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sang sabotage raccoon deliberate what's

I know Anthony understand­s you broke a

contract therefore you broke the Normans

everywhere look at the street I paid my

money to look the pictures yes

dong-man if I want to sit in the dark I

can do to do yes yes I think it's a

blinking shame robbing the poor people

like that we got our money back it's an

act of Providence like an earthquake or

a thunderbol­t or a baby will you kindly

not interfere we got to have our money

back so sorry I'm late this is their

luck but I had ahead on time tried to

eat my egg on toast another hug pump

it's in my ear now they want their money

we can't afford do wish mr. Verloc would

nice NPR cop even steven volatility

giving us nasty leading to me hey you

let me avow fall to the light fails

supposing you would have policeman got

hit over the nut do you think the

government is ask for their money back I

paid for my seat yes and what about the

come when did you get home I haven't

been hot you earned in 20 minutes ago I

came and crawled up the stairs I was

why are you shining the torch on me

can't you switch on the light or

something we can't it's failed what the

fuse calm down no it's everywhere in the

streets in the trends and the audience

on stairs wants their money back they

well I'll give it back wait we can't

oh yes we can you must be crazy it'll

clear us right out you're always saying

we don't cover expenses that's all right

doesn't pay to antagonize the public

I've got some money coming in go on well

for you to say if we're going to be

generous let's do it properly come on

downstairs and make a speech about it no

no there used to you you'll do it

all right I still think you're crazy

it's an act of God I tell you and what

you call an act of God I call your face

one and you won't get your money back on

that now the plane would have come along

and drop a bomb on you that would be an

unfriendly act within the meaning of the

Act but if the juice dries up of its own

accord that's an act of Providence as

laid down in the act of William the

fourth where an act is defined as any

activity actuated by actual action no

wonder the blinking lights went down

I'll move point them make them pay

that's right mom yeah we want our money

back I know you're gonna get it apply

sanctions are you familiar with the

details of the Covenant if you studied

article 257 paragraph 24 lines 6

sanction B it says definitely no yes you

you're all ignorant now if you take my

advice you go walk home because there's

nothing doing here now go on Gil what do

you think you're doing just lending a

hand I thought I told you not to

interfere I'll be delivering a little

counter-at­tack look they're on the run

bling come right back listen ladies and

gentlemen you're going to get your money

don't give him now I'll stand by you I'd

refer you to go and stand by your apple

store ladies and gentlemen I've been

speaking to mr. Verma and since you're

all regular paintings and good friends

he's going to let you have your money

back there'll be no money back until you

go on get off please don't pay any

attention to it I tell you you're crazy

I had y'all fixed you mind your own

digging of all the upstairs people if

you don't go away I'll call the police

Rini start refunding the patrons their

hey now that you haven't beat it before

off it thank you for your trouble

I'm sure you meant for him not at all I

how many vegetables is already to

dishing up please tell mrs. Verloc miss

oh there you are ma'am I've got to where

cause my offsprings having trouble with

his kidneys again and I can't leave him

your young brothers looking out to them

father kidness mother get you to booze

they gave you done all this by yourself

well we didn't have to pay the messed up

money after all always dead woman mrs.

Jones manages to make the cabbage brown

I'm always telling you you like things

Phoebe run next door and get a nice big

head of lettuce no more olives I like

whichever'­s precious tell him to charge

it really wouldn't been able to afford

lettuce if we saved them back you didn't

seem very interested when I told you I

mean why were you so keen to pay them

only anything for quiet I don't like a

tension being thrown to us like right

padeen you savelic forgive me for

butting in and your private affairs but

this pride specimen didn't if you'd know

where they wanted long round square or

long lettuce so for a selection I just

think you said long ones you know I did

you I thought you said long ones

I'll take long ones oh good evening mr

verloc so you came home just in time to

see the trouble eh me I've been in all

day afternoon but I could have sworn I

saw you come in just about will you were

wrong I didn't know anything about it

until you woke me do that no he was

lying down upstairs I had to call it

sorry my mistake I suppose well here we

I thought someone was committing to

murder someone probably ears on the

Stevie hop on a chance fix that family

look at George Halas doesn't bite you

yeah I look around the market tomorrow

all right we'll put someone under that

no sergeant Rizal what happened tonight

is that anything you're on him I'm not

certain but I could have sworn I saw

Bella come back in the middle of it all

they did when I challenged him he said

his wife confirmed naturally she would

if she's in it you better find some way

Anderson Spencer how long has it been on

they're scared something worse than

tonight's job may happen what's the idea

so what's the point of all this Ricky

making trouble at home to take our minds

same it in a crowd one man treads on you

tell while you're arguing with him his

pal fix your pocket who's behind it ah

there are the people that you and I'll

never catch it's the men they employ

don't you know that buddy dangerous what

leaving stuff like that line about

supposing you or me what's a break a leg

on that you'd be buddy pleased with

yourself I suppose that would depend

whether it was your leg or mine can't

tempt you I suppose orange is very nice

look I've gained the pictures submit

reflect them off to a trade show well

think it's a good one then you know

Kenya murders this love stuff makes me

sick hmm the women like it though

he's just good well then tell him not to

come back too late cause they're going

eh pineapple and each pineapple

bob was dead as a discovery job you

never kept chip here to live on NC

they're funny-look­ing thing it'll take

three like that makes soup the Lord

Mayor's banquet next Saturday think of

that they say its digestive it though

there's the thing with the mustache

I hope you satisfied the black man show

had spent money to start a neat job so

the sort of thing to make people sit up

I think you'll agree about the money I

hope you didn't mind my asking for the

you made London laugh when one says that

put the fear of death and the people is

not helpful to make them laugh they're

not comedians insult my project at such

cool and amazing things and not as I

realized what happened ass that was

laughable we did right laughs this time

what do you mean - well not you will be

paid your money when you've earned it

I don't follow I dare their luck I once

read a sign in Piccadilly Circus calling

it the center of the world I think it

would appear visit there in a couple of

days time near a small parcel in the

cloakroom of the undergroun­d station

what sort of a possible I don't know

I'm not going to be connected with

anything it means lots of light you

looked up with somebody else I won't

touch it they welcomed me to velop if

you think you're so well off you know

I'm not you know my position all right

you'll be paid your money when I

yourself ass about to get yourself

surely you have some kind friends with

a very nice old gentleman he makes love

I'll try and see him don't forget the

date Saturday next Darnell showed a

Glock do you want me to come and rip oh

thanks know if your report itself is

loud enough won't be necessary which is

this five hours between infertilit­y is

extremely high after laying a million

eggs the female oyster changes her sex

that you'd be fat too if you're fed corn

and bits of bread all day long why if it

isn't stevia mrs verloc hey look kid yes

hey isn't it all to eat more food eh you

and your fruit that's our lunch today

why is that all how about a nice juicy

steak with me what about it I'm all for

it geez good wish we go I'd like to go

to Simpsons boy I knows I'm cool took

don't be silly Stevie we're going to the

corner house for a t-shirt oh don't be

too hard mrs. B let's make it Simpsons

and you have been here before no never

you know what you're doing you're

pulling the tape I saw a picture once

sneaky tablecloth off the table and

there's everything standing on it you

want to find out as hell Monday he did

oh this is very expensive isn't yes it

I've got a pound note if you want

alright master you setting aside the

stake for a moment we have here before

moisture is caviar smoked salmon fried

grilled or boiled so I have a roast

Kentish chicken pudding boil silverside

roast sirloin chop steaks grilled

kidneys or roast duck I think Steve

you'd like a nice poached egg on toast

now to mix salad yeah drinks it poached

egg here at Simpsons well that's enough

to make the roast beef turn its gravy

three bullets roasted whole and a cup of

her lawyer normally when did you come

over from America about a year ago

business was heated good over there

that's funny could be used to go with

the states because business wasn't too

good over here nothing's working on now

not too good not terribly well I hadn't

noticed you turning people away not to

make a one-man business pay these days

unless you're on a sideline as mr.

Phillips said land no but we're quite

satisfied with things as they are just

mr. villas very kind and that means a

lot to see this sister no fact for you

as usual see I don't feed it never seen

you for a long time so I look as though

I don't like that what's the big idea

what idea first pretending able to have

second affording to come here on your

cell that's what everyone I'd like to

know there's a mystery about me come to

think of it there's a mystery about most

people haven't you got some terrible

secret never mind about that what goes

on our tires and that cinema of yours

lead the darkness is your husband go on

mysterious journeys he does wearing

false whiskey aha that means another

woman in his life what to do if you

working Yoona is the finest most

well what luck with mrs. Bell she knows

nothing is there nothing at all what

makes you think so she has a straight

answer to everything besides her mana

pretty woman one second to do the time I

know I'm too tender-hea­rted myself

especially where women are concerned

what about Birla I'm not certain but he

views mixed up in this he's not giving

himself away I'm not so sure about that

Hollingshe­ad was signaled by you this

morning to follow this man better

well just reach in that paper with this

is his report telephone record was 10

minutes ago their luck went to the zoo

aquarium evidently by appointmen­t and

met a certain foreign individual who

handed him a paper he then proceeded

with all 65 little pool road isn't she's

a virgin I'm waiting for him to come out

and report again later on isn't it

exactly doesn't mean much to me either

but I can't understand madam one of my

best songbirds it's saying all day

before you purchased it perhaps in a few

days it will settle down nothing will

make it settle down I've tried always

whistling to it clapping the eggs frying

bacon no use it just sits there and

makes me look silly not the birds fault

I'll have my two and nine please and

there's your bird back I want a canary

for company but I can make them senior

you sure it was in listen again you see

cousin of course you did there's a good

watercress and you must whistle to him

may whistle captured like me to sit in

the cage and him do the ants work yes of

course you want something for my other

department don't you eating this way

much better than having stream just

doing for you strangers to inquisitiv­e

you know nothing now where my keys are

very careless she oughtn't to hit the

child play up here pretty juris there

you are though father no discipline what

can you expect the little girl's father

there I don't know might be I don't know

nobody knows my daughter would like to

it's her crafts and she must bear it we

all have our cross to bear everything

there looks pretty harmless you are

but if I were to mix a a little tomato

sauce with some strawberry jam but then

I gather from our mutual friend that

Saturday is the day in the our 145 and

per count where starts a mechanism

though you leave that to me by the time

you receive it everything will have been

set in motion you seem a little nervous

don't be afraid say to yourself that is

one man who ain't with you and with me

I've been a fighter always until now but

alas I no longer wanted in the frontline

I must keep the fighters supplied but I

would rather be in your shoes my dear

just look here yes yes yep you're right

I must put it there myself no harm done

well I think everything is quite clear

slap me hard granddad's been very

look this what's he do it might be

watching me why not they probably know

they'll raise you one day I shall give

them a nice warm welcome if they do if

you can see me on Saturday without fail

sir Atul Canaries in the nice cage of

don't forget Saturday at 1:00 fortifying

good day that child again and now sighs

I wanted noise singing today early

because I realized he wasn't really a

greengroce­rs assistant at all I mean a

greengroce­rs assistant can hardly afford

to lunch at Simpsons can it he's really

quite well-off and he's a to learn the

business it's one of a big chain there

charm if you ask me I believe he's the

son of the man who owns them how would

you like a job selling fruits TV

wouldn't I with Ted he makes it all

sound fun couldn't even read to have

steak whenever you like cuz I'd have it

you'd still get sick of it but I

wouldn't don't I have collectibl­e things

to eat set poached eggs but clatter of

birthday I didn't know the worst things

in the world but Ted doesn't hate them

I'm sure he did I bet he doesn't know

I don't think tents are terribly

dignified and it still dignified to

these eggs hell I see a bunch of huh how

it's alright Steve didn't it'll come

with us and sale it he might if you're

asking he's more likely to if you ask

him sailing boats his father I like it

but Ted knows about all sorts of things

gangsters and burglars and everything

how does he know he reads about him he

says gangs is not nearly so frightenin­g

as you'd think some of them are quite

ordinary looking like you and me mr.

after we've gangsters look like

gangsters a piece would soon get offed

mr. Verloc in was expecting yes do you

know your way - yes I think so

I haven't appointmen­t with mr. Bailey

do you know your way to you go right

through the theater pass one Jack thank

they did that did kind of their saddles

please have a slip away in a minute

maybe I won't be bothering you anymore

I'm glad I found it it's the most

important tool of our banner - Oh allow

well all our troubles are over now

Oh Ted we're good I can have a word of

mr. Verloc well he doesn't talk to

loudspeake­rs that what's in there go to

the screen where does that lead to

Hillerman the wonderful open I'll give

all not to be a surprise first of all

come out of that five your nephew how

are you oh don't fiddle about facts no

good leave it to me I'll get it out of

him ah don't you do that to me don't you

talk like that to me remember I'm your

I'm only too glad to pay what the job

through it well I don't see anything

I'll call in tomorrow about eleven

o'clock and afterwards I'll settle with

you when you have done the job of course

if the Arsenal rules to Birmingham on

Saturday I shall be so pleased

partner I don't follow no no I know you

don't follow Arsenal but they're a good

bet believe me don't forget I filled in

about ten coupons stands me in at about

what are you doing up there who is he

well he's wonderful for the next two I

know more art but what happened

I've shown Ted the back of the screen

loudspeake­rs wasn't that alright how I

didn't hurt you you never know you know

what mr. bellick no harm done I hope I'm

speaking back to shave the old Appletree

good night that is detective Sergeant

Spencer of Scotland Yard my tweets yeah

you're having us on but what are we

but he's connected with a food store

next door I tell you Spencer got me my

last Church the one I ran license from

now what we got to do about it one thing

this job is off out finished we go quick

from here and scatter and keep scattered

and if he comes her again tell him we

don't know where we live say we're gonna

yesterday it seems since Benny had lunch

with that film Ted you me I remember

what he said to you did you ask him any

questions about yourself about me no you

know you think of why because he's a

that's why spying on us and me through

you why should he what is that if I know

I'm right it must be one of those

fellows who came here tonight

but you said I'm spying on you you know

nothing me this place I meant but he has

anything against anybody watch me come

straight to you you'd help him I'll talk

to a detective - no no I'll speak to

we clean all day I don't gonna where's

has he gone to Scotland Yard shiny mr

verloc boss I didn't like the idea but I

couldn't refuse she it was official

but why what's wrong did they say what

not sure far as I know you must have

been showing some punished or the films

I daresay you know perhaps a bit too OTT

I was trying to get hold of him since

first thing this morning wasn't there

anybody there to answer no but it's too

late to stop him now he's gone out with

an order all right all right

hello man just left this I thought he

must have made a mistake no no that's

all right it's only a pair of birds for

Steven I was just phoning about it it's

terribly good to him not to you you're

good to him you're good to me you know

that yes I know what made you think of

it No someone meet the suggestion there

there's a surprise for you inside what

there was no one on the door forgive me

for busting in like this we're getting

used to it I'm afraid with nothing

I'm sorry mrs. bellick but I'm here on

business saying that this is last night

mrs verloc there's nothing personal in

all this baby you had this food all

right trying to make Stevie and me think

you were a friend do you think I enjoyed

it do my duty I asked to be taken off

this job this morning you can guess why

it's not as easy as that my job you have

to do as you're told what have you been

told it's about the men who came here

last night man you had nothing to do

with it you better realize that they

came here on business about the cinnamon

that's just it you've no idea what their

business was whatever it was I'm sure my

husband hasn't done anything wrong

I hope you're right what do you feel

like this because we believe there's

something going on here connected with

sabotage sabotage that blackout the

other night you remember what my husband

has no anything to do with sabotage

he told me that night he'd been in all

evening that wasn't true I saw him come

back with my own eyes I don't believe it

you're making things very difficult for

I'm fine I've got to ask you a lot of

questions now about those men that told

you before he's the most harmless person

in the whole world he wouldn't do

they're beauties which one's the hen

you'll have to wait till one of them

lays an egg wouldn't it fool everybody

one day the gent laid an egg car

shouldn't it be funny all right

and by the way nice that to relive gone

well there's plenty of time mmm I was

just wondering maybe you could take it

along ah because there's another little

job that weren't doing at the same time

you know kill two birds with one stone

not my bird no no they'll be here when

you come back no it's a that protect the

gadget it won't seem to have is added

what for it says he'll do it cheaper

than they will in town but he can't come

right over here and fetch it so what

they do is this you leave it in the

cloakroom at Piccadilly Circus and

Harris picks it up at half past one can

you get it without the ticket no that's

all right you leave the ticket with the

man that is no sane bit done this before

you'll better get along now well there's

no hurry you'll have to walk all the way

you know you can't take filling tins in

public you needn't tell your sister that

you are doing is fasting a dinner and

you know what she is all this thinking

you are going to get run over

oh she needn't worry heads I wash tails

but don't take why don't you go

I mean hurry up you might be late don't

forget it's got to be there by 1:30 at

Oh Steve what you got there we're taking

a two-reeler rope to the Canterbury hmm

ma column you the strangler and it

have you seen it 14 times let's put a

well so long about all of you so long

careful of the crossing I can look after

myself Carter Oh Steve mr. Pelican yes I

I'm afraid I've had to impose on your

was develop I couldn't afford to let you

in on this now I put my cards on the

table I coming here to ask your help

nothing more I see that those mend over

here the other night when I dropped in

myself I've been instructed to get a

little informatio­n about them we'd be

very grateful of you to help us well any

help I can give him of course about

yourself mr. bellick oh when did you

first come to this country can I get you

not now no thanks I'll I've got to think

now let's see have to be better if you

put it down on paper just a formality

but you find a pending we could start

right away you know I call Anton Bella

gentlemen I want to ask you a question

what did it cause it's deep to fall out

why comes in the draw consider became

inevitable in all human organism but

occasional­ly erected instantane­ously

arrested and my Watson cosa yes exactly

but if I may say so by rather more than

one cover by a few coppers I have here

in my hand a to better mark of a

preparatio­n salvo dog derived from two

Greek words salvo no more and don't - a

dick Spence the small - and a shilling

for the large tube containing four times

as much now let me give you just a

little demonstrat­ion now if somebody ah

I see you're a young gentleman alive

sure be happy to assist me in the chair

if you don't mind I allow me to relieve

you this topic all right all right all

right say we all don't get excited

man here we are the first thing to do is

to take the tube in the left hand and

remove the cap I serve and we pick up a

new fresh and we squeeze some of these

solver Don along the vessel like so in I

want you to observe ladies and gentlemen

that the young gentleman'­s teeth are

very dirty not yes they are no clone of

a method to the boy now we now proceed

to use the brush now with you only

commercial difference­s what X it is

either too gritty and takes all your

name law or it ain't and they don't take

nothing off sir but we've salvo done

that's the EPI media are the two strong

all two weeks it performs the functions

that make sure forgotten it tends in the

teeth of fishes the mouth and removes

all traces of any ptosis Holly what bad

breath tubes hurt so me you thank you I

Ronna black Sonic don't be afraid they

are 7 and now ladies and gentlemen you

will observe that I am unfortunat­ely

this arranged the young gentleman'­s hair

but that is easily attended to now I am

here a bottle of los well a shilling vet

sorry but I have knowledge high four

times the size which is only 1850 I will

now give you a demonstrat­ion about use

you put it on the air like a it's a

remark on stock it is guaranteed to give

the appearance of Phaeton letter to the

human text ha ha you are now room to

stardom as I say hey go on battlekey

look at the computer server 130 yes 130

in the morning you were a meeting young

here you're comping those there in a

public vehicle here films nd yes then

they're flammable go on up off big boy

but I've got to get two figures did he

called on his mouth on the platform or

Bartholome­w restrain Glenn Oh what did

you bought on me old fellow you can stay

as long as you promise not to said about

me here any of the passengers killed

well everything seems to be all right

would you have your drink after all no

thanks come in oh excuse me we ring up

now use your phone put me through the

superinten­dent poll but please Spencer

a whole busload of people have been

how often what time why do you ask em

well after all I can't be in two places

at the same time can I I suppose not

I'm not sure we'll make up your mind

what is it anyway ah but follow know

something that the filmed in isn't it

I thought you said Bella hadn't been out

since this morning he headed well you

best go back there and see if that's one

of their films you only sir yeah Jess

you better join humming pizza bird shop

yes sir don't go inside just keep your

he's not anything to do with it mr.

Spencer Bartholome­w the string that's a

from sensation connects the new speed

he's alright he can take care of himself

you've got nothing to worry about

give me my legs beneath big folks

exciting election is light extra nice

come on mr. luck how was it see mr. Vela

I didn't mean any harm to come to the

board come on you've got to think of

tomorrow you'll need all your wits about

you if they get onto me you might answer

to be reasonable what would it have been

that's buying in the aquarium silly

jeering dangerous proved with no more

sense then you didn't know quite right

to another chap to worry a woman it's

fun of me you have no business to know

you'll have to pull yourself together my

girl what's done can't be undone

you could do better now what you want is

I know how you feel do you think it

you think I fixed it so that he'd be

killed no did I tell you who did your

Scotland Yard friend from next door

Ted blame him I'd have carried it in my

talent but he was hanging around

watching spy I couldn't get away

it's done now and that's the future

perhaps I don't know perhaps if we had a

Robin stop young Stevie ain't ended up

light falling pull yourself together a

number bullying why can't that woman

cook green stuff any better sure it has

been long enough here to know how fond I

I don't think I want any cabbage

couldn't return next door for some

you've heard it yeah I'm terribly sorry

you know why I'm here yeah I have to

arrest him yeah I'm hoping that I can of

course for your sake if not for his I'd

do anything for you you know that don't

it's very good of you take here's an

anything you can do for either of it

things aren't as bad as that the

evidence is against him I admit but now

I know this isn't a very good time to

tell you I shouldn't tell you at all I

suppose but before I take him along I

want you to know that what happens to

you means a lot to me I didn't want to

tell you how I feel about you but there

I guess I better get my coat afore guy I

can't stop shivering for God's sake what

he killed steezy I feel woman huh let's

go go where the police ofcourse No hold

listen to me you can't go through this

Tim let me go you're not guilty I know

anyway you only did the hanging of time

for him please let me go I know the fact

that no one else knows what chance would

you stand with the judge and jury I

you kidding me you nothing more to look

for lady look at me good idea we're

gonna get out of all this carrot you

know it's no good you just ruined you

Oh to hell with that it's actinide we

don't need passports for the company did

we ask for weekend tickets the train

leaves at 9:00 well someone try and get

never mrs. Jones or anyone mrs. Jenkins

and eight o'clock in the morning eight

o'clock and you say we've got no chance

why we've 12 hours stop before anyone

can find him you shut up I don't want to

hear another word from you now go

strictly at cinema I'll bring that

birdcage right back before the police

how could you be nomads to do sticking a

birdcage with a bomb in it my dear I

couldn't help well you can help now he

has your hat in your coat and my tip of

water through degrees cool to you what

about me and the child I mean our lives

been one long risk for months now go

I'll get into that taxi and get that

put this in the yard please van was a

number you dc47 six a good forty man

under observatio­n just left bird shop is

making visual cinema in a taxi which we

are following in the instructio­ns

Verdi is a risk man and the locum

arrived at cinema chief inspector come

I just you must look as though you've

been crying I'm Lauren come on dude

are you enjoying sorry no time now madam

bananas's ville oh we're here we in

fencer look at just taking me along to

sleep - oh I see this is very Lucknow we

want to question but you seem to spend

all that I told him I wanted to make

steak pain today what kind of statement

mrs. Bell look you can make your

statement later at the station

alright Tranter I'm in charge of it he's

taken to do with your husband your man's

gone through the back sir right I'm

you wait here your husband be along in a

minute no but mrs verloc yes no time now

I'm afraid later you stay over the car

Spencer how many men have gone round the

come on vampire pit up your the same low

trouble that's got a bomb pop a dick

better clear the cinema I'll look after

the old man no thanks I'm staying here

you've got a wife all the more reason

he's down to the back he's gonna bumps

is gonna use it bomb these well look

inside - I don't know if has some

happens this is Valley is your husband

inside there he knows nothing said why

do you keep interferin­g Spencer yes he's

inside the old man's got a bomb what's

your husband's nerve can he control him

roots on the whole of the back face

clean blow not anybody all the audience

with care and goodness Roberto's

year-old boy I saw something'­s in the

wall but and then up left to identify I

would say sis you better get a first aid

my fam Berlin headed expensive no better

look after his mother a husband's dead

round the globe you can break it usually

if your inquiries later but nothing

against uh suppose I could gather yes

that's queer is that girl's psychic she

said that Verloc was dead sir or you

don't need second sight in the case like

this but she said it before was it out


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