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Aiya Youth Speaks Teen Poetry Slam Finals 2019 with Английский subtitles   Complain, DMCA

societal sculptures fade away like water

paint on a lean canvas the mixture of

colors makes me anxious but I swear I

know what pure grace is we live in a

world where the mindset is money you

kill bees but ask for honey now why

would you kill what has the power to

create and sustain I noticed we love to

complain about pain but no one mentions

the thrill in the gain the belly of the

beast is no stranger to scars holds an

undeniable hunger and sometimes I

question why the only way to feed the

beast is fight violence with more

violence enticing fire to seek prey and

annihilate cause chaos but expect

silence force compliance half these

people ain't never felt the purest ray

of sunshine a natural remedy for the

blues making poetry exist from soil

showing me a glimpse every morning

nothing but green animals roaming free

our air is clean we don't fear the

spirited flames of fire we learn how to

move with the grace of water maybe start

swimming a little stronger there's no

need to tread the surface you allow your

body to move with the current there's no

bullets devouring the skin of any living

being guns loaded cigarette smoking

finger on the trigger angry boys cease

daddy with gun learns to shoot daddy

says get the job done waters the bullet

with tears and grows a man out of that

gun bullets for blood angry man bleeds a

became embodiment of gun positioned

around every corner like a shy shadow

deteriorat­ion stops manifestin­g this

skin is still alive but not for long

this world managed to teach guns how to

sing our song and my song is fading and

I think the reason humanity is failing

is there a fool to think you'll prosper

if you aren't a product of pollution and

slaughter they cut down trees to make

buildings build stores to sell trees

identify ocean as wasteland dumping

their truth for safekeepin­g hoping the

current will take it deep enough to

surface built an army labels at factory

told the soldiers they're fighting for

salary this is how they get away with

legalized slavery grooming human beings

into machines giving them survival of

the fittest mentality mastering the art

of rapid strategy an internatio­nal game

of Russian Roulette a death duet shoot

the last man standing a masterpiec­e a

sculpture of what's left of society


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