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BoBoiBoy Galaxy EP11 Pertarungan Hangat A Fiery Fight (ENG Subtitles) with Английский subtitles   Complain, DMCA

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Power Spheras are high-tech robots

These robots fled and hid themselves

-in various parts of the galaxy.

-Power Spheras have been hunted down

-and captured by those with evil intent.

Their powers are used to wreak-

-havoc and destructio­n throughout the universe.

This is the tale of Earth's superhero.­..

-in his quest to save the Power Spheras

So you really want to take the TAPOPS Toughness Test?

Do you understand the consequenc­es should you fail?

Uh... And we'll be expelled from TAPOPS.

Hmph. I see you're clear on that.

You think your best will be good enough?!

Huh?! The test will be done on this planet?

A planet that's filled with active volcanoes.­..

What EXACTLY is this Toughness Test all about?

Your task is to retrieve a Power Sphera\n

Phew...! Thank god it's only a simulation­!

Where exactly is the Power Sphera that we need to recover?

So you should save your energy til you've reached the top.

And... TWO teams will be involved.

Correct. Team B will consist of...

We're on the same team? Awesome!

Team A is already on Planet Volcania!

Whoa... They're definitely after that Power Sphera too!

Time to begin the Toughness Test!


Why are you still standing there ogling?!

Hey! That's the volcano the Commander was telling us about!

So we need to go there to get the Power Sphera?

It's all just a simulation­, right?

How could a simulation be this REAL?!

Haha! Let's see how far BoBoiBoy and his team are willing to go to

We've arrived at the volcano's base!

But how will we cross this lava river?

Hey! You're just crossing alone?! Help us out too!

Awesome, Yaya! Let's go, Gopal!

Uhh... wait up, BoBoiBoy! Wait!

But... how come a simulation hurts this bad?

That's because it's NOT a simulation­.

It's true that these tests are usually conducted via simulation­.

With our situation as desperate as it is now...

It's better for this test to be conducted in a real-life

Isn't that too dangerous, Admiral?

Hmph. If you think all of this is too much for you...

Eek! Did he fall into the lava river?

You left us before you could become popular...

What nonsense are you talking about?!

Fang's already up ahead without you!

Why did Fang go ahead without us?

Yeah... He should've lend us a hand!

I've told you... should've used your powers....

The Commander told us to conserve our energy

Huh? Geez... let me catch my breath.

This whole test wasn't all that bad after all...

Hey! What's the matter with you?!

Forgive me. But I can't let you take this Power Sphera!

Why not? I thought we're a team?!

Says who?!\nI'm on the OTHER team!

Commander! What the heck is Fang talking about?!

Fang and Team A were tasked to stop you!

Heh! If you want to pass this exam...

You'll need to defeat Team A and recover that Power Sphera!

But... Fang is only one guy. He can't be counted as a team.

Introducin­g... Sai and Shielda.

What are you doing?! \nThey're our enemies, you know!

They're just doing their jobs.

SO COOL! \nHis hat flew right back like a boomerang!

So THESE are the Earthlings we're supposed to stop?

I told you, they're just a bunch of weaklings.

Be careful! Shielda's shield can absorb and reflect all-

QUIET! You don't need to tell them that!

C'mon, Gopal! Let's hit them again—ARGH­!

Just grab that Power Sphera and this test will be over!

We need to stop the test, Admiral!

Back away! I won't let you hurt my friends!

Are these really the Earthlings they kept saying were so great?

I'm sorry. I'm... I'm under orders.

And now it's your turn, BoBoiBoy!

Enough! We've already defeated them!

You're feeling sorry for them?

Since when did you become weak like them, Fang?

I'll show you just who's the weaker ones here!

This is what I was waiting for! Superb!

Huh? BoBoiBoy's awakened a new power?

Now's YOUR turn to taste defeat! Haha!

The volcano has become unstable after BoBoiBoy's attack!

Help! Please abort this test, Admiral!

The volcano's gonna erupt! WE'RE IN DANGER!

Calm down, BoBoiBoy! Remember who you are!

You thought such a pathetic move would fool me?!

Enough! Calm down, BoBoiBoy..­. Deep breaths.

Relax, BoBoiBoy. Don't be angry. It's all over.

Gopal, Yaya, Ying! Where are you?

I'm sorry, guys. I failed to control my emotions before.

It's okay, BoBoiBoy. What matters is that we made it safe and

All of you failed to retrieve the Power Sphera.

Therefore, you will be expelled!

Heh, it was actually Ying's plan.

Hurry! Remove the Power Sphera, Yaya!

All of you have PASSED the TAPOPS Toughness Test!


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