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hello everyone and welcome back to english with\xa0\n

we're going to be going through some tongue\xa0­\n

or rhymes that are really hard to say they're\xa­0\n

often involve repeating difficult sounds over and\xa0\n

over and over again as always i have the free\xa0\n

all of the tongue twisters and some extra\xa0\­n

if you'd like to download the pdf click on the\xa0\n

mailing list and it will be sent directly to your\xa0\n

girl i used to really struggle with certain\xa­0\n

my tongue i had and i do have a tongue that is\xa0\n

why is i have a very big tongue that especially­\xa0\n

i can also do some tricks anyway i think we i\xa0\n

i was to explain that when i was younger i did\xa0\n

they used to come out like instead i would call\xa0\n

which is an incredibly cruel word because it has\xa0\n

what i had i i said that i had a lip now i still\xa0\­n

with it in fact my first boyfriend told me that\xa0\n

felt really good about it but i did go through\xa­0\n

myself to kind of push my tongue further back into\xa0\n

are difficult sentences involving these difficult\­xa0\n

they will be a struggle i promise and by repeating\­xa0\n

in certain positions and your mouth used to being\xa0\­n

accustomed to producing these sounds correctly it\xa0\n

with my lisp i have got 15 pronunciat­ion tongue\xa0­\n

we're going to start with some consonants that are\xa0\n

then we'll move on to some vowel sounds as well\xa0\n

sound and the shh sound as well okay let's\xa0\­n

i was younger i think it's quite a famous one\xa0\n

it aloud for yourself just to practice your\xa0\n

okay it should be she sells seashells\­xa0\xa0

by the seashore now if you say it over and\xa0\n

she sells seashells by the seashore she\xa0\n

seashells by the seashore hey you wait till i\xa0\n

me struggle let's do another one with this set of\xa0\n

it should be she thinks she'll see\xa0\n

she thinks she'll see a seal she thinks she'll\xa0­\n

for practicing this and shh sounds let's\xa0\­n

sound speakers of asian languages tend to find\xa0\n

of some languages this will be so easy but for\xa0\n

be a real challenge try saying this one three\xa0\­n

okay it should be red lorry yellow lorry red\xa0\n

oh i struggled at the end red lorry yellow\xa0­\n

it's so hard what about this one try saying this\xa0\n

okay it should be truly rural truly rural\xa0\­n

say this one three times to practice\x­a0\n

okay red blood bad blood red blood bad blood\xa0\­n

red blood bad blood red blood blood blood oh\xa0\n

that focus on the b and v sounds and these are\xa0\n

but they're still difficult for everyone else\xa0\n

ready veil the bed with the bed valance veil\xa0\n

with the bed balance if i said that enough\xa0­\n

the view of the valley is very beautiful\­xa0\n

the view of the valley is very beautiful\­xa0\xa0

that was a nice one that wasn't so hard\xa0\n

betty loves the velvet vest best vetti vettie\xa0­\n

best best oh i'm struggling vetti vetti his cute\xa0\n

what is my problem see they're very difficult i've\xa0\n

these are produced in the same way

has voice and is unvoiced give it a go

77 benevolent elephants 77 benelephan­t elephants i\xa0\n

benevolent elephants 77 benevolent elephants hard\xa0\n

really good one okay last we will look at the f\xa0\n

toughy it is a very tough one so i'm going to give\xa0\n

okay fuzzy wuzzy was a bear fuzzy wuzzy had\xa0\n

fuzzy was he was a bear fuzzy wuzzy had no\xa0\n

so at the end we say was he instead of was he and\xa0\n

the sounds i know a lot of students struggle\x­a0\n

in the same way but one has\xa0\nv­oice and one has no voice

i'll let you have a go first be my guest

okay now i shall try i'm going to have to read\xa0\n

thought that they thrilled the throne throughout­\xa0\n

personally find difficult throughout throughout­\xa0\n

throne throughout thursday the 33 thieves thought\xa­0\n

with this last one we're looking at\xa0\n

free instead of three or fanx instead of\xa0\n

and this also forms a part of regional dialects\x­a0\n

okay now it's my turn through three\xa0\­n

while these fleas flew freezy breeze blew\xa0\n

freezy trees made these trees cheese freeze that's\xa0­\n

nailed it means did it perfectly but we often use\xa0\n

to plan and it's obvious that it didn't you can\xa0\n

now let's focus on some similar vowel sounds\xa0­\n

okay how much wood would a wood chuck\xa0\­n

i love that one how much wood would chuck chuck\xa0\­n

right how much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a\xa0\n

on the e and e sounds and again a lot of my\xa0\n

only have the e sound they don't have that short\xa0\­n

these two sounds because if you look at the\xa0\n

with the short if sound they would both be rude\xa0\n

okay i slit a sheet a sheet i slit upon a slitted\xa­0\n

slitted sheet i sit finally the last one this\xa0\n

please take your turn before me

okay i'll have a go any noise annoys an\xa0\n

any noise annoys an oyster but a noisy noise\xa0\­n

sentence ah i absolutely loved this tongue\xa0­\n

i've got all of these tongue twisters written\xa­0\n

and i have included some bonus ones for you\xa0\n

box you enter your name and your email address\xa­0\n

all of my social media i've got my facebook my\xa0\n

great pronunciat­ion tool on there see if you can\xa0\n


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