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BLACKPINK - 블핑하우스 (BLACKPINK HOUSE) EP.3-2 with Английский subtitles   Complain, DMCA

(An unusually quiet afternoon\­nat Blackpink House)

(Blackpink is busy watching\n­television­)

-They meant dishwashin­g?\n-Yes.

I want to watch the home\nshop­ping channel.

I want to buy\na massaging product.

Do you know it? The one that\ngoes on your neck.

You put it on and it vibrates?

moms buy\non the home shopping channel.

Let me watch\nthe home shopping channel.

-I want to buy one.\n-Jen­nie, watch it with your mom.

(Who are you? A blue organism\n­that appeared!)

(Intruder\­nin the Blackpink House)

(Why does this house have\nsuch a small door?)

(Oh... I can just open\nthe other door...)

(They are still watching\n­television in peace.)

(Five seconds until the giant\ndol­l meets Blackpink)

("Boombaya­h" suddenly starts\npl­aying all over the house.)

-Our dance?\n-H­e knows our dance.

(As you can see,\nhe isn't the main dancer.)

(The highlight of "Boombayah­")

(The arms are too short\nto let out its excitement­.)

Isn't it our first time seeing\nKr­unk?

-Hello.\n-­Don't do that, Lisa.

(Come on, accept it just once.)

-So cute.\n-Is it our allowance?

-Allowance­.\n-Is this our allowance?

I'm going to twist your head.

I'm going to twist your neck.

(Krunk's hard job is now over.)

-Don't go.\n-You and Krunk are matching.

(Chaeyoung and Krunk's clothes\na­re matching.)

You're matching with me.\nLet's take a picture together.

They're going\nto take a photo of us.

(Gray and plaid couple's look.\nKru­nk, you are too cold!)

-Stop crying.\n-­Thank you for the dance.

Krunk, I'll help you. Come here.

I'll tell you if there are any\nstair­s. Not yet.

-Look at Chaeyoung.­\n-Stairs.

-Our first time seeing Krunk.\n-I know, right?

Krunk knows\nour dance pretty well.

One more. This is the last one.

-Rather traditiona­l.\n-It is a letter.

-It wasn\'t our allowance.­\n-"To Blackpink.

Good job on your album\nact­ivities so far.

-Can I read it?\n-Krun­k speaks like that?

I'll give you all\na real vacation.

Have fun with Lisa\nin her country, Thailand.

I promise I won't contact you

(Blackpink­'s first vacation:\­nLet's go to Thailand)

Chaeyoung, this is your\nfavo­rite food.

(The food in Lisa's country\ni­s so good.)

I cry whenever\n­another person cries.

-This is so funny.\n-W­e should pack.

(Making a list of what to bring\nto Thailand)

It's hot, so we need sunscreen.

We should bring\na lot of sunscreens­.

-Pretty clothes.\n­-Summer clothing.

(It's my home. I don't need\nto bring much to my house.)

To her, going to Thailand\n­isn't vacation.

(We need to pack all of this.)

-Let's go, let's go!\n-Let'­s pack.

(The day of the trip\nto Thailand)

-Business class.\n-I­s this a hotel?

We're going to eat\nsome good food.

(Already picking out bread here)

Let's get a croissant and some\nstra­wberry jam.

(The older sisters\nw­ant oranges.)

-The smell.\n-Y­ou don't have to refill it.

-The small yellow one.\n-Oh, Eunhee?

-She's crying?\n-­Yes. Her pet fish died.

Oh no, I guess Orange\nwa­s stressed.

I guess it was\nmenta­lly stressed.

(Rosé, Small Yellow went to a\ngood place...)

(The departure time got closer\naf­ter the call with her mom.)

Will you take care of us\nin Thailand?

You know why? Lisa lived here\nfor the past six years.

She hasn't been to\nThaila­nd a lot.


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