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BL决对争锋第9集Beloved Enemy HD EP9 现代商战职场时装剧 1080P Eng Sub Arabic Sub with Английский subtitles   Complain, DMCA

When on earth is Yuan Yang coming back?

If he knew wouldn't I be dead meat?

Is there any sound coming out of thoes headphones­?

didn't Yuan Yang drug Gu Qing Pei?

You guys are capable of doing something like this?

You must share good things with your good brother.

How can we bring this kind of thing on our person?

It's in my laptop at the boxing gym.

you must never let Yuan Yang know

Isn't that video only of Gu Qing Pei and that prostitute­?

What does it have to do with Yuan Yang?

You'll know know once you see it.

I'll just look at it from your laptop.

Then I'll forget what I saw after l've watched it,okay?

They don't allow us to watch these kind of things at the boxing

Then just make it before the cocktail party.

These two days, have a good rest.

Take a good look through the informatio­n I gave you.

I'll get to it after l've slept.

I've already completed all the discharge procedures for you.

You don't need to go in anymore.

Why did you come back so early today?

were you the one who initiated it?

Then did Gu Qing Pei come up with this idea?

What does this have to do with him?

What your character is like, I know best.

the one lying in the hospital bed

would definitely be Li Hai Long!

Don't let your imaginatio­n be so rich.

This matter has nothing to do with him.

where did the 1.6 million dollar antique vase in our house go?

that it was Yuan Jing and Yuan Ying who accidental­ly broke it?

If I hadn't gone to visit Yang Lin

I would still be kept in the dark about this!

Isn't it just 1.6 million dollars?

You're not short of this kind of money.

using 1.6 million dollars to exchange for a project

no matter how you count, you benefit.

What I care about isn't the money

it's that you did all of this without consulting me!

You just do whatever mischief you want to do.

Any you've even joined together

to shift your attention onto me.

A man must bear the consequenc­es of his own actions

and not implicate those who are uninvolved­.

Starting from today, you'll move back into this house.

Other than, working at the company

you will just behave yourself at home.

You're not allowed to go anywhere.

After you've completed your studies

you will take over the company for me.

You were the one who wanted me to learn from Gu Qing Pei.

I am learning just fine from him.

Such a serious matter as taking over a company

cannot be solved just by going to America.

You should let him continue with Gu Qing Pei...

Why I let him learn from Gu Qing Pei

is so that he can pick up his shrewdness­.

full of shortcomin­gs and yet refuses to change.

What's more, he's gone from bad to worse!

If he continues to learn like this

I don't know what he'll turn out to be.

Last time I invited you, but you didn't come.

Then the next time I invite you, you must come.

In a moment, remember to keep smiling.

Whatever polite greetings you have to say, say it.

In this kind of social activity

no one likes straightfo­rwardness.

You are saying this for my own good.

Things that are said for my own good

Today, everyone is here for Zhuo Ye.

Just attend to them properly and it will be enough.

There's no need to be too accommodat­ing.

President Liu, long time no see. Long time no see.

Director Lu. We have seen each other before.

Last time, I wanted to invite you.

I finally get the chance to meet you today.

In time, we will all be working together on the project.

[Uniting to recreate a glorious future]

A very good evening to all of you.

I welcome everyone to this evening's cocktail party.

Your presence here today, is our honour

and motivation for us to continue moving forward.

I want to thank our partner Feng Mei.

Without your trust and support

it would be impossible for us,Zhuo ye

to achieve such a great result in such a short time.

Zhuo Ye will not disappoint you.

I want to thank all of my colleagues at Zhuo Ye.

have been in business for a few decades.

What strikes me the most deeply, is that

you must choose the right person.

If you have chosen the right person

then everything can be resolved.

it is my honour to be able to work with all of you.

includes Gu Qing Pei whom everyone is familiar with.

He is also my son Yuan Yang's teacher.

the company will definitely recreate a glorious future.

Today, everyone here is our witness and our supervisor­.

In the future, if there is something that we are not doing well

I hope that everyone will give criticisms and guidance.

We will definitely accept it with an open mind.

Let us closely unite with each other

Can you restrain yourself a little?

You don't even have the manners of a girl.

Someone so handsome, I should be able to see him immediatel­y.

you've even forgotten your benefactor­.

Did you get your family's permission before you went out?

Quickly pay your debt of gratitude to me.

I remember that you and I are square.

But when I saw the news that day

helped you to accomplish such a great thing?

Not only did I help shape you into a glorious character

Didn't you just help me take a video?

Did you think that by wearing this

the whole process of recording the video on that day

I'll just tell everyone about it, word for word.

Beautiful lady, what are your demands?

Once l've thought about it, I'll give you a call.

Then at that time, pay me back what you owe.

Are you very familiar with Gu Qing Pei?

The 'Ran' is the same character as 'burst into flames'.

Your popularity is soon going to be that of a celebrity'­s.

but I'm even more worried for you.

Yuan Li Jiang spent so much time and effort

for his son to make a public appearance­.

you have stolen all of the limelight.

you are just hoping for this day to come sooner?

I never said anything like that.

I am just calling this to your attention.

She is now working at Zhuo Ye.

Other than Yuan Yang, no one else knows.

Yuan Shi Group has expressly stipulated that

office relationsh­ips are forbidden?

Furthermor­e, you are a senior official of the company.

This means that you have just set a ticking time bomb at your

If by any chance this gets exposed

both of you would have to leave.

I can't just ignore what happens to her.

Moreover, I just can't deny her.

we should just take it one step at a time.

Then when will your steps lead you to my side?

This time, Zhuo Ye has shown signs\n

Yuan Yang has improved a well.

All of this should largely be attributed to you.

Didn't Chairman Yuan ask me to come\n

There's scarcely any contributi­on to speak of.

Even though I am seldom at the company

I have still taken notice of you performanc­e.

In fact, you have surpassed my expectatio­ns.

I will definitely not treat you unfairly.

isn't because you wanted to commend me, is it?

I want to send Yuan Yang to America.

he can also learn a lot from you

but it is more of real business practice

that is lacking in theoretica­l support.

Just relying on experience to handle matters is not going to

After all, my energy and abilities are limited.

Huangning city's Yunhai Wharf

and suffered losses year after year.

We have not been able to collect the debt they owe us.

we might not even be able to get back a single cent.

to collect this debt before they declare bankruptcy­.

Whether through resources or industrial replacemen­t

we must cut our losses to a minimum.

I feel it's best if you were to handle this personally­.

But, 5 Star Vacation Village...

For the time being, I will supervise it.

Once you have completed the matter of the wharf

we will discuss this again when you come back.

Since Chairman Yuan has alrerdy arranged everything

I can only follow your direction.

that I could hand over Zhuo Ye and Yuan Yang to you

shows that I trust you explicitly­.

Some people say that I put talents to poor use.

I hope that for you, this would be an exception.

are all seeking after that sense of accomplish­ment.

Some people want to earn more money

and some want to gain more power.

No matter which kind they are

to add some human emotion in your pursuit of accomplish­ment.

will always give you more happiness than earning another cent.

If you blindly seek after fame and wealth

in the end you will realise that

no matter how much money you have

it will never be able to fill up the hole in your heart.

You seem like you have everything

You here for the job applicatio­n?

Do you know Microsoft PowerPoint and other Office software?

Starting from today, you are in our department­.

Make two copies of each one and bind them on order.

Complete this within 15 minutes.

I have combined all of these together.

Why did you combine them together?

that project overlaps with the previous one.

According to our company's budget

This is project was done according to your requiremen­ts.

All of this is from following your specificat­ions.

I have already looked through it

I did this project based on the informatio­n you gave me.

For three days and three nights.

You can't just say that this can't be done

our company has alreday looked through it

You have to take ot back and redo it.

I just brought it over. How could you have gone through it?

You didn't even look at it before saying no.

I have other matters to attend to and cannot talk anymore.

take it back and review it again.

Here. This is your favourite squid fried rice.

Just nice. You can help me look it over.

[...appoin­ted Gu Qing Pei as manager\n

I heard you were looking for me.

I've already told you not to call me General Manager Gu.

At the company, you are the leader.

I definitely have to call you as such.

In private, I can call you whatever you like.

is because I want to talk about

the agreement with Da Yao lndustrial­.

I've already talked this over with President Hu.

Da Yao Industrial must have at least 40 percent

I know that you have a good relationsh­ip with Da Yao.

you have already promised them half of this project.

But the situation now is different.

Outside, there are a dozen companies

There is something that I have to clarify first.

Those who don't know might even think that\n

It's not that Da Yao and I have a good relationsh­ip

it's because we owe Da Yao a debt of gratitude!

When we were in our most diffcult time

it was they who gave us 3 million dollars, no questions asked.

Only then, could our Peacock City be completed.

That's why what the company wants is not to remove Da Yao

but to lower their shares appropriat­ely.

we had to humble ourselves to ask for money.

and won't let anyone go off lightly?

To forget honour at the prospect of profits, I can't do it!

Don't forget that you are still an employee.

You have to look at it from the compamy's standpoint

will not budge from my opinion.

Perhaps this kind of company that only does things\n

We cannot act according to one's sentiment.

Then I'll start my own company.

I don't need to listen to others.

Thank you for giving me this opportunit­y.

There are some things that I haven't settled yet.

You didn't even inform me when you left.

yet I don't even know where my boss is at.

When I turn back I'll get a tongue-las­hing.

From now onwards, you are no longer my driver.

I will ask Chairman Yuan to return the car keys to you.

I will apply for a bonus for you.

After all, half of 5 Star Vacation Village's procuremen­t

No one will control you from now on.

You have to take care of yourself.

You should go back early once it ends.

Don't be late for work tomorrow.

What is the meaning of the things you said over the phone?

You are no longer under my care.

In the future if you have any problems

we will solve them at the company.

Don't come to my house as you please anymore.

Did my old man come to see you?

What do all of you take me for?

You'll take care of me if me if you want

When you tire of it, you'll throw me away at any time.

Did you get my consent before you made any decisions?

Didn't you always want to go to America?

Now that your wish has come true, you should be happy.

Why are you throwing a tantrum?

The one who is happy should be you.

These books are not too bad. You can bring them along.

When you are free, you can take a good look.

I said that I won't go to America!

Then go wherever it is you want to go!

Just stop lingering at my place.

The reason why the 5 Star Vacation Village could succeed

you know it very clearly in your heart.

This time we made it by a fluke.

If you want to establish yourself in society

you have to rely on real abilities.

And not your underhande­d and unlawful ways!

Otherwise, forget about yourself

will never be able to lift your heads in society again.

I know that I have not done enough.

That's why I'm still learning.

Chairman Yuan is doing this for your own good.

He wants to hand the vacation village over to you.

there's nothing that you can do.

Going to America is the right decision.

A successor should have the manner of one.

Stop being a child who never grows up.

There are still some ingredient­s in the fridge.

I can make a bowl of noodles for both of you.

When you go, leave the keys behind.

The woman in the photo is called Zhao Yuan.

But they have always been on good terms.

Lately, they have even been staying with each other.

Don't flaunt your seniority in front of me.

Then you should stop acting like a child in front of Qing Pei

What right do they have to dictate my life?

How I want to live is my call.

It't because they care about you.

I never had any plans of entering the company.

I only did it because I promised my grandmothe­r.

But I never intended to do a good job.

It wasn't easy to make up my mind to stay

now they just want to wash their hands of me

It's not as if you won't come back.

When you've graduated and returned

Can't you do whatever you want to do just the same?

you will be able to take charge of youself

and never rely on anyone else ever again.


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