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A Conversation between JK Rowling and Daniel Radcliffe with Английский subtitles   Complain, DMCA

Jo Rowling asked me to read this here

today having seen Dan Radcliffe screen

test I don't think Chris Columbus could

I wish Dan Emma and Rupert the very best

of luck and hope that they have as much

fun acting the first year at Hogwarts as

I had light yet I'm tiny tiny bit like

Harry because I'd like to have an owl

staring out at a room full of reporters

on his very first day as Harry Potter

blinking that the popping flashbulbs and

gangly fending off reporters questions

Daniel Radcliffe was in for the ride of

for ten years Daniel has lived the

fantasy on the cloistered sense at least

in studios and facing the frenzied

excitement of fans from around the world

it's been a strange and wondrous and

sometimes even unsettling journey and

the one person who can really identify

with Daniel's incredible journey is JK

Rowling herself because she's lived it -

in 1990 she began writing her seven book

Harry Potter series with little

expectatio­n and then watched it grow

into a phenomenon unpreceden­ted in the

world of literature and now for the

first time on camera JK Rowling and

Daniel Radcliffe will share their

experience­s over a decade of Harry

how are you glad I just read on no no no

excellent so this is exciting yes to ask

each other one of the things we've asked

each other off camera but now do it in

absolutely and try and I'm gonna try and

be much more profound and insightful

than I ever have before I'm looking

forward to this so I was ya know this is

this is this is my chance where I

realized that doing the interviewi­ng is

actually not an easy thing to do at all

that's okay we can swap I can interview

yeah yeah that would be brilliant

okay so I thought to begin at the

beginning how involved were you in the

casting process and how much do I have

to thank you for um but do you remember

the grace' yeah I I was I was involved

not to the extent that I was sitting you

know in on auditions but they were

keeping me really fully informed as you

know we found Rupert nemr and they were

perfect and that was a done deal and we

still couldn't find you will you say how

well it was just it was amazing really

it's it was a bizarre kind of moment I'm

originally what had happened was that

David Heyman de Pio Xie knew my dad

because my dad had been a literary agent

and my dad had worked with David's mum

and so David sort of asked my dad if I

would audition and the original deal was

the we'd heard was going to be to do six

films and it was gonna be done in

America and it was all sort of you know

it's gonna be done in America no one

ever talked about well you know wasn't

thankful well obviously maybe that's why

it's like because you probably put your

foot down at some point or they just

watch I won't agree to that would have

been nothing but I'm not somebody who

particular­ly believes in faith and

destiny and all those things but my

parents do and so the final straw was

the fact that I was I went to the

theater to see a production of stones in

his pockets and David Heyman and Steve

Clovis who adapted all but one of the

books happened to be sitting in the road

front and I was I was sat there for the

whole time thinking why is that man

staring at me this is very creepy it was

like I need to phone someone it was very

odd and I remember at the interval my

mom and my dad both looking kind of

quite intense about something but you

know when as a kid you're you you're

you're being purposely kept out of the

loop you know if your own good kind of

thing and I mean we went up the stairs

and out of the theater I then sort of

hid behind a pillar I seem to remember

that it's absurd notion that David Aames

D close we're gonna chase our then there

was some debate as to whether we would

go back in for the second or but I was

yeah and so we went back in and then the

next day they kind of my mom and dad

sort of went oh well maybe maybe it is

the God sort of trying to tell us

something you know there were a lot of

strange coincidenc­es mmm and then they

called me and said we think we found him

and then the first time I ever saw you

was on screen in my sitting room at home

because I see how they sent me a video

of you and the curious thing is and I'm

like yeah I don't believe in fate and

destiny I would assume a thing I think

he's not so much yeah absolutely I think

you make your own yeah but um so I saw

you on that audition tape and O's I had

I don't think I've ever really told you

that I found incredibly moving oh thank

you almost I mean it was incredibly

moving at that point I didn't have a son

so and I phoned David up and I said he's

he's he's great he's fantastic and I

room I did say to David it was like

watching a son my son on screen because

after all Harry felt like feels like

this ghostly something that I've had in

but you know to be honest you and Rupert

and Emma are all too good-looki­ng

frankly you are you know the characters

were geeky and you did you know that was

gonna happen did you sort of think they

might be it I'm not need yes I did

particular­ly when I you know what it was

really lucky I spoke to Emma first on

the phone before I met her because I

fell absolutely in love with her she

said to me I've only ever acted in

school drama plays before I got my god

so knows can't believe she smoked like

60 seconds at least without drawing

breath and I just said Emma you're

perfect and then when I met her and she

was this very beautiful witch she still

is of course beautiful girl I just kinda

had to go okay I hey it's film do you

know deal with it I'm gonna still see my

kooky geeky ugly duckling Hermione in my

mind but do you think that in a way

we shot ourselves in the foot with

things like that for then Emma's reveal

in the fourth film where she comes

downstairs and there is supposed to have

been this transforma­tion well exactly as

we're all looking down well she was

already beautiful girl yeah big deal now

she's a beautiful girl in a beautiful

dress yes I'm putting her in fair isle

sweaters in the first film didn't make

her ugly ugly but it was it was quite a

big deal for me that I I had written you

know a strong female character who was

yeah and that she chose to become a

little more groomed and glamorous as you

know us geeks do it's a certain point in

our lives but I accepted it Emma's a

great actress and I loved her as a

person yeah and I felt there were so

many connection­s between her and

Hermione that did it matter that she was

beautiful come on but it was interestin­g

you mentioned about that audition

because I was given a copy of my

audition where I was there whatever it

turns out because me know neither me

repair never could remember this but

they turned that we did all audition

together once they there was a screen

test where they all tested at all at the

same time and I could hear Chris

Columbus's voice off-camera I just

remembered God he was brilliant he was

amazing with us I like I don't think

anybody else could have got the

enthusiasm out of those what a real

man I remember meeting him and being I

don't know where it's not the right word

but obviously this is the person who's

gonna be taking my baby and say my foot

when I met Steve Clovis and I absolutely

adore as well but you know first time

you meet these people and he was just

such a such a nice guy and I've and the

relief both that my book would be in

safe hands but to be honestly that you

were all going to be in safe hands as

well in England is different than in

America in America they treat you first

and foremost as a star and then as a

child or as actually you should be

treated as a kid first and then an actor

second do you think you had any idea

that young of what what what you were

really taking on dude not really because

I hadn't I wasn't even then fully Oh

of the scale of the at all I mean I had

the first to read to me by my dad who

incidental­ly did a great basilisk voice

did he um yeah fantastic back in the day

I did actually at one place actually

my I did actually suggest it to Chris

Columbus which my dad was completely

mortified by but no I was son no I don't

think I could have ever had any and even

now I don't actually think I have an

understand­ing of how far reaches because

it is a case of not being able to see

the wood for the trees you know is it's

I'm so much in the middle of it that I

actually can't see how far out it

stretches I had exactly the same

experience although I think for a while

I deliberate­ly kept myself insulated

from it I didn't want to think about it

and when people people would give me

territorie­s covered and you just you

just think I just want it to be me in my

desk I don't and you know again people

will watch and think that come on you

know you could see the royalty checks

coming in I'm sure you noticed this yes

absolutely I knew it was that there was

a scariness and a pressure and sometimes

a weirdness about the and you know this

and I know this when people are

obsessiona­l about something on the outer

fringes you will you will have you know

strange things going on that you maybe

don't want to focus on too much when you

just want to write your book as you say

so you with your desk I'd rather be in

my aircraft hanging outside leaves them

with the rest of the trailer so you

couldn't have condos I can remember the

first premiere and you were you were

shaking yeah you were but it was I don't

think any of us knew what to expect it

really I don't think because we because

Don Potter it's a very insular world you

have to film so that you just basically

you know you go into work every day

there's a big perimeter fence around the

studios we are the only film at leaves

done so normally you'd have interactio­n

between different crews and things

because it looks very safe doesn't it I

always felt that when I visited I felt

like those family everyone knew everyone

else's names what was lovely for us was

dead from my point of view and I speak

for I think most of the set in terms of

your involvemen­t you you were around a

lot at the beginning and early on I'm

very very involved in it as you kind of

that's I would do completely right back

completely right early on but was that

and it was a relief right I was I was

around a lot earlier on I wanted them to

I wanted the great pool to look right I

wanted diagonally to look right you know

there were details that I saw so clearly

in my mind I knew I could I knew I could

help I knew I genuinely could help and I

could help them make it right for the

readers and I felt a huge protective­ness

I suppose a loyalty to the readers year

once I knew you were running and it was

fine it was a relief to say right there

are the films and I'm over here with the

books and that's fine and I trust these

people and I did and I do and that's

wonderful and you know I think and I

have to say that it was inevitably you

had to depart from the strict storyline

of the books the books are simply too

long to make into very faithful films

and I can think of many places where

it's worked just beautifull­y and some

things are just more filmic and some

things are more inherently novelistic so

I I was always accepting about it didn't

have to be a word the word transcript­ion

of my own although some fans are that

yes I mean I do I do that's gonna kind

of no you're not which is wonderful but

I do I do sometimes think that you know

if we did make a six-hour Harry Potter

film there would be would be an audience

and they would be still be complainin­g

that there were things that were wrong

and they would want the director's cut

let's not even go down that route so is

there anything doing other things you

know being cut out and things is there

anything that we've cut that you were

once you know a couple of things maybe

that you were upset about that you

thought could have been and there's

there anything that we put in that maybe

weren't in the books that you thought

you know cuz I always remembered there

was I remember some about Alfonso and

the Dementors know I remember exactly

what it was with Alfonso there was a

well first of all that it on the

Dementor point I thought he did those

beaut beautifull­y beautifull­y and I

loved enough the fact that they've

really created that visceral dislike I

loved what he did the Dementors and what

it was it was there was something in the

script that Alfonso Alfonso I really

wanted to get music into the film

and he was that he put the choir in

which I loved but at one point he had

this rather bizarre scene where I think

Flitwick was conducting and there was

this there were miniature people in an

orchestra inside something and I just

see this is my geekiness I sit him but

why I know it's visually exciting yeah

but part of what I think fans really

enjoyed about the literary world was

there was a logic that underpinne­d it

there was there was always a logic to

the magic however strange it became and

I know it's intriguing to go through the

mouth of whatever it was and you see

these little people but why have they

done it for you to film it that's just

you know normally with the magic there

is a point so we had a bit of discussion

yeah okay sometimes I would dig my heels

in on the funniest things though you

know I'd be saying yeah change the

costume that's no problem yeah I don't

mind if that happens in that city

instead of that city and then all of a

sudden I said but they wouldn't do that

spell you why would they do that there

so I think sometimes I confused people

but I've also remembered right back into

the beginning when you were cast I

remember David Heyman holding me up and

saying we've tried green contact lenses

we can digitally alter his eye colour

and post-produ­ction how important is it

that his eyes are green valor will thank

you for and I said the only really

important thing is that his eyes look

like his mother's eyes so if you're

casting Lily there needs to be a

resemblanc­e but they don't absolutely

have to be green yeah I know contact

lenses all for your contact lenses there

is a very small percentage of people

apparently who have a very extremely

extreme reaction yeah to contact lenses

and I was one of them no toe boring is

10 years ago it's really fine yeah but

there was also the other thing that we

didn't think was a particular­ly good

sign early on was about the green eyes

went down so badly but then but then off

I came up in these terrible spots after

about a week and like really like you

know then in my teen years did get bad

acne but I was 11 at the time like you

had bad acne there is that great maker

that was great makeup and some vision

around four years saying it's incredible

none of them ever even got spots we

don't you know I promise you I kept

saying how unlikely is that that we

managed to cast three kids who go

through adolescent on-street adolescenc­e

on screen they was her perfect skin

I think Roopa was the luckiest three of

us the Ruppert didn't have much but put

me and Emma well particular­ly myself

that got very very spotty but in that

you it was brilliant because we put the

glasses on eventually we realized that I

was allergic to them I've actually

learned it to the hypothesis because I

had these two rings of whiteheads and

spots had come up around where I and

took us about a week to realize that it

it was lucky neither of us believe in

science isn't exactly we don't believe

in omens but I also like that that you

sort of people selectivel­y believe in

omens so we probably just disregard that

one exactly you were meant I remember my

first day was quite scary because I had

I looked on the call sheet and it just

said me Emma Rupert and robbie coltrane

because actually we were shooting the

last scene to film a burpee yes it's

wonderful David Heyman said to me if

there's one actor that you really want

for one of the parts and I said Robbie

for Hagrid and I kept just kept saying

it I just kept saying it and they they

talked about other people and yeah that

was a bit of a deal-break­er for me um

while we're on the topic of the other

actors um Alan Rickman and I've my

relationsh­ip with Alan since the fifth

film has changed totally and one that

you know once because on the fifth film

I found him very very intimidati­ng

and he's a scary scary before before you

sort of it and then I went and did Equus

and then we we went out for dinner

afterwards and suddenly I found that

Ali's actually Hillary really funny and

self-depre­cating and kind of wonderful

company and and and who also was so

supportive of me whenever I was going on

stage at one point he cut short his

holiday and I think in Canada to come

back early and see the show so he could

talk to me he's amazing like he does

things like and but how much did he know

originally because there was always been

this thing over yeah Alan really makes

me love and right it's he it's

really early on that he that Snape had

being in love with Lily that's why he

hated James that's why he projected this

this amount of dislike onto Harry so he

knew that I don't wanna and I heard you

told me yeah that he'd been sailing in I

don't know whether it was more than one

scene but you told me that he'd said I

just don't think it's Nate would do that

yeah give him what I know yeah if you

camera angles not good enough now I

really feel at this point snake would be

center stage in the good life because of

what I know so they do remember we were

talking about I said well let's just

pretend I told you loads of stuff so

anytime they try and make you but you

wouldn't you wouldn't go for it I didn't

very simple tough yeah we're trying to

get me in the other day they're all

trying to get me to it to get him pissy

about stuff because I won't go home only

I still know gone up to the crew

pressures yet it was funny about sort of

turning things because people used to

have you told the actors have you told

the actors were I think we want to

tonight you didn't want to know and I

don't think anyone really believed that

but I think partly I know that you

started winding people up and saying

that I have told you stuff but that was

on set I mean among the cast wasn't it

and then you got more than you bargained

for because then you got a taste of what

it's like to be me tell about everyone

coming up I don't say yet to pass all

I'm really and that kind of admit that

it because they show that he'd know

nothing or at all it was the one night

you came as her Equus was also the night

summary showing how to stay an owl on to

stage said to me that's the only time

that's happened I saw when I threw it

yes I'm sorry about that and afterwards

I remember I turned around to you and

said do I die God asked go on do I die

and you very crypticall­y turn to sort of

paused for a moment I don't get a death

see you get a death scene which was sort

and I saw you TT even you yeah he said

hmm yeah I bet at that point I was kinda

like okay I sort of vaguely have

somewhat it was good I kneel my husband

after except what did dad ask you when

he Lenten Lenten to you I said you asked

what did you tell him us telling you so

did Neil not even know really but so

when cuz I remember hearing a story at

one point about you know you killing off

character and becoming very upset about

it and would you not be able to talk to

about that kind of stuff I think I told

him in advance of Dumbledore but he

didn't know whether Harry was gonna make

it no one you really you really were

living with that wait tent it's funny

cuz Matthew I remember seeing Matthew at

the premiere for his brilliance in the

Eton prayin yeah and there's another

example you know they cast what they

kidding me gross up the Beavers cuz rock

god and also one of the coolest most

hard-worki­ng I met him at the premiere

for half-blood Prince and I said there's

some great stuff for Neville in any way

liven up the conversati­on but you can

normally rely on me and Matt for

understate­ment yeah in the books

obviously it's how much was where your

schooldays kind of influentia­l on the

kind of I went to a comprehens­ive so all

these kids you've inspired to go off to

boarding to do certainly wasn't pro

it's simply logistics there is a there's

a logic underpinni­ng the world and if

you are a part of society who's living

in secret and you want to gather

together a large number of your children

and teach them potentiall­y dangerous and

explosive things that could expose the

whole society you are going to do that

in an isolated place and you probably

are going to have to have them board

their it was just logistics but of

course there is an an appeal to young

people there was to me the idea of just

being together with young people are

being divested of your parents I think

that's quite appealing it's much more

interestin­g to write about if you're

talking about kids with kids and the

authority not being parental figures it

just allows the much more leeway so that

so that's why it was but it was no kind

of a yen to to recreate any sort of

1940s boarding school in in the

slightest I know this for a fact and I'm

afraid people just have to take my word

on this because after all I have met

thousands of the kids who've read these

books children from virtually every walk

of life would like to go to Hogwarts yes

absolutely I still would well you know

it's a it's an exciting place it's

they get rid of their parents they get

to have feasts every day it's in some

ways a fantasy it's a dark fantasy

because there are things there that are

frightenin­g but you could have quite a

nice life at Hogwarts as long as you

kept your head down weren't friends with

and weren't friends with Harry Potter

who sells everything he touches move to

midsummer don't be friends with Harry

yeah because in a way one of the because

what I like about Harry's are character

is that one of the things that sort of

marks him is that has so many of his

relationsh­ips and so many of his most

important moments in his life have been

to do with death and you know he's

typhoid mary everyone everyone everyone

who enters a room with harry is gonna

caucus where exactly that it took about

an aura of doom yes and that of course

that was quite deliberate and he is he

is the prism through which I view death

in all its many forms of course yes as

the books went on and you realized that

actually there were suddenly it was

getting a mass of adult fanbase as well

did you then realize you could gear it

more to ward adults and showing that

kind of stuff or were you always going

to confront kids kind of with that no

well it's a it's a very good question

because clearly I never went into it

expecting to pick up an adult fanbase

the way that a way that I did having

said that I had said from the very first

I said to my first editor barry

cunningham i want them to grow up and it

will get darker and it will get scarier

and i think you can see that happening

right up til 4:00 I mean obviously after

four things get very scary but I always

knew they would because Baltimore'­s come

back so some some very nasty stuff

happens so I really went where my pen

took me and I bad though it may sound to

some people I never really consider my

readership in that way I never sat down

and thought I just wrote what I wanted

to write new things got darker and

darker and darker as you know and so

peers yeah cuz okay so coming on to

Potter how much then yes did you know

from the beginning because there's whole

this it's almost become part of Ledger

legend of hypotony all of it and that

and as these things do the gap Han said

the last chapter went from being written

to being written being and safer than

armed guard always rubbish there always

were always rubbish it was never nothing

was ever knocked away in that if you let

it all or well it was there was a degree

of truth I had very early on but not the

first day or anything probably within

the first year of writing I wrote a

sketch for what I thought the final

chapter would be so that's true and that

but it did change okay because at least

one character was alive in that version

of the character that subsequent­ly I

killed so you know there were a couple

of Peter were here who Lupin was

supposed to make it and I wasn't didn't

know Lupin's one of my saddest Lanza yes

me too that was all free too I hated

killing them yeah they had to go you've

got the chip of ice in the heart of well

now here's another thing there's was

there ever a chance that one of them may

be coz I was convinced in one of the

main three had to buy it eventually one

of them funnily enough I planned from

the start that none of them would die

then midway through which I think is a

reflection of the fact that I wasn't in

a very happy place I said I think you

definitely can't have him anymore

midway through the book on widow through

the series midway through the series

but I think in my absolute heart of

heart of hearts although I did seriously

consider killing Ron really mmm

anyway I can tell you it's a real relief

to be able to talk about it all it's

fantastic it must be lovely actually the

truth is I always knew and this city on

that I was working towards the point

where Hagrid carried Harry alive but

supposedly dead out of the forest always

I knew where we were always working

towards a final battle at Hogwarts

I knew that Harry would walk to his

death I planned the the ghosts from want

of a better word coming back that they

would walk with him into the forest we

would all believe he was walking to his

death and he would emerge in Hagrid and

so that's what always kept Hagrid safe

because all because Hagrid actually

would have been a natural to kill in

but because I always cleave to this

mental image of Hagrid being the one

carrying Harry out and that that was so

perfect for me because it was Hagrid who

came and took him into the world and

then Hagrid who would bring him back and

and the onlookers would believe he was

dead you know and and just the

physically Hagrid being so big and

fatherly and Harry being limp in his arm

so that's where we were always going

that's amazing it's interestin­g at

something like that image actually kept

Hagrid safe I like that phrase I agree

with never in danger and as I say Lupin

when I first created Lupin I had no

intention of killing him and then it it

was sort of born in on upon me that

Lupin had to die which is awful yeah we

got so that's the hot I knew we had to

go and the reason he had to go was what

do you ultimately I mean in the final

book you're looking at a war aren't you

and what is what what's errific about

war well one of the horrific things is

leaving children fatherless motherless

and so on and I I just came to a point

where I thought I'm going to have to

show that again and the most powerful

way of showing that is to kill parents

that we know and to leave another so

another baby boys orphaned you know it

happens in the first war and Harry was

that boy and Nutt happens again but you

know I gave him Perry as a godfather and

I and I you you hear about him in the

epilogue and you know that he's alright

in their lives in as much as he can be

who's your favorite characters rightful

oh well I loved writing for Ron I loved

I loved writing dialogue I I miss

Dumbledore the most because he came from

a I always feel like he came from

somewhere back here it felt quite

automatic writing when I wrote

Dumbledore he was telling me things I

needed to hear sometimes I really liked

that yeah that's that's amazing yeah I

miss him you know it's people watching

this there's there is very cynical way

to watch there's the way we're talking

about these characters if they are real

people and people I think just need to

understand that for you it's been pretty

much 20 years with these characters at

this point yeah 20 years you know and

for me 10 so it's you do get not just

attached to the active season

it's notion of them as the principles of

those character and a very ongoing

relationsh­ip with them and thinking

about them as though they're real people

and just living with them that they're

in your life they're in your life the

way real people are yeah well I was

going to ask about I do feel I have some

duty on a personal level as well because

I've always had my own suspicions about

this Dumbledore being gay double dual

paned gay yeah well I can start

something that would just tone help for

the American press to get them stirred

up a bit no it did leave you mean very

yeah I found people's reaction to that

really interestin­g and I'll tell you why

I by the time that I said that I had

been working on these characters for 17

years now not many writers have ever

been with the same set of characters for

that long so I I feel I can sort of

speak for all of us who have and say it

becomes a very intense experience and

inevitably you are going to know things

about characters and I'm characters in

the plural that are not in some cases

will be relevant and you'll think I'm

here yet this is the moment that that's

becomes relevant and I will say that or

show that for example feza McGonagall I

had a whole history worked out for her

but I think I thought at some point

would become relevant that she'd had a

love affair with a muggle on it that

she'd had this quite tortured past and

she ended up being this celibate two

elderly teacher never became relevant

never happened and as time went on and I

got to know Dumbledore and I but this is

before the publicatio­n of Philosophe­r's

Stone so bear in mind at this point I've

been with him for seven years I knew he

was gay I just knew he was gay and to me

it was not a big deal this is a very old

man who has a very terrible job to do

and his gayness is not really he's not

really relevant very relevant to him as

a character because I always saw him as

a very lonely character and I think that

there is in fact a hint of it in seven

because the relationsh­ip he has with

Grindelwal­d he fell very hard for this

boy as one or three trusting of this

good-looki­ng young man when he shows up

I don't you think it was it was perfect

that Dumbledore who is always the great

Harry love will save us luck here's one

great experience of love was utterly

tragic it was with someone who was

dangerous and demonic yeah and so you

know and and created absolute havoc in

the world and created havoc for him

so that was my idea of Dumbledore­'s

I liked leaving it open so that perhaps

a more worldly reader would see that

there was that that may have been in

that relationsh­ip and perhaps her

nine-year-­old would think he made a

great friend and he trusted him because

you know so I was okay with that through

all of us but in the context of how I

was writing about him in other words

he's giving up clearly he is he's John

the Baptist to Harry's Christ his knees

the all he's the nearly ran man the man

who nearly could have had the Hallows

but he was too power hungry that was

what was interestin­g to me about

Dumbledore so he's used in the book

clearly as he's a bountiful worldly

wisdom and he teaches Harry what he

needs to teach Harry because he

recognizes that Harry is going to be he

is going to be the one or or Galahad to

Lancelot or whatever you like he's the

he's the floor he's the more flawed one

he was the all he was the nearly ran

that to me was what was interestin­g

about Dumbledore do you remember in the

first draft of the script for HUF la

Prince right Herot when Harry's at the

station and Dumbledore comes to another

station and in an early draft of that

script Dumbledore said to Harry and he

said I remember a young woman with eyes

of flushing whatever raven head and I

read this I scribbled on my copy of the

script Steve Dumbledore is gay shoved it

up the table and Steve oh so that line

that's why that line didn't make the

film okay it's interestin­g actually when

you if you start to think for a moment

not about these characters being

characters but if you think about the

characters the lives he carries actually

have within the books and the fact that

to a certain level because they exist in

the collective consciousn­ess of a

- sir because I always think that's one

of the wonderful things about Potter and

the Potter fan base is that whereas if

you think about the other big costume

wearing and all that kind of stuff that

goes with it is things like Star Wars

and Star Trek but what's interestin­g is

that Potter because it started off as a

literary thing has kind of created

generation of the same kind of mentality

of geeky thoroughne­ss but with a

appetite for reading and literature

which is kind of amazing it was it was

wonderful listen it was just the most

wonderful thing and at the last premiere

because obviously I'm not meeting

readers in vast numbers at the moment

because I'm you know finished the books

and so to meet them again through the

film's is really great I can't deny that

it's lovely it's really enough before

the books even got picked up yeah until

you know sitting this hotel room yes

what are some of the surreal kind of

bizarre I mean where do you start I

suppose but me that the last premiere

was mental it was meant for wasn't a

little it was raining I didn't felt more

extreme than any of them had yeah I

think that I was in a place of full

security in that I felt that the books

are finished so the excitement will

really draw all yeah was I ever because

I got out and it was like aircraft

engine noise wasn't it was scary but

then more people there felt like it felt

like it because there's this one moment

where I looked out over one side and

there was just these hundreds dessous

mobs of people deserting forward lights

off and all drenched yeah and if there's

ever been a moment when I could have

absolutely just formed a dictatorsh­ip I

think it's likely right could have just

said we'll March on the palace and they

would have joined me as I've had that

feeling in fact the reading that I did

to sort of launch Phoenix which was at

the Albert Hall was the only alcohol I

think it was at the Albert Hall and they

had all these graphics behind me was

who designed this yeah you get these

moments where you think right smart you

think some of them would oh they've

worked obviously luckily I don't have

any of those it doesn't have stick

tutorial impulses never home but not I

mean the only thing you can do

yeah is laugh at it and it's so funny I

mean it's bizarre I mean when somebody I

mean tries to for instance that we you

know when somebody once tried to jump

into the front seat of the car with us

to somebody tried to follow us in

afterwards you've got two reactions to

that situation you can I have to be

terrified and thank old people are gonna

try get into my car or you can think

that's hilarious that she tries to do

that I'm fine now that I'm safe and it's

all fine that was quite funny but those

those folks don't want people to jump in

your car I see yeah that makes me

uptight okay sorry see this is the thing

is I always get a lot less annoyed by

than whoever I'm out with yeah but

that's that's also true of me when

spooky things have happened to me it's

much easier when you're the target I

think to think do you know what happen

that's fine whereas people around you're

completely freaked out and saying you

mustn't you must never be alone in a car

did you because you've been subject to

sort of internet rumors and stuff the

crazy stuff that comes with it does that

make him laugh I've got it I've got a

kind of top top at least the top four I

tell me the stories about myself yeah I

was getting SAS guards to walk my dogs

well I was getting ups if you've got to

do you have actually got dicey wouldn't

exactly no no god my dogs are quite

famous hey my dogs my dogs get as many

presents as I do no idea I've clearly

been out for loop no no no not me

they're not featured but they're do

people know their names on the internet

and cankle I mentioned the mountain in

an interview I was having for a while I

was having a special Bria Bria beer

brewed in a monastery in Belgium by a

Belgian monk I don't drink you had your

own personal monk I don't yeah and SAS

there was one that I've grown I think

about eight inches in about six weeks or

something that would be extremely

worrying which is anybody who meets me

can tell my there's not happened and and

but the the one of my favorite ones was

the rumored that I was going to be

having a statue made of myself for my

living go I think they obviously think I

live sort of like some Roman Emperor

Caligula just building statues to myself

everywhere around here dotting them

round the studio chocolate I might just

have himself encased in it eat as well

that would be quite good I enjoy doing

that I was I will just give you a quick

list of what is the Grint menagerie at

the moment in terms of cars I think he's

got or he's just sold ice cream van

still still got a three man release to

think of him over craft now as well off

a comic raft and we had a bright orange

Range Rover with blacked-ou­t windows and

I said to and he said I'm selling out I

said why did the hosta color assumably

why voss it the first place bass but and

he's got and he's now going like amazing

pets and he's got what llamas and

peacocks and Naumann basically it has

done you know with his money what the

rest of us would have done with our

money when what we said we'd all do when

we were seven you know it just has my

brilliant a house I'm really probably

always make jokes about rip it up

because we always assume he is living

the dream and we always say gets out of

bed just into the water flume down to

the breakfast table travels around his

house before before um one of my

favorite moments right in a bizarre way

because you know how when you sort of

offend some people you know you must be

doing something right well there was my

favorite one of my favorite photos from

Potter was I think I think it made the

cover of like The Times or some you know

problem big property newspaper and it

was a huge bonfire on some states in

America I think and it was somebody

throat was thrown a calendar and through

the air smiling was Rupert grints face

being tossed into the flames

it was one of the and it was and it was

one of the abiding images that I've

always it's that much funnier that it

was Rupert it was lovely but does that

bother you or don't think no no it's

never bothered me because I felt that

the crows particular­ly criticisms yeah

well after they misguided I have no

track at all with those those kind of

views so if they want to burn my books

feel free yeah buzu me they're gonna

have to buy copies together well you

know even that didn't particular­ly

bother me I you know I have occasional­ly

come face to face with people like that

really they can be quite aggressive yeah

I remember on one but one of my book

tours we had we have plaincloth­es police

checking the place out put bombs before

because there have been a bomb threat

yeah so it was it was real and I said

and I look back on that and I I mean

that that's largely died down but

there's certain states in America where

I don't think I'll be particular­ly

welcome though it is what it is you know

I remember when I was 11 I was I was at

like a party just like oh no don't tell

me something that for you didn't go free

but somebody like them the mother of

somebody who lived in our street you

know was saying oh I'm not sure I'm not

sure if kids would be able to tell the

difference between black magic man it's

magic so what's the issue it's well you

know I I have a real issue with with

anyone trying to protect protect

children from their own imaginatio­ns and

I think that a lot of this goes on and

if we cannot acknowledg­e and embrace the

fact that we all have a certain degree

of darkness within us some more than

others perhaps and you know bring it

into the light and examine it and talk

about it this part of the human

condition then I think we will be living

in quite a dangerous climate and I think

I think that's much more damaging for

children I'm you know I think truth and

openness of loiters I think are two

rainbow exactly exactly danger yeah

sometimes it made me sad I remember I

went back to my old primary school and

that a child had been excluded from the

reading he was sitting alone because his

subjected to my evil influence and I'd

that it did that made me feel really sad

the opportunit­ies this has afforded me

because people in interviews a commonly

asked question I get is people say do

you think it's gonna hold you back from

you know doing other projects and things

I actually the chances are I never would

have become an actor if I hadn't got

this you know from I mean you have said

that to me before off-camera but from my

point that's the best thing I could hear

you know that you feel that it's been a

springboar­d rather than it's been a

straightja­cket people would never would

have got the chance to do Equus or

mobile Jack or any of the other side

anything like and that's the thing I

think that anybody who's career was born

out of Potter has to remember that no

matter what we do for the rest of our

it's the chances are that there are

things where the opportunit­ies we never

would have had in the first place if we

hadn't got Potter and we were involved

in this extraordin­ary thing for ten

years of filming that was kind of unlike

anything else that's ever been done just

in terms of the amount of people that

are there and the continuity of

everybody being I mean are you thinking

about how you're gonna feel when it ends

because it's been so stable hasn't it

always filming in the same place always

the same people which was wonderful

which is wonderful but equally does it

feel strange that you know it's coming

or do you not really focus on that oh

just recently we've all started thinking

about it more because you know what it

was a funny that the moment was actually

I was talking to a man tonight and Lisa

Tomlin who do hair and makeup on podium

and has done my makeup every day for ten

years and is an amazing makeup artists

do you remember that day I came to visit

a set and she painted you know you

my mum Rupert and I walk to the rooms if

what's happened to you and you said well

if you don't know I was already giving

you dip at that stage it was like

excellent erm but I was talking to them

the other day and they were talking

about another job that they might have

lined up after and it was the first

moment of actually it wasn't sadness and

it wasn't it was jealousy I was jealous

that another actor was gonna get those

two because this has done my hair for

the on the 6th and 7th film also she was

on the second that she's been in and out

and so and someone I've come to know

and so the fact that another actors

gonna get there imagine it's really sort

of is something it's very peculiar and I

mean it's gonna be old also because you

know I've worked in a way with the crew

on Potter in such a way that I'm I

actually feel much closer to the crew

than I do to a lot the cast now I can

say I really understand that I think a

lot of people who certainly includes me

before I became involved with these

films but people wouldn't maybe

understand just how important the crew

are they every day day in day out

they're the people you're seeing and

working with and joking with and I've

come to understand that too because I've

kind of worked out really particular­ly

this film that if that success on a film

set kind of relies upon the ability to

concentrat­e very intensely for very

short spaces of time yes the exact

reverse of writing right yeah then you

have to learn to switch off in the

moments that you can because you can't

keep yourself with that level of a nose

all day although I am quite hyper you

know my mom and dad have often said to

me they did get lucky when they got

somebody with the kind of boundless

energy you do have and you always have

had yes it's been so apparent but even

when you're quite small it was like you

were four espressos ahead of everyone

else which is why I don't drink coffee

yes he doesn't imagine me after that no

because I remember the first day we met

I think was when you came in and all the

kids were there right yeah yeah because

he was yeah yes he did he showed my

child then very young how to use it and

I was always sort of I always had a real

soft spot for Tom after that and it was

so ironic that we have this this arch

baddie and he's about the nicest I mean

we keep saying everyone's nice but the

fact is they are there they were met

there were never any brats there were

objectiona­ble they were all just really

nice people but Tom Mison I've got such

he's a bit older than the rest of us as

well it was when he was younger and had

done a bit more work yeah he'd done

quite yeah and in his demeanour offset

that showed I think he was quite

comfortabl­e with being there wasn't it

yeah but yeh was so sweet I do remember

that day all of you in the canteen

looking around it was amazing I

particular I remember and Devon who

plays Sheamus very vividly from that day

because he really looks like I imagined

oh really he was one of the ones they'd

really cast someone I know is the way

I'd imagine the other person would

definite about because who I do think is

sort of even though you notice what he

does he is the unsung hero of these

films Stewart Craig Oh God because his

sets genius I mean that's just genius

yes yeah the detail of everything that's

cuz that's cuz I think that's what has

allowed us to survive as a successful

franchise in because you know cuz we

sort of have cuz we started off at the

same time as a whole host of other kids

fantasy see films are sort of fun but

the reason I think we've managed to do

so well and sustained and the story

right to the end and keep people

interested is largely down to I think

the sets and the fact that the detail

goes into the world is suffering again

as someone who's not you know being

involved in the film business and came

to it entirely new to be able to walk

into the Gryffindor common room and pick

up the comics and read them it's so real

it's so fabulous kids who visit the set

are blown away by it aren't they that

they can walk into all of these rooms

and play with all these things we've now

lost to Gryffindor common room I don't

know is it gone so I thought it was my

favorite stare where it is anymore I

thought I think it may be sport I don't

use because it was everyone's favorite

are these been set up in someone's back

gone oh no that's not the case you did

tell me everyone's going around putting

dibs on various props yeah well we don't

mean I've I've really I'm really eyeing

up my glasses that's what I want I want

and I don't want you want you see I

think I don't want my mom see the thing

is the wand for me is a less constant

thing because it changed after the

second film it's a different one but

okay and because after enough once's

words he said that he thought the other

one looked a little too smooth and like

it was from Ikea and so he gave me this

sort of stick you know which was which

was great but all that shopping in

change with ones in the last book we are

done you can you please we are so

struggling on this set I have to say I

will get my audience mums who does this

and it's because we got and then try to

explain it then - Rafe when Rafe comes

on as Baltimore and I'm kind of looking

him in as Baltimore my company's asking

me about other ones I'm completely

panicking going I've really got to find

the most extinct way I can explain this

to you in two minutes but I don't know

how that's possible because I'm a Meijer

to reread the end of 7 a new time I

storm at the end of 7 the epilogue the

epilogue change went because some people

really I like gala but some people will

hate it yeah a version of it what was

real literally written 17 years

previously to the book a verse not it

was written but as I said to you earlier

you know some people were in there who

didn't turn up in the final cut and so

on yes I didn't I wanted to give a

snapshot I think what a lot of people

felt about the tone of the epilogue was

so this is it so it's over so he's not a

hero anymore he's a sort of middle aged

man seeing it it felt like a letdown but

you I have said this before for me

absolute heroism is rebuilding after

that kind of trauma and I could think of

nothing more noble than that he's he's

acting what Dumbledore preached but

didn't live Cece Dumbledore preached

these are the values that see us through

that survive laugh and those sort of

Harry's actually living in so he was

always the guy to me who had it thrust

upon him here and that was supposed to

be epitomized to go back to the Mons and

the fact that he had the chance to have

his finger on the nuclear button as it

were he had the chance to own this this

most powerful what and he said no one

want that one want that one I want my

own and I want to break the chain and

going back to what was the moment like

when you I summon how solid is the end

of writing the book I mean do you give

it in and then it's done or lashes print

this time it was pretty it felt it felt

really solid I mean I had editing to go

through but it was after it was

published that it really hit me now I

had been promised an awful thing to say

but in some senses it was like knowing

someone is going to die I had a long

time to prepare I always said seven

that's what I planned from the beginning

but even so it hit me like a train on my

birthday which was the same month as

publicatio­n which is Harry's birthday

but she hasn't particular­ly thinking

about that I would I cried as I've not

cried since my mother died honestly yeah

it really hit me and I I mean my husband

was why what's wrong what's wrong you

know and I I so just can't go there

can't go there anymore and it you know

it been a place I could escape to for 17

years and I and I knew the door had

closed and it was um yeah that but it

was very cathartic and after that day

was passed it became I became much

lighter and I and there were aspects you

know of it they're deliberati­ng

obviously I'm now I feel I've done that

job and that's always a girl revealing I

thank you Dad you know that's that's

done but yeah it was tough it was tough

I'm not gonna pretend it wasn't I could

I cared so much about the characters I

loved writing the books most of the time

I loved writing the books yes but you

tell me how you're feeling about the end

of it because not I mean there's some I

feel like a therapist it's gonna be it's

gonna be very it's clearly very strange

and very upsetting and but it's the

little things that you'll miss most I

mean and also it's the the fact that you

know I mean I'll walk into that studio

for one day over the next few months and

sit down in front of that makeup mirror

and it'll be the last time did I film

that day because then I'm going and

hopefully doing other things and as you

say it will be liberating because I'll

no longer have to you know when I get

sent an amazing script going so I'm not

available for the next seven years you

know I mean but so I'm I'm very excited

about the opportunit­y to just leave that

sort of actor's life of just getting a

job and going off and doing and you know

and those kind of things I'm very

excited about but but it's also there's

an awareness that it'll never be the

same again that I'll never have that

period time and also it's not just it's

I mean I look at this more you know in a

in terms of a landmark more than my 18th

birthday was this is me becoming an

adult now this is that wasn't me that is

me leaving the nest now you know but no

it's been it's been a good 10 years for


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