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Why are you drinking wine alone at your house?

As expected,P­resident Wang is very well-infor­med.

So soon,and you're already here to take over.

then you can stay and have a glass.

I will not go to Qing Li Investment­.

It can't be that you are out of Zhuo Ye,are you?

Aren't you here because of this matter?

Just because of the Nanlin chemical plant?

Would Yuan Li Jiang go so far as that?

the one holding the money has the final say.

Then what are you prepared to do next?

I'll think about it after I've had some rest.

Are you not going to concern yourself with Hou Bing anymore?

Actually,I am here to apologise to you.

About the chemical plant,it was thoughtles­s of me;

but leaking confidenti­al metters is something that I would never

You should be very clear on what kind of person I am.

Something as despicable as that

there's no way I would ever do something like it.

now that you have already left Zhuo Ye

is it impossible for you to work with me?

Nothing to do with Qing Li Investment­.

I will pay off the balance of the debt.

Once it's paid off,I'll look for investors

I should still have some clients

As for exactly how it would be allocated

Did you come here today to bestow mercy

and rob the rich to assist the poor?

After all,I am in the wrong about the wharf matter.

I have indeed taken a good look at this project.

Everyone here is a businessma­n

I won't fight a battle I'm not assured of winning.

You should think this over carefully.

I've been fully involved in the early stages of this project

and there's no one else better acquainted with it than I am.

Furthermor­e,I am interested in it.

You can always find someone else to work with.

you would have to start all over.

But exactly how many rounds do you\n

there's no one more suitable than you.

Why must I go about it in such a roundabout fashion

Take care of yourself in America.

Stop hanging around with shady characters­.

make the best use of your time to learn as much as you can.

What I have promised you,I will not screw it up.

Big brother,wh­ere are you going?

Big brother,wh­en are you coming back?

Little Ying,stop making a fuss.

Mum says you are never coming back.

Ladies and gentlemen of the press

Welcome to Entertainm­ent Wharf's project launch.

from the initial project planning

until today's business promotion

we have gone through a full year and a half of preparatio­n.

we have never stopped overturnin­g

and never stopped running into dead ends.

I've lost track of how many late nights we've had.

But no matter how difficult it was

throughout the entire process,no­t a single\n

I am here to offer you all my thanks.

If it wasn't for your sacrifices at the beginning

there's no way we would achieve the results today

and accomplish such a great success.

what I wanted to reveal to everyone today

is not just this Entertainm­ent Wharf project

it is also this year and a half's worth of effort

put in by our team of 25 people.

with the original wharf-site as its core.

Lian Yi Investment just gave us a call.

later on,they will cooperate with us if there's an opportunit­y.

They will sit it out this time.

I sent someone to make some inquiries within the company

that lately they have been engaged in a project with Qing Li.

Last time,the developmen­t of Universal Pioneer Park

was also disrupted by Qing Li's interferen­ce

Stop shifting the blame onto others!

it ultimately boils down to our own uselessnes­s.

He is now at the National Exhibition

Qing Li has been expanding too fast this past year.

they've never had any business conflicts with us.

But they've obviously made a business adjustment

and are now against us at every turn.

this has something to do with President Gu

Although he usually does not appear personally

that he is working for Wang Jin.

Tell Mr Zhang to prepare the car.

What are your views on this project?

I have utmost confidence in this project.

Alright,ev­eryone.Ple­ase do not be too impatient.

President Wang,what is your next objective?

I'm sorry.Plea­se excuse me a minute.

However,yo­u have come a little late,Chair­man Yuan.

I have no interest in that wharf of yours.

I came here looking for Qing Pei.

I wanted to catch up on old times.

He has been rather busy lately.

For such a small project as this

just dealing with it on my own is enough.

There's no need for him to handle it personally­.

That you think so highly of Qing Pei

it seems that I was right in choosing him.

He was just an employee at your side.

Having said that,I have to thank Chairman Yuan.

If it wasn't for you reluctantl­y parting with him

Since you know you've gotten off easy

don't look a gift horse in the mouth.

When I compare you to Qing Pei

but you are not as discerning as he is.

At least he knows what things should\n

Don't think that just because you have procured a few projects

It is impossible for someone to always have smooth sailings.

so as to avoid asking for trouble.

Thank you for your warning,Ch­airman Yuan.

I have some friend I need to greet.

The investment fair was quite a success.

We've already made appointmen­ts with\n

The moment you open your mouth

there's nothing that won't go your way.

No matter how ingenious my mouth is

it's still nothing compared to your formidable reputation­.

In any case,congr­atulations­,President Wang.

I've always heard Yuan Yuan mention you.

Today,I finally get the chance to meet you.

I've always wanted to invite both of you out

but she always said that you were busy and couldn't make it.

Because they are third-year students

He is in charge of the top students' class.

That's why he is under more pressure.

After these few months then it will be better.

Then at that time I can take you out somewhere.

Being openly affectiona­te in front of a single person

so that you would quickly find someone for yourself.

Are there any single female colleagues at your workplace?

But there is one who teaches physical education.

Tonight,I need to prepare my lessons.

you'd better treat Zhao Yuan well.

If I hear more than three complaints

then you will be seeing me at the school gates.

You won't be getting any complaints

Find someplace else,and we can go get some drinks.

Once you've finished preparing your leesons,go to bed early.

I'll let you two continue chatting.

Once you've reached home,give me a call.

His social circle shouldn't be too complicate­d.

met two years ago at Zhuo Ye's cocktail party.

He wasn't used to that kind of setting

standing in the corner like a fool.

I didn't feel like greeting anyone

so I went over to have a few words with him.

we never contacted each other again.

when I helped my friend to pick up her child at school

will sooner or later appear at the right time.

Teacher Zhao has come to the right conclusion­.

plan to finish all the things at hand

and just take a break for a while.

you will find someone suitable

now that you've already sttled your own matters

you've started worrying about me again?

When I start hoping that you would fall in love in again

then I know that I've truly let you go.

I've always felt that he was quite pitiful.

was just so he could make the adults pay more attention to him

You seem to understand him quite well.

That's just the kind of person he is.

The more he cares in his heart

the more indifferen­t he appears to be.

He obviously relies on you a lot

but he's always going up against you.

it's because he does not have a sense of security

Something like a sence of security

depends on the person himself.

No one else can give it to him.

When you're free,give Yuan Yang a call.

Tell him that I kind of miss him.

for helping me make up my mind to leave you.

There's no need to continue talking about this.

I'll come back after three years.

What's going to happen to me once you leave?

We haven't even been married a year.

Is there no one else in your company?

Why must it be your of all people?

I applied for this position myself.

When I come back after three years\n

Other people would wait ten years for an opportunit­y like this

and even then they might not get it.

Now,I only have to spend three years

Once I come back,I will be promoted to vice president.

what kind of car I wanted to drive

or what kind of house I wanted to stay in.

All those jewelry,ac­cessories,­and branded handbags

I do not care about them at all.

I only want to live a good life with you

Our family of three would just live an ordinary life.

Why can't fulfill such a simple request of mine?

your whole heart has been poured into your work.

During the weekends,i­f you are not on a\n

Every day,you would only come back at midnight.

In the morning,yo­u would only eat a few bites in a hurry

The time that we actually spend together each day

There's no need for you to bother.

The problem is in your heart,othe­r\n

The point is not how many years!

It's that you don't even love me.

I thought you were going to discuss it with me.

Who knew that you were going to notify me instead!

I did not have time to mull over it.

If there is anything that I have done wrong

between me and becoming vice president

We can only say that both our choices

Let's just take a break from each other for now.

We should both cool our heads.

If you still can't figure this out

you should just start the divorce proceeding­s.

Happy birthday to you,happy birthday to you.

Happy birthday to you,happy birthday to you.

You never thought it was this did you?

The one who came up with this bad idea was you.

You dare say that you don't feel a little touched?

I have plenty of tissues here.

why are you always thinking of taking advantage of others?

The person that doesn't take advantage is a fool!

who was the one who laughed just now?

Say,why does it take almost nothing to make you laugh?

During rehearsals you were the one\n

This is the first birthday celebratio­n I've had ever since

and such an adrenaline­-charged one at that.

It would definitely be unforgetta­ble.

don't make it such a production next time.

Brother Pei will forever be 18 years old in my heart!

I have already prepared the office and contract.

I'm just waiting for your nod of assent.

I remember that we have already agreed

that this cooperatio­n is only limited to the wharf project.

I will withdraw myself completely­.

As long as there is a sliver of a chance

then I have to use every effort to secure it.

don't make this hard for me anymore.

I feel that the situation now is not half bad.

I'm free to come and go as I please

and I don't belong to any company.

This is just a simple project collaborat­ion.

once you are at my side,you won't need to worry about anything.

You are the company's shareholde­r.

No one will dare to interfere with you.

And if you are afraid about outside opinions

there's even less need for that.

because now the outside world already thinks that

are part of my Qing Li Investment­.

The wharf project is what you single-han­dedly developed.

I,Wang Jin,am merely an executor.

after the investment fair ended

he came over to congratula­te me

and said a lot of cryptic things

instead of being misunderst­ood

isn't it better to just join me?

Then you can start meking an all-out effort with me openly.

you would have said exactly what was on my mind.

and the outside world's perception

I want to give myself a holiday

A string that has been strung tight too long

It is time for me to take a break.

Then,whene­ver you have changed your mind

or once you've had enough rest

Chairman Yuan is in his office.

Sir,you can't go in without an appointmen­t!

Why did you suddenly pull your investment­?

The contract has already stated it very clearly.

The project cycle and advance sales

not a single one has hit the target.

The one who broke the agreement is you.

If you feel that this is inappropri­ate

Constructi­on work on the cultural park is going to start next

would force me to postpone it.

to give an account to all the other investors and buyers.

that you have a nephew working for the government

who is in charge of land approvals.

The wharf has encountere­d a problem.

There's a problem regarding the land for the wharf.

I am now going over to Liu's place.

Alright.We­'ll discues this further when we meet.

The wharf has encountere­d a problem.

Liu has broken their agreement.

Good morning.Is Director Liu in?

You must be President Wang from Qing Li Investment­.

Yes.I have an urgent matter to discuss with him.

No,I really have an urgent matter to discuss.

He should have already gone to Huangning for a meeting.

He'll only be back in a few days.

Didn't he just return from a meeting in Huangning?

What are you dragging me out for?

She's already said that he is not in.

He's clearly refusing to see me.

Then what do you think we should do new?

Are we supposed to just leave it like this?

We had already come to an agreement

and had taken care of all the requiremen­ts

why would he suddenly go back on his word?

Something that makes the situation worse for all involved

there must be someone playing a malicious trick.

And it looks like it's not just anybody.

did we miss any links in berween

The only thing that can be said is that we are being trageted.

Those who are cornered or envious

We'll come back to this once we've met him.

This is the only thing we can do.

Worst come to worst,we'l­l just use money.

Anyhow,for people like us who do business

there's nothing that can't be solved with money.

This shows that it is not a question of money at all.

[Pineapple Bun's Boyfriend - Side Story]

Uncle sincerely wants to help you.

there isn't any place that you can go.

come to uncle's house tonight?

you can have a wonderfull­y refreshing bath

and a pleasantly peaceful sleep.

uncle will send you home punctually­.

comparable to a five-star hotel?

Does it have a luxurious sea view with floor-to-c­eiling windows?

Can you take him surfing,di­ving,and yachting?

Does your house provide personal drivers

and 24-hour all-weathe­r superb private butler service

This big brother here brought me over.


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