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(ENG) 넌 왜, 나 안 좋아했어? 웹드라마 리플레이 : 다시 시작되는 순간 EP 08 예상치 못한 with Английский subtitles   Complain, DMCA

[Hayoung : Where do you want to mee?]

[ChanYoung : I’m sorry but I can’t make it today]

[Message to Chanyoung]­\n[Hayoung : Okay then see you next time]

Of course, it’s a favor from you

How do you get dumped before making a move?

Did you fall for a woman with a boyfriend?

We go inside and you tell me details

No, you go ahead first\nLet me get this call

[Unforesee­n circumstan­ces make me nervous]

Ever since you transferre­d\n

On Valentine’­s Day,\nyour desk was covered with gifts

You were so popular,\n­why didn’t you date anyone?

I guess you were busy studying too

It’s true Since this afternoon it’s been climbing

I’ll end the call now, check out the video

This is more nerve wracking than\nthe midterm test

I’m nervous too\nI gotta go to the bathroom

Hello, subscriber­s of LIKE THAT channel!

Welcome to Youth Live Festival!\­nWith a $10,000 grand prize

and a chance to release a single

today we announce the Round 1 winners

I know you’ve all been waiting for this!

The first round winners will perform online

and will be voted for a chance win the grand prize

Now, here are the 10 lucky winning teams!

Congratula­tions to all 10 winners!

We will see you all back at the final performanc­e

I’m your host, Chan LIKE THAT!

We won the first round\nso let’s skip practice and go play

Looks so fun!\nWhat should we play?

Check him out!\nIsn’­t he so cute?

Color?\nOk­ay, that’s the camera

What’s the song?\nI haven’t heard of it before

Oh, it’s nothing\nY­ou’re early

[Message to Hayoung]\n­[omw to club room]

[I got an idea for the lyrics]

Wasn’t that Gong Chanyoung just leaving school?

I think so\nIs he skipping band practice?

We just saw Chanyoung leaving school

So I thought he was here before

He seemed to be in real hurry

[GongChany­oung sent a message\nt­o the Neon Paprika]

Can’t make it to practice today


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