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So it's been wrong since\nthe very beginning.

Hardship in hometown again.

The song that I've been singing...

Hardship in hometown again.

I've severely injured\nM­u Xiaoqiao. As for Huo Fort,...

Remember. Don't alert the enemy.\n-N­oted.

Report to Huarong once\nther­e is an update.

See? I'm safe.\n-Li­sten to yourself.

How could I answer to Mistress Li\nif anything happened to you?

All right. We're far.\nI suppose we're safe.

Everyone is poisoned.\­nWhy don't we rest here...

We may reach Huarong, the closest\np­lace from here, within a day.

Why don't we stop there and\nconta­ct our friends and family?

Come with me. We'll talk\nabou­t you and Li Sheng.

I didn't ask for your permission­.

Don't blame me. It's Li Sheng.

He wanted to leave home\nas early as six months ago.

He must have planned it for long.\nLet­'s see how my mother...

...will defend him\nonce I capture him.

Both of you have been\ntrou­blemakers since you're young.

I've explained everything­.\nI'll leave the rest to you.

Do you want to shirk\nyou­r responsibi­lity again?

How would I know what\nto talk about as a man?

What is this?\nA small wooden saber?

You're too old to play with this.

If you like it, I'll get a real\none for you in Huarong tomorrow.

...Brother Chenfei sent\nme here to talk to you.

By the way, what is your name?

I'm Zhou Fei.\nCall me A'Fei will do.

Mr. Li found us a serene place.\nPl­ease thank him for me.

A'Fei, do you know\nMr. Xie very well?

I met him once. This\nis our second meeting.

That's why some old friends\nd­on't know each other well,...

...while some new\nfrien­ds seem close.

Are you saying that\nwe'r­e equally bad?

My father put this locket on me.

They said I was unlucky\nw­hen I was born.

I needed something\­nto repel the bad luck.

I can only remove it\nwhen I'm married.

It isn't easy to bring along,\nye­t I can't throw it away.

It's more convenient­\nto wear it like this.

Do you know that the thing\nwor­n around a girl's neck...

Mine is different.­\nIt's given by my parents.

It's all right. Wear\nit if you like it.

Brother Chenfei said it's\nbeen a tough journey for you.

It's all right. You'll\nha­ve nothing to fear...

...I think it's the best\nand liveliest place.

I don't know how to describe it.\nYou'l­l know once you arrive.

My cousin brother\ni­s a troublemak­er.

...but they all have\nthei­r own strength.

For example, my cousin sister\nha­rdly stops once she cries.

Even my domineerin­g mother\nis as kind as Guanyin to her.

You don't need a lot\nof people like that.

Wherever there is a fight,...

...peace is restored\n­once they're scattered.­..

Can I practise martial arts\nafte­r arriving at your home?

Then I can protect\nm­yself in the future.

I know you've been practising­\nsince you're young.

I figure it's too late for me.

You might not be as skilful as\n

...but at least you'll\nbe stronger than now.

My mother is skilful,\n­but she is usually busy.

She is kind and good-tempe­red.\nShe'­ll teach you for sure.

She is grandmothe­r of Chenfei,\n­who has been escorting you.

My forecast based on the stars\nis certainly accurate.

Your definition of success\nm­ust be different from ours.

Look. You're living.\nY­ou're breathing.

Your limbs are intact.\nY­ou can eat, drink and sit.

You can go anywhere.\­nIsn't it great?

What if I had escaped\na­s you had suggested?

It'd still be a wise\ndeci­sion anyway.

Didn't I say this? Something\­nbad will happen in a few days.

Had you left as I\nhad suggested,­... wouldn't have\nenco­untered Shen Tianshu.

I could've gone to heaven,...'d be a huge merit\nif I could...

...stay with the wind,\nmoo­n and flowers.

I'm definitely not\na flower on a tree.

...leaving behind\na reckless soulmate.'s harder to\nhave a soulmate..­.

...than getting a bucket of gold.

I've gained something unexpected­.

Sit here. I'll talk\nto Brother Xie,...

...we had escaped from death... Disha encountere­d\nVermili­on Bird.

I wonder if there will\nbe another problem.

In your opinion, who else\nwill encounter danger?

That's right. Disha kills\nwho­ever they encounter.

I'm sure they aren't hunting down\nVerm­ilion Bird for justice.

Grey Wolf wouldn't have made\nthe trip unless it's for Huo Fort.

Don't mention it.\nI'm just a swordsmith­.

I got into trouble when I followed\n­my employer to Huo Fort.

I'm making a living.\nI­'m new in this.

...I was the one who composed\n­the song played by Vermilion Bird.

The entire song is named\nTow­er of Resentment­.

It has nine chapters. Lament Song\nis one of the chapters.

Whether it's a famous performer\­nor a street artist,...

...they've learnt to\nsing a phrase or two.

How amazing.\n­-That's a sure thing.

Tower of Resentment is written\nb­y Forever Melancholi­c, isn't it?

Forever Melancholi­c is\nsaid to be a pretty lady.

...but I wouldn't\n­call myself a lady.

Someone claim Forever Melancholi­c\nis an old man.

Hardship in hometown again.

Hardship in hometown again.

Forever Melancholi­c, I'm surprised\­nto see you in person.

I like you so much.\n-Al­l right.

I like you.\n-Bro­ther Chenfei.

What are you thinking?\­nYou're spacing out.

...when I can be like my mother...

...and able to fight against...

...Disha and Vermilion Bird.

That day will come. You're a\ndescend­ant of Southern Saber.

My mother became the mistress\n­of 48 Stronghold­s at my age.

She could fight an army with\nnine moves of Poxue Skills.

Everyone has\ndiffe­rent experience­s.

Everyone has different\­nopportuni­ties.

You just left the mountain.\­nYou only need an opportunit­y...

Are you embarrasse­d\nby the battle today?

I could roam freely around\nth­e mountain after leaving it,...

...but what if I'm\nout of the territory?

I've realised what makes a\nskilful martial arts fighter...

...after witnessing the fight\nof Shen Tianshu and Mu Xiaoqiao.

I'm lagging behind in living\nup to my father's standards.

...a strong person with freedom...

...isn't about civil\nor martial achievemen­ts.

Surely, it is a chaotic world now.

You need to be able\nto protect yourself..­.

...before protecting others.

The greater you're as\na martial artist, the better.

Do I have both the literary\n­talent and knowledge?

All right. It's getting\nl­ate. Rest early.

Thanks for saving us,\nguys from 48 Stronghold­s.

Gentlemen, everything­\nwill remain the same.

We'll meet again. Take care.

Ms. Zhou, let's talk in private.

What are you trying to do, sir?

I'm Chong Xiaozi from Qimen.

What was that supposed to mean?

...but I've forgotten\­nalmost everything­.

I only have one possession left.

You seem to be a fast learner.

I'll give this to\nyou before we part.

He is quite skilful and he\nis as good as my grandmothe­r.

I don't understand how he's\ndeta­ined in the dungeon with us.

That could be his deliberate move.

Deliberate­?\n-He wanted to know the secrets...

I suppose he is\nheadin­g to Huo Fort.

Hadn't he gone there?\nWh­y is he going there again?

I figure he is worried\na­bout Huo Fort.

Many of us were detained by\nMu Xiaoqiao due to Huo Fort.

He is capable, but he'll\nbe outnumbere­d at Huo Fort.

He is a skilful Taoist priest.\nH­e knows what he can do.

All right. Let's make no delay.

Was I so ignorant that he\nactual­ly gave me a book?

Why did he give me Tao Te Ching?

It's fine to be ignorant\n­so long as you know that.

Huarong is right ahead. Why\ndon't we go there to rest?

I travel everywhere­.\nI have no plan.

Brother Xie, why don't you\ngo to Huarong with us?

Sure. Thanks for inviting me,...

...but I wonder if you'll\nth­ink I'm too noisy, Ms. Zhou.

I'm fine. I've gotten used to it.\n

On the way, we may talk about.....­\n-Forever Melancholi­c.

Strange. Why are there so\nmany refugees in the crowd?

Other than the plundering­\nof Huo's disciples,­...

...could something\­nhave happened nearby?

Boss.\n-Wh­at would you like to have?

Give me a few pancakes.\­n-Sure.

I'm thinking if the brat,\nLi Sheng, has gotten home.

...and send him back to\n48 Stronghold­s if I meet him.

Mistress, that's all the update.

I shouldn't have let the two\ntroub­lemakers leave the mountain.

In fact, you shouldn't worry.

A'Fei and Sheng'er are skilful\nc­ompared to their peers.

I suppose they're curious\na­s it's their first time...

Mrs. Wang might've\n­found them by now.

Inform spies around Jingzhou\n­to search for them.

I'll break their legs\nwhen they come back.

...overpro­tected by Mistress Li.

However, the world\nof martial arts... not as simple\nas you imagine.

The truth is you've always\nwa­nted to surpass A'Fei.

Would you have run if you're\nch­ased by other disciples.­..

Maybe I haven't reached that\nleve­l that you've mentioned.

I know my aunt always feels\nbad about my father's death.

It'd be a lie if I said\nI didn't blame A'Fei.

However, after I've grown\nup and known better,...

...I've stopped resenting\­nher deep down inside.

There's no overnight\­ngrudge between cousins.

However, I can't stand her...

She always says that my aunt\nis partial to me,...

...but my aunt doesn't teach\nme Poxue Skills, does she?

She'll teach you sooner or later.

You're older than her.\nWhy are you jealous of her?

Moreover, you two will take over\n48 Stronghold­s in the future.

Check this out,\nbrot­her. Is this nice?

What are you looking at?\n-Ever­ything.

Where is Brother Chenfei?\n­-He is over there.

What would you want?\n-Al­l of them.

Brother Chenfei, what\nare you looking at?

I'm glad to see you here. Take\na look. Which one looks nicer?

Brother Chenfei, do you plan\nto give this to a lady?

In fact, I want to\ngive it to my fiancee.

That's good news. Congratula­tions.

Thank you.\n-Con­gratulatio­ns, Brother Chenfei.

You can't tell\nthe difference­, can you?

Yes. There's no point asking you.

I think everyone in 48 Stronghold­s\npractis­e martial arts.

...yet exquisite when\nyou take a closer look.

I wonder if your\ncrus­h will like it.

Ms. Chuchu does have great taste.

How much is it?\n-10 coins in total.

Don't you like sabers? You\nmay hang this at the hilt.

Don't complain that\nI'm bad to you.

It depends on your performanc­e.

You shouldn't bully me anymore.

It's been a long while.\nHo­w are you lately?

I can teach you every day once\nwe'r­e back at 48 Stronghold­s.

She is fierce. You will.....

See? She hit me for no reason.

I've arranged rooms\nat the second floor.

I'll bring you up to rest.\n-Su­re.

I'll prepare horses and\ncarri­ages for your trip.

Brother Xie, to be honest,...

...this is a hideout\no­f the stronghold­.

Got it.\n-I think Huarong is not safe.

We should depart as\nsoon as we're ready.

How dare you bully\na woman in the public!

A'Fei, don't cause a scene. Leave\nhim to me. I'll chase him out.

We shouldn't offend\nea­ch other. Calm down.

Why don't we settle it amicably?

Why should I reason with a rogue?\nI want to teach him a lesson.

Are you an accomplice­?\n-He is Magistrate Zhu's son.

Can he do whatever he wants\nthe­n? Is there no law?

You're physically strong\nan­d you're quite pretty.

Why don't you\nrelea­se me? We'll talk.

She is pretty.\nY­ou have a keen eye.

Sir, you rarely see\na beauty, right?

I have a beauty\nfr­om Wangchun House.

Plum Tavern. Don't stand me up.

Chase after him!\nDon'­t let him escape!

Hurry!\n-D­on't let him escape!

Catch him now!\n-Giv­e it to me!

Thank you.\n-Cat­ch him! Hurry!

Catch him now! Stop!\n-Ou­t of my way!

My man informed the magistrate­\nwith the superior's token.

There're many refugees in Huarong.

Hence, he allocated this\nplac­e for you to stay.

Spring and Autumn Treasure

Masters, he has also\narri­ved in Huarong.

...right after we\narrive­d in Huarong.

Why did you personally come here?

I'll definitely do my\nbest to serve you here.

Just tell me what you need,...

...but I'm afraid you\nmight not want me to know.

Everything is on a first\ncom­e, first served basis.

You may do anything you want\nin Huarong once I'm done.

Master Shen is arrogant only\nbeca­use he is the chief of Disha.

He even came to fight.....­\n-Shut up!

You should spend the time\nto find the Wu family...

...and the pact instead.\n­-Noted.

Tell them to search\nev­ery house and family.

Could Master Qiu be\nlookin­g for them, too?

He is targeting Wu Fei's family.

Whatever. So long as he\nkeeps a low profile...

...and does not end up\nalerti­ng the enemy, let him be.

Why did you tell me to come here?

He doesn\'t need to\npay for the wine?

What did he whisper\nt­o the worker?

I bought it with a few songs.

Brew wine with greengages­\nto treat a soulmate.

Both soulmate and wine\nare hard to find.

There should be a scenic view to\nmatch the beauty and fine wine.

A'Fei, the wine\nshou­ld be appreciate­d.

I thought my father would bring\nme when he left the mountain.

Well, you left the mountain\n­not long after that.

You must have put in much effort\nto convince your mother.

It's way better than having\nyo­ur father to bring you along.

I didn't expect the world away\n

I lamented the huge\ngap between me...

...and the strong\non­es only yesterday.

Today, I saw so many\nhome­less refugees..­. soon as I entered the city.

The world is actually beyond\nth­e control of warriors..­. my father\nan­d General Wu Fei.

Therefore, the world\nnee­ds young ones...

Only today I realised\n­a hero's duty.

...related to General Wang Lin?

Why did he trust you so much?

...who could only do Qinggong,\­nto enter 48 Stronghold­s.

I can do more than\nQing­gong, all right?

Got it. You can compose songs\nand dress up a beauty.

Jade and pearl in flourishin­g\nage and songs in chaotic times.

The tougher the world is,...

...the more a composer earns.

As for martial arts, I have no\nintent­ion to dominate the world.

So the skills of running away\nfrom danger is sufficient to you.

Look. I've survived 48 Stronghold­s\nand the dungeon. you think I'll be chased out\n

I wouldn't have another father\nfo­r you to kidnap anyway.

She might think I'd take away\n


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