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we're off to the races as people come in

let them in you shouldn't be hearing

anything joel oh yeah let me make you a

in case if i get uh cut off but hope you

are having a fantastic day if you

my co-host mr joel kaplan feel free to

watch the replays in most rooms in

he's somebody that doesn't really need a

to say the least somebody that has a lot

and i asked him to come into our

and elevate our high level agencies

to a different place when it comes to

and um joel i appreciate you being here

and let's get right into it man without

let's do it first things first not sure

if you guys noticed the background

taking today's call from my house uh so

we don't have a really really nice mic

but you guys are going to have to live

with that uh with that in mind i wanted

uh quick roll call how many of you guys

went back and caught the replays and are

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okay it seems like most of you guys are

all caught up if for some reason you're

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blink yeah if you're not caught up

you're gonna start feeling left behind a

and uh out of context so highly

to go back and watch day one and day two

it's on the youtube channel uh the high

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you go back and watch those two days

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the only other recommenda­tion or uh

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tag us in your stories and uh with that

let's dive in let's see first things

first guys i wanted to do a quick

pulse check how's everyone feeling

burning questions that you need to get

answered before we dive into content

for day three i just wanted to check in

how you guys are feeling where you guys

go for it landon okay so um i'm selling

and the problem i'm running into

with which i've actually found the niche

that i want to work with which is

um but since i'm selling the software as

okay all right yeah the answer is yes

okay thank you yeah i would definitely

uh you know someone asked that yesterday

if i'm doing just google review

what you see a lot of the sas companies

do is they pick one niche they go all in

they capitalize that niche then they add

okay okay that makes sense okay that's

some of the biggest like success com

or patient pop all those people started

moved out and expanded keep in mind with

the realtors you're not gonna have to do

because there's so many of them okay

how many of you guys picked the niche

give me a show of hands how hard was

did you guys like the urgency in the

accountabi­lity and making guys pick

within 24 hours i'm glad we got that out

of the way because if not you guys

could have spent like weeks on this

can y'all type down what your niches are

so that way you could even see similar

faces and similar names that are you

competing with you but at the same time

it's an opportunit­y to collaborat­e in my

uh because all these niches are

saturated as we talked about and there's

i don't know who that was but he

actually reached out to me yesterday

about the fish and chip thing mick it

i remember there's going to be something

i promise you but there'll be good

love it love it guys this makes me

really happy i know it's going to give

and uh with that in mind let's dive into

so today we're going to be talking about

we're going to be covering the goal of

is essentiall­y an offer that you promote

to someone or you offer someone and

make it easy for them to say yes to you

we're going to talk about the elements

we're going to talk about my top three

offers for beginners that are doing less

given the fact that we're covering how

over the course of 10 days i thought it

my favorite offers for people that are

we're gonna also build out an offer for

a niche together so you can see this in

action and then last but not least we're

tactics strategies no more high level

we're gonna uh no i don't mean high

level software i mean high level just

theory i i actually believe in that no

sean and robin hates it when i say that

technical drowning all right i want you

sales so joel you can say it it's cool

okay well i'm not more like there no

more 30 000 foot view we're getting

in the dirt we're getting uh we're gonna

over the offer that i custom created for

so as a bonus i didn't tell paul and i

was doing this i actually created a

whole offer that all of us can use

i guarantee you that even if all 78 of

us here use this offer it's not going to

and with that in mind if you're excited

to have a custom created offer hand it

let's finally dive in so here we go

first things first let's talk about the

so for those of you guys that don't know

what an offer is essentiall­y you

approach a business and say hey here's

you're making them an offer hey there

an easy yes offer is that the easy yes

it's very easy for the business owner to

take you up on it and say yes to you

now we're going to be covering all the

things that you need to know about how

but before we do i wanted to make sure

does that make sense what an offer is

realtor or a gym owner or a cairo or an

e-com store and say hey i can help you

are you interested and here's how i'm

going to make it super easy for you to

that's an easy yes offer so what does

let's dive in well the goal of the easy

is to make an offer that your prospects

i approached you guys and said hey i'm

going to set up your pixel for a hundred

even though there's millions of

tutorials that show you how to do it for

free and it's very easy to do how many

of you would take me up on that offer

give me a show of hands landon hundred

and i only take wire transfers all right

can't put it on your credit card that

way you can't ask for a refund later

how many of you would take me up on that

offer wire transfer a hundred thousand

dollars to me i'll set up your pixel

we can do it live on this call the

is none none of you guys it's a crappy

it's very hard to say yes to it however

if i approached you and said hey i'm

personally coach you over the next 10

days and show you how to scale an agency

for free all you have to do is show up

how many of you guys would say yes to

sure i'll be there you guys see the

you want to make a propositio­n to a

business owner that's easy for them to

goal number two we want to make the

feel like our offer will directly get

and solve their problem so each one of

desire and each one of us has a pain

we want to align our offer what we're

telling the business owner we can help

with their desires and with their pain

obviously a chiropract­or that's in the

top one percent that sees a thousand

patients a week is going to have very

than a chiropract­or that's seeing 80

very different pain point than a local

so the key is to figure out the pain

for most people in our niche and align

so for example how many of you guys

struggle with getting appointmen­ts for

turning them into closed clients show

no shame no shame it's it's it's

the the two biggest pain points for

it's one of two things i don't have

or i have way too many clients

and i'm drowning in my own uh business

those are the two biggest ones

so for example when i coach marketing

all of my advertisin­g all of my

marketing is focused on solving those

so the key is to figure out what are the

common pain points and desires of your

niche and then aligning your offer with

is to figure out what your clients want

i actually don't believe in just making

i actually want to do some research on

what my niche wants so for example let's

or actually let's do a better example

dentists for the most part do not have a

front desk staff member to just handle

leads they don't that's just something

that they don't have and a lot of the

what happens is we start working with a

we just pile on way more work on the

front desk assistant that's already

is already at eighty percent capacity

so you're setting up the client to fail

i could offer them hey what i'm actually

going to do is i'm going to hire

a team or i'm going to hire a team

to support you and follow up with all of

so i'm going to generate the leads for

you and i'm going to have someone there

in conjunctio­n with high level that way

your front desk staff all they have to

do is call to confirm the appointmen­t

the day before and call them an hour

the day of to remind them so my offer is

aligned with what they want and what

so now you might be wondering how do we

do that what goes into an easy

yes offer now i'm going to break down

the elements of an easy yes offer but

before we do i want to give you guys a

quick note you absolutely don't need to

and to jump ahead a little bit you also

have to keep in mind when you're a

you're going to need a more powerful

offer that's even easier for people to

say yes to you because you don't have

don't have case studies you don't have

the more and more advanced you get and

the more social proof you have and the

more case studies you have and the more

proof of results you have behind your

the less crazy your offer has to be

people know that when you say you're

going to help them there's proof in the

that you can deliver on that promise so

george and i were talking over messenger

last night and he was like joel like

i've been retaining my clients for years

why do i have to launch a crazy powerful

like well the reality is you just need

all those results to people and that's

yes you don't need to rely as much on a

but if you're just starting out why

a month when the offer is crappy and you

have no results to show for it

so i did want to throw that disclaimer

uh before i dive into the elements of an

easy yes offer i know this is kind of

complex this is probably the most

we'll have but it's still really

does that make sense so far what i've

joel can i share something real quick

so this may not be just relevant to just

right joel i don't even know if you know

a couple of months ago one of our

uh chiropract­ors called us we're

right we had no issues with this guy

and he said there's this girl that

and her name was ashley so joel i know

automation­s there's an ashley in there

so i was like who's this ashley so i

i don't know if you know if you remember

uh it was bay area discenter dr thomas

fragino you can look at your database

because he came over to you guys from us

for those of you don't know a lot of the

top agencies we all share the same

clients across the board different time

so it's not i don't it happens it's not

but you know what i i read i got a

little call because they come back

they all do we're getting him close to

oh you found a marketing company called

interestin­g because i know the guy that

runs it his name is joel kaplan he's

and his guys and they have a better

offer for me and i'm like interestin­g

tell me about this offer you guys

get them booked and basically give the

appointmen­ts where here at the high

we're just generating the leads and he

had to follow up and this is with good

with two big agencies that are producing

similar results you see the power of the

and me and joel i think this is the

first time we even talked about this

come and go here's the kicker guys if

results and social proof and case

and you've proven to your niche that you

and on top of that you release a crazy

then it's game over you just beat

so you don't need it you know i have uh

who are doing over 250k a month in the

they don't have a crazy offer but they

have so many testimonia­ls so many case

studies and they're like we don't want

we don't need to at this point but i'm

telling you if they decided to

release a crazy offer they would

take over even more yeah absolutely my

even later even later after you've

scaled you still need an offer i'm

yep cool it seems like you guys are

any questions this is probably the most

i want to make sure to answer questions

maybe not maybe this is the most basic

and forcing you guys to pick a niche was

elements of an easy yes offer like i

said you don't need all these elements

and for example my agency doesn't have

but these are the things that go into it

and what i would say to you guys is the

the biggest people in your niche and

take their offers and make them better

make them more unique make them

remember the one question that i tell

that i coach that are agency owners is

to figure out how to take everything

and then beat me so you guys should look

at all the offers in the marketplac­e and

oh whose offer should i copy who has a

good offer in the real estate niche

or who has a good offer in the cairo

niche so that i could just model it

that's the wrong way to look at it the

who has a good offer in the chiropract­or

make it my own add my own unique spin on

figure out other ways that i can make it

better and add my own unique value

with that in mind here's some of the

offer if we have a big promise or a

that's going to make it really easy for

people to say yes to you so for example

one of my good friends nick robbins

guarantees a return on your investment

he works with pain management clinics

and he guarantees hey if you work with

we'll guarantee that you'll get an roi

the biggest promise that you can

that you can offer to give you guys

i put here 10 appointmen­ts in 30 days

if you're an e-commerce you can do an

increase in return on ad spend

or an increase in total sales volume if

what's it called website conversion

where you're optimizing websites for

conversion you can guarantee an increase

rate so you can get creative with it

but the key is to make a big promise

the most famous ones for lead gen

agencies are going to be leads

appointmen­ts and people that show up

those are going to be the top three

another element of an easy yes offer is

the risk reversal removing risk

so the idea is we're going to go out and

make a big promise but we're also going

because again if there's no risk guess

what it's easier for someone to say yes

i'm going to promise you to help you get

and if it doesn't work i'm going to

give you a full refund that's a

offer that's very easy to say yes to you

i'm giving you exactly what you want

so element number two is risk reversal

removing the risk for example you could

this doesn't work we'll give you a full

refund if this doesn't work will work

if this doesn't work you'll get

uh our team to cover your ad spend until

element number three is the unique

mechanism introducin­g something new

into your offer that makes your system

just a little bit better than everyone

else so for example there's someone in

the high level group that figured out

so that high level actually follows up

it has real live conversati­ons and i

know the high level team is going to be

rolling that out over the next few

if you're the first one to offer that

the marketplac­e and say hey the reason

why this works so well is because we use

dialog flow we have a unique mechanism

and follow up with your leads and get

them scheduled everyone's going to want

get a piece of that if i tell you

hey guys i'm the first digital marketing

agency that offers a call center

to pick up the phone and call every

single lead that gets sent to high level

after we generate the lead and we work

we're the first ever marketing agency

that does this that's our unique

it's going to make it easier for

they're like oh we've never tried that

we've tried facebook ads with leads

we've never tried facebook ads

with leads in a call center so the idea

is we want to introduce a unique

the example that i gave is for example

let's say that you guys have virtual

on high level on behalf of the clients

the reason why we make this work so well

software called high level that we plug

our virtual assistant team into and they

follow up with all your leads and get

for example guys no one is talking about

marketing and facebook ads that way i've

hey chiropract­ors we have a team of va's

that follow up and schedule all your

leads using our proprietar­y software so

that you never have to follow up with a

no one's introduced that new angle so if

you guys can figure out a unique

it's going to be really really powerful

for example i'm going to give you guys a

quick little hack that i share with my

my students on your actual sales pitch

you can put a date and say hey if you

this friday you'll get this bonus

so again you're making it easier for

by adding that level of urgency

all right let's keep going you can also

bundle certain things so for example i

one of my really good friends his name's

what he does is he tells the clients hey

your facebook ads for free if you sign

so now they're getting two for one he's

but he was like you know what joel no

one's buying seo nowadays or at least

they're not buying it right out of the

so what he was thinking is how can i

give them exactly what they want

while also providing what they need and

his offer was a bundle he said hey i'll

as long as you sign up for our seo

and it's a lot easier for someone to say

yes to if i approached you guys and said

yo i'm going to run your ads for free

and you're going to get ranked in google

it's going to be easier for you to say

yes to that than just facebook ads for

so you can do a bundle you guys can also

for example you could say hey for anyone

by december 4th we're also going to

throw in a monthly reactivati­on campaign

where we're going to go into your

and reactivate all the people in your

so that's another element that you guys

can tap into and ultimately guys the key

looking for ways to add more value by

either promising more removing risk

introducin­g a unique mechanism

bundling things together having some

bonuses in place et cetera et cetera

now to be honest i could do 10 hours

of training on offers like there's

people that have written books about

and i did not want to get too into the

i wanted to just give you guys a a 30

000 foot overview and then actually dive

into creating an offer together

so you guys can essentiall­y take action

without over complicati­ng it but like

my goal here is to give you guys what

you need to hear not what you want to

hear so i still wanted to cover

the high level overview so that you guys

can understand and have a better

conceptual uh understand­ing of

offers and how they work and why people

if i tell you i'm going to get you 10

or will work for you for free until we

using proprietar­y software called high

our team of trained virtual assistants

that will follow up with all of your

leads so that you don't have to lift a

and if you sign up by friday december

4th you're also going to get 50

uh percent off your first month with us

after that it goes up to our regular

plus we're going to help you get ranked

google maps pack for your keyword in

and we're going to throw in a monthly

reactivati­on campaign so that

all the people that are already in your

nurtured are going to come back into

business if i could do all of that for

you today would you be interested

it's a pretty good offer it's easier to

let's talk about the best offers for

like i said earlier you guys have to

having a really powerful offer

is like having training wheels on a

when you first ever ride a bicycle you

can't just ride it you haven't

earned the right to ride on your own you

earn that right and first we start with

to support us so at the beginning we

need more support our offer has to be

better or else no one's going to say yes

if i come out of nowhere into my niche

approach a chiropract­or and tell them

pay me ten thousand dollars for me to

run ads to them but i have no proof

no case studies no references

they're going to have no reason to say

yes to me unless i make it more

so the beginning it's really important

to rely on the training wheels to rely

and as you scale and as you have case

studies and as you have social proof and

as you have results and as you have

referrals and references and people that

if you have an offer awesome it's going

to make it easier for you but you

absolutely don't have to have an offer

because at that point your brand has

and people are buying to you because of

you not because of the specific result

into garyvee and huge corporatio­ns

pay him hundreds of thousands of dollars

because of who he is he doesn't need a

guarantee they want to work with gary

so if you have a lot of social proof a

lot of testimonia­ls a lot of case

a lot of word of mouth happening

you don't need to rely on a crazy offer

that being said like paulson said if you

it's a no-brainer because now you're

going into the niche and saying hey not

only do we have all these crazy case

can make you this amazing offer

and also just i just want to add

something to what you said joel

i know some of you in here are not

all digital marketing agencies some of

that came from an industry you ran a

or you're an smb of some sort of an you

department or whatever it is and then

you learn marketing over the last

you know a little bit of time and now

you're like you know what i've got a

sell it but here's what i would

recommend you running one location

or a franchise does not make you an

i love you guys i'ma tell you how it is

you're not an industry expert

you're a location expert of what you do

and maybe you even got to seven eight

you cannot assume that you can take the

because what we're looking at when

joel's making this point what he's

audience and the influence upon that

not necessaril­y just your expertise so

some of you that are in the franchise

world and your business owners

you know really look at the mirror and

decide whether you really have

that kind of a leverage if you do great

you're a far ahead that most people take

of it however you can with your angles

but running a small business is not that

different than running a marketing

right so so be careful of how you decide

whether you're an industry expert or not

right maybe you have more connection­s

for the first like 10 15 and then your

out that's it you've you've tapped out

right so just wanted to make that point

on the influence on your audience versus

so so don't miss that thank you joel and

uh guys there's also a huge component of

how it comes into play that being said i

better offers by discount by making a

service one of my main philosophi­es has

figure out how to add more value so that

instead of lowering the price

so some people out there will say hey

take exactly what you do and sell it for

a month that's fine i personally what

joel would rather do is figure out how

to make it worth twenty five hundred

and add value so i did want to throw

that in there just because price can

that could also be an element of offer

but i don't like to rely on it the only

is if you've been in the game for a

and you're charging a ridiculous amount

agency charges in your niche there's

nothing you're going to be able to do

to get someone to say yes it's going to

be really really really hard

so i would say to keep it really simple

this is kind of my uh general advice for

i like charging if you're a beginner

anywhere between a thousand to fifteen

not including ad spend and as you get

more advanced you can charge

more around five hundred dollars a month

now again if you add more value and you

add a coaching program and you add all

these things into it you can charge even

for just to give you guys something

to uh to be able to grasp in your mind

of what it should cost that's kind of my

answer with that in mind like i said

like i've been saying since day one

there's always outliers there's always

some special cases and special scenarios

but that's the point so with that in

now that you guys got the 30 000 foot

let's actually go over my top three

favorite offers for beginners

i've probably seen every one of those

all the obnoxious ads that you guys

i don't even i don't even know which ads

i'm running with my facebook anymore

you know you've got new ads running

you know it's like it's getting i mean i

have the whole team in place so

even for my own personal ads

or even the email sometimes i'm like yo

joe i really like that email i'm like i

have no idea what you're talking about

but uh anyways here we go here's my top

three favorite offers for beginners now

as you can see there's not that much

that goes into it compared to something

money in these offers so there's a

first one that i like is a 30-day

money-back guarantee where you

essentiall­y tell the client hey

if you follow our system to a t and do x

if you didn't like what you got we'll

give you a full 30 day money back

on our management fee it's very easy for

people to say yes to especially if

you're a beginner if you don't have any

some uh moment and you need to build

you're gonna need to have an offer

that's easy for people to say yes to and

if you go into your niche and say hey

if you don't like the results that you

got in the first 30 days as long as you

and followed through on what we said as

i don't know how many of you guys know

jeff miller uh he's in one of my

programs and i helped him create this

knew how to get really good results so

obviously a lot of them stayed through

uh there is a caveat here but again if

and you don't have any clients what you

need is momentum like we talked about

on day one and it's better to have 10

people that are on your 30 day money

back guarantee offer than zero people

because out of those 10 let's say worst

case scenario only three stay on well

those three stay on now those three can

now you have video testimonia­ls now you

have case studies now you can have a

maybe you can even partner with one of

can you be my main reference forever

and i will do your marketing for free

and now you've got a reference and

you'll never have to deal with the can i

speak with someone that's used the

so especially at the beginning guys you

have to be willing to give more than you

that's kind of the takeaway here all of

when you haven't earned the right to

even i did crazy offers at the beginning

and i had years of google ads experience

chiropract­ors i had never worked with

and i would even tell people you get the

for free then we start working together

so that's one that i like 30 day money

back guarantee the other one that i like

for beginners for people that have zero

this is really more like a three day

free trial and four day setup so you

you do 72 hours of actually running

you make them pay for the ad spend you

crazy results you do a lot of volume so

you ask for as much ad spend as possible

a thousand dollars for ad spend do a

and what's going to happen is you're

going to overwhelm them with so

many opportunit­ies that they're going to

be blown away and they're going to want

that's the second offer that i really

beginners the third offer that i really

is the one that i'm going to show you

which is database reactivati­on

so you essentiall­y say to a business

get you set up on our data database

i'm going to help you land a ton of

appointmen­ts from your existing audience

for free i'm going to get them booked

and then after i prove to you that we

and i can get your results we'll start

those are my top three favorite

offers for beginners just starting out

so that again you can build momentum

learn how to get results for people in

and someone asked on day one what do i

do if i don't know how to get results

well with an offer like this it takes

because you're removing the risk from

and you can even be honest you can say

i've never worked with cairo so i want

to do this for you for free for seven

you can be very upfront and ethical and

do things with integrity and honest

where you're at in your business and

have the opportunit­y to earn their

so at the beginning it's really

more than you take to get people to say

that's pretty much it on that i will say

in terms of offers in general before we

actually dive into building one out and

going over the high level offer

if you do something crazy like for

my agency does 20 patients in the door

if you do something crazy you also have

commit to follow because marketing is a

and the more that it relies on them you

also have to set very clear expectatio­ns

and let them know hey if you want this

here's what i'm gonna need you to do

so for example if you do a 30-day

money-back guarantee where it's

willy-nill­y they can back out at any

time you have to tell them hey

for you to earn the right to back out at

any time i'm going to need you to follow

up with every single lead that we send

i'm gonna need your front desk to call

the leads within 15 minutes or 30

i'm gonna need you to record your calls

it's really important that you don't

and not protect yourself and if they're

like well why do i have to do all the

well if you want this crazy thing guess

if it were easy everyone would do it so

you're going to have to commit to

what we have learned after working with

so many chiropract­ors that's proven to

so can i share something here so yeah

one of the first times i tried this i

i don't know maybe six seven years ago i

hit up linkedin when nobody else was on

linkedin and i said hey i'm a student

nearby in the college university

i'm learning marketing i would like to

and show you that i can do marketing i

deliver the results as far as leads are

and guess what happened i fr i did not

know how to set those expectatio­ns

on the contingenc­y of my offer right

i should have said hey my offer is i'm

leads after that it's a step up for you

to invest into a thousand dollar package

or two thousand dollar package but i

failed to do that the very first time

and you know what this dentist told me

yeah cool nice job and i'm like wait

that's it like you're just gonna

compliment me what's next and i'm like

i i'm trying to earn your business and

he's like well you told me you're gonna

what else is there and i'm like well we

had an expectatio­n we had a contingenc­y

and i learned the second time that

i'm gonna have it in writing i'm gonna

this is the actual offer because what i

with that first person was enter into a

sales cycle i don't want to enter

into a new sales cycle i want to stay in

that i came in with an offer and i'm

based on my first offer otherwise i have

hey john nice guy let's jump back on

another zoom call let's talk about

let's oh yeah sure no problem talk to my

schedule it and i'm like oh my god i

because i didn't set the contingenc­y of

so there's there's this is a slippery

yes just so you know you guys have to

keep in mind one of the biggest flaws

in the marketing agency model is that it

assumes that the business owner is

it assumes that hey if we just do what

we need to do they're going to get great

but that's a huge error to make

and it's a huge assumption to make

because the reality is most business

so if we're gonna promise them something

protect ourselves and help them level up

to being a better business owner

that's why for example in my agency i do

a hybrid of marketing services

and coaching to help them actually level

up as business owners so that then

they can actually get the result that we

and that should be your ultimate goal

that's that's kind of like the dream of

uh the agency space if you can do really

good marketing and also be a consultant

and an advisor to your clients to help

them level up so that they can actually

thrive on your marketing services that's

that's that's the end goal that's what i

without getting too far into the weeds

does that make sense so far guys drop a

one below if it does if i'm losing you

i wanna b you can be honest with me you

don't have to just drop ones out of love

if i'm losing you drop a two clear cool

first let's go over the high level offer

here's the one that we're actually going

and roll out and build messaging for and

build ads for it's pretty powerful it's

going to be really easy for people to

and for you to all set yourselves up to

whether you're a beginner or advanced so

so freaking awesome so that if you're a

you can run this and get clients so

if you're just starting out or if you're

run this offer and it's a really really

really good offer in terms of getting

so that in mind let's dive in

go high-level offer don't pay me a

we'll set up your first database

we'll follow up with all the leads for

we'll guarantee 10 appointmen­ts in 10

with zero ad spend once we send you

approached a chiropract­or and said hey

here's what i'm going to do for you i

don't want any of your money let me just

you might be thinking this is a sales

pitch it's not i don't want any

of your money i don't want you to pay me

a single dime until i prove myself

here's what we're going to do

get access to your database and

i'm going to set up a full database

you don't have to pay me anything once

we launch that campaign i'm going to

and over the course of the next 10 days

i'm going to get you 10 booked

that way you can see that this works

i'm not full of crap and i know what i'm

and once i get you the 10 booked

appointmen­ts then we get started

at that point you'll have two options

you can either sign up just to the

software to get access to the ongoing

for 297 a month or 4.99 a month or i can

also drive traffic for you and really

give you our full-fledg­ed marketing

for 1500 a month that being said

if you get started right now or here's

the urgency and we skip the 10

appointmen­ts in 10 days for free i'll

if you just want to jump right in and

skip that uh that initial process

so dr john or actually dr paulson what

let's get started bro you know you know

what's funny is like we didn't even talk

this offer that you just dr paulson what

card would you like to put it on

mastercard just kidding right now you

don't need a credit card like i said you

don't have to pay me a single dime you

just got to fill out an onboarding form

does that sound fair what's what's funny

that is a no obligation offer like what

do you got to lose if you're a business

owner and you hear that what do you got

i'm going to get 10 new clients

patients you know visitors in my

i'm gonna get more fish and chips sold

10 days that i didn't even plan on right

and the reason you know joel i don't

know if you know this but at the high

level agency in the beginning when we

a couple years ago one thing that rob

and alex i don't know if robin's on here

but he can probably chime in but one of

the things that we're weren't good at

we're so technical oriented we weren't

good at sales and marketing and

we were absolute garbage at it right so

how do we scale to like almost 400 plus

we partnered up with other sales

we have about four or five essentiall­y

sales agencies that literally does all

the marketing and sales for us

and guess what offer all those agencies

it's the one joel talked about so even

without me and him even talking about

i already know this works because we're

every medical industry doing this with

four other agencies who are sales

now i just let some top secret out of

some serious numbers that's that's what

from 100 clients to 250 clients and

that's what it takes from 250 clients

over like i think we're at like 440 or

right but we could not have got we can't

outside of like 150 clients into any

without partnershi­ps it doesn't happen

so i don't want to go too far off on it

has worked across most first world

countries across at least four

i know for a fact because we run it

guys this is like such a good offer no

you have to really be bad at sales to

if they say if they say if they're

working with another agency you could

say hey that's no problem this is

exactly if they say no to this offer put

your wallet away i don't want to see

right i just need you to fill out an

onboarding form what email should i send

joel joel if i said noted this offer to

you what would be the biggest learning

for you on this as an agency offering

what did i say on day one what is the

thing that all profession­al athletes in

the world do that all entreprene­urs

practice practice i would say get on a

daily sales practice squad with two or

or marketing friends and review the call

figure out what you could have done

you can go learn that's fine but you

just like going to the gym and shooting

the basketball i can watch youtube

videos about basketball all day but if i

don't ever pick up the ball and shoot it

and then shoot it again and then shoot

it again i'm not going to get better

no matter how knowledgea­ble i am about

so don't wear your two-piece suits to

i used to go into all these hospitals

and clinics with scrubs on i would wear

uh bundt cakes 19 pack bun cakes and i

the gatekeeper always let me in never

never looked like your client guys just

to clarify when i say zero ad spend with

we're going to go over what that looks

like and i'm sure paulson's done

we could do a whole follow-up class on

after the 10 days on how to do a really

chase has done hours of this i'm not the

okay well uh with database reactivati­on

you essentiall­y get access to all their

and you can reactivate them through high

by doing email blasts and text blasts

you essentiall­y pick up low hanging

that's the idea and if they don't have

enough people in their database

guess what that's a perfect segue into

official pitch which is well if you

you know that's that's a kind of a red

flag is there a reason you don't have

more people in your database and that

would make them feel a little bit

and that get them to feel like that drop

in their stomach of like oh maybe

and then i would offer them running ads

for fifteen hundred dollars a month to

so it's a win-win because if they do

it's here's where this is genius if they

have a lot of people in their database

it's going to be easy to get the 10

appointmen­ts they don't have a lot of

people in their database it's going to

be easy to sell them on running ads for

because they have a real problem i see

some of the comments and questions

that are coming through the chat guys

some of you need to go back and watch

section on the on the day one right

there is a mindset thing when it comes

you cannot walk in and just ask a random

prospect hey let me see your database

along with your social security number

and your entire finances that's what

they're not going to give it to you

right nobody in their right mind is

my angle is always hey robbie nice to

i like to do a retention campaign for

and that's it guys and let them do it

let them do it themselves on a zoom call

if they have to don't even take the data

for those of you that are in uh you know

industries that are sensitive on data

this guys i will say this guys

someone said this doesn't work with

businesses that are one-time customer

you're looking at it extremely

i'm calling you out with compassion i'm

calling you out with love and because i

care about you and your success

instead you should ask yourself how can

i make it work for a business

that only has one time customer cycle

you could do the exact same process of

database reactivati­on but to get google

if you get someone 50 google reviews in

the span of a week they're going to love

they're going to you're going to trigger

they're going to feel really good about

themselves they're going to get all this

people that have never left a review and

i've done database reactivati­ons this is

one of the bonuses that we offer

uh and we get we've got we've gone to

they just they love us they're just like

oh my god and the reason why is because

you're triggering all the feel-good

emotions like when people say good

things about you guys you feel good

imagine if you get a hundred people to

say good things about you guys

then you say well look this was just

imagine what i can do for you with our

this was just google review this is easy

they're going to be blown away

so instead of ask saying this doesn't

niche or if i don't have if they don't

have 100 leads i can't do the

ask yourself how can i make this work

how can i level up as an entreprene­ur to

make this work instead of just hitting a

dead end and saying this doesn't work

like i said on day one guys i'm not here

and the the the danger of giving you

offers like the go high level offer that

it is in a way spoon feeding you so if

you don't know how to make it work you

but like i said on day one you have to

have to have to take ownership

and figure out how to level up to make

and i know that's harsh guys but i say

it with love i truly truly truly truly

say it with compassion and wanting to

because most other people would tell you

what you want to hear and say okay well

use this offer instead but that's just

that's just waiting to not work because

the moment that you hit another

you're gonna say oh this doesn't work

um with that in mind let me just finish

up for today and we'll do some q a

uh this is the go high level offer if

i'm starting out and i have high level

this is and there's already so much

training like paulson said on how to do

so it's just a really easy one to get

from the high-level team on how to get

if it doesn't work it didn't cost

to the business owner so let's say that

and you couldn't reactivate all the

you didn't get them the 10 appointmen­ts

now you got experience talking to

now you got to learn more about the

you got experience using high level and

actually doing marketing on a

this is a it's it's risk-free you're not

so for beginners it's really really

then you should know how to do

reactivati­on and get really good results

it's a very easy way to have a lot of

conversati­ons with people in your niche

where you can quickly win them over and

turn them into paying clients

for example when kobit hit our entire

marketing campaign our entire marketing

campaign was we'll do a google review

campaign for you for free to build

and uh to speak to as many cairos

and we got so many booked appointmen­ts

and some people didn't continue with us

after the google review campaign

some people did but with that in mind

so much momentum and uh be able to grow

paulson were you gonna say something

we did a couple of things that are

similar in the middle of covid so

remember when the landscape is changing

just because covet happened or like

right now we're about to we just

we're going into christmas and new

you should be thinking of ideas if

you're a true marketer on how you're

that landscape of holidays right

easy database reactivati­on for the you

special for the gym or the cairo or the

dentist or the hvac owner you could even

uh if you're in a niche like i said that

uh repeat customers you can do the

google review campaign for example

and say hey we're doing this crazy

google review campaign special

to celebrate during the holidays

you know yeah we did this even with like

like our account managers would flag us

um paulson guess what i've got a feeling

this client's gonna probably cancel for

right they're gonna we feel like they're

gonna cancel we don't know why we got

leads but they're not converting blah

blah blah guess what happens

i have my sales rep calling them first

thing before they even reach out to me

and guess what we do hey we feel like

you're struggling a little bit with

we want to do well for you can we run a

reactivati­on campaign with no cost

this won't even be part of the retainer

and matter of fact we'll credit you

50 to the next month until you catch up

that's better than them canceling on you

and then you just finding out

and let's let's get creative get

let's say you're in a niche like real

a lot of them are one-time customers you

could do a reactivati­on campaign saying

that uh do you know anyone that is

looking to buy or sell a home right now

if you introduce me or make a connection

send you 100 amazon gift card like we

can get creative with it and that's just

with right now but uh like i said on day

two every niche has pros and cons

figure out what works for your niche and

offer for some reason doesn't work you

can do other things as well you can do

the seven day free trial where you do

you could do the money back guarantee

you also don't have to do this offer

to finish off today i did want to build

an offer out so you guys can see

kind of how i would think about it who

someone drop an itch below ecom

cairo use car dealer okay those are the

first three let's do e-commerce

maybe the unique mechanism is that

they do a combinatio­n of youtube ads and

using our youtube plus fb integrated

email marketing you could tell you could

say hey our email marketing is a whole

but given the fact that we've got q4

and we've got the holidays coming up

we're also going to do some holiday

email marketing for free to really help

squeeze the juice out of everything that

uh what was the other one cairo

uh let's see this is the one that i do

hey some of you that are asking how can

and figure out an offer remember your

ultimate feedback is going to be from

not other agencies you you leverage

other agencies and collaborat­e with them

offer the your biggest offer whisperer

is going to be your client oh that's

that's good my client's clients gonna

tell me what they want we actually used

name your package offer we would we

would we would literally get on a call

with anybody and say hey we're new in

uh just to get us going and we want to

we would like for you to just tell us

what would help us make this decision

what what do you want our normal fees is

two thousand dollars but we're going to

let you name our price for the first

they would say oh let's just try it out

for 400 bucks that's a great offer

but better than a damn trail

what's it what is that called where

how much they want to a la carte it's

not a la carte it's like when when you

decide how much you want to pay for a

name is that what i called that's a

great offer it's easy to say yes to

that's the whole point guys we don't

have to over complicate this i know i

give you guys a lot of elements

the key here is how do i add more value

and how do i make it easy for people to

that's it don't over complicate it oh

the crazy thing about us is that you

actually decide how much you want to

based on the value that you see here

a minimum of 500. the top people

uh you can say something like the top

people pay us three thousand dollars a

uh the minimum is 500 most people choose

a sweet spot of about fifteen hundred

you get to pick that's such a cool offer

whoever mentioned that that was great

but i don't know if it was possible but

that was peter that was that's a really

who's going to say no to that plus

and choose your own adventure so that's

a great example guys of taking what i'm

showing you and making it your own i

had that thought of doing a choose your

that was that has never been an idea

we did it for almost like six seven

with a lot of our agencies we would just

was it's just the first month buddy

we're not we're not doing free business

it's just the first month first month is

we do delivery what we say we deliver

then we're going to cut off all

marketing if you don't make this

decision we have other partners we're

so guys i think uh i do have to get

but to wrap today up hopefully you guys

principles behind how to make a powerful

offer key takeaways is make it easier

you figure out ways to add more value

and uh like i said i'm not a big fan of

spoon feeding but for the sake of

being able to keep going over the next

10 days or the next seven days with you

we did need to pick one offer and this

is the one that we're gonna roll with so

the whole idea is that the way that

over the next seven days is by reaching

and telling them hey uh gym owner john

i don't want you to pay me a single dime

i actually want you to put your wallet

i'm gonna set up your first database

review campaign we could also do that

i'm gonna follow up with all the leads

for free that way you don't have to lift

and i'm actually going to get you seven

appointmen­ts in seven days or ten

and uh we're gonna do it with zero ad

spend so the best part is you don't have

or youtube or instagram or google or

and after we get you those ten

appointmen­ts and i've proved myself to

you and you are loving the results

because after 10 appointmen­ts you're

going to be like joel send me more right

we're going to get started at 1500 a

i did say put your wallet away but if

gym owner john if for some reason you

want to take your wallet out right now

i will offer you a 500 discount

if we just jump right in but if you want

to get the 10 appointmen­ts first

to see that this works i'm more than

which option which option sounds best uh

gym owner john yo before joel jumps off

um so give us a give us a one if you

found today like super valuable and i

know i'm getting messages left and right

but uh joe i know you may have to jump

off you got a hard cut off in like five

six minutes but i'll i'll stay on until

3 30 to just do q a and just like we did

but um joel if you're done for it can we

go through some of the questions and you

yeah i've got a i have another meeting

in 20 and i need about 10 minutes to

prepare so i have about 10 minutes

okay cool let's go with so appreciate

all the way through guys um all these

sharing with you guys it's from actually

building agencies it's actually doing

it's actually picking up the phone calls

it's actually walking in with cupcakes

it's actually putting the sweat equity

and building teams to scale those teams

after doing all those types of

activities over the last five six years

is where guys like joel and myself can

tell you you don't have to do this the

you could there is a easy way to get to

this right and we built an agency that's

we weren't even ish down we we had like

12 different industries with 500

and it was i know how hard it was to get

versus when i see students of joel

that's following his systems and i'm

like dude these guys are scaling to 50

60k in three months i don't get it

why what are we doing so different and

that's how me and joel even got

but but it's but it's real it's real

right way to do this but let's go with

uh mr stevenson and his question joel if

that uh where's ellen can i speak

oh i see you now cool yeah cheers just

just two quick questions the first one

fish and chip shops was probably too

small and niche there's ten and a half

shops in the uk would you still say

and and secondly you nearly answered the

but if you go to a customer and they

haven't got a database you said to

to to get a database going yeah let me

is there anything else you would advise

like put a flyer on the counter for the

they could then enter the details in and

then because the business can build up a

yeah it's a great question i appreciate

first things first if you just picked

the niche and you picked restaurant­s

because of cobit i would probably

revisit i should have said this

but this advice normally doesn't apply

but we are living in a crazy world right

and uh i just want to throw that out

there like there's better niches right

it's starting to take away fish fish and

and they're all open in the uk that you

so you guys are open like yeah we're

all the way through i would still say no

mick to be honest right the thing is

let's look at progressio­n let's look at

how would you scale this thing with the

sales team you only got 10 000 people to

right yeah i would say i would say it

uh one of the rules that i said

you're gonna have to get them a thousand

clients for it to make sense for them to

so i would say that's one of the niches

nail salons restaurant­s this is where

you would have to get them so much

volume every single month forever

for it to make sense so the only other

the only option the only way to make

like for example i don't know if you

katie white uh i was like guys

you need to shift your offer into a

for beauty pros because if they're

paying you 1500 a month every single

they don't they're not making that much

back so they switch their entire model

into a three thousand dollar coaching

just one time but that's more advanced

ready to coach someone too so you can't

jump into that offer as a beginner

you have to be advanced so there are

ways to make the restaurant niche work

there are ways to make those niches

where you have to get thousands of

but you have to be a little bit more

advanced and if you're just starting out

i would probably go after an easier

where you only need to get them 10

for example let's say you do the 10

that'd be amazing but let's say you do a

database reactivati­on for a restaurant

like you'd have to get them a lot of

clients for them to be really wowed

so uh you guys raise your hand if you

question and i'll go through the list as

far as i do wanna this is a question

what if they don't have enough emails

database to do reactivati­on great

question this is where you can either

pitch them on running ads so your main

or this is where you can say to them

i can still do the this crazy offer

but the only caveat is i need you to

over the seven day trial or the 10-day

so for example let's say that you go to

a gym owner they don't have they just

started out they're brand new they're

oh i mean i thought this reactivati­on

campaign could work and you're like no

you got to reactivate people you don't

so here's what i can do for you gym

doesn't go to me it goes directly to

facebook i can even show you the receipt

go straight to mark zuckerberg and uh

i'll still guarantee the 10 appointmen­ts

we can still set up high level for you

and still follow up with the leads

and after the 10 days we'll get started

that's one option that you can do

if they don't have a database so the

attempt what i would do is try to

actually sell them that doesn't work i

would just offer them a trial

or the 30-day money-back guarantee and

you don't have to give as much so for

tell someone that we would do a

if they don't have a database if they

don't have a database we'll say sorry

uh we can either work together or you

got to go and get a database

remember the less you have to give

because you've earned the right to

charge more and have higher standards

at the beginning i would try to

still do some sort of trial ah

thank you mick let's go with uh a car a

or yeah that i think that's how you say

name um thank you so much paulson

uh yeah thank you so much for the

session all right so i i have two

so the first one which i think everybody

how many people we need to be in the

uh maybe the better way would be what

conversion rate we should be expecting

more than 10. you need more than 10

it just depends on the niche right like

for example chiropract­or is a service

doing and then come back at any time

whereas for example a dentist

you might come back you might need a

nudge but it's not like you can just

come back at any point in time to a

a realtor uh that's something that they

have a lot of leads in their pipeline

so they have a lot of people that are

and they're waiting so that might work

but it also takes a little longer

and therefore you might need a lot more

people so the answer is that it really

boils down to your niche talking about

restaurant­s like if you have an email

list for your restaurant that would

you don't need many people because

that's something that people could just

get food the day of if chipotle sends

out an email to their list saying free

chipotle today everyone's going to go

if a dentist sent out an email to their

list doesn't mean that everyone's going

so again i wish i could give you uh

i would say at least a hundred you know

yeah one of the one of the things we

used to ask is the age of the database

have you ever reactivate­d this before is

this five years old did you scrape this

and download this from somewhere or is

if it's too old and they've never done

with it they don't even have a monthly

newsletter notificati­on going out

we almost consider it that that doesn't

yeah and i would say uh you can also

guys this is where you can protect

yourself you can say hey you only have

to qualify for the 10 appointmen­t

guarantee we need at least a thousand

i can still run the reactivati­on

campaign no problem but i can't

guarantee that we're going to get you

remember uh one of the biggest mistakes

most marketing agencies make

is that they assume that the business

owner is ready to really squeeze the

your marketing and the reality is most

business owners aren't prepared

so you have to set those expectatio­ns

let's say they have a 50 if they're like

well i only have 50 people in my

database why can't you guarantee results

why that's impossible it doesn't mean

that you can't do it and you might get

you should also protect yourself yeah

also what car you asked about conversion

conversion rate before you even go out

and do any sales and prospectin­g

even after ads are running how much does

right now i would say guys if you go

back to day one we talked about taking

setting and closing appointmen­ts not

being reactive more than proactive

taking action waiting for things to

happen then taking more action

like i could sit here and we could

predict the conversion rate for every

single niche on the planet and how many

but the best way that you'll ever find

out is by going out and doing this for

you're going to know way better than all

of us here how to actually make a

steve steve or chambo let's go with you

if you guys want us to field any q a

do just click on the reactions and i

raise your hand and we'll go through

that um joel you gotta go right i gotta

appreciate you guys great great friday

uh make sure to make sure to tag us in

stories if you haven't already

uh would really appreciate that i'll see

i'll take on a few questions before we

i'm going to stay on for another 10

minutes if that's okay uh steve go ahead

how you doing my man pretty good good

hey quick question so if your niche is

chiropract­ors or whatever it may be

how do you handle like exclusivit­y so if

15 chiropract­ors in my local area and

targeting customers in that area who

um well based upon my experience i've

doing marketing in the past i've had

business owners want to be exclusive

um because if you're gonna be marketing

at the same service um or maybe

maybe that's that's that's not a

if you're if you're it's not a challenge

if you're if you're running the same

creative with the same exact offer with

reputation and branding around it then

if you're within like a one or two mile

it would matter even then i would still

run it to see what kind of performanc­e

has happened because guess what

people pick two dentists and two

in the shame shopping complex we don't

do exclusivit­y at the high level

we never thought it mattered and we've

handled millions of dollars in

now if you're running the same exact

i can see how that can throw things off

it's um it's it's a misconcept­ion in

what i feel um if if you're now

here's where it would matter if you went

into a small little town in the middle

5 000 people and then in that scenario

then i would say select the ones that

are further apart just to make life

because you're going to tap into the

same 5 000 people i could understand how

that would be a bit more sensitive but

if you're starting out at your beginner

take the layups stop shooting threes and

take the layups right the layups are

hey this guy has better reputation when

i look at the reviews versus that guy

if i go to a chiropract­or and his

why would i want to do marketing for

this guy i'm going to struggle keeping

his patience anyway right so to look at

it doesn't matter as much as people

think steve if you're running the same

creatives with the same color same

same offers but if you have the same

it's not going to matter that much and

we've done a lot of advertisin­g steve i

i've got clients in the same office that

um so so i'm assuming because because i

okay um so i am new to this space and so

i'm assuming that you would start in

but in order to scale this is nationwide

if i'm working nights and i know

up i'm going there because that's my

hours right so it doesn't the the cool

thing about marketing in this online

is it's all online so you know if you

you can really do well so it's it's i

idea of oh let me create this local

and i try to do that i'm here in texas

i would walk into bnis and chamber of

cufflings and blah blah blah found

crapload of appointmen­ts and all i got

was a bunch of receipts for all the

so it doesn't local presence is not it's

it's an illusion if you are a big

like ourselves we were we were doing

print media radio ads car wraps

um like we would do literally anything

and everything related to marketing and

we were part of the dallas um social

there was something i think robin was

organizati­ons but even then like

clients don't come just because we're

right you're much better off instead of

you talking to 20 people at a bni you're

better off sending 20 emails to 20

anywhere i truly think you don't have to

have a local presence to build this

business um hopefully that helps

raheem let's see i don't know how to say

hey hey paulson uh hey thanks for uh

thanks for a great session that was

for sure gotta watch the replays if you

i'm definitely doing enjoying that um

so so my question is i'm really um

excited about the database reactivati­on

google reviews and i have some ideas on

i want to know if does go high level

or no okay all right that's fine i'll

no yep i mean i mean remember if you

probably post in the facebook group

um reach out to you and pitch you on

be there might be something good there

that you gotta actually take a look at

so most people are you know they have

some good stuff to offer so i would say

figure out what those templates are but

when we first did our dvrs you know we

i would literally get on a zoom call

like remember we had high level before

we had to figure this what's the dvr

sorry so database reactivati­on

which is which is the um which is the uh

text campaign before we had to kind of

before we told other agencies we would

zoom call with the business owner and

um we've got a texting system what do

they would be writing for the next 30

of what they think they're justin pena

last time we talked how simplified did i

make those campaigns for you just

you see how conversati­onal very

justin initially with his dvr he had he

you know long copy of everything that

ever happened with this business and

why they should come links i mean it was

kind of it was uh it was loaded i would

it was loaded and then what did we end

up doing justin let's talk about it just

real quick just to help people if you're

if you're okay with it yeah yeah um i

cut all that out started from scratch

with just three text messages i think

what were the words what would the words

of your sequence if you remember

yeah the very first one is hey is this

that was it and that was from a huge

buy the services and we went to hey

comma hey is this george hey is this

hey is this peter because guess what i

from somebody that i haven't talked to

that's how i interact on my text

hey who is this how the hell do you have

my number this is private number nobody

that's what i used to feel and that's

what these people are gonna feel

on behalf of your clients right hey eric

question mark who the heck is this

that's what they should feel that's good

and then you tell them hey this is eric

wanted to just get your feedback on your

um just so you know i don't want to be

too too salesy but would love to invite

you in for a consultati­on for dental

and i would literally write don't want

what does that do to a human being i

right we're all creatures of our

environmen­t meaning how we absorb

is how we really decide on things right

so i want to read messages that i feel

i want i want to read the message from

the dentist as if my wife went into the

clinic and messages to me like

i'm like oh crap i don't want to miss my

appointmen­t and piss her off right

so like okay let me just jump in get

that done that's what i should feel from

does that make sense right yeah yeah

i love it cool awesome thank you rudy

hello this is rudy without a last name

what's going on i know you're not a very

when we are trying to do a lot of emails

or any other thing like it doesn't let

go ahead and send 10 000 emails so for

10 000 clients how do you manage if you

know or where can i see that informatio­n

something like that um well for

this context for prospectin­g and sales

if the if a client has a database that's

i would take it and slice it up and i'll

guess what we're just gonna reactivate

so we can show you that you can trust us

okay that's it i'm not making it any

i'm not worried about my domain i'm not

worried about my mail gun stuff my

uh uh give me 500 people out of your 50

the most recent 500 give me the give me

want to talk to right so so don't don't

choose something that you can buy

something that you can't chew

right that's that's that's my take on it

mail and all these guys they all have

throttling so you know only certain

anyway because of regulation­s and all of

so but when it comes to prospectin­g once

you're done with the 10k stuff

when you when you do prospectin­g at

scale i don't recommend you using high

at all at all and and if you're sending

a day if you're if you're doing less

you're not really prospectin­g

that's not enough volume you need to be

to do good prospectin­g in a good market

that goes back to our fish and chips

10k my god run that through in four

that's not enough of a database for me

to build the sales department around

right so so pick an industry that's

that's big enough so you have enough

going for the long haul hopefully really

any follow-up to that or you're good no

it's good it was just a question maybe

you had it because we've been dealing

yeah even even when we're doing ongoing

we only do a total of 700 to a thousand

if we're using high level we don't we

don't go above that so we don't do

it's just too risky especially if you

and you have all your sub accounts in

exactly it's not friendly if one of them

real quick yeah let's hold on one second

yeah just a follow-up to that with the

um number are you using joel's uh

had from jeff miller with the multiple

yeah okay yep yep jeff miller i mean

a lot of a lot of people that's the

like it's they call it the i don't know

the bcc method or something like that

but essentiall­y the idea is for you to

take well i don't want to ruin it i'll

wait for joel to talk about it if he is

idea is to create like a hundred gmail

and have va sent five to ten a day from

thus creating this mass volume of

outbound email without getting flagged

now how do you do that at scale you got

to have people you can't do it by

so you know like with our agency we've

that are just cold emailers five six of

for one closer five six of them for one

the c song that we went back and forth

with but yeah it is it is that robbie

can i jump in yeah so howard i was gonna

go next because you raised your hand

all right so and then after you i'll go

if that's right and then uh we'll take

uh 3 35. we're good go ahead okay my

if we're doing the dvr uh for the client

where are we going after that are we

excuse me a monthly uh fee for a

dvr each month or are we then talking

uh okay uh upselling them to a bundle of

uh so so consider this being an offer

meaning this is your foot in the door

yeah this is not the core service you

right this is just the foot and the door

my main course is going to be new leads

not old leads how do i get new leads

i'm going to have a guy standing outside

and the traffic light signal that says

i don't care what the traffic is i don't

whether it's facebook google snapchat

linkedin organic print media mailers i

i'm going to get you new leads that's

that's how i sell well because i don't

because they're you know like mike cooch

he sort of takes some of the different

of a high level and bundles them into

services so in other words it's a lead

you know you could do the the call

uh you know missed call text back

things like that and sells them a bundle

of services for like 300 a month

as opposed to you know lead ma lead

which you know would be facebook leads

and that's going to be a lot higher of a

and it's more results-ba­sed as opposed

howard so i'm glad you brought this up

it's out of context on what we talked

but i want to i want to i want to unpack

this because this is really important of

over the next couple years with

why are we saying consider sas

as an option why is that right

why are we not saying just do facebook

ads and google ads and websites and all

all day long and crank those out why are

i don't know we're saying sas has a has

right the reason why is because most

we're not we're dependent on one or two

we're solopreneu­r driven business for

the most part if i'm an acquisitio­n

one of the last businesses i would look

at today is digital marketing agencies

we have something called churn right

facebook ads like you said results

if zuckerberg­'s turn something down

right there's there's there's no there's

predictabi­lity there from a acquisitio­ns

there isn't it's not a good healthy

business and if you can't keep a client

it's not a real business it's just an

revenue that's what it is and throughout

you can stay profitable make 10 15 000

100k sure nice and dandy but tomorrow

clients are going to cancel so when we

look at a lot of the agencies so there's

a gap between the agency so we're seeing

a lot of high-level agencies that are

absolutely in the elementary level of

business and then we're seeing some mega

right so in on level up day and i know

out of the 10k challenge right or the

on the level update sean talked about

hey there's five six agencies that are

powering through this thing and when we

we're seeing that they have a sas offer

absolutely separated from their

right how do you play that in so let's

say eric eric what industry are you in

how are you talking to me or are you

picking somebody but what what industry

roofers roofers okay if i if i

if you were to charge two thousand

and you don't get results you're out of

that two thousand dollars and now you

staffed up for that two thousand dollars

right whether it's through outsourcin­g

through myself with marketplac­e or a

doing yourself it doesn't matter you've

if you lose that client now you're in

right so with sas if you have enough

let's say i go into a roofer and they

your price is a bit too high i'm not

comfortabl­e just yet oh no problem you

that's sas yeah well you know from what

i've been hearing in the industry

the churn on the basic retainer based

yeah it depends but most most averages

is about three and a half to four months

right um and we keep clients longer

multiple services it's hard for them to

all the services at once right so so

there's two places that i truly think

all 60 of you i really really appreciate

this is going to give you a lot of value

of what i'm about to tell you out of

get this okay all 60 of you there's

two times when you can actually sell sas

since we're talking about offers right

i understand that you're not comfortabl­e

with this investment of two thousand

but i like to just set up my system for

you can manage it yourself at two

all you you have it i'll show you we'll

do one zoom call with my account manager

will set it up for you you can run a

keep it all years matter of fact i'll

this reviews feature and you can even

monitor your reviews on top of that oh

there's two-way text message in there

and if you want to just set up couple of

you can do that that's my sas offer when

in the beginning when they tell me i'm

too expensive for my marketing services

right the second time i'm gonna sell sas

oh eric you know i don't know what it is

but we just can't crack the code on your

you're you know the local city has been

super tough we tried all these offers

your budget was kind of tight but we

i'm telling you some of you guys are

but as soon as they tell me hey i want

to go ahead and cancel at the end of the

since we did generate some sort of

results i want to just give you at least

okay our system is going to cost you 200

matter of fact eric you remember those

you can actually run those yourself

google especially if you have a database

that we have already built out for you

right run it yourself 200 bucks a month

and that's two separate port of entry

in the beginning i don't recommend you

right out of the gate if you're brand

new and never done marketing you know

what the problem is of of you selling

odds are you don't know how they operate

odds are you don't know what offers

you have to have the client give you the

odds are you may not be that savvy kind

of like myself when it comes to this

technology stuff like i'm literally

putting in my own support tickets to my

like it's just not my it's not my

so so in the beginning i would say

get comfortabl­e and sell your marketing

that that matters my first like five

i want to sell facebook ads google ads

website and as soon as i realized oh

these are the offers that actually make

i'm gonna now push my sas offer

you guys understand why i wanted to take

like 5-10 minutes and explain this

we're in this conversati­on i know we're

doing 10k challenge and workshop

but howard thank you for bringing that

up but you you guys understand how i

now right this makes more sense right

because going back to our acquisitio­n

now because i have the sas offer my

100 bucks a month oh man this guy's got

200 bucks oh 400 but in a year worth of

right amount of people that you talk to

you're going to naturally grow and have

that's that's profitabil­ity that's

like most people know how to collect

money they don't know how to control

money because they don't know what

right do you foresee a high level

for businesses to to so we can really

because i get in there and you know and

you know uh software pretty much but it

to me it is confusing workflow builder

is going to make a nice difference

yeah yeah so the reason why we're going

thing come out right in december be

very you know january i don't know i

when it comes out it's going to have a

it's going to be nice for most people to

understand and go through with it

right then the billing component we're

going to have billing where you can

manage billing within high level for

that alone is going to make it much

easier from an agency perspectiv­e to

is going to be preference right

and how you set it up if you set up this

our colors and design is just one thing

but what you set up is a mammoth no

right so so there's a grace there that

i recommend when you get to that sass

and no more that's it like two-way text

i'm done that's what i'm going to give

you for 200 bucks don't want it take it

no problem right so hopefully this

just now parlays with what we talked

the offers right knowing when to give an

right it's in the beginning and the end

imagine for those of you that's been

doing this for two years at least

imagine if you kept every client that

what would your agency look like today

oh i think i hit some nerves there

because there's about 20 30 client

sitting at four or five instead because

we're facing and famine off of services

right and hopefully this helped guys

howard any follow-up to that sorry i got

on a little soapbox here on sas but

i wanted to be very clear and and help

understand why sas and when sass

and uh um you know it's it's also a good

foot in the door that you could

upsell your you know like you said

uh we now we can build you up we'll

leave some leads in the in the database

to to use the database reactivati­on and

we can go there and then you know fold

in the lead response management

because i think that's a crucial part

because if you're just doing lead gen

they always say the lead software it's

responsibi­lity to follow up in their

shitty attic yeah let me let me make

when you do a database reactivati­on as

an offer to earn their trust

it's a done-for-y­ou service right

it's not a sas do-it-your­self offer

right that's an important distinctio­n

i'm gonna just do it for you don't don't

worry about how these notificati­ons came

i don't even set them up a login why for

i'm gonna pound them with notificati­ons

on their phones ding ding ding ding ding

oh man paulson's doing something crazy i

don't know what it is i never have

never seen this before that's literally

what happens i won't i won't even give

to high level right because i'm just

to earn my trust in my way through that

but if you're selling sas that's a do it

here you go do it yourself yeah

right at the high levels ready for that

they are i mean we already have small

business owners that are using it

that that doesn't change anything right

but but when you offer these things i

helps right there's a timing on this and

if you go in with done with you hey

work with you for the next three months

crap like you're going to set yourself

you just lost 20 hours a week helping

right so be careful do it yourself done

on your models and when you offer sas

versus database reactivati­ons hopefully

awesome great thank you yeah absolutely

pavel pavel is it european or indian

i can't figure this out that's right

it's pavel yeah it's european

i'm ukrainian nice nice so tell me

tell me about your question bro very

the first thing that i want to say is i

uh didn't i have not thought of that but

sense if you've already set up i'm

pretty new to high level i just signed

um but it makes so much sense if you

already have all the mechanisms and

systems and the automated text and email

if they're going to leave you might as

well just down sell them all the stuff

and and keep them on board so that's

i'm uh i'm definitely gonna start doing

is um i'm kind of new to running ads

for this niche that i'm going after and

i'm getting decent results but i'm

wondering to give these crazy offers

that we talked about today how do you

learn about ways to improve service

maybe don't don't claim the refund

um don't make an offer that you can't

if you're not comfortabl­e fulfilling

don't make the offer i won't go in and

say hey let me get you 100 patients this

it's a little too steep right so go with

offer is right now when it comes to

fulfilling that offer if you have

doubt on fulfilling that offer create a

contingenc­y here's what happens

mr business owner if we don't actually

right right so when we when we used to

50 appointmen­t offers and if they hit

am i going to lose everything no i'm

going to pay the difference for the

you got 47 businesses i mean customers

right so create the condensate on your

now the second part of what you were

i understand why you're concerned about

right typically when i started when i

especially in the agency world i had

right i i call it the steve jobs

right and which is the companies i would

apple amazon google all these big

players and elon and i'm like oh

those guys all created fantastic

and because they created fantastic

products they got more business

in the marketing world that's not

right what is reality is you giving

if you if you tell them hey on average i

really think i can get you 50 to 60

this month deliver that you're not going

any better by delivering 300 leads

i promise you right so especially

especially if you're starting out

now if you get to like 50 clients a

then there's a conversati­on that's

that's to be entertaine­d on quality

how teams are being delivered you know

but you're not going to scale because of

you're going to scale because of your

marketing skills and your sales skills

and the quicker you get to like 10

clients the more offers you can test out

the quicker you get to like 10 clients

the better type of fulfillmen­t you can

the quicker you get to like 10 clients

the better you understand the business

operations of that industry is that does

so i always do not no no agencies to

this day have kept their first client

nobody yeah nobody knows and are are you

basically just kind of looking in the in

to see what other uh what other

in this niche in this industry and then

basically just trying to improve

on that no i'm gonna do what's relevant

clients market their local market right

if i'm in the middle of manhattan

i don't care what the ads libraries say

that's that's where you're starting off

right if i'm in the middle of uh

you know a little outside of houston

texas with tumbleweed­s and bunch of cows

yeah i'm gonna have a pretty good chance

at attracting some truck drivers if i'm

some campaigns for a mechanic right so

it's gonna depend on your local in that

however population you're working with

don't don't over analyze the results

there the results are not going to

more clients they're not they're going

i get that but you're not going to drive

your agency just on results we get we

have great clients canceling all the

right we have great results still

just just because they have something

um so so that's not something you can

depend on in the marketing space

gotcha gotcha yeah i mean this is

something that's that's kind of come up

i a few months ago i ran some some paid

and i do have a history in the agency

seo work and i wanted to transition into

paid and a few months ago i ran some

facebook ads and we signed on uh

four clients in in the span of about two

and um about half of them so two out of

left um and then one of them is getting

decent results one is is crushing it but

just decent results so i'm just kind of

release more ads and start signing up

clients because i know i can do that i

you know make sure the fulfillmen­t's

yeah um you know seo is different

it's a more complex service to deliver

it's not that simple yeah it's it's it's

uh yeah it's facebook ads now with uh

with uh go eye level and all the

automated follow-up and yeah

in the beginning if you're i don't know

where you are in your business but if

under like 50k a month stick with one

service with one down cell which we're

fire everybody let everybody go i'm

you're not going to scale chasing five

it's hard it's just hard at quality yeah

yeah i i agree and and i don't offer

that and anymore but i'm you know

they're already on and they're

they're already crushing it and it's at

doing well so just moving forward i want

to you know just work with remodelers

and do facebook ads and do go high level

um so just because i'm transition­ing all

that's brand new it kind of feels like

i'm you know starting from ground zero

but i'm taking a few steps back so we

yeah 100 uh think of it as an assembly

line like you seem like you already

know that right um but what mcdonald's

right was volume making burgers at

i can cr i can cook a better burger i'll

throw some spices in there man you guys

dude it's going to be a kick but it's a

i can't compete with mcdonald's because

they do per minute they're making

you know it's all over the world right

that's what we have to think like

in marketing how can i crank out what

20 clients say yes to you and they need

right that's the problem that you're

that's that's what scaling is right so

thanks for checking in yeah it does

ukraine is kind of late man you gotta

oh no no i'm i mean uh no so i was born

in ukraine but i live in las vegas i'm

i'm in the us okay cool man all good

yeah absolutely um action jackson i know

action jackson was first and then steph

and we'll call it call it a day

hi how are you um i'm fairly new as well

like just uh um too high level

and i've been looking at the snapshots

uh number one um do you guys think

you'll be rolling out any other

also uh if not where are some great

places i could study because i'm not

was like new to me until i got on high

so um where are some great resources for

and then the second question is a

could you possibly look at that ad i

just tried to make in the chat i'll

and see if it looks any good to you um

just so i can see if i'm going in the

yeah so um so can i call you miss

yes you can or action oh action is your

name yeah oh okay okay i just thought it

like a screen name but yeah okay

okay this action so um are you a

marketing agency or a small business

we're a small business owner content

oh so you're in the marketing space but

okay yeah got it got it a lot of the

high level stuff is geared towards the

i can tell you that but a lot of

content creation agencies studios

a lot of those services from marketplac­e

a good amount of people are coming to

and buying regenerati­on services right

you can have a team or even you can even

have other people fulfill for you

but i recommend you outsource your

lead generation component even if it's

not us to anybody else in the high-level

ecosystem there's plenty of partners and

plenty of people that can help you i

recommend you doing that first and

let me look at your ad you said

um okay you reposted at the very bottom

uh that see the question is that's a

good question because i don't know yet

instagram and uh either google or

something like that but i just don't

i would say find that out first because

each platform will have different

because it caters to different audiences

okay if i were to say put this on ig

that's where a lot of our content

um yeah even then i would address

the avatar this is too generic for me

like back to business get content now

get the content for you and your clients

it doesn't talk to my soul if i want a

i'm gonna i'm gonna react to the person

hey are you a marketing agency owner are

i can create content for you now that

that means you're calling me out

because i'm scrolling through so i would

get a bit more specific on that

uh but then but then your offer has to

provide what am i getting 14 days of

i don't know so it's a okay so

you right you have to you have to

i don't know from that copy what it is

is it 14 days of service is it 14 days

worth of content that i can plan out for

is it in 14 days is it only open for 14

i would there's a whole lot to it but um

you know okay that's there's a couple of

uh i think yours will be the last one so

my production team yeah absolutely

hopefully my production team doesn't get

pissed off about me dragging this on but

because they gotta render all these

videos for replay posting right

but uh steph go ahead let's go with

yours and we'll call it a day after that

yeah yeah i'm just kind of bringing it

back to the whole offer conversati­on

i've been doing this for 19 years as far

as like tech stuff i'm very tech

minded i'm the nerd i'll build your

website i'll create your email campaign

i'll do whatever you need me to do

and when it comes to the sale side it's

a foreign language to me so when i look

what joel had created for like you know

for free do the 10 leads like i'm not a

i basically what i've done is for real

estate agents i've created the whole

i wrote the emails i did everything it's

i don't even know how to put an offer

do i have to like split off and do a

you know a win back challenge like a win

say hey i'll do a free win back campaign

for you but by the way like everything

like i don't even know what to do there

why why exactly do realtors invest into

mostly because they don't want to do it

or they don't know how to do it i mean

agent given these platforms these crm

i mean there's so many out there the the

they are so busy learning how to become

they can't go by like they can't go sell

i mean that's kind of my thing is like

do what you do let me do what i do so so

you actually said it so what is the

result that they need and want

are you asking me i'm waiting for you to

i'm thinking time that's kind of what

always because if you look at that top

percent of real estate agents that's

actually making the money that i want to

they want their time because they're

so that's kind of been my angle is i can

multitude of real estate agents that are

going to be there for three months

it's hard business to be in and they

i'm trying to weed through those people

by saying look if you don't have any

as a real estate agent to do what you're

supposed to be doing like following up

leads long term following up with your

past clients all that kind of stuff

this is where i come in but i'm having a

relating that to an offer let me let me

when it comes to your fulfillmen­t

every client every time no is it the

it's the same thing what is that thing

it's a snapshot that i created sure but

what is it what result do they get out

um they get all the inbound landing

all the no no what are the landing pages

not destinatio­n oh destinatio­n right

i want to know when a realtor

if they give you two thousand dollars

what would they get out of it

imagine me like i'm not a technical guy

systems as much i'm more of a business

developmen­t mind and sales mind if

if you come to me stefan i'm in the real

estate space you tell me hey paulson

um i can get you at least two closes

next month guaranteed with my system

i'm gonna talk to you right oh paulson

you don't have to do any marketing

anymore i've created my own system for

where you don't ever have to worry about

right how does how does that happen well

40 50 leads right now i get what you're

seeing you're not a lead generation

agency that's not what you're excited

right and then if that's the case if you

want to take on strictly the time angle

hey i only work with eight figure

and i help them save 40 hours a week

imagine that being the offer i mean

right imagine what i'm if i read that

and i'm really an eight figure realtor

and i need to say 40 hours a week while

everybody else is only doing 40 hours a

i mean that if that resonates with your

and you're really accurate about you

and your audience that offer works

right right right but but we can sit

here conceptual­ize all these things but

right just gotta launch ads by so our

homework on friday is you launching ads

right we're gonna be launching ads this

is a workshop this is not a challenge

this is not a random theoretica­l class

we're gonna do this together right

and i know this because i entered a new

with ads and with no results and it

right i've tested out everything joel

before i say yes to him coming in just

offer in the sense of what does that

generate as a result to your client

no that's perfect because i wasn't even

thinking that way i was thinking of

what kind of newbie thing do i have to

do like i was thinking in newbie terms

when i should have been thinking

yeah okay grand scheme of thing i'm

time and i'm super passionate about that

so i can sell that all day long because

that's what i'm passionate about

right in sales where people go wrong is

the client has like their current

all this problem all this dilemma they

financing they've got their wives

yelling at them they've got their kids

you know employees wanting to quit i

mean all kinds of stuff happens

in a business right and then you got

this marketing vendor like ourselves

1500 and they're like okay let's do it

what happened to my fifteen hundred

is the next question right so the

one thing in your sales pitches in your

sales language and your marketing

you need to talk in context to their

right if we're talking about cars right

where i'm start my starting point to my

right anytime i talk to a marketer hey

thanks for jumping on the call what do

you do they talk about the car

nobody talks to me about the destinatio­n

nobody right not a single person they

tell me oh i do facebook ads man i do

rah-rah-ra­h cool me too now what are we

right but if somebody comes in in a

conversati­on and say hey i work with

and i help them close at least two deals

a month that's my bare minimum of my

nerve-wrac­king that's good marketing

that's nice that's almost a little too

uncomforta­ble for me but this is where

one close a month i mean they seriously

have to pre-qualif­y for that offer

of course they do yes of course they do

differenti­ation between you and another

right of course they do right and that's

remember uh me and joe we're not telling

go bake it fish [\xa0__\xa­0] you know do

whatever you got to do we're not saying

that we're showing you how to fish

i the offers that work today is not

going to work in in the next quarter

when we run ads every 20 days

we're swapping these out we're doing

dynamic creatives all day long and

it's you cannot just stick your offer is

just so short-live­d but you got to have

after this first year you should have

like 10 offers for your agency

all piled up second second year

you're going into the second year with

that's a heck of a ammo going on the

if you're playing you know if you're if

you're playing the the cards right so

hopefully that helps um steph um

i think for sure thank you okay awesome

uh it's just thinking a bit more macro

on what the clients want that's really

but hopefully today guys it was helpful

uh quite quite long on the q a but it

howard brought up a point on the when

fits in the offer equation so i'm glad

we were able to kind of unpack that

the replace will be up in case if you

join delay in the youtube channel

but uh i'm gonna go grab lunch guys have


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