kuizhou.

but can be ruthless to minor ones

I killed several irrelevant guys

it's none of Wen clan's business.

makes you malevolent to this extent?

Here is no sign of repressing the Yin Iron.

after meeting up with Meng Yao at the inn.

Clan Leader Nie cares about your safety

Clan Leader Nie received Clan Leader Lan's letter

please come to Qinghe to talk with him.

Is there anything wrong with Cloud Recesses?

Please come with me, Second Childe Lan

Clan Leader Nie is waiting at the Yet Clean Realm.

Xue's hiding Yin Iron is a serious matter

take Xue Yang to Clan Leader Nie

this is Clan Leader Nie's young brother.

Clan Leader Nie is famous for his heroic spirit

I believe he would judge it fairly.

please come along with us to Qinghe

We should discuss together on how to handle Xue Yang

I don't know anything about Yin Iron

Moreover we are not from any clans

so we don't care much about bloodline

but cherish friends sharing same ambition.

We don't want to attach ourselves to any clans.

Now that Xue Yang has been arrested

I believe that you will sentence him fairly.

Good on you saying care less about bloodline

and cherish those sharing ambition.

Lan Zhan and I went out to night hunt together

Never come back to Lotus Cove if you can!

I cultivate in the Snow White Pavilion.

but I'm the latest one that got accepted.

I only know that Zangse Wanderer

is master's most favored student.

you are my senior sister's son.

that the accomplish­ed students don't go back

Their integrity is undeniable­.

You must watch Xue Yang carefully.

These are newly deployed guards. Brother set them.

Clan Leader Nie strengthen­ed the guard

after receiving Wen clan's message.

Clan Leader Wen sends message recently

Or Wen clan will send people to take them.

They came up with the indoctrina­tion.

Disciples from various clans all rush to

while they send force to take people for the indoctrina­tion.

It's not accepting indoctrina­tion.

I'm the only inner heir disciple in Nie clan.

=Nie Mingjue from Nie clan of Qinghe.\nA­sking what?

=Nie Mingjue from Nie clan of Qinghe.

No wonder Huaisang is afraid of his brother most.

the two Childes of Yunmeng are teenage heroes.

Now I see that you deserve that reputation­.

is everything OK with your brother?

You should be cut into pieces.

since the Yin Iron is not on him.

Are you pleading for this scoundrel?

It's not too late to kill him until we make it clear.

I thought there is no doubt about the cause.

If I'm really with Wen clan of Qishan

would have the same destiny as Chang clan.

violating the nature's willing.

We can keep it secret for a moment.

lobbying with no bugs in his words.

My brother values him so much.

Jin Guangshan really can't make use of a talent.

Watch him carefully, strengthen the guard.

to guard the dungeon with more people for the coming few days.

You just have to deal with trifles

like greeting guests and cleaning the house.

guarding the dungeon is important.

Please don't make trouble with me.

If Red Blade Master is to punish me

Who knows Xue Yang's background­?

Let alone the one in Xue Yang's hand

Wen clan now have two Yin Iron now

We are meant to have a serious battle with Wen clan.

if we make Yin Iron into a weapon

to counter Wen clan's Yin Iron.

The great cultivator can't even repress it

The talented Clan Leader of Lan, Lan Yi couldn't have done that,

as a disciple from decent clans.

So, what do we do with this Yin Iron?

does Wen clan knows that you are in the Yet Clean Realm?

Wen Chao has followed us all the way

that he find recordings about Yin Iron in forbidden books.

to check if you can get rid of this problem.

I have to keep an eye on Xue Yang.

The Qinghe's roof tiles are tougher than that in Gusu

I'll sleep on your roof tonight.

Second Childe Wen, what brought you here?

when hearing the Yin Iron and massacre of Chang clan.

It supposed to be left to His Excellency

I just come to deliver the message today

Hand over Xue Yang and Yin Iron

don't refuse a toast only to drink a forfeit.

It seems that Nie clan of Qinghe

is going to stand with the evil Lan clan of Gusu.

I'll clean the evil for His Excellency­.

I shall go have a look at Xue Yang.

Fetch the guards in dungeon to help us!

Qinghe is on the foot of Qishan.

It's Nie clan of Qinghe's place.

Since you are interested in Lan's stuff

my brother has taken the force to Gusu.

If Lan Wangjin managed to go back to Gusu

what do you think he would see?

The three Yin Iron is ours soon our later.

for some tragic lads who hide Yin Iron.

We haven't displayed our power for a long time.

don't remember how to respect us now?

I'm going to enjoy the time with you then.

Please listen to my explanatio­n.

You promoted me to vice general.

But the captain always looked down on me.

Insulting, beating and humiliatin­g me.

or insulting me. I can take it.

But I can't take it that every time he takes my credit as his.

he humiliated my mum, he said...

Why do you care the vain honor so much?

meet you in my life, Red Blade Master.

No matter Jin clan or other places.

grateful for your kindness of adopting me.


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