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上瘾Addicted (Eng sub) 第1集 问题少年作文本引发血案 BL 网络剧 with Английский subtitles   Complain, DMCA

Hai, the wedding banquet is already reserved

What time are you going tomorrow?

Commander said that this is an order, can't be disobeyed

Then tie me up and send me over

Madam was gone long time ago and commander is just in his 40's

he can't just stay single forever

About my mom , I'll hate him forever

Hai, you can't say stuff like that

If the commander hears you, he'll kill you

About your mom, it was an accident. Even the forensics proved it

why are you still suspicious about him?

My dad is getting married tomorrow

Then, are you going to the wedding?

you have to let her know that there is not just one householde­r

there's no place for her to do what she wants

can't never get a divorce and marry again

so, you should know what I mean

maybe, you're the one over thinking

Gu Hai, why aren't you saying anything tonight?

we aren't suppose to talk while eating

yes commander, I have nothing to report

clean yourself, some rice came out

my god, what happened with my dad's taste?

He has tasted too many good things before so wants to try some

oh right, move your kid in tomorrow

Hai, I have a son of your same age and has also a similar

I think you two will get along well

actually my son doesn't want to move in and live with me

he likes his dad better, and I don't really want to move him here

whether he's coming or not I'm moving

Ms. Zhou, put it there, I'll help you

you've come early today, just seat

where is Yin? why he's not coming for breakfast

he went to the hospital for his grandma's medecines

he should have breakfast before going

if you go a bit late to the hospital, there won't be anything

mom has called you several times, why aren't you answering

fine. if you don't answer me, then I'll go inside

Luo Yin, mom thought about it, and I think that the school you're

mom contacted a private school for you

you can attend there for two years, after the college entry exam,

you can think that I'm not a good mom

but you can't mistreat yourself

in that crappy school, you won't have any future

my new husband's son has your same age, and is attending that

I haven't been a responsibl­e mom

but, I want to make up for that now

you are still young, I'm not old neither

why can't you at least give me an opportunit­y?

and, don't talk about his family in front of me anymore

what? you want to transfer to another school?

the school I attend now is too near from my house

my husband does know some principals

but, we have to ensure that you're not going to any school that is

even though the conditions aren't as good as your previous school,

I just need to attend classes, I don't care much

today is the first day of school, we're both in class 27

you've just missed a great opportunit­y

i would use that opportunit­y of being late to apologize to her,

this is my phone number, I've never made it public for my students

hello everyone, I'm Wang Chuang Wang from Wang Chuang's Chuang and

I'm from Tianjin, You Qi (especiall­y) is my name

these are the name cards for the students, please make a list

he has the number on his seat, just go and ask

why do you have such a stupid name?

I don't find what you're saying funny

Meng (fierce)? your name is less appropriat­e than mine

making a seat list, tell me your name

if you're human, write like one

do you have any problem? if not don't disturb me

I know how to solve this problem

I just ask you to pick up my ruler

I don't know if you have a problem with me or with the homework

even if you have, you can just tell me

I use to have a good impression of you

but what you did this time has totally disappoint­ed me

explain, what you mean by this?

don't pretend, I've worked for many years. I've seen all kinds of

rewrite it again, plus a self-criti­cism latter

but teacher, I really did write it, I don't know who ripped it

do some reflection outside, until you get it

fuck, if I find the bastard who ripped my homework

for his own sake I better not see him

aren't you afraid of him getting on top of you?

ok ok, lest stop talking useless things. let's drink


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