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the corn is present I know but it's made

by the oldest living things on earth my

friends can see here going to talk about

selection we got it all here you want

something cream babies nicer than my own

one at home and it is loaded it's been

completely receded it's filled with

horrible and they're mobile no mushrooms

no dandy lion fish baby is running a mom

brought to you by plants there nothing

just seems that did you know that

without plants there would be no animals

on earth that includes animals like

humans see in a way plants make all the

air we breathe and all the food we eat

different types of plants live all over

the world in different places and flips

keep the whole world arrive plants are

these plants take energy from the Sun

and make their own food now when we say

food we mean sugar for example here's an

apple apples are sweet but it's a

different flavor from say sugar from Oh

sugar cane or orange juice from an

orange or maple syrup from a maple tree

different types of plants make different

types of sugar take a look at it if we

at first it'll turn brown that's karma

sweet and good but if we let it keep

karma burns and it turns black that's

what we call carbon it forms a gas

called carbon dioxide that's carbon

hooked up with oxygen carbon dioxide and

this carbon dioxide goes up this tube

and bubbles in a special detector with

level three soon with enough carbon

dioxide it's going to turn a different

color a kind of orange a yellow but it's

see the detector chemical has changed

colors not only more it's orange that's

because we were making carbon dioxide

gas it's the same gas we make all day

all the time every time we breathe watch

here's some of the same detector

chemical see it's changed color because

I'm giving off the same gas as in that

chemical reaction now plants can do the

same chemical reaction only the other

way around plants take in carbon dioxide

from the air and give off oxygen take a

look at this it's the same blue

indicator liquid and it stays blue

because these plants are absorbing

carbon dioxide and giving off oxygen now

this process where plants take in water

and sunlight and make food is called

photosynth­esis means making from summer

and the key to photosynth­esis is a green

chemical called chlorophyl­l chlorophyl­l

is what makes you get grass stains on

your pants when you fall down now

plants take in carbon dioxide given off

by animals and fungus and some other

plants and mate oxygen which animals

like us free it's a great deal for

everybody mmm plants sugar it is a good

when plants make food they put the

oxygen that we breathe into the air its

photosynth­esis and you can see it using

this piece of lettuce just put the piece

of lettuce in a jar full of water then

turn the jar over into a bowl and fill

the bowl with water then put the jar in

a place where I'll get lots of Sun wait

about 24 hours see those little bubbles

that's oxygen to the lettuce is making

by expanding carbon dioxide and water

for food well when I got funky new

how about this that's nicer than my own

one at home and yeah wasn't do it on a

femur hey Frank come on down and see me

today flex in some ways to live all of

those even when you least expect it now

the cars covered with grass let's go you

it's a Playmobil but it is still near

the same guy huh yeah yeah he was either

and what you can't really greet me thank

now they say parties and plans don't mix

okay now all living things depend on

plants the car is not alive with the

grasses we mean the colors it is a great

color it's green in the air rushing over

the blades of grass taking carbon

dioxide from the air light from the Sun

and water the grass is making its own

food it's growing it's also making

the water while we provide that when it

rains are when they hose it down from

it's a lot of work it takes a lot of

energy to make an apple pie just think

how much energy it takes an apple tree

to grow an apple well why do they do it

why do they bother well please consider

the fall the apple trees or plants they

can't move around they're stuck they're

planted their plans for crying out loud

so they have to find a way to spread

their seeds out see plants don't want

the young plants growing underneath

otherwise they'd be competing for the

same patch of soil in the same patch of

sunlight so plants like apple trees

really big yummy delicious fruit

bringing tremendous amount of water up

to their roots getting a tremendous

amount of energy from the Sun just so

that animals will come along and take

the fruit somewhere else see the fruit

isn't used for fertilizer­s it's used

only to get animals to carry the seeds

to some new place that the seeds will

grow away from the old trees that's the

only reason apple trees make apples no

Wow see plants have all kinds of tricks

removing or Sidra like dandelions use

and maple trees making school

let's have this whole thing figured out

well good use of energy when you think

about it thanks for joining me

awful trio fallen key to the no weed

plant is attached to a feather like

carry the wind carries the seeds away to

a new area for growth perhaps the

this is most of my thing good evening

I'm Alistair Appleseed fruit as we all

know is the part of the plant where the

seeds are stored plants that want their

seeds moved by a hungry bird or animal

good-looki­ng take for example the tomato

thank you note the attractive red color

and the taste is delicious an animal

would be inclined to eat this fruit the

seeds would have through the digestive

system and into the soil which one hopes

would lead to more Tomatoes thank you

through an amazing way that plants have

adapted to living on earth thank you

about 107 degrees out here today and

that's pretty hot right late we would be

looking some of the plants live here and

how they survive in this five areas and

then desert plants are able to survive

the number of late cacti and succulents

are able to store water in the water is

plentiful in the rainy seasons they soak

it up and storage in the flashing stanza

pads and they're able to use that

increasing drought and there's not very

much in the water available to other

plants like the troika cackles have a

distributi­on of spines all around them

to protect them from desert animal

cactuses are plants that play defense

see cactus is live in the desert where

the water is precious so any water they

can get inside them they want to keep

they don't want animals coming along and

messing with so cat guy have these sharp

corners if you touch them they stick you

so I'm going to leave it alone

plants like this poison oak have an oil

in them that irritates your skin and

makes you break out if you touch it I'm

not going to touch it I'm leaving it

right there this is a nettle plant

little spines on it but rub on your skin

and make it hurt ouch the plant defense

I'm leaving this alone to just think how

much energy it must take for plants to

grow needles or make stingers or make

poisonous oil but it's worth it too

because plants can't move we can't hide

they can't run away so they got to play

rough so that animals will leave them

alone thank you sunlight and water and

carbon dioxide gas which we breathe out

to make awesome to get which we beat it

you might think that plants need roots

to get the nutrients they need to live

in growth but take a look here's one to

three kinds of plants they get all the

nutrients they need right from the water

they live in or around what they went

fine no roof we've got a camera on the

standing at a tide pool see all that

kelp all that kelp is floating around in

the ocean it doesn't need strong roots

or stems or bark because the ocean

look at all that jump think about all

that photosynth­esis it's a big help

green plant party hey I'm talking to you

and now mrs. Gardner's biology class

College event France funny tart one life

without internal passages we are plants

to blow and small we have a need for

beings at all we get out the water and

me a chance we need the sounds packages

inside can help us feed when we're sick

or injured we really use plants if you

burn yourself you might want to get some

oil from an aloe vera plant the oil I'll

sue the burn a lot of bandages for cuts

of course people take garlic for high

blood pressure and if you have a sore

throat but you can soothe it with

chamomile tea with cinnamon liquors and

Leominster chief Garvey good for my name

is dr. Lloyd Vegas I'm a professor of

it's very common in the rain forest

because the trees are all together so

trying to get up to that to the Sun what

I do is I study plants for their

medicinal value in other words plants

that might contain natural chemicals

that might be used in the treatment of

disease one of the interestin­g things

here is that as you can see here are

different plant species that were

collected in the rain forest some with

big leaves small leaves and because they

are different they also have different

kind of chemical substances for example

here this passion flower you would

expect the chemicals here are very

different from for example this plant

here in the laboratory we take the

leaves and we do a chemical study here

so we get from the ground-up leaves very

nice green colors of different types of

chemicals and from there the real

mysteries of discoverin­g substances that

could be used for message and that's

what makes this kind of research so

exciting discovery potential new

medicine most plants use light from the

Sun water from the rain and nutrients

from the soil to make their own food but

some plants can't get enough nutrients

instead they eat well anyway these

plants eat raw fries pitcher plant which

grows in swamps and bogs in the southern

United States and flies are attracted to

the pitcher plant by its sweet smell

they get near the leaves and they fall

in they drown in rain water in the

pitcher shaped leaves of the plant and

in the juices of the plant digest them

Wow the famous Venus flytrap which grows

in the southern United States - and when

the Flies are attracted to the red color

and the sweet smell of the Venus flytrap

they get in the middle of the leaves and

then they get closes on it and dissolves

them see these plants can't get enough

chemicals from the soils they grow in

particular­ly nitrogen so they found ways

to get the chemicals they need from

what's around them namely all the

insects that buzz around swamps and

marshes a while these plants eat meat

you get all it didn't feel flour the

planet that smells bad feels like bass

not care what cool smells like rotten

meat most plants are great that's the

plan to make this stuff called

chlorophyl­l which is a green chemical to

plan to use to trap sunlight energy from

the Sun is what plants use to make food

get a hold of some leaves and mush them

up using a nice you might not have an

adult to help you this is an experiment

that will show you the chlorophyl­l in

the leaf put the plant goo in a glass

now for fingernail polish remover over

the top now hang a strip of coffee

filter from a pencil so that it just

dips in the liquid now wait a while and

the chlorophyl­l will rise at the coffee

filter that's the stuff that plants has

been using for billions of years to make

their own food plan for the one to sell

is useful might don't make their own

food a lot of plants shut down in the

winter time they stop making their own

sugar their own food and that's what

makes trees like this one change color

as the days get shorter trees sense that

and stop making chlorophyl­l the

chlorophyl­l gets reabsorbed by the tree

and then when that happens the other

colors come through yellow that comes

from xanthophyl­l and Szanto is greek for

yellow and orange comes from carotene a

carrot that's the carotene that's the

same color see so these colors yellow

and orange are always there but we don't

see them as long as there's a lot of

chlorophyl­l present so chlorophyl­l goes

away the other colors come through the

leaves change colors that pretty happens

we I can't really hate the door search

our database entry now experiment to

feel right but we can do someone has to

well that's our show thanks for watching

just got somebody gotta leave this plant

artist and producer Associatio­n the

so all you get is great this tip sprayed

the car with the scoop of search and oil

this my friend is your grass car that's

it sure is not a speck first time

doesn't seem like an astroturf car here

fuel that's that's natural grass my

friends the operated grass cover

cognizant we operate any car put it in

drive it pull the grass which is a

planet it's still taking carbon dioxide

from the air turning the docs


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