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In ancient and primitive times

during the War of Gods and Demons

led 72 Generals under his command, Meng Hao included

thus bringing peace to the whole world.

Later, Dong Hua ascended the throne\n

taking charge of life and death among the six worlds.

Hundreds of thousands of years later

and challenged Dong Hua's sole rule

by fighting Dong Hua in a decisive battle

regardless of destroying the world.

No matter how sharp the Canghe Sword is

no matter how high a position you hold

You're actually using the soul-locki­ng jade to chain me down?

you're using your cultivatio­n to seal me?

and the four seas and eight deserts.

= Thirty thousand years later =

Master is criticizin­g her again.

Except the course of Ancient Gods

Do you really plan to idle around

and turn into an ignorant person.

you taught the Ancient Gods so well

to notice what this course is about...

I'm really serious about my study!

since you're so serious about your study

you should copy this Buddhist scripture

in today's Buddhist Theories class.

he's best at Buddhist Theories.

If you really worship him sincerely

I'll bring you the homework tomorrow.

When the water is too clear, there are no fish.

Your Majesty, we do think alike.

Sitting on the Fishless Platform by the Zhiqing Lake

you can only see things as they are.

You can't see things beyond their appearance­s.

Your Majesty, having lived a reclusive life\n

your cultivatio­n has reached a whole new level.

Your Highness! Your Highness! Your Highness!

Will you take us to the demons' land

Let's go and look for the ambergris instead.

let's go to the black bear's home and steal the pomegranat­es.

Steal the pomegranat­es at the black bear's.

The pomegranat­es must be ripe now.

My master is visiting God Zhe Yan

and the peaches happen to blossom.

They've asked me to invite you over\n

They appreciate the peach blossom and drink wine every day.

Why do they suddenly want to invite me over?

and that old phoenix to discipline me.

I don't have time to visit them.

Let's look for treasure in Mount Qinyao.

My master ordered me to take you back.

while I am the Princess of Qingqiu.

My master ordered me to take you back.

It's really hard to invite Jiu over!

as the only red nine-taile­d fox

in the four seas and eight deserts

and the only granddaugh­ter of our family

she can catch fish and shoot birds

and never thinks about solving it.

When she's audacious in the extreme

she even dares to make fun of Si Ming.

the immortal restraint strap must be used.

She's the most joyous and big-hearte­d

is the most discipline­d and restrained­.

She actually likes that old and ice-cold Emperor Dong Hua.

who hasn't fallen for some big heroes?

Things will change when she grows up.

After knowing the pain of seeking love with no reply

Why should he chase after me at full split?

I have a poor sense of direction.

Why is the wind here so strange?

Someone has broken into the Forbidden Valley.

Let's split up and search the place.

Our clan has lived here for generation­s.

I've been searching furs and feathers

The Chishui clan and the Qingshui clan.

for a valley between the two rivers.

Both sides have suffered great losses.

we have been bullied and oppressed for generation­s

and our lands are far worse than before.

With the dangerous and barren lands

and Demon King Miao Luo is sealed

while the gods are in their prime

we'd better fight the gods to death.

Let's break into the Sealed Land and save the Demon King.

The Demon King is bloodthirs­ty and kills people with no

If we let her out rashly, I'm afraid...

What's so scary about Dong Hua?

Xiaoyan Demon Lord, you're extremely powerful.

now you're the only one who can fight Dong Hua.

Chi Demon Lord is the leader of us demons now.

I'd like to see what treasure is inside.

You ran inside by accident, right?

It's been thirty thousand years.

your ending will eventually come.

Your Highness, someone has broken into the Forbidden Land.

With white hair and in purple

why did you break into our Forbidden Land?

so I specially came to check the place.

Emperor Dong Hua, have you forgotten that

this place belongs to the demons.

I surely will keep an eye on it.

but it happened to be under my feet

If you feel unhappy about the loss

you can ask Tai Chen Palace for compensati­on.

The demons are really calling white black.

That monster beast tried to hurt me just now.

they will use us to threaten Qingqiu.

you can only add trouble by showing up.

His Majesty is the Emperor of the Three Realms.

gods and demons have called a truce long ago.

We divided the land and promised to stop attacking each other.

Now you've entered our Forbidden Land without asking.

the one who broke into the Forbidden Land is a woman.

we will kill our way to the Sky Kingdom

do you really think we are afraid of you?

are you declaring a war against the gods?

If you didn't cross the line randomly

if Emperor Dong Hua doesn't hand over the woman

don't blame us for wanting an answer.

I didn't expect you to be so mischievou­s.

how dare you despise us so much?

whom anyone in the Four Seas and Eight Deserts\n

Haven't the demons benefited from that?

Your Highness Liansong, you're right.

Powerful as Emperor Dong Hua is

he killed hundreds of thousands of demons back then

and many of them were young and old.

It's just the Forbidden Land of the demons.

Your Highness, no need to talk with them.

a promise to help you do one thing.

Just promise to do one thing for them.

We've got plenty of ways to fool them.

Today, I grant a wish to the demons.

As long as it doesn't involve killing\n

Do you hate me? Are you retaliatin­g against me?

and put Her Highness Fengjiu in danger.

Luckily, Emperor Dong Hua saved her.

Emperor Dong Hua is so handsome!

All these are tongue-twi­sting theories.

All the ancient books are written in the same way. So boring!

In terms of the Nine Stages of Meditation­,\n

when studying at school today

I was really confused about one thing.

In terms of the Nine Stages of Meditation­,\n

refers to the nine stages of practicing meditation­, that is

Becoming One-pointe­d and Entering into Samadhi.

the stage of Becoming One-pointe­d

and free from all sorts of disturbanc­es.

It's entirely up to his personal preference­.

He can become whatever he likes.

If he reaches the stage of Entering into Samadhi

then he'll discover a brand-new world.

In the world, only Buddha of Sukhavati

realizing that all living creatures represent the Buddha

and the Buddha represents all living creatures.

is really mysterious and abstruse.

I'll ponder over it when I'm back.

Emperor Dong Hua was neither a god nor a demon

so he just chose gods over demons.

Then why did he make such a choice?

Gods and demons don't seem so different

Moreover, there're so many beauties among the demons.

left us a task about Ancient Gods

which I have to submit when I'm back.

But I'm confused about one thing.

God Zhe Yan, you have great learning

so I specially come to consult you.

I've got a jade hairpin made by my uncle.

It's a gift for you to express my gratitude.

why did Emperor Dong Hua choose gods?

According to historical records

at the start of the primitive times,\n

Only in the place where the gods lived

can you expect wind and rain on time\n

After investigat­ion, Emperor Dong Hua

found that the gods adhered to the five precepts

namely, no killing, no stealing

no loose speech, no sexual misconduct

The Heaven was moved by our good virtues

it granted us with virtues and goodness.

After knowing this, Emperor Dong Hua was so moved

that he chose gods over demons

willing to appear in the world in the form of god this life

and lifting all living creatures around the world from torment

What a pure and restraint Dong Hua!

as recorded in the historical books and legends

he's really the most godlike Emperor Dong Hua!

just write as I just told you.

Your Excellency­, by saying so

do you mean there's another story?

After forming shape at Bihai Cangling

Dong Hua underwent a lot of hardships.

but actually, he's never interested

Back then, different clans outside the Bihai\n

Some small monsters not qualified to join the fights

refused to stay quiet and provoked Dong Hua instead

Though those small monsters were of low ranks

they got demons above to protect them.

so they tried to get back at Dong Hua.

There were big demons above the small demons

and even bigger demons above the big demons

so Dong Hua beat them up all along.

Looking back, he suddenly found that

the biggest demon among the Four Seas and Eight Deserts

Though he puts on a poker face all the time

he's quite popular among women.

A lady from a famous demon family

was known for being dissolute.

Whichever man she took a fancy on

she would have a one-night stand with him that very night.

Your Majesty, how come you're back so late?

I didn't expect you to be so anxious!

That demon lady just refused to give up

so she was indeed thrown out several times.

Many demon ladies began to think that

though whoever appeared on\nDong Hua's bed would be thrown out

rumor had it that Dong Hua would always

hold them up from the bed elegantly

carry them to the door gently

and then throw them out softly.

it was really a sweet pleasure

to lie in his arms for a little while.

even more demon ladies tried to break into his bedroom.

the ward set by Emperor Dong Hua.

Dong Hua didn't bother to set ward anymore.

he threw beauties out of his bedroom

which he treated as a way of cultivatin­g himself.

please accept me as your disciple

when Father came to Bihai Cangling

Dong Hua went with him right away.

That's the real truth for Emperor Dong Hua

though goddesses were much discipline­d

Dong Hua still had to hide into Tai Chen Palace

So Emperor Dong Hua doesn't like

That won't necessaril­y be monkeys.

three of his rides are mammals

I guess he prefers mammals more.

He probably prefers something fiercer.

Recently the demons\n

They even conflicted with Emperor Dong Hua.

Luckily, His Highness Liansong arrived in time

do you know that Emperor Dong Hua

went to the Forbidden Land for a woman.

Emperor Dong Hua liked her at first sight

and loved her at second sight

so he defended her at the risk of fighting the demons.

Dignified and lofty as Emperor Dong Hua is

to work as a fairy maid in the Sky Kingdom

they're sure to beat me to death.

he'll surely think I'm humiliatin­g Qingqiu.

please help Qingqiu, and help me!

You know everyone will be angry

we should pay back even the smallest favor

let alone such a big favor as saving my life.

This is how I deal with things.

Fine, I'll help you this time.

Adorable and clever as you are

plus excellent cooking skills

though Dong Hua is old and ice-old

he won't be able to resist you

Every goddess in the Sky Kingdom

Will Jiu's trip end well or not?

Whatever the result might be, we can't prevent it.

Isn't this the hairpin I asked Jiu

to bring to my second brother?

You've collected almost all the hairpins I've made.

You collect so many yet you don't wear any.

What's the use of collecting them?

You want to pay back Emperor Dong Hua's favor?

The rumor spread in the Sky Kingdom

about Emperor Dong Hua saving a beauty is actually true!

We Qingqiu foxes must pay back favors.

what about me working as a fairy maid

But I can't think of another way.

how I can help Emperor Dong Hua

Powerful and influentia­l as he is

he indeed needs no one to do anything for him.

But as the future Empress of Qingqiu

it's beneath your dignity to do so.

I only have to keep others from

Just dress me up as a fairy maid

and send me into Tai Chen Palace.

Moreover, God Zhe Yan has promised to help me.

he has concealed the phoenix feather flower on my forehead.

you've arranged everything in advance

waiting to trick me into helping you.

Even God Zhe Yan has helped me.

Aren't you a good friend to me?

If we're good friends, then just stop pushing me.

You just have to dress me up as a fairy maid

and send me into Tai Chen Palace.

in charge of fate in the world.

who else will help a pitiful, weak

and helpless little fox as I am.

I'll become Empress of Qingqiu in future.

I haven't paid back the favor

do you know what will happen to me?

I'll be too ashamed to face the younger generation­s

to live a happy life in Qingqiu.

I can only be expelled from Qingqiu

are you hardhearte­d enough to see me end up like that?

To actually see Qingqiu's youngest and loveliest princess

become a miserable little fox?

I'll look up Qingqiu's regulation­s carefully

I'll help you, but you must promise me

and you won't mess with other things.

all your passions and efforts will be wasted.

Your Highness, do remember that

you should only pay back the favor.

Don't ever expose your identity

As a fairy maid, I should be tolerant.

Everything is for paying back the favor.

I don't ask you to be tolerant.

Just don't cause any big trouble.

My tails get out whenever I feel excited.

You're too excited to hide your identity.

Now that I'm here, I won't go back.

are waiting outside the palace

waiting for you to choose in person.

you obviously have evil intentions­.

What a delicate and fragile girl!

They're sure to bring a lot of trouble in future.

Fox ancestors, please bless me!

I want to meet Emperor Dong Hua!\nI want to pay back his favor!

If I get kicked out before meeting him

Si Ming will surely laugh at me.

Dozens of meters away from the Palace Gate.

how do you know what Her Highness is like?

My elder sister once served in Tai Chen Palace for one year.

Princess Zhihe is unruly and capricious

but she's the only younger sister of His Majesty

so His Majesty just lets her be.

But His Majesty was born in Bihai Cangling

How could he have a younger sister?

so they became sworn siblings.

Princess Zhihe has admired His Majesty since childhood.

you must be careful to avoid Her Highness.


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