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AI powered assistants and the future of work Latest World News WION World DNA with Английский subtitles   Complain, DMCA

Canadian e-commerce firm Shopify will

soon launch an artificial intelligen­ce

assistant for merchants on its platform

now it happens to be the latest

technology company to roll out such a

feature right the AI powered assistant

it's called site kick it will be

embedded as a button on Shopify and

answer Merchant queries including

details about sales Trends the assistant

can also help entreprene­urs update their

their stores on Shopify for instance it

can apply discounts on all items on the

website if prompted to do so the feature

is coming soon the e-commerce platform

has not yet revealed the launch date

now companies such as Alibaba group Zoom

Video Communicat­ions and data bricks of

all launched AI assistance in the last

few months following the massive jump in

the use of open ai's chatbot chart GPT


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