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MATT: Hello everyone, and welcome to tonight's episode

of Critical Role where a bunch of us nerdy-ass

voice actors sit around and play Dungeons & Dragons.

TRAVIS: (hollering­) We play Dungeons & Dragons!

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MATT: I can't tell, I feel like somewhere

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TALIESIN: Angelina Jolie owes us a sequel to Hackers now.

TRAVIS: We hacked a new hope.\nMAT­T: Hack the planet, guys.

TALIESIN: I love how they--\nTR­AVIS: Hack the planet.

TALIESIN: They can see your screensave­r

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I'm excited to see you guys.\nTRA­VIS: Marisha, you can

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Hallo.\nMA­TT: No, I have to go there.

LAURA: It's from Sweden, I understand now.

MATT: I've been there and most people

don't have accents, actually.

this fly is going to be a problem.

Can you hack the fly for us, Sam?

LAURA: Hold on. Let me get a kitchen knife.

TRAVIS: Netscape baby, Netscape.

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LAURA: I can't organize my dice

because of all of Sam's hacker gear.

MATT: I'm not going to lie, I kind of like

this Mr. Robot re-inventi­oning.

I would watch the shit out of this version.

TRAVIS: Just un-jack him, Laura.

LIAM: The Rami Malek thing is--\n

I've been sliced.\nM­ATT: Okay.

LIAM: Could you give us a solid\nsix seconds of monotone, please?

SAM: Mono, oh, you mean Rami Malek monotone?

SAM: (mumbled) I don't know what you're talking about.

LAURA: Oh well, darlings, I don't know

if you noticed during the one-shot but--

TALIESIN: Oh look, look at that.

LAURA: Our fabulous Vex and Percy wedding ring

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LAURA: Yeah, I just made that up on the spot.

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MATT: There's something so elegant about the contrast

of this beautiful ring and a Vex'ahlia persona

and a Casa Bonita Dive Team t-shirt.

Liam, you wanted to have a cool little announceme­nt.

LIAM: Oh man, we have got a little treatsie for you tonight.

Since we are rolling into this game at level 10

we thought it was the perfect time

to unveil our new character art

by artist Ariana Orner, @ornerine.

She did the first batch of official art for this campaign.

She's doing this one, she's doing the whole campaign.

They are mouth watering, just put her on the fucking screen.

MARISHA: Look at how dope we are!

LAURA: Look how tall you are, Caduceus.

He's a tall, tall guy, well, to be fair.

LIAM: Look at those fucking abs on Beauregard­!

TALIESIN: Look at that purloined coat.

LIAM: Look at that anxiety-wh­ited hair on Fjord.

TALIESIN: Oh, that sword is so nice.

LIAM: David Bowie Caduceus.\­nTALIESIN: Yep, yep.

LAURA: Look at the beading on her coat

LIAM: Can we get a zoom in on Nott's face?

TALIESIN: Let's talk about the button necklace.

SAM: The button necklace is pretty great.

TALIESIN: The button necklace is amazing.

TRAVIS: The details are so amazing.

that goblin will straight up kill you.

MARISHA: Yeah, that quilted jacket.

LAURA: Nott's embracing her sexy.

Let's see some other people details.

TALIESIN: You're un-jacked.­\nSAM: I'm un-jacked.

LIAM: By the way, if anyone wants to see this art

in full, individual portraits, you can go over

to critrole.c­ome right now, it's there now.

MATT: Yeah, all those awesome Xhorhasian outfits

you guys had made while you were in Rosohna, I love it.

LIAM: Ariana killed it, thank you, Ariana.

MATT: All righty.\nT­ALIESIN: Oh, man.

MATT: Without further ado, let's go ahead

and jump into tonight's episode of Critical Role.

♪ The adventure begins, they were always beside you ♪

♪ Your nerdy best friends and the DM to guide you ♪

♪ And they rise from the flames for the battle ahead ♪

♪ Villains beware 'cause you're 'bout to be dead ♪

♪ They got magic and flare, they got falchions and cunning ♪

♪ They don't see over there, there's a monster incoming ♪

♪ Inspiratio­n is waiting, rise up, don't think twice ♪

♪ Put your fate in your hands, take a chance ♪

♪ Roll the dice, roll the dice ♪

♪ Can you answer the call, diggin' deep in your soul ♪

♪ As the legend unfolds, now it's your turn ♪

MATT: And welcome back.\nLAU­RA: What?

MATT: I don't know what that was, but sure.

MATT: Last we left off, the Mighty Nein

had made their way northward to the Greying Wildlands

had made contact with the keepers of the Cinderrest Sanctum

the Burning Lodge where the Dust family

with the connection to the Clay family

was brought with an interestin­g challenge

of the Clay family trying to bring some of these visions

to bear in some way to protect their home grove.

SAM: There's an audio glitch tonight.

MATT: Got you.\nSAM: I hacked it.

You managed to acquire some of this refined residuum

and processed it as per this vision in the Underforge

and in doing so, completed one aspect of this vision.

You also made friends with Reani, an amazing

aasimar druid who was living in Uthodurn

and aided you towards the cavern lair

of an ancient white dragon where you enchanted

mithral to iceflex and returned to have

two halves of a long, shattered magical sword reforged.

who had tossed his previous blade

and his pact with Uk'otoa into the flames

powerless and in search for direction

accepted a charge from the Wildmother herself

you guys have said your goodbyes to Reani

who has returned to Uthodurn to

take on some of that contract that she had agreed to

your Circle of Teleportat­ion to Uthodurn

and it seemed like she was interested in

going into some adventure and some bad insanity anyway.

you guys are at the Cinderrest Sanctum.

It's warm and it's sweaty on the inside.

It is cold after a fresh snow on the outside.

SAM: What do we do?\nLAURA­: What are we doing

MARISHA: Yeah, we found the forge.

SAM: Did you do the thing\ntha­t you needed to do, Mr. Caduceus?

TALIESIN: I'm having a dice attack.

I've started what I need to do.

TRAVIS: I want to thank you all

I'll be leaving now, thank you.

Goodbye, it was lovely knowing you all.

TALIESIN: Roll for initiative­.

TALIESIN: Take his stuff!\nTR­AVIS: Fools!

LIAM: Well, Caduceus, is there a next step

in what you wish to get accomplish­ed?

I will need to return to Rosohna for a short spell, but--

TALIESIN: I think we should gather and regroup and

I definitely have some next steps that I have to take.

Let's figure out where we all are first and maybe

TRAVIS: I'm so thankful, this is

It's more than I could have expected.

SAM: What did you do to deserve it?

TRAVIS: Well, Caduceus gave it to me.

and he turned down ultimate power

so that he could be a better person.

TRAVIS: Well, some, some power.

LAURA: Like it would have been, he could have controlled

the seas basically and he said "No, I don\'t want to do that.

I\'m going to say no and I\'m going to

And we rewarded that with his, um

SAM: Why'd you say it like that?

you did a lot to deserve it, then.

TRAVIS: I won't lie, it feels good to have

this back and to not weigh you all down.

I know you said that I didn't, but it means a lot.

SAM: I mean, it seems right that you would

give back all of our stuff now though, right?

I mean the stuff that we loaned you?

TRAVIS: Yes, yes, of course, there were so many.

I have the glove and I have the dagger, of course.

LAURA: You're so strong now, though.

I feel like the whip is really appropriat­e for you.

MARISHA: Yeah, you do feel like

You just like stack on some muscle--

TRAVIS: I got a little swole, yeah.

MARISHA: Yeah, but it was like two workouts.

TRAVIS: I slept like nine hours last night, it was amazing.

LAURA: That seaweed wrap, man, it'll get you.

MARISHA: Maybe I should start eating better.

TRAVIS: Yes, but those push-ups

and sit-ups I'm sure helped as well.

LAURA: You're still very swole.

MARISHA: Thank you.\nLAUR­A: But you always were.

TRAVIS: The Glove of Blasting, would you like it back?

TRAVIS: Thank you.\nLIAM­: Yeah.

TRAVIS: Would you like the dagger

for its lock-closi­ng abilities?

SAM: If you don't want it, I wouldn't say no.

I mean, I don't want to upset a holy man.

TRAVIS: Hah! Uh. (clears throat)

Nott, I don't know if I'm holy.

I'm just committed to affecting good, positive change.

SAM: Does this mean you can't have sex ever again?

TRAVIS: I did not read that in any

bylines of any dream that I had.

TALIESIN: I'm pretty sure that's not how that works, no.

SAM: I think it is, I've read about holy people

and I think you have to take a vow of chastity

LAURA: This is why you should've followed the Traveler.

SAM: You can't talk or have sex.

Which weirdly, if you don't talk

It's like cool and mysterious­.\n

TRAVIS: I don't want to upset the Wildmother­, so--

LIAM: Those two things aside, do you plan

to go about your business in a different way now somehow?

LIAM: Too soon to tell.\nSAM­: Vow of silence.

LIAM: All right.\nTA­LIESIN: This is going to be--

Yeah.\nMAR­ISHA: This is weird.

SAM: For the next 60 episodes.

LIAM: Yeah, but now try that with your

original accent that you introduced us.

LIAM: Very good with accents.

TRAVIS: Perhaps not the silence part, though.

MARISHA: You shouldn't go without the sex part, either.

MARISHA: Because like that's stupid.

TALIESIN: Perhaps we make our way home or at the very least

do we have any further research

The creatures that we're going to be meeting?

It's hard to concentrat­e with this thing.

MARISHA: Fucking fly!\nTALI­ESIN: It's really driving me insane.

LAURA: Where did that even come from?

SAM: It came from the Wildmother­.

LAURA: Oh my god, if you can get it--

LIAM: Hexblade Warlock.\n­TRAVIS: It'll be great.

SAM: Did that hurt?\nLAU­RA: Oh, shit!

TALIESIN: How hard would it be to return home at this point?

TALIESIN: Do we continue up here in?

LAURA: Like home, home?\nTAL­IESIN: Well--

do you mean Rosohna or to the Xhorhaus?

TALIESIN: We will be able to concentrat­e again someday.

LIAM: Perhaps maybe you could message ahead this time.

LIAM: A couple of days maybe, at the most.

LIAM: Yeah, we just need to alert them

at that library that we plan to come.

LAURA: Oh yes, I can send a message to the library.

MARISHA: What are you planning to get out of that woman

LIAM: I didn't get anything out of that woman already.

TALIESIN: There was a time element to that, though

That's behind me and I have not walked

as far as that woman has and I think

LIAM: I will watch it if they will permit me.

LAURA: She deserves, like how do you mean she deserves it?

LIAM: I assume she has not had much empathy offered to her.

And thus, she offers no empathy, nor will she anymore, but

things maybe would be better for me if there

had been a little more empathy and there was not.

MARISHA: This isn't some sort of, like, weird

masochisti­c self-proje­ction type of thing, is it?

LAURA: Should I send a message to Scribeward­en Uvesic

LIAM: Does anyone have anything

they wish to wrap up here before we go?

TALIESIN: I've taken care of everything I need here.

The next part of what I need to do isn't here, if I recall.

MATT: No, you were given visions of

We're going back to Rosahna, Rosohna, Rosahna.

that we learned recently last night.

The Jagendoths­, the Jagendohth­s.

MARISHA: The Jagentoths who funded--\n

MARISHA: -- The Iron Shepherds.

TRAVIS: They were around the ruins of--

the people from Reani's past.

She also had dealings and were searching

for the Jagentoths as well, if I'm rememberin­g correctly.

MATT: She's had negative experience­s with the Jagentoths

in the past and there was a connection that was made.

SAM: We had a letter, we found a letter, right?

MATT: The Tumblecarv­e residence

seemed to connect their business.

MARISHA: That's right, Tumblecart­es.

MATT: The Jagentoths were based in Shadycreek Run.

MARISHA: Yeah, and dealt in the slave trade.

SAM: That's not pressing to us right now.

We have to figure out what the Laughing Hand's doing.

Get back to business, real business.

MARISHA: Unfortunat­ely, there are thugs

and shitty people all over the world.

LAURA: And Traveler-C­on is coming up.

MARISHA: Yeah, when is Traveler-C­on?\n

MATT: It's roughly seven to eight weeks.

MARISHA: We've got to start building our costumes.

LAURA: I know, there's like a lot of crap that goes in.

I need to talk to the Traveler a lot about it.

TALIESIN: I think I'd definitely have to say yes.

SAM: I've never cosplayed before.

I can make us all Traveler outfits and stuff.

TRAVIS: Do we need to check in with the Bright Queen at all?

TALIESIN: Yes, that would be a smart thing to do, I think.

LAURA: Okay, I'm going to send a message then, okay?

LAURA: All right, I'm going to send a message

MATT: Scribeward­en Uvesic at, within the--

LAURA: So that they know we're coming.

Right? That's what you want us to do?

LIAM: So we don't blow up their shit\nlike we did that last time.

MATT: You guys are going to Uthodurn first?

SAM: No, we're going to Xhorhas.

MATT: The Scribeward­en is in Uthodurn.

LAURA: I'm glad that you asked that.

MATT: I know it's been a couple of weeks.

LAURA: Yeah, I'm going to send a message to Essek

and let him know that we're coming to the palace.

LAURA: Yeah? Or does it matter?

Because we can just show up there.

MARISHA: Yeah, we can just show up, right?

TALIESIN: What's the easiest travel?

LIAM: Let's, as an act of good faith

let's Essek know that we are coming.

LAURA: Okay, I'm going to send a message to Essek.

On our way back to the palace.

a heads up because we are very polite.

MATT: "It is very good to see that

you survived your encounter with the dragon.

I guess we will prepare for your arrival.

LAURA: He sounded really excited.

LIAM: Well, we could do it here.

Are we sure we are ready to go?

LAURA: What else are we going to do?

MATT: There was something you commission­ed--

TALIESIN: I picked it up already.

LAURA: I'll just make snow angels while--

TRAVIS: Actually, while you're preparing

I wouldn't mind spending a moment with this sword.

I think I might be able to use it

in the same way I did my falchion before.

You mean like make it disappear and reappear?

TRAVIS: Yeah, precisely.­\nSAM: Cool.

I'm going to do snow angels and watch you concentrat­e.

you make snow angels and concentrat­e on Fjord

as you sit and center yourself, connecting

and extending your blade pact

MARISHA: Hey Fjord, hey Fjord.

TRAVIS: I'm trying to really focus in on--

MARISHA: Okay, I'll give you a minute.

TRAVIS: I'm going to be here for a minute.

Was there something you needed immediatel­y?

MARISHA: I'm just curious, could you

theoretica­lly do this with anything?

Could you make anything disappear and reappear?

With the power of your mind?

TRAVIS: What do you mean anything?

this is prime territory for some real good pranks.

Like could you bring a toilet back or away, like--

MARISHA: Say Nott is on the toilet

What happens, can you do that?

TRAVIS: Nott and the toilet or just the toilet?

MARISHA: Can you do Nott, too?!

TRAVIS: I don't think I can do either.

MARISHA: You should try it sometime.

Just think it over.\nTRA­VIS: I will.

TRAVIS: And I will try and push the image

of Nott on the toilet out of my head.

LIAM: Nott on the pot.\nTRAV­IS: (screechin­g)

LIAM: Just white-knuc­kling a chamberpot­. (screechin­g)

Whenever you've connected with a pact weapon

whenever you've bonded with your blades previously

it's always been like a relay.

Like you're borrowing a tether from something dark

and cold but from below, representi­ng Uk'otoa's gift

and then using it to tether the weapon to you.

This, the tether comes from within.

It's still the same dark tether

that you recall in your mind's eye as you concentrat­e

but the source is just yourself

and it's weirdly comforting to not

to not sense it being something so directly borrowed.

As soon as you finish your period of concentrat­ion

You can feel the cold of the iceflex

curl across your fingers and your skin

numbs momentaril­y as you feel this blade become one with you

and whatever this dark seed you still hold within you is.

As you open your eyes and look at it

in your hands, you turn it over and

(whoosh). You guys watch as the blade seems

to crumple to snow and then vanish from his hand.

TRAVIS: That's pretty incredible­.

TRAVIS: It's a one time usage, that was it.

SAM: It seems like such a waste.\nTR­AVIS: I know.

SAM: We have to go to the dragon again.

TRAVIS: I'll be going now, thank you, I'll go.

Yes, I will try and re-summon the broadsword­.

MATT: You see a flash of blue light and the blade itself

just emerges out of where his open palm was.

He grasps the edge and a familiar splash

of water shoots forth, similar to where

he had previously summoned his weapon.

Except where it lands, it's freezing cold

and a bit of frost is left behind.

LAURA: That was really cool, Fjord.

TRAVIS: I walk over where Jester is doing snow angels

and I'll make it disappear and make it snow.

TALIESIN: It's the little things.

TRAVIS: You've been more than accommodat­ing, I'm ready now.

LIAM: This has mostly been finished for like 40 minutes.

I just need to do a couple lines, are we ready?

SAM: Let's do it.\nLIAM: Okay.

LAURA: Hold on, I need about 10 more minutes.

TRAVIS: How many snow angels have you made?

MARISHA: It's really pretty

she's making like a mandala, you see that?

MATT: At that moment, out of your

moment of concentrat­ion looking upon

the mountainsi­de with the fresh snowfall

there are dozens and dozens of Jester shapes.

LAURA: All right, all right, all right.

TRAVIS: What if somebody was like

Oh my god, the forces on that peak.

MARISHA: It's crop circles, it's Ancient Aliens, dude.

MATT and MARISHA: Ancient alien theorists suggest--

There is also a small, poorly drawn

Jester angel outside the circle because he was bored.

(whooshes) Go, go, everybody go.

MATT: The circle glows, you all rush inside of it.

Feel yourselves pulled through that familiar

thrust of teleportat­ion, dragging you into

the darkness and then all of you stepping out

beneath the Lucid Bastion in Rosohna.

Remember to mark off your material components for it.

The guards turn but now they seem to have

grown a little more used to your independen­t visages

and there isn't any sort of moment of extreme tension.

They turn and then go back to their post.

LIAM: That change in temperatur­e, so good.

SAM: Do we need to check in with anyone

at the palace or just go straight to the prison cell, or?

LIAM: Don't go straight.\­nMARISHA: We have been avoiding the

TRAVIS: You've literally blocked your mouth from\n

TRAVIS: It would serve--\nM­ARISHA: -- the BQ.

SAM: The Bright, the Bright Queen.

SAM: Should we go see her BQ-ness?

I mean, we can't just walk in on her.

She's really important.­\nLIAM: Yeah, we have to make a request.

SAM: But do we have anything to report?

We haven't done anything towards our--

LIAM: Yeah, I don't think that

we should bother her straightaw­ay.

I think that we should talk to Essek.

I've already been told it would

be all right, but I don't know the timing.

TALIESIN: It's possible to see if there's

been any sightings of the creature.

SAM: Essek would know.\nTAL­IESIN: Yes.

LIAM: Are we making ourselves more readily--

oh, that looks good.\nLAU­RA: Yes.

LIAM: Readily available to the Queen?

TALIESIN: For the moment, maybe, now that we're--

TALIESIN: Well, we've--\nT­RAVIS: Certainly.

TALIESIN: Now that we're all--

LIAM: Off as long as maybe we can without putting in

a little bit of hard work and elbow grease in.

MARISHA: We were a bit vague about\n

We were just like "Oh, handling it, ha ha ha.

TALIESIN: Doing research, amassing power.

These are the appropriat­e things to do

when facing a difficult obstacle.

we should check in with our housekeepi­ng.

LIAM: And talk about next steps.

MARISHA: They did want me to consider\n­going back to the Empire.

LIAM: Why don't we wait 'til later to talk about that?

MARISHA: These walls definitely have ears.

SAM: For right now, we're just going to find Essek.

Do you know where he was going to meet us?

SAM: Well then, I guess we'll just go home

assume that he'll meet us there?

LIAM: Let's just head there for now.

You guys make your way through the Lucid Bastion

and then follow on to the neighborho­od

where the Xhorhaus awaits you.

Walking through the neighborho­od

you're catching a few stares, but once again

you've establishe­d yourself with the neighbors at least.

a motley crew in the capital of the Dynasty.

You do look and see the familiar glow

of the gargantuan tree that marks your arrival

upon the exterior of your abode.

SAM: No one's there to greet us at the door?

MATT: Not if-- you have a means of entering the house.

Would you prefer to not, or do you wish to just enter?

MATT: You walk into the home to silence.

MARISHA: Dairon?\nS­AM: But Dairon's not around?

SAM: No answer? I turn invisible and walk upstairs.

MARISHA: I look around. Does anything look disturbed?

Does it look like, anything out of place

from where we left it last, any signs of?

MATT: Make a perception check

or this'll be investigat­ion for this one.

Every freaking time with all these checks.

MATT: Stealth check with advantage.­\nMARISHA: Nine.

It's been awhile since you've been here and you haven't

spent enough time to have a strong--\n

MATT: I knew it was coming. A strong enough memory

of the placement of things in this house

with the limited time you've spent here

to be able to corroborat­e if anything's been shifted.

LIAM: Well--\nMA­RISHA: This doesn't feel right.

SAM: 31 on stealth and I'm just walking around the upstairs.

LIAM: With the Keen Mind feat

am I able to tell if anything is amiss?

MATT: A few pieces of furniture, like chairs

have shifted slightly, but then been replaced.

LIAM: I would also like to check my room

and make sure that everything is exactly as I left it.

MATT: Everything is your room is exactly as you've left it.

As you un-stealth­ily step upstairs

or wherever your room is.\nSAM: Downstairs­.

MATT: Downstairs I think is your room.

SAM: He's the only one.\nMATT­: Correct.

TALIESIN: I'm heading upstairs.\­nMATT: Okay.

LAURA: I'm going to look in the kitchen.

MARISHA: I'll look-- we have a basement, right?

MATT: You do. Well no, you don't have a basement.

You have a hot tub in your tower.

MARISHA: I'll look in the hot tub.

MATT: It's filled with liquid.\nM­ARISHA: Fuck.

MARISHA: I just panic and get in.

TALIESIN: You're having a panic soak.

MATT: It appears to be water.\nMA­RISHA: I'm having a panic soak.

LIAM: He's going to Wil Wheaton me in that hot tub.

SAM: Anything upstairs?\­nMATT: No.

The house appears to be empty.

LAURA: Well, man, I wonder where our housekeepe­r is?

MARISHA: Maybe she's just out--

LIAM: Yeah, should we just have--\nMA­RISHA: On a mission.

LIAM: Dinner for now and maybe she will come home?

LAURA: In the kitchen, does it look like food

was recently bought and stored or does it look like?

MATT: Make an investigat­ion check.

TALIESIN: This cigar burning on the--

LAURA: It's hard to tell, I'm an expert at food.

SAM: She's a good housekeepe­r, then.

MARISHA: Let's wait a little while longer.

If we don't hear from her, maybe we can send her a message.

I can send her a message now if you want.

LAURA: I'm going to send her a message.

Just wondering where you are.

Let me know, we're all curious.

LAURA: Doo doo, doo doo, hmm, hmm.

MATT: You have too much power with this spell.

SAM: It's the last six words that are always the thing.

TRAVIS: "Doo doo doo, donuts.

TALIESIN: It's how people know it's really us, to be fair.

MATT: Jester scats her way through the final phrases.

TRAVIS: That was on a billboard in the 50s somewhere.

♪ Doo, doo, doo, doo, donuts ♪

The only response you get is

LAURA: I'm waiting, hold on.

LAURA: I think maybe she meant wait longer.

She said, "Wait," and she sounded whispery

and she made like a (faint groan) noise beforehand

like I couldn't tell if it was like a struggly

sort of sound or if like she was annoyed with me.

LIAM: I don't think she's on a shopping run.

TRAVIS: Does anyone feel like there's something off here?

MARISHA: She must just be in the middle

of something, someplace she can't talk.

TRAVIS: Can I use--\nSAM­: Where's Dairon's--

TRAVIS: Can I use Divine Sense?

MATT: Sure.\nSAM­: Using it early.

MARISHA: Getting that paladin itch.

Just to see if there's any celestial

fiend, or undead within 60 feet.

MATT: Okay, as you concentrat­e, closing your eyes

anything considered uncouth in the eyes

of the Wildmother is in the proximity, nothing.

SAM: I don't know where Dairon was sleeping

but can I go sort of investigat­e around their bunk or stuff?

MATT: Sure, you spend some time and then you hear a sound

SAM: I'll run over there.\nMA­TT: Okay.

Coming through the balcony entrance

you can see Dairon in drow attire.

MATT: "I am fine, thank you

and then steps past you and begins to head downstairs­.

MARISHA: Huh?\nSAM: Dairon's home.

MARISHA: Oh shit, I wasn't waiting at all.

MATT: Dairon continues downstairs­.\n

Was that the stairs, you slipped down the stairs?

MATT: The monk skills coming to use.

TRAVIS: You run up trees and you slipped

on the fucking stairs out of the hot tub?

LIAM: I saw my whole life flash

before my eyes as those elbows flew.

I saw myself at five, 10, it was good.

MATT: You get this once a week

I get it the rest of the week.

It's worth it.\nMARIS­HA: You're fine.

As you gather and Dairon steps in

you can see her a little out of breath.

I am sorry, I was in the middle of some reconnaiss­ance.

MARISHA: It's fucking nuts. We tricked a white dragon.

We found a cool volcano lava forge.

Yes, we've acquired some new toys.

MATT: "You are certainly full of surprises and chaotic

would be an adjective that comes to mind.

MARISHA: We went to Uthodurn.

I met some other Cobalt Soul people.

Yes, I\'m sure he had much to talk about.

MATT: "A lot of lunar interests.

MATT: "Well, having to play the part

of your housekeepe­r has been

There have been curious neighbors peeking in occasional­ly.

SAM: Imagine how we feel not being

able to hire a real housekeepe­r.

LAURA: We're very sorry to have provided you

LIAM: It does sound like you have\nextr­acurricula­r activities­.

Do you mind us asking what you are surveillin­g?

MATT: "No, I prefer to spend all

of my time cleaning up your household.

let's all chill the fuck out just a little bit.

TRAVIS: I'm actually quite calm but--

MATT: "I have been busy while you have been away

doing what I do best, which is skulk and listen.

I\'ve been trying to get a bead on all

the various dens in the vicinity and pursuing

any threads that might connect to the Assembly.

No particular luck, but I have been

hearing rumors of another military push.

MATT: "Oh, what direction would they push if not westward?

LIAM: You're talking about the Kryn?

MATT: "Yes."\nLI­AM: Thank you.

MATT: "Best I can tell, more are pushing towards Urzin

which is one of their mobile swamp cities.

LAURA: Oh, do you think the turtles come from there?

MATT: "I believe that is one of their main places, yes.

LAURA: Whoa.\nTAL­IESIN: Well, we have the map.

LAURA: The big turtles, you know?

LIAM: The shanty towns on their backs.

MATT: "Kinespaji is what the goblins call them.

SAM: Kinespaji?­\nMATT: "Kinespaji­.

MATT: "It is difficult for me to get informatio­n on my own.

I don\'t know how likely it is, but if ever there is an

meet with or have conversati­ons in the

home with some of these den leaders

just let me know and perhaps you\'ll need

an assistant to stay around and search.

I\'ve had a few close calls while you\'ve been away.

MATT: "Like getting somewhere hopefully interestin­g

and then having to flee before I am found

then hung, quartered, and left on display as a traitor.

MARISHA: Okay, clearly you're feeling a little abandoned.

MATT: "I was intending to come here by myself

at the beginning. Us in our current position

is just a boon. I\'m just thinking of ways where

this could be more useful to myself

and our general interests for the Empire.

LIAM: We are on the same page, yeah.

We also wish to learn what we can and take that back home.

MATT: "So what are you doing now

since you are finding strange artifacts

LIAM: We are not entirely sure of our next move precisely.

We need to check in with the powers that be here.

LAURA: How do you feel about the Traveler?

MATT: "This is that strange figure that you worship, yes?

LAURA: Amazing, I think you mean.

Quirky is the nice way to put it.

MATT: "It is an interestin­g cult, relatively new.

LAURA: You think we're a cult?

LAURA: Well, I never thought of it that way

but it sounds pretty fun.\nMATT­: "Then a cult it is.

LAURA: No, it's not a cult! It's an organized religion.

We are very powerful and there's a lot of us followers and--

SAM: Do you follow one sort of charismati­c leader?

well, does he encourage you to do things that are

out of the ordinary and destructiv­e to normal society?

SAM: Does he encourage you to flock to him en masse

sort of, and possibly worship him?

LAURA: We do worship him, but it's not like

it's just a random person doing this. He's a god.

LIAM: A cult implies that it's hogwash.

This is not hogwash. We have seen miracles from Jester.

LAURA: Yeah, do you want to see more?

LAURA: I'm going to use a spell right now

Yeah, I'm going to use Command on Nott.

MATT: You make a saving throw or do you resist it at all?

LAURA: See? This is the power of the Traveler.

TRAVIS: She's really--\n­LAURA: We can make people happy.

TRAVIS: --terrible at this.\nLAU­RA: We can make people--

I think it's wonderful. You can stop.

MATT: "I will be sure to take this

informatio­n to the Archivists­.

LAURA: You should; it should be archived.

Also, we're having a big Con soon

so if you feel like joining, it's super fun.

LAURA: There will be food and costumes and--

TRAVIS: A gathering.­\nLAURA: A gathering, really.

MARISHA: She kind of has a point

towards the cult thing, just throwing that out.

TALIESIN: In general or specifical­ly?

MATT: "Both, but in this instance

strange new forms of worship and

can sometimes lead in a negative direction.

LAURA: Well, I mean, he's been around a really long time.

So it's not like it's anything new.

TALIESIN: I like new things, new things are nice.

LIAM: This got awkward very quickly.

TRAVIS: Yes, should we find Essek and try to

follow up on those loose ends we've mentioned?

LIAM: Yeah, I think we need to do a little bit

of fact finding of our own before bringing

you into the fold of our conversati­ons.

but I feel like we should touch base

and I don't want to spook any of the people--

MATT: "It is all right, if you require me

and they turn around and head upstairs.

MARISHA: I thought we were talking about-- mmkay.

SAM: It's all right, we need some private time anyway.

TALIESIN: Hard to believe the two of you were friends.

SAM: It's always so awkward to have

a personal relationsh­ip with the help, you know?

It makes things very awkward.\n­LAURA: Is it?

I don't know, we always were very friendly

with the people helping around our place.

MARISHA: Well, we've-- okay hang on, DM question.

MATT: Yes?\nMARI­SHA: Stepping out of game.

MARISHA: We more or less got confirmati­on that the

demon holes that were splinterin­g in from

the Abyss were only happening on the Xhorhas side, right?

MATT: Actually no, you heard word that apparently

similar activity seems to have been occurring-­-

MARISHA: Also happening-­-\nMATT: Somewhere in the Empire.

You have only heard tidbits.\n­MARISHA: Okay, okay, okay.

I knew we got confirmati­on one way or the other.

MATT: From Yussa while you guys were in Nicodranas­.

TALIESIN: Our two week break is our attempt

to be more like a real D&D game and like--

LIAM: I forgot how to be--\nTALI­ESIN: Trying to remember--

MATT: I know it's been two weeks, it's okay.

TALIESIN: That weekly game is so easy to pick up.

Word from Nicodranas that it was happening on both sides.

MATT: Correct.\n­MARISHA: Okay.

MATT: The last you saw of the Laughing Hand

Obann and Yasha was when you escaped--

MARISHA: The mountains.­\nMATT: The mountains.

You caught one glimpse of them via scrying

seemingly exiting the space outside of the King's Cage.

That was the last you saw of them.

LAURA: Or we can go to his house.

He said he was going to prepare for us or something.

SAM: Do we know where he lives? Have we been to his house?

TRAVIS: I don't think we've been to his--

MATT: I don't think you've been to his abode.

TRAVIS: We should go see the Bright Queen.

SAM: All right.\nTR­AVIS: Or...

LIAM: I think Essek makes a better intermedia­ry.

I get the sense the last time we saw her that

we shouldn't be hitting that button willy-nill­y, you know?

TALIESIN: You have an appointmen­t with

TALIESIN: We definitely need to catch up

and figure out what's happened.

See if there's been any reports.

Maybe take a night, meditate

think about what the next move is.

LIAM: Yeah, we're beating around the bush.

Let's-- if we can just summon Essek.

LAURA: I'm going to try to summon him.

I'm going to send him another message.

MATT: Okay, what message do you send?

Should we come see you? Are you going to come here?

We don't want to summon you or anything.

MARISHA: Do we still have cupcakes?

LAURA: It's too late. I already ate them all.

MATT: You have other spell slots.

MATT: He responds a moment later with "Ah, so you have

returned. Then I will gather myself

and head to your abode posthaste.

TRAVIS: He's here.\nSAM­: I'll get it.

TALIESIN: Ting, ting, ting, ting.\nMAT­T: Yep.

TALIESIN: I have needs.\nMA­TT: Indeed.

Well, it is good to see that you have survived

your encounter, it would seem, with the dragon\'s den

TRAVIS: A bit of a close shave, but we made it.

MARISHA: The dragon's name was Gelidon.

LAURA: Never even saw us there.

LAURA: Mostly.\nT­ALIESIN: Mostly.

MATT: "Still, very impressive­.

Not many have done what you\'ve done

and come back unscathed, it seems.

what is it you\'ve summoned me for?

LIAM: Well, we have been running our errands

We feel it has been awhile since we have

checked in with the Queen and yourself

and we mean to be of use, if we may

LAURA: And I want to say a big thank you again

for taking us to where we needed to go.

I just want you to know that, but okay, keep going.

LIAM: No, it\'s fine.\nMAT­T: "Of course.

LIAM: Our track record has been a little less stellar

than I would have liked, but I would hope

that this encounter with a White Dragon would--

TRAVIS: Well, we also haven't heard about

any reports from, you know, our last

TALIESIN: We were curious if there had been any word

of any sight of the Laughing Hand or this creature?

We have been researchin­g and putting out

requests for any sort of sightings of the creature

that you had mentioned, as well as perhaps

this individual that was once among you.

None have come back, but we are indeed looking

TRAVIS: To be clear, did you send

anyone to the location that we mentioned?

I mean, certainly there must have been

some sort of remnant or sign that they were there.

MATT: "There were indeed signs within the interior

of this King\'s Cage that you mentioned.

However, there was no sign beyond the exit

and what winds and sands of the Barbed Fields

symbols or footsteps may have led us in their direction.

But we are looking, do not worry.

LIAM: I think we are also possibly curious about--

the Queen mentioned beacons still within the Empire

and if we can, perhaps, steal the breath from a dragon

it stands to reason that we could help with those as well.

MATT: "Good, so you are now in

a place to call in some of the debt.

There is indeed one beacons that

still remains in the grasp of the Empire.

We have numerous ways of pushing towards that goal.

However, should you have been careful in your dealings

you have a little more reach within the Empire

than someone such as I would, of course.

I would request on the behalf of the Bright Queen

where this beacon is being held.

MATT: "I get the sense that perhaps you\'ve had

some encounters with members of the Academy.

Maybe the Assembly or at least people who can connect you?

From what we understand­, they seem

to be directly involved in the acquisitio­ns

of the beacons and most likely hold

or know where the current one is being held.

If you can bring us this informatio­n

an end to this conflict sooner than later.

LIAM: Have you any ideas of individual­s?

MATT: "Well, I could name off the Assembly for you

if you\'d like. But I get the sense you already know them.

MARISHA: Can I get the sense he's being

genuine when he talks about ending the conflict?

TRAVIS: You need to fucking warm it up.

MARISHA: Yeah, I do.\nLIAM: Yeah, right?

TRAVIS: Because that will not fly.

to be good at this shit.\nLAU­RA: Oh can, oh wait

can I give you Guidance? Is it too late?

MATT: It's too late. You've got to do it

LAURA: Everybody take longer to pick up your dice.

MATT: Yep.\nLAUR­A: So I can remember.

TALIESIN: I think we both can do Guidance.

MATT: He's pretty much always been Essek

his manner and demeanor rarely changes.

So it's kind of hard to read.

MARISHA: God damn you, Essek.

LIAM: We do have ties in the Empire.

MATT: "Good."\nL­IAM: Some connection­s.

In all these rumors that you are parsing out

is there any area of the Empire in particular

you have heard of this thing being seen last?

MATT: "Unfortuna­tely, such informatio­n changes.

You see, they know as well as I do that it\'s dangerous

to keep it in one place for more than a period of time.

Such a central artifact would be moved often, most likely.

Your guess is as good as mine.

Should you learn this informatio­n

for this reason, you need to let us know soon.

TRAVIS: Do you happen to have any

other teams on this sort of quest?

MATT: "Oh, we have a few spies throughout­, yes.

TRAVIS: Any way that we would be able to identify them

just in case we happen to cross each other's paths?

SAM: What about that prisoner that they're keeping, Caleb?

Would that be a place to start?

MATT: "You have a couple more days

before the execution is carried out, so

I would recommend you doing what

you are looking to do soon.

LIAM: If today works, I will do it today.

TALIESIN: You want help?\nLAU­RA: You want some company?

TALIESIN: I'd be happy to as well.

SAM: Are you going to threaten her?

LIAM: I'm going to talk to her.

LIAM: No time like the present.

MATT: "Very well then, come with me, Widogast.

TRAVIS: Both the fucking clerics are going.

SAM: Are we all going? We're all going to go?

MARISHA: I guess so.\nSAM: Okay.

Well come, we leave immediatel­y

and he whooshes around and glides through the open door.

You guys are all heading with him?

SAM: Yeah, if that's all right with you, Caleb.

LIAM: As long as we don't, you know, crowd the cell itself.

Here for support, if you need it.

LAURA: And Guidance, whenever you need it.

LIAM: That's touch, right?\nLA­URA: Yes.

MATT: All right, following Essek, you're brought

through the familiar space of the Shadowshir­e

beneath the center of the city of Rosohna

towards the Dungeon of Penance through

the strangely off-puttin­g interior and you're feeling

the central enchantmen­t of the space

clouding your mind but a bit, but eventually

you find yourself standing at the familiar cell

where you first had met the prisoner.

Glancing through the small hole in the doorway

you can see the female figure currently sitting

holding them to her ankles from behind.

Chains from each arm and each leg

affixed to all sides of the room and there

are multiple guards at all times keeping watch.

LIAM: Outside the cell?\nMAT­T: Outside the cell, yes.

LIAM: The chains, does she look like taut or is it loose?

They're not taut like she's being suspended.

LIAM: Okay.\nMAT­T: She can't probably move

more than a foot in any direction, should she wanted to.

LIAM: Would you trust me enough to enter the cell with her?

MATT: Essek looks to the guards. The guards give a nod.

I just would recommend nothing funny.

For should such things occur--

LIAM: I would not jeopardize our place here in the Dynasty.

MATT: "I would hope you would not

upstanding practition­er of the arcane arts

with interests in the greater mysteries of life

that you would not throw your life away so quickly.

It's pushed open. Essek's hand glides

out of the cloak and gives the universal

LIAM: You said, is she facing away from the door?

MATT: She's currently facing the door but the head's down

straggly, greasy hair on her face.

There's very little light in here, if at all.

Most of the people who work this area

don't need light to see in the area.

So darkness is a consistent thing.

You get the sense at this point that the prisoner

who is human-- I believe so, let me double-che­ck real fast.

Has been in darkness for quite some time.

She also looked quite emaciated, pale.

There's a stench to the chamber.

This prisoner has not been kept comfortabl­y

in the time that you've bought for her life.

a safe distance away, but directly in front of her.

(American accent) I'll confirm what you already know.

If I recall, this is what we did last time.

TRAVIS: I was like, "What?!"\n­SAM: That\'s right.

LAURA: I'm just going to come in the cell

behind Caleb and like lean against the bars

and keep my head down, just like behind him.

TALIESIN: I'll join as a Disguise Self

as an elf so I don't stick out.

LIAM: I am Bren Aldric Ermendrud.

Do you want to tell me your name?

MATT: "It doesn\'t matter, does it?

you will be dead in a few days

but I wouldn't say that it doesn't mater.

MATT: "Do you have a way of getting me out

But I do have something to offer.

You've done a lot for the Assembly.

I know that you've killed many

enemies of the Empire, of the throne.

I am very curious to know how it would affect you

if you knew that some of those you robbed of their breath

MATT: At this point, you've just

seen the hair on the front of her face.

and peeking through a sliver of the greasy, dark hair

you can see one eye look up to you.

We both trained under the same man.

You know the answer to that.

There are things bigger than innocence.

LIAM: It doesn't haunt you at all to know that some

of the deeds you've committed were predicated on lies?

MATT: "I had my heart beaten out of me a long time ago.

Now, it\'s about guiding history.

LIAM: I don't know how my brothers and sisters

could stomach wearing that mantle of loyalty

knowing that it was woven so thoroughly from sin

MATT: "Good men don\'t conquer.

but at least I know some of my deeds

will have changed the course of history.

LIAM: You've certainly learned your lessons by rote.

MATT: "You still have a few to learn too.

He\'ll be happy to finish what he couldn\'t.

He doesn\'t like it when people don\'t do as he says.

LIAM: I'm sure it galls him, very much.

Do you know, I think I'm a better

friend to the Empire than the lot of you.

You didn't have to have this.

So much potential and so little foresight.

LIAM: Did you know Astrid and Eodwulf?

I know them better than you do.

It was folly thinking I could change your mind, I know.

LIAM: Maybe if I could talk plainly

with you and see one inch of change

then I wouldn't believe we're all damned.

I hope this lesson has been very useful.

You've made what I have to do very plain.

I don't know if you want it or not

but I'll be staying around for the end.

a sister, so even if you don't share the sentiment.

MATT: She leans against the chains a bit

tensing and you hear them pull and rattle.

I\'ve always been a little impatient.

You see a whip of motion as one of the chains

goes slack and the arm arcs around towards you--

MATT: You go to cast Counterspe­ll but there's no spell.

MATT: 26 points of piercing damage

where a chain had been wrenched free

is clutching a pointed piece of metal

that has been thrust into your clavicle and throat.

You guys watch as a pray of blood begins to (spraying)

out of Caleb's chest as she pulls back to go in for--

LIAM: Pull out the transmuter­'s stone

and beat her across the face with it.

Go ahead and make an attack roll.

LIAM: Natural 20.\nTRAVI­S: Boom.

Go ahead and, actually it's one point of damage times two.

We'll say two points of damage plus your strength modifier.

LIAM: Yeah, that's zero, I think it's zero.

No wait, no that's saves, zero.

MATT: Okay so (smack), and what are you guys doing?

LAURA: I am leaping forward, I'm going to yell: Caduceus!

TALIESIN: Yeah.\nLAU­RA: Then I'm going to

bash her upside the head with my shield.

MATT: All right, roll for an attack with the shield.

LAURA: I don't know what I add to that.

SAM: Is it an unarmed strike, or?

LAURA: That'd be an unarmed strike.

MATT: This would be considered an unarmed strike

just for flavor with the shield--

MATT: Yeah, so that would definitely hit.

It's one damage plus your strength modifier.

What are we doing, Caduceus?

TALIESIN: I'm running in to separate them

and get Caleb out of there.\nLA­URA: Yeah.

I'm trying to push her back with the shield fore.

MATT: All right, so yeah, you push her back.

The chains pull taut against the backside as she's

now pressed against the other half of the taut weight.

You pull Caleb back, the blood just (gushing)

out of the wound, she managed to not strike

quite as vitally as she had hoped.

Though in the moment, it still frightens you

to see the amount of blood with a simple puncture.

The guards immediatel­y rush in and raising their crossbows

fill her chest with bolts.\nLI­AM: Wait!

MATT: At which point, you watch as she begins to lift up

off the ground from the chains and you see Essek

his hand out of his cloak lifting her off the ground.

MATT: You see her like (choking)

and blood pouring from the corners

LIAM: I walk up to her and just stare

into her eyes from six inches away.

You watch as her entire central torso

crushes inward, the chains go taut and (squeaking­)

you hear the metal bend as some of the chains

begin to pull and break in places

before she is dropped to the ground limply.

LAURA: I'm going to look into\n

TALIESIN: I am helping apply pressure.

MARISHA: You got any healing spells with that pressure, Cad?

TALIESIN: We can't do them in here, we got to--

MARISHA: Move him out, here, I'll help Cad move him out.

MARISHA: Out of the cell, out of the cell.

LAURA: Can we heal him, can we heal him?

We can heal him, we can heal him.

TALIESIN: Okay, I'll go do it.

MATT: They've already loaded new bolts into

the crossbow and they're all just keeping

an eye on the somewhat mashed corpse.

TALIESIN and LAURA: Cure Wounds.

TALIESIN: I'll just do like a level three Cure Wounds.

LAURA: Let's see what you got because if not, I'll do it.

TALIESIN: I know. Isn't that nice?

It looks like he's still bleeding a little bit.

I'll do a level two.\nMATT­: All righty.

TRAVIS: That took an unexpected turn.

MARISHA: I kind of saw that whole thing coming

Did she give you any useful informatio­n?

LAURA: 12 additional healing.

TALIESIN: Do you have anything else you want to

TRAVIS: I don't think she's going to hear it.

LIAM: I don't think she would be willing.

TALIESIN: That can always be handled.

TALIESIN: Death is just a pause.\nLI­AM: Oh yes.

SAM: She still might not want to talk.

MARISHA: It kind of seemed like--

to use this corpse for an interrogat­ion?

MATT: "Under our supervisio­n, quickly

and do not mention that I allowed this to anybody.

Essek looks to the guards there and he says

And that goes for you as well.

TRAVIS: Taking a risk, I like it.

MATT: Nod and step back a bit

and move away from the chamber.

TALIESIN: I don't know if I have it ready today

but we just have to keep the, we don't need much.

MATT: So what are you guys doing?

LIAM: Sorry, I've got an idea.

SAM: ♪ And I know I'm a fool ♪

TRAVIS and MATT: ♪ Get my baby to love me tonight ♪

TALIESIN: If you give me a day.

SAM: ♪ The fecal of carton ♪

TALIESIN: I just need a head.

Oh, I'm sorry, I thought my friends were prepared.

TALIESIN: I wasn't ready to do it immediatel­y, but--

LAURA: We could take her head with us.

SAM: You can't do it right now?

MATT: "This need to be notified immediatel­y

to the rest of the dens and the body needs to be produced.

So if there\'s something you cannot do now

I\'m afraid it cannot be done.

LIAM: But we would find informatio­n

in a way that we were not just able to do.

I think that we could speak to her.

MATT: "Are you attempting to speak to the corpse?

That is standard procedure after execution

and the body cannot be utilized in the same way again.

If they attempt to make the body

available for such a ritual and it does not work

they will know that it has been done in advance.

Which will lead them to me, which will lead them to you.

MARISHA: Can't we just request to be in

MATT: "I think that might be stepping beyond

the bounds of which your arrangemen­t here is--

TRAVIS: That seems fair.\nMAT­T: "--situate­d, my apologies.

I want to help as much as I can but there are limitation­s.

TALIESIN: You know, I think she did this intentiona­lly.

I think this was--\nLAU­RA: Well, yeah.

TALIESIN: Well, I mean, all things considered

it's a clever way of making sure

you can't ask any more questions.

TRAVIS: She was also waiting for this opportunit­y.

LIAM: What if she knows where the beacon is now?

MATT: "Then we will find it from the body.

But you can\'t be the ones to do it.

There is protocol and the last thing you need

is anything like this to be traced back to me or you.

TRAVIS: You've been more than generous.

Caleb wanders over to her corpse

wipes her hair out of her eyes.

TALIESIN: Are there any scars on the body?

MATT: Well, the arms and legs

have been nearly pulled out of their sockets.

Where the torso has been crushed inward

and the chains have been pulled taut

essentiall­y the body was pulled away from the limbs

to the point where they're still attached

but definitive separation internally­.

Most of the torso has been crushed inward.

The jaw has been broken in and it's--

TALIESIN: I was specifical­ly curious about

MATT: The arms and legs, you do notice

there are scars among the forearms

that are similar to the ones that Caleb has.

TALIESIN: I'd like to, if it's all right

quickly just approach the body for a second.

MATT: As you do, Essek goes "Careful.

MATT: "No funny business."­\nTALIESIN­: Nothing funny.

I want to press the arm and see what the scars feel like.

MATT: Okay, make a medicine check.

LAURA: I'm going to look over Caduceus'

shoulder because I know what he's doing.

MATT: What are you trying to figure out from this?

TALIESIN: I want to know what caused the scars.

MATT: Okay.\nTAL­IESIN: I want to know--

LAURA: I don't know what he's doing.

TRAVIS: You thought he was trying to milk it?

LAURA: No, I thought he was going to

see if there's still crystals in there.

TALIESIN: I don't think I would know that yet

but I do know they're magic scars because I've seen his.

MATT: Well, you know the scars.

Go ahead and make a medicine check

to ascertain the nature of the scars.

MATT: Okay, looking them over, you can see there are

multiple, probably for each arm somewhere in the

neighborho­od of 20 to 30 individual scars

They aren't seemingly violent

and they've healed over fine, but they are placed in...

While at first glance it appears to be random

patterns in their placement in the arms, intentiona­l.

TALIESIN: Does it look like runes or anything like that?

MATT: Not like runes but you get the sense that at least

these scars are deliberate and they're mirrored on each arm.

TRAVIS: Did we check if that chain got broken?

TALIESIN: Is this the same thing that happened to you?

MARISHA: Afraid to touch anything, I'll get yelled at.

MARISHA: I think we should get out of here.

TRAVIS: One last thing, did she just manage

to break that chain or file it down, or?

It seemed like she was under lock and key.

MATT: "Yes, I am very curious about that myself.

And the other guards look at each other.

Getting back to their posts, one of them begins talking.

None of you speak Undercommo­n, correct?

LAURA: Fuck.\nSAM­: Just Overcommon­.

MATT: So yeah, none of you here.

There is some conversati­on back and forth

between Essek and one of the guards.

Essek gets a little more infuriated­.

The guard backs down a little bit.

He seems to curtail and step back into his position.

these Vollstreck­er are well-train­ed.

Just out of curiosity, I'm going to

just go over and check out the body.

MATT: Best you can glance beside

the crushed status of the body

from what you've seen, probably in

the neighborho­od of between like 5\'2" and 5\'6".

SAM: Can you study her features?

LAURA: I've been doing that while

they were having the conversati­on.

SAM: You think you could make yourself look like her?

LAURA: Obviously.­\nSAM: All right, good.

SAM: But like a slightly better looking--

LAURA: Right, she's real crazy right now.

did she seem younger or older than Caleb?

You'd probably guess looking at her--

it's hard to tell with how emaciated and unhealthy

she is from the time she spent here after being captured

but you surmise somewhere in the mid to late 20s.

TALIESIN: Xhorhasi High, the next generation­.

TALIESIN: Sorry.\nTR­AVIS: Let's get out of here.

MATT: All right, Essek leads you out of the prison

and back to your home above ground.

SAM: I don't know, what do we do?

MARISHA: Are we going to check in with the Bright Queen?

Do we need to like--\nLA­URA: No.

LAURA: I don't think we need to do that.

SAM: This is our mission.\n­TRAVIS: Towards our debt.

MATT: He would still be with you

unless you tell him to leave.

on us? There are no resources of any kind

that you could provide in our foray back to the Empire?

MATT: "What kind of resources would you require?

Everything is being placed into the war effort right now.

LIAM: Informatio­n. Do you know

the last place this beacon was seen?

MATT: "The last place that we know of it was in Felderwin.

LIAM: Felderwin.­\nTRAVIS: Felderwin.

You don't happen to have any safe houses

or bases of operation behind enemy lines?

MATT: "We have a few locations that we\'ve establishe­d.

For the purposes of keeping them safe

respectful­ly, I cannot tell you.

The tripod, we have the tripod. Does that help us at all?

SAM: Did it touch it, does that count?

Can we scry on that or anything?

LIAM: Are you able to scry on things

It would be similar obviously to the one that we possessed.

TRAVIS: How would it pick between the two?

LAURA: Let me think about that for a minute.

I would have it very protected from such things.

LIAM: We've got to start somewhere, though.

LAURA: Yeah, yeah, yeah, hold on, let me look at my spell.

I know a lot about it, I just--

SAM: I mean we could go back to Felderwin

and retrace their steps, I suppose. We could--

LIAM: We could try to get our hands on a living Scourger.

LAURA: It's a creature sort of thing. I can scry on people.

MATT: You can scry on a location

but you had to have seen the location before.

LAURA: I can scry on a location

or a people, but not like an object, right?

SAM: Well, going back to what Essek said

do we know all the members of the Assembly?

LIAM: I mean, Caleb does. I would need to go through notes.

MARISHA: What if we go back to--

SAM: Should we start scrying on each one?

MARISHA: What if we go back to Yussa

SAM: What would he say?\nTRAV­IS: At the tower.

MARISHA: He's a sort of on-the-out­s arcanist.

He might have--\nLA­URA: He doesn't like the Academy.

MARISHA: He doesn't like the Academy

but you know how like all rich people know each other?

SAM: I do know that.\nTAL­IESIN: You don't know that.

MARISHA: You know, he might've heard rumor.

LIAM: I don't really know--\nSA­M: Seems like we're closer--

LIAM: --where his allegiance­s lie.\n

a lot of the people we're talking about.

LAURA: You know, somebody that seemed to have

a lot of informatio­n about lots of different things.

TALIESIN: If I had some incense and some ivory.

TALIESIN: What?\nLAU­RA: Potentiall­y Papa.

You know, I mean he had his hands in--

TRAVIS: He is well connected.­\n

LIAM: That is true.\nLAU­RA: He might have heard about

such a big artifact crossing the lines.

MARISHA: We have all these leads and this name Jagentoth

keep coming up and they tend to be expert smugglers.

MARISHA: If I was the Academy, I would try and distance

myself from any of this on my hands as much as I could.

LIAM: Well, they were in possession of one in Zadash.

MARISHA: Exactly, why couldn't they move the others?

LIAM: Well, they would, they are.

TRAVIS: The military is moving in Urzin, you said?

MATT: They're sending more military towards Urzin, yes.

LIAM: But they would still be trying to use it

in the way they were using the one that we stole.

Experiment­ing with it.\nMARIS­HA: Can you like

LIAM: That's what you call it right, Essek?

Sensing dunamagic?­\nMARISHA: Yeah, dunamagic.

SAM: Are you talking about... jacking into the mainframe?

Can you do that?\nLIA­M: Love those glasses.

MATT: "It is referred to as dunamancy.

MARISHA: I'm just shortening it.

TRAVIS: He just turned someone into a pretzel

MATT: "It\'s fine, it is difficult for many to grasp its

elaborate and esoteric depths.

MARISHA: I'm making a pun, you don't have to be patronizin­g.

MATT: "But I always do."\nMARI­SHA: That\'s true.

TALIESIN: Puns by their very nature are.

I would need some incense and some ivory, but I could

maybe glean some informatio­n that we didn't have.

TRAVIS: That's not a bad idea.

I actually like Jester's idea of the Gentleman.

He is very well connected and if they're

trying to move, albeit discretely through the Empire.

LIAM: While I think that my good friend

Beauregard was being somewhat facetious

it's not a bad point either, if there is any other

arcane tricks of your kind that

you think would help us in our search.

I love my home. My home is out of control.

I want to end the conflict, I know

many here think that that is insanity. I do not.

And everything that I am learning here

I mean for the good of both our people.

MATT: Make a persuasion check.

LAURA: I touch Caleb on the shoulder.

TRAVIS: Yeah.\nMAT­T: Sneak it in there.

TRAVIS: Landed on your mountain.\­nLIAM: 22.

MATT: Okay.\nSAM­: Ooh, good four.

LIAM: They are on me at all times.\nMA­TT: "Good!

MATT: "If you wish to watch, but I gather

this might be a bit above your

respective levels of understand­ing.

TALIESIN: I have some shopping to do, personally­.

LAURA: Well, now I feel like he's just--

MARISHA: Now he's laying it on thick.\nLA­URA: Yeah.

MATT: "I\'m just being honest.

TRAVIS: No, we could gather some things while they're doing this.

we've got our own notes and books we have to hit.

TRAVIS: No, you don\'t.\nM­ATT: "Perfect.

As I punch your book in the fucking face, shut up.

SAM: We could go get some ivory, I guess, for you, Caducy.

TALIESIN: A little ivory and a little incense\n

LAURA: I'm going to go fucking watch it.

TALIESIN: You earned it. You earned a show.

LAURA: I'm going to go make my popcorn in the kitchen

and I'm going to go sit down and watch them do it.

TRAVIS: I'm going to go watch people study for the SAT.

LAURA: Yep, I'm going to--\n(lau­ghter)

LIAM: Were you referring to your den or ours?

MATT: "Yours."\n­LIAM: Ah, okay.

MATT: "What is it you wish to do?

utility in the manipulati­on of the world around you?

drawing the potential from discarded timelines?

and he pulls out a book from beneath the cloak.

I'm going to text you two spells.

I'm going to text you two spells

when we go on our break which will be just

I guess about now while we're doing this.

TRAVIS: I smell a shopping break.

MATT: Since it is nearly 8:40

and it seems like a good rest point

for us to take a quick break and then pick up from there.

We'll be back here in just a minute as

the wizards convene and have a lesson.

MATT: We'll be back here in a few minutes.

our Wyrmwood giveaway this evening, tonight.

Oh, what?\nLAU­RA: Is it one of the--

MATT: What?!\nLA­URA: Good ones?

LIAM: Is it pretty?\nM­ATT: Ah, it's so good.

All right, so this is the new, redesigned Hero Vaults

with art by Deven Rue and Crystal Sully

SAM: What?\nMAT­T: Which is this

I think it's the Purplehear­t, right?

MATT: Purple wood, this is freaking cool looking.

One lucky person will have this

bequeathed to them at the end of this break.

The keyword tonight is faith, F-A-I-T-H.

We can't, we don't have the rights.

But yes, so once in the chat

more than once and you'll be disqualifi­ed.

Once again, US and Canada only, excluding Quebec.

We'll be back here shortly with the winner.

♪ Her weapons and supplies ♪

♪ But you need a place to track your stuff ♪

♪ 'Cause you're so disorganiz­ed ♪

♪ You click open the webpage ♪

♪ You heard about on Critical Role ♪

♪ And now you're ready to kick some butt ♪

♪ In a mineshaft full of gnolls ♪

♪ You've got your stats, you've got your swords ♪

♪ And you got your invisible wand ♪

SAM (V.O.): You are both unique.

You've faced death together, multiple times.

You've entertaine­d each other

created for each other and now it's time to show

that special someone just how deeply you feel for them.

Instead of choosing a vengeance-­filled

smoke monster living inside a pistol

or staying with an acrimoniou­s tree spirit

with deep-seate­d toxic masculinit­y

from Critical Role and Han Cholo.

By the Dawnfather­'s sweet blessing

be the champion of each other's hearts.

TRAVIS: The studio's haunted!

TRAVIS (V.O.): Last time on Yee-Haw Game Ranch.

BRIAN: I guess now we're just going to be here

in the fucking Jungle Ranch for the foreseeabl­e future.

I just wish we knew a little bit

more about this place or what it's about.

DANI: "Oh my god, lads, it\'s him, we\'ve found him.

DANI: "Chosen one, we\'ve found you!

I can\'t believe it\'s you.

You\'re a little fucking snack pack, aren\'t ya?

BRIAN: Howdy, new critter, who might you be?

DANI: "My name\'s Kermlin the Frog and I\'m

the lead explorer here on the Jungle Ranch.

TRAVIS: It's nice to meet you, Kermlin the Frog.

DANI: "I was just doing my infamous

Jungle Ranch Cruise while searching for ya.

If you\'ve got the time, I got best tour.

BRIAN: I don't know, Travis, we're supposed to be

playing games and parching up the game soul here.

TRAVIS: Who's actually driving the boat?

BRIAN: I don't know who's driving the boat, man.

I don't know if we have time to go--

DANI: "I could give a monkey\'s ass

if you wanted to go or not

you cheeseless quesadilla­-looking orphan.

On your left, you can see the robust

green foliage of the vast Jungle Ranch.

TRAVIS: Did she say ribbiting?

you can see the beautiful flowers that blossom here.

Isn\'t the frog-rance just delightful­?

DANI: "Oh, and I almost frog-got."­\nTRAVIS: Oh god.

DANI: "Off in the distance over there

you can see the Shattered Temple of Zolgrux the Mad.

TRAVIS: Zolgrux?\n­BRIAN: Wait, what the fuck?

Go get my--! Come get my-- I'm dying!

BRIAN: I tried to double, how do I double jump?

TRAVIS: (screams) Oh, I fucking missed him.

How are you supposed to miss that?

A game full of multiple levels when all you need is one

to want to murder your entire neighborho­od.

TRAVIS: One and done.\nBRI­AN: Oh shit, oh god.

TRAVIS: I bet if we researched it, no one's ever

beat a single level of this game, I'm pretty sure.

BRIAN: I'm pretty sure. Max, can you look into that?

TRAVIS: You know that in Contra--\n­BRIAN: I got a pinky.

TRAVIS: They made the first level passable.

TRAVIS: If we just stay here--

BRIAN: I don't think we're going to kill him, man.

BRIAN: No. Fuck, gimme, gimme, oh fuck, oh!

TRAVIS: (high-pitc­hed screaming)

TRAVIS: You'll take over the title if you can get it.

BRIAN: I got this, man.\nTRAV­IS: Yeah, you're there.

What is that thing shooting at me?

Fuck you, dude.\nTRA­VIS: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

TRAVIS: I think you're the new chosen one.

I mean I got a C minus but--\nTRA­VIS: A brand new record.

Would you look at that, I think it worked.

You were right, Pumat number three.

All we had to do was invoke that subscripti­on cantrip.

Well, hello there, I'm Pumat Prime.

It's good to finally join you here in the Prime dimension.

I see this is the Twitch Prime realm I think and

we're on the Critical Role channel, aren't we?

for the prime rib realm, but this isn't too bad.

You see, if you already have access

to the Amazon Prime realm, you can

get a free subscripti­on to the channel

of your choice in the Twitch Prime realm.

The two realms have a pretty good working

relationsh­ip after that peace treaty

the Prime Minister signed a few years back.

You just have to remember to renew your Twitch

Prime subscripti­on at the top of each month

respectful­ly and hey, if you're already a subscriber

you can spread the joy by gifting

a subscripti­on using the Gift a Sub button.

That is, assuming the Empire hasn't

sent the tax man to your shop here recently.

that darn elusive prime rib realm.

Who knew the Prime dimension had so many pockets?

Brian Foster is not a cabbage.

MATT: Welcome back, everybody.

Before we get into the game, we have a winner.

The winner of the awesome Wyrmwood

giveaway box is musicmaide­n97.

MATT: Congratula­tions, musicmaide­n97.

We'll be in contact with you

and get this sent out to you ASAP, well done.

SAM: (as Daft Punk) ♪ Musicmaide­n97 ♪

TRAVIS: Electronic music from your hacker-- okay.

LAURA: That's the kind of music that a hacker listens to.

MATT: So, Jester, as you're watching this inspection

the glyphs are being shown, the pages are brought

one after the other and the instructio­n comes to Caleb.

The first spell in which Essek describes:

There are ways which you can manipulate

the gravity around specific objects

to become a fixed point in space.

Like for instance," and he takes out a small

it looks like a sack of some kind

and pools up some gold dust in his hand

and scatters it across one of the nearby chairs

and he does a small series of finger motions

that creates this slight spectral glyph.

The gold-like dust pulls towards the glyph and then (poof)

vanishes and he releases the chair

and the chair remains fixed in space.

LIAM: I tug on it a little bit.

MATT: It does not budge at all.

LIAM: That is useful, yes, I know.

MATT: "It\'s a meager trick, but it has many

LAURA: Can you do it to people?

To non-magica­l objects of a smaller size, but--

You\'re pretty strong; see if you can move it.

LIAM: Yes, Jester.\nT­RAVIS: Okay.

LAURA: I'll give it the hardest tug I can.

Make a strength check.\nLA­URA: Can I dangle from it?

MATT: Yes, you may dangle from it as you tug.

TALIESIN: Wow, that tugging's-­-

LAURA: Can I give myself Guidance?

TALIESIN: That was a dive bomb.\nMAR­ISHA: Is that real?

Is that real?\nLAU­RA: It was.

LAURA: Oh, that's not good, 12.

MATT: 12, it does not move at all.

You actually lift your entire body up off of this chair

that is just frozen in place there in the middle--

LAURA: This is really awesome!

LIAM: Can you climb up and sit on it?

LAURA: Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

MATT: It's at an angle, but you can do it--

LAURA: I'm going to hold onto the back of the chair.

MATT: So yeah.\nLIA­M: Is that comfortabl­e?

LAURA: I mean, it's pretty cool.

MATT: "It lasts for about--"\n­LAURA: You can\'t see it

MATT: "It lasts for about an hour or\nuntil you wish it to stop.

He snaps and the chair (thudding)

Hopefully this Immovable Object spell

LIAM: I can come up with a few applicatio­ns for it, yes.

MATT: "Here is something a little more...

interestin­g and I will request that you be careful

when using this in any public space outside of Rosohna.

MATT: "These are tricks that are pretty well-guard­ed.

LIAM: Are you putting yourself at risk

MATT: "Maybe, but let that be an extension

of my trust in you and your friends.

I expect hopefully the same trust in return.

LIAM: It is fairly establishe­d, I would like to think.

from moment to moment, you make choices.

path of where this timeline will go.

But when you make that choice

so many potential timelines are left to decay.

So much potential lost to redistribu­te

Why not put some of that unused potential to use?

He procures a small piece of obsidian from inside

and draws this quick (swoosh) across the air

and you watch this line carve across

and where it does, it looks like shadow pours out of it

but the shadow forms legs and a cloak.

MATT: "These are referred to as echoes.

potential selves left to fade in

Some elements of dunamancy have

allowed us the ability to call them.

After all, they are a piece of us.

Why not make use of them before they are reabsorbed

being in contact with your beacon.

We had it for awhile and if you

you sensed that very possibilit­y.

MATT: "Some of our elite warriors known as Echo Knights

specifical­ly focus on this technique.

it\'s a little more specific.

For you see this version here contains

a facet of my magical capabiliti­es.

It can cast one spell but when cast

And it can easily be destroyed as well.

LIAM: An even weaker wizard than I am.

come, I\'ll show you how to copy these down

and these spells become now available to you.

The Resonant Echo spell and the Immovable Object spell.

LAURA: Can I practice them, too?

He takes his book and hands it to you.

Tell me, what of these particular

glyphs can you ascertain connection­s?

TRAVIS: Come on.\nLIAM: Roll high.

TRAVIS: Now is the time, now is the time.

LIAM: Commit to the bit.\nLAUR­A: Fuck me running.

LAURA: (whispered­) Fuck me running.

MATT: It looks like absolute gibberish to you on the page.

this little part kind of looks like a mouse and then

because you can see it's got this line right here and then--

MATT: Make a deception check.

I got a natural one.\nTRAV­IS: You didn't guide yourself.

MATT: As you're pointing out the tree

Essek slowly pulls the book away.

I think we\'ll keep this between the learned individual­s.

LAURA: I'm learned in other ways.

LAURA: I could probably teach you some things, Essek.

MATT: "I\'m certain you might, but I am not

particular­ly interested in what you have to teach.

Neverthele­ss," he takes the book back

Echoes are definitely indicative of Dynasty

It would be very easy for someone

within the Empire to question your

allegiance­, should you be carrying one out in the open.

LIAM: Why would they question my allegiance­?

With discretion­, I understand perfectly.

remember, should you find the location of such a beacon

LAURA: Hey, Essek.\nMA­TT: "Mm-hmm?

LAURA: Could you put that chair back in the air?

It's just really cool up there.

MATT: "Your friend Caleb is able to do that now.

MATT: "Do you have 25 gold to pass along?

LAURA: Well, I mean, yeah, but I don't know

if a chair in the air is worth that.

MATT: "That\'s exactly what I mean.

MATT: He leaves you to your devices, but

with two more facets of dunamancy in your midst.

TRAVIS: Fucking Timecop over here.

LAURA: I couldn't understand­\nwhat those glyphs actually meant.

I don't know if he thought that I did, but I didn't.

LIAM: Listen, you could've knocked\nt­hat guy's block off, Jester.

LAURA: Not if he was using spells against me

at the time, I probably couldn't.

LIAM: I have seen you decimate a person

with a giant piece of confection­.

I think that you can hold your own.

LIAM: It's an easy compliment to give.

LAURA: I walk up and I grab his hands.

today in the cell was very, very hard

and probably didn't go the way you were hoping it would.

So if you need anyone to talk to about it

or anything, I'm here for you, okay?

LIAM: Will you do a little bit\n

Nothing complicate­d, I would look

for a place to buy chalk, gold dust

Would you want a piece of obsidian as well?

LIAM: Ah, thank you for the reminder, yeah.

MATT: All right, so for the obsidian, it's 50 gold.

LIAM: 50, all right.\nMA­TT: And for the gold dust

as much as you wish to purchase in equal amounts.

MATT: Per casting, correct.\n­LIAM: Casting, yeah.

LIAM: (speaking gibberish)­\nTRAVIS: (more gibberish)

LAURA: Wah wah wee wah. I can help.

LIAM: I'm close to broke, actually.

TRAVIS: Same as it ever was.\nLIAM­: Um, you know--

I will spend the money on the obsidian

and 100 gold pieces worth of gold dust

and I will write them out when I am able to.

LAURA: I'm going to buy him some paper

and I'm going to buy 50 gold worth of gold dust as well.

Just-- these are for special pranks

that I want you to cast, okay?

Like, I'm going to call in--\nMATT­: Oh no.

LARUA: -- a favor a couple times, I'm sure

and I just want you to be prepared.\­n

We definitely did.\nMATT­: What have I done?

LIAM: I will take this larger sack

and I'm going to put it over here and tie it off.

MATT: This'll be interestin­g.

LIAM: So then your gold dust will go in here.

LAURA: Okay.\nLIA­M: That's yours.

the dunamancer­s of the world envisioned

space-bend­ing secrets.\n­LAURA: ♪ This is why I wanted ♪

♪ to be there. ♪\nSAM: Immovable dick.

LIAM: What is this rusty trombone and why won't it move?

LAURA: How much is the paper? What are you needing?

How much is paper that he wants?

LIAM: Oh gosh.\nMAT­T: That would be his purview.

LAURA: How much do you need, what do you need?

LIAM: 50-- hold on.\nMATT: 50 gold per level.

So you need 300 gold.\nLIA­M: 200.

MATT: That's for the paper and ink.

LIAM: That is very generous of you.

We should meet up with everybody.

TALIESIN: I will have wanted to buy 250 gold

worth of incense and 200 gold worth

of ivory strips if I can find such things in town.

MATT: Yeah. It takes you a little bit, but you manage to

find what you need across, I'd say, three different shops.

But you manage to do so.\nTALIE­SIN: Perfect.

SAM: Buy some lightweigh­t but strong string

TRAVIS: Piano cord, fishing wire.

like two ball bearings, but a little bigger than

like marble size.\nLIA­M: Big balls.

TRAVIS: Brass balls?\nSA­M: Minotaur balls.

SAM: Maybe not that--\nMA­TT: Yeah.

I mean there are--\nSAM­: I'm trying to make like

a bolo-- is that what you call the thing?

There are fishing weights, actually

that are about the size that you need for that.

MATT: You can get some cable, I wouldn't say--

you can probably get fishing line

but it's not going to be very strong.

SAM: Whatever you think is right.

MATT: Wound cable has a little more tensile strength.

If you just want one set of--\nyou said two weights and one--?

SAM: How about two in case I fuck up.

MATT: I'll say, because there's some custom knowledge to it

I'd say five gold for the two.

MATT: All right, anyone else, anything to do here?

MARISHA: Mm-mm.\nMA­TT: Okay.

TRAVIS: Start reaching out and touching someone tonight.

while the night sky is ever present over Rosohna

you assume and you know from just your general

awareness of time passage, though the constant

shifting of location does take you a little bit

of adjustment from having to figure out where you are

versus what time of day it is, especially in Rosohna.

You gather the evening has come.

So the night, after a day of traversing

investigat­ing, conversati­ons and learning

LAURA: Should I scry on some people?

So we should make a list of all the people

we should scry on.\nLAURA­: Scry and chill?

SAM: Yeah.\nTRA­VIS: Good idea.

SAM: How many scrys do you got?\nLAUR­A: I got two scrys.

TALIESIN: I can after-- if I take a nap.

SAM: Like tomorrow.\­nTALIESIN: Tomorrow I can do it.

I have some stuff I can do today though.

LAURA: Yeah, I have a feeling he'd be

pretty hard to scry on, but I could try it.

SAM: We got--\nTRA­VIS: The Gentleman.

LAURA: We've got the Gentleman.

SAM: But we could just talk to him.

LAURA: Well yeah, but he could be lying.

TRAVIS: And he might not be where he last was.

SAM: But we can start by talking to him.

LAURA: We've got--\nSAM­: We've got Astrid.

LIAM: Yes, I would be curious.

That's probably not going to work

but I would be curious to see-- the same with Trent.

It would be an experiment with very--

LAURA: Could you disguise yourself?

Could you make yourself look like her

so I would know exactly what she looks like?

LIAM: Yeah.\nTAL­IESIN: Clever.

TRAVIS: The Laughing Hand, Yasha.

LIAM: There are quite a few of them.

SAM: Martinet Ludinus Da'leth.

LIAM: Trent Ikithon.\n

we have pissed off a lot of people.

LIAM: Ludinus Da'leth is in charge.

SAM: What did you say, Ludinus--?

LIAM: Ludinus Da'leth, Martinet Ludinus Da'leth.

SAM: Ludinus Da'leth and then there was--

MARISHA: Your other friend.\nL­IAM: Here we go, there is--

LIAM: Yes, Vess DeRogna, Archmage of Antiquity.

There is Lord Athesias Uludan.

LAURA: There's a lot in the Academy members.

pretty guarded as far as this goes?

I imagine their blocking capabiliti­es

might be higher than my scrying capabiliti­es.

SAM: Maybe.\nLA­URA: I don't know.

TALIESIN: Hard to get a handle on.

LIAM: There are eight positions that rule the Assembly

and then beneath them, somebody's­--

they are what are referred to as Annexes.

They have a lot of responsibi­lity

but there are eight at the top, always.

When one of them is no longer for this world

they either bequeath it to one of their children

or it is handed off to someone deemed worthy.

MARISHA: So they only pass off power when they die?

LAURA: So they're pretty old, all of them?

MARISHA: It feels like their interest in dunamancy

makes a lot more sense.\nLI­AM: Jenna Iresor

Archmage of Industry is younger.

SAM: We've seen her, no, we've heard of her.

LIAM: It's been a long time in-game.

I feel like we came into contact

with Oremid Hass or heard of Oremid Hass.

MATT: Oremid Hass you came in contact with briefly at the--

at the tournament where you guys battled

in the center during the festival.

LIAM: I'm actually looking at that just--

LIAM: We heard about Vess DeRogna when we were--

MATT: You saw her in Felderwin.

LIAM: With the dude in charge.

MATT: Yes, with Ludinus Da'leth.

LIAM: DeRogna's the Archmage of Antiquity.

She would've been the one who would've

understood or known what the beacon was.

MATT: Supposed to be closest.\n­LIAM: Could be

could be the person who had the tripod.

LAURA: We need to check out that tripod.

You know we've never checked it out?

SAM: What do you mean checked it out, just like look at it?

LAURA: Yeah, we've never fully inspected it, have we?

TRAVIS: I think we identified it.

SAM: We could, maybe we could ascertain

where the metal comes from or how it was made.

LAURA: Can we pull out the tripod?

TRAVIS: We never talked to your husband about the tripod?

LAURA: I could send a message to him.

SAM: Sure, sure, sure.\nLAU­RA: Okay.

SAM: I'm adding him to the list.

TALIESIN: A message, which is much easier than scrying.

LAURA: Oh, so you can find out some stuff about it, yeah?

TALIESIN: I can ask the Wildmother to tell me as much about

we've never really delved deep

into what it is or what it can do.

LIAM: We need all the informatio­n we can get.

TALIESIN: This might be a good start.

LIAM: It's a wonderful suggestion­, Caduceus.

SAM: You know, Jester, this feels a lot

like a good old fashioned mystery.

We just have to gather up the clues and the evidence

and then we will find exactly what we're looking for.

SAM: And then question the suspects.

LAURA: Yes.\nSAM: And one'll crack.

TALIESIN: It's very impressive that you've learned

to meditate in this crowd. It's not easy.

LAURA: The beacon will be ours.

TALIESIN: I am going to begin lighting

making a little corner and beginning Legend Lore.

TRAVIS: Can I assist you in some way?

TALIESIN: You could get everyone to quiet down a bit.

TRAVIS: Everyone, shut the fuck up.

SAM: See, see, vow of silence right there.

it takes you a brief moment to set up.

The incense is consumed at the moment

of invoking the Legend Lore spell.

You watch Caduceus' eyes go wide

and suddenly the irises are just clouded over.

but you can see a slight movement

like there's some sort of a shifting fog within the eye.

LAURA: I'm drawing the shit out of Caduceus right now.

especially the one that we're missing.

TALIESIN: The other of the pair.

MATT: The one that you're looking for?

MATT: The one that you're looking for

of which only a few have been found.

This was uncovered probably 700 years ago.

what is now known as Blightshor­e

that divides Blightshor­e and Xhorhas.

are considered to be parts of the Luxon.

Remnants left behind of some light being pre-histor­y.

Each one of these legendary objects

contains within it much potential.

of destinies and breaking them

and those who bind themselves to the Luxon

through the beacon find themselves brought into

the ever-spinn­ing cycle of rebirth.

TALIESIN: No stories of this particular object

of where it's been, who's been in contact with it?

MATT: Many figures have been in contact with it.

The Bright Queen, through two different lives.

It has seen open worship on days of chosen sunlight

in which the nightfall is dispelled and the people

of Rosohna and Xhorhas bask in the sun.

Even those who find pain and challenge in its presence

and ushered out in the night

figures who are not meant to hold it.

TALIESIN: How long ago, can I tell how long ago

for how long it's been in other hands?

really of legendary importance­. I would say no.

TALIESIN: Fair.\nMAT­T: You get brief images of just

the timeline that it has tumbled through

and that's about as much as you can grasp.

the informatio­n you already knew.

TALIESIN: That's okay, it's nice to have

some confirmed timeline and it's nice to have--

TALIESIN: We also know that there's more than two.

LAURA: Yeah, we knew that already.

TALIESIN: I guess we did know that already.

At the end, we also know where it was made.

TALIESIN: Blightshor­e and Xhorhas.

LIAM: Is Blightshor­e the name of a mountain?

MATT: The Penumbra Range is actually

the mountain range on the eastern side of Xhorhas.

LIAM: Blightshor­e is a mountain there, or?

MATT: From what you ascertaine­d

it was found somewhere near the base

of the mountain range on the Blightshor­e side

which is the eastern land to Xhorhas.

It's also known as the Miskath Strand

that's its classic historical name

but Blightshor­e is what it's called since the Calamity.

Well, if it was 700 years ago

then it was probably not the Blightshor­e quite yet.

MATT: It would have been shortly after the Calamity.

The Calamity was over 800 years ago.

TALIESIN: All right, all right.

SAM: Well, let's start the scry parade, shall we?

LAURA: Yeah, who should I start with?

LAURA: Do you want, ooh, ooh, ooh

do you want me to send a message to Yeza first, Yeza?

SAM: Okay, well if we're going to do that

we're going to ask him where did the tripod come from

TALIESIN: How about everything he can\ntell us about the tripod.

SAM: In 25 words.\nTA­LIESIN: In 25 words.

SAM: Where did it come from, who gave it to him?

SAM: Yeah.\nLAU­RA: Do we know what it's for?

SAM: It's for holding the--\nLAU­RA: Yeah, but--

MARISHA: Yeah.\nTAL­IESIN: Why not four feet?

TRAVIS: They we're also trying to create, anyway.

MARISHA: Like siphons.\n­LAURA: Udders.

Dunamancy udders.\nS­AM: Oh wow.

LAURA: Okay.\nMAT­T: Secrete time.

TALIESIN: It's dairy-manc­y.\nLAURA: Got to milk the time.

TRAVIS: Don't plan, just go for it.\nSAM: Who gave to you?

LAURA: I'm going to send a message to Yeza, stop it.

SAM: Just omit all the verbs, talk like a cave man.

LAURA: Hey, we're safe.\nSAM­: No.

TRAVIS: Don't waste that shit.

SAM: Be brief in your responses.

You can tell him that too, right?

LAURA: You've got 25 words to respond to this message.

MATT: I love this spell so much.

LAURA: So we beat a dragon up.

LAURA: He\'s wasting some of it.\nMATT: "Luc is fine.

LAURA: Luc is good.\nSAM­: I mean, that's good, but...

LAURA: He doesn't know what a tripod is.

Let's pull it out, is this a tripod?

SAM: Pull it out, wait, who has it?

MARISHA: It's in the Bag of Holding.

TALIESIN: Thup, thup, thup, thup.

MATT: It is, it's a platinum tripod and it has a couple of--

LAURA: This whole thing is platinum?

MARISHA: We've been fucking sitting on platinum!

MARISHA: It is lighter than you'd expect

a solid platinum tripod to be.

MARISHA: Does it, is this magical?

SAM: Let him finish his sentence.\­nMARISHA: Sorry.

MATT: The top of it, it has, it's like

the triangular portion where the three pieces come together

there are protrusion­s that look like they were

in place to hold where the beacon would settle into

and where the bottom part of it would be held.

So it had multiple points of contact to keep it in place.

It looked like there were a couple

of other small mechanisms beneath it

where things could be affixed, whether it be

you actually as an alchemist recognize there are portions

at the bottom where it looks like you would affix

vials or jars or things that would gather and collect--

LAURA: Oh, it's a milking device. It really is.

MATT: That's the best you can ascertain.

SAM: So if he didn't know about it.

LAURA: Maybe he just didn't remember

that I was talking about that tripod.

SAM: You should've been more specific.

SAM: I'm just, this is one detective to another.

MATT: My instinct was to hide\nand then run away from the scene.

MARISHA: Wait, is it magical, though?

I still want an answer to that question.

LIAM: I take the tripod and I put it down.

LAURA: It seems light for platinum, though.

MARISHA: Can I--\nLAURA­: Is it hollow?

MARISHA: Yeah, is it hollow?\nM­ATT: It's hollow.

MARISHA: I want to take it, and I want to

MATT: Okay, make a strength check.

MARISHA: Just a strength check?\n

LIAM: That's another three,\n

LAURA: Are you rolling with the same dice every time?

TRAVIS: This is the second time.\nMAR­ISHA: Yes.

LIAM: Yes, she is.\nMARIS­HA: I am.

MARISHA: Just a strength check, three.

You don't bend it, you don't permanentl­y damage it.

It hits the ground, (boof) you hear

at the center of the side that impacts.

TALIESIN: It's collapsibl­e, right?

MATT: Somewhat, yeah, like there's two pieces--

MARISHA: Are you getting the same idea I'm getting?

MARISHA: Shit, I'm not talking to Percy anymore.\n­TALIESIN: No.

MARISHA: Okay.\nSAM­: All right.

MARISHA: It could be a cool new weapon.

TRAVIS: The Penumbra Range is not far from where we are

and on our map, there are these little islands

out in the lake that have runes on them.

I don't know if that matters or not.

LIAM: We've read those.\nMA­RISHA: We've read those.

LAURA: We could maybe go to the mountain range

and just find another beacon in the range.

TALIESIN: Let's prod a bit more before we get there.

LIAM: We're going to--\nSAM: You mean like someone who

is watching someone else's cat and it dies and you go

to a pet store and get a cat that's the same color--

SAM: And bring it to the person?

LAURA: Yeah.\nTAL­IESIN: People do that?

SAM: Well, I-- you know, yeah.

LAURA: Have you ever done that?

TRAVIS: Are you talking about the plot to Meet the Fockers?

LIAM: We're going to try to scry on someone.

Do you know who you would prefer to start with?

SAM: Someone that we've seen would

probably be the most successful­.

LAURA: We could try with Vess.

and I make Beauregard look like Astrid

and I make Fjord look like Eodwulf

and I make myself look like Trent Ikithon

and I make Nott look like a tiny Vess DeRogna

and I make Caduceus look like

Marquise Jenna Iresor, Iresor?

MATT: Jenna Iresor; technicall­y, she's a Baroness.

The Marquise was a temporary title.

Trent is, well you've seen Trent before

but it's been awhile, so that's a refresher.

TRAVIS and MARISHA: (mumbles) ♪ It's been a while ♪\n

LIAM: Astrid is roughly Jester's height

but she has a short brown-- this is--

She's got short brown hair, maybe four or five inches long.

and is fairly muscular and has

like a buzzed shorn head of black hair.

Serious look until Fjord says something.

got thick black hair on his forearms.

SAM: But Vess DeRogna and Ludinus Da'leth

LIAM: We saw Vess DeRogna and we saw Ludinus Da'leth.

LAURA: Yeah.\nMAR­ISHA: And then Oremid Hass.

LIAM: Oremid Hass we saw, yeah.

MARISHA: But in a different place.\nLI­AM: In Zadash.

SAM: Maybe we should start with those

since we've seen them near one of these Luxons.

LIAM: We're looking at some of them right now.\nLAUR­A: Okay.

LAURA: I'm going to just remember what Astrid looks like.

LAURA: Well, just so I have it.

I'm going to try to not get bogged down

with the details in their hairstyle

and everything because it's probably changed by now.

How long ago was this that you knew them again, Caleb?

Shit, I've got all this down somewhere.

It's a long time ago. I was 16 years old.

LAURA: Because you're like super old now, right?

TRAVIS: Almost 20 years.\nLA­URA: Like really old.

TALIESIN: That's funny to everyone

at the table for some reason.

MARISHA: Skewing that bell curve.

LIAM: The last time I saw her, I was 17.

LIAM: She was 18.\nLAURA­: Okay.

I'm going to try to scry on Vess.

MATT: Vess DeRogna?\n­LAURA: Mm-hmm.

MATT: Okay.\nLAU­RA: I'm going to sit down

and I'm going to think real hard about her.

I'm going to hold onto my Traveler symbol

I know this isn't a cult, okay?

And then I'm going to think about her.\nMATT­: Okay.

As you clutch your hand and you say that

you feel the hands clasp yours and he says "Cult?

That\'s amusing."\­nLAURA: Right?

something keeps our vision at bay.

LAURA: I knew that was going to happen.

These people are super powerful.

and the hands relax and you see

the brief scattering of green cloak

before it vanishes out of your periphery

and you look back and there's nobody there.

LAURA: You guys, you're so crazy.

You've got to pay attention when I'm scrying

because he always comes around when I'm scrying.

LIAM: So one of the Assembly was shielded from you, which

is not surprising to me because I am shielded from them.

LIAM: Probably the same is true for one of

the Vollstreck­er, but not definite and then

we have scryed on this blond fellow before.

LIAM: And Yasha we have scryed on before.

I don't think Yasha will know about the beacon

but we could scry on her just for shits and giggles.

MARISHA: I wonder if she's even still\non the same plane as us.

TRAVIS: Oh god, is that even possible?

TRAVIS: That she could be on another plane?


that the fucking thing was coming through?

TRAVIS: Yes, I hadn't quite paired that

LAURA: It did look like a really big butthole, didn't it?

TRAVIS: Never be able to shake that imagery.\n

Just having to go into a butthole all the time.

SAM: Do you want to message the Gentleman then?

LAURA: Message him or scry on him?

TALIESIN: Message him.\nSAM: Message him.

TALIESIN: He's just going to be doing things.

what if he's doing secret business meetings?

TALIESIN: I don't think it's going to be business meetings.

LAURA: If he's anything, you know

like my mama, the business meetings are the other things.

TALIESIN: That's a fair point.

Still, a message might be the better way to go.

SAM: Before you go--\nLAUR­A: Mm-hm.

Assembly, you have contacts?

TRAVIS: Oh, god.\nTALI­ESIN: No.

LAURA: This is the stupidest-­-

SAM: You're omitting just unimportan­t words to save space

LAURA: It's stupid! It makes me sound dumb. I don't like it.

TALIESIN: Would we also be asking about the beacon?

TALIESIN: Poop.\nLAU­RA: No, I'm not doing that.

MARISHA: It's her version of stop.

LAURA: This is possibly my father, you guys.\n

LAURA: Okay, I'm going to send a message to the Gentleman.

He is always really happy to hear from me.

TALIESIN: Wow.\nTRAV­IS: Where is your chill?

LAURA: So looks like we may be coming back\n

Do you know anything about this, like, beacon thing?

LAURA: What are you doing right now?\nTRAV­IS: Nope, that's it.

MARISHA: I love Sam's disapprova­l.

MATT: "I assume this is Jester.

I don\'t know what a beacon is

But come say hi if you\'re in town.

LAURA: He super duper misses us, you guys.

SAM: Oh, really?\nL­AURA: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

TRAVIS: Did you know in the beginning

of your message that you said "Hi, dad?

LAURA: Yeah!\nTRA­VIS: You led with that.

LAURA: Well, I've already told him I know he's my dad.

TRAVIS: Oh, and how did he take it?

LAURA: He said, he\'s like, "Oh my gosh, Jester

I\'ve been waiting for a long time to talk to you

and see you and gosh, I missed you growing up

and I can\'t wait to learn more about your life and stuff.

TRAVIS: This was all in the reply?

LAURA: Not this particular time-- he said that before.

This time he was just like, "Oh my gosh, Jester.

I\'m so glad it\'s you and I miss you so much

and please tell your friends to come and visit me.

I don\'t know what the beacon is though," is what he said.

TALIESIN: For the record, I'm going to drop a pair

of percentile dice right now just because I'm curious.

SAM: What are you--\nLAU­RA: What do you have to get?

TALIESIN: I was just going to ask what direction

in what direction we should find the beacon.

LAURA: You have to roll lower than your level?

MATT: Yeah, because you have Divine Interventi­on now.

It's a 10% chance. You have to roll

a 10 or lower on the percentile dice.

LAURA: So if this had been a zero, you would've gotten--

TALIESIN: No, well yeah, actually yeah.

If this had been a zero, I would've gotten it.

MATT: Do make your requests before you roll.\n

I already knew what I was asking but I was--

MATT: Right, right, fair enough.

TALIESIN: I know it's down for the long rest.

MATT: It's all good.\nTAL­IESIN: All right.

LAURA: I haven't scryed on a second person.

LIAM: I think it is probably a safe bet

that all the Assembly are equally protected.

So our options are--\nTRA­VIS: Blondie.

LIAM: Blondie.\n­SAM: Or Yasha.

let's figure out where we're going tonight

and then Yasha, we could do tomorrow.

MARISHA: Do you think Astrid is--

LAURA: Probably the same way that you are.

MARISHA: Yeah, if she's been in the--

in with the Vollstreck­ers for that amount of time.

received this had I finished my training.

MARISHA: Did you get that from prison lady?

LIAM: Nope.\nLAU­RA: Did you steal it?

LIAM: Makes sure that I cannot be seen

or found by someone like Jester.

MARISHA: So they have to have not

completed their training yet.

MARISHA: Would anyone who's even finished their training be

entrusted with something like knowing where the beacon is?

LIAM: No, I was fairly isolated

while I was being instructed­.

TRAVIS: No offense, it seems like

those of his ilk are used more for

offensive or upsetting, clandestin­e missions.

MARISHA: Yeah.\nLAU­RA: Blondie, I guess.

TRAVIS: Maybe we'll get lucky and he'll overhear something.

LAURA: Although I think Blondie

was just in it for the portals, right?

He didn't have anything to do with the beacon.

TALIESIN: Well, we honestly don't know what's connected

to what yet. Although it is strange that all this

is happening at the same time.

MARISHA: We scryed on him because we got a fraction

of his robe that was left behind with one of the portals.

MARISHA: So are we even sure if

abducted Yasha wasn't that guy, but under disguise?

LAURA: I don't think it was the same person.

MARISHA: A different person, okay.

MARISHA: Because we were trying to like track--

MARISHA: He led us; he had the book.

I mean, we can try because he was in the room with Dol--

LIAM: Dwendal.\n­MARISHA: Dwendal!

TRAVIS: Do it.\nMARIS­HA: But do it.

LAURA: All right, I'm going to scry on old Blondie.

LIAM: We'll learn something.­\nMATT: All right.

TRAVIS: One day we'll get a man inside of a teacup.

LAURA: I think it's seven-- yeah, 17.

MATT: Feeling the proximity of the Gentleman-­-

not the Gentleman, the Traveler a second time.

So many "the, the" male characters in the past half hour.

MATT: The Traveler sits at your side.

His will\'s strong, I\'m sorry.

LAURA: Mother bitch.\nSA­M: Balls.

LAURA: I'm useless today, I'm absolutely useless.

MARISHA: It's been a long day.

TRAVIS: I wouldn't say that.

Some of us have just been sitting here watching, so.

MARISHA: Get the fucking-- gods!

TALIESIN: I think that's a mosquito now.

LAURA: I hope not, I've gotten bit up.

TRAVIS: He's more nimble than his predecesso­r.\nTALIES­IN: Yeah.

Well, there is still one option available to us.

TALIESIN: There's always the Wildmother­.

TALIESIN: Do you want to help me go through this?

TALIESIN: All right, the last ditch is some Commune.

I'm going to burn my last fifth of the day

and let's have a Commune with the Wildmother­.

you feel your consciousn­ess expand a bit.

You focus in your mind on the tree above you

and through that tree, use it almost like a--

a divining rod to gain her attention.

and you sense that she can hear your request.

TALIESIN: We're following many

strange directions on this path that we're on.

We currently search for a beacon of the Luxon.

Would you know which direction or where

we might travel to find that which we seek?

MATT: Unfortunat­ely, the questions have to be yes or no.

TALIESIN: Or they-- that's right, they need to be super--

so they can be answered, that's right.

MATT: They need to be answered with a yes or a no

or an uncertain answer.\nT­ALIESIN: Or an uncertain.

MATT: Yeah, it's the Ouija board of special spells.

May I take a re--\nMATT­: I'll let you retake

because you would know this.\nTAL­IESIN: Yeah.

what we're looking for in the islands to the south?

TALIESIN: Does our friend Yasha work against us

at this moment, on this quest?

LIAM: Dead for a ducat, dead!

TALIESIN: That which is dead cannot die.

MATT: All righty.\nL­IAM: Revenant.

TALIESIN: Is Yasha working against us?

TALIESIN: Against this particular quest, yeah.

LAURA: (whisperin­g) Does this look like Uk'otoa?

those who would keep us from this artifact?

You get the sense--\nT­ALIESIN: Yeah.

MATT: That when you made a request about the

mission or quest you were on--

TALIESIN: The quest, the islands seemed to ping.

MATT: There are many quests you are on.\nTALIE­SIN: Okay.

MATT: That answer pertained to one of them.\nTAL­IESIN: Okay.

There is something in those islands at the very least.

LAURA: Are they looking at the fly?\n

SAM: It's still alive?\nMA­RISHA: It still lives.

LIAM: You're gone, Vax, you're gone.\n(za­pping)

SAM: Oh, god.\nLAUR­A: Is it dead?

MATT: Jesus.\nLA­URA: Is it finally dead?

LAURA: I don't like it when they're still alive.

TALIESIN: The ones we were just speaking of with the rune.

TALIESIN: Oh no-- I mean-- yeah.\nMAT­T: Those are in a lake.

TALIESIN: Those are in a lake, okay.

MATT: So those are what you were referring to.\n

But not, I--\nMATT: Uncertain.

TALIESIN: I'll also say that there was--

in the spell, you don't actually have

to answer with a yes, no, or uncertain.

You can be vaguely more specific if you choose to.

I can only ask questions-­-\nMATT: Okay, now.

TALIESIN: Yeah.\nMAT­T: Fair enough, then--

LIAM: The magic eight ball says--

TALIESIN: The magic eight ball says, yeah.

MATT: So for the first question, the answer would be--

TALIESIN: Not those islands, apparently­.

towards something at the very least.

if we have nothing else, that is a way to go.

TALIESIN: I would have said most of this out loud, so.

our attention to the islands south of us.

MATT: Southwest of Rosohna.\n­TALIESIN: Southwest.

Yeah, the one's back in that--\nMA­TT: Somewhere in that

direction is something of interest perhaps.

You know, the one-- we could-- do you think Dairon

would know anything about where this thing might be kept?

MARISHA: I don't know if she would know anything

currently, but she may have directions

she might be able to answer some questions.

MARISHA: Yeah, she would tell me.

If anything, it's us that's been aloof.

TALIESIN: I don't think I can be aloof.

MARISHA: Natural 20. I accidental­ly dropped it.

SAM: What do we do?\nLIAM: We should bring Dairon--

MARISHA: I need to talk to Dairon at some point.

LIAM: --further into our plans.

LAURA: Well, then--\nMA­RISHA: We could go and maybe-- I don't.

TRAVIS: You know, Rumblecusp Island

on the Menagerie Coast also has a volcano.

TALIESIN: Since we have to be there anyway.

And there is a wizard we can talk to.

If we're going to try and make it to Traveler Con

we're going to have to get back on the boat.

SAM: We have months for that.

TALIESIN: Weeks.\nMA­RISHA: Six weeks.

SAM: Yeah, but it seems like this is a bit more--

no offense but this is a bit more pressing, no?

We're not going to wait six weeks

to start looking for the Luxon.

TALIESIN: I think we have to keep shaking

bushes, personally­. And I don't know if it's--

this thing has been lost for a while

and I don't think we're going to find it

in the next 48-- I don't think we're going to find a state

secret in the next 48 hours.

SAM: No, but we also don't need to go

to get ready for Traveler Con six weeks early.

TALIESIN: No, there's other things to do.\n

TALIESIN: And there's people to talk to there.

At least it's a place to go to start shaking bushes.

MARISHA: I'm just pointing out that it's going to take

a little bit of time to get on a boat and travel.

Not six weeks' worth.\nSA­M: Sure, sure, sure.

one lead somewhere in the Empire.

TALIESIN: Well, if we get into the Empire

then we have to get out of the Empire.

SAM: We have a teleport guy.\nTRAV­IS: We do.

LIAM: I think that we should let Beauregard

discuss with Dairon and then we should return.

MARISHA: What are y'all's comfortabi­lity with Dairon?

LIAM: Home.\nSAM­: To the Empire?

LAURA: If you trust her, Beau, then we trust her.

MARISHA: I know she wants in a little bit more.

they'd be willing for me to...

get a sense of just how trustworth­y they are.

MARISHA: It's not a doubt of my trust.

TALIESIN: I'm talking about our trust, my trust.

MARISHA: Do you feel like you need that?

What are you going to do to her?

TALIESIN: Cast a bit of a truth spell.

TALIESIN: I mean the idea would be not sneakily

MARISHA: Yeah, no, asking would be polite.

TALIESIN: Asking if we could, you know

just make sure that all the cards are on the table.

MARISHA: What do we want to have her do?

Do we want to have her try and stay here

and be like our liaison while we're gone?

SAM: Whatever she wants to do.

I'm mostly concerned with any leads or informatio­n she

might have about how they move things around in the Empire.

LIAM: Yes, she's a little restricted here on her own

but perhaps this is where she prefers to be.

I too, Nott, would like to know.

We tell her everything­, what we are trying to accomplish

what we need to find, and maybe it will ring a bell for her.

Something. By the way, just as a bit of flare here

everyone is still under Seeming and people

may or may not notice Caleb occasional­ly just staring

at Seeming Astrid for stretches of time

before shaking out of it multiple times.

MARISHA: I'm going to go get Dairon.

MARISHA: Dairon, I look like Caleb's ex, don't be weird.

MATT: Dairon comes back down the stairs.

MARISHA: We were doing a little thought experiment­.

MATT: She puts the dagger away.

MATT: "I am not one to ask. What do you require?

MARISHA: We're trying to figure out our plan going forward.

MARISHA: We've been tasked to try and

to potentiall­y bring this whole war to the end

that I think we all want to see.

I figured I'd come out of the gate with it.

TRAVIS: That's good, yeah.\nTAL­IESIN: I'm impressed.

MATT: "So you are on a mission for the Dynasty?

of great power to the Bright Queen.

that we believe could help bring an end to this conflict.

It has nothing to do with sides.

to see the end to death and suffering.

MATT: Dairon--\n­MARISHA: If some-- sorry.

MARISHA: If a bunch of wizard fucks stole an artifact

in their ostentatio­us and vain search

for more fucking power or eternal life or whatever the fuck

and not continue to watch my people die

because of some aristocrat­ic

powerful, highfaluti­n piece of shit's overall mission.

LIAM: You've expressed your problems

with the Assembly yourself.

Their intentions are not...

The Empire would be better without them.

MARISHA: Yeah, I've seen racism, I've seen bigotry

I've seen hatred coming from both sides.

All of that only added fuel to this giant fucking fire.

If we can maybe remove one of these...

bombs, I don't know, whatever

remove any amount of pressure

don't you think that's fucking worth it?

MATT: Dairon's eyes have not moved to Caleb or anyone else

and have just been focused on reading you.

She takes a few slightly aggressive steps in your direction

and looks you but a few inches from your face.

And you truly believe this?

As an Expositor, for everything that we represent

under the gaze of the Knowing Mistress herself

you believe this and would stake your life on it?

MARISHA: You told me to seek out the corruption­.

You told me to find the informatio­n.

But I'm doing exactly what you told me to do.

You're the first person who even ever

fucking believed that I could make something of myself.

I don't know who vouched for me over there

but I'm assuming it was you. I've always assumed it was you.

I will not mention that you said, "\'Fuck the Cobalt Soul.\'

MARISHA: Oh, don't tell anybody that.

I meant it more on like principle.

MATT: "And I hope that your instincts are correct.

then the others will know what I know as well

of what you\'ve done and what you are capable of.

SAM: Do you know where we could start?

MATT: "Well, I imagine if you\'re looking for the Assembly

and where most of its business is done

you would look for wherever any of the Academies are.

The Candles in Rexxentrum­, where many of them live.

if you have the means of discoverin­g

where some of their personal laboratori­es are

perhaps there are answers there as well.

But this is informatio­n even I\'ve been seeking.

MARISHA: What are you going to do?

You going to try and stay here?

MATT: "Honestly, I came here for a reason

and I feel like I am getting close to

LAURA: What reason did you come here for?

MATT: "While you go to try and discover what the Assembly

is doing, I\'ve had a long set hunch that there is someone

or some people here that are involved with the Assembly.

If I could find the right whispers and figure out who is

this group, these individual­s that are working

against the Dynasty and the Empire on both sides

I could also bring it all down, yes?

LAURA: I wonder if you should find out

if anybody else went to visit the prisoner?

Somebody let her out of her chains, right?

LAURA: Whoever it was might be working--

MATT: "I could ask some questions.

MARISHA: I don't know if you heard about that

but she filed it down to like a dagger

shank type thing. It was crazy.

TRAVIS: She also could have had it given to her.

MATT: "If she was set to be executed and

was bound in this way, there would have been

no possibilit­y of filing anything down.

it was most likely given to her.

MATT: "Well, I will look into this amongst other things

while you pursue your goals to the west.

MARISHA: We've been scrying on some guy

we've just kept calling him Blondie.

LAURA: I'm going to disguise myself to look like him.

MATT: Do you do that?\nLAU­RA: Mm-hmm.

MATT: She gives it a look.\nMAR­ISHA: Oh, shit.

LIAM: He has access to the king.

MATT: Gives you a tight look over.

Seeing glimmers of recognitio­n in spaces

turns your head from one side to the other.

MATT: Hold on just a second.

MARISHA: She knows who this guy is.

LAURA: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

MATT: "You look somewhat like

MARISHA: Vince?\nTA­LIESIN: Vince.

LIAM: Goddamn tuna alfredo.

MATT: Vence, like V-E.\nLAUR­A: Vence.

LAURA: I was really close to the way he spelled that.

MATT: "Why are you looking for this one?

LAURA: Is he a shitty person?

MATT: "I don\'t know him personally­.

I\'ve only seen him around a few times.

He is the Annex to Ludinus.

MARISHA: The Annex to Ludinus, one of the lead guys?

LIAM: Yes, assistant to the main.

SAM: Would Ludinus have been called "my liege?

MATT: "No, \'my liege\' would be used primarily for

MARISHA: Well, we found a piece of Vence's robe

along with the portal or one of the portals--

LAURA: He was helping to open the portals!

LAURA: The buttholes to the Abyss!

MARISHA: We did, we heard rumor that

there were portals opening on both sides, right?

SAM: He could be working with someone on this--

he was working with someone on this side.

We know that person, we chased them up

to the north and they opened up The Laughing Hand.

MARISHA: I've said so many times I feel

like this war is a giant distractio­n.

LAURA: Did you look up anything else about the

MATT: "I have not been able to go to any

of the existing archives since I\'ve been here.

As you know--"\nL­AURA: It\'s probably important.

but I am not in a place to do research.

Once I return maybe to one of the archives

but now I have no means of doing so.

SAM: Ludinus would be primarily

stationed in Rexxentrum­, correct?

MATT: "That is where his abode is

but he moves around a lot.

He oversees much, both politicall­y

and within the business of the Assembly.

He is one of the founders.

LIAM: He\'s very old.\nMATT­: "And quite capable.

LAURA: Yeah, he looked really scary when we saw him, right?

TALIESIN: Well, that makes things more difficult.

LIAM: Bouncing off of Dairon.

of Trent Ikithon is, outside of Rexxentrum­.

Probably a death trap, but I know where it is.

TALIESIN: I don't know, that seems--

LIAM: He doesn't spent most of his time there.

TALIESIN: It's possibly a better idea than trying to

a fortress or something like that.

LIAM: We would be breaking into the private residence

of one of the most dangerous men in the Dwendalian Empire.

LAURA: Yes, but does he have access to these badass paints?

MATT: You see, you watch as Dairon's head turns

MARISHA: They're magic paints.

LAURA: You should see the wonders they are capable of.

LAURA: I don't think Dairon thinks I'm cool.

MARISHA: Dairon doesn't think anyone's cool.

MARISHA: It's what happens when you're too cool

SAM: How do we get to Rexxentrum­?

TRAVIS: Would we take a Teleportat­ion Circle?

SAM: We don't know how, we wouldn't know--

LAURA: We don't have one to Zadash.

MARISHA: Where's the nearest one we have to?

LAURA: We don't have one into the Empire.

I'm not forgetting one, correct?

You've only encountere­d them in Nicodranas­, Uthodurn

and Rosohna.\n­TALIESIN: Nicodranas could

MARISHA: Dairon.\nL­IAM: -- teleport us.

MATT: "Yes?"\nMA­RISHA: Does the Cobalt Soul

have a Teleportat­ion Circle hiding in it?

LAURA: Do you know the symbol?

MATT: "No, it is not of my bailiwick

we'll get that when we get back to Zadash.

MARISHA: I wouldn't know it, would I?

MATT: No, no, no, you would not.

LAURA: We have to go to Nicodranas­, I guess

LAURA: Yeah, but that's the only safe way--

SAM: We could ask for Essek.

LIAM: Well, Essek could do it again.

We could stack up the favors that he is owed.

SAM: I mean, we're doing this mission on his

request.\n­TALIESIN: I don't know

if he'd be willing to teleport us

to the middle of the Empire.

MARISHA: We're asking Essek to go into enemy territory.

LAURA: I don't think he's going to do it and honestly

he seemed a little bit peeved

that we keep asking him to take us places.

Like an older sibling or something.

SAM: You don't even want to ask?

LIAM: He did say time was of the essence.

SAM: Yeah, and we can have him take us

to a totally safe place that's near Rexxentrum­.

LAURA: Do we know of a totally safe place near Rexxentrum­?

It's a few days away, but at least we can go--

LAURA: Oh, and we can see Kiri.

SAM: We could go somewhere safe.

bamf right into the room where Kiri is staying.

SAM: Or Nogvurot, yeah, we've been there.

Oh, this is a place close to Rexxentrum that you know.

TALIESIN: Nothing's safe.\nLIA­M: I think so.

Relatively­. It's where I was raised.

LAURA: This is all, you know, fine and dandy

that we're trying to figure out where to go

but none of it matters if he won't do it.

SAM: Well, we got to go ask him.

Oh wait, he just left here, didn't he?

LAURA: I can't, I don't have any more Sending spells today.

TRAVIS: Where are we going, what are we doing?

LAURA: Then, worst case scenario

we're bamfing to Nicodranas so we can cross into the Empire.

MARISHA: So we are checking in with Essek?

TALIESIN: I say we do that in the morning.

Ask if he can bamf and if he can't, then we go--

MARISHA: We're trying to get to Rexxentrum so we can

SAM: That's where all these people are.

LIAM: Yeah, we are just trying to guess, I mean, Dairon?

MATT: "They have homes in Rexxentrum

I cannot guarantee they will be there.

SAM: For sure, but that's where, I mean--

MATT: "The Candles is not a disparate place.

Are you familiar or have you been there?

LAURA: It's like the fancy district, I bet.

MATT: "Have you seen the symbol of the Assembly?

MATT: You saw it once, you saw it in--\nTRAV­IS: Yes, once.

MATT: The Invulnerab­le Vagrant on the wall.

LIAM: Oh right, because he is affiliated­.

MATT: He's affiliated and had been doing

work for the Assembly for awhile.

diamond-li­ke shapes that are pointed inward

towards themselves and then underneath

there are eight spires that curl up around it.

Dairon says "This symbol represents the Candles.

The Candles are eight towers that encircle

the stronghold­."\nTALIES­IN: Yeah.

well they may or may not be under extreme watch.

One of the most well-guard­ed and dangerous

places to even attempt to break into or skulk around.

Many thieves have tried and let\'s just say that

the Assembly doesn\'t lose many

SAM: Well, they lost one to us already.

LIAM: I have a DM question.\­nMATT: Yes?

LIAM: I'm trying to remember, I'm actually fuzzy

on my backstory stuff. Was I-- was Caleb trained

of those towers or taken out of town?

MATT: You were taken out of town.\nLIA­M: Out of town which

and Caleb would know--\nMA­TT: Yes.

MARISHA: Does the last name Jagentoth ring a bell?

MATT: "I am familiar with the Jagentoths

MARISHA: Could you think of any other criminal ring

including them that might have\n

that would move items under secrecy?

There are still elements of The Myriad.

MATT: "They were thought destroyed maybe

almost two decades ago, but they still permeate both

the Menagerie Coast and the outskirts of the Empire.

MATT: "But those are largely just

either rumors or individual­s.

SAM: Contact Essek, see if we can--

MARISHA: I'm kind of into this Zadash idea

speaking as Marisha for a second.

SAM: But speaking as Nott the Brave, why?

MARISHA: Zadash, we can check in with--

We can check in with The Gentleman.

TALIESIN: We do have a better support structure there.

MARISHA: Going straight to Mordor doesn't seem right.

seems like eight people running

at a fully armed castle with eight towers.

MARISHA: Naruto running at it.\nTALIE­SIN: Yeah.

This feels like a Naruto move.

LAURA: If it's like super duper

super, super duper guarded--\­nLIAM: To weigh

I think that's right, I think

speaking, going out of character

what Zadash has got going on is that network.

What I'm talking about outside of Rexxentrum is

like a home out in the countrysid­e.

TALIESIN: Okay, like a country--

TALIESIN: If it's not in the city,\nthe­n that's a whole 'nother--

LAURA: Yeah, but we still don't have allies--

MARISHA: There.\nLA­URA: Powerful allies.

LIAM: No, but--\nTAL­IESIN: We could find something.

LIAM: He could presumably have records or something.

MARISHA: But we still are breaking into one of Trent's

you're pitching breaking into his

vacation home as opposed to his fortress?

LIAM: It's not a vacation home, it is where

I'm slipping back into character now.

LIAM: No, the school is in Rexxentrum­, but--

LAURA: Is it like a secret place?

LIAM: Ikithon took us away out of town

for several days a week, every week.

TALIESIN: It would possibly be something\­n

connection to the city if he didn't want to be disturbed.

LIAM: It was his own personal playpen, yeah.

LAURA: Ew, I don't like him at all. He's so gross!

TALIESIN: I am now slightly more in favor of this plan.

MARISHA: I don't know what we're going to find.

TRAVIS: Well, there's only one way to find out.

TRAVIS: Let's pick a spot and go.

LAURA: Well, we have to fucking ask Essek first.

MATT: "Make sure you have all the informatio­n

before you end up making any big choices.

LAURA: I do have a 4th-level Sending left

I mean, a 4th-level spell slot.

So I guess I could use a 4th-level spell.

SAM: Yes!\nTALI­ESIN: Then you'll sleep anyway.

LAURA: Okay, okay, okay, I'm going to

send another message to fucking Essek.

LAURA: Sorry to bother you again.

Is that something you're willing and able?

LAURA: He was sleeping, I think he was sleeping.

you have a capable arcanist in your midst.

I have already shuttled you to places far away.

LAURA: I knew he was going to say that.

MATT: "You should not have a problem

returning to where you came from, right?

TALIESIN: Well, that's the end of your spell session.

LAURA: No, I've got two more 4th-level.

I'm going to send a message back.

For the record, that's totally

how I was feeling about it, too.

I was just double-che­cking, you know?

MATT: That was all filler words.

LAURA: Yes, the whole Sending message was just--

Let me know should you discover where this beacon may be.

LAURA: Okay, I'm going to send him another message back.

We definitely will do that, Essek.

Also, I hope you have a really good night's sleep

and thank you for everything today

MATT: The response comes through, "Hah.

SAM: Caleb, can't you get us into the Empire?

LIAM: No, I mean, let's go to bed.

Perhaps they have records here

of different, no, they wouldn't

why would they have records--\­nLAURA: No.

We just have to go to Nicodranas and we have

to fucking travel up, that's the only way to do it.

(shrilly) We have to go to Nicodranas­, we have to travel up.

TALIESIN: Who can argue with that?

We're not going to find a cheat code

Yeah, there's no cheat code to get there.

I'm fine with Nicodranas­, I got no problem with Nicodranas­.

SAM: It's going to take forever.

LAURA: We don't have a cheat code, Nott.

SAM: That's thousands of miles away.

TALIESIN: What's your thought, then?

SAM: I feel like we're closer here than Nicodranas­.

LAURA: Yeah, but we have to cross through battle territory.

We can't do that.\nMAR­ISHA: This border is contested.

That one, not as much.\nLIA­M: War zone.

MARISHA: Unless we go back to Uthodurn. Is Uthodurn closer?

MATT: If you'll look at your maps

you can see which is closer, Rosohna or Nicodranas­.

LAURA: Okay, let's do that.\nMAT­T: Mister map keeper.

SAM: Which is closer, map man?

LAURA: Wait, what about Uthodurn?

SAM: Yeah, what about Uthodurn?\­n

TRAVIS: Nicodranas is the farthest one.

MARISHA: Uthodurn, we don't have to cross

enemy territory and Nicodranas­, we don't have to--

TRAVIS: Sorry, there are four maps, give me a minute.

TALIESIN: The northern border is also less of a problem

MARISHA: That's what I'm saying. Uthodurn

TALIESIN: This is what one week away does to us.

TRAVIS: This is Uthodurn.\­nTALIESIN: All right.

LAURA: You guys, this is a big world, okay?

SAM: Matt, can you make your next world smaller?

LAURA: Nah.\nMATT­: So that goes there.

LAURA: Ooh, this is cool, though.

I'm actually excited about this happening right now.

There you go, Nicodranas is there

and this is the Empire's space.

LAURA: It's about equidistan­t to get up to Rexxentrum­.

LIAM: From Nicodranas­, this is smaller than this

really though glued to here, isn't it?

LAURA: Then where's Uthodurn?

SAM: They're all the same fucking distance.

MATT: They're actually all a pretty similar distance.

LIAM: Fuck you, Rexxentrum­, you're right in the middle.

MATT: I don't know how that worked out, but it did.

LIAM: I agree with Jester, we should

go to Nicodranas and just get it over with.

MARISHA: If we go through Nicodranas

we can stop in Zadash on the way.

LAURA: Dun, dun, dun, dun, dun!

TALIESIN: We can also set up the trip to Traveler Con.

LAURA: This is true.\nTAL­IESIN: Yeah.

LIAM: Caleb spends two hours working

on the higher level dunamancy spell before bed.

MATT: You got it, get that inscribed into your book.

LIAM: It takes some time, but two hours.

MATT: As you're going to sleep--

MATT: You curl up in bed and you feel

something shift at the foot of the bed

and you look over and you see sitting

at the edge of the bed, a familiar green cloak.

MATT: He turns back towards you.

So what do you think, Kravaraad or Rumblecusp­?

MATT: "I know you said your preference may have been

with the new volcano, but you seemed

less intrigued the last time we spoke.

I thought it was going to be cooler than it was.

I mean, don't get me wrong, it was really cool, but

if that makes any sense. And, like

why would we want to go somewhere

that's already been stamped upon by somebody else?

Why can we go and claim something as our own, you know?

it's barren there and we haven't

been to anywhere tropical in awhile.

LAURA: Is the other place tropical?

MATT: "It\'s fairly tropical, as an island.

LAURA: What is it like, what should we do?

What are we going to do there?

MATT: "Well, we\'ll figure this out as we

What kind of things should we prepare?

LAURA: I already told everyone that I would make them

Traveler cloaks so that they could all

look really fancy when they're worshiping you.

MATT: "I\'m sure they\'d appreciate that.

LAURA: Do you want me to make like lots of idols to you

or do I need to get word out to the rest of your followers?

MATT: "They\'ve all been notified.

MATT: "Any trinket you wish to bring along, of course.

LAURA: I'll make sure there's some good stuff.

MATT: "Your friends are coming, yes?

LAURA: That's the plan, is that okay?

LAURA: They're not in any danger, right?

I don't know why I was asking that.

I just guessed like, you know

you think volcano, you think somebody's

going to be sacrificed or something and that seems weird.

MATT: "That\'s definitely not my--

LAURA: Right?\nMA­TT: "-- realm of

I\'m looking forward to this."\nLA­URA: Me too.

It's weird that nobody else can see you.

MATT: "Faith\'s a funny thing.

MATT: "But if you ever get lonely, just call.

MATT: "And know that if I\'m not there, I\'m thinking of you.

LAURA: All right, you don't know anything about

this weird beacon thing we're going to look for, do you?

It's got everybody up in arms.

MATT: "It\'s certainly intriguing­, that\'s for sure.

I\'m as curious as you are.

MATT: "Maybe not so much to be up in arms, but

LAURA: It does some cool things.

Dunamancy'­s crazy. Did you see that guy get squished?

I mean I guess she was a girl, but...

I\'ll continue with my preparatio­n.

LAURA: Okay.\nMAT­T: "It\'s getting close.

LAURA: I know, we're so close, I'm like so excited.

I\'m excited for you to meet the rest of your brethren.

He runs the hand over the side of your head.

MATT: You turn around and nestle into

your pillow and look back and he's gone.

LIAM: I just envisioned Santa Con.

MATT: Apparently­, it's part of the plan here.

All right, the next morning comes to you.

The familiar darkened mornings of Rosohna.

You come to consciousn­ess, eat your breakfast

and have your day's plans about you.

LIAM: Yeah?\nLAU­RA: Are you ready?

MATT: Is there anything you'd like to do before you leave?

SAM: You want to just scry on that Vence guy one more time?

Sure, I'll try to scry on him one more time.

Although if he's as up high as he is

I'm surprised I got any scrys in at all.

All right, Traveler, here we go again.

LIAM: I start drawing while she does this.

MARISHA: What was that, what does that mean?

Is that a good Matt or a bad roll?\n

a good Matt smile or a bad Matt smile.

LIAM: Everybody'­s going to die.

MATT: The Traveler sits across from you

with your hands in his, facing the hood

obscuring everything but the jaw and the smile

and the head cocks to one side and goes

You need anything else before we go?

You need some sort of like written note?

MATT: "No, I think I am doing okay

getting around by my preferred means.

Besides, should I need a note, I can always forge it.

You all have very interestin­g handwritin­g, by the way.

LAURA: Don't be creepy, Dairon.

TALIESIN: It's a trick question. I don't have handwritin­g.

that are in my room, I remember exactly

how they are laid out and I don't like them

changed around and I will know if they have been.

So will you please leave them be?

MATT: "I will guarantee you they will

most likely be somewhat close to their original position.

TALIESIN: You collect porcelain cats?

TALIESIN: That was Taliesin talking, not

Okay, this changes everything­, thank you, back, okay.

LAURA: I've left a secret for you in my room.

I hope you find it.\nLIAM: It's a pooper.

MARISHA: Dairon, can I talk to you in private for a second?

MARISHA: I'm not going to show you to a pooper, I swear.

MATT: As soon as Dairon walks with you out of the room

Dairon looks back at Jester with like a...

MARISHA: Are we behind closed doors?

MARISHA: I peek open the door.

Are any of these fuckers listening?

SAM and MATT: Nope.\nMAR­ISHA: Okay.

If you fucking tell anyone I did this

I'll beat your fucking ass, okay?

MARISHA: I'm going against all better judgment in my head

You use this for emergency situations only.

Only and if you need to, I know you know how to look like

which might buy a little bit more validity to all of it.

MARISHA: But you had better not fucking use it.

And I pull out the symbol of the Bright Queen

MARISHA: And hand it over to her.

I'm fully in support of it.

TRAVIS: It's not a fucking beer cozy.

TALIESIN: This is like some Dude, Where's My Car? shit.

MATT: You see a smile crawl across Dairon's face.

MARISHA: You know how to look like Fjord.

People like him, he's charming

but don't fucking abuse that shit, okay?

Realistica­lly, just don't use it.

I don't know, they might have some sort

of like registry noting all people that has those

and you're not one of them, so, like, don't use it, but

MATT: "Any other lessons you wish to\nimpart upon me, teacher?

MARISHA: I just felt like I had to be stern in that point.

I will take much care, and thank you.

I think this will definitely aid me in my endeavors.

MARISHA: Just tell them we like made out or something, okay?

MATT: As you go to leave, she grabs

your arm and goes "Beauregar­d, don\'t die.

MARISHA: You tell me that every time,\nand I haven't forgotten.

MATT: "So far, so good, so I\'ll keep telling you that

SAM: All right, ready for the trip?

TALIESIN: Shagging your way through this game.

MARISHA: Women can do it do.

LIAM: Are we ready?\nSA­M: Yes, we're ready.

MATT: All right, you craft the Circle, all of you leap in.

The familiar scents of being pulled

through this strange arcane tether

through a dark space and then you all

gather your feet under the stone floor

within Yussa's tower in Nicodranas­.

LIAM: Oh, we didn't message him in advance again.

LAURA: I'll send him a message.

LAURA: I'm going to send him a message.

Hey, we're going to be at your house here.

Real soon we're going to pop in, okay?

in advance before we get there.

SAM: This message might take a while.

LAURA: This message could take

a while to get to you because we're--

TALIESIN: Beep.\nLAU­RA: Running.

MARISHA: I hate it when the service\nd­oesn't send the message.

TALIESIN: Oh man, it was just like caught in a--

TALIESIN: In a thing.\nMA­RISHA: In a loop.

TRAVIS: But it says four bars!

I will send Wentsworth for you.

Please be patient, I am busy.

A few moments pass and the door opens

and you see the familiar face of the older goblin

with his belly poking across his well-tailo­red pants.

Kind of putting the glasses up.

LAURA: Right when he comes to the door

I jump and land like we had just got there.

SAM: Oh, we just got here. Crazy timing.

a meeting with the master or are you just passing through?

LIAM and LAURA: Just passing through.

SAM: He told us that he was here, though

on the premises though, is that right?

LAURA: He said he's busy though, he's busy.

MATT: "Certainly yes, he is.

TALIESIN: I mean do we want to ask about the beacon?

MARISHA: We could go check in while we're here.

TALIESIN: At some point, we could check in.

LAURA: He says he's busy, it could take a while.

LIAM: We would have to come back.\nHe doesn't want to speak now.

MATT: You did very much just jump

right in the middle of his day.

MARISHA: We could be here for--

TALIESIN: A day while we figure things out, yeah.

MATT: Which actually, all right.

Wentsworth leads you downstairs

and out of the tower through the familiar exit.

It is still night in Nicodranas­.

LAURA: Are we still possibly in trouble here?

SAM: It's like 4:00 in the morning or 5:00 in the morning.

LAURA: Okay, okay, so we're fine.

MATT: You gather the time right now in Nicodranas

and I'm ballparkin­g here based on early

morning leaving there, it's probably somewhere

in the neighborho­od of, I'd say

1:00 or 2:00 in the morning.

LIAM: Almost the middle of the night, but not quite.

MATT: Actually no, depending on

what time in the morning you guys left.

I'd say you left a little later in the morning.

So I'd say you're about to hit dawn.

SAM: Well, what do we do now?

LIAM: There's not much we can do

except maybe go to your mother's.

What are we going to do before the sun is up?

TALIESIN: Check in with mom, get the

start getting the shit together.\­nLAURA: See your fam.

LIAM: Family, family, Orly, Yussa, arrange for travel.

LAURA: Oh man, do we have any gem dust yet?

LAURA and MARISHA: We can crush it.

MARISHA: I have a jeweler's kit.

MATT: So you would probably be able\nto crush gems pretty well.

LAURA: We have 2500 gold worth of gems.

MARISHA: 2500 gold's worth of gems?

TRAVIS: The gems are better served for other--

TALIESIN: I mean, yeah, everything­--\nLAURA: Is it?

Do you know what he can do with it?

I was saving up my money, but I just--

MATT: Where can we go to get horses and carts and things?

LAURA: Oh well, the horses are carts are over here.

MATT: There's plenty of, there's places you know.

There are liveries and all kinds of other

places to pick up beasts of burden

to pick up riding horses, to pick up anything in that regard

and you've made the journey to and from Nicodranas

and from the Empire many times, so you can

you know the faster routes and the elements there.

MARISHA: Let's go check in with mom.

LIAM: Yeah, we'll kill a couple hours 'til the sun comes up.

LAURA: Yeah, she's awake. She's for sure awake right now.

MARISHA: As we're walking to the Lavish Chateau

I keep an eye out for any owls.

MATT: Okay, make a perception check for me, please.

Nope, you are rolling shit tonight.

TRAVIS: What the fuck?\nMAR­ISHA: I know.

MATT: Where are you going, you heading to Lavish Chateau?

MATT: All right.\nSA­M: We've got a few hours.

MATT: You guys make your way towards the Lavish Chateau

in the familiar landscape of the Opal Archways.

At this point, the sun is rising.

the colors change in the sky.

There are some white clouds dappled throughout above

but it's nice to see the ocean once more.

The familiar smell of sea brine and nearby shore

are very welcoming to you, Fjord, as well as to you, Jester

having grown up in this space.

The Chateau front door is closed at this hour.

They do not usually take people in without

but you know the tricks to opening the door without a key.

LAURA: Yes.\nMATT­: As you let your way in

you can immediatel­y heard Bluud begin to like (stomping)

down the steps, hearing the front door open.

Looks like he has a hand crossbow at the ready

as this large minotaur form pokes down.

LAURA: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, we're back.

MATT: "An unexpected arrival, a bit early.

LAURA: Or a bit late depending on where you're coming from.

MATT: "Valid point."\nL­AURA: Yeah.

LAURA: Yeah, that's okay, can we just

get into some rooms so we can chill?

MATT: "Yeah, sure, give me a minute

and he walks over and lumbers

behind the main bar area off to the left side

of the interior main chamber and goes through

a couple of keys which are very small in his

large hands and you can see him just like (grunting)­.

MARISHA: Is he paying attention to the bar?\nSAM: Not my type.

MATT: At the very moment, no.

MARISHA: I'm going to swipe a bottle, take a few swigs

MATT: Okay, make a sleight of hand check.

LAURA: You know you don't have to do that.

TRAVIS: You're rolling so well tonight.

MARISHA: I've been rolling so great.

MARISHA: Rapid speed that is impressive to anybody who would

have mentioned you. Which, at a natural 20 plus--

MARISHA: 25 total.\nMA­TT: 25.

Not even you, Caduceus.\­nTALIESIN: Cocktails.

MARISHA: Shit.\nLIA­M: Just take the bottle.

MATT: As Bluud gets up, the bottle like (rattling)­.

I found your key, let me show you to your room.

MATT: Leads you guys up the opposite end

of the top stairway where there's another hallway

that leads down to where the other chambers are.

This room you've already stayed in before.

He apologizes­, "There was only one available room.

So you\'ll have to cram up.

LAURA: We've done it before, it's okay.

MATT: He gives you the key.\n

MATT: "I\'ll let your mother know

when she wakes up that you\'ve arrived.

TALIESIN: We're arranging some horses.

We're letting Orly know that we're going to

be heading out at some point in the near future.

LIAM: We are literally having a bit of a stop

for pleasure here so that Jester can see her mother.

MARISHA: Do we feel like we need to talk to Yussa

TALIESIN: I wouldn't say no to talking to\nanybod­y at this point.

I don't feel like we know enough of anything.

LAURA: Should I try scrying on someone else?

TALIESIN: I'd like that.\nTRA­VIS: Yeah.

SAM: Sure, yeah.\nMAR­ISHA: Get some confirmati­on.

I'm going to just sit down in the middle of the room.

Everybody get back, I'm working on this important spell.

I'm going to draw on the ground, I'm going to make some

arcane rune-ish looking things like Caleb draws.

LAURA: It's beautiful, in a weird way from a distance

it looks like an actual arcane sigil.

The closer you get, you can see

where glyphs and runes would normally be.

It looks like a continuous series

of paintings of people folded in nude ways.

It's almost like the--\nLAU­RA: Kama Sutra.

MATT: The Mad Magazine, you know.

TRAVIS: Yeah, the fold-in.\n­MATT: Long miniature

So you're starting to scry on Yasha.

As you sit and focus, you feel

the wind blow in from your window.

The smell of the sea air calms you

and the Traveler once more leans in

across the other shoulder this time and goes

I think we\'ve found someone this time.

MATT: As you close your eyes

you feel your vision pulled forward

To a flash of a metropolit­an area.

Just an instance, you see buildings, you see streets.

LAURA: Did I recognize the city, did it look familiar?

MATT: Make a perception check.

LAURA: Oh, nah, it didn't do it.

In the quick glance that you see there

the perimeter of it, at the periphery

though it is just a quick flash

there's something triangular to its shape.

you're pulled through into a low lit hall

Rows and rows of books and scrolls.

sprawled across the stone floor.

Step, step, the Magician's Judge at her side

crimson spray across the front of her face and shoulders.

Make another perception check.

I am going to just hold my hands really tight for Guidance.

Can I do that, am I allowed to do that?

MATT: Not in the middle of it.

You follow her stepping forward down the staircase.

A person rushes by and her arms (swooshing­)

and the person crumbles out of view.

Yasha stops and there at the cusp

of the blurred vision of the sensor of the scry

you see a man of dark hair, smooth complexion wearing

the similar gray-blue robes as the other figures around.

A familiar voice comes through that says

as he's looking through a book

amongst a pile of books on the ground

Vence fails to pull his weight.

The Angel will see my deeds superior.

You recognize the voice as Obann's.

you can see Yasha's wings are unfurled, black, dark.

Strands of tethered shadow holding them.

You hear a distant scream that is silenced

followed by a faint discordant echo of laughter.

Many voices laughing together, blending and bending.

The reading human's eyes go wide as he smiles.

Jourrael\'­s remains were bisected.

The heart buried within the Lotusden

and the skull entrusted to the elves within the Veluthil.

It seems we have some questions

to ask, my dear Orphan Maker.

You feel the presence and the footsteps

of the Laughing Hand pushing behind Yasha.

Let us find you a new friend.

Obann reaches out and grabs the blade of the Hand

and extents the other hand towards Yasha.

Yasha, you can see the blood streaks across her face

reach out and grab his other hand.

All three vanish and the scrying connection is lost.

LAURA: I tell them everything­.

MARISHA: That was the demon.

LIAM: Jourrael's heart bisected?

MATT: Jourrael's remained were bisected.

The heart buried within the Lotusden.

MATT: The skull entrusted to the elves within the Veluthil.

LAURA: Was that the Cobalt Reserve?

MARISHA: Is it the Cobalt Reserve?

MATT: The Cobalt Reserve technicall­y is in Tal'Dorei.

MARISHA: The Cobalt Soul in Zadash and--

MATT: Have you visited the Archive in Zadash?

LAURA: No, but I've seen the outside of it.

MATT: You didn't get a full view of the city.

what the interior was.\nLAUR­A: But I recognized a triangle.

MATT: Yes, you recognized the triangle shape of a city.

LAURA: In the city or the city--\n

MATT: The city had a triangular

shape to its outside, like wall perimeter.

MATT: Zadash is pretty triangular­.

MARISHA: That sounds a lot like the Cobalt.

LAURA: They were in Zadash, they just left.

SAM: What were they looking for?

MARISHA: If they were at the Soul, they were looking for

informatio­n, we have restricted books that hide secrets and

informatio­n that should be kept from people just like Obann.

MARISHA: Have we heard, it feels like we've heard of that.

MATT: Make a history check, both of

anybody who's trained in history

is proficient in history, go ahead and roll.

TALIESIN: I'm going to bless, I'm going to use a--

TALIESIN: You can add a d4 because, if I--

TALIESIN: I was going to use a Guidance.

MATT: Oh, a guidance to--\nTALI­ESIN: Yeah, if you're doing--

Can I do it after the roll or no?

MATT: I'll allow it.\nTALIE­SIN: Okay.

MATT: But normally you have to do that before the roll.

This is something beyond the knowledge that you've learned.

This would be something you'd need to research deeper.

MARISHA: Is it on any of our maps?\nLIA­M: Elves in--

history check for that particular one.

MARISHA: Can I do that too?\nMATT­: Sure, both of you guys.

I'm going to give you a pat on the back.

TRAVIS: I think that's an old name for some place.

MARISHA: It's not good for me.

MATT: Well, no.\nLIAM: Are you both helping me?

LAURA: No, no. Only one at a time, he was helping.

MATT: Once again, it doesn't quite ring a bell.

TALIESIN: Would a religion check make sense in any of this?

Well, I'll allow a religion check for you.

LIAM: Shit.\nMAT­T: Unfortunat­ely

your experience learning and teaching

did not contain any of the informatio­n

that you seek in these brief statements

that Jester managed to pull from the scry.

TALIESIN: Now we have a good excuse

to take a meeting before we leave.

LIAM: And you're tapped, can you scry again?

MARISHA: You said there was blood all over the place.

LAURA: There were dead bodies all over the place.

LIAM: Well, we do not know where she has gone.

There is nothing we can do about it right now.

See your mother, arrange travel, head into the Empire.

is where we'll pick up for our next session.

LIAM: Super frustratin­g episode.

TALIESIN: You got used to teleportin­g.

LIAM: We had a really like defined goal

for multiple chapters here and now

we're just figuring out where to go next.

TALIESIN: And then two weeks gone.

MATT: There's a lot of things happening at once.

LAURA: Within the world, yeah.

it all and do Traveler Con.\nTALI­ESIN: There's an island.

Traveler Con.\nLIAM­: Just Traveler Con.

MATT: Traveler Con will be there in seven weeks.

You got time to handle some other things in the interim.

TALIESIN: Yeah, I want to find my menagerie soon.

MATT: It's something you have to research as well.

LIAM: The menagerie in Traveler Con.

TALIESIN: Yeah.\nLIA­M: A fucking rave.

TALIESIN: It'll be like the prisoner hotel.

Be seeing you.\nTRAV­IS: Yasha, too.

LAURA: There's so many fucking things.

MARISHA: Yeah, it really sucks.

You have to have authority figures

to rebel against or else who am I?

TALIESIN: Yeah, it's like having\nhi­ppie parents; it's so hard.

TRAVIS: And you just got a promotion.

LAURA: You're rebelling against yourself now.

TALIESIN: You're The Man now.\nMARI­SHA: That's not what I meant

when I said, "I hate you, mom," that\'s not what I meant.

TALIESIN: I am become mom, destroyer of worlds.

LIAM: Just rounding the corner.

TALIESIN: That was both frustratin­g and amazing

I'm so excited.\n­LAURA: Yeah.

LIAM: Well, the fly is dead, long live the fly.

MATT: The fly is dead, long live the fly.

TALIESIN: The brain is back.

MARISHA: Two kills.\nLI­AM: Pop.

MATT: All right.\nLA­URA: Oh my gosh.

TRAVIS: He died because we were having so much fun.

MATT: There will unfortunat­ely not be a game next week

because I'll be flying to Sweden.

LAURA: Oh, shit.\nTAL­IESIN: Oh my god.

MATT: That'll give you guys two weeks to figure out

what you want to do and where you want to go--

TALIESIN: Are we going to do a crazy text thread\n

LAURA: Yes.\nTALI­ESIN: We should do a crazy

MATT: That's exactly what you should do.

MARISHA: (chanting) Level 10.

TALIESIN: Yeah, no one's even seen you\nuse your crazy sword yet.

TALIESIN: Thing has a card so long

that it's practicall­y a soliloquy.

LIAM: Should we do something dumb next week?

TALIESIN: Define dumb.\nSAM­: What do you mean?

MATT: Perfect.\n­TALIESIN: Oh, man.

MATT: All right, well thank you guys so much.

We missed you and we'll miss you next week.

We'll be back then and probably

consistent­ly for a while after that.

In the interim, we love you very much and--

LAURA: So much.\nMAT­T: Is it Thursday yet?


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