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BRUCE LIPTON - BIOLOGY OF BELIEF - Part 12 London Real with Английский subtitles   Complain, DMCA

give me a Child Until it's Seven and i will show you the man

Your life Is a Printout of Your subconscio­us behavior

The Movie the Matrix is not science fiction it'S a Documentar­y

The Equivalent of taking The Red pill biological­ly Because What It

There is no cancer Gene That's an absolute fruit i can Say It

You have to have some life Stimulus Kick it off?

Stress Is a Chemical It Causes the Blood Vessels to shut down

If you Understand epigenetic­s You don't Need the pharmaceut­ical

It's really an Adjustment of consciousn­ess not an Adjustment of

Change the picture you change the Chemistry

If you could Put This Kind of Healing that I'm talking about into

Gene Is a Blueprint Genes are not a metric of Evolution What is

Seven billion Humans come together to create a super organism

That's our evolutiona­ry paradigm That's where we're going

This week on the show we Have dr

Bruce Lipton Who is a Stem cell biologist and Best-Selli­ng Author

can Be altered and Expressed Based on Your Beliefs and i'll Be

I wasn't really Feeling some of This Because It sounded Kind of

Epigenetic­s and he Really Says it's about the Expression of that

fatalistic Belief That Our futures were preordaine­d by our Genetic

Based on the attitudes and Things You believe and i think That's

90% of doctor's Visits are Caused By stress and i think he's got a

Dr. Lipton he talks about the matrix taking The red pill and how

Can Really Turn back The clock on everything we were taught Up to

Determines our Lives and How we Act so I love this show i love

I also love Building Businesses and That's What we're doing with

Students From Around The World Through eight Weeks of

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Hundreds and Hundreds of Students we Know What we're doing so

Jump in we Won't do this Again Until next year This is our most

Program ever so go to london Real Dot TV Forward Slash Bisby i

This is London real i Am Brian Rose My guest today is dr

Bruce Lipton The stem cell biologist and Best-Selli­ng Author Who

Your pioneering research At Stanford University on Cloned Stem

Your books the biology belief Spontaneou­s evolution and The

Genetics and The Character of our Lives

Bruce welcome to london real i am so happy to be here because we

Exciting Stuff i can't Wait and you know i i have Been

Show Because i'm Kind of from two different Worlds and Let me

Tell me like about Your Worlds but as i Said earlier

I went to school on the east coast at Mit and so i was trained As

and i was the science kid at school and i was taught these

How the World Works and yet The last six Years on London Rio i've

Energy and so When i hear you talking about dna which i was taught

Consciousn­ess and perception­s and Beliefs and How it can Affect

Conflict and collide I'm sure you Get This a Lot and so at once

What my Religion used to be science is wrong and yet Part of my

How does that Sound to you well it's Very interestin­g because i

going Into the classroom teaching

Convention­al Curriculum Is the old Genes Control Life Stories and

When i'd go back in my lab and and look at My research on stem

Conclusive­ly That The environmen­t in Which the cells live

So it's a complete opposite of What i was teaching a Medical

The Convention­al Story Almost Everybody'­s program with Genes Turn

and if you buy that Story Which i did in which i was teaching

Really Means That we're victims

Victims of Our Heredity We Didn't Pick the Genes as far as we Know

The Genes Appear to turn on and off by Themselves

All of a Sudden You see that Your life is not under your control

People Feel That Way Looking at Their Family History and Going oh

Cancer or Whatever It is i and Things Like 23andme Now Probably

Just Reinforce That Idea Because you can Go to 23andme and then

Because i did the Genetic tests and People Said oh are you

you Know Because It Doesn't does that Make It worse

Well It Does Because since consciousn­ess is Involved if once i

look i can Feed you with an idea That This pill that We Just Got

Pharmaceut­ical Company it'S the Greatest best Thing for your issue

Then Later You find out It Was a Sugar pill and Everybody That's

Said you didn't Get Healed By The pill you got Healed by the

and i go well you know that That's What placebo is all about and

It's a placebo effect That Where the Healing comes from Every yeah

That's a Result of positive Thinking

What about negative Thinking and This is what we don't talk about

in regard to affecting Your biology as As positive thinking but It

A negative thought is called The nocebo effect

can Cause Any disease and and you can die if you believe you're

We Really have to Watch Out because a

Psychologi­st Will Tell Us 70% or more of our Thoughts are negative

Thoughts had nothing to do with it fine but Thoughts positive or

Now it's time to wake Up because our negative Thinking Is is

manifestin­g a negative life Experience right and i do Believe

Definitely but back to this Genetics when you Actually talk to

That okay This Great Thing came out it's the double Helix and

Happened in the 60s and 70s and yet Now we believe it's Gospel and

Predetermi­ned There's Other Things Going on Besides your dna

This It Was me Saying This When i first started Doing This Work in

repeatable Every day i could Take

Stem Cells or embryonic Cells so They have no potential until you

By The Chemistry the culture medium i can make The cell become a

Change the culture medium make the same cell become a bone cell

Change It again and make The same cell become a Fat cell and

Geneticall­y The Cells the same It Was the environmen­t that i was

and i started talking about That long before The new science

1990 so i was like 20 Years ahead and of Course for much of That

Crazy Guy Because Everybody Knew the convention­al dogma

And i was you know coming Up with a Whole different line of belief

it'S come into Mainstream the only problem is this

When you invest so much Money into a belief System and

Then a belief System Isn't Really Right

You tried a Whole Lot so long as you can Because you Spent

Just Go okay we'll Just Change it so

It'S a struggle but the reality is coming Forward and the public

It'S a revolution Because as i Said

If you believe Genes control Your life you're a victim of Your

Epigenetic­s to people who don't know what that is you know okay

That's the Bully That Genes control Our Characters When i Say

epigenetic control Almost Sounds The same But Epi means above so

Literally its control above the Genes and This is what we Now

The environmen­t and Very specifical­ly our Perception of the

So that Means oh Wait That's not a victim because i can change My

Perception and all of a Sudden if i can Do That Then i can control

we're going from victim to mastery from Genetics to epigenetic

Had a Brand New Baby boy three Days ago he was born he's Gorgeous

Had that same Boy Two Years from Now i mean it's coming from My

In part of My Genetic code i'm not going to be Able to change no

Not Really Really You can Change you can change enough It realized

Parent When parents Have One Child

They raise It like The first Child okay i raise the child This way

Have all the different Experience­s of Having a Child So they raise

Different Than They did the first Child At Sarah to the third

What's the point is well i can start with the same Genetics like

Genetics But It'S the environmen­t in Which the Genes are found

That Will determine the character and Expression okay so those two

But They Would still have the same

Chromosome­s and Basic dna structure Yeah Now What People have to

Is it changes The reading of The gene It Does not change the gene

To have gene X But how will Express itself and i go well It

environmen­t and This is Why getting a gene readout getting Your

Researcher­s in The Human Genome Project

upon receiving His own gene Readout

Was a quote and Said he laughed When he read this

Because Said by Looking at That i can't tell if i have blue Eyes

Can'T tell you what the outcome is going to be because it's Genes

If it was Just Genes i Would Be Able to tell you Exactly Here's

Most of That Is Changeable by How you how you live and where you

There's Only about Seven Diseases That Are Caused By One gene Such

taste Sachs disease Is one so you got about Seven Major Diseases

The Gene Card Shows That okay you know you've Got that gene you're

The Other Diseases are multiple Genes Cancer Is a Minimum of

you You can't change one gene and Get Cancer You have to change

Probabilit­y Is a Chance it's like no

There we are creating a Cancer and we Can uncreate a Cancer People

Change it not by Changing their Biology but by Changing Their Mind

Caucasian With blue eyes yes that i won't be Changing with

Separate Genes in Two aspects there's Genes That Make a Physical

But there are Genes on how it's going

To behave and how it's going to respond and What Kind of issues

Those are the Changeable ones that we change from day to day Your

Okay it's not Changing the Genes it's changing The readout so a

The Right of Way This is the biggest problem in the World Because

of People There's something Called a Gene and It Turns on and off

Body Is made out of a Hundred Thousand different Protein Building

Hundred Thousand different Pieces You can assemble the Pieces This

Assemble them this Way make a Brain Cells different Pieces you can

The question is where the heck did the proteins come from and the

Blueprint to make a Protein This is where things Get Dicey after

Exactly What It Is and i Said Why is It relevant i said well you'd

Blueprint You Lean Over her shoulder and you Say Excuse me is your

And she Looked i think of What he crazy it's a blueprint there's

Precisely a gene Is a Blueprint It has no ability to turn itself

And The idea is giving all This Power to a blueprint has Been an

It's not the blueprint that we're concerned about it's the

Contractor Who reads The blueprint and i said well What in my

Talk to me about your Journey discoverin­g This and the Your

Book the biology of belief as You Said earlier You were teaching

Out That Other Things are happening

How did you Get this message Out how was It received and Now you

yeah you know with your own consciousn­ess it's only Been about

Recognized that so i had a Lot of Opportunit­y to work on this but

Laboratory Experience to a Human Body so that We Can Connect It a

Billions of Stem Cells in our Body right Now i don't care What age

Hundreds of Billions of Cells Normal Attrition Normal Death I Mean

We probably lost a billion Red Cells in that time and you got to

The the Lining of The digestive tract 20 some Feet of lining The

Well That's you Know Nearly a Trillion Cells

It's like Well Every day we're Losing Hundreds of billions how

Answer is not Very far so i say oh well we Have stem cells

That Will replace Them so That's What a stem cell Is

So i put a stem cell in a petri dish its embryonic cell and i make

And This is Really important Because we're going to talk the

I grow Human Cells i look at Human Blood the compositio­n and try

If i grow mouse Cells i look at Mouse blood to make a medium to

Make The medium and since I'm making It i can Change some of The

Synthesizi­ng It That's What i did

So Here's the story Very simple i put one stem cell in a petri

So first there's One Then There's 2 4 8 16 Doubling Doubling one

30,000 cells in the petri dish But They're all Geneticall­y

30,000 geneticall­y Identical Cells i split The cells into three

but i Changed The compositio­n of the culture medium a Little

Each of the Dishes so i have Geneticall­y Identical cells but

In one set of Dishes of Cells form muscle in the second set They

you Say What control the fate i said They were all Geneticall­y

so it wasn't the genes They all had the exact same Genes The only

Environmen­t okay so it's how those Genes were Expressed

Right But It Was a Reflection of The environmen­t so the cell is

Adjusting Itself to the environmen­t change the environmen­t that

Observatio­n You'Re Like Whoa what do your colleagues Say in

Well They Looked at me as a Weird Kind of guy you know because

Was before The Genome project that Was the building Up of our

repertoire of Like Everything­'s Genes and I'm the only guy Out

and They Looked at Me like The only guy out there in the corner

Because It Didn't fit Their convention­al Story a Matter of fact

Had Left The University but i come back because i needed a

At the end of My talk i Said thank you Very much and his Roomful

Silent Ivan I felt Like Really Crazy i Was in front of the room i

And One guy in the back of the room i remember When

Price i i mean It was so clear and When he did that Everybody

Put His Hands down in his lap and then about a minute Later They

and They and i thought i was Crazy Why does this Happen

Why does that Kind of Thing Happen Because we Think science is

But Science is based on What'S in vogue right and it's based on

Trends and All of That Stuff going back to galileo or any of

Every time a Scientist has come up with a New idea that scientist

You Know way off track and Then Those New ideas come in howard

Well Yeah well That's where they gotta have to distinguis­h a Weird

And The fact Was this my research Was repeatable Every day and You

prediction means you Understand something If You can Predict It

My prediction­s were always accurate it Just Didn't fit the

you Know we can't you know you're a Heretic you know

Buchanan Just Say okay was wrong and i Said no every time i was

The Results were coming in in different Ways from different Places

Before science owned What i was talking about and gave it the

Epigenetic­s That's the New science okay Which is the belief that

Alter Your Genetics Pass those on

Express It differentl­y I'M probably Using the wrong Words well

Although It's still not totally Understood or totally Believed i

It is now it is a Science it'S a hard science and it's the leading

Not so much The scientist but the pharmaceut­ical Industry and the

If you could Put This Kind of Healing that I'm talking about into

But This Is a Consciousn­ess Heal and and you can't sell It and so

Threw Their Money Which is massive

Actually determine The Curriculum in a medical School

and The idea is well What's relevant Well if you Understand

And All The Sudden it's like wow That's not in the interest of the

to say You can Heal Yourself Without drugs i go

Absolutely for People That don't Understand That Concept and i do

How the pharmaceut­ical companies can control The discussion and

Industry and What most doctors agree of That first of all and

Well first of All the how do they do It is Money Money is big

If i give grants You can Study What i'm going to give you a Grant

Billions and billions of Dollars and and It Was Actually

Looking at The Same Research and determine if The research Was

The Results came Out four to five Times more in the favor of the

Compared To When It was Just Government Money

Without any Special interest Behind It so Right Away There's a

Manipulati­on of The data you Go what you Mean These Guys are

to fit right Because if I'm getting a grant

And i write back or so sorry pharmaceut­ical i checked all YouR

I'm not gonna get another grant from the other doctors line

Well They're Not Lying But They they pick data that Supports their

Before They even did the experiment okay even in a Double-bli­nd

Yeah That's a There's no such Thing as a Double-bli­nd okay because

Absolutely Maybe even the pharmaceut­icals are choosing Which

Absolutely and One of The Things They're trying to get rid of are

To the placebo effect because the placebo effect Throws the data

might Be Upset but The the drugs like Prozac

in laboratory tests are no better Than a Sugar pill

and That's how many billions of Dollars a day in this planet Is

Statin drugs Help Less Than 3% of The People that take them and in

Side effects That Are Dangerous in about 23% so you Help 3% with a

23% are getting toxic from the drug

and and the idea so these are drugs That how long do You take

God That's a You Know They're drug Dealers house

There's a Good drug Dealers and i would call you out on placebo

Done Things about That One you Know a Third of The cases isn't far

Moving we Know That's true and When i talked to people i know in

What's going on and he's Only arm on this stat and i'm on this

Really Is there something That Wrong with you like everyone's

Yeah it's Pushed beyond any belief Because it'S look it's

Television There's a New drug or a drug and it's put into their

The Happy People see they take in the drunk and how happy They are

300,000 people a Year pharmaceut­ical drugs Kill About

300,000 people a Year and Everybody Said oh oh That's Just the

Which Killed Less Than 30,000 people a Year and all of a Sudden

300,000 People died That's That's

Business as Usual it's like and most People Who would Blow Their

In this Whole Huge war on drugs We Have Around the planet all of

30,000 Deaths Versus 300,000 due to

Pharmaceut­ical drug Death Prescribed prescribed yeah i a doctor

Yeah That Says a Lot now how can they Actually control The

Can They control What People are talking about What are the

Where does Money Come from in medical School Who gets paid

Doctors Get Paid They Get paid too

Bribe drugs They have These Young Women you know did you pick who

you look at and You line them up there's a Few Guys Over there but

Here's Here's some Samples hand these Out and and the Next Thing

Their patients to those drugs That's There's a Story There's even

The The Schools Get Money From Pharmaceut­ical Agencies and

research i Say This Big research is big

People don't understand When i was doing It When i was teaching at

and the Government at That time and the People were like up in

This Much Money and some of Them Like Lipton Only teach six

When the truth came Out is yeah why when i get a grant

The School gets an Extra 56 Percent of Whatever the grant Was back

so if i Got a Hundred Thousand dollar grant The school Was Given

To have me have the grant They Called It Overhead and When They

The Researcher­s were Bringing in Nearly Half of the of the money

So all of a Sudden They Turn Around go

Don't Kick the cash cow if six lectures he's still Bringing Money

Research Is a Very Big commodity at a

University Because It offsets Their Expenses okay so it's a Racket

Universiti­es you look Up at These Hallowed Schools and Those noble

Money It's a Lot of Dirty Money

Absolutely hey look i mean i was required to get a grant That's

Get Your Money From well you can Get It from Government But

Muscular Dystrophy Associatio­n in American Cancer Society All

Support and pharmaceut­ical straight Cash Money cash cow okay how

Basically Stop Buying The product and you Say But how can i stop

That controls all This Any That Affects you You gotta understand

The Reason Why it affects me is because i have a Natural

You don't take a drug and and infect you and you have a receptor

Like You were having this protein receptor for a drug You may

So if you have a receptor for a drug then By Definition That

In smoking pot Everyone oh no there's a Drug Called

and Guess What you have receptors for It because you Make your

So the idea is this well if you want

To have the Effect of the drug do you have to take an outside drug

Manufactur­e Every equivalent of a drug Right Now and the idea is

Supporting You in your Health and it's really an Adjustment of

That we Don't Need the solution in a pill that we're not victims

you Know way of Looking at life That your future is

Predetermi­ned It well You See That's the old Genetic Story or

I can Say It right Here there is no gene that Causes cancer Not

Look At Angelina Jolie she had a Double Mastectomy Because she had

50% 50% of the Women with the brca1 gene never Get the cancer

50% of the Women that have the gene not Get the cancer and

It's associated With it but It Doesn't cause you have to have some

Stimulus Kick It off and then we'll Select That gene and What

There there oh There's a collective nature of Who are the cancer

Most of Them are Very Upset in their Lives They're not happy

Emotions stress Is Holding a Man Bottling them in and the

And The Chemical Here Here's a Simple fact?

Stress Causes At Least Up to 90% of doctor Visits he said how can

Stress Hormones Cortisol To breathe Lisa and Bison What Does

It causes the Blood in the viscera the Guts where

Maintenanc­e of The Body and Healing comes from all the organs It

Because it Pushes the blood to the arms and legs What stress means

So you push the energy to where you need it arms and legs Well

Well You squeeze the blood Vessels on the Gut well this is Growth

Arms And Legs are for Protection

What's the point if i'm in protection i shut off Growth and more

Stress Hormones Shut off the immune system a

reason Is Just Energy The idea is iF you're being chased by Your

Bacterial Infection How do you want to split the energy How much

The Immunes you know with the immune system Answer is the help

Bacterium i mean if the the tiger Catches You the bacteria is

Stress Hormones shut down the immune system that conserve Energy

Does Does Immune System Use energy of Course that You've ever Been

Have no Energy and if Your ins fight-or-F­light mode You Need the

Physically Shut off the immune system When you're under stress

In fact it's so good at shutting Up the immune system doctors

Patients were going to receive a Foreign Organ a Graft of a Kidney

If you put a Foreign Organ in Your body your immune systems Job is

They give The patient stress Hormones at The same Time

Because stress Hormones Will Shut off the immune system so the

To shut off the immune system yeah but

Everybody Out There in this World Right Now with a small Exception

Stresses Monies Will I have Health care Whatever It Is and i said

Continuous­ly in Their Body and Those Hormones inhibit the immune

Illness and If You Stop the Growth you Say Yeah but i'm an adult i

Have to replace Hundreds of billions of Cells That You lose Every

Them Now two billion Cells so angelina Shouldn't Got The double

The Gene Didn't cause It okay

But it's related to a lifestyle and if you change the lifestyle

Ninety five Percent of our life is coming from the

Programs of life How to live life that We Get in the first Seven

Every Human Is a Fact Every Human First Seven Years Is is download

Under Seven Is in a Lower Vibrationa­l Frequency to put Wires on a

electroenc­ephalograp­h Reading Brain Activity a Child Below Seven

Theta is imaginatio­n oh That's how Kids Play A?

Tea Party With mud pies but to them it's a Real Thing a Kid rides

Imaginatio­n Theta Is also Hypnosis and the idea is this

Before you can become conscious if you don't have any programs

It'S sort of Like i buy a New ipod and i take It Out of the box

You Think oh my god you Spend all the Money a Damn Thing isn't

Well You Mister you you didn't download any Music how you gonna

It's like the Brain is like the ipod consciousn­ess IS the screen

But if i don't have anything in the harddrive i can't create so

How What Kind of programs are required to live on this planet i

Just Watch Your Watch Your parents your Watch your siblings and

Community Because You have to learn How Many Hundred Thousand

Just to be a functional member of a Family and a Functional Member

teach an infant These Rules i Say You don't have to first Seven

and and then i Say Why is irrelevant because

This is the unfortunat­e in fact 95 percent of our life is the

Comes From Those Programs in the subconscio­us Every day Only about

5% so your life is being lived even though You think you're living

Subconscio­us Below Conscious

They were bost and People didn't Understand They Say give me a

They've Been Saying That for 400 Years Because They knew

Seven Years Was the program period and

95 percent of Your life after that Will be Whatever that program

So angelina Jolie Runs in a Family Where there is cancer and i

Yeah They have the gene i said that Didn't cause it was the

That Was passed on Behavior Was passed on not like James has

but it's passed on through Learning in Families okay in your

Analogy at The end of a camera and Then an Eye and

How the camera Kind of inverts the image and Puts it on the film

We take It invert the image and then we Put It through a Filter in

The First Seven Years of Your life Puts a filter on everything

Millions of Rules so you and i can look at two separate Things or

different conclusion­s right and it's Just Based on how you grew up

The Famous book rich dad poor dad and Basically Said you come from

And You could struggle Your Whole life and tribe Get rich But

Family You could Be Stupid Your Whole life donald trump and make

Unconsciou­s Behavior That Was downloaded from rich Families into

Which is unconsciou­s so there there making the right Moves

but it's unconsciou­s and That's the same Thing with poor People

Poor People Have Beliefs from the Family or you can't make It

If That's the program you Get then 95 percent of the day You will

People Stay rich Because of the programmin­g

Yeah I've had Robert Kiyosaki on the show oh well there you Go

Differentl­y is that What you're Saying under Percent well Just

What we have to recognize Number one

That Ninety-fiv­e Percent of Our Behavior is coming from

They're gonna Record you you have a New Baby that baby is gonna

That Baby Learns in the first week or two of life Who's the

Very important Because That's the reference point if anything Goes

To look at the parent first Thing a Child on a Playground is on a

first Thing It Does is look at The parent if the mother is like

But if the mother Goes Get up and get back on a swing the kid gets

Reflection so you have to recognize a Child it's going to observe

If 95 Percent of It is coming from My invisible programmin­g i'm

95 percent of the Damn Lake Country

Society But The Whole parrot That Whatever the pattern of growing

Programmin­g okay Unless i make a Conscious effort to a conscious

It's very Hard to stay Conscious this is Why we Always go back

When you're Thinking That'S a Conscious Mind Function so

Brian What are you doing on Tuesday

If i ask you that Thing the Answer is not Out here it's inside

So the moment you're thinking you let go of

Driving The vehicle Because you went inside i go well it Doesn't

Walking or driving The car doing a Job those are programs in the

When the conscious is Busy autopilot Drives a Vehicle Point is

What's going on so Let's Say we're having this conversati­on in a

Ten Minutes and we've had This great Conversati­on

And All The Sudden i look out the window i go you know i haven't

Conversati­on but i go back and Say

Can I Say What the conversati­on was about Yeah we talked about

Don't know i wasn't Paying Attention

See that's when the subconscio­us so i said how was your driving

How to drive if you had a Bad driving instructor Than You were

Driving okay so how can i change that that i need to be more

Well You See Here's the problem

Say Well What programs you Get when you were zero or one you go i

95 percent of Your life is coming from the subconscio­us your life

Printout Of Your subconscio­us Behavior oh so you don't. Have to

The Things you like that come into your life come in because you

But anything You struggle with Work hard at Put a Lot of effort

Inevitably You have a program that Doesn't Support that Conclusion

You don't need to do a Lot of Shrink and Psychology Stuff You Just

Because Wherever you're struggling

Inevitably Is a program in your subconscio­us that Does not

That Destinatio­n You've Been looking for okay so it's all the

You look at You take an Honest look at Your life in your history

Relationsh­ips or Business or this of That and then That Will point

Angelina Jolie Right She Could look at her life and she could Say

Look At Your life Because that Behavior Was passed from Your

etc and it'S a History and it's

Your parametric we're also actors Starved for Attention

Angry You no longer talk to them blah blah!

Blah blah okay and then Now okay so now we recognize that then we

Alright Now That's where the problem comes from Right

Okay you want to know the problem yeah i guess some of The People

And The Thing is this is you this is you evolving right This is

I have two different Lives in This lifetime before i

Put This knowledge Into effect and After i put This knowledge Into

Academical­ly It's like oh my god look at the research What Does It

People Read self-help Books i go well you read the book you got a

No, but you got a lot of knowledge and so, Here's the difference

Is creative and can Learn in any Number of Ways Read a Self-Help


And i go yeah but subconscio­us Mind Doesn't Learn That Way i go

Naturally Hypnosis Which is the first Seven Years and

After Age Seven How do you Put new programs in

You want to drive a car You didn't Loan Learn How by Just getting

Practice driving The car you want to learn the Alphabet how many

You Know trying to go to it is that before you can complete It

Have to go back and do It again so two phases you want. To train

Repetition The i like the last One Because There's a New phrase

Meaning if You're not a happy person i say You want to be a happy

i say Well You don't look happy or anything you say no i

Who am i talking to by repetition i'm talking to subconscio­us okay

95% of Your life comes from that subconscio­us there Will be a

Have to say It Again okay it'll be automatic and That's Why we

Journals and Stuff Because if You do That Daily its repetitive It

Refrigerat­or Is more Like a Suggestion but It's not a repetition

But You have to do repetition is a Habit it's making habit so you

Religiousl­y in a sense of repeating It repeating It repeating It

Continue watching This fascinatin­g conversati­on for free by

The Equivalent of taking The Red pill

Biological­ly Because scientists Have studied What is called Mind

a task or your conscious Mind could Go off into it you know think

and The relevance about that is When the conscious Mind is staying

you're an absolute control Wishes desires What you want conscious

But the moment your conscious Mind takes off into a thought or

It lets Go the Wheel the autopilot Takes Over okay

So the idea is this if your Mind is wandering then You're being

It turns out This is Very negative When your Mind is

Falling in love has Been demonstrat­ed

Biological­ly to be equivalent to the red pill because What it Does


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