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well the talk was called as you probably

and the important thing is that es

you know don't fall into the trap of

thinking as some people do around the

world there is no such word you know

english does not have a plural oh yes it

does english is is very definitely

around and that word came into being

about 10 or 15 years ago really um to

reflect the reality of what happens when

english becomes a global language

you know as a country takes up the

english language and adopts it it

immediatel­y adapts it to suit its

circumstan­ces because what is language

for language exists in order for us to

talk about what we want to talk about so

what do you want to talk about well

anything i suppose the whole world but

you especially want to talk about what's

or whoever is watching this your country

and therefore you want to have an

english that actually reflects

your local interests your history the

things that happen around you all the

things that you would naturally do in

your own language if you're learning

another language as an internatio­nal

language and you want to be able to talk

and so what is happening in english as

it goes around the world becomes global

is that the different countries that

have adopted it immediatel­y start to

make it their own they start to shape it

and push it in a direction it never was

now this has happened ever since english

so take 400 years ago or so when the

that's the sort of period and they

settle on the eastern seaboard of

america you get the beginnings of

eventually but how long do you think it

takes for an american english to develop

are you thinking decades or hundreds of

it only takes weeks for a new variety of

english to start to grow because as soon

you want to talk about what you see

and what did the mariners see and the

settlers see when they arrived in

america they saw new plants new animals

indians with behavior that they'd never

new costumes new new shoes and so words

started to come in like moccasin

and they would write these words in

these letters were coming through with

just a few days after these guys had

arrived in america so that's how long it

takes for a new variety of english to

and as you look around the modern

english world and you see english

developing in places like well you know

everywhere now everywhere all countries

in the world have english either as a

first language or a second language or a

and it doesn't take long for these

countries to take the english that

wherever it's come from britain perhaps

or from america or from australia

and then start to adapt it to make it

and how do you see this adaptation

if you take a dictionary like the

dictionary of south african english for

instance there are ten thousand words in

that dictionary that are only used in

south africa you see or perhaps just

around south africa like zimbabwe and so

on so if you read south african english

every now and then you come across a

word and you have no idea what it means

because you don't know the cultural

i told a story in the lecture of my

driving along the road british council

i turn to the driver i say robot ahead

and he turns to me and says in a lovely

south african accent of course it's a

and i say what's a robot he said you

don't know what the robot is i say no i

don't know what a robot is have they

no no no a robot is anybody know

in south african english that's all

and so when you're in south africa you

will hear people saying sentences like

or you'll find the shop three robots

and now you know you can interpret it

but the first time you hear it you go

what like that now think ten thousand

words like that in south african english

not all from british english of course

robot comes from british english well

there are words from afrikaans and words

from zulu words from kosa and all the

other languages of south africa

so what happens when english goes to a

the loan words the borrowed words from

that make that english difficult for a

foreigner to understand now i am the

there's no difference between me and you

in this respect if you go to south

africa you don't understand some of the

language you think oh i'm a foreigner

i'm not a native speaker of english

don't think like that i go to south

africa i don't understand the language

and i'm a native speaker of english

you see there's no difference between me

and you when it comes to going to

different parts of the world and

encounteri­ng these new varieties of

and everywhere this is the point you

everywhere in every country in the world

there is a new variety of english going

and it's happening here in serbia

you think serbian english what could

that be well what's i'll tell you what

serbian english is it's the english you

use when you talk to me about serbia and

i don't understand what you're talking

about because i don't understand what is

let me give some examples the other way

around let me give you some examples of

how i will use culturally specific

british english and you may or may not

understand it so if i come out of the

room now over there and say oh terrible

it was like clapham junction in there

what on earth do i mean it was like

clapham junction in there very common

but unless you know what clapham

understand my grammar you understand the

vocabulary pretty well except the name

you understand the pronunciat­ion but if

you don't know what clapham junction is

you can't understand the sentence

and i tell you clapham junction is the

name of a railway station in the south

it's the most chaotic railway station in

britain because it has more railway

platforms than anywhere else and the

railway lines come all over the place

and if you ever go to clapham junction

you will get lost you will miss your

train probably because you won't find

the right platform so it has become an

so you come out of a room it was like

clapham junction in there all right

what is how would you translate that

into serbian you see what is the

is there such an expression maybe you

are never chaotic in serbia you don't

have this sort of problem i don't know

but the thing is as i go around the

world i increasing­ly find people

and using expression­s which i have to i

say sorry i don't understand what you

mean because they just slip into talking

about oh the political parties in serbia

just like i might say you know the

the labour party the independen­ts and so

but you only know what i mean if you

know the british political system now if

you start talking politics here i'm

going to get lost very very quickly you

will have nicknames for your prime

minister i have no doubt and rude ones

i won't know what they are if you drop

there will be parts of the city where

you say you shouldn't go there

parts of a city where something special

happens if somebody says to you in

what's what is it about soho well you

traditiona­l sex shop area in london

rather than soho you see if you're just

going to soho you're just going there if

you're going for a different reason you

i see there are some nods around the

you see what i mean every aspect of your

culture myths and legends fauna and

flora the food you eat the folklore you

have the songs the dances the politics

talk about them in english and there

will be a serbian flavor to it which i


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