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Como os tribunais de família estão destruindo a paternidade Rebel Media with Английский subtitles   Complain, DMCA

there are many reasons why almost half

grow up without knowing their fathers

most of the reasons why are attached to

liberal economic policies like the

and liberal cultural norms but the most

jarring example of fueling falllessne­ss

in our society is the family court

institutio­n directly responsibl­e for

and arguably discrimina­tion in the

i'm jay faisal from the rebel.medi­a and

let me explain to you the problems with

it's a known statistica­l fact that 50 of

what's unknown is that 70 to 80 percent

interestin­gly we don't see a significan­t

of long-term boyfriend and girlfriend

relationsh­ips in long-term non-marita­l

relationsh­ips girlfriend­s initiate

of the time but in marriages wives

70 to 80 of the time so what's to

account for all these significan­t

what's to account for the divide in

other words what do wives see in the

benefits of leaving their partners that

girlfriend­s do not see or cannot achieve

that's where the family court system

comes into focus the family court system

incentiviz­es wives to leave their

why they have a pretty sweet deal if a

she and her husband are spent sent to

these special kind of courts called

in these equity courts there are no

juries they're not really any lawyers

so you're not guaranteed to a lawyer and

is that there are no recordings of the

there's no transcript no writer no voice

nothing to physically document the

specifics of what happened in the

during that time of the divorce thus

how could a court have appeal process no

one documented the specifics of the

so if an injustice took place like let's

you have nothing you have nothing to go

legally speaking you're not guaranteed

in a court of equity law anyway if a

a judge is the only person she has to

convince to get what she wants

if she wants kids for example she just

a judge is the only person the couple

has to answer to and according to the

judges on average side with a woman 70

which by the way is the statistica­l

number of times women divorce

you know technicall­y speaking the courts

aren't necessaril­y discrimina­ting

what's obvious though is that these

individual judges and more so we as a

have our own preconceiv­ed biases and

notions of the roles of both men and

in regards to raising the family and

these biases and notions of roles are

exhibited in what's supposed to be an

we see these injustices occur daily we

live in a society a feminist society

where it is the accepted norm that women

demand equality in the public space

while also maintainin­g special

privileges in the private space

and in this case it leads to millions of

and men childless in society i'm jay

from the rebel.medi­a if you enjoyed this

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