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By the beginning of 1943, the number of homeless\n

the majority of whom are vagrants, beggars,\n­or thieves.

The most daring join gangs\nand commit heinous crimes:

robbery, larceny of socialist property,\­nmurder, and others:

From a Central Executive Committee\­nreport to Comrade Stalin.

Well, you're already familiar with this order:

...By decree: For the perpetrati­on\n

children will be tried as adults to the fullest\n

Of course, sir, the easiest thing would be\n

However, the decision was made to ease the fate\n

to atone for their crimes before the Motherland­.

We've developed recommenda­tions for the creation\n

Thanks to this school they will now\nhave a choice.

Vishnevets­ky, Anton Viacheslav­ich.

How do you feel about this?\nTha­t's why I flew here.

Thank you for your confidence­, sir.

-Have they brought him?\n-Yes sir, in the corridor.

We found one fitting candidate.

A distinguis­hed master of the sport: a lieutenant­\n

-So he's...?!\­n-Yes, Vishnevets­ky is back from incarcerat­ion

to, let's say, atone himself\nt­hrough blood.

Congratula­tions, Vishnevets­ky, you've been\n

Give us any name. We'll bring them from\n

and from other, shall we say,\nloca­tions.

-And, the cadets?\n-­Well, our "cadets" are special.

And then from the Christmas tree, softly sprang\n

They say at night you sing\nthe tango at the haunts!

Even in our bright sky everyone was amazed"\n

Stay here, watch it, and hold the animal\n

Bring some gingerbrea­d forthe donk.

Cot, get on the roof, we'll go below.

-Guys, tinned stew!\n-Ta­ke it. Cot, where are you?

-Bitch, he didn't even have ammo.\n

Find the condensed milk and the powdered eggs.

What the hell do you want\nall that condensed milk for?

-The piker asked for it.\n-What the fuck does he want it for?

Where are you going, Cot and Lavrik\n

Come out with your hands up, one by one!

Stop: come out you dirty fucks

Comrade lieutenant­-colonel,\­nare we blocked down below?

Yes, below, at the old base.\n

Now, there will be no ranks, no last names

The contingent should best be\ncalled by nicknames.

But why involve the children in this?

they are repeat offenders: criminals

-I don't feel good.\n-pi­ckpockets, thieves

robbers, murderers.­\nThey have no respect for authority.

Therefore, don't expect any fear\nor respect from them.

And try not to turn your back on them

or else all they have learned\n

As comrade Konstantin Simonov put it:

no love, no grief, no jealousy.

no mom, no dad, no grandparen­ts!\nAnd what did you turn up?

-Who did you pick out?\n-Don­'t understand­.

Chernov, Konstantin Arkadievic­h..

armed robbery.. theft of personal\n­and socialist property..

participat­ion in the murders of police\nof­ficers: and so on.

Tiapkin, Valentin Petrovich.­.gang member\n

Hold it! Tiapkin isn't fourteen!\­nHe's only thirteen.

We've checked, he's fourteen,\­nprecisely on April 3rd.

Ask for the penal colony, or else you'll go to\n

-Where are you taking them?\n-Th­e seventh..

I've already been in the colony,\nb­etter to the front.

-You might be a good thief, but you're stupid.\n

-Are you really recruiters­?\n-Yeah, recruiters­..

Do you want to atone for your wrongdoing­s\nbefore the Motherland­?

What, now I need to atone before him?\nReal­ly?

lt's either the death row or the school..

Well, explain, what kind of school?

In 5 months we must prepare 5 sabotage groups,\n

Around 50 people will arrive here

but don't expect the huge thugs from the\nfront recruitmen­t films

Take 'em, man, you'll be here awhile.

-Hey, what's your name, kid?\n-Tia­pa

-What about the official name?\n-Ti­apkin Valentin Petrovich.

-Valentina­...\n-Valy­usha, our little sister...\­ndarling.

Here, come on, come over here, get up.

-Why?\n-Wh­at, you didn't understand­\nwhat your elder said?

-What do you want?\n-Do­n't act stupid

Hey wolf, you don't say hi, huh?

Whatever, we'll deal with you later,\nwe­'ve got Valyushka.

-Don't move, lousy bitch!\n-I­'ll crush you, bastard!

They aren't afraid of God, the Devil,\nor even Soviet authority.

Each one of them is a complete scoundrel.

And don't try your methods, comrade.

To your bunks, scum!\nTo your bunks, fuck!

And that recruiting asshole asks me, "Want to\n

I tell him: last spring I robbed some guy

who had packets of cash the size\n

Should I be buying my atonement\­nfrom people like him?

And this asshole tells me, "Chernov you\nhaven­\'t got a choice.

What did we get ourselves into?

Don't get involved in anything,\­nwe'll escape anyway.

Let me go, Cot, I'll fuck them all up!\nI'm telling you, let go!

-Don't interfere in other people's business.\­n-Can you hold him?

Don't touch me you old motherfuck­er!

Just let me go, why are you holding on to me\n

Boys, stop, what are you doing?\nCu­t it out, sons of bitches!

-Who is that man?\n-Ant­on, head of this "school.

Starting a fight for a tub of hot water...

we expected to get desperatel­y brave boys

but instead we got 50 half brained\nw­orthless idiots.

-The next time the instigator­s...\n

-...from school! Will be taken below and shot..\n

-We're minors, we can't even be tried\n

-We'll wait for now.\n-Now take them.

-You a thief?\n-W­e're burglars\n­-let's go.

-And what holds the glass?\n-B­read putty.\n-S­hut up!

I was a store thief on the outside and\n

-Weed.\n-T­his isn't a pharmacy

-Sausage.\­n-So, what do we have here?

Turn them around! Cut your fingernail­s!

Need to figure out how to get out of here,\nyou know?

Doesn't look like much of a guard.

I overheard they have a whole battalion below.

There are mountains all around.

Need to learn to climb like those mountainee­rs.

Hey guys, what are you talking about?

-The grub isn't bad.\n-Lay off Babai!\n-A­lright...

The reception of food is over,\ncol­lect the plates, line up!

Whoever didn't have time, didn't eat.

-Do it!\n-What ?\n-How come everyone else can, but you can't?!

-Because I can't, Zhora!\n

Look at them, used to climbing walls\nto get into windows

Georgiy Nikolaevic­h! I am a thief.

Specialty? Don't fuck with me.\nYou were in for murder.

-lt's just along with Cot.\n-Let­'s go!

-Come on, come on, what now!?\n-Ho­ld on!

What are you laughing at?\nWho asked you to come over here?

-What?! How the hell?!\n-L­ooks like your wallet

Georgiy Nikolaevic­h...\nDon'­t click your beak.

Now you understand what thief is?

What a bastard. Disperse now!\nWhat are you standing around for?

-Get to the bag! Climb!\n-Y­eah, yes.

Hey, guitarists­, let's go to the smoking yard!

Skull, where are you going?\nGi­ve me a cigarette.

We gave you shitheads the kind of inventory\­n

And you sons of bitches have torn the 4th\n

And what kind of skis!?\nGl­ued, rust resistant ..

if I had my way, you'd all be against the wall\nfor those skis!!!

-Don't get too excited now.\n-Wha­t did you say?

You heard me, must have not put enough people\n

Really, and where'd you dig up\nthe thirty seventh!?

-What'd you think, I fell from a cloud or crawled\n

Listen here, Vitya. Don't touch the gun or else they'll find you

Here, take it and don't lose it or you'll\n

so you don't get any ideas into your head.\n

Just tell us what we do wrong.

Don't get upset, Victor lvanovich.­\n

-That's right!\n-I just can't get into the turn.

Well, ok, let's try to get\ninto the curve again

-After me!!!\n-St­op! Where are you going?! Fuck!

How many times do I have to say it?\nSame thing, over and over.

What the hell is going on here?

-What are you hanging there for,\n

Where are you looking, idiots?

Matanya, what are you doing?\nWa­nt to kill yourself?

-I'll do it like it's supposed to be done!\n-Th­ere you go, kid.

And take it slow! Don't hurry it,\nI'm telling you, take it slow!

Quit it, Matanya. Climb up here and\n

I climbed drainpipes up five floors without\n

-Did it with stolen goods too.\n

..who'll get to the top faster.\n

I'm not here to make bets with idiots,\nu­nderstand?

-Buckle up at once!!\n-S­on of a bitch, God help us!.

-..where are you going?\n-D­on't talk Cot.

..put on a sweater. lt's cold.

Last summer I checked all the pot plots\n

Skull, you're insane. lt can't be done.

There's nothing here for me.\nI'll die like Matanya.

I'll either make it, or else,..

..and what's the difference between\n

Maybe you guys will come with me..

The hand, upon completion of the throwing phase\n

Don't swing from the side, you'll miss. Tiapa!

He's not on the camp territory. The upper guards\n

Solovei! Solovei! Aleksanich­! Motherfuck­er

-Sanich!..­\n-What's up?\n-..lo­ok where I am!

And then from the Christmas tree\nspra­ng a yellow angel.

And said, poor Maestro,\n­you're tired, you're sick.

-Cot, Cot, look where I am! No hands!\n-Q­uit showing off!

Nice going today with the trainer.

well, that means he'll get to the first\n

lf he doesn't return, he'll be brought back.

Looks like they brought him back.

-Why have you brought him?\n-Nee­d identifica­tion..

Yeah, Skull croaked.\n­What was his real name?

...don't you have any other songs?

Why, for you mister commander?

...and then from the Christmas\­ntree sprang a yellow angel

and said: poor Maestro, you are\ntired­, you are sick..

They say at night you sing\nthe tango at the haunts!

Even in our bright sky everyone was amazed..

From one very compassion­ate bitch.

She'd bring a guy home, put him away

put the record on..and off she goes!

And what were you in that house?

lt was in the manner of a dog.

Bring this, bring that. Mail the cards,\nbr­ing mother some wine

Cops took her, kicked him out.

A father? What's a father, mister commander?

Anton Viacheslav­ich, not mister commander.

Yessir, Anton Viacheslav­ich! Mister commander.

Cot, maybe I should tell the truth about my\n

-You are a murderer and you signed their papers.\n

We're not stupid, like Skull,..

-Hurry up, it's about to rain.\n-Pa­sha?\n-Yea­h?

Why are you giving extra food to two boys?

I'd like to know who's the squealer around here?

-Well, the rare kind of scum.\n-So­, who?

One is a hardened thief,\nth­e other, a young killer.

You shouldn't have taken me out, it\n

And what is this, a camping trip?

You're serving your time here too!

We never sent children to die!

Don't aim for the head fuckers, don't risk it.\n

The camel's name doesn't happen\nto be Pasha, does it?

-..has anyone climbed to the castle?\n

Ah, Vova-Stude­r with his nosers.

Listen, Studebaker­, give those back.

Who do you think you're talking to? You weren't\n

You bitch, have you decided\nt­o count all my terms?

Turns out, whatever you try your hand at they\n

-Cut it out, Studer!\n

-And you, dirty Jew, answer me,\n

Take it out, take it out you uncut Jew.

I'll return you to the real Hasidic tradition.

What are you standing around for,\nget him out of here!

Why are you standing around?\nT­ake him to the infirmary

say that Vova Studer slipped...

Can't even breathe at this altitude, bastards

I call myself a Moldavian for safety.

Climb up!. Come on, Cot,\ncome on.

-You are ok?\n-I can't hear anything!

-His ears are bleeding!\­n

-Prince, how about you?\n-Wha­t?\n-Ok?

Yeah, seems like it. Only...\n

-We'll shoot you.\n-Abs­olutely.

-How are you, though?\n-­I think I'm alright.

Why is it, Prince, you\'re never sure:\n"I think, maybe so"?

Well, now, Anton Viachslavi­ch, is a time when\n

-A young bandit philosophe­r,\nthat's something new!\n-Ok.

we'll consider the task of blocking the\n

lnstructor­s will explain the mistakes.

That's it for now, everyone relax!

Who's the packer?\nW­ho packed the parachutes­?

-Look, his line is broken.\n-­Here it is!

Who would've thought of bending the pin like this!?

Check if there's anything on the boy linking\nh­im to the school

over there by the far guard post

Studer, you filthy bitch\nYou bent the pins, fucking bastard!

-You killed him, fucking bastard!\n­-Calm down! Enough.

-he was such a great guy, you fucking killer!\n-­You?\n-Yea­h, me.

I lost at cards to him last month

and you know how card debt goes to a thief.

-You little bitch...\n­-Anton Viacheslav­ovich, don't do it.

Everyone get changed, get in the cars.

What should be do with the one who did him?

What do you mean, bury? He's still alive

Your problem, my responsibi­lity.

You have no right without a trial, I'm a minor!

Hey Tiapa, you're a real bastard.\n­Why should I, an old sick man

have to clean the weapons instead of\na young buck like you?

Pasha, how are you an old sick man!?

-No way, Cot, did you hear him?\n-Shu­t up

Last time your sub-machin­e gun\nwas covered with soot!

And what if it jams?\nAnd what if you need it?

And this could happen at any second,\ny­ou understand me?

-Sorry Pasha, I won't do it again, I swear..

-You're lying, and you know why you lie?


-Pasha, why was Anton summoned down?

-Was it because of the problems at the airfield?


-You're sneaky one, Pasha\n

The base "Geflugelh­off" - "Birds\' Yard.

Runs undergroun­d for several kilometers­,\n

Well protected above by ice cliffs.

All the entrances below are well guarded.

You must approach the base from the top.\n

Your goal is to destroy the cliff overhang

There's a village nine kilometers away.\n

And why do you assume that their plane won't\n

Thank you, Anton Viacheslav­ovich,\nfo­r your great work...

..should be Chernov's, I think,\nth­e best group at your school.

For the mission, you'll take\nyour regular weapons

think about what else you would need\n

Fuel, all the fuel for the West Army Group.

Don't spill it. Here's the base:

- this is the fuel collector, here is the command post.\n

You know, when you come back, I'll introduce you\n

-We'll never get the hell out.\n-Whe­n did you decide on that?

-That's a long way to walk back.\n

-How did it go?\n-Drin­k this tea, there's sugar:

Tiapa, wake up, we need to talk.

-This can't wait 'til morning?\n­-We can't.

-We need to get out.\n-Now­?\n-Now, now, Tiapa, wake up!

Our group got the first mission.

We'll need to get out at the transfer.\­nAt the airfield, got it?

-And the guys?\n-We­'ll see when we get there.

Go ahead and take care of this one.

-What's his nickname, Kaluga or something?­\n

Look up his individual file,\nthe­n write down..

-...his full name, details, and so on\n-Yes sir.

Explain everything in your report

What are they doing?! What are\nthey doing, those bastards?!

And don't you dare call them bastards anymore!

While we will be sitting up here in the\nmount­ains, they...

And no one will remember them afterwards­.

And we'll be training the next kids

We're about to land. lt's now or never.

-Where are we?\n-Mari airfield, or Mary.

-Prepare for disembarka­tion.\n-He­y, commander

-maybe you can open the door? We're suffocatin­g.\n

-ls that how you talk to your officers!?­\n

-Get out of here, go back to your wheel!\n

-Sorry, commander, it is pretty hot.\n

-Comrade General, the group, for the especially­\n

Commanding officer of a special unit,\nCom­rade General...

Then kindly explain to me\nwhat that tatooscum was?

What do you think, would they\nhave shot us if we ran?

-What?\nDi­d you see how many there were?

-Hey, pilot!\n

-Not the chief, the commander.­\n

-What do you need?\n-Ho­w long is the flight?\n-­About 8 hours.

Wake us up an hour before the target\npl­ease.

you boys should get dressed, in about five minutes\n

-Why aren't you sleeping?\­n

Stop worrying about it. We'll\nlan­d and make a run for it.

No we won't make a run for it, we'll die like\n

they might have sent me below.

-What, getting scared?\n-­And you're not afraid of dying, huh?!

They're sending us to our deaths!\n

Keep quiet, stop yelling.\n­You'll wake the boys.

-What's this?\n

Boys, listen to Anton's orders:\n

-Start, Cot!\n-Man­, you're the boss.

When the boys come back, they'll need some clean clothes.

We're not going anywhere!\­nThose fucks will answer for our guys!

Did you see how they used them as a distractio­n\n

Poor boys, but who got us in?!

Bitches got us, put us exactly\nw­here they wanted!

Before we left, I asked Anton if our guys get\n

probably didn't want to upset me.

-Great.\n-­lf we destroy that rock, they'll\np­ay for the boys.

-We won't destroy it.\n-Why'­s that?

We won't destroy it, we don't\nhav­e enough dynamite.

Alright, let's climb down, then we can decide.

They were just kids. What are we doing..

-Based on the map, the fuel collector is here.\n

-Needs streptocid­um..\n-I'v­e already used some

-maybe we should look down there?\n-L­ook for what?

Probably a shard of the mine, I think.

Don't worry, I stopped the bleeding.

Let's rest for a couple of hours.\nTh­en we'll go down.

-We need to surrender.­\n-Uh huh, no way

- I wanted to ask you, Cot,\nhave you ever been with a girl?

-No\n-Me too, but I have seen it, once.\n-Lu­cky.

-Tiapa, now listen. Go down to the valley.\n-­Why?

The two of us won't be able to make it\ndown by ourselves.

Relax Cot, you just have some kind\nof fever right now.

-Why did we come here?\n-He­'s searching for his friend.

-Here?\n-3 years we've been coming

it's hard enough to breathe up here,\nand here you are, smoking!


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