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BL决对争锋第6集Beloved Enemy HD EP6 现代商战职场时装剧 1080P Eng Sub Arabic Sub with Английский subtitles   Complain, DMCA

Teacher Yang,regar­ding our unannounce­d visit today

I hope you will forgive us if we have offended you.

Top-qualit­y Lapsan Souchong tea is very hard to find.

I usually don't drink tea and I can't tell the difference between

This place of yours is quite something else

I hope you won't mind if I take a look around?

You should stay here and behave yourself.

This Lapsan Souchong tea is as good as expected.

I'm fortunate enough to taste it thanks to you.

People know how to appreciate good things

But not everyone can acquire them.

Something that is too easy to get

How can it be considered top quality?

Knowing how to appreciate a good\n

But those who actually acquire it will definitely appreciate it.

Otherwise,­it would be a shame for such a good thing.

It seems this tea has found a confidant.

Have you any idea how important this project is for our company?

Chairman Yuan and I have done so such preparatio­n

Now you have screwed everything up!

this is the last time I'll take you out to discuss business.

From now on,just wait in the car

Don't we have to compensate him if something is broken?

And I can pay him back with something even better.

Isn't this back and forth an opportunit­y for friendly relations?

His house has many expensive calligraph­y and paintings

This old man must be a collector.

The bonsai in his garden are also not cheap.

It so happens my brothers and I have plenty of these.

and let him pick what he likes.

I don't believe that we can't come to a solution.

Everyone has worked hard today.I bought snacks.

Thank you,Sister Yuan.Thank you,Sister Yuan.

Sister Yuan,sit down.I'll help you.

I'm starving.S­ister Yuan,you are our lifesaver!

Lower your voice.Let him sleep a bit more.

Once he starts working,he won't stop to eat or sleep.

People must always find something

that enables themselves to behave in\n

You don't have such a thing,so you can't understand­.

How do you know that I don't have something like that?

Whether I decide to keep at it is another matter.

I already know the result,so there is no need to cling on to it.

do you really think that if you provide snacks for him everyday

and inquire about his well-being

he would get together with you again?

If you don't leave,no one can go back.

I also have something to do later.

You should let Yuan Yang send you back

You should go and put your things in order too.

Have you become accustomed to the work?

If there is anything you don't understand

She been with the company for a long time.

She's evry nice and easy to get along with.

I heard that Xiang Long Group has quite powerful connection­s

And their capabiliti­es are not lacking.

Furthermor­e,they have had many years\n

Friendly relations can be used to achieve things,and also destroy

If there's a chance that the peoject falls through

Manager Zhao,if the project doesn't succeeed

It's the company which would be the most affected.

You should be the most aware of\n

That's enough.You shouldn't think too much.

Then you should get back into the car.

And make yourself some porridge once you get home.

One whole night without eating is not good gor your stomach.

That ex-wife of your is still infatuated with you.

you should just get back with her

It would be weird if we do not know each\n

You two must have known each other

even before you entered the company.

Were you the one who went looking after her?

to keep your distance from her.

If you dare to do anything to hurt her

I have no interest in other people's personal life.

Tomorrow pass me the summary of\n

She never tells me anything about her affairs.

I'll take at most fifteen minutes.

You must have gotten lost,broth­er.

Do you have a death wish?Say that again!

I can forget anyone but I won't forget you.

Mr Yuan,why did you suddenly turn up here?

It can't be that you especially came to see me?

Everyone has been playing nice all this while.

If you have no room,I'll get one for you.

Don't get your pants in a twist.

I have already opened a room for your friends next door.

We'll let you go after we finish talking business.

Haven't seen you for a few years,but I've\n

You've even become the successor of your company.

I obviously got this job because of my old man.

Yuan Group will sooner or later become yours.

So,are you working in the company now?

Of course.The whole nine-to-fi­ve.

I rarely have the chance to get out and relax.

The 5 Star Vacation Village project

You should have said so earlier.

It like this,I want you to give it up.

We'll give you money,and you scram!

From now on,don't try to oppose Yuan Shi Group.

Since the moment you came in,I was confused.

Even if you got to your kness and begged me today

My old man is above me on this.

it's either you get killed by your father

Yuan Yang,you have not changed one bit!

Without any provocatio­n,you start using your fists to talk.

I admit,I can't beat you in a fight.

But what's the point even if you do beat me up?

Would you get what you want? Would Feng Mei choose you?

Our society is governed by law.

We are running a family enterprise­.

We must use our brains to do business.

Who do you think you are talking to?

Yuan Yang,I should have known that you wanted this project

I will have to doubled up my efforts.

My brothers are waiting for me.

You guys,shoul­d prepare yourselves too.

Don't cause trouble for me here.

Just thinking of that bitch makes me angry.

I should have snuck a punch in.

Who cares about whether he is useful?

I should have fun first then only we talk!

You shouldn't have stopped me just now.

Just giving him a scare is good enough.

No matter what your problem is,you should have

let him make a spectacle of himself in front of his friends.

There's no need to be polite to someone like him

who bullies the weak and fears the strong.

This Gu Qing Pei is really something else.

Training him until he is like that.

we won't even recognise him anymore.

Why do you not stop to ask before you start beating people up?

The one giving me trouble is you!

I could have handled it on my own.

But you burst onto the scene without\n

Stopping only when blood was shed.

How should I say this to you so that you can understand­?

Violence doesn't solve anything.

It will only bring you more troubles.

In any case,I won't allow anyone to mistreat you!

You don't listen to what I say

and I can no longer understand you anymore.

we are totally incompatib­le with each other.

Thank you for the time we spent together

but I can't stand being protected by you anymore.

don't come looking for me anymore.

People live their lives in many different ways.

People live their lives in many different ways.

Perhaps in the future,the way that we choose

But any way that you choose to live,you can still be yourself.

we should always live out the best of ourselves.

Since this is the path that you must take

somehow,yo­u must go through it even if you have to kneel.

There are some parts I don't understand­.

What are you trying to get up to in the middle of the night?

Go back to sleep,and let me do my own thing.

Stop making trouble.Hu­rry up and go back.

I went to meet up with someone.

He is one of my former friends

if he can even be regarded as one.

He is now the successor of Xiang Long Group

and is also the main person in charge of this project.

He said that I haven't change a bit after all these years.

The only thing I'm good at is fighting.

Not only am I good with my fists

My intellect would also outshine his.

You should just go back to bed.There'­s no need to look after me.

If I don't look after you,would you understand­?

What's the difference between this budget and this budget?

This one,is for the first period.

It's the budget for the whole project.

And then here it comes to the second period.

During this period,we had to wait a long time

and the business department­\n

Stop shouting,s­top shouting,s­top shouting.

Alright,I'­ll play with you in moment.

I'll playing,I'­ll play with you.I...

I'll play with you in no time.Is that alright?

Just let me put this over there then I'll play with you.

Don't,don'­t push your brother!

Mommy,Brot­her Yuan Yang is back!

Mommy,Brot­her Yuan Yang is back!

This vase is the one your father bought at\n

It is his most prized piece out of his whole collection­.

Did you get his permission to take it away?

If I had his permission­,would I resort to stealing it?

There are so many valuable things around the house

can he pretend to turn a blind eye to this?

It's my bad luck to run into you today.

Just say it.What are you going to do?

Anyhow,I'm not leaving without the vase.

You're just itching for me to leave and never return.

Besides,I don't intend to return either.

With just a family of four,you'l­l get along quite well.

there's no reason for me to be here.

So,just pretend you didn't see anything today.

I'm taking the vase,end of discussion­.

I guarantee that I'll never come back in the future.

I'll no longer be a hindrance to you.

Whether you come back or not is up to you.

Don't pass all the blame onto me.

I don't care if you acknowledg­e it or not

I am your mother according to the law.

There't no need for these pretty words.

I have no idea where she is now.

You have never treated me like your son.

There's is no way I will ever acknowledg­e you as my mother.

Don't you dare try playing the emotion card.

You,should just be a good Madam Yuan.

I'll tell him that I'm the one who broke the vase.

Your father arranged a blind date for you.

If anything comes out of it is up to you.

You should at least go and attend it.

You are actually quite pitiful.

You have to take care of this whole house on your own.

but you don't even have someone to talk to.

I suddenly feel that my mother made the right decision to leave.

Aren't I the one who broke your master's vase?

Furthermor­e,please help me inform Teacher Yang.

Sir,a group of people just came by.

They gave us some bonsai.And this too.

Who can tell me what the hell this is?

That foreigner doesn't know how to count!

Does he know anything about Chinese aesthetics­?

What kind of design is this? What kind of fucking design is this?

I'm telling you.Redo.R­edo everthing!

Next time,those who want to do it,do it.

If you don't want to do it,get lost!

Get out of my sight immediatel­y!

Why are you still sitting there?

Redo the entire thing.Did you hear me?

You,get out of here! Get lost!

This is unacceptab­le.Fire them all!

President Li,they need the project by next week.

If we can't make it,let them wait!

It would take nothing but a phone call to my father to settle

Hua Ting,and those in Shan Guang

I have already notified all of them.

Let's cut off all his resources.

Let me see who else that Yuan Yang can still rely on.

If you want to know who else Yuan Yang can rely on

it can only be this Gu Qing Pei fellow.

I've heard that he is very skilled.

If we can get him to work for us

this vacation village will definitely be ours.

I know how to deal with this situation.

This place is rather small.I hope you don't mind.

It's nothing.We are all part of the same family.

Did you come here just to visit me

or is there something you need me to do for you?

You've always said that I didn't have a sense of justice.

Is there anything good that you are not thinking about?

Today,you are the first one I came to see.

What is the good news? Tell me.

Feng Mei's 5 Star Vacation Village.

Doesn't this project belong to Xiang Long Group?

Something that is not yet cut in stone

signed an agreement with Xiang Long Group.

In reality,th­is agreement does not say everything­.

As long as there is a one percent chance

I do admire that spirit of yours

which refuses to concede defeat.

that you just can't do with confidence alone.

Once the people beside you start to wonder

I advise you to reconsider your decision.

After all,our time is limited.

You shouldn't waste the limited time that you have

Hello,Pres­ident Wan? Are you in your office?

We are lacking people over here.

We just can't make the time for this.

Aiya,what bad timing.I'm now in Korea.

In the meantime,I can't go back.

President Gu,why didn't you tell me this earlier?

Today,I've already assigned all of the advertisin­g spots

I'll reach the company in around twenty minutes.

Get all of the informatio­n on the project ready for me.

Call up all the department­s for a meeting.


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