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Anime动态漫 Revenge Masters Sweetheart腹黑少爷小甜妻 Season1(1)(OriginalEng sub) with Английский subtitles   Complain, DMCA

The girl who saved you half a year ago.

It turned out to be the only daughter of Mu’s family.

Last time you were trapped and fell into the reservoir

She gave you CPR in order to save you

Absolutely not sexsual harassment

Mu's family is a powerful family as well

And Miss Mu is the only daughter

If you want to get their into trouble

I want to get her into trouble?

Someone is there! This is the city speed road

Someone behind me is chasing me.

Please take me to the outside of the city.

How about I give you a thousand?

I know that you are not a person who lacks money.

Saving One Life Is Better than Setting Up a Pagoda

I will get off when I get outside the city.

On the opposite side, there're dozen cars came out in a line.

Is this going to pick up a bride?

I recognize the license plates of several of them.

My family forced me to marry, I don't want to marry.

The precious only daughter of Mu family

How would them force her to marry?

My parent force me to marry Ling family's fourth young master

I am only 18 years old, but he is already twenty-six­.

How can he want to marry a girl so young

26-year-ol­d he doesn't even have a girlfriend­.

Or is there a problem with the physiology­?

I don’t want to marry a man like this

suffered a car accident when he was17 years old

Are you explaining why he is single?

I haven’t mentioned anything that shouldn't be mentioned

You flee from your marriage by your own

Take back your moeny, you can owe me for a while

to make me take his car without feeling anxious?

She can't escape this marriage

Only Fourth master was casted outside the big house to live alone

Public think because Mr. is so worry about his legs

Actually it means that fourth master

Not qualified to be a inheritor

Third young master:Dad has the power

Let him come back just by a few calls

First young master & Second young master:Thi­s can't blame Si.

We can't feel the same way he feels

Are they afraid that others will know they discrimina­te against

The old man has three wifes already pass away.

Now he is married to such a young and beautiful wife.

There is an only daughter, 18 years old

When you met with Mr. Mu in the office early this morning.

You are trying to find a bride to Si, aren't you?

I am afraid Si will only harm this little girl

So I treat marriage more cautious

I heard that girls now like men who have experience­.

Even though I have a lots scandal

Do you think she is that kind woman without a brain?

So even if marry to a rich wife

Does not have the qualificat­ion to threaten the status of father

The result can't be controlled by father

Not that you want to climb so you can climb

I am going to give you an antipyreti­c

Don't want ginger soup, it's too spicy, I want to take western

Forcing Tianxing to marry the fourth master

It’s just get a fever this time.

If we didn't get a call from the fourth master

We don't know what would happen

Who knows Tianxing would meet him by coincidenc­e

I met him then I realized that he is not dumb.

And I said something harmful to him

He said that he will marry her?

Doesn't he use his brain to think

Inviting the girl to come over for a meal

Let her and Si improve their feelings

People will subconscio­usly save themselves at the moment of life

So whether fourth master's legs are disabled or not

Make he falls into the water and see whether he can save himself

So not easy to live in that kind family

Especially between brothers involved in family disputes.

The fight is even more powerful

He didn't tell her he already married

The love and hate of the previous generation

Also makes these young masters

They cooperated to test fourth young master intentiona­l

The accident was caused by his brother?

It’s a coincidenc­e that you saved him.

Zhu Xi, his people, has been looking for you

They found our hometown in Qingcheng a few days ago.

How come there is such a coincidenc­e?

This time I want you to marry Lin family.

The purpose is only to promote business cooperatio­n

Mr. Lin did not mean to tie you to this marriage.

Will not impede your future happiness

All about fourth master's attitudes towards this matter.

Lin Xiao must think that I am trying to stop this car in order to

He definitely thinks that I am a bad woman who plays tricks.

He gave me a mobile number when I got off

Maybe he is waiting for me to call him now.

Mrs. Lin ask Tianxing go to Lin’s family for a meal on Saturday.

Why did he promise to marry me?

He shouldn't even have a trace of alertness!

Fourth master called personally

He really thought I wanted to marry him.

How can you treat him like this?

Do you know how much they cares about this marriage?

There is also a large horse race club

The total amount of gift dowry is more than Lin’s older brother's

What can you go there if you are so confused?

I can't live with you forever.

The shoes were paired for you last night.

This child is really know how to make trouble

You also know it's early. I haven’t eaten breakfast yet.

But after all, young people are not sensible.

I am really worried that Lin family will pick her mistake.

Fourth master asked me to buy a breakfast for you.

You can eat it in the car first.

My family moved over two years ago.

At that time, I lived on campus.

When I had no time to eat breakfast

I took advantage of morning exercises time.

Of course, you are not wronged, I'm the one should feel grievance

Fourth master will protect you well

You didn't do it before, maybe...

Here are fourth master's paper and pencil

Oh,Tianxin­g, you are finally here.

We have been waiting for a long time.

Of course, Lin Yuan is so smart to find such a good

Without Lin family's fourth young master

There's no wife of fourth young master

finally, finds someone to love him

Lin Lie don’t touch the tea at home.

Is there anything happened in the past?

Which made him no longer drinking in the house.

It's just a silly and sweet girl

She couldn't help disable man to cause threaten

Let's find out how would she deal with him

I call you Ye brother just like my man do.

In case, your lovers come and find me trouble.

It seems that the affair of you is well known.

Even Miss Mu, who is still studying, knows it too.

Those are unscrupulo­us reporters

Only get along with me for long time, you can know

I am not interested in other men.

There is no need to be interested

Return to the house if you talk nonsense again.

This is the new material of your Star textile shop?

Yes, it just came out of my factory.

I'm not interested at family business

I didn't go to k, I am at the medical university­.

It turned out to be a female doctor!

I have a heartache for these two days.

I want to ask Miss Mu to help me diagnose it.

I am afraid that I can’t help you.

Because my major is forensic pathology.

You a little girl to study forensics

But... but I also have other majors.

When I graduate, I have a double degree.

What... What are you laughing at?

It seems that Si is quite satisfied with this marriage.

It's your first time come to our house

I will take you to the shopping!

Sorry, usually I don’t wear high heels.

I didn’t expect high heels to be so convenient­.

I will find a way to push better in the future.

There are no intersecti­ons between fourth master and other

If you agreed to go shopping with Mrs. just now

Fourth master would be very embarrassi­ng to stay alone there.

I would feel uncomforta­ble with elders too.

It’s better to come out with you.

The most admired people is fourth master

A son who was left outside by the family at the age of seventeen

But he is the most admired person of Zhuo Xi ?!

Does he have any secrets that I don't know?

I don't want to provoke a man who shouldn't be provoked.

But I should confirm with him!

Anyway, it is a nominal marriage

Can we find a place to talk later?

You finally have to showdown with me.

Fortunatel­y there's no one around

Here is the monitoring blind spot

What you do to me will not be discovered

Is it interestin­g to bully people like this?

Tianxing, come on, stays for dinner.

Aunt Qian, I'll take a rain check.

Today, I still want to go to the residence of Ling Xiao.

Then come back to play next time!

Put me on the roadside when you drive into the center of the

I'll take a taxi back by myself.

You said that you want to go to my residence to look around

We'll get married three months later anyway.

I am planning to redecorate the house.

Don't you want to find a place to talk?

It seems that now you have nothing to say.

Then wish us a happy new marriage.

Live to old age in conjugal bliss!

For the sake of the life that we can live happily with each

I should go to see your house!

Miss Mu is too hot. Let's go inside!

Would you like to try the newly arrived jujube juice?

How do you know that I like to drink jujube juice?

The color of this wallpaper is amazing.

This string of bells is exactly the same as I saw before.

There are sunflowers on the balcony? So beautiful, I have to go

So beautiful, I have to go upstairs to see

Miss Mu is not your future wife.

This is good, no need to redecorate­.

Miss Mu, you should move into the bedroom of the four master.

I have been sitting all the time.

I thought about this marriage.

Your so-called tacit understand­ing

What you call real husband and wife

You know what I am talking about.

You don’t have to worry about this problem at all.

Am I a cow to eat young grass?

I am not interested in you at all.

This marriage was originally for business cooperatio­n.

You promised to marry me but hurt me at the same time.

I am afraid that only you are the clearest in your heart.

But you should think clearly about how to explain to your

That you take the initiative to quit

And the villain first complains that I want to quit

How do you want to explain that I can cooperate with you?

I will explain the elders on both sides.

No more relationsh­ips in the future

You thought I am really afraid of you!

I said that I am breaking off an engagement

I don’t think I have the stamina and ability to be gentle and

Is this man showing nice to me?

Do we have any tacit understand­ing?

You will understand what Four Master means.

I may come back a little late

Look, how good these two children are.

Yes, just like real brother and sister.

I wonder, we may become a relative in the future.

Xiaolong is studying in Military Academy in the B City.

He can come to live at our home.

Our house is better than hotel.

He said because the ticket was not booked

It’s already midnight when he arrvied.

I have always taken him as my own son!

Our Tianxing is going to marry.

Um... Xiaolong is a good boy.

We still have to respect her opinion.

I go to sleep for a while now.

Let the driver wait for me at 12 o'clock in the evening.

After picking up Miss Mu today

Miss Mu stayed there for a while.

My brother went inside and checked

Customer informatio­n of Yixing Hotel is kept confidenti­al

Is the best in the global hotel sector

We are afraid that we can’t find a way to get in

Gold card only in the interior of the royal family

Will it be too waste to use it?

You must be the sister of our Mr. Meng.

I heard that he has a younger sister named Meng Xiaoyu.

She is a good friend who grew up with me since childhood.

There is a taxi over there, you grab a taxi!

Maybe this boy is a relative of the family.

Relatives do not live directly at home?

I think Miss Mu looks at the boy’s eyes.

Like the brother of a neighbor's house

So Miss Mu always cares about her neighbors?

Even rushed out in the middle of the night to pick him up?

That girl is the daughter of my teacher’s family.

When she came back, I helped her with a baggage.

It seems that someone is following us.

I saw it at the train station just now.

Since Xiaolong master mentioned it then I figured out

He has already followed us several streets.

I personally came to check before I booked this one.

If Xiaolong wants to drink jujube juice.

I didn't come back on your 18th birthday last month.

This is a birthday gift I bought early.

Is it the same as the small fish?

Since childhood, you are prepared the same two copies each time.

Taking advantage of this summer vacation

I have been imagining when you received the ring.

Have you heard of Ling Family?

What if he ignores me forever?

Let's return the house and go home.

The wedding banquet does not hold yet.

Check out, please wait for a minute

Has the driver not returned yet?

He is the person around Ling Xiao

Fourth master let you let them go

Let Aunt Xin have a good look at you.

If it's ok, I want to live here.

Xiaolong asked me to be his girlfriend last night.

You've met the fourth master's people in the hotel

This marriage was asked by the old Mr. Lin.

I have been asked for a long time.

then I barely agreed to try it.

Tianxing told me everything last night.

I think marriage is a big deal.

What if the fourth masters disagree with the divorce in a few

Divorce means telling people in the world to say that our Mu

Star textile's patents may be taken away

We ruin the face of his family

He will also get revenge on us

This matter we will discuss after breakfast.

This is my best friend's son called Meng Xiaolong.

He and our daughter grew up together

This is the first time that the fourth master comes to visit.

There's no need to bring gifts

Thank you, the fourth master.

It's the first day, son-in-law visits

We should follow the tradition

Ms. Mu’s family is from Qing City.

According to the customs of Qing City

It seems that you have to give a bowl of brown sugar boiled eggs

I am going to prepare brown boiled eggs.

The Fourth master knows that Miss Mu is on summer vacation.

Dedicated to visiting father-in-­law and mother-in-­law

It’s also to come to pick Ms. Mu’s back to the residence of the

Is that the last time I went there?

This is the fourth master for you.

How do you know that I want to drink this?

This is the best jujube juice I have ever tasted.

The Fourth master is too welcome.

I will give you a reservatio­n.

But Tianxing will think of me every time she gets something good

Because Miss Mu likes it very much.

So this brand has been bought by the fourth master.

In the future, this jujube juice

Only available in the fourth master's house

All the jujube cakes, jujube cakes, etc. under this brand name

Ling Xiao is so concerned about Mu Tianxing now

How can he put it down after a few years?

Also deliberate­ly asked for brown sugar eggs

This intention is too obvious

You are too wasteful and too exaggerate­d.

How much did it cost to acquire this brand?

If you have too much money, you can give it to me!

He does not care about money

You have to help him to look after!

Our Tianxing is not that kind of girl.

I just don't like that you are so wasted.

Why don't you know how to take care of yourself?

I have to eat this every time I have a cold.

If you are not feeling well, go home soon.

I am looking for you in two days.

Ms. Mu is the fourth master's wife.

This is a special trip to take Miss Mue go home.

If she doesn't want to go, you guys want to force her?

Can I speak to you over there?

I just talk to him for couple words.

Don't argue with this kind of person

I go to the fourth master 's home.

Do you want the driver to accompany you?

I will definitely send Miss Mu back safely.

forgive her if she does something wrong.

Master will take very good care of her

You can't leave your master behind!

Help me to take it for a while

Zhuoran said unless I take care of cat by myself

Otherwise, you will throw it out

When the day is not bright, I heard the cat screaming.

Even that, you can't be so cold-blood­ed!

I have cried for half a month.

You remember to feed it an insecticid­e 15 days later.

Don't feed it directly with milk

It really looks like the cat I used to raise.

Zhen... xi...(cher­ish in Mandarin)

Does he know that the cat I used to raise called Xixi?

I am going to help you make all the cat supplies.

Then you have to let me go home

I am Zhuoran’s wife, Qu Shiwen.

You are the wife of Zhuoran?

How can a girl who is so good-looki­ng marry someone like Zhuoran?

I will think that you are falling in love with me.

But that's just what you think

Deliberate­ly bullying me every time

Let off me! I am going to beat him

You heard that I don’t admit to loving you.

Today, it's the first time Fourth master allowed others to stay

He...has always been eating alone?

Because of lack of experience

When he meet someone he likes

He does not know how to express

Want to be close but make it more alienated

Would you like me to bring the lunch up?

What is the use of building a basketball court in the yard?

If you like my food, you can stay here for a few more days.

I was too anxious when I came out.

Clothes, mobile wallet...I didn't take anything

There are also shoes and various supplies

You... Are you asking for a gold house?

I am still not in love at the age of 26

May be is a psychologi­cal metamorpho­sis?

Miss Mu, I will accompany you to the stairs to have a look!

You said that you liked the blue tone last week.

Fourth master let people arrange immediatel­y.

Miss Mu, he is really good to you.

Let me hate so much before I have time to be happy.

I can wear different clothes every day

Also enough to wear a whole summer

Miss Mu, if it is not important to you

No matter what he does, it will not affect your emotions.

The old master married several couples and his wife died after

Zeng Qian is a newcomer in recent years.

I heard about the uncle’s wife’s business.

The fourth master was the youngest child and became the biggest

Six years old, he fell into the water

It’s all done by other masters.

How can they do this to their younger brother?

Fourth master's mother can't swim

The fourth master no longer speak

Everyone thinks that he is dumb.

Fourth master cried and shouted mom in a dream.

Then we know that he actually could speak.

This was the first time he spoke again.

This is the first time I saw fourth master

So looking forward to sitting at the table waiting for someone to

A light that just happened in his world to disappear.

You are afraid that the fourth master will be selfish and

Fourth master is a kind person.

I will get married! I won't leave!

Sister-in-­law is so powerful!

Are you saying to withdraw the camera?

Withdraw, when fourth master is with Miss Mu alone

We are not convenient to look at

You have to know that now canceling the wedding

Now you need to know the thoughts of the Tianxing.

If you want me to be your lover

No matter what happens, I will always love you.

Thank you for lending me a mobile phone, Shi.

You are welcome, go downstairs to eat snacks.

It’s also to be created by my own hands.

In fact, it’s quite comfortabl­e to stay here.

I didn’t see Zoran and Zhuoxi in the whole afternoon.

How do you get off the wheelchair­?

I have to take a break after working for a long time.

You haven't explained how you moved from the wheelchair to here?

How to explain that footprint?

You don't need to remind me like this.

Are you retaliatin­g against me bullying you?

Revenge me for making you feel good?

You don't have to transfer topics

This person is really hard to deal with.

Then I personally help you take off

I want to take off your shoes.

You deliberate­ly scared me away

and want to wipe out the footprints­.

The fourth master never eats dessert

I saw a footprint on the upper floor.

Then I forcibly took off his shoes for comparison

That footprint is not the same as Ling’s shoes.

The fourth master was laughed at by others

Even if he is psychologi­cally sad

You really don't care too much.

Fortunatel­y, his mother is gone.

Otherwise, if the lady saw that the fourth master had become this

In the future, Miss Mu please be as good as possible for the

I will be good to him in the future... very good to him

Will he still be angry with me?

what happened? Is it a cold, isn't it?

Does your home have a cold medicine? Still going to see a doctor?

Oh, oh, I am coming to call you downstairs to eat.

You put the center of gravity on me as much as possible.

Use your hand to support your desk.

I will help you in the wheelchair­.

Is your ass growing on the chair?

I have no consciousn­ess in my lower body.

I didn't mean to take advantage of you!

Ah... hooligans! satyr! Bastard!

I just wanted to help you downstairs for dinner, how can you take

Do you know Ling Xiao like to drink crape myrtle tea?

What about the dim sum made by the crape myrtle?

Then how can there be the fragrance of the crape myrtle in his

Could it be that the flowers outside are coming in?

Eh? you you you you! You two kissed?

what! No No No! How can we have kissed?

I, I, I, I am full, well... ah!

Miss Mu! Is there any injury?


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