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body language body language is how

people communicat­e without speaking

since the dawn of human time people have

always communicat­ed with our speaking

and a man's role and I'm assuming you're

a man because I doubt a female would

have bought this a man's role is very

very specific in his body language

in this course you're going to see a

video where I kind of do an overview on

body language and I basically say

but I'm gonna I'm gonna go into that

into more detail in this video the

reason I say be combative is because

being combative is the most important

body language which exists which you can

portray to other men and to women

because this is the only body language

which was important for millennia

for human EX in the human existence the

only important body language was the

body language that you are not an easy

so we're going to talk about the broad

basics of body language and we're going

to do some little tips and tricks

overall so the first thing I want you to

combative does not mean walking around

sway your shoulders like this combative

I think Jordan Peterson says something

about this but I don't think his body

language is particular­ly Alpha in fact I

don't think the world has many Alpha

Role Models Jordan if you name the

right-wing Role Models like Milo and

Jordan Peterson and all these people are

particular­ly overtly Alpha besides Trump

himself but Trump is a great guy to

you want a body language lesson watch

you have to look combative so the look

combat if it's basic things it means be

ready for a fight that does not mean

project aggression it means be ready for

a fight so if you were walking down the

road you're walking down the road are

you more ready for a fight with your

or your hands outside of your pockets

or you're more ready for a fight if

you're staring at your phone with your

head down or with your head up with your

shoulders back with your posture correct

while I teach you in this course is not

just going to be do this do this do this

it's how to think about body language so

that you're over you're overtly aware of

how you're acting you need to be aware

so you need to have a correct posture

you need to sit up straight sit properly

you need to have your hands out of your

pockets you need to look where you're

distracted not look like a victim

important protecting to women so we're

to go in that in detail in this course

I know I just mentioned Trump but we

also can't forget about Putin because

Putin's KGB trained he knows exactly how

so when someone's talking to him and

he's wants to make it clear he doesn't

give a [\xa0__\xa­0] what they say

he will for example lean back in his

so Putin will sit there and you'll start

talking to him and he'll sit please

this is Putin's I don't give a [\xa0__\xa­0] this

many traditiona­l body language courses

will teach you uh if you cross your arms

you're not receptive this is true you

know like this shows you're not open

you're not receptive you're crossing

your arms Etc but there's much more

subtle moves like leaning back in your

in the back of your chair is a great one

I use it all the time so I'm gonna sit

there and start talking to me if I don't

like what I have to say I'll leave them

and they'll know oh [\xa0__\xa­0]

sort of upset him somehow so I'll make

so we're going to go over a few things

the first thing we're talking about is

now if you've bought my other courses

you know that my brain is a mega Hive of

petrabytes of is petrabite even a thing

no okay we'll go back then if you've

bought my other courses you'll know that

my brain is unrivaled by anyone else on

this planet terabytes on Palm terabytes

of informatio­n from [\xa0__\xa­0] knows where

just a genius so like all my other

videos I'm just going to be talking bang

informatio­n should be coming at you you

need to sit there slow it down watch

over and over again decipher it and put

guarantee there's a lot you're doing

don't move you're upholstere­d right now

where are your hands are you sitting up

straight do you even look are you

sitting correctly or are you all like in

your chair maybe you're already making

mistakes you don't know so the first

things we'll talk about is how to be

I have been to court six times and every

time I've walked I've never used a

lawyer I've ever present myself and the

reason for that is because I one I speak

very clearly very precisely and I know

exactly how to use the human language

but secondly is my body language so

you need to look believable you need to

look innocent and to do this you make

big men have this problem small men are

very concerned about looking big whereas

a big man in many situations you need to

look less intimidati­ng if my car breaks

down and I want to knock on someone's

door to use the phone another super old

school and I know that's how people get

murdered in every single movie that's

but if I knock on the door people don't

when me and Tristan knock on doors they

look outside and go what the [\xa0__\xa­0] who

the [\xa0__\xa­0] is two six foot five dudes no

no chick is opening that door me and my

brother used to have a job where we used

to do door-to-do­or sales a long time ago

and we had to quit the job because no

one would answer the door to us which

[\xa0__\xa­0] two massive guys just feel like

what the [\xa0__\xa­0] no one answered out the

window well can I sell you nah get the

[\xa0__\xa­0] away from my house

you have to try and change your body

language to appear less aggressive so

we've actively Swank or hold a clipboard

or something to just make yourself seem

smaller so when I was in court and they

were accusing me of things I didn't

[\xa0__\xa­0] do but even though I was

innocent of course you have to look

innocent so you don't look at it by

looking aggressive you look at it by

looking smaller you make yourself seem

smaller you'd add in Skyline to your

language so I I never say um and uh and

I'm like oh yeah well I don't think it's

fair uh uh uh and you almost in many

intelligen­t no less intelligen­t in a

stupid he's dumb he did it way in a very

like I couldn't hurt anyone women are

experts at this women do this the best

watch a female get pulled over by the

watch Richard start going oh oh really

oh playing stupid is a great way to play

innocent and it's very very effective

for what you'll find in one language

sometimes the biggest results is when

you can juxtapose them against each

other so I was in court they'd ask me

I'd be like oh no I don't even really

know how that works to be honest but I

don't really know I've added in these

little delays I deliberate­ly slow my

speech down but then when I had to make

and I'd be very adamant and direct

through my words even now and even in

all my take speech videos you'll notice

how I use my hands if I have a point to

make I use my hands to make the point I

direct the point with my hands you're

gonna notice me doing all the time now

but if I want to make a point I'll say

something like and the reason for this

the reason your mom has a big ass is

because she eats too much I'll do things

like this I'll explain the reason I'll

get your attention in my hands and then

I'll directly give you the reason and

I'll put it into your brain I'll put it

in with my hands this is something I do

completely by natural I don't even have

to think about it anymore but something

and it's amazing with women it's great

because when you're arguing with them

and they sit there and be like blah blah

blah I didn't [\xa0__\xa­0] [\xa0__\xa­0] her

I'm here but the physical action makes

them sit there and go okay just be very

aware and very avert with your hands

like I said this course is just going to

be knowledge flying at you so when you

talk where are your hands where are they

how do you use them your hands you

should be extremely expressive with your

hands especially if you're a man when I

before I was a kickboxer girl check and

and I had the best sales record in the

[\xa0__\xa­0] company obviously and a lot of

I would sit there in front of somebody I

sold TV advertisin­g I'll sit there and

say you need TV advertisin­g they go all

we do pretty good I said yeah you do

good now but in the future you're going

to need you're gonna need TV advertisin­g

it's the future of advertisin­g you're

I'll tell people you ain't got a choice

you better buy it today you need this

I said they're going okay well let me

look at your current strategy and then

maybe I can improve it nah [\xa0__\xa­0] that

garbage if you're a Salesman you're

watching this now you better start

telling people they need it you can't

live without this you need this today

I understand my industry no disrespect

you're a diaper company or you're a

[\xa0__\xa­0] Walker company you understand

War you know more about war than me I

see what I've done there you understand

War that's your thing advertisin­g is my

thing you don't tell me about your

advertisin­g strategy because I don't

[\xa0__\xa­0] care advertisin­g is my thing

it's mine I own it and if I say you need

something you better buy it so you

understand war war is your industry

advertisin­g my understand­ing in this

industry for a long time I'm telling you

with your current strategy you're having

success now but you will have success in

the future and you're going to need a

different form of advertisin­g that's

exactly how I'd be people sitting there

going oh okay sorry excuse me very great

careful with your hands and how you use

things I am I am very good at that you

me this all these things are learned you

have to adapt your own style but you

need to sit there and think consciousl­y

when you speak what are you doing with

your hands if you're gonna sit there and

talk with your hands in your pockets

you're not gonna be nearly as convincing

if I want to sit there and I want to

come across as there's the old mafia

boss you know you can sit and be like

and just use your eyes instead that

works but that's a far more that's the

kind of body language you use when you

don't really want to talk anymore

if I'm about to if I'm about to have

and they come in to apologize to me

before I have them shot in the head I

won't be moving my hands I'll be

listening to them like this because I

don't want to listen to them and I don't

want to talk this is I don't really give

a [\xa0__\xa­0] anymore like this say it your

hands of course you don't really care

when I met Donald Trump Jr in Trump

Tower I was super aware of his body

language what Trump did is something

I've never seen before Trump Jr we sat

down and we started talking he sat like

with his hands open on the table

I don't know where he learned that from

I'm sure he was tall if we're having a

normal conversati­on we had coffees we

sat down the table there's a round table

not like this and he sat down and said

which I thought was quite interestin­g

and I've actually never seen anyone else

do that before so it kind of threw me a

bit and I thought maybe the reason he

was taught that is because it's so

unusual because I read people's body

language in every other position this

that you've seen it all I've never seen

so first you can do is be very overtly

aware of how you use your hands when you

if you want to direct something if you

want to be believed you want to be

convincing your hands have to be

when I was in my police interviews once

again I would use my hands overtly

and I would sit there and say I actually

said in some of my police tapes and when

I get them back when I'm finally cleared

of all charges he must have been gone

for four years I get the tapes back and

I'm going to release them on Twitter

it's gonna be the best thing ever

because I made these pieces look like

very hard I said to say I said do you

have a camera in here and they'd be like

oh yeah we do so okay I want this for

the camera I don't want this for the

tape I want this for the camera I am

innocent I am innocent me I've done

nothing wrong I say anything with your

I'm innocent I'm innocent they're

different things I'm innocent I want

this on camera for the tape reference

point at someone when you need something

uh 5 15 5 15. look at the day 5 15 24th

of November look I've done nothing wrong

I said that [\xa0__\xa­0] directly to the camera

body language makes a huge huge

difference and basically if you want to

be believed or trusted in my experience

which is [\xa0__\xa­0] vast you need to use

some tips on how I do it you have to

adapt your own style like everything in

the world if you completely replicate

someone else's style it comes across as

unnatural and it doesn't work you need

your own style you can't be the exact

same as me and I can't be exactly the

same as you same as boxing or fighting I

can teach you how to do jab cross but

everyone does a little bit different

everyone has a slightly different style

so you have to adapt your own style what

you need to do is be overtly aware

if you're aware of things you'll pick up

on things and you'll change things

so the first thing is you use your hands

more effectivel­y especially to be

to speak convincing the laws you

probably already know these things you

have to talk loud you have to talk clear

and this is another thing you need to

learn I mean I'm actually tempted to do

a course specifical­ly on oration but you

need to learn to speak effectivel­y the

way you interact with the world outside

of your little digital keyboard and your

Twitter [\xa0__\xa­0] is with your voice

I know you're paying attention to my

if your voice is Meek or if your words

aren't clear or if you don't say what

you mean effectivel­y then you're not

going to be taken seriously people take

me seriously because when I speak I

speak with a conviction they sit there

and go this [\xa0__\xa­0] knows

the way he's talking he knows what he's

let's sit here and go oh okay well um

um and ah is something that you need to

forget instantly I don't care if you

have to train yourself I don't care if

you have to look in the mirror get rid

of um get rid of ah get rid of gaps it

just completely destroys your entire

image that [\xa0__\xa­0] needs to go and it's

something can be learned and I when I

sit there and listen to people oh well

yeah uh well yesterday we went out and

then um [\xa0__\xa­0] you mean um I went out

and then um you don't remember what you

did yesterday I'll slow your [\xa0__\xa­0]

brain you look at the [\xa0__\xa­0] 99 people

look like idiots because they don't pay

so with ourations extremely important

you're in this [\xa0__\xa­0] it's one of the

first things you have to do to speak

convincing­ly second things is with the

hands the body language the third thing

is you have to be if you're standing or

you're sitting regardless you have to

so if you're sitting in a room you need

to be overtly taking up space as a man

especially they call it mansplaini­ng

that's all the feminists call it he's

mansplaini­ng he's taking up space I'm a

I'm a [\xa0__\xa­0] man I got space my space

it's mine and I have something to say in

combinatio­n of things but a lot of

people just want to sit in their little

chair oh well I was thinking that for

the progress report maybe it's garbage

also there's nothing wrong with talking

too loud outside of showering [\xa0__\xa­0]

talk loud conquer the room you're gonna

piss some people off but guess you're

gonna piss off you're gonna piss off the

betas Never Gonna piss off the boss

like I said when I used to have a job

I'd sit in a meeting and just like look

I was half yelling I don't know about

what the other guys are doing but what I

do is I tell them they better buy it

the boss is sitting there and go this

but I had the best sales record if I sat

there and go um well I don't know how

you do it but what I uh sometimes do is

uh this is [\xa0__\xa­0] [\xa0__\xa­0] scream at

people sit there go no this that thing

don't be afraid of the attention you're

gonna get if you have Alpha body

language if you have serious body

language and you project you're going to

attract a whole bunch of attention if

you're shy you're not going to want the

attention it's going to impact your

psyche it's going to impact how you

portray yourself forget the attention

don't worry about it it's coming there's

no other way to project yourself project

yourself in a way where you attract

[\xa0__\xa­0] all wrong with it be loud

it's exactly the same with lion

learning how to be convincing and how to

be believable is the same when you lie

now people say when you lie people look

away from the eyes in my experience what

happens when people lie is they actually

know this that everyone's been told they

look away and they look at you more

try to prove they're not lying

the easiest way to lie is to not change

your body language in any way from when

you're telling the truth a polygraph

test the only how does the polygraph

test work you can't just plug yourself

in and say lie or true It Only Knows by

comparing you to a baseline first they

ask you your name they ask you questions

you tell the truth to and then they

compare it when you lie and they see the

difference well body language is no

[\xa0__\xa­0] different if you know you're

gonna have to lie to somebody

you need to sit there before the

conversati­on even starts and talk about

something which is easy for you to talk

about and be smart enough to be speaking

with one side of your brain and with the

other side of your brain measuring where

are my eyes where are my hands how am I

standing how am I sitting and then when

it starts coming to lie you don't alter

[\xa0__\xa­0] if you're already looking up in the

eyes continue to look them in the eyes

if you're not looking at them devil if

your hands are a certain way keep them

you only get detected on Lies when you

alter your body language it doesn't

matter what body language you have you

can be like I am now Alpha projecting

trying to make a point Ultra convincing

or you can sit there like a Meek little

it doesn't matter if that is the default

and you retain the default when you're

telling the LIE then you have nothing to

so would you tell a lie it's not about

you how do I act when I tell a lie it's

not changing how you acted before

this is the most important thing but

most you guys are so unaware of your

body language you're so unaware of where

your hands go unaware of where you're

looking think of your last conversati­on

with someone where were you looking

uh uh act then I guess I guess I don't

know you're going to like ignorant you

don't [\xa0__\xa­0] know if you learn your own

[\xa0__\xa­0] and you adapt your own [\xa0__\xa­0] to have

a style which is favorable to you and

favorable to your outcomes this can be

very very easy for you to lie because

you can replicate your own style so

that's how you [\xa0__\xa­0] lie I will pass

any lie detector test there is in fact

write not down for a tape speech we're

going to lie detector company in here

I'm gonna [\xa0__\xa­0] do it I'm gonna pass

it and the reason I'm gonna pass it is

because I don't give a [\xa0__\xa­0]

ask me a question take me the greatest

that's the Baseline questions everyone

knows what's [\xa0__\xa­0] true

tape do you give a [\xa0__\xa­0] about these hoes

they're gonna ask me a lie like tank is

Meghan Markle a good princess I'm gonna

still gonna come up as true hope that

[\xa0__\xa­0] doesn't get hold of that piece of

paper and uses its proof daddy tape

validated me [\xa0__\xa­0] hate that ho

the correct way to be we're not talking

about things like hands seat positionin­g

Etc this is universal across Sexes the

same way you can make a man like you and

you can sell products in a business

meeting it's the same way you can make a

girl [\xa0__\xa­0] you it's no different

all of it is based around primary

evolutiona­ry human instincts around

confidence confidence trustworth­iness

these are things that this is a dawn of

they look at dude and go this is a

if a man looks at you and thinks this is

a competent guy they want to be your

friend in a business relationsh­ip if

they look at you and think this is a

competent guy they want to give you

money and if a girl looks at you and

thinks this is a competent guys she

wants to suck your dick it's the same

there's no difference in your body

language for a woman or for a man or for

business or something else it's project

it's projecting competence and

and combat ability in all of the

you need to learn to walk into a room

like I am the fattest [\xa0__\xa­0] in

well the best [\xa0__\xa­0] on Earth

you're gonna walk in like that

just walk in like a [\xa0__\xa­0] G

doesn't matter what you're doing doesn't

matter about the [\xa0__\xa­0] a [\xa0__\xa­0] or [\xa0__\xa­0]

sell a [\xa0__\xa­0] window who gives a [\xa0__\xa­0]

you walk in like I'm the [\xa0__\xa­0] yeah sit

down yeah coffee please thanks [\xa0__\xa­0]

man's here the [\xa0__\xa­0] the man's here you

you're gonna be like that so I know a

lot of you guys are going to come back

to me go okay thanks for the course but

what do I do with this girl you do with

the girl the same [\xa0__\xa­0] you do with the

because it's the same general attributes

keep that in mind how to intimidate well

the idea of intimidati­ng unless I mean

the easiest way to intimidate someone is

but just like lying in most of my

personal experience­s you intimidate by

humans are amazing at detecting change

it's not nearly as attractive to the

human eye as if something moves

something'­s like your corner derive

humans detect changes in velocities

changes in speeds so how the human eye

and it's very similar with body language

and let's say three guys are gonna

and I don't want to fight the guys

because I might lose so I want to

so let's say at first I'm like hey get

the [\xa0__\xa­0] [\xa0__\xa­0] off and then we go outside

we go you're gonna [\xa0__\xa­0] do it and I

go and I've been overtly I've been

aggressive I've been the big man I'm

like look at the [\xa0__\xa­0] away from me and

then come on they want to fight me

anyway I'll change my body language

and then they'll be available

we're gonna fight I tried to tell you

not to and you want to fight so I tried

to be reasonable it's done so we're

gonna fight now so let's go and I'll

and that Sudden Change in body language

is what makes people think what the [\xa0__\xa­0]

you have to change your body language

typically people intimidate by screaming

because they start low and they go high

to intimidate so they'll start like

trying to be sensible and reasonable and

the person doesn't listen and they'll go

you know what [\xa0__\xa­0] did it and they'll

but it's not the shouting which is

intimidati­ng it's the change in body

language but everyone's accustomed to

the other right round for me is far more

effective let's say you're arguing with

your girl you're a stupid [\xa0__\xa­0] so uh

I'm tired of your [\xa0__\xa­0] you're always

[\xa0__\xa­0] These Hoes yeah [\xa0__\xa­0] hoes what

shut the [\xa0__\xa­0] up cook follow arguing

argument eventually she won't shut up

you at the point you go you know what

we've argued enough we've argen enough

and you get you get your keys he goes

where are you going just oh no it's

going to go out don't worry no I don't

want to argue with you I'm just going to

go out so I'm just going to go out I

take the keys should be more worried

about you being sensible and calm and

that if any of you shouting anymore

because it's the change in body language

you have to understand boy language

isn't about do this to be this way it's

and it's having that sudden decelerati­on

that massive change suddenly is what

when I've been attacked before that

story I just told you is a completely

true story this was only one guy

I had a guy who's talking [\xa0__\xa­0] from the

other side of the [\xa0__\xa­0] room so bro

stay the [\xa0__\xa­0] over there he's talking

[\xa0__\xa­0] you ain't nothing you ain't nothing

I said bro I'm not trying to fight you

you come around and [\xa0__\xa­0] hurt you

talking [\xa0__\xa­0] anyway he gets up

Carl starts walking over I stand up and

say okay we're gonna fight this let's at

least let's at least do outside yeah all

walk downstairs like you know what and

[\xa0__\xa­0] he's trying to get me to argue

again because that's how he felt

because take you know I'm just sick of

your [\xa0__\xa­0] take that enough say no it's

fine you're sick we're going outside

look I'm done shouting I'm not a girl I

don't shouting I ain't my thing I don't

shop like females we spoke I told you to

stay away from me you didn't want to

I wasn't being intimidati­ng in any way I

wasn't acting intimidati­ng it's the

change in body language you made him

think what the [\xa0__\xa­0] this this guy

he didn't want to fight anymore because

I became nicer all of a sudden he's like

this guy's too calm [\xa0__\xa­0] are

shooting me or some [\xa0__\xa­0] oh this guy's

so it's not about being a certain way

it's about being overtly aware of your

body language in a way that allows you

most of you are so unaware of your own

body language you can't effectivel­y

change it okay you can go from happy to

angry or from normal to shouting those

are basic things a kid can do that but

you can't do it on a very conscious

level with tiny details you can't flip

reverse it and go from Angry to nice you

nobody in this world has dealt with

someone a full-grown man going from

crazy screaming to nice inside of two

that comes across a psychopath that

scares people when you come across as

you [\xa0__\xa­0] didn't [\xa0__\xa­0] you know what

it's okay I agree we should we should

that's what makes people think what the

that's how you intimidate someone the

sudden [\xa0__\xa­0] change everyone's dealt

with it from happy just angry or normal

to angry no one's done with the other

way [\xa0__\xa­0] rap I'll reverse on people I

you come near my car I [\xa0__\xa­0] start

shouting but then once I know it's

violence time I dropped the whole shout

in that I go straight into the nicest

man in the world I'll smash your [\xa0__\xa­0]

so you'd be aware of your body language

and able to change it this is extremely

important a lot of people talk about

mirrored body language I don't like this

people go oh if you mirror someone's

body language they like you more now

[\xa0__\xa­0] [\xa0__\xa­0] oh so someone crosses their

as Simon says it's a little [\xa0__\xa­0] punk

I say how I want to stay I come in the

other room I sit like this whoa I sit

like this if everyone changes the boy

language I don't [\xa0__\xa­0] care this is

how I see it because I'm in charge

Alphas don't change their body language

look at orangutans look at [\xa0__\xa­0] Apes

we've got a closest relative we've got

the alpha doesn't change for [\xa0__\xa­0]

everyone else changes when he's around

so don't believe that mirroring crap

well if you go out with a girl and you

mirror her body language shut the [\xa0__\xa­0]

we're gonna sit there with a girl she

girl she cross her arms and I cross my

arms and then we should sucked my dick

I sat down I was the [\xa0__\xa­0] man so I

should suck this dick nothing to do

[\xa0__\xa­0] me cross my arms when she did

[\xa0__\xa­0] that [\xa0__\xa­0] it's garbage forget that

smiling is effective but it's only

effective if it's used selectivel­y

people tell me take you never smile

that's not true I do smile I smile

selectivel­y my smile has a value if you

guys are watching this I'm trusting

you've seen the PHD course how do you

give your attention a value by making it

rare why is gold valuable because it's

scarce my smile has a value because I

rarely smile if you walk through life

a [\xa0__\xa­0] [\xa0__\xa­0] won and two who gives a

[\xa0__\xa­0] if you're smiling or not

if I smile my smile has value has weight

I've had girl my girl I've been six

she'll message me I made you smile today

she's happy that she made me smile

because it's hard to do there's

achievemen­t in it oh my God I made him

he woke up and I'd already cooked dinner

and uh he woke up and I'm cooked in

breakfast and I had coffee in his

favorite mug and I brought it to him and

I told him I loved him and he smiled a

she got her reward which is my smile if

she woke up and I was like hey baby hey

hey what a feeling of a [\xa0__\xa­0] am I

I smile what it's deserved and you're a

[\xa0__\xa­0] full-grown man you should be

walking through life smiling you need to

smile at people when something of Merit

happens I'm not saying come across as a

miserable [\xa0__\xa­0] I'm not saying that I'm

not saying sitting there look like

you're gonna [\xa0__\xa­0] kill yourself

I'm saying you need to smile selectivel­y

once again you need to adapt your own

body language style you need to decide

when you're going to use your smile when

you're not you don't say trying to hold

it in I'm saying you've probably learned

to smile instinctiv­ely you're smiling at

things that don't really make you smile

and you're smiling at things that you

don't find funny to be polite but let me

tell you what smiling is smiling is a

look at Apes on our oh our closest

Apes smile to submit when the alpha

appears the beta males they show their

it's this is what it is that's you can

study this today Google it YouTube right

now they show their teeth in a sign of

submission that's what smiling is if

you're going through life and every

person you meet you're like hey hey hey

hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey

you're basically changing the world no

one hurt me please please I'm a nice guy

how are you fine you yeah good yeah does

Trump smile every [\xa0__\xa­0] he sees

no it's Trump [\xa0__\xa­0] it yeah yeah all

[\xa0__\xa­0] there's someone who acts like a

real G turns up someone who's done a

fantastic job that week he'll give him a

little bit of a smile though smile

why does Trump smile now she doesn't

walk through life looking like a [\xa0__\xa­0]

happy clown and neither should you your

smile is a selective tool it must be

rare it must be used effectivel­y you

smile at a girl she used to [\xa0__\xa­0]

deserve that [\xa0__\xa­0] you smile like a guy

he needs to deserve that [\xa0__\xa­0] he'll be

walking through like [\xa0__\xa­0] smiling

life's not all about just being as happy

as possible this is the [\xa0__\xa­0] the

media is trying to sell you they're

purporting this idea if you're happy

smile be nice to everyone who's happy

all the time smile all the time nice all

the time he's a [\xa0__\xa­0] loser you know

it and I know it so you don't want to be

that guy you ain't gonna be [\xa0__\xa­0]

smiling use your smile selectivel­y

I use my smile selectivel­y especially in

if I'm sitting there it's a little bit

Frosty whatever whatever I don't allow

awkward science silences because I'm too

efficient for those things I've got a

but if uh we're talking and the talks

just very general I'm very neutral I'm

like this oh yeah blah blah blah blah

when she starts to flirt with me a

little bit or if she starts to be a

little bit more open or I know for sure

then I might smile a little bit

I'll be like [\xa0__\xa­0] you crazy I'll smile

she'll say something and I'll smile

before I answer say oh I didn't expect

you to be like this I thought you'd be

I'll smile but she says that at the

beginning I didn't expect to do this

that's maybe more arrogant but why

I'm very different I decide to smile

when she's receptive to me you're

receptive to me and you're gonna [\xa0__\xa­0]

do what I want you can have a smile in

return smile is a weapon like like your

attention is a weapon like everything

you have is a weapon you're a walking

bag of weapons so much you men don't

understand your attention has a value

you're you're replying to somebody all

has value and you guys are just running

through life throwing it away every

single chick giving them attention for

no reason even though they don't suck

dick messaging girls all the time friend

zoning yourself smiling at everyone just

then how the [\xa0__\xa­0] you're gonna do

something exclusive how do you show me

I've made you happy if you're already

smiling at every decade you've ever met

now you don't have to come across as a

horrible person I don't have to I don't

I don't smile often at all but let's say

I'm in the store and I'm buying

something and the guy goes I'll say yeah

this much Holly thank you thanks I'll

not a lot right if I'm walking past the

security guard he looks at me I will

you and I both know who the men the bad

men in the room are all the big men know

all the big men know if you're not a big

man you're watching this show what's he

talking about you're a big guy right now

you know when big men walk in the club

and there's another big man in the club

you instantly human instinct you catch

eyes like okay he's the only person in

this club who can match me physically if

there's gonna be a fight it's the only

guy I have to worry about and you always

link eyes and you always kind of do this

thing this like yeah all right cool

we've clocked each other we've decided

but not as far more effective than a

smile you want to be polite not at

yeah thank you cheers thanks bye

you know skills little [\xa0__\xa­0]

skills [\xa0__\xa­0] wrong with you if I have

to tell you to give a firm handshake

then I don't know what the [\xa0__\xa­0] you're

doing here because you should know that

if I have to tell you that fidgeting

makes you appear bored you should know

that already if you want to look bored

this is obvious [\xa0__\xa­0] you know this one

if a girl if you're sitting with a girl

and she crosses her legs she's basically

saying you're going nowhere near my

[\xa0__\xa­0] that's like an anti-rape [\xa0__\xa­0]

instant reaction you know how to read

these things you know these things

because you know how to read them

instinctiv­ely if you sit with a girl and

she starts this and she does this you

know you ain't bad you know it and I

know it all those pickup Market students

they teach what they call a keynote or

something [\xa0__\xa­0] gay [\xa0__\xa­0] I hate pickup

artists I hate pickup artists because I

know I'm the baddest I'm the best so

annoys me there's all these guys red

pill Mr Lucario Bad Boy The Dating Game

all these all these dudes and every time

I see the girls they're [\xa0__\xa­0] I'm like

what the [\xa0__\xa­0] is this bro these guys are

[\xa0__\xa­0] girls I wouldn't even [\xa0__\xa­0] I

wouldn't even touch their girls and

they're bragging about them like yeah I

went out and I gained this chick it's a

[\xa0__\xa­0] fight your nine is my five you

call her a nice a [\xa0__\xa­0] five my girls

look like [\xa0__\xa­0] Playboy bunnies my

girl got two million photos of insta my

girls have billionair­e exes my guess is

my girls are actually Hall your girls

are basic I hate pickup artists anyway

they're all they're all [\xa0__\xa­0] idiots

all of none of them are good with me but

they talk about this keynote thing where

you need to do some touching on the girl

and I agree that that I do that myself

that can help I have two things I do one

is when I first meet uh it depends I

don't really do the hug and kiss kiss me

when I first meet girl I don't really do

but once we're talking [\xa0__\xa­0] one of the

things I get to do is I say I'm a

kickboxer like all your kid books are I

say yeah I'm going to teach you I'm

gonna train you I'm gonna make you a

little ninja because you're beautiful No

One's Gonna expect you to kill them

and I give that compliment there and I'm

like oh like yeah you're gonna work for

me just go really who do I have to kill

I say well are you strong enough and

they'll always go yeah I'll say go let

me see and then they'll tense their [\xa0__\xa­0]

got work to do that's how I first do my

the keynote break the ice touch them

thing I do the feeling their arms thing

but that only works tonight with huge

arms if I did that and she looked at my

skinny ass arms back and goes well

where's your [\xa0__\xa­0] muscle it doesn't

work that does it so you have to choose

your own style but yeah they're all

Crossing off and they don't want you to

touch them whatever whatever then that's

obviously a bad sign you know these

because I don't have to tell you super

[\xa0__\xa­0] off if you've watched it to this

point you haven't taken any notes I

doubt definitely told you some [\xa0__\xa­0] you

should [\xa0__\xa­0] you probably don't know

yet especially changing it from from

Angry to calm I know none of you [\xa0__\xa­0]

do that because I've never seen anyone

else pull off from me Eyes eye contact

a lot of you are very unaware where

you're looking especially when you're

talking to somebody I look in people's

eyes I do that very very specifical­ly

not in a creepy way I don't want on you

[\xa0__\xa­0] to take my videos sometimes I

say things which are so nuanced

and I'm worried that people are going to

be like okay Tate said this so I have to

do this and you're gonna go sit there to

you're a [\xa0__\xa­0] psycho like you have to

especially if you want to drive a point

on them you look at someone's eyes like

I said before the biggest theme behind

of language that people perceive more

so if I'm talking to a girl and I'm like

blah blah blah doesn't matter what I

said anything that says it doesn't

matter what I'm saying but when I want

to drive the point home only then while

yeah actually I'm really glad I met you

I'll say the beautiful part and look in

her eyes before I say that I'm looking

and that's what makes it more effective

it's more effective because I've gone

from looking away to looking at her if I

just looked at her and said I'm glad I

met you because I really think you're

beautiful it's not for me it's far more

effective for me to say yeah well I'm

glad I met you because I really think

I'll look away and I'll look at them

and that change in body language is what

they perceive and that makes you far

you see where I'm coming from don't tell

a girl she's beautiful we'll make sure

you're not looking at her and look her

in the eyes directly as you say like a

eye contact eye contact needs to be used

this is punctuatio­n everything is

punctuatio­n make them understand a point

that's how your eye contact should be

used unless you have to lock eyes in

every [\xa0__\xa­0] you meet but needs to

be used as punctuatio­n same with men

blah blah blah blah dude get the [\xa0__\xa­0]

away from me get the [\xa0__\xa­0] away from me

when I look in his eyes it's what I mean

when you're saying it you're knocking

his eyes you don't mean it say I live in

his eyes I mean it and if you guys watch

any of my other videos you understand

how important it is to never say

something you don't mean if you've not

video on tape speech it's completely

free tricks on depression it's about 25

minutes long watch that one and I talk

about how important it is to say what

you mean and mean what you say

don't tell somebody to knock them out

unless you're gonna do it they'll be one

of those people who walk through the

let's say look bro you don't got my

Facebook I'm Gonna Knock You the [\xa0__\xa­0]

it's the first time I look in his eyes I

said I'm gonna knock him out you know

it's the first I've looked at him he

knows I'm going to mean it that's how

eye contact should be used power poses

I had a lot of people send me lots of

emails about this course asking me

questions so I got asked about power

poses they say like if you sit there and

you do the Superman pose you're starting

to get more you naturally release more

testostero­ne you start to feel stronger

I believe that's true I don't think that

works that is definitely a thing you

know that's certainly a thing do I walk

through life of the Superman pose no

should you know what the [\xa0__\xa­0]

when you look in the mirror you look in

the mirror like yeah I'm a [\xa0__\xa­0] man

yeah you need to do that of course but

that's more here than a power pose so

I'm only answering this thing now so I

know some of the fucker's gonna come

back but what about my power pose if you

want to walk through life doing this it

makes you feel a little bit stronger go

for it how about you just get strong as

[\xa0__\xa­0] anyway and you ain't gonna worry

about walking around looking like a

so that's that [\xa0__\xa­0] I've told you a lot

about being domineerin­g and conquering

however a lot of you guys will know one

of the 48 rules of power is never to

outshine the master so a lot of you may

have a boss and you can't act that way

just gonna piss your boss off too much

I managed to be overpowere­d in my sales

meetings because I was such a [\xa0__\xa­0]

fantastic salesman the boss wouldn't say

[\xa0__\xa­0] to me because I made him so much

[\xa0__\xa­0] money but if you're middle of

the road or something you can't come

across that way you're gonna annoy

people too much if you haven't got the

so the key things you can do if you want

two things you want to make people like

you one's a body language trick one's

what is if you want people like you ask

because everyone loves to talk about

themselves if I have if I'm meeting

someone extremely important which

happens all the [\xa0__\xa­0] time from Trump

Junior to anyone else I think okay I

need this person to like me I don't sit

there and try and impress them I don't

sit there and go okay I had to take some

of Chess Grandmaste­r genius IQ 400

people's world champion I've got lots of

girls lots of [\xa0__\xa­0] and money and a

Lambo they don't care nobody cares I

said I go yeah okay it's really good to

meet you yeah I've always I've always

been interested in ask them things

because if you ask people questions then

they have to talk they have to answer

them and they have to answer them by

talking about themselves and everyone

loves themselves so if you sit there

with someone and they only talk about

themselves for an hour they're gonna

yeah it was really good to talk to you

because I got to brag for an hour

this is especially effective with women

women love this [\xa0__\xa­0] if you sit there

and try and make a woman impressive

so what do you do I'm a hairdresse­r

hairdresse­r don't you get bored of like

talking to people all the time well no

actually I don't mind because other

people are really nice and somebody

being my best customer oh really okay

yeah well I don't even go hairdresse­rs

you can tell because I'm already

beautiful so how long you been

hairdresse­r for I've been here dressed

for this long I went to college and did

it add in little bits of your own

dialogue but basically just ask them

questions I took one guy on uh

pick up coaching I don't normally do

this but I had one guy who paid me money

to go out with him for a weekend pick up

girls and he said to me I'm really

nervous I'm really nervous like bro

ask them questions say hello here's how

you introduce yourself here's how you

say hello ask them questions and if you

do that you're 75 there because they're

just going to talk about themselves it

doesn't matter what they reply who gives

a [\xa0__\xa­0] you're a hairdresse­r you're a

nurse You're A Stripper it's all the

same [\xa0__\xa­0] who cares oh really that's

interestin­g same answer to them all ask

them let them talk [\xa0__\xa­0] about themselves

this is super effective to make people

like you super effective because

everyone loves talking about themselves

so keep that in mind and then the body

language trick is to really look like

most people don't look like they're

listening if I want someone to like me I

listen so if I need a boss to like me or

a girl for like me I'll make sure it's

so if you've ever been in like a group

of people and there's one girl you want

to [\xa0__\xa­0] and everyone's kind of talking

amongst themselves but when that girl's

talking people are half listening but

when that girl's talking not Nuance

don't look like a [\xa0__\xa­0] creep but make

it clear you're listening if other

people are all talking to you and she

starts talking to you go okay yeah

look at her I'm listening to you

because then oh he thinks I'm important

he thinks what I say matters and the

boss is the same he listens when I talk

to him he thinks I'm important he thinks

why I say matters in a corporate

what I used to do I say this all the

time bosses love this [\xa0__\xa­0] I used to

walk around a little notepad pen

so if I got called to the boss's office

I'd go into the notepad and pet and sit

there and when they were talking to me I

just randomly write things down

and a few he said why you got that she

said I don't want to miss any key points

listening this [\xa0__\xa­0] takes

everything but they like that [\xa0__\xa­0] like

I'm talking and he's writing it down

he's not missing my key points yeah well

Mr Andrew you are the best salesman you

have sold three times more than

everybody else but I'm a greedy CEO comp

so I want you to sell more so I was just

wondering if you could possibly do this

or if you tried doing this because

you're my cash cow and I want to milk

you for all your worth yeah you're right

I did try that actually I did try that

I'm gonna I'm gonna find the email I'm

gonna send it to you I mean okay yeah

you sit there and you I'm listening to

you sir well you have to say matters I'm

writing it down they're gonna [\xa0__\xa­0]

love you they're gonna love you and I'm

like who the [\xa0__\xa­0] this guy and then they

call the [\xa0__\xa­0] jackass salesman and hi

where's your sales yeah I've tried

making people make it clear you listen

to people most of you don't make it

clear you're listening to someone make

it clear you are listening to them the

notepad and pet example is fantastic

with a boss they [\xa0__\xa­0] love that [\xa0__\xa­0]

they're listening to go this dude is

[\xa0__\xa­0] mistakes his [\xa0__\xa­0] seriously

because a boss hires you to make them

money they're always going to pay you

less than they make out of you otherwise

they wouldn't have a business

so if you're sitting there taking them

seriously you're taking their money

seriously wouldn't you love it if you

had someone who came into your house

with a pen and paper and goes how can I

make you more money tell me what to do

people like I [\xa0__\xa­0] like this guy

so you guys make it clear you're

especially once again with the boss they

so even if I knew the correct answer I'd

so I'd say uh something like my pen in

I'm almost something to get a job again

because it was so easy you know I never

go for jobs that were that require a

degree and I didn't even have a degree I

just walk in there go solicit Tate uh

your degree I haven't got a degree

didn't need one I didn't need one

because I'm the best I'm prepared to

prove I'm the best I'll work for a week

for free and I guarantee within a six

months I'm gonna smash any sales Target

you sent me I don't have time to go to

university and sit there for four years

I'm here to get paid I'm here to get you

rich I'm here to make me Rich I'm the

well he's gonna work for free he's at

least try him out I never failed a job

interview ever ever I got every [\xa0__\xa­0]

job tempted to go back so fun let's say

and I'd ask him questions knowing the

answers already I'd be like okay sir

well I've been trying two different

types of proposal emails one of them is

getting about 20 more responses than the

other so it's the one I think is the

best but I want to send both to you so

if you have time I know you're busy if

you could just read them and just

confirm that's the process I should be

going that's the path I should be going

now that's the process of the emails I'm

going to be sending you'll be like okay

yeah send them across to me as if he's

gonna say no the other one where it's

not as effective of course you're going

to choose the effective one if he's if

he's a clever cat which he probably is

the CEO he's gonna come back with the

odd amendment to try to make it look

like he knows something so come back and

go yeah that's really good that's good

Andrew try and add this and this and I

think you'll be about there and I'll

pretend I didn't think of that

good idea I didn't think that could add

it right away we'll update you shortly

I'll pretend I didn't [\xa0__\xa­0] know and

pretend that it's important even though

it doesn't matter he'll think he tricked

me ah Andrew he's a [\xa0__\xa­0] smart [\xa0__\xa­0]

but I'm still the smartest I'm the boss

that's how they like you then when you

walk in there and go excuse me sir I've

been working really really hard for you

and I do my very very best for this

company this Corporatio­n I respect you

absolutely but I'm unfortunat­ely in a

situation where I need to get paid more

What's it gonna be that's all I used to

do I used to slash sales records and

then they were sitting there like this

tank guy's gonna make the company Rich

I'd walk into three months later and say

unfortunat­ely I'm in a situation where I

not could you please consider not the

I'm in a situation where I need more

money and their answer would be okay uh

well we have a courtly review coming up

and we need to make sure your sales stay

on track they try and delay it and say

okay I'll wait for the courtly review no

problem I'm very very excited about

smashing records I'm no longer

interested in sales targets I'm

interested in beating the company's

sales records I know they're already

mine not going to beat them again

I say that and the reason I say all that

knowing that the quarterly reviews two

three weeks away is because basically

I've said you better give me a pay rise

and the CEO sitting there and go [\xa0__\xa­0]

this [\xa0__\xa­0] come on go he's the best we

to put his money up and will the court

review come say oh yeah hi sir they

obviously I've been doing fantastic

sometimes I had a couple of them try it

unfortunat­ely we're not going to

increase your pay at this time I've said

okay no problem Mike I appreciate that I

just want to make it clear with you I'm

going to do my utmost I'm going to

continue doing my job effectivel­y I

believe that we're going to do something

I'm going to do it properly but I am in

a position where I unfortunat­ely do

require more money so I'm going to start

looking for another term of employment

every time I like email within two days

even if I didn't need the money take the

money the [\xa0__\xa­0] even with only a little

bit money you cares take it thanks

it's a principal thing you're gonna

I deserve I got a company car that exact

okay and I said Adam I said excuse me

sir did an unfortunat­ely position where

I can no longer use my own personal

vehicle you said we don't do company

cars so I understand that and I know

you're paying me 20 cents per mile but

the car I had it's been damaged on the

car also my brother needs to use the car

I am a very good salesman I can I intend

to continue to sail effectivel­y I

guarantee I will continue to break every

single company record but I can no

longer do it in my vehicle I need to be

provided with a vehicle or I can no

give me a car I want a car literally me

and my brother sitting in our apartment

one day he said I need the car tomorrow

I was like I need to go to a meeting oh

[\xa0__\xa­0] this they can give me a [\xa0__\xa­0] car

next day had a car we don't do company

cars yeah you do renting a [\xa0__\xa­0] car

because your number one salesman makes

you all your money [\xa0__\xa­0] said so I

guarantee you do that don't you went

down to hurts and picked me up a [\xa0__\xa­0]

nice car of course you did BMW 3 Series

thanks let's go coffee all over the

[\xa0__\xa­0] seats ain't mine I don't give a

[\xa0__\xa­0] so you gonna be mean your [\xa0__\xa­0] but

with CEOs sometimes you have to pretend

you're listening but pretend you're

listening to listen to people they like

get your [\xa0__\xa­0] together this could also

sometimes when one of my girlfriend­s

I say one of because all you Real G's

know how awesome real cheese live

they're like oh I've really gonna call

problem I need your time the complainin­g

man say look listen I'm busy right now

I'm gonna come around later I'm gonna

if I said okay tell me this matter and I

have to listen no no I'm coming so now

turn up later okay you have all my

blah blah blah blah blah okay all right

gonna yeah but do what listen I'm a

[\xa0__\xa­0] man I know what to do just go

then you do nothing and then they forget

about it because they're women no big

deal just giving someone your undivided

attention and a short burst can be

extremely effective extremely effective

leaning forward implies you're paying

keep that in mind as opposed to leaning

back we've already discussed this

already I've got a long list of

questions from you [\xa0__\xa­0] leaning

forward implies your opinion someone

goes how do I make it clear that I'm

paying attention to them we'll make it

clear listening to them we just

discussed all this but also lean forward

and lean forward sometimes yes tell me

it matters so much I don't actually

recommend this for women but it is

also we're talking about women there's a

lot of body language with pictures of

women that people talk about like don't

we just talked about leaning in because

leading in shows that you're listening

they have every single picture is of you

leaning into your girlfriend then it

shows that basically she's in charge

as opposed to her leaning into you so it

is a sign of submission for the same

reason it's a sign of listening it's a

sign of submission so keep that in mind

if you want a picture of you and your

girl you know I put on Instagram

let me see a picture of you I'm the man

I am the I am the oak tree she's hugging

the oak tree the oak tree doesn't bend

over to the people who loves me I'm the

[\xa0__\xa­0] G she enters your world you

don't enter hers most you guys already

know this stuff so it's not that

complicate­d but yeah you know it hasn't

got to be conscious the reason body

language is so effective is because it's

unconsciou­s that's why it's effective

that's where people read it because it

so you have to consciousl­y alter yours

but when you're going through life you

can't be sitting there going how do I do

this how to do that you've got to just

start thinking about it and practice a

little bit and become natural with your

so body language for women is never

appears submissive women don't want to

[\xa0__\xa­0] a man they don't respect

women don't have to like you to [\xa0__\xa­0] you

do you know how many times I've

retweeted check my Twitter I've

retweeted a girl saying I can't stand

this tape speech guy but something about

him I have to follow him or on my

YouTube video I hate you you're such a

dick and I almost want to meet you or I

retweet the girl today I almost want to

slap I kind of want to slap him kind of

want to [\xa0__\xa­0] him and that's because they

but they respect me so like this [\xa0__\xa­0]

[\xa0__\xa­0] yeah I guess that's true well

yeah I guess that's they respect me

women don't gotta like you but I'll

respect you so I I [\xa0__\xa­0] loads of girls

who hate me in fact every day some

girl's telling me she hates me every

[\xa0__\xa­0] dad [\xa0__\xa­0] they hate you

dick comes along and she's happy to take

it so you have to act in a way that's

suspected women don't respect men who

are submissive to them women respect men

that's what happens women try to take

control because it's natural for them to

attempt it and if you let them succeed

they'll just become worse and worse now

a spiral of just becoming a bigger and

bigger [\xa0__\xa­0] because they're waiting

for you to take control back that's what

so it's the same with your body language

so if you're always leaning in and she's

the boss she's not going to be happy

with those photos she wants a photo

where you look in control and basically

if you look at photos I recommend go to

at Cobra tape we'll put a few examples

in this video we'll go to at Cobra date

and find pictures of me with girls

there's one of me with a cigar to curl

either side am I staring at the girls

do I give a [\xa0__\xa­0] they even exist I'm not

I'm busy I'm smoking these are just some

hoes well natural because I don't care

about the girls so who's in control

there me by not showing them attention

the number of the most important body

language for a picture with a girl is

basically to come across like I don't

someone goes you're about to take a

picture with a girl how do you come

across as an alpha you don't give a [\xa0__\xa­0]

about the girl simple you don't care

about the girl that's really close

enough take the picture that you take it

she wasn't even [\xa0__\xa­0] there bang

smoking well there's a hoe there's a hoe

that's one it's another one of me with

sunglasses on with two blondes on the

side and in this one I'm smiling why am

I smiling I'm smiling because of what

I'm looking at just agreed to get [\xa0__\xa­0]

with the other one two seconds before

that so you're both staying with me

tonight oh I don't know I'm nervous I

say look we're gonna go drinking she

goes oh oh maybe and I smiled I was like

all right good we're gonna go out

while smiling because she agreed like I

said earlier positive reinforcem­ent I'm

miserable you said what I wanted you to

say now I'll smile if I just smiled

there because I knew she was about to be

licking the other one's [\xa0__\xa­0] in about

that's what that one was but in general

I'm sitting there if I wasn't looking at

her and smiling I was looking forward

I'd go [\xa0__\xa­0] I'm a dude who doesn't care

women are always attracted to [\xa0__\xa­0]

people go why do girls like [\xa0__\xa­0]

they don't like [\xa0__\xa­0] they like men

who overt who display overtly masculine

qualities men who don't succumb to their

wishes men who don't bend to their will

mend her in charge men who retain

control men who can't be influenced or

complained now or nag that and those

kind of men are [\xa0__\xa­0] it's all about

the fact that he's an [\xa0__\xa­0] it's about

the fact that they can't control him for

the fact that they're trying to take a

picture with him he doesn't give a [\xa0__\xa­0]

if she's there or not and those are

overtly masculine overtly attractive

qualities to a woman even she doesn't

understand why but that's the reality of

it so if you're sitting there going how

do I picture with a girl take a picture

of the girl if she doesn't exist

I'll put up another picture here of me

and my girlfriend in Thailand the last

do I look like I give a [\xa0__\xa­0] that she's

there now I am looking at her a lot of

body language speak of red pill guys

though don't even look at the girl don't

look at the girl that's bad bloody

come on you've got very human look at

there's no [\xa0__\xa­0] woman to look away all

an idiot tell by my body language I

don't give a [\xa0__\xa­0] her hands on my knee

you can tell by that why don't I have

so a lot of the red pill stuff is super

specific like I've told you guys when

I'm teaching in the PHD course there's

no such thing as an exact formula so

this thing is an exact specific thing

it's understand­ing general rules General

themes and implementi­ng them that's why

everything I teach is quite generalize­d

I'm waiting for you guys to see it

ingest it understand it and implement it

in your own unique style because then it

comes across as it comes across as

authentic if I say do this with your

hands exactly do this you look like a

little [\xa0__\xa­0] robots no I'm telling you

to be aware of certain things like chess

you know the rules and you make your own

moves based on the rules to win you have

to develop your own style but in general

the key for women is to just make it

clear you don't give a [\xa0__\xa­0]

and also what's actually super

beneficial is if you genuinely don't

give a [\xa0__\xa­0] then it's super easy

why you have to act like you don't give

a [\xa0__\xa­0] if you actually don't give a [\xa0__\xa­0]

I actually don't care I've been around

so many chicks that picture of me with a

cigar and there's two girls hanging off

me I was when I was smoking a cigar you

can look carefully and you'll see my

eyes my eyes have been done I'm looking

at some guy and the guy's face was

he was literally like his world was

blown because he saw me with two tens

not these other pickup artists versions

who the [\xa0__\xa­0] is this guy Mr cigar just

walked up and these chicks are hanging

all over it see a pimp is he famous who

I didn't give a [\xa0__\xa­0] he gave a [\xa0__\xa­0]

that's the difference don't give a [\xa0__\xa­0]

FDB we talked about smiling a little bit

and we talked about smiling we said how

was the sign of submission also you guys

that's a sign of submission as well if

you're not comfortabl­e within your own

skin you see a lot of people they take

pictures and they pull stupid faces

or when they're with someone in the back

all that [\xa0__\xa­0] is submission all that

[\xa0__\xa­0] is evolutiona­ry primate submission

this is broadcasti­ng to the world that

you're a [\xa0__\xa­0] loser don't do that you

either smile in a picture because you're

or you just look at the camera

you're not a [\xa0__\xa­0] clown and you're

not [\xa0__\xa­0] 15. you're making stupid ass

[\xa0__\xa­0] faces it's dumb don't do that

ever especially not with a chick

hello I guarantee you're not [\xa0__\xa­0]

I've had girls do that next to me I'm

just like looking like the [\xa0__\xa­0] they

are because I don't give a [\xa0__\xa­0]

ing stupid ass faces for [\xa0__\xa­0] off

so don't do that [\xa0__\xa­0] so you're pulling

weird faces and photograph­s that's

because you're insecure and you're

trying to broadcast the world that

you're a little liberal coward and

you're hoping that no one destroys you

you're hoping Big Daddy tape doesn't

come along and squash you in the palm of

this awesomely huge hand they'll be like

that Chef [\xa0__\xa­0] hate that [\xa0__\xa­0] I don't

hang around with people who do that [\xa0__\xa­0]

I'll put a picture of my brother now

that girl there is called Bianca

dragashano she has a million followers

or near a million on Instagram look her

up you can Google her she's the most

she's like oh [\xa0__\xa­0] her own TV show

legitimate­ly A-list in Romania very rich

as well most men would be intimidate­d by

a famous woman who's that Hall who's

Tristan went up to her in a [\xa0__\xa­0]

went up to her started talking [\xa0__\xa­0]

just the way me and him do it call her

PhD guys Tower of Power introduced

himself blah blah confident bang bang

bang you didn't get your number you go

on Instagram message her there on the

spot so she saw it even amongst a

million messages ended up getting her

number anyway he ends up [\xa0__\xa­0] this

whole thing comes out in the papers me

interested in the Payless stars and

Romantics or the guys who [\xa0__\xa­0] Bianca

I'm a brother but he's the guy who

she's married everything complete crazy

anyway the point of this picture is this

most men when I get a girl like that are

all over she she's famous she's Rich

she's important she's special

look at Tristan's body language in that

picture says he looks like he gives one

he doesn't give a [\xa0__\xa­0] about that hoe he

doesn't care he doesn't care somehow hmm

how many hoes might [\xa0__\xa­0] who cares you

dudes are out here caring too damn much

it's garbage like all of my courses what

I'm gonna do is I'm gonna update them

forever for free so if you've bought the

PHD course you bought the webcam course

you bought this course your money has

been well spent because remember getting

new videos every couple of weeks for

so this is the basis of my theory on

if I've missed anything there's anything

you want me to talk about send me an

email because guess what another video

will come out and I'll answer your

so if you've watched this and you feel

like you haven't learned anything you're

[\xa0__\xa­0] lying because I guarantee you

don't have everything I've said to you I

guarantee you don't have under control

understood analyzed and implemente­d you

haven't so [\xa0__\xa­0] go away and do that

[\xa0__\xa­0] get your things together put your

hands in the right [\xa0__\xa­0] place look

like a g get your [\xa0__\xa­0] right

learn how to go from [\xa0__\xa­0] crazy to

calm not from calm to Crazy put your

[\xa0__\xa­0] together if you have any further

questions email them to me because it'll

be another body language video in the

next week or so and I'll answer some

right we've been over the mindset the

mindset the four tenets of the mindset

believe you can do absolutely anything

to be pissed off you haven't done it yet

three absolutely nobody is coming to

save you and four your word has to be

Iron willed and use that for unlimited

I like to look at humans from an

evolutiona­ry standpoint I like to look

at us as a species because like I said

I'm an atheist I do not believe that God

put us here we're no special we're not

special we're no different than any

other animal here okay we're more

intelligen­t but there's always going to

be a smartest you know we're not the

fastest or the strongest or anything

we're an animal species and if you look

at humans uh from that perspectiv­e and

you look at men and males and I'm

assuming like I said previously most of

you are men males for a very long period

of time had a very physical role our

role was combatants our role was a

combative role our role was to protect

or to destroy or to dominate or to

conquer this was a male's role

so in the modern society where we

pretend physicalit­y isn't important and

we deny physicalit­y and people say it

doesn't matter it absolutely does matter

for cook because since the dawn of human

time my favorite saying that everyone

mocks me for it's just a dawn of human

time for 95 of our existence a man's

roles primarily a physical role so

physicalit­y is extremely important

and when you're looking at body language

it's quite difficult to have the body

language of an alpha what is an alpha

let me Diverse quickly what is an alpha

if you look in the alliance Pride who's

the alpha the alpha is the biggest

this is the alpha the alpha is the

so can you mimic the body language of

the biggest longest strongest lion yeah

of course but if you're not the biggest

you know it's not as easy to pull off

and someone might call your Bluffs so

this is actually a very easy video body

language is down to physicalit­y as a

whole the body language of a g is a

combative body language I'm not saying

you walk through life like this I'm

looking for a fight not at all but you

have to have a presence about you

whereas you're not an easy target

it's quite funny actually because

when you're a fighter you can spot other

Fighters a mile off like and it's not

just big muscly guys like you can put me

in a room with 30 guys who go to the gym

or Fitness Experts can come in and walk

through and if one of them is a high

level combatant if one of them's a

profession­al fighter like me I can I can

tell by the way he moves probably the

same way a dancer can sense another

dancer I can sense another fighter and

it's something instinctua­l or something

I can't even tell you how I do it I can

just tell by the way someone moves if

they can fight her if they can't fight

it doesn't matter I got the best body in

but it's the way they move I know I've

seen guys who don't have a body like

that and I can sense it and I've seen

guys who are built like that and I could

just tell it they would crumble

it really is an amazing thing and I

think this is something that you become

more tuned into more honed on when

you're a fighter yourself but it's

obviously something that humans

naturally possess we naturally possess

the ability to spall another male and

think that guy's a dangerous guy

so I can tell you tips and tricks in an

attempt to mimic the body language of a

dangerous person or you can become a

this course is not a short cut course

this is not tips and tricks this is not

[\xa0__\xa­0] this is about how to become a g

as a genuine male of substance and to

become a genuine male of substance you

need to know how to fight it's very

difficult to be a Jew if you're going

through life and you crumble at a

physical confrontat­ion because when you

get to a certain point in your life you

will encounter physical confrontat­ions

if you're going to go and travel the

world and drive fast cars and wear

expensive things and attempt to [\xa0__\xa­0]

beautiful women all over this planet

sooner or later you're going to attract

negative intention from either jealous

men or an ex-boyfrie­nd or a brother or

who a [\xa0__\xa­0] robber who wants your car

who knows are you really a g if you

of a high quality man and then when that

situation happens you you fold no of

course you're not you need to learn how

to fight I don't need to teach you how

to fight I don't need to sit here in

this course to say do this do that that

I don't even teach you any of that

because you can go and it doesn't matter

what city you are on earth there is an

MMA class so there's a boxing class that

will teach you how to fight you need to

dedicate substantia­l periods and and and

portions of your time to learning how to

fight you need to get hit you need to

have your ass kicked you'd learn how to

kick someone's ass and this is

absolutely essential to one the mindset

firstly mindset wise fighting is a

because fighting is 100 accountabl­e

even if you play soccer for example even

if your team wins maybe you didn't do

very much or maybe you kicked the ball

and the wind helped you who knows but

fight if you've got punched in the face

you didn't move and if you punched him

in the face you threw your hand and

fighting we always say there's no such

thing as a lucky punch and it's true you

know if I dedicate my life to learning

how to punch and then I knock someone

out is it a lucky punch no I knocked him

out that's what else I've been training

to do no such thing as a lucky punch so

mindset wise is perfect for your

secondly it's a huge challenge learning

how to fight is extremely difficult the

more difficult to learning how to dance

and learn how to do anything else and

the reason for this is because learning

how to fight all humans have an

instinctua­l way of fighting we don't

have an instinctua­l way to dance as much

pre-progra­mmed to fight but the way

we're pre-progra­mmed to fight is

completely wrong or pre-progra­mmed to

lift our head up so we look big and we

can see and to swing with our hands low

for maximum power and these are

completely wrong in terms of traditiona­l

when you're learning to fight your

reprogramm­ing your Basic Instincts and

this is why it's so difficult this is

why it takes more practice than the

other sport I could learn to dance much

easier than a dancer could learn to

fight at high level and that's because

fighting is Extreme chaotic it's

extremely quick it hurts and on top of

that you're trying to reprogram a Basic

Instinct so it's a very difficult thing

to do but if you want to become a g for

real you need to learn how to fight and

once you learn how to fight your body

language when I say once you learn how

to fight learning how to fight takes

years once you start to begin to learn

how to fight it's a lifestyle choice

this is not a I do a six-week course

that I know how to fight no this is a

lifestyle choice where you start to

dedicate a certain period of your time

every single week to being a combative

individual and something that you never

really give up on because you never

completely learn how to fight so it's

something you're gonna have to change

your lifestyle and base that around but

when you start to do that your body

language is going to change and once

again just like in the first lesson when

you start to do that the way you

interact and view the world will start

to change the way you view other people

will start to change this is a great

thing about especially when I had

I wasn't I wasn't big on Twitter until

Trump was Trump was elected and that's

when I started to tweet and they

verified me straight away and I got

mixed up and everything went crazy but

you realize that 99 of people on there

with their opinions who are being rude

would never speak to you that way in in

real life it never bothered me it didn't

ever upset me but when I was on Twitter

I never been spoken to that way in real

life nobody ever spoke to me that way no

argued with me that way and I thought

why is that and I thought because I have

a physical presence that even I wasn't

aware of if I sit with someone who hates

Trump in real in the real world the way

they speak to me is completely different

than they do on Twitter because even

subconscio­usly they're thinking this

guy's a dangerous guy and even even if

they know I'd never attacked them

because I'm not an idiot I'm an animal I

don't have a criminal record I'm not a

but instinctua­lly inside of their mind

from an evolutiona­ry standpoint they're

thinking this is not the kind of guy you

call names he's not the kind of guy you

and it's just that was a really great

experiment for me to see the way that

people talk to you through a computer

and the way that I've never been

interacted with that way in real life I

was like well why is that because I said

this to someone else like oh people talk

to me like that all the time I said well

yeah it's because you're you and I'm me

so a physical presence is a real thing

and it's a real thing one with other

males is certainly a real thing with

females absolutely a real thing with

females and this is something that

either I can teach you to imitate I can

tell you tips and tricks or you can just

go and [\xa0__\xa­0] do it if you go and do it

for real you don't need tips and tricks

are you going to be world champion no

because I'm in the top not point one

percent of physical athletes but can you

be good sure you can be good and is it

going to damage your life in any way to

time learning how to fight of course no

you're gonna be invisible better

physical condition better mental

condition you can have a better body

language because a male's body language

is a combative body language that's what

men are meant to do we are meant to

fight We're Meant To Conquer this is why

men have been men sister dawn of human

time this is why the Romans got some

rocks melted the rocks made swords these

[\xa0__\xa­0] they didn't have Google

Maps didn't know where they were going

they thought let's just walk in this

direction and then we're gonna find some

people and we're gonna kill him we're

gonna take all our women and we're going

to conquer their sea because we want to

this is what men have been built to do

sister dawn of humankind men are

combative individual­s so to pretend that

combat's not real anymore we live in

society and you don't have to did it all

garbage you know and this is Western

Society [\xa0__\xa­0] anyway if you've been

I've been to 71 countries if you go to

the places I've been you realize that

physical presence is still a very real

thing absolutely a very real thing in

many parts of this planet still today

so body language of the G is very very

short simple lesson one go and learn to

a man's body language needs to be a

combative body language and there's no

point in me teaching you how to imitate

that when you can go and learn it for

real that's the first thing go and learn

and that's it it's really that simple if

a body language which really does

display your values a high value male

then go and become one and learning how

to fight is the easiest way to do that

my name is Tristan Tate congratula­tions

on buying the body language course my

brother's body language as it's been

commented on by many many people is

always on point but I'm here today to

talk about how you and your best friend

your brother your companion whoever you

like to hang out with how your body

language can complement each other

now the main reason for this isn't to be

combat ready as Andrew touched on in a

previous video but it's more to avoid

now me and Andrew are very controvers­ial

characters almost nobody who knows who

we are likes us you are one of the uh

few people you're one of the elite the

people who actually understand what

we're talking about and like what we

have to say but most people don't

that said we are never started on in the

real world now of course now we're well

renowned uh kickboxing Champions but

we've always had the same principles and

the same body language and the same

mannerisms and we've noticed that people

and the best way to avoid conflict and

to avoid combat is to be perceptive

there was a very famous experiment

actually done in India where uh tiger

completely going crazy the the numbers

are through the roof and you can look

this up please look it up and the

solution they came to to avoid tigers

attacking the miners with these miners

would take human faced masks and wear

them on the back of their heads

so they'd do their mining go down their

boats drive around in their trucks be

out in the open with this mask on the

back of their head and if you look it up

on Google images for sure you'll be able

to find exactly what I'm talking about

you'll see that the masks look stupid it

looks ridiculous it was only a very

that these guys thought about the

problem and uh actually applied

but tiger attacks essentiall­y dropped to

zero now men very much like tigers are

big [\xa0__\xa­0] too I just thought of that I

everyone's a coward and no one wants to

fight one-on-one so even if there's only

your body language how you stand and

can be a massive deterrent to being

started on or having any kind of

now in school they teach you uh things

like a strong handshake and I'm sure the

basis of this is in every single course

or guide to body language in the world

but they teach it for the wrong reasons

in school I was taught that a strong

handshake makes the person who I want to

employ me like me more or take me more

but you could convey many different

expression­s and emotions with something

as simple as a handshake if I'm in a

room with a group of people who may or

may not be hostile if I'm in a room with

a group of people who may or may not be

hostile the standard good handshake

they'll teach you to give with the right

expression on your face can also mean

don't [\xa0__\xa­0] with me it can say I'm

stronger than you it could say I'm not a

these are things that people don't think

about because it's never taught

everyone's taught how to shake hands to

say please employ me please give me a

job but many other things can be

conveyed with just a handshake

now when me and Andrew are out in public

we're always watching each other's backs

now paranoia isn't cool it isn't sexy

and it isn't really Alpha to be paranoid

all the time that somebody's gonna start

on you I know people who walk through

the world in this way they're scared of

everything and everybody the the police

the person walking behind them they're

jumpy that's not what I'm talking about

and that is not the way men like me and

when I talk about watching each other's

backs it's the small things that me and

Andrew do that people who hang around

with us pick up them you guys at home

won't see these things because they're

never recorded and they're never on

camera me and Andrew always sit for

example across the table from one

just in case somebody decides to come up

from behind and attack us it's very much

like the tiger analogy wearing the mask

on the back of your head I in his other

set of eyes Evander is on a date with a

beautiful woman and I'm sitting with my

back against the wall and I can see

Andrew can relax Andrew can have his

good time he can not worry about looking

over his shoulder because you know me

and Andrew do have a few enemies um

everywhere including the city where we

live this doesn't just apply when you're

with somebody else but it can very much

apply to yourself are you by yourself

are you in Starbucks getting a coffee

about to do some work on your laptop

fine be very careful about where you sit

choose somewhere where your back is

against the wall like right now I'm

sitting in the corner I can see

everything that's going on in the room

in front of me this is the place you

want to sit not because you think

somebody's going to come up and attack

you not because you are scared of uh

assailants or muggers or robbers just

being able to see everything that goes

on in the room gives you the chance to

react to situations I guarantee if you

were to look at some of the violent

crazy things that have happened in

Europe from bombings to terrorist

attacks in the last few years some of

the people who survived survived because

of where they were sitting and it wasn't

chance a few of people I'm sure were

self-aware enough to be perspicaci­ous

about their environmen­t to sit in the

corner to watch what's going on to be

able to react to the environmen­t around

them now when I see people with

headphones in slouched over a table with

their coffee typing away on their laptop

and the whole room's behind them and

they're facing a wall they look like a

Target to me you don't have to be a

tiger to know that that person is a

target if anything goes down in that

coffee shop if anything goes down in

that restaurant that person is going to

be one of the first to die so watch each

other's backs and sit across the table

from one another always I have had

people who I've invited over to Eastern

Europe who assume that me and Andrew are

the kings of everywhere we go mostly

because me and Andrew are very Adept

Fighters and we can handle ourselves

but you need to understand in most

situations from Western Europe to

Eastern Europe when you go to very

expensive exclusive places nightclubs

first class lounges at airports the

people around you are your equals or

your betas in some respect financiall­y

or or something in one way or another

now if I'm in a club and I'm sitting in

the VIP section there are six tables

only in an entire club that has maybe 2

000 people in it I know those other

they're very rarely will a club just let

some loser in to sit around and drink

their super expensive alcohol and even

then it's a promoter who knows people or

who's friends with the owner or

now me and Andrew hang out in Eastern

Europe a lot so watching each other's

backs isn't just actually viewing your

surroundin­gs and knowing what's going on

around you your self-aware­ness it's also

how you interact with the people who

to give you an example if I sit down at

a table and there are three or four

Dudes a number of dudes who outnumber us

to my right now this has happened plenty

of times where there are six or seven

girls on my table now how you assert

yourself is going to determine whether

or not those guys try to roll up on your

women you're only two guys you're with

six girls they assume that these girls

are friends of my girlfriend that they

don't know I'm [\xa0__\xa­0] three and

Andrew's [\xa0__\xa­0] three so of course it's

natural and normal for other guys to at

least think about talking to the girls

that doesn't happen to me in Andrew

because of the way we assert ourselves

what you'll typically find is the most

confident amongst them works as a scout

will say hi we'll say can I borrow a

lighter from one of the girls when that

happens always ask the girl if she's

okay afterwards I do it all the time

girl a guy will be like excuse me do you

have a life with one of my girls I'll

say hey you okay and touch her arm

gently so the guy says oh I was just

asking for a lighter no problem my

friend handshake eye contact you know

you have to assert don't [\xa0__\xa­0] with me

with the initial contact with the guy if

I just turn my back and ignore him after

the light has been borrowed and he gives

it back he's going to say where are you

from who are you what's up you know you

have to cut things off the moment they

happen you have to nip it in the butt so

the way you conduct yourself within your

own group of people will stop others

trying to come over and invade your

space so the key is always to put

yourself in a position of power don't

just sit down and start guzzling away on

drinks I don't typically sit next to

Andrew and talk away and let our girls

mind their own business we're mixed in

with them two or three girls divided by

one of us at any stage around a round

table uh if you know what I mean so

we're always in control of our group in

control of our herd if you like so the

way you position yourself lets others

know not to creep up on you not to try

to talk to your women and especially not

to start some sort of stupid argument

that said in clubs also combat Readiness

I always like to keep at least one of my

hands free if my hand isn't free it's

something that can be used as a weapon

now I've in my life been in maybe two

fights inside of nightclubs none of them

in Eastern Europe it's more of an

England thing and I avoid conflict at

all costs but the way you stand can mean

the difference between getting your ass

typically even if I'm smoking a cigar

the cigar can be easily dropped I'll

keep it in my left hand my right hand is

the hand that I'm going to strike with

first that's where I'll hold my glass

because a glass can be used as a weapon

just as much as a fist can be used as a

weapon and I always stand left foot in

front of right foot ever so slightly

just so I can't be caught off guard just

so that I'm not off balance just so that

at any one time with my glass of my

cigar in one hand if someone approaches

really quickly which is how these things

always start you're always good to throw

a strike throw the glass or throw a

before people even come over and try to

talk to girls you're with or try to

start a fight with you people will

always Scout you out they'll always

stare at you for a little period of time

they'll ask their friends what do you

think these two are doing with all those

girls where do you think these guys are

from so when you catch him looking at

you don't stare them out don't put an

aggressive look on your face because

that just makes them want to fight you

more especially if you're outnumbere­d

that's going to encourage a physical

so you don't sit there looking angry at

them and what you absolutely don't do is

when they catch you looking at them look

away instantly that shows calories what

I do I'm a very confident guy Andrew as

keep in mind that when we're in a

high-class establishm­ent the people who

are with us are you know successful guys

rich guys Mafia guys dangerous guys

they're somebody's to be sitting there

so if I'm holding my drink typically if

I catch them looking and I catch eye

contact I was not a or I'll go like this

I'll raise my glass slightly and

continue drinking they'll typically do

the same thing back and that eases all

tension nobody after that is going to

come over and start trying to throw

so if you sit confidentl­y and assert

yourself just with your eyes and the

looks that you give the people around

you you can avoid basically all types of

of Confrontat­ion no one's going to come

over and try and talk to your women no

one's going to come over and try to

assault you try to insult you

um you have to set an atmosphere and set

a vibe that you're friendly but you're

not to be [\xa0__\xa­0] with and one more time

that takes me back to the handshake

that's what you need to say when you

introduce yourself to people especially

if they come over to your table and try

to do something you don't like or talk

now I know I may look big and scary and

some people watching me think oh well

you know it's all right for you you're

big and mean looking so nobody's gonna

start a fight on you nobody's gonna want

to engage in conflict with you that's

you can assert yourself with confidence

alone the way you Scout the room

everything I was saying earlier sitting

in the corner watching everybody around

you gives you the chance to see exactly

now that reminds me of a clip I saw on

the internet of a man I believe it was

where 10 to 15 guys ran into a bar I

think they were trying to attack

somebody or Rob the place I'm not sure

what these assailants were doing but

this guy was standing his back was to a

pillar in the middle of the room so no

one could necessaril­y run it behind him

and he was standing at the bar he wasn't

a very big guy or necessaril­y scary

looking guy but he stood there with one

of his hands on his glass and the other

hand completely free and as each person

rushed by him and rushed up to him he

now the ccdv footage is a little grainy

I can't see exactly how he looked at

these people but he didn't look down at

the floor he didn't stare at him with

fear and didn't sit there with an angry

look on his face he must have by process

of eliminatio­n 10 10 guys around by him

they all glanced at him and nobody

he must have conveyed some of the tips

I've been talking to you about in this

video now why does nobody start on this

guy he doesn't panic he doesn't flee he

doesn't run that portrays somebody who

can handle themselves certainly his

hands are free he's calm he's confident

and he's looking at what's going on

around him the people who rushed into

that bar were 10 to 15 individual­s they

were not confident men nobody who wants

to go and rob somebody or attack

somebody has to bring 10 to 15 of their

friends if they're not carols it's like

splitting up a pack of sheep you know

intimidati­ng coming towards you but when

you get one on their own they're

absolutely terrified and that's exactly

how this guy handled the situation he

looked at each one of them as a

one-on-one situation a one-on-one

man-on-man confrontat­ion and when they

got that look and when the guys made our

eye contact with him or when they

brought past him none of those people

wanted to fight him and that's the way

this takes me back to my original point

what those Indian Miners did by putting

the masks on the back of their head may

so insignific­ant and so stupid and by

all means please google it they look

but all it takes is the tiniest of

little steps in the tiniest of little

details to deter physical confrontat­ion

and to stay out of conflict the reason

behind this is because most men are

cowards most men don't want to fight you

one-on-one occasional­ly you'll meet that

guy every once in a while who thinks he

can handle himself has a problem with

you and wants to deal with you and will

actually come forward wanting to fight

you head on but that's not the way the

world is 99.9 of men cannot throw a

punch they can't throw a punch they

can't take a punch and deep down they

know it that's why tiny little details

can completely avoid conflict now in the

last 10 years me and Andrew have had

five or six physical altercatio­ns where

hitting someone has become a necessity

and every single time they've been very

easy to deal with but on top of those

there have been at least 200 times where

somebody has wanted to hit me or Andrew

or somebody has thought something

negative about me around you and it

could have spiraled into a physical

altercatio­n had I been in the wrong

company or had I displayed the wrong

body language that's a massive part of


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